LA Story: Brown Benches Bryant

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s still not clear what is more surprising: Lakers coach Mike Brown benching Kobe Bryant late in Sunday night’s home loss to the Grizzlies or Bryant’s (non)reaction to being benched.

We have to admit, Brown did something we can’t remember any coach doing to Bryant since his earliest days in the league … and come to think of it, we’re not really sure he was ever “benched” back then. And in Brown’s mind, he had a perfectly reasonable explanation for benching Bryant in favor of Metta World Peace, telling The Los Angeles Times:

“There was not one particular thing. I just made the sub, went with Metta, sat [Bryant] for a couple of minutes and tried to go back to him. But it didn’t work.”

Bryant was clearly upset about being benched, and we’re certain it wouldn’t have mattered who he was benched for. He chose to try to take the high road, refusing to criticize Brown’s decision while clearly frustrated with the move:

“It’s his decision to make. He’s the coach. If you guys are looking for a story, I’m not going to contribute to it,” Bryant said. “I can’t sit here and criticize his decisions. Leading this ball club, that’s not something I can afford to do. I had his back the whole season. I can’t start doing something crazy now. It would make no sense.”

Of course, punching a chair on the bench in frustration during a timeout and then walking out of the huddle while the coaches were still drawing up a play could be seen as “insubordination” on many levels.

And even a player of Bryant’s ilk cannot be allowed to disrespect his coaches that way … can he?

This cannot help an already tenuous, at best, locker room dynamic between Brown and his staff and a core group of players who haven’t been on the same page for much of this season.

The only part of Brown’s logic that makes us nervous is this finishing bit on the situation:

“I treat him the same as everybody most of the time,” Brown said. “Obviously he’s a superstar and when you have a superstar, you try to give some leeway because they’ve been there and done that. If I make a sub for somebody, I don’t always feel like I have to explain to them why I made a sub.”

Treating Bryant the same as everybody else “most of the time” should preclude the fourth quarter of a game that Bryant and everyone else in the Staples Center believes is still in the balance (suspend reality for a minute and pretend like the Grizzlies didn’t own this one from the opening tip and weren’t up 14 at the time Bryant was benched).

Sometimes you have to indulge your star a little bit, even when you might not want to.

Wherever this season ends for the Lakers — and there is still not a clear indication of what these Lakers are truly capable of — we have a sneaky suspicion that last night’s benching will be more than just a footnote!


  1. islandBOY says:

    One more thing in defense to Kobe not leaving LA to go to another team. I think yall seem to forget that Kobe is in a GR8 organization who always made the right moves to get players around him that he needed to win…Lebron spent 7-8 yrs in Cleveland, and all they brought was washed up players in OLD SHAQ, Jameson???? they did nothing to add greatness around him as an organization…Dude is about winning, so why spend another 8 years around the garbage that Dan Gilbert was bringing in? Look at Dwight Howard…Obviously he is frustrated…after this year in Orlando, if we see no gr8tness surrounding him, we will see how “LOYAL” his is to Orlando…smh…this basketball frenzy is hillarious

  2. islandBOY says:

    All this about Kobe being the best and all..ok I understand individual accolades and the MJ comparison, but just being REAL Kobe had a GREAT TEAM with SHAQ in the paint…SHAQ was DOMINANT in the paint… UNSTOPPABLE in the paint, so of course KOBE had his way with opponents, thus leading to championshoips. Also, Lakers had gr8 role player in Derrick Fisher and others who cld spread the floor. So Kobe always had a Big three or 4….wake up fools! what basketball are u looking at? Kobe of today still has two 7 foot MONSTERS that any team would have as starters in paint and yall dont think he still has his own big three? Yall just feel like Hating but eventually everyone sounds retarded

  3. islandBOY says:

    I have one question for all you Miami Heat haters…Even if u dont reply to this post just ask yourself…Wasn’t the Bulls TEAM of the MJ and Pippen era wayyyyyyyyy better than the Miami Heat of today??? If you can truthfully answer that question, why keep hating on the HEAT? be for real with yall posts and logic. It’s only common sense, that u need a GREAT team for championships. It was never only MJ and Pippen, they had a GREATTTTT team!

  4. Master says:

    @orayt: thats so true. lebron is better and kobe is a ballhog.

  5. chokes chokes says:

    defending champ got sweep? o my god

  6. jaeward says:

    there is no problem in treating kobe and the rest of the team equally. but game wise thats not a great idea bcoz he’s not like other players. he’s a great player and his need in the 4th. bench him in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd quarter but not the 4th bcoz nobody in the team can give what kobe does. Brown, you are one STUPID Coach! LAKER mngt pls FIRE BROWN! go find a peewee coach and i think he will fit and coach better than stupid Brown

  7. KBLakers says:

    D-wade is the best

  8. Reality says:


    “He wrote……1. Chamberlain 2. Jordan 3. Robertson 4. Kobe 5. (tie) Kareem and Lebron (with many years to move up the list)….”

    Ahahahahah….you’re kidding me ? Be serious….Lebrick can just clean the shoes of these players …………

  9. Mac says:

    Michael Jordan>Kobe Bryant>Kevin Durant
    Past > Present > Future

  10. 4idiots says:

    I just laugh when I see all the kobe hate vs. Kobe love. It’s clear, you love him or hate him. He’s the only basketball player currently and first since Jordan that makes everybody(even non-basketball fans) feel a certain way about them with every move they make. That is a sign of greatness, top tier level greatness. Call him what you may but you can’t deny his success.

  11. Aaron says:


    you sir, are truly a moron. let’s take a look at 04-05 kobe vs 10-11 lebron. around the same age.

    kobe has 27.6 points on 40.7% shooting
    lebron has 26.7 points on 51% shooting

    just because kobe scores his points from mid range, dosent mean his shots are worth more points. ill take efficiency over volume shooting any day.

  12. Pao says:

    Hey.. please remember, kobe is still playing his game even he has his injuries.. Injuries with S.

  13. patuts says:

    to the LBJ fans = post when he gets a ring, post when he gets 5 or 6, compare when he gets 5-6 rings, post when he doesn’t fear shooting the ball in the 4th, kobe is one of the greats to play the game, yes he ball hogs but who doesn’t? mj did it and still we find him the greatest. On MJ choosing kwame is whole different story, that’s management of a team not being as a player. you cannot be a player and a manager at the same time, it takes different qualities.

  14. Kanoe says:

    Most of the comparisons on here are all opinions based on your favorite teams and hatred towards any one player such s lebron left the cavs and kobe had an affair etc.
    Its all about facts and closing games. Who do you want to take the last shot? Who can create their own shot?
    Watch all the highlight history and look at stats, look at titles.
    Make your decision based on facts and game changing plays. Put your personal feelings aside.

  15. NBAfan says:

    I’m not a coach. I’m not a superstar the likes of Kobe Bryant.

    The coach wanted to send a message to his star player.

    The superstar player nicknamed the black mamba who lives for 4th quarters would obviously be upset.

    At the end of the day, there was nothing to write about other than a very detailed description of what transpired in the bench (punching a chair, leaving a huddle early) in the span of a minute or less.

    Kobe is 33, and have been battling injuries and personnel changes, have been in the league for 15 years, with a lot of play off mileage. Yet, he is still relevant. Where’s TMAC? Where’s Carter? Where’s Iverson? Even Duncan is already done more or less. Where’s Dirk this year?

    It’s really only Ray Ray and Kobe who is still relevant from that era. Comparing Lebron and Durant to Kobe is testament to how good he really is cause Lebron and Durant are of a different generation, and still Kobe is the measuring stick.

    Kobe still very relevant and the gold standard at this stage of his career.

  16. Lakers Forever! says:

    Why is it always do you guys have to compare MJ, Lebron or Durant to Kobe? They’re different, ok? To cut the story short kobe has 5 rings. Lebron? ZERO! And jumped in along with Wade and Bosh. Just shows that he can’t do it himself. I’m sure everybody who hates Kobe will react that he didn’t do it alone cause he had Shaq then but mind you guys when Shaq left for Miami leaving the Lakers spiraling down Kobe didn’t go to the Mavs to be with Dirk, didn’t go to the Spurs to be paired with Duncan, didn’t go anywhere to be paired with some superstar or even have a trio of superstars to help the team. Fortunately, he won two more rings. See the hardwork and dedication? In Durant’s case, i have nothing against him. He deserves all the praise cause he always shows up every game, from 1st to 4th. Unlike Lechoke James, when situation calls for him to be great he flat out chokes! The king ey? Even if they win multiple championships not with his efforts, not with his team. Its wade’s and bosh’s after all. Lebron can never be lined with the best players to ever play the game -without bailing their team out and searching for two more big names to earn them the championship every player wants- like Jerry West, MJ, Russell, Wilt, Baylor, Hakeem, Malone Kobe and even Wade and Durant, the list goes on!

  17. carlos says:

    i think what brown cannot control the talent he have, he have to think 2 times the things to balance this team, and for the people who said: lebron and durant are betters!, look the ages of the players and tell me why are better? and other thing, when they have 5 rings we can talk 😀

  18. jb says:

    The problem with Kobe is that he doesn’t just want to win; he wants to win with him leading the team, scoring the most points, and directing the offense. He thinks he knows better than his coach and the other players. Now, in some cases that might be true; but overall, it always creates confusion and conflict from what I see. Instead of challenging his teammates to step up, he’s almost daring them to try to do better than he does, and to risk ridicule and criticism if they don’t. He’s afraid that if Bynum becomes the center of the offense, people will say the Lakers win because of Bynum; same with Gasol. The Lakers have all the ingredients for a championship, but Kobe won’t play unless they do it his way. It’s sad, that such an intelligent and talented man can’t just let go and sacrifice his ego for the greater good.

  19. ChristianISMO says:

    Well i won’t be surprised if Mike Brown will be Fired again because of benching ..

  20. Chris says:

    I’m sorry but Kobe has never shot over 50% in his career idk how he’s better than Lebron. The best players of the post Jordan era in order are Shaq, Lebron, Durant,, Wade then Kobe. I’d say this though, Kobe has had the greatest career in the post Jordan era. The funny thing is Kobe is more talented than any player to ever play besides MJ, to me the one flaw that keeps me from calling him the best of all time is his shot selection.

    • NBAfan says:

      Lebron’s never shot over 80% from the FT line…so what’s your point?

      Lebron’s points come off breakaway dunks and or alley oops. That’s his game. shooting over 50% is nothing if most of your shots are dunks or layups.

      Kobe is a mid range player in set up plays. That’s his game. getting over 50% with that type of shots, only c an be done in video games.

      IF you remove dunks and lay ups, I bet Lebron’s percentage will be lower than Kobe. I won’t do the number crunching.

