Heat Deserve Kudos For Making Statement Supporting Trayvon Martin

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are more than just teammates and NBA superstars. They are fathers of sons and certainly not immune to the issues that impact the lives of others just like them, other fathers and sons.

That’s why the Heat superstars decided to speak up, speak out and speak on behalf of fathers and sons that have been affected by the recent shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Martin is the Florida teenager who was shot and killed by a neighborhood crime-watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, during All-Star Weekend as he was returning to a gated community carrying candy and iced tea.

Martin was unarmed and wore a hooded sweatshirt when he was killed. The Heat wore hooded sweatshirts in the tribute picture they took in honor of Martin and posted on Twitter and Facebook Friday.

The case has caused an international firestorm, with protests popping up nationwide the past few days, with protestors — many of them wearing hoodies — calling for action. Zimmerman said he acted in self-defense and has not been arrested, though state and federal authorities are still investigating.

“This situation hit home for me because last Christmas, all my oldest son wanted as a gift was hoodies,” Wade told The Associated Press Friday from Auburn Hills, Mich., before the Heat defeated the Detroit Pistons. “So when I heard about this a week ago, I thought of my sons. I’m speaking up because I feel it’s necessary that we get past the stereotype of young, black men and especially with our youth.”

As a father and son myself, it does hit home.

And as an observer of the Heat, a team that has faced more than its fair share of ridicule for their actions on and off the court the past two seasons, this is one gesture that will draw nothing but respect here at the hideout.

They stood up when they certainly could have kept silent. Kudos to the Heat for taking their stand.

“Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones of Trayvon Martin for their loss and for everyone involved in this terrible tragedy.

“We support our players and join them in hoping that their images and our logo can be part of the national dialogue and can help in our nation’s healing.”

— Official statement released by the Heat Friday.


  1. Apple says:

    Let me ask this question lets take race out lets take hear say out the facts Zimmerman followed Trayvon, He called the police and the dispatcher told him not to follow him the police was on the way. If Zimmerman had done that the world wouldn’t have know who Trayvon was. His parents would still have a son. Period I don’t have any children but I’m a african american woman who lives in richmond va so I know a lil about being profiled. My heart goes out to the parents of Trayvon the worst feeling in the world for a parent is the bury there child. Even if you don’t like Lebron or MIA heat you have to give them the respect for making this statement. Trayvon was a 17 year old black boy with a tea and skittles in his pocket and he was gunned down by a neighbordhood watchman and hasn’t been charged something is wrong with this world if you don’t see something wrong with that. 17 years old everyone 17 this boy hadn’t started living smh my heart really goes out to his parents. Racism does still exsist in 2012. I hate to say this but racism will always be in the world no matter how many kids are killed or kidnapped black or white, chinese, korean, indian no matter what race you are, there will be someone else out here that will hate you because u are different from them. THANK YOU MIA HEAT PLAYERS for doing this. Much love RIP Trayvon Martin

  2. welcome back to reality says:

    stop racism… obama is black but he’s the president, my idol lebron and mj are black great players i respect kb and kd and others are black, bird is white so as jerry west and blake, lin is asian but all this guys are my idols and all this guys make this game beautiful and entertaining.. a lot of people look up to this guys even though they are black white asian or whatever.. im an asian too.. stop racism..

  3. kvoice says:

    How many tragedies has there been in the black community that we haven’t heard a peep out of any NBA team or players? Praising them for taking the obviously correct stance on this horrible tragedy is silly. The NBA has plenty of minority millionaires with millions of fans across the world, their words could go beyond any color lines. Yet they choose to keep quiet on almost every situation unless made to do so by NBA policy making them do community service. When NBA players start commenting on issues even when their opinion is not the popular one then praise would be warranted. With all the african americans in the NBA you would expect to see a lot of pictutes of hoodies or comments against what happened. I just think Black atheletes to often keep their opinion to themselves so they don’t say anything that would affect their pay check. The value of their voice on this and other issues could make a difference if nothing else bring more attention to a situation.

