Welcome To The Doghouse Darko!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Minnesota Timberwolves coach Rick Adelman has landed the latest, and perhaps the defining rebuke of the myth that once was Darko Milicic, by opting to go with anyone but the former No. 2 overall pick as his starting center this week with Nikola Pekovic sent home to rest sore ankles.

We know, smashing on Darko is no longer a spectator sport. It’s become a bit of a brutal ritual for folks like us, those of us that have refuted this notion that he was destined to be the global icon some billed him to be when he was selected after LeBron James and before the like of Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in the 2003 Draft.

But Adelman’s decision to keep Milicic on the bench should be seen as exactly what it is, yet another reminder that our first impressions of Milicic (when he couldn’t get out of Larry Brown‘s doghouse in Detroit) were probably spot on. Adelman didn’t spare any feelings when explaining to the Star Tribune why he chose rookie forward Derrick Williams over Milicic to start alongside Kevin Love:

“He hasn’t done anything to really give you a lot of faith that he’s going to go out and do the job,” Adelman said of Milicic. “He’s gotten himself out of shape. He hasn’t been as driven as you’d like so when a situation like this happens, it’s time for someone to have their opportunity and get back in there. Today, [Williams] going to get his chance and Anthony Randolph is going to get his chance and we’ll see if any of those guys can step up.”

May the Darko myth rest in peace! And be warned, history will not be kind to the real story.


  1. Mino says:

    darko has a lot of talent but he just doesnt care. why do you want someone who doesnt care? give a younger guy a chance.

  2. bill says:

    The Eastern European Kwame Brown.

  3. ManchildNoMore says:

    Darko for Dwight! haha!

  4. JDish says:

    Darko Milicic, another player with talent but with no will to bust his rear and work hard. You can’t succeed on talent alone in pro basketball. You either go out every day and work your behind off to improve as a basketball player, or you find yourself whining cause others are getting you playing time.

  5. Jaap says:

    I think I would return to Europe, but my name isn’t Darko Milicic

  6. aldrin says:

    Go to Miami.!! play with fellow your fellow top picks.. hahaha!

  7. capilobo says:

    In this league you need to play too much hard, Darko is looking around with fear when Kevin Love fight for the rebound. For the next year the wolves needs somebody helps Love and Nicola (the tank) Pekovic.

  8. lemon_824 says:

    another trash center? pls nooo!

  9. bigboy says:

    celtics need you

  10. alfie says:

    darco need some playing time in hard court to be shine he will not be no.2 draft if he is not talented as compare to top 5 picks of his batch every rookie need much playing time to be a caliber player

  11. Brandon says:

    I love the timberwolves honestly there my second favorite team i dont like picking on my own team but timberwolves need to trade darko because hes not enough to help this team but the timberwolves are doing a better job my bad a GREAT job this year and its very sad what happened to ricky rubio I hoped he would be the rookie of the year but since his sad injury kyrie irving is going to take it but go T wolves

  12. Gus says:

    NBA’s teams great scouting crews get dumb sometimes! There’s 1,000 examples of average players drafted on top positions, and also great “steals” as well.

  13. DB7 says:

    Darko just doesn’t care about the USA public, the Americans and the NBA game. He is completely different player when he plays in Europe and especially in front of the Serbian crowd, he leaves his heart on the floor.

  14. kiel says:

    well darko need to push himself to his limit to be able to prove himself again.

  15. http://bartlettsbasketball.wordpress.com/

    Darko is terrible, but with the condition the Celtics are…well it would be great for them to sign em haha. they could do with a warm body over 6’9 tall!

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  16. Charlie says:

    Thank you for noticing.

  17. Fractured Life says:

    Peeps love to pick on Darko. Ain’t his fault Psitons got it so wrong in drafting him where they did. If Darko had of been a late 1st or even 2nd round guy, could develop without the spotlight and pressure, maybe he coulda developed better.

    Maybe its just cos he white.

  18. Mikica says:

    Darko, come back to Serbia!

  19. Charlie says:

    It’s ‘Dwyane’, not ‘Dwayne’.

  20. More rings than Lebron says:

    Well Darko has a ring, Lebron Don’t! 😛

  21. harpender says:

    I’d like to see Anthony Randolph get some playing time, from what I’ve seen of him in the past he seems to good/ has some potential to be getting virtually no playing time. Not saying he’s a starter, but 10-20mins a game I would think is justifiable. Maybe I’m missing something…

  22. Bok says:

    He should be thankful he’ on the NBA he’s living the dream. Not many players of that talent have that opportunity.

    • ikr says:

      I know right, people like Lin was undrafted, yet he plays with all he’s got, and is now people all over the world is talking about how he has rejuvenate the Knicks

  23. BIGMatta23 says:

    Darko just doesnt have the mental capacity to push himself to be the best he can be. He seems OK when just given the reins (last years starting gig) but as soon as there is some competition (Pekovic) he shrinks away and feels agrieved rather than gettting down and dirty and showing that he should be starting. Shame, he has talent, just no heart.

    • Dan says:

      Your are exactly correct. It’s not his ability to play that is in questoins, it’s his mental drive or focus that is horrible.

    • Aleks says:

      All correct with an addition that he was probably never mentally strong and was destroyed during an tender age of 18. The thing I do not understand is the “doghouse” concept. I mean as a head coach you have an army of helper personnel, coaches… How can you come out as a coach and say: ups he is out of shape. How do you allow that a player, any player, goes out of shape mentally or physically during a season. Its his job to motivate and push players.

  24. Sea Pea says:

    I wonder if Darko would still be around if he weren’t a lottery pick. Seem’s like it…