  21. mark ian cosare says:

    kobe is a great player i ever seen in my life.lebron is nothing..even though L.A lakers in the 3rd place in the west.but not impossible in the playoffs that the lakers will be the champion.

  22. Andrew says:

    lol… Jordan himself named Kobe the best of the current generation. All you people saying LeBron or Durant whatever, wait a few years for their careers to develop. Kobe is past his prime but you fools going omg lebron/durant is the best kobe is old blah blah blah is dumb.

  23. Kobe@Manila says:

    They are all great players! One has a talent that is incomparable to the other.. Stop comparing!! Makes no sense.. I go for MWP if you ask me because he is willing to give up what he is earning for charity..

  24. Ron Gone Wild says:

    This is not a story.

    Bryant was having a miserable game. He couldn’t do anything. The Griz had their way with him on offense and defense. Brown didn’t have a solution. Sometimes you your gut tells you something that you gotta try and you can’t really explain it. Brown tried it for 4 minutes. He hasn’t tried for 4 games. So, what’s the big deal?

    By the way, while I’m defending Brown in this one situation, overall, from day one I have been against the Brown hiring. He’s not the right coach for this team. There are too many problems, and the chemistry is bad. The front office has been lax in making moves. It’s not Mike Brown’s fault they hired him for a job he’s not qualified to do. Blame it on Jim Buss.

    The Lakers problems go beyond the benching of Bryant for 4 minutes when the previous 42 minutes he was turning the ball over, getting outplayed, having a lousy offense. This team has problems up to the ceiling. Here are some of them.

    Look at their bench numbers. Game after game, they’re getting outplayed, outscored, outhustled. They have no scorers off the bench. No spark. They gave away Odom, and then they gave away the draft pick they had got for him. (Remember? they gave up that pick for… drumrolls please…. JORDAN HILL.. who has been yet another bench warmer.)

    Brown was hired for his supposed defensive skills. Can anyone see an improvement in the Lakers’ D? How easily the other team penetrates and scores. And the number of offensive rebounds they give up? It just drives you up the wall.

    Bynum is too lazy too often. He has a good game from time to time but I think his young mind is still too immature and he defers too much to others. He also turns the ball too much, just like Kobe.

    Gasol is lost. Someone find him.

    MWP… Oh my God… Year after year I am sorry that this organization let go of Ariza to pay more to get Artest… I mean MWP… What happened to his game?

    And the list goes on.

    I see early exit in the play-offs for them.

    I see a coaching staff change.

    I see Gasol and possibly Bynum both gone next year.

    • NBAfan says:

      They gave away Lamar for CP3, but people complained and trade was taken back and Lamar got hurt so he ASKED for a trade.

      Gasol have been really inconsistent…blame it on trade rumors, but being the second best player, you have to produce.

      New coach, new teammates…what do you expect. IF YOU THINK THEY HAVE LOTS OF ISSUES, and they are STILL 3rd in the west…then look out if they even solve just a couple of the issues you mentioned.

      Ramon sessions coming over is a very good start. Kobe not making drama about this is a good follow up to the good start. Pau just needs to start playing like he can, and MWP should also do the same. Matt Barnes should start playing as if he was playing AGAINST Kobe (not with). Bynum…who cares, drop 30 when you can. Just grab boards and play D.

      Kobe will get on a shooting streak, and if that happens in the play offs…WATCH OUT!

  25. G-Nob says:

    all of you Lechoke fans please stop whining,..when it comes down to it..”is kobe better than Lebron?” question.. come on guys, that’s a no-brainer ,.. who has the rings!?seriously.. and what’s with all this talk abt LBJ being better cause he has better in-game stats….???? well, here’s a stat for you Lebron Lovers…. 5!!!!… how many does your king have?!?he should be labaled THE KING w/ NO RING….Lastly, if your opponent is up by 1 point and there’s 4 seconds left on the clock… seriously, who would you go to? LECHOKE? or the greatest player today….KOBE!!!!!!!!! plus, if they go 1-on-1 Kobe will tottally eat him for lunch,,, peace!

    • you are wrong says:

      who has the rings? Bill Russell has 11 of them, Robert Horry has 7. So that make them better than Kobe? We all know that from the 5 rings Kobe has, 3 of them are Shaq’s cause he was the team mvp. Kobe has 2 as the team mvp. How many Finals mvp Kobe has? rings are a team achievement, you can’t compare individuals counting rings.

      And Kobe Cryant wouldn’t win 1 on 1 against LeBron neither. Settle down kid

  26. Lokithemisfit says:

    by the logic of Rings = best player that makes Tim Duncan a god compared to Lebron >.>;

  27. critter says:

    The 24 hr. news cycle has us pondering Kobe’s navel again. Just keep ignoring us, Kobe. We’ll find something better to do soon enough.

  28. Dalla says:

    Mike Brown, like everybody else watching the game, saw OJ Mayo scoring 9 straight points, while Kobe was 1-3 on the quarter, turning the ball over twice and getting frustrated either by Mayo’s offense and Tony Allen’s defense. So he decided to change his superstar, after another bad miss followed by non-defense, with the best defensive player on his team…results ? Mayo cooled up a little bit, the Lakers cut the deficit to 7 gettin’ the ball inside to Bynum and Pau (like they’ve actually tried to do the whole game) and then, with a closer game, Mike decided to go back to Kobe for his proven clutch skills. Everybody can argue about Brown’s decision, but I don’t think it’s so crazy like many guys are writing…I think there are more interesting points like the few minutes given to McRoberts, who had more rebounds than Bynum playing just 12 minutes and the decision to go with Blake or World Peace instead of Andrew Goudelock, who could have been a great fit alongside Kobe, gettin’ Mayo much more busy on defense.

  29. jordon says:

    what are you on about this season kobe is the highest ppg player in the league ?

  30. RationalFan says:

    When you compare players to one another you cannot bring championships into the debate. Why, because chips are won as a team, Kobe did not win 5 rings by himself he has had a lot of help over the years. If we were to rings apart of the criteria then why not say Robert Horry is better than Lebron, he has 7 or maybe Antoine Walker with his. Point being that rings are not a good way to judge a individuals ability as a player. So the next time you discuss a players talent leave the team achievements out of the conversation.

  31. God says:

    I am thou, he that dunks all over ye face…and Kobe Bryant is my finest basketball creation, this is my commandment, Obey. !

  32. Just_A_Laker_Fan says:

    I am pretty much sick of the KB LBJ comparison. There is only a select number of players who have at least 1 finals championship, 1 reg season mvp, 1 finals mvp at least in my era. KB, MJ, Duncan, Bird, Magic, The Dream, Dirk, and Shaq. A very elite group the LBJ does belong to and he has been in the league long enough. KB has been a starter in the NBA for 14yrs and has 7 nba finals appearnces with 5 championship. LBJ has the pretty stat lines with no end results. I dont want to hear he didnt have a team because the Cavs won 60+ games two years in a row. The guy is a super talent but wets the bed a lot. You ESPN fans need to watch the games more to see the differents in STATS and impact plays. And for OKC when the games slows down in the Playoffs you have to BEAT LA

  33. Doncha says:

    KOBE is god..on earth..!!!

  34. dusan says:

    not a way to build up a team chemistry.this is not whether is kobe better than MJ or Lebron or Kevin all of them are amazing in their own way.Kobe has been doing his work for Lakers for past 15 years and if he doesn’t shoot well for one week,whats the prob?It is not smart for a coach to create tension between him and his top star.He is aging but 28p per game and a person who takes all the responsibility is still essential to Lakers if they want to reach the conference finals.Tbh Thunders will eat them then but it will be a huge success for this team.

  35. BUDDY says:

    I saw the play, it was because he took a shot and he missed and while his team mates went for the board he just stood there mad because he missed instead of running back on D which then caused a grizzlies 3 on 0

  36. Louiemdc says:

    Kobe Bryant was defeated by the Detroit Pistons 2004 Champions
    Boston 2008 Champions.
    Michael His Airness Jordan never Lost in a NBA Championship. 6 times
    So Dont Compare Kobe

  37. Nick says:

    It had to be the dumbest move they have done since losing Odom. Kobe is the Leader of the team on and off the court. By the coach doing this is taking away from Kobe’s leadership. In a time where they NEED a leader to guide them the coach does this. Bad decision and if he does it again I will guarantee the coach will be gone… Don’t forget the Players will listen to Kobe more than to the coach…

  38. Magic Johnson says:

    Oh my, Mike Brown is so far from what a Lakers coach should look like. The guy is awful. He’s already screwed the rotation, took 3 games to start Sessions and now is starting a beef with Kobe? C’mon, we’re purple and gold, we’re always on demand to win it all. MB, get your act together or go home!!!

  39. billywib says:

    bball is a team game
    check out de stats then compare durant lebron wade over bryant in percentage
    yeah bryant makes hard so what? he can make better choice too
    let bynum play and and have some rest old man and get fresh for the 4th quarter bryant is not GOD and dish more for the team sake

  40. Solution says:

    Please read:

    Now that the lakers have sessions I believe Kobe deserves rest for two- three games so that re can recharge his battery. As a laker fan I want to see kobe’s minutes go down before the playoffs arrive. Also Barnes has already developed great chemistry with Sessions so they should play together more often.

    Look at D-Rose Example!!!

  41. Ernesto says:

    Man all you Laker Haters really need to step down and realease what Mike Brown has done for the Lakers. This man did not have a regular off season to prep and see what he had in the Lakers, The Lakers have been a Triangle set offense since 1999. Bynum does not know anything but the traingle. Mike Brown has the Lakers in 3rd place in the west as we speak. This agian is without saying that there was no offseason training, practice, or full pre-season. As for Mike benching KOBE. It is about time that someone sits him when he is going crazy shooting the ball. This only shows you that Mike is not willing to put up with the whole superstar thing again. If the Lakers were to fire Mike they are as stupid as the Cavs. All Mike has done is WIN! Give the man at least a full season or 2 then talk about firing if he has not won a ring. And for you Lebron Durant fans let the players show us why they should be the best in the game. Yes they are currently the best scorers and skill man but at the end of the game you HATERS will still want the ball in the hands of the Black Mamba!!! Lets get this Ring LAKERS!!!!

  42. Glosh says:

    kobe is a 5x nba champion(2000-2002, 2009-2010) Not like lebron and durant. They cant even win a championship

  43. lito says:

    kobe is great….nobody else

  44. DJ3 says:

    You know, since all of you say MJ > Kobe > LeBron + Durant because of the rings situation, with your logic, Bill Russell is the greatest ever. Why? Because he has the most rings (11). So if you disagree about Bill being the best, don’t compare people just because of their rings. Is Derek Fisher on Kobe, LeBron, or Durant’s level? He also has 5 rings, so shouldn’t that make him a superstar as well? No, it doesn’t. So stop this stupid “it’s all about dem rings!!!” argument. Now, is LeBron or Durant on Kobe or MJ’s level? I don’t think they are right now. But let’s wait a few more years before we start up this comparison again. Kay?