    • Kel says:

      Well, it’s not like NBA players are typically politically aware (or professional athletes in general). Most of these guys skipped college or didn’t pay it much attention. If these millionaires really cared, they’d have already given most of their salary to people who need instead of buying mansions and ten cars.

  4. andru16 says:

    For how much the NBA is going to sell those hoodies now?

  5. kingchan4969 says:

    Hello I was just reading all the post and it really gets to me how people are taking this whole thing to level where it does not have to go. We are forgetting that a little boy lost his life. Race does not play a part in this at all. We as people need to grow up. I am a black man and I can say that things are hard but not just for the black people but for everyone. I was always raise that if I wanted something or wanted the best I have to go out and get it. Nothing will be giving to me. People say it hard on blacks but it’s not. If we took the same time and effort as any other race than half of you people will not be saying what you are saying. I am not rich or make great money but if I just put in the hard work I would be. Our youth wanted to be things that put them into a stereotype and parents are not fixing it. When I was young I wanted to be a singer and my grandma always told me you need something else to fall back on. So I got a degree my singing career is not going well but I can take care of my family. Let’s push our youth to be the best in the world. My heart goes out to the family of this horrible event and I hope people stop with the races stuff and look at the bigger picture

    • Kel says:

      The bigger picture is that yes, a young man lost his life, but he lost it because some idiot was stereotyping based on race.

  6. bull says:

    grow up and move on kids! lebron is one of the best.. wanna try him urself? goodluck!

  7. bull says:

    planter how old are u?? they hate lebron coz he left cleve. this guys are from cleve 100percent! 4-5 yrs old!!

  8. Kacizzle88 says:

    I fail to see your point. Since when are individuals responsible for the transgression of every member of their race? 70% in jail yes.. but was Trayvon one of them? NO. WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR POINT? that his murder is justified because 70% of black men are in prison? are you kidding me.There is no way Trayvon or any African American for that matter can be held accountable for what EVERY member of the black community does.

    And We didnt play the race card, The person who shot Trayvon did when he referred to him as a “coon” during his 911 call.That is a common racial slur by the way. Please do you research before you make ignorant comments.

    I am surprised you even watch the NBA , you do know its a predominantly black sport right?

  9. anthony says:

    RIP Trayvon, prayers to all your family and friends, well done heat for standing up for what u believe in…Man i live in Australia and i cant believe how much racism there still is in america… ive been there 3 times and i love all you people, black, white what ever…. man time for u as country and a community to let go of the past and worry about the present and future…..jst go out outside and say Gday mate…….

  10. Carlos says:

    i don’t know how to express myself…if some of the individuals posting here are so full of hate. My condolences goes to the fammily of this young man. Peole need to understand that life is (someime) too short, so if you have your love ones close by, just tell them that you love them. I’m pretty sure you may have a different opinion (if you care for your family and/or friends).

    It is sad this incident, and it may not be about being white, black, latino, asian, or whatever you call yourself. I hope that justice is served. GO HEAT!!!!!!

  11. Planter says:

    God bless these men except for lebron

    • YouWeak says:

      God bless these men except Planter

      • Boca_fan says:

        Planter… do your homework…. LeBron is the one who posted/tweeted the photo … in any event it was a Heat Team effort… RESPECT GOES TO THEM ALL FOR TAKING A STAND!!!! GO HEAT!!!

  12. kresi says:

    For the rest of my life I will always remember Trayvon whenever I wear a hoodie. We will make sure that people like G. Zimmerman are removed from our society.


  14. Boca_fan says:





    • erxzed says:

      I’m a bigtime Lakers fan and absolutely hate the Heat. They are the enemy on the court. But I think I’ll hate them another day. Today, they got my respect. Well done boys.

