Where’s The Beef (Cousins Vs Harris)?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — As far as NBA beefs go, this new DeMarcus CousinsDevin Harris feud is still searching for space among some of the legendary on-court battles of yesteryear.

Kurt Rambis vs. Kevin McHale, Karl Malone vs. Isiah Thomas or Bill Laimbeer vs. half the league, this is not.

But in an era where it seems players around the league are as friendly as they have ever been, this is a budding beef worth taking note of, if for no other reason that both parties have acknowledged the discord.

If you don’t believe it, Brian T. Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune tries to explain:

Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins and Jazz guard Devin Harris were involved in a tense moment early during the Utah’s 103-102 victory on Thursday. Cousins attempted to save a loose ball and felt that Harris blocked his path. Cousins immediately got in Harris’ face, who stood his ground and coldly stared at the Kings forward. Cousins quickly became heated while Harris kept staring — never backing down and barely moving. The two were soon separated.

Cousins on Harris (video included): Yo, honestly I’m tired of the kid. And I mean, like really, I don’t know what his issue is. I’m tired of the kid, honestly. I’m tired of him. I don’t know what his issue is, but I can definitely solve it.

Harris on Cousins: It goes back to the last game. … He’s trying to get in my head and I’m trying to get in his. I can’t let anybody push me around.

The feud dates back to Feb. 28, when the Jazz fell 103-96 at Sacramento. Cousins was called for a technical foul in the game, after bumping into Harris during an inbounds play.

We hope Cousins has a non-violent solution in mind for whatever “issue” Harris has with him, and not something like this …


  1. Dunsany says:

    These reports are really bad. People should see the February match and then say something. Right then I realized that Cousins had a problem with ”the kid.” He was bumping him any time he could, without any obvious reason, it’s clear that he doesn’t like him at all.

    And then, in this game all the reports are about, Cousins, while reaching the ball and seeing it was lost, noted that Harris is there and simply bumped into him. Harris just turned towards him and stared at him, and Cousins didn’t do anything except taking out the teeth protection out of his mouth and glancing to the referees.

  2. TS says:

    Little tweety bird goes Cuckoo-Cuckoo.
    Somebody needs to get Cousins some happy pills. Didn’t he slug a couple of his teammates on the Kings bus last year. Then they fired the coach?

  3. kobe says:

    cousins is a punk…always has always will be…

  4. Law064 says:

    Why do people consider KG a bad guy. He’s just a trash talker at best, what happened to Anthony Peeler after that forearm cheap shot? Cousins is clearly a wanna be bully, he has good skills but his attitude is just out of control. He needs to concentrate on playing ball not trying to solve Devin Harris problem. If I’m not mistaken Devin Harris has never been considered a hot head or nothing like that. Devin Harris is a punk?? LMAO I say Cousins is the punk. He’s a big man trying to fight a PG. Harris not backing down is not a punk move.

  5. prix says:

    Cousins is like KG.. always starts the fight but afraid of the little ones

    • N.YMARK says:

      Kevin Garnett , Cousins they all meet their match when they pick on the wrong one. K.G see Anthony Peeler who almost knocked all your teeth out with that forearm. Perkins will get his cant wait!!!!!!!!!! Clipper,Kings and Hawks fan. Gotta Go Gotta Go!!!!

  6. kingsfan4ever says:

    meh , Harris is a punk , cousins has game and has matured alot. he is loved by his Teamates , coach , staff owners , Fans. Cousins is like a fan Favorite , harris was hoping cousins would get ejected or lose his temper . Harris is a punk wanna be thug , Cuz can hurt this guy if he wanted too but the cousins we know likes to joke around and have fun and we love him in Sacramento. Great Game although we lost by 1 point , Sacramento will be the team to beat next year , everything is coming together with coach keith smart. the future look bright. Harris looked like an Idiot . GO KINGS!

    • N.YMARK says:

      Cousins is a bully. Please he wants to solve Harris problem. Why dont he solve a big man’s problem say Milsap, First up Im a Kings fan and the wanna be im replying to obviously is not. Cousins has been a head case since day one,and because of talent its tolerated. Hes fought with his own teammates and is always pouting. Hes been playing good of late but c’mon dude Harris, who he refers to as kid is 5 or 6 years older maybe a little less. But if your supposed tough guy fight or flagrantly foul your own position like Jason Smith and Perkins a la Blake Griffin. Havent seen Cousins getting into it with any bigs, only guards, point guards at that.