  45. Orlando says:

    The coach is firing bryant out of lakers…Let’s see after Kobe teamed up to Dwill…Kobe will revenge very hard like a typhoon blowing every team….

  46. Orlando says:

    Even in MJ time…he sometimes shoot bad and the team lost…If you wish to find a perfect player…. Go to MARS or JUPITER and find what you are searching for…

  47. Orlando says:

    NO KOBE NO LAKERS WIN. UNDERSTAND…..??? If you let kobe play the 4rth quarter, find the difference…shooting good, WIN. Tight defender and bad shot loose… Laker win is in Kobe’s hands…

  48. killuabest says:

    Replace couch brown with Scott, he’s a Laker. Bynum more on boards you’re a 7 footer with 4 rebounds what a waste.Session make plays rather than be a spotlight and loss a game with your points…bench blake and use goudelack more..use hill more take out murphy…GO LAKERS..

  49. Craig says:

    Only three great teams this year.
    Then there’s a heap of good ones, the Lakers aren’t even the best of those.
    Expect OKC to dominate the West for up to ten years.

    • BFoulds says:

      Another goofball who doesn’t really watch basketball and feeds from the media hype.

      Spurs beat your Thunder every meeting this season, see you in the playoffs.

  50. KWill says:

    Best skilled athlete in basketball, Kobe Bryant
    Best freak of nature with skills, Lebron James
    Best scorer and sharpshooter, Kevin Durant
    Hardest worker and pure player, Derrick Rose
    Michael was the greatest of his time and MAYBE all time, but to compare these cats to him is just silly. Its an argument that will never have a close. If you comparing on championships then noone is better that Russell, if you comparing on scoring than noone is better than Kareem, if you comparing on dominance of A game, Wilt, Michael, then Kobe…Now style of play is to a persons liking and position comparisons should only be done with those that fit the bill. 2 guards that won a ring, small forwards that won a ring and so on and so forth…None of the youngsters are even in the top 50! But that brings me back to my point. In todays game, give credit where its due.

  51. joshua says:

    good job Kobe not criticizing your coach

  52. Jomel says:

    Everybody is in the game for a championship. no one is here to just do 360 dunks and woo the crown Lebron cannot be better then kobe if he has not already in his career won a championship

  53. acg says:

    kobe should be playing more minutes to get his rhythm, even the whole 48 mins..i still believe will lead the lakers to another championship!

  54. Facts says:

    Koby beats MJ in scoring! so do not say MJ is the best NBA player!

  55. lakeshow says:

    FIRED MIKE BROWN he can’t give a championship to the LAKERS………..

  56. Tyrone James01 says:

    Kobe got 5 rings just because that time they got Phil Jackson on their team, so the credit for that 5 rings should be on Phil Jackson and not for Kobe Gorilla, if Phil and Lebron together way back time maybe not only 5 rings he will get more than 10 or maybe King James Dynasty will prevail LOL

  57. Marc.B says:

    the only reason lebron has a better shooting percentage is because he takes it in intirely too much…but when he starts getting older he’ll realiz that his body cant keep taking that much punishment for much longer, and thats when he’ll dissapear nd wont even be a factor unless he developes a really good jumper lik MJ and KB24 nd i dnt see that happening. kobe wanto be the best nd nothing can stop him even with all the injuries…lebron hasn’t had a major injury and kobe is still better than lebron at his old age/really lebron over kobe get out of here

  58. 1988 says:

    Every1 who’s comparing KB, lebron & KD are idiots.. You can’t compare KB to lebron & KD bcause he is older than them.. But we can’t also say KB is better to them because he had 5 champioship rings, KB won those rings because he had great teammates who are willing to share the ball to him, rebound the ball for him and he had teammates who are willing to score if KB needs help from his teammates.. Lebron can’t do that in cleveland because most of his teammates are inconsistent.. And in miami altough he had great teammates I think it is not enough because miami have only 3 players who are consistent.. KD didn’t won championship because OKC is a young team and I think they need more experience to win the title, but right now I think they are a championship contender and might won a championship if they continue to play how they are playing right now..

  59. Gervin says:

    KOBE IS KOBE. . . LBJ is far far away. . .

  60. Samuel says:

    Hilarious. Cuz, you got some worldwide “clowns” on here.

  61. KB4lyf says:

    danm isn’t it obvious? brown is a mediocre coach only reason why he won an undeserved coach of the year award was bcoz he let a good cavs team to play their way and got lucky

  62. MJ fan says:

    For me MJ is better than anybody of the three players Lebron, KD, Kobe because MJ was the backbone the bulls druing his prime and he had made his team to win 6 championships not like lebron even of he is in his prime he loss to the finals twice against San Antonio and Dallas. KD is a good player but he must prove it this season if his team will win a championship this season then he will be better than kobe and lebron, just like lebron KD is a very good player but he did not win a championship so he must prove it this season that he is an Championship player by winning a championship.

  63. eidersound says:

    All I know is that if Brown is trying to rest Kobe, and Kobe wants to make a run at a championship this year, he can’t play these crazy numbers each game. If the game is in the bag and they are winning, sit him out and let him rest. If its a no way in hell come back, though Kobe can do it, sit him out and if the sub is doing what he should, put him back in. I’m not a coach and love when people think they know what”s best after watching games on the couch. It happened once, let it go.

  64. Laker_Fan says:

    I agree with you 100% Brian. Kobe needs to trust his teammates and share the ball. I am a big laker fan but shooting long threes and difficult shots is not going to help the team. It’s good for the opponent. Kobe is a smart player and I wish he would adjust his game.

  65. dkdent87 says:

    this guy Brown is not a coach, e let Lebron coach him back in Cleveland and now he wants to make a name for himself by benching one of the best 5 players to ever play the game…

  66. ohcre says:

    MJ – is past, K24 of LA is the present.. there is no use comparing the 2.. and as far as mike brown goes, that move didn’t help the team at all.. kobe is their best player – hands down.. i personally don’t like the lake show at all, but i juz give respect where it is due.. you win or loose with your franchise player.. whether he’s havin the worst game of his life or not, i don’t think benchin him will be the right move.. if he’z juz a star, maybe like lebron – which is very much over rated since he came to the league, then many would understand.. but he’s the franchise now, therefor that’z inexcusable! he was benched when he was rolling with shaq back then, that was ok, coz he was juz an immature star. shaq was the franchise.. but now that’s not the case!

  67. dirk says:

    he deserved!! lets go mavs…………

  68. KD Fan says:

    First of all Durant is young, he isn’t truly in his prime so the fact that he’s better then Kobe is out of the question but maybe he can be. Lebron however is in his prime he’s a good player and all but he can finish a game, chokes in the playoffs, and if u watch most of his plays there basically drives to the basket for easy shots and dunks he rarely puts up a shot and makes it but he can. Kobe on the other hand would dance on Lebron in his prime, he is a decent defender, perfect all around scorer, and a clutch player, sure he takes a lot of shot that are bad sometimes but most of the time it’s shots he knows he can make shots tht would’ve have dropped no question in his prime. So before you go comparing Lebron to Kobe compare the highlights who truly is the better player in there prime.

  69. DHStrongheart says:

    WTF happened to Goudelock??? That kid has got it goin’ on, and he was producing more than ANYONE off the Laker’s bench. Brown’s got to trust in the G-Force and let Kobe rest more (earlier in the 1st and 3rd) so he can be all there to finish off the games.

  70. LEBRON TRAVELD says:

    b4 u compare kobe to lebron… make sure he has 5 c.rings…. coz lebron traveled….

  71. Hitalason says:

    Derek Fisher has 5 rings, therefore, according to some people’s logic, he is almost as good as Michael Jordan, as good as Kobe Bryant, and better than Lebron James. Put me as a reserve of the bench in a team that wins 8 championships in a row and that will make me a better player than all of them. One single player doesn’t win championships, The ring isn’t given to one person only, it’s the entire team. If that were to be the case than we could also change team names to Los Angeles Bryant, Miami James, or Chicago Rose…Oh I see it coming…

  72. jonski22 says:

    i don’t think Brown will do it again….it’a his first season with the Lakers after all….lesson learn…don’t bench your superstar on critical time…

  73. KB24 says:


  74. NBA FAN says:

    I’ve read all the comments concerning who is the best between kobe, lebron and durant.. from my point of view kobe is better for now because of his achievements. he’s been in the league for 17 seasons and got 5 rings and an MVP out of 17 season. that’s a lot of achievements. lebron is in his prime he got 2 MVPs ans no ring.. still no one can tell when and how many ring he will have on his pocket. maybe we can compare him to kobe on his 17th season just to know who went better same with kevin durant, he’s young a lot of seasons to come.. kobe and even mj didn’t got their ring during their early years in NBA. MJ got his ring during the 90’s he enter NBA 1983 so it takes him atleast 7-8 season (if i’m not mistaken) before he got his 1st ring. it will trake time as players matures and learn how to be a great player.. For me Kobe is better because of the experience but again I’m not saying that after everyone retire he will be the best.. Best player doesn’t mean you have to score 40+ pts a game but it is how youre going lead a team and this is how MJ, Magic, and Bird become one of the greates players in NBA. make sense. Let see what happen and enjoy the competitiveness.

  75. rudy says:

    Lebron Traveled

  76. KB24 says:

    Mike Brown was being idiot, it was steve blake who can not guard mayo! !!!! steve blake is the worst pg ever.

  77. Manuj says:

    If I was kobe, id steal the ball…and take it home.

  78. lakeshow2012 says:

    Kobe’s the best player in the league right now lol he’s injured he’s 33 and he’s still doin it. when kobe walks away in the game itll be sad lol afterall he’s still more popular than anyone in the league right now. and It will be no.1 MJ no.1a KB dont ever say lebron is the greatest ever. he cant even carry his team to win an NBA championship. all champions like Magic or MJ dont even want lebron to compare to them. and Lakers will beat OKC west CONF finals!

  79. kd says:

    lebron is better than kobe but kobe’s team is better than lebron’s team… 2 to 3 years ago…

  80. app says:

    really??kobe in his prime???championsips?? was shaq’s prime that made them go to to the finals 3 times and winning it..kobe and the lakers got to the finals twice and won it when pau gasol and crew came along..come on just admit it..those years without championships from kobe and the lakers was his prime up to the 4th and 5th championships..and a season MVP is not about whose popular..its about STATS. and How he CARRY his team through the regular a team is performing coz of its superstar leader..its not biased..its FACTS!!