  15. Simba says:

    Stop hating on Labron because he’s a great basketball player and he’s not playing on your home team. Maybe if you people stop HATING, he might have considered playing for your teams.

  16. Bok says:

    RIP Trayvon our thoughts and prayers with you, and thanks to the Miami Heat for standing up and fro paying respect and the well deserve tribute to Trayvon. I just hope justice will prevail on this case.

  17. Proud to be Non-Am says:

    Having an African American president does not mean racism is just a part of history. Have a Mexican-American, Asian-Amercian, Middle Eastern-American, or any Non-American-American for a President, Then all would have had their share of the glory. Maybe then racism is history.

  18. jisable says:

    Any killing of a person without a legal justification (ie self defense) is wrong. I don’t think anyone here disputes that. I think the point most black people on here are trying to make is that when a person (usually a black person) is killed in what appears to be the manner i stated before and then on top of it, there is a poor investigation done to ascertain the truth of the circumstances and the prospective murderer is not even taken in for questioning or handcuffed or charged with a crime……and this conduct seems to take place on a regular basis……….this puts the integrity of the entire criminal justice system in question……….as it begs the question whether or not the adjective justice only applies to certain people and not all people as it should.

  19. notelling says:

    good job heat

  20. Respectfully ... says:

    The picture is a show of support of a ‘lifestyle’, if not self-promotion.

    The dead are shown respect, normally, with a wreath and a prayer at their grave and consolatory gestures to their family … braving inclement weather and difficult access.

    I don’t doubt their intent, I only lament the brevity of their grief and concern.

  21. Jeff says:

    REally. All BLACKS are racists. They hate white people. BLACKS think that white people owe them something. They are lazy and always complain. A week ahgo a beautiful white girl was killed by a drunk black guy that tried to run away. Why didnt an BLACKS open their mouths to say something about this black guy. I did not see the Heatles take a picture or say something about it. That proves that most blacks are racist.

    • JeffIsaLOSER says:

      Blacks arent racist… in the past… the White are the racist one.. bcoz they thought Blacks are inhumans… You Jeff.. Shut up or I’ll kill you..

      • WillieSmyth says:

        wow, here’s a guy who needs to get a clue JeffIsaLOSER, saying blacks arent racist is one of the most ignorant things I’ve seen so far in this thread. Whites have done ALL the backs have demanded, from equality all the way up to a joke of a black president….but for gods sake its NEVER enough, they wanna whine more and more, all the while occupying 70% of the prison population in the USA.

        Everyone needs to get out there and hug someone.

      • Kel says:

        @WillieSmyth, just because our president is black, does not mean racism is a thing of the past. If you had half a brain you’d know that predominately black schools are still inferior. The justice system isn’t totally fair. You wonder why many black people go to prison? Look at the schools in districts with mosty black populations. We’re not giving everyone equal chances for success. Many of those schools are designed to fail. You seem to have a very patronizing view of black people. It’s not about whites doing things for black people, it’s about everyone working together cooperatively on the road to equality for everyone.

    • Kel says:

      Don’t be an idiot. Hard for you, I know. Some people are racists, some aren’t. They can be white, black, latino… try using that thing inside of your head.

    • Law064 says:

      @Jeff your a idiot. All blacks are racist? That’s like me saying all whites are racist. It’s untrue I am a black man and I work with whites asians latinos polish &russian people. There are racist in every race but to say all blacks,whites or any race is racist is a dumb comment in itself. The real problem is that a kid was killed and the killer is not arrested. I don’t understand how you can say self defense when the other person was unarmed and running away from you. Where was the threat? Ohhh please check youtube and hear the 911 tapes. Jeff your a racist dumb moron

  22. gbreadman91 says:

    Powerful move Miami Heat, to use your celebrity status to represent something so serious in this country; it doesn’t matter who was the lead, but those who stood together for the cause.

    Wake up america, racism is real.