    • Marc.B says:

      shaq could have never done it without kobe, they where both superstars and even bak then he was compared to jordan, and yes shaq was great too, but so was scootie lol im tired throwing that out their…jordan didnt win until scootie came so, its no diffrent nobody can do it on their own and jordan didnt just lik kobe didnt/nobody couldnt hold kobe even at that young age.

  81. Andrea says:

    can’t imagine why can’t brown make use of guys like goudelock. wasting resource!!!

  82. melbourne says:

    MJ is the best during his time with 6 rings! kobe has 5 rings without transferring to another team just to team up with not just 1 but 2 superstars! oh c’mon…. do you have to do that just to win rings if you think you have the capabilities to win chanpionship? i thought you are the best in the league (as what they say)…?? LOLsssssssssssssss! MJ & KB… the best so far!

    • 1988 says:

      YES KOBE didn’t transfer team, but SHAQ transferred to LAKERS they won 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS, SHAQ leaves LAKERS ZERO CHAMPIONSHIP.. PAU transferred to LAKERS they won 2 CHAMPIONSHIPS.. KOBE is a great player but cannot win a championship alone..

  83. Mino says:

    why dont they let kobe coach it. just get old recordings of phil jackson.

  84. bbb says:

    Mike Brown finally get my respect.

  85. Wilt the Stilt says:

    sorry folks I am a big time Kobe fan but he will only be the third best player ever… Jordan second…NEVER has a man dominated the league like Wilt did and I don’t want to hear about what era he played in and his physical advantages because thats not his fault he was blessed just like LBJ is as an athlete in this era… He scored 50 a game and grabbed 25 boards a game for a whole season so get of MJ’s you know what because he is not the greatest player ever…

  86. aaa300 says:

    You can talk all you want about statistics but consider how old Kobe is and that he is still playing on the top level. Mike Brown did a stupid thing by benching Kobe in the fourth quarter. Kobe is the team leader and when your team is trailing in the fourth quarter with a couple minutes left you have to play him no matter what. And when you talk about who is the best, of course Kobe is. We’ll see how KD and LBJ are going to be playing when they’re Kobe’s age.

  87. Andrea says:

    obviously brown failed to be a head coach of the lakers. even before ramon was traded, lakers still have so many good players around but brown couldn’t make use of their talents and win their games. some more ramon is around now, brown still can’t come up with an effective offense system. and now kobe was being benched by him as a victim of his failure. he’s far beyond for what he’s suppose to bring to the lakers. he should be fired!

  88. Ace says:

    Maybe Brown wanted stops instead of points for the next minute or two. Metta is a better, more physical defender. Because while Kobe is a pretty good one-on-one defender when he makes an effort, the reality is he is often lazy on defence, particularly when trying to defend the opposition in transition. And don’t use his age as an excuse because he has been a lazy defender his entire career. He’s good when he tries but he has lengthy lapses where he looks like he can’t be bothered playing D. How he made so many all defensive teams when his commitment on D is so sporadic is a mystery to me.
    Anyway, who really cares? It’s the coaches call and the players have to cop it whether they like it or not. Like players, coaches make mistakes. Brown probably wanted to rest him earlier, didn’t for whatever reason, saw signs of fatigue and decided to give Bryant a breather. Whatever the case, it’s done and it won’t make any difference come playoffs time. As much as I dislike the Lakers, they are an experienced post-season side and if they face the Grizzlies in the playoffs the result of one regular season game won’t have any bearing on the outcome of that series, regardless of who wins.

  89. Miami Heat all day :D says:

    Lebron MVP!! (:

  90. Jashikz says:

    nah…when Brown coach in Cleveland that always do in LeBron get bench and Cleveland win 66-16

  91. 9gagger says:

    and are you saying MJ didn’t have all 6 championships? because as what I’ve remembered MJ had Rodman and Pippen. C’mon man, Bball is a team sport. they all did their part to get their rings. give credits to their teammates

  92. 9gagger says:


  93. kobe says:


  94. LAKERS4Life says:

    KB24 was 4 for 4 with some ridiculous moves. A double popcorn machine on 2 guys for a lay up, a left handed floater in the lane and a 360 fade away 20 footer over Tony Allen. Off course I’m not gonna mention the jumper cause it was to easy. Come on people, the guy was 4 for 4 and was hot and then someone else took and missed the next few shots. Ball never saw his hands for awhile. He brought them back to 2 down and no one was able to step up after that. I really want to see both LeBron James and Kevin Durant or anyone else play at his level after 17 years in the league and then you can put them in the same sentence. FOR ALL YOU HATERS, GO HATE SOMEWHERE ELSE!

  95. Mwitamath says:

    But in these last two games Kobes performance is bad, Sessions outplayed Kobe in his first game with the Lakers against Portland!

  96. Mwitamath says:

    What? MJ is the greatest! Please don’t make me laugh! I hope most of you NBA fansa are from 2000 not even 90’s, but that’s not the reason to know the greatest player!
    I was MJ fan while he was playing for bulls!
    But the greatest player of all time up to now is BILL RUSSELL

  97. Deb Sen says:

    I Think Brown is trying to push the other pieces to get better because it is now time to get ready for the real season. Should Kobe have a bad night, the others should be capable enough to pull it through like in Game 7 of 2010.

  98. JOEY says:


  99. P-Jax says:

    Kobe at his age today, still UNCOACHABLE… grow up.

  100. Jim Lindsey says:

    Durant is the new giant, Kendrick Perkins is his big brother, Westbrook is the enforcer of the new dominion, and thunder is being heard all over the land.

  101. whatever comments, if the better or a supertars can carry a championship ring,. the player could be called “superstar” like kobe what he had and many championship ring,.lebron and kevin durant never experience championship ring,.they must respect coz during the time at their age kobe is very reliable player,,. so dont be compared guys,.because basketball is depending on age,if kobe young thesame age like lebron and kevein thats the time who among them are the best,.and carried the team 6 time championship.,.,

  102. pakyaw says:

    dont get me wrong on this one,KOBE is great,future HOF,but PLS dont compare MJ(goat) to kobe..10,15,20 or 30 years from now and if there is someone out there come to this league,that is better than the player that we have right now…who do you think theyll compare to again? not kobe,not lebron….YES! its M.J…his legacy cant never be replaced….i hate to say this,but kobe will always be the only shadow of MICHAEL JORDAN for the rest of his carrer…

  103. Lakers4Life says:

    Kobe is the only guy who even comes close to MJ.
    But this story is just BS leave the Lakers alone and Kobe stop hating already.
    he benched KOBE so what?!?!
    Lakers fans dont care he rested him we dont care about the drama your trying to create.
    Kobe himself even said theres nothing to talk about. MWP has better late game defense and we needed some stops.
    But the game wasnt that important whether we won or lost.
    So coach brown benched him and now your using that situation as ammo to fire your guns all at Kobe.
    Why cant you just leave him alone? Let Kobe be Kobe and play basketball stop talking about him and running your mouth.
    He is the 1st or 2nd best basketball player of all time (Jordan&Kobe)
    Now please shut up Lakers haters!

  104. TomT says:

    Its ok mike your are trying to prove your self as a couch ….props to kobe for keeping his cool …long as mike brown could bring a champion ship everything cool

  105. Jimmy says:

    1. Chamberlain 2. Jordan 3. Robertson 4. Kobe 5. (tie) Kareem and Lebron (with many years to move up the list)

  106. duh says:

    you bums didn’t see what mike brown did. he TRIED to win it with bynum and pau! i watched the game and there offense were static when kobe is on the floor! as much as i love kobe with his 4th q antics, tony allen had a lot of energy and did an awesome job guarding kob. props for mike brown for doing what even phil jackson did not ever try and props for kobe for being mature enough backing mike brown’s decision!!

  107. Brett says:

    Everyone relax, Kobe missed a shot didn’t get back on D. Kobe does need to rest more, but I don’t understand putting in MWP, if your trying to catch up. Not a big deal, let’s move on.

  108. john says:

    I think, Brown just stand against the fans here. He’s making a new system for the Lakers where admittedly, there really is a new line up. Where they can perfectly decide who to retain and who to throw away out of the team next season. There will be a new system and Kobe will not have a problem with it. It will be the team’s decision if they will step-up or not.

  109. Renzy24 says:

    where is goudelock and morris????

  110. Mr. Basketball says:

    oh – and Kobe has only 2 championships – the others belong to Shaq and his 3 MVPs

    • Deb Sen says:

      Sorry Mr. Neither Kobe nor Shaq win those 3 without each other,

    • Alex R. says:

      @ Mr. Basketball
      Kobe COULD’VE been better than MJ, but at this point in Kobe’s career, it won’t happen. Kobe’s early NBA character development was week and struggle free compared to MJ’s. Either way, KB took every MJ move and made it better. But here are the biggest factors why Kobe will not become greater than MJ, it was decided early: MJ went to college and gained the value of true competiveness, where players play for pride and not for money, then went to a bad NBA team, struggled, and worked hard to lead his team to 6 NBA championships, which he NEVER won one without Pippen. KB did not go to college, never learning true pride competiveness, went to a good team and did not have to make an immediate contribution. Del Harris messed up KB’s early progress by not mentoring him like a coach should when he has young players on his team. Having Shaq in the middle did not help Kobe’s character building either, because Shaq made things easier for Kobe, so he didn’t have to struggle or work as hard as MJ. But Kobe DID WIN 2 championships without another superstar, unlike MJ. So, to say Kobe has 2 rings and the other 3 are Shaq’s is absolutely ridiculous. Shaq took his Orlando team to the finals but got SWEPT by the Rockets, so he too, needed a Kobe Bryant to help him over the top.

  111. Mr. Basketball says:

    Hi all, this should be a non issue. Memphis jumped on the Lakers from the start. I personally think that Kobe needs to start watching his minutes. If he doesn’t we are going to have a repeat of last year – where he just ran out of steam. He is no MJ who could beat anytime in the playoffs single-handedly while fighting the flu. if MJ was in this league – he would average 15 points per game. These days you can’t hand-check, you also can’t hit people when they come into the lane. You go back and watch Jordan’s games – the hand checking (the defense placing and arm on the offensive players waist or side or shoulder to impede their progress. take a look at detroit puting MJ on his back everytime he drove through the lane. these modern day players (D Wayde not included) could not handle hit – they want to waltz through the lane as if they are doing the foxtrot. Larry Bird said that Michael Jordan was God incarnate on the earth come to teach us how to play the game. He will never say that about Kobe, Lebron or KD. They are all great players – but none compares to his majesty – his airness. Michael Jeffrey Jordan. God has been to this earth twice to visit us as a basketball player – once as Wilt (God the Father), as MJ (God the Son). Bill Russell was obviously the Holy Spirit. I anxiously await the return of the king – the next incarnation of the triumvirate – the 7 footer who can do it all – crossover, post up, hit the three – no no no – Ralph Sampson was not the one. Oh Holy One – your faithful await your triumphant return.

  112. kobe fan says:

    Last 5 minutes of a game, Kobe should not be benched. Coach Brown gone Crazy.

  113. wacko says:

    JUST be happy you get a rest some player like mj dont even rest.remember mj had a flu and still played a game.mj coach should have bench him but just be happy you get to rest for a minute or two.not like the lakers are in the bottom 8 come on now.

  114. Tam says:

    this whole thing is a NON story.

  115. Mudcat says:

    What a ridiculous non-story. The Lakers lost nothing by losing this game–they’re 2.5 games ahead of the next closest playoff team, lead their division by the same amount, the teams directly behind them are .500 or less over the last 10 games (while the Lakers are 7-3). They’re also 4 games behind the Spurs, who are currently hot. Unless the Lakers hit a skid, they’re not going down; unless the Spurs hit a rough spot, they’re not going up. The individual loss last night means virtually NOTHING in the long run of playoff positioning. Maybe Brown realized the Lakers just didn’t have it last night and did just what he said–sat Kobe for some extra rest, something at a premium this season. Lose a battle, win the war.

    Sometimes the best move you can make is knowing when you don’t have it and planning for the next fight. As much as that may sting a competitor like Kobe, it’s a smarter strategic move in a season like this.

  116. chlukeme says:

    The calming effect of D. Fisher’s leadership would come in handy right about now.

  117. PrePre says:

    The writer of this article said it right. No one knows what THESE Lakers are capable of doing. One night they look like championship contenders…the next night like pretenders. But IMO as long as you have Kobe Bean Bryant….you got a chance at the chip. He’s the greatest and most consistent player of the past 10+ years. We’ll see this playoffs.

  118. MJ23 says:

    MJ- 6 Finals – 6 championchips – 6 final MVPS
    Lebron 2 finals – 0 championships- 2 Fails!
    Kobe 7 finals – 5 championships – 2 finals MVPs

    Kobe is Better than Lebron But he ain’t MJ

    • Bball fan says:

      i wish MJ never had left for baseball in those 18 months (we are talking about PRIME TIME), he could’ve won 8 straight titles in my opinion, and that will put himself even higher. Like I said I am a Lebron fan, but right now clearly Kobe is ahead of Lebron and the road will just gonna get tougher with the raising of KD and OKC, D.Rose and Chicago. Sadlly, a player is been judged by how many rings he has. People only remember how many rings does Jordan, Kobe have. Pts, Asts, Rebs dont mean a thing. If he can’t win one, he will go down just like Charles Barkely, Carl Malone, John Stockton…

  119. (NOT) Fanboy says:

    you sat for 10 min out of 48 plus the game was basically out of reach… chill out kobe he’s resting you your not gonna play the whole game.

  120. Joe says:

    I think what he did in the long run will help chemistry. While Kobe is the leader, he should not throw tantrums on the side line. Brown sent a clear message that no one player is bigger than the team. He was sticking up for the guys Kobe berated which will help the total team instead of hindering it going forward.

  121. Basketball Never Stops says:

    Well I do not like MikeBrowns subsitution patterns and how he handles the minutes. Atleast Phil took Kobe out like 1-2 min mark left in the first / third quarter and put him back in durin the 7 min mark ofthe 2nd n 4thquarter…soits consistent… thats whats irras and at least the bench had more continuity.

  122. NIck says:

    I think it was a BIG Mistake as ever MWP didn’t want to come in and sub for Kobe. I think the Lakers are going to question the Coach… As Kobe is the Leader Plain and simple.

  123. DKING says:

    Jordan said that he can be compared to Kobe but the question is, is he really that good like MJ? MJ is a team player! On the 5 Championship that Kobe have with the Lakers, how many of them did he reign as Finals MVP? On MJ’s case out of 5 Championship he earned 5 Finals MVP! The attitude of Kobe Bryant right now was the attitude of MJ before that’s the reason why he’s not able to get any Championship! In regards to the era of Michael Jordan and the training that he have compared to the present training that NBA players are having imagine what Jordan would look like? is there a greater word on the word greatness?

  124. cdubbb24 says:


  125. CaL says:

    Pau Gasol just had a bad night shotting & we allowed too many off reb + dribble penetration. Kobe is fine, we just still need time to adjust w/ Sessions as a starter & our bench has got to give ALOT more production for us to be complete. 17 games remain, plenty of time to get the ship moving in the rite direction. CHILLAX!!

  126. Kaiily says:

    How do you expect any player to continue, night after night, to play under a bottom-feeding coach such as Mike Brown, when those players (Kobe Bryant, no exception ) are considered the cre’me de la cre’me of their team?

    Stop pointing your fingers at Kobe Bryant and start getting the so-called coach, Mike Brown, in check.

  127. Mike says:

    The most damaging thing to a team’s chemistry is the media trying to spotlight every single riff and making mountains out of mole hills. If Kobe wanted to make a big deal out of this, I’m sure he would have. I take my hat off to Bryant for not taking the bait.

  128. Owen says:

    if i remember correctly D Wade made that interception that made the winning shot possible. I guess kobe didnt made ALL the difference now then

  129. asdf says:

    good job brown, kobe needs something like this to make him humble

  130. Chocolate8175 says:

    And let’s not forget that Kobe shot horribly and Gasol couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn and they still only lost by 6 (9 if you wanna discount the lucky 3 by Bynum at the very end)

  131. Mark says:

    All I am going o say is this; Mike Brown made a huge mistake last night and that is that. I feel bad for the Warriors, Kobe is going to light them up on Tuesday due to what happened last night.

  132. bulkuteLTU says:

    RINGS = best team
    MVP = best player

    Kobe is 33 years old, and won 1 MVP
    Lebron is 27 years old, and won 2MVP in a row!

    Now about Cleveland Cavaliers and why Lebron dont have any rings..

    Cavs with Lebron: 66–16
    Cavs without Lebron: 19–63


    • Deb Sen says:

      Well MVP is a media award and biased towards whats popular. Probably Kobe deserved it more than Steve Nash on one of those years. Doesn’t really count. When people search on internet they first search for how many championships this guy won. For example in the next 10 seconds try to think how many championships Bird and Magic won and how many MVPs they won. Tell me which comes to you faster.

    • Mino says:

      you should see the lakers without Pau Gasol or Shaquille Oneal. It was clear Kobe scoring a million points made no difference, they were bad.

  133. tom says:


  134. Nuny says:

    Wise move from coach Brown. 5 min into the 4th Q. down by 14 points, what should I do? Ohh, lets sit the scoring leader of the league, you know, the guy with five champs rings. That will definitely motivate the rest of the team to play harder.

    This is a shame, Phil never did that to Kobe.

  135. zed says:

    I have a problem with this shammy article. When did Lakers locker room get tenuous? And all your observations are just that, observations. You have no real evidence, just a ‘suspicion.’ If you like the Lakers, why are you trying to start trouble? Get lost.

  136. JC says:

    i dont blame Kobe and all being frustrated and all being i’ve noticed during that period some of the his teamates were stagnant..nobody came to move and help him…the reason why coach Mike benched him was to encourage the other players to work hard and not to rely on Kobe all the time…

    • Chocolate8175 says:

      That, and his DEFENSE was all time non-existent and he was dragging everyone down with him…just saying

  137. RICK says:

    KD AND LEBRON ARE GREAT PLAYERS, but when playoff comes its always kobe who shines. lakers need some time to get better with sessions running the show. i think they should post andrew bynum more, and gasol needs to step it up. As for kobe, he might miss many shots but always will make the clutch ones. so winners of lakers or okc will win it all.

  138. Troy says:

    Everything that involves Kobe people tries to sensationalize, but whoever people wants to compare with Kobe let them do it. When USA lost in the Olympics they did the right thing and brought Kobe in for the following Olympics, because Kobe is a winner, he made all the difference and all the younger guys at the time respected more after that summer. Kobe is the man.

  139. Troy says:

    That’s right Kobe now isn’t the same as before, but neither James nor Durant will produce what Kobe has produce in is prime. People has been on Kobe’s back from day one and he keeps shutting them up by producing. Lebron brought heat on himself literally by his own actions. While Durant is been the smart one and just play, but Kobe is the ICON when history will compare these 3 Guys. Remember everyone was saying Iverson and Vince and all these other Guys were better than Kobe, just respect the man’s game, because he was the only one who successfully picked up the mantle from MJ, and MJ himself admitted that, but haters will always talk.

  140. Jerry Ries says:

    Any reference to #6 is a reference to Bill Russell, not LBJ. I know most of the readers and writers here weren’t born when he played but he will always be the gold standard for NBA players.

  141. the guy says:

    he needs rest you retard media, stop over exaggerating, the only problem is that brown should have let him rest at the start of fourth quarter for about 5 minutes, kobe even said he’s not gonna make a story out of it, just ignore it smh

  142. SR says:

    Oh Mike Brown… what can you say about this guy. It’s obvious now that he’s taking a complete opposite approach to dealing with a superstar. It wasn’t that long ago that I believe he had coached a superstar himself where he gave special treatment in every shape and form. Check out quotes from Mo Williams talking about how he would call out every player on the Cavs for not getting back on Defense and when LBJ walks back on Defense, he just brushes it off as if the golden child makes no mistakes. He trying to right his wrongs now with Kobe; talking about team and treating everyone the same… I mean c’mon this guy is a terrible coach and has miles to go compared to the Doc Rivers and George Karls of the NBA…

  143. chandler says:

    durant is more consistant then kobe but kobe was better in his prime so for now kobe is slightly better

  144. olisaeloka says:

    Please go back and examine the game. By 5 minutes left in regulation Kobe was doing his best to sabotage the game. He stopped moving the ball and started to take really tough shots that had no chance of going anywhere. Our bigs were reduced to running up and down the court not really involved in the game. To complicate matters, he played fanthom defence. And when he was allowed to return to the game, he did not play any defense as a three was drained right in front of him and another two back to back. Kobe should show more maturity than he is showing. It is rather sad and quite perplexing to watch him use the Lakers as his own personal pedestal to fame and glory.! He could do much better and I hope for the sake of all die hard Laker’s fans like us, that he does.