  23. JJ says:

    The Florida self defense law is outrageous. Generally self defense is a affirnative defense to prosecution in which we can all agree upon. However, in most states, it requires the reasonable belief that the person is faced with imminent death or serious bodily injury (which could lead to death) before resulting to deadly force. Here, Zimmerman was the one with the weapon, the grown man fighting a juvenile and created the entire encounter. In most states, this guy would show imperfect use of self-defense and get a voluntary or involuntary manslaughter charge, the law in Florida is bogus, straight up!

    • Kel says:

      It’s not the law that’s the problem, it’s that cops can essentially act as judges in this case. They shouldn’t be able to.

  24. nevermind says:

    I think that they dont deserve criticism at this point, its not about the money…

  25. NBA FAN says:

    Man that dude should be in jail. why would u shoot an unarmed kid. that kid lost his life for no reason at all. the kid had skittles and iced tea! the hell is wrong with the police anyway they should arest the guy. r.i.p. trayvon martin. good job wade and james for stepin up an letting ppl know how ya feel.

  26. jesusfreak says:

    god bless these people. love jesus

  27. C Johnston says:

    I look at the comments and see allot about about racism, colors and race. We shouldn’t be talking about it, we should be talking about how proud we all are to be human no matter what color we are, Trayvon could have grown to be a great human being, its just such a shame that we will never find out. Respect to him and respect to his family. God Bless.

    • Kel says:

      It’s sad no matter what color he is. But the fact is that this propbably wouldn’t have happened if not for racial stereotypes.

  28. b real says:

    THIS IS WONDERFUL. Thanks for taking a stand. NOW TAKE A STAND AGAINST YOUR COORPORATE SPONSERS . they do way more damage than 1 man could ever do. Companies like SPRITE, NIKE, ECT. WHAT ABOUT THE SWEAT SHOPS that employ young children to make those fancy NIKE shoes. DONT GET ME WRONG, THANK YOU MIAMI HEAT FOR TAKING A STAND, but come on lets b real. IF IT EFFECTED THERE $$$$$$$ bank accounts, or if it made lose there sponsers and endorsments, WOULD THEY TAKE A STAND?????????? tell me what you think. THANKYOU AGAIN> godbless the family of TRAYVON MARTIN. and may he RIP.
    B real

  29. Droseisthebusiness says:

    Finally the Heat are doing something worth commending. Good job guys!!!

  30. HeatFTW! says:

    I say throw Zimmerman in jail. But, I’m very proud of the Heat being the only team to step up and say something about it.

    • Heat says:

      Bro, I’m not trying to say anything, and I do respect the Heat very much being a heat fan, but I think the heat stood up over an other organization, because this shooting happened in Florida.

    • Kel says:

      In jail? How about the death penalty? That’s the sentence for premeditated murder. Unless he’s mentally ill, which he might be, I don’t see any reason why not. He robbed an innocent man of life, he should, at the very least, spend the rest of his life in prison.

  31. Cuco3 says:

    In 3 yrs, everyone will still be talking about how they hate the Heats vs how they’re outraged by #TrayvonMartin shooting. Idiots are the majority in America, and that’s why these things continue to happen. Until you quit directing so much of your hate and energy at people who play a f-ing game and start directing it at the injustices that go on every day in our country, nothing will ever change or get done.

    NBA fans: get your f-ing priorities straight before you go and cry about the injustice of the #TrayvonMartin shooting. Tragedies like this would be severely hindered if you were already doing so.

  32. embakwe says:

    hate the heat and or lebron if you will but the fact that stands here is that the despicable act of violence that pierced America’s soul has come to the eyes of people such as i who might not have known such was possible in the United States. it takes leadership of this kind to teach and if you Americans will hate your own heros whose talents are god-given yet pay back lavishly to your communities via tax system and through community projects, any other country on this planet will gladly have them. the issue here is a young man whose life had yet to begin is dead and an organization respected the world over saw a need to lend weight the argument. if such occurred in my or the honor of my child, i would feel blessed. Lebron James seems to be cursed for having too much talent. you will know when Lebron retires what greatness is just as we now know the name of young man gone too soon.