  145. app says:

    to those who kept thinking they are right about basketball..shut your mouth..1st it doesnt matter if kobe is benched..he is not in his zone right now..he is old and what can he do??try some in your face 3 point shot?i dont think so….yeah he is a winner but becoz of that he doesn trust his teammates,,2nd kobe with 5 rings but just two MVPs doesnt mean he carried them through all those 5 championships…it wasnt him whose MVP in those 1st 3 rings…and frankly speaking..kobe in his prime between LBJ and KD in their prime…i think kobe wuld get smacked..u wanna know why??kobe in his prime was just a dunker or a showman..he wasnt an all around player and MVP like that time…then compare him to LBJ and KD…nah i dont think soo…why cant you just admit it..kobe right now isn’t the same as b4..

    • Raf says:

      To those who keep on saying “Durant and Lebron are better then Kobe” under every Lakers post… Here are couple of facts for you… Right now Durant and Lebron are in their Prime but when Kobe was in his prime his was winning Back to Back Rings and now that Lebron and Durant are in their Prime they are Trailing a guy in scoring whos been in the league for 16 years and is almost always fighting injuries. so go ahead open your mouths without anything to back it up and stop hating the guy is JUST THAT GOOD….

    • AHH says:

      u kiddin right? what has lebron done to be great? the guy is miserable in playoffs. he had the most drop in points from regular season to playoffs in the nba history last year, and he was playing for one of the most favored teams of all time.
      kobe wasn’t alone when he got the rings, neither was jordan, jordan also got nothing before pippen was added to the bulls. let’s see what will lebron do when he reaches kobe’s age. kobe makes impossible shots that lbj and durant can’t even make in their dreams. the guy is 33 and still leading NBA in ppg. you’re just another hater

  146. FAN says:

    So he played defense just like Miami did on OKC? Should they of taken Wade and Bron out of the game?? Or when the spurs beat OKC should they of taken Durant and Westbrook out?? C’mon Greg remember Phil Jackson…….Let em play!!!!!

  147. MalikBryant says:

    Now Lebron And Durant Are In their Primes And Basketball Is Diffrent From Back then! Kobe Is One of The FEW players To Be Compared To Jordan. they arent better,kobe’s just old. and he’s aiming to tie with jordan for that sixth ring. his accomplished goals are some that cant be reached easily

  148. greg says:

    Whoa. Did anyone watch the game? You need to play on both ends of the court, even Kobe Bryant, if you want to win most games. Kobe’s match up defensively was Tony Allen and O J Mayo. They lit Kobe up in that game. Kobe left them open on numerous occasions, didn’t hustle back on defence several times and was hurting the team on defence . He deserved to be taken out of the game for a few minutes.

    • olisaeloka says:

      Dead on!

      • Chocolate8175 says:

        Agreed, the whole team looked lazy. They thought it was gonna be an easy one or something, hopefully they will learn from that game.

    • emy says:

      why not bench bynum then… 4 rebounds is craziness… did you see how many times memphis got the offensive rebound. bynum obviously LOST HIS FOCUS….. he should be reminded that he is there for defense and rebounding the ball… the offense to follow and don’t force shots…

  149. Mark says:

    Durant and Lebron have Westbrook and Wade and Bosh to back them up. The Lakers will not go down easy against OKC or Miami. We will see if the media MVPs win a championship. Durrant and Lebron have zero.

  150. lakersfan says:

    kobe has 2 rings in the ast 3 yrs lebron and durant have 0….. combined..

  151. FAN says:

    I love how when the lakers go down, everyone gets excited and starts hating on Kobe. He is aging and not in his prime but still goes out and amazes even the Laker haterz. He is not Jordan, he is the first Kobe Bryant just like KD is the first KD and Lebron….well whatever you get the picture. I just find it amazing on how when the lakers win nobody ever says anything, but let them loose and its all over the place. If you want to point fingers it would be at the GM for letting fish go, Shannon walk away, and Odom sign with someone else, e.t.c. why wouldnt he be upset? I give much respect to Bron, KD, and my boy Kobe. I see KD taking over after the Kobe era is finished. What game in the last 12 years hasnt been hard for the Lakers? They have had to build a team over and over again after Shaq, nothing has ever come easy, i promise you this….. dont ever count them out. Go Lakers!!!!

    • Bball fan says:

      well said, a true basketball fan, not only love your team (players) but also respect to your opponents. I am a lebron fan, i like his game very much. But he has not shown me hes got a heart of a champion yet. Even Stephen A Smith who has been defending Lebron this whole time was fed up with him after last years finals. Until he wins at least 3 rings, I am not gonna even compare him with Kobe. On the other hand, KD is scary. He has stepped up to every challenge, and the difference is he wants the ball when the game is on the line and not shy away. Plus the OKC is a young and energetic team, complete from inside and outside. If they stay together and healthy, they are capable of winning mulitple rings.
      WAKE UP LEBRON, be the same beast you were in Cav days (V. Pistons 2007).

      • JQing5 says:

        Lebron can and should definitely be the greatest ever…. It might be too late for that since his reputation is in the gutter. Even if he wins it w/ Miami he’s not going to get the credit he deserves, such a sad story.

  152. Rainman says:

    This guy is a nut case…He’s benching Kobe in the 4th and having him come into game’s cold late… like in the Houston game, he took too long to put Kobe bak in, and they ended up losing. This time, even more inexplicably. Mike Brown has never been a good coach, and its showing in his strategy…

  153. Raf says:

    To those who keep on saying “Durant and Lebron are better then Kobe” under every Lakers post… Here are couple of facts for you… Right now Durant and Lebron are in their Prime but when Kobe was in his prime his was winning Back to Back Rings and now that Lebron and Durant are in their Prime they are Trailing a guy in scoring whos been in the league for 16 years and is almost always fighting injuries. so go ahead open your mouths without anything to back it up and stop hating the guy is JUST THAT GOOD….

  154. killuabest says:

    Durant and Lebron are better than Kobe…@ prix… you are an amazing idiot…why compare Kobe whose already had 16 seasons with 5 rings and the other two havent.And still competing night after night for his team.Maybe you should just watch Kobe in your pajamas a couple of years ago.

  155. Rich says:

    OFCOURSE! Always trying to blow the situation up. let it go man lets focus on the game the media is always trying to ignite something its starting to get lame.

  156. AnnoYouLater says:

    mike brown did it just for the LULZ….

  157. blair56 says:

    Kobe will be on fire now and the Laker’s won’t lose any more games.

  158. jmd23808 says:

    REALLY??? you guys comparing Kobe to Lebron and Durant this days,,, what if you put Kobe to his 23 years old at this time… and let put Lebron and Durant at age 30+… and your comparing a guy that has a 5 ring to a 0 ring… come on men!!! is stop hating lakernation… and stop comparing kobe to the zero ring player, because it doesn’t make any sense.


    • JQing5 says:

      Well said dude, my brother asked me recently who do you think is better? Garnet or Duncan… I thought about it and although Garnet is great Duncan is better just for the simple fact he got 3 rings compare to 1…. If you can’t ring it then it’s pointless.

      • Deb Sen says:

        Duncan has 4.

      • Mooks says:

        Robert Hory has 7 rings, Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr have 5 rings… heck if all you need is a ring then Bill Russell is the greatest to have ever played ball!!! if you don’t know how much he has then you really are a bball fan of the last 3 years or less!!!!
        Let me break it down for you kids:
        Jordan is great because he has 6 rings, 6 finals MVP’s and 5 regular season MVP’s
        Kobe is great because he has 1 MVP, 2 Finals MVP’s and 5 rings (Shaq has the first 3 finals MVP’s)
        Lebron is great because he has 2 MVP’s
        Rings don’t mean a dam thing for greatness unless you were the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER in that team!!! YES Pippen helped Jordan, and yes Pau helped Kobe and if Lebron stayed in Cleveland he would’ve had help from Mo Williams who is still a decent player… but don’t use the acronym lightly – MVP means the best player on the team!!!

  159. Shaq76 says:

    Brown it not trainer….. Phil Jackson it ТРЕНЕР.У Brown was Lebron in Cleveland and what? Lebron left and Brown there wasn’t late. Brown never can win champion rings. Brown can shout only from a bench to receive technical and… to plant a super star on a bench

    • Chocolate8175 says:

      First off, I think that was english but I’m not sure. Proof read perhaps next time… And let’s all be clear that he punched a chair after a timeout was called, not because he was benched. Don’t get it twisted and make something more than it was.

  160. K.LoveWolf says:

    First, I liked how Kobe handled the situation. Most players at his level wouldn’t have stood up for their coach at the point and time. Second, great article by Sekou. Just wanted to throw that out there for him.

  161. prix mom says:

    KD and LBJ played better than kobe in last 3 years?? really??
    that’s why KD and LBJ won 2009 and 2010 NBA titles??

    2009 oh i don’t remember maybe the thunders won that year cuz kd played outplayed kobe in the season and made to playoffs?

    prix son have u see kobe 2010 playoffs stats and KD 2010 playoffs?? i am a little old so i don’t remember well who won that year but i remember LAL Vs OKC in first round tho. i think maybe thunder won i don’t know i am so old…..

    and you know son after losing 2010 playoffs kobe….got scared cuz he got choked up in playoffs so he run away to joined another top5 superstar and another top20 guy so he can win…..i think it work out well for kobe in south beach…..
    huh??? south beach….i thought LA only have long beach……oh well i don’t know….i am so old please …..son remind me what happened in last 3 years in nba…….ohhh i need to take a pill…..

    • rone says:

      I love this. Kobe is in his 16th season and still leading the league in scoring. but lebrick and KD are playing better?? the heat would still be good w/o lebrick and KD is a great talent but still young and has no rings or finals appearances sooo. until kobe stops playing he will be the best in the league. He’s not the most athletic anymore but his IQ and ability to score anywhere on anyone still places him a head above the rest.

      • Simple says:

        “Ability to score” You mean jumping into players to get free throws? Yeah I guess that was smart of Bryant to figure out he can rack up points at the line by jumping into people. I really dislike that rule and I’m glad the changed it “somewhat” this year.

    • Marco says:

      I agree with everything u said… KB24 best player in the world

      • Zach says:

        KD35 has been the scoring champ the 3 previous years, this is the first year in awhile that Kobe has been on top…..

      • Reggie says:

        He did not punch the bench because he was benched, get your facts straight. He punched the bench out of frustration from his team losing, which is understandable. A player on the level of Kobe hates to lose and when you do lose it makes you uncontrollably mad. But when Mike brown decided to bench him, he went straight to the bench without saying a word and showed maturity by respecting his coach and not bad mouthing him during or after the game. As for Mike Brown, there’s a reason why he’s never won a championship because he makes ridiculous decisions. You ride or die with your best player on the court. You have never seen Phil Jackson make such a ridiculous decision thats why he has 11 rings as a coach. I don’t know whether mike brown has an issue with Kobe, but he never did that to Lebron.