    • Kel says:

      I don’t like the Heat or LeBron. But I don’t see how people can criticize him for this. I think what they did was cool.

      • Law064 says:

        @Kel I agree with you I’m no where near a Lebron or Heat fan. I am a fan of D.Wade but when I saw this photo I could only smile and admire the Heat as a team for doing this…Much love to the Heat and if it had been Orlando or any other team the should get props for this. I encourage people to listen to the 911 call not only from Zimmerman but also a lady called and you can hear Trayvon crying for help after he had been shot then during that call you can hear another shot and no more plea for help. He killed (Murdered) an innocent kid

  33. eric says:

    there is so much injustice in this world and it’s sad that you have certain people who do these injustice acts and do it by taking or harming another innocent life. It’s more sad that the judicial system works in favor of the murderer. I feel so sorry for that neighborhood and for the parents who lost their child and couldn’t even see him go to college or see him get married and make his own family. Unfortunately, it’s reality and these people do exist. It reminds us that stereotypes and racism still exist and it’s not just to black people but asian too. It makes me sad that people immediately judge another individual by his or her race and not by his or her characteristic and personality. It starts with simple things like getting to understand more about the other race by being friends with them and talking to them to break down these racial barriers. Props to the entire Heat organization for playing a huge role in the media to hype this accident. I hope Trayvon is off to a better place..

    • DJ3 says:

      You’re right, but its not just blacks and asians. Its everyone. Blacks are resented by whites, whites are resented by blacks, asains are resented by alot of other races, its apart of our world. I wish it wasn’t, but it is. And people just keep making the resentment bigger by stuff like this. White man kills black man, Blacks speak out on social media and to others against whites. Black man kills white man, Whites speak out on social media and to others against blacks. Everything is about race instead of true justice in today’s world.

  34. because people focus on negative thoughts, like a resent comment, is the reason Trayvon was killed

  35. Marko says:

    Prayers go out to this young man and his family, but we need to stop making it all about race and more about the loss of this young man. If a black man had shot him, the loss would be the same. If a white man had shot a white teenager, the loss would be the same. He was a person and his life was taken, it shouldn’t matter what colour his skin was or that of his shooter. A human life is a human life.

    • whitney says:

      True, its not about race, its about the tragedy of a life being lost. People need to stop focusing on the fact that he was black (who cares what color) and focus more on the issue of a life lost. Some people want to make a racial issue out of everything, its disgusting!

      • Jordan says:

        completely agree with both of you. making it a race thing only drives whites and blacks farther apart… remember that.

      • Kel says:

        It’s a tragedy because he was innocent and young. But this is a race issue. If you can’t see that Trayvon was stalked and shot because he was black, you’re woefully ignorant. You really think Zimmerman would’ve shot if it was an old white lady?

    • TrueBullsFan23 says:

      A black kid wearing a hoodie in an affluent neighborhood gets shot by a white neighborhood watch volunteer and it’s NOT about race?! Explain to me what it is about then.

  36. JC says:

    Good bless all of u guys . Keep doing right thing cause god is watching us up there. Lebron and Wade and the whole team good job.

  37. flip says:

    Much respect to the miami heat for doing this. Its sad to hear of things like these. but on a different note. sekou i think you are very good at what you do but i think its wrong to just single out lebron and d wade in doing this. as we can see in the picture the whole team was a part of it. give credit to all of them.

  38. Ed says:

    Well done, I´m proud of the Heat team. Never look at things with prejudice.

    • JR says:

      15% of the US population yet 70% of the US prison population….know what I’m talking about? Some people are soooo fast to play the race card.

      • Kel says:

        Yes, because the justice system is flawed. For example the disparity in sentencing for crack vs powder cocaine. You truly think that black people commit that much more crime than white people? The guy wouldn’t have followed Trayvon if it were some old white lady wearing a hoodie.

      • Kel says:

        I’d also like to point out that your way of thinking is exactly how the shooter thought. Trayvon was innocent. You’re stereotyping black people. Most of them are not criminals.

  39. aaron says:

    wow people will do anything to make Miami look good…so funny these NBA columnists who give the Heat credit for doing nothing. what exactly are they doing to help? are they donating $ to fight these issues? are they doing nething worth while to help besides expressing their support…gimme a break…DO SOMETHING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE RATHER THAN JUST SPEAK ABOUT IT AND THEN YOU SHOULD GET CREDIT…now im not hating on Miami, id say the same thing if it was any other team

    • Faris A. says:

      They are raising awareness which is the first step on a road to a resolution regarding any issue. They ARE making a difference. It’s not about the NBA or the Miami Heat..

      • ujih says:

        awareness?? they should keep their feelings to themselves, people like that with lots of followers have no right swaying the public with their own opinions and dragging an entire team/organization into it…honestly, did you think the rest of the team was gonna say no if Wade asked them to take that picture.

  40. Ruth King says:

    Thanks Lebron and Dwayne for standing in solidarity as a team in support of the Trayvon Martin case. Stereotyping has been going on in society for so long, and it needs to stop. Teens can wear hoodies if they want to. People are so tired of our teens and black men being treated as thugs. Dr. Martin Luther King would be heart-broken I believe if he were still living-he fought for this very thing, that people would not be judged according to their skin color, and we can add hoodies. I am very shocked at Geraldo’s comment saying Trayvon should not have worn a hoodie, that sounds ridiculous and crazy. Free to wear hoodies if they want to, and also drive nice cars if they want to. Wake up!!!

  41. Thug says:

    Whoa why are thugs allowed to play basketball ? Call Stern

    • Face says:

      atleast they did something to show there condolences..
      and what about you?

      • copper says:

        actually they insinuated racism, tweeting or verbally saying a condolence is one thing. Drawing attention to the fact that a black man in a hoodie was shot by a white man is NOT the way stars should behave.

  42. Jamahl Peavey says:

    Profiling is a serious issue that unfairly targets minorities of both race and religion. When a normal or abnormal citizen has the right to subjectively use deadly force without just cause we as fellow citizens should stand up. We should also stand up against those same acts that are being commited on the border. Yes, average citizens believe they have the right to act as boarder control guards. We all have the right to be protect from acts of injustice.

  43. I read a commit that was negative towards Lebron James. Lebron i want you to know that GOD loves you and you continue to be the loving person that you are. I’m a child of GOD and a father myself, and i truly believe that the spirit of Trayvon Martin is still alive and will live forever.

  44. Fresh says:

    As much as I am against the Heat, and as much as I don’t like LeBron, I gotta respect what they’re doing. It seemed like what LeBron has been up to all season was trying to better his image just because people hated him, but I do sense that there is a genuine concern that he has now because he is, in fact, a father of two. Hats off to them, and prayers to the Martin family.

  45. TheDogtor says:

    Very well scribbled.

    If the NBA and its players may lead with this example…they will utterly find that their antics, words and actions mean much more than a ball…, yet the world to others.

    More for giving upliftment within character and sportsmanship.

    More for caring.

    More for setting and example.

    The NBA is not only a basketball league…, yet a true home to faith.

    Let it be good, solid and whole faith to continue and not any latter of the done.


  46. czardas says:

    The whole team did this wonderful gesture. It’s not only D. Wade. This kind of comment that you’re giving and praising to only one person is the crime of this society. No matter what LBJ is doing is wrong for this person. This person who keeps destroying LBJ is cancer to the society. Kudos for the Miami Heat!

  47. Law064 says:

    Hat’s off to Dwayne & Lebron. I posted this on FB and they have joined the movement to support Trayvon Martin… Much love to the Miami Heat for doing this. That’s so close to them and they spoke out…Support the cause!!!!