  162. Cali says:

    I was actually a bit surprised that he was on the floor to begin the 4th, which he normally isn’t until about the 8 min mark. That might’ve had something to do with it. Brown probabaly figured they had some momentum having cut the deficit down to 7 to begin the 4th. But clearly the Lakers were off on D and couldn’t get enough stops. Plus Kobe looked really frustrated @ the way the game was going and the fact that they ripped off a 15-0 run to take the lead towards the end of the 3rd and then just lost it. A frustrated Kobe that will just chuck up shots, isn’t going to help the team. Metta in there to provide some hopeful stops was a better option.

  163. bdub says:

    If Brown was trying to “rest” Kobe then he should’ve just kept him out rather than putting him back in with 1:51 or whatever to go. By then it’s too late for even the best closer in the league to come back and win the game. He should’ve been in the game for at least the last 10 mins of the 4th. They still might not have won, but their chances are MUCH better with Bryant on the floor. If your trying to rest your best player then rest him in a game where you’re not playing a team you could see in the playoffs so close to the end of the season. Only play him 20-25 mins against a team like the Wizards or the Bobcats. Don’t take him out for 5 or 6 mins after he played the entire 2nd half up to that point, and then put him back in and make him play hard for another 2 mins and then tell everyone you were just trying to rest him.

    • BB FAN says:

      Look, he was probably benched cause he was crying like a baby the whole 4th qtr. When someone is all up in his face on defense and he misses a shot he was fouled. Well, according to him anyway. His job is to put the ball in the basketball and that’s about it. The refs will do their job. Tony Allen is a great defender. If Mrs. Bryant’s son cant play without complaining everytime he misses, he shouldn’t be out there. His coach seen that. Oh, they were getting beat down by 14 anyway. As to mature, he’s a chump with the luxury of playing with shag. If not, he would have two rings he actually earn. Yeah, he was on shag’s team. How many finals MVPs did he get with shag? Exactly.

  164. Axle says:

    Kobe needed some rest. Coach needs to play Goudelock to relieve Kobe and at the same time somebody that can score. MWP is a defensive player, very little offense.

  165. DJ says:

    I love how people compare kobe to lebron or kevein durant and say both of these player are better than him. well of course they are lebron and durant are in the prime and kobe isn’t. so of course they both are way better

    • sbfern805 says:

      HAHA!! seriously!! well it turns out Kobe “the black mamba” Bryant has 7 NBA Finals appearances, 5 NBA rings, 1 MVP ( should have been more), and has gotten with a black chick, latin chick, and a white chick. lol Conclusion, even if Kobe decides to retire right now…He has done everything and much more than Lebron and Durant will do….

      • Zach says:

        Kobe has all of those rings and awards because he has been playing for so long. Durant will soon be the best player in the NBA, he has been the scoring champion 3 years now, and he is in second this year. Lebron will probably never get a ring, because there is the bulls and thunder in the way. Once the Lakers and Kobe are done, the Thunder will win the West every year, and eventually the rings will stack up. Im a Celtics fan, and if i could have any of those players (lebron, durant, or kobe) i would take durant in a heartbeat.

      • Mino says:

        I like how you didnt read his comment at all.

  166. TS says:

    Sorry, don’t mean to be grumpy. My Coach just got fired, my team traded 2 starters for picks and bench guys, and my team still doesn’t have a GM. I’ve helped all I can with the Blazers, and am focusing more on GETTING TORONTO RAPTORS GAMES ON TV.
    Not just against the Lakers or Mavs neither, but against another team that gets no TV action. Like the Pistons or somethin’.

    • erik says:

      And who would watch Toronto -vs- Detroit? NO ONE!

    • Bryan says:

      Sadly that will not happen as long as they keep their current rosters. The game wont get enough viewers, not worth the money spent broadcasting it nationally.

      • Celtics Fan says:

        Why would anyone ever watch a raptor’s game unless they are facing a good team, like the lakers, thunder, bulls, magic, mavs, or spurs. Or fan favorites, like the Celtics, Knicks, and Clippers. Until the Raptors fix their team, they will never be showed over a team like the Clips or Lakers.

    • JQing5 says:

      You’re Lamarcas Aldridge…. so what did i win?

    • Mino says:

      there are more Mavericks fans and Lakers fans across the country than there are Piston fans ( at least the ones who still watch) and Toronto fans. You can tend to a few people, or a lot. become a business man and make your pick

  167. Jose says:


    I don’t fully get it, really. Bryant played a lot of minutes (as always) and was a starter. What’s rare or wrong with going to the bench for a couple of minutes?..xd

    • emy says:

      mike brown should bench kobe for 2 minutes in the beginning of 4th if his intention is for him to rest a little bit but not when it is 5 minutes at the end of 4th when it matters most especially when they are trying to catch up and win the game. what he did is like telling bryant indirectly that the team don’t need you to be able to catch up and win…. mike brown should be educated and let him know that kobe is the best closer and he should know that bynum should play more defense and what lakers need from him is to rebound and his defense in the middle. although they need his offense too but he should focus more on his defense. get it!!!

      • JQing5 says:

        Maybe it’s Mike Brown’s way of saying I surrender you guys won this game. In any case it’s dumb of him to bench Bryant with the game still in reach. Besides Meta is not the best scoring option out there offensively if you’re trying to catch up and win the game. This is his first year w/ the Lakers so I’ll cut him some slacks.

  168. TS says:

    oh waaa, the Lakers lost a home game. Here, I’ll blog about it on
    You guys ain’t being fair, I thought that’s what all the preaching was about during the Lockout. Fairness.

  169. Andre says:

    I never understood why bball world care that much about starting.

    In a game that allows you to made infinite, unrestricted changes, benching means nothing. You can be benched and also play 40 minutes. Ginobli was benched his whole career and for a long time he was team’s second option.

    Also, although Lakers fans don’t believe it, Bryan is old. Playing 40 minutes every single night won’t help the team in playoffs.

  170. What stands out to me most about this article is how Kobe handled the situation. He was obviously frustrated but was mature and didn’t complain in the media. I wish more players took that path to help set a precedent to the kids who play. I also don’t think it should be that big of a deal. As the author pointed out, they were down by 14, this wasn’t game 7.

    • Belizeboy says:

      He was so mature when he went to the bench and punched a chair, then walked away very early from the huddle. That’s real mature. Of course he’s going to address the media in a netural way so the situation does not blow up.

      • Domante says:

        if you play basktball you would know how he felt. You cant just bench the reason why people watch the Lakers in his own quarter. You would be pissed to if someone new came around and all of a sudden change all the rules and the lifestyle(gameplay) your use to. Showing anger is not immature its called being human

      • Simple says:

        @ Domante, I can understand why Bryant was upset but there was nothing mature about what he did. Showing anger is a part of being human, but a MATURE person can handle their anger without hitting objects for something as trivial as being benched in a game. It’s not like he got a punched and there was a no call. In that scenario I could see someone letting out some serious anger.

      • Jordan says:

        Im not about to say Kobe is super mature. However, at least he was mature enough to handle it right in the interview. It is true that kids today don’t even do that

      • lebron23xoxo says:

        @simple- this reminds me of how TV news stations will take a 5 sec clip, and create an entire 8 hour presentation on what they think happened. So what if he punched a chair? He was frustrated at the situation; end of story. For anyone to call him immature, is no different than a News station attempting to gain attention. All athletes show frustration. Unfortunately for kobe, the nba penalizes its players for doing so; unlike tennis, hockey, football, etc, where arguing and physical contact is encouraged. They let their players play like adults, instead of punishing their salaries and overall outcomes of games.

      • JQing5 says:

        For someone who hasn’t been bench for an eternity, I thought Kobe handle it the best he can. Of course there is going to be frustration, mabye he feels like with him on the court he can help trim that 14 pts deficit into something managable.

        That’s what I love about Kobe, his competitve spirit which a lot of the so call “superstar” lacks.

      • @Simple He didnt punch the chair because he was mad he got benched. He punched the chair because he was upset his teammates were not playing hard and didnt not get back on defense. It wa done before his benching. Kobe is a winner and is 33 years old and knows his window for winning is closing. He wants people to play hard. If you are an athlete you get caught up in the game and emotions run high. It has nothing to do with being mature or not. Kobe is a winner and sometimes that is his way of motivating his teammates. If anyone looks at him hitting the chair as imature they should’nt watch sports. Emotions run high when your highly competitive.

      • Players Comment says:

        That’s how GREAT PLAYERS REACT!.. They want challenges.. they want to be there in crucial time when their team needed them,, AND NOT BEING AFRAID TO TAKE LAST SHOT!.. Your Lebron is not even close to Kobe! and Kobe is MJ.. let’s just face the truth.. your Lebron hasn’t prove anything .. what season MVP?! that’s an individual award and basketball is played by team consist of 10 players in a court.. Kobe has 5 NBA championship rings and 2 Finals MVP’s and your Lebron has what?! ah.. your Lebron has D.Wade.. hahahaha.. your Lebron just wants attention and pretending to be great.. so please stop!..

  171. prix says:

    Maybe Brown realize that Kobe need some rest for the coming games..Kobe is aging and sometimes a non factor in a losing games like the last one..He´s not a God and not even close to MJ and both Lebron and Durant play better than him in the last 3 years…

    • coop says:

      false they have the team to do it they have the click the lakers dynasty is going down you lebron fan andhave u forgotten that kobe was the only man jordan compared himself to who did kobe get his moves from but honestly its not about that i got a question for you if jordan was in this era with his same old ability versus the new era ailities do you think he will be as great as he was

      • drewnusser says:

        Take a breath, buddy. Don’t be afraid of puntuation.

      • Brian says:

        Kobe may be leading the league in scoring but he is not sharing the ball. I have seen several games this year where late in the fourth quarter Kobe will shoot an extremely difficult shot while he is double or triple teamed. This is not playing team ball. If he draws a double team that means someone is wide open. I personnally hope Kobe doesn’t figure this out, it means the West is wide open for another team to win. Until Kobe figures out that he has the best two big men in the league as a supporting cast the Lakers will be a non factor come playoff time. Mike Brown knows this. Glad I don’t have to be in his shoes and be coaching a team with a mega superstar that puts a scoring crown in front of helping the team win.

      • aybar hedu says:

        Kobe is finally getting what he deserves. D Wade is the best SG.

      • comma period says:

        use me

      • markusgrejaldo says:

        LOL. If Jordan was to play in this era, he would have score waaaay higher. don’t forget that during his time hand checking was still allowed. this allowed defensive players to do all kinds of defensive maneuvers to try and stop him. now that hand checking is not allowed, defensive players have to use only their footwork to defend. so you see lebron cuts way to easily to the basket, and so does wade. if this were jordans era, they couldn’t have probably done that easily.

      • NBAfan says:

        @ Brian

        you hate Kobe so much that you’re willing to call Pau and Bynum the two best bigman in the game? So Dwight is the 3rd best? Are you crazy?

        you love Lebron so much that you always forget to mention that Lebron has the two best ALL STARS (that the salary cap can allow) as a supporting cast in the game? Also, the Heat seems to just be picking up more and more pretty good players (Battier, Miller, Turiaf) on top of the BIG 3!!!

        IF the HEAT wins a title this year, IT IS DEFINITELY NOT BECAUSE OF LEBRON and him winning a title this way would be a very sad thing. He should have just stayed in Cleveland, and waited for his Pippen.

    • Marco says:

      lmao, 6 + 35 + 1 < 24 … MJ said that Kobe is the ONLY ONE who compare to him… and will always be… Queen James will never be better than Kobe baby… I, personally, think Durant is better than LeBron, but is sooo far to be better than Bryant… KB24 MVP! Call me when Lechoke James do 40+ points in 4 straight game baby… he will never do that… lmao

      • chalice says:

        To coop and marko: Please remember that MJ also chose Kwame Brown as the #1 draft choice as a GM so if MJ says Kobe is the only one to compare to him, that doesn’t mean too much in my books. Also, prix is kinda right that Kobe is getting older and may need more rest. I am not defending Mike Brown but he must have seen something to bench Kobe. Besides, who would have thought the lakers would be this good at the beginning of the season? Mike Borwn has done a good job so far. We’ll see what happens in the playoffs. Also, if MJ were in his prime right now, he still would be the most dominate player in my opinion (if phil jackson is coaching!)

      • opinion says:

        Lebron field goal percentage is higher if he took as much shots as kobe he would lead the league in points

      • Marco says:

        @opinion , LeBron field goal percentage may be higher than Kobe, but LBJ does easy shots, he doesn’t do hard plays like Kobe, if he took as much shots as Kobe, his percentage would be a lot lower… LBJ practically doesn’t score on last quarter… he should play hockey, cus they just play 3 periods… Kobe with 33 years old, still is the best player in the league, all of you desagree with that because the media is all over LBJ and Durant!

      • jranj says:

        to chalice……everyone says he(MJ) picked kwame brown but in all fairness whoever had the first pick that year woulda picked kwame, he was highly regarded coming outta high school. ……

      • Mino says:

        If the wizards had not picked kwame at the time they would have been highly hated. Kwame Brown’s failure has nothing to do with Jordan, it is only Kwame. Bottom line

      • orayt says:

        Marco, you’re right. kobe is better than lebron cause he has rings. but by stats, lebron is far more better.
        check kobe’s stats
        and lebron’s stats.

        Kobe’s great, but in all around game, lebron is better.

      • wally says:

        hey guys, chill out.
        Who deos say LBJ, DWade & KD is better tha KB24? Its us right? For me, take a look at whats happening. from the previous year, KB24 got the ring with Shaq so does DWade! Lebron went to the finals vs. Spurs; result is 0-4!! KD scoring champ for like 2 or 3 consecutive times, but no ring yet!!! Lets just say its a team game not one man basis, does LBJ, KD, DWade made something for their team mates yet? Nothing right?! KB24 made Pau a better PF player and so do Bynum is now better even with his injuries. DWade and LBJ are both franchise player from their previous teams, what happened, they are now in the same team cause they cannot live or play the game they Love by themselves or making other role palyers better. Its just that simple, thats the reason why they got beaten in the finals by the Mavs, and King James scored in the crucial game 3 and 4 for like only 8 pts.. KB24 finals avg dont go down near the 20pt mark.. KD doesnt even have any experience yet in playing the NBA finals! Who’s better now, come and think about it..

      • Mike says:

        Kobe is the best ever after MJ. Labran, Durant and Wed will need 10 life times to acheive what Kobe has acheived including 5 NBA titles and so many records he has set. I want to see how Labran, Wed and Durant will be playing when they are 33. For last so many years Kobe was playing through so many injuries incluidng broken finger(he plyed with it whole season last year), sprained angle, sprained wrist, still playing at such high level. I want to see if Labran, Durant and Wed can do this. If they get a minor injury they sit on the side line. As Phil Jackson mentioned, in terms of defficuilty of shots Kobe makes, he is better than MJ. You must be crazy to compare Durant and Labran to Kobe. Let us talk after Labran and Durant win 5 NBA titles and play at such a high level at age 33.

      • NBAfan says:

        @Chalice You’re questioning MJ’s knowledge of the game? IF MJ’s opinion doesn’t matter much in your book, then your book ain’t worth the paper it’s’ printed on.

        Don’t compare Kwame Brown and Kobe. MJ may not be good at reading POTENTIAL, but MJ isn’t reading Kobe’s potential, he is reading what he has done…not what he will do or can do.

        All you die hard LBJ fans hate on Kobe cause you wanna crown the king before he deserves it. YOU ARE THE ONES TRYING TO READ POTENTIAL always talking about what he CAN or WILL do…NEVER WHAT he’s actually done…oh right..that’s because he’s done nothing yet compared to Kobe. 2 MVPs? Nash has those (should be Kobe’s though)…is Nash the GOAT now too?

        Lebron, King of the regular season…chokes in the Playoffs. Kobe has 1 MVP (should be more really), 5 rings and 2 Finals MVP..Lebron, 2 MVPs, a city that hates him, and a 1 hour special on ESPN…no Finals MVP…no rings.

    • Jacky says:

      Let some young guys step up…be like MJ

    • Kenny says:

      Prix, prix, prix.. the usual. As for Mike Brown – i think hes tryn to make up to lebron for that championship they never got together, cuz there is no other possible reason for the rotations he makes. Not just Kobe, but including Sessions, Bynum. Man is just NOT SUITABLE FOR THE JOB – although nothing surprising.

    • superlative says:

      Lebron James and Kevin Durant better than KOBE in the last three years? LOL! Really? How many championships do the two have combined. 0+0 = 0.

      • Marco says:

        The MVP award should be for who finish the season leading scoring, however is scoring how win games

      • LAKERS says:

        Anybody who thinks Kobe is better than Lebron was born the same year Lebron came into the league. Anybody with a brain knows Lebron is not better than Kobe.

      • Mino says:

        The Heat/Cavs and the Thunder have not been better than the lakers, but Durant has been better, just not lebron.

    • JoshuaR says:

      Your right kobe is aging which makes him a target as “OLD” but he still compared with the best in the NBA. Lebron and Durant are younger but since kobe is older has more experience. Only player compared to MJ is Kobe thats a fact.

    • hill says:

      If they are better than Kobe then, where’s the ring? MJ himself said that he can only be compared to Kobe, I know MJ is a legend but c’mon, Kobe has to be credited with something ! he’s got so many rings !!!

    • LAKERS says:

      @prix what are you like 12 years old. You are an idiot. We all know kobe is no god, neither is Jordan or lebron. But the fact of the matter is Jordan 6 rings kobe 5 rings lebron 0 rings. I just cant understand had you lebron fans cant understand that. If you play the game for stats and flashy moves only, than OH YA lebron is your man. But real basketball fans want to see their favorite players win rings. And kobe has them baby whether you wanna be a hater or not.

    • JQing5 says:

      I’m no Kobe lover, but as I recap on his career this is his 17th season in the league. To be doing what he’s still doing is amazing to me. Many stars that’s been in the league for a shorter amount of time have already faded into the abyss. Lebron and Durant might be playing at a higher level than Kobe but it’s not that much higher. The fact Kobe has a couple of rings in his name still trump those 2.

      When all is said and done MJ will remain the greatest ever and Kobe will be a close second.

      • drewnusser says:

        Kobe’s great, but come on – he won’t be that close of a 2nd. Jordan was better at 36-37 than anyone in the NBA is now, and it wasn’t even a question.

    • Superstar says:

      Prix you are a clown. Kobe is one of the best closer. He can close it out with field Goals; threes and twos in addition he can drive to the hoop and draw fouls and close it out with free throws! He is more close to Jordan than Durant or James. If you aren’t concious of what you are saying then i suggest you hush!

      • Uki says:

        Yeah, and kobe has to take 50 shots per game, because he is such a team player. Turn the tv on and watch the game. Lebron makes everyone better around him. He plays ANY position and guards any player. No player is doing it in the league. I guess ball hogging does make you the best player in the league. And get this, Lebron went to finals by himslef when he was with cavs. The gave him no one, and he still went to the finals. Kobe had Shaq and then Gasol. MJ had Pippen and Roman. in their first year the heat went to the finals. CRUSHED literally averyone in the East. Wait till this years playoffs.
        Now you’re talking that Lebron only takes easy shots, well try to guard him, and see why he makes it soo easy! And not taking hard shots, why? when he can easily find somebody open to take it. Thats called a smart player!!!

        But haters will always be haters.

    • Joe says:

      There is no grace in Lebron’s moves, he is just a power guard. Moves wise, Kobe is the closest to MJ, but talent wise, nope. Kobe is a hard-worker and would never leave basketball for baseball but MJ is like Lionel Messi to Ronaldo, one is a genius, the other is a hard-worker, often forcing the issue.

    • Treasure says:

      Lets explore the comment: “both Lebron and Durant have been better than Kobe in the last 3 years”

      Championships in the last 3 years

      LEBRON 0
      DURANT 0
      KOBE 2 (3 in the last 4 years); (4 final appearances in the last 5 years)

      Please explain how this is possible..
      PS. Since none of them one a ring last year, consider that Kobe leads the league in scoring (RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK), has a mediocre team w/ a 60% winning perc…how are they better?

    • Laker24 says:

      Oh come on you hater… Stop comparing Kobe to Lebrick & Tarantula. They were still playing the monkey bars when Kobe was already a superstar. And quit with MJ-God thing coz it really exposes how haters like you don’t appreciate legends like Kobe. Kobe is old, but he has father clock on his hand or he won’t be as phenomenal still as he is today; and that’s what great players are made of. At the end of day, this article and all the haters in the world will never even have the slightest chance of touching a trophy not to mention a “Hall of Fame” induction. And by the way this is only one game in the regular season and remember that they had beaten the Grizzleis 3 straight this season. Let this one game slide people.

    • Jibri says:

      Kobe is clearly the best in the league right now. Leading the league in scoring even with his age, He still shuts down whomever he guards every single game. Even without consistent play from the point guard and small forwards he still manges to compete every single game with a very good chance of winning, And nobody in the league plays better than Kobe in the clutch. Gasol and World Peace numbers are wayy down from their championship years so Kobe has no choice but to step up. Plus there is no real point guard for the Lakers. He is truly amazing!