  48. Law064 says:

    I’m not a Heat fan but I gotta give them credit. So much injustice in this country. If a black man gunned down a white kid he would get the death penalty

    • BULLS2012 says:

      Thats soo racist..(im Caucasion) to hear you say that..This is a horrible thing that happend, but for someone so ignorant to say that…Racist marks made by african americans everyday is one of the main reasons why waht happend 100 YEARS AGO can not be forgotten…its time to move on from what happend in the past and no one has excuse of bringing back the past due to none of us was even there to witness it…I GIVE MY PRAYERS OUT TO THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHOM LOST A GREAT YOUNG MAN..I HATE THE HEAT BUT I GIVE THEM SO MUCH RESPECT FOR HONORING SOMEONE WHO WAS JUST AN AVERAGE PERSON AND LOST HIS LIFE DUE TO A MISUNDERSTANDING….

      • Belizeboy says:

        Seriously you need to wake up. I know that we’ve made some great progress as a country dealing with racism but the system is still easier on a white person than it is on a black one; there’s nothing racist about stating that. It’s funny that you just want to have people forget about the past (since it was a horrible thing that was done), but if that’s the case why not forget about everything else in America’s past? 100 years from now should people forget about 911? I hope you read this because you need to realize that things are still different for a black person vs a white one. Slavery happened hundreds of years ago but has had a everlasting effect on the way blacks are perceived and treated (not by all but most).

        Law064 I don’t know what race you are or care, but thank you for posting the truth. I know this is about Trayvon but there is also a message of how unfair the system is to minorities.

      • Seikoi says:

        It was a sad thing, we’ll probably never truly know what happened though. i find it odd that nothing like this happens when a white, asian, hispanic or middle eastern person gets killed….since when did a whole NBA team led by black stars get all worked up when one of the races I mentioned got murdered? Answer…NEVER

      • BULLS2012 says:

        What you mean how blacks are now perceived and treated IN today’s society? Everyone is treated equal now and color dosent matter AS MUCH now…THus having an African American President…….And we can say the same thing as if a white person been shot by a african american which the Miami Heat wouldnt do this for a white person..Belizeboy THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL HOW TODAYS GENERATION SHOULD HAVE ANY EXCUSE BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPEND 100 years ago.. and it was white people who fought for freedom for african americans and blacks dont recognize that? IM NOT EVEN AS CLOSE AS A RACIST BUT I REALLY THINK PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BLAIMING WHAT IGNORANT PEOPLE DID 100 years ago…Whites dont go around yelling racist things in public, but african americans can call hate crime names like “crackers”..It goes both ways…SO you need to realize that whites are not the worst people in the world..there are some ignorant whites and some ignorant blacks everywhere..

      • Dalonzo15 says:

        I think those of you who are wondering if the Heat would do this for a white person are missing the fact that if Trayvon Martin had been a white kid gunned down by a black man in that neighborhood, there would have been justice. There will always be racist people out there and race will always be an issue in all societies, but the biggest issue here is that a child was slain and justice has not been provided.

      • DWill1 says:

        Seikoi; In all the history of this country I have NEVER(as you put it) seen any lynchings of families of whites, asians, hispanics, middle eastern or several other races for that matter. Since we shoud all be more sensitive to this tragic situation and try to keep this from being a racially toned issue. You seem to want to take it there. Who are you to speak on this matter. Since the 16th century, we black people have been severly mistreated by this american society. Our forefathers have been slaughtered, tortured, burned, hanged for over four hundred years. We have lost so many ancestors because of hate, and the lynchings continue today just in a different fashion. We have fought for this country, died for this country, and have been murdered and destroyed by some of the same people who fought beside us. These other races that you speak of, they came here on there own free will. We were stolen and forced to coma here and then treated worse than dogs. So how dare you make such an idiotic comment and challenge any black man because he stand in solidarity for his own brother. The next time you want to open your mouth go back and study some black history. Then maybe you just may get it!

      • Kel says:

        Wow. Racism isn’t over. It still exists today, as evidence by this shooting. The reality is is that Zimmerman shot Martin because he “looked like a thug”. He followed him because he was a young, black man wearing a hoodie in a gated neighborhood. He wasn’t killed because of a “misunderstanding”. The police told the shooter not to do anything. He stalked an innocent teeanager for no other reason than stereotypes. By the way, the Civil Rights movement was in the 60s and 70s, not 100 years ago. A dearth in time in historical terms. It’s not an excuse. We still see the consequences of slavery and the Jim Crow South today. For generations, African Americans had no meaningful wealth to bequeath to their children. Today, predominately black schools are still inferior, and consequently, the general income divide between blacks and whites exists. The justice system is still flawed. Minorities are ridiculously overrepresented. For an example, crack cocaine bears a harsher sentence than powder cocaine, even though chemists and scientists ahve continually said they are the exact same substance. Meanwhile, it is commonly known that whites typically use powder cocaine, while black people use crack cocaine. Race is still an issue. Just go to the South, it is still very prevalent there, unfortunately. I guess in a way it’s sort of a blessing that you’ve never witnessed racism, but if you believe that racism is a thing of the past, you are truly ignorant.

      • Law064 says:

        @Bulls2012 what is racist about my comment? I’m an African American and I live in Chicago I witness racisim everyday and it’s 2012. I am speaking the truth, if a black man killed an unarmed white kid he would get the Maximum punishment. You can disagree but if you do then your living in a dream world. So Bulls2012 get your head out your A** and get real seriously. @Belizeboy great comment and your correct if our(African American) history can be so easily forgotten then in 100 years 911 would mean nothing smh it will NEVER be forgotten.

    • TrueBullsFan23 says:

      BULLS2012 you obviously have no idea of what it’s like to be black in this country.

  49. Tina Yarosz says:

    It is such a shame that such a young life has been taken in this tragedy. What has this world come to. A man who is so much bigger and stonger than Tryvon. Why is this murder still on the run. My daughter wears a hoodie all the time and NO!!!!!! ONE!!!!! bothers her WHY because she is white. THIS IS 2012 wake up people who think a person of color in a hoodie is such a threat. I am a white mother and MY HEART GOES OUT TO TRYVON, HIS MOTHER AND FATHER FRIENDS AND FAMILY. IN HONOR OF TRYVON OUR COMMUNITY OF ALL WILL ALL WEAR HOODIES AND WILL PRAY EVERYDAY FOR JUSTICE. PEACE BE WITH YOU TRYVON YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. FRIENDS OF PENNSYLVANIA.

  50. RR says:

    Give the credit where it belong to D. Wade not Lebron James!

    • StandingUp says:

      Why are you the only one being negative toward Lebron? It wasn’t only Wade in the picture. It was the whole team. Lebron is a father and he has been tweeting on the issue. You need to stop being an ignorant hater and give credit for they are doing.

      • Heat says:

        Yeah thank you. Lets keep all the hating aside, for right now every on the Miami Heat deserves respect.

    • WILLIAM says:

      RR go see a psychiatrist before YOU hurt some innocent person.

    • Boca_fan says:

      RR…Fact is Dwade posted a photo of himself in a hoodie, then the Heat Team took that photo and LeBron tweeted the Team Photo… lets stop the nonsense! I am proud of my Heat Team. already know what they do as I’m local, but this takes them to a whole new level of respect…. GO HEAT!!!

  51. KrazyClimber says:

    God bless these honorable men, who are the true heroes in our country, for standing up for what is just and right. These fearless men are selflessly sacrificing so much in order for us to be free from being gunned down on the way home from the candy store. Our president has reminded all of us what is important and we need to keep Trayvor in our thoughts and remember to wear our hoodies with dignity and integrity.