Sessions Gets Kobe Seal Of Approval

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Everyone seems to be moving on quite nicely.

Derek Fisher is in Oklahoma City and is already embracing his role there as elder statesmen and veteran leader. Ramon Sessions is quickly earning his stripes as the Lakers’ newest point guard addition, even earning the early Kobe Bryant Seal of Approval after his work in the Lakers’ win over the Mavericks last night.

And at the end of the day, after all of the drama that accompanied the trade that sent Fisher to Houston and ultimately to free agency and the Thunder, and the other trade that brought Sessions from Cleveland to the Los Angeles, it really is about getting Kobe’s seal of approval, isn’t it?

Sure, Sessions still has some work to do in order to get completely comfortable in his role with the Lakers. And we’re still not sure how this works — Steve Blake is the starter but Sessions is the Lakers’ point guard with the game on the line … ?

But when you hear Bryant speak about his point guard the way he did about Sessions last night, to Dave McMenamin of, you know something good is cooking:

“We just let him handle the ball,” Bryant said of Sessions. “You saw me off the ball a lot, more than probably you’ve ever seen me. As a result, my night was a lot easier. I really didn’t have to work. I had, what, 30 points? I didn’t have to work for any of it because he’s doing all the penetrating and I was getting great screens.”

Sessions finished with 17 points, nine assists and five rebounds in 29 minutes off the bench and was even more accurate than Bryant, shooting 7-for-8.

“He definitely takes pressure off of me,” Sessions said of Bryant. “He lets me do what I do: be aggressive.”

… “I’ve been extremely impressed,” Bryant said. “He takes a lot of pressure off of me. I can be a legitimate 2-guard now. Know what I mean? He can play-make for others. Before, I had to score and play-make for others, as well. I don’t have to do that. I can be on the receiving end of those plays.”

Sessions referred to Bryant as “Kob,” which is another sign that the two of them are quickly developing a rapport that could have a solid and lasting impact for the Lakers down the road, this season and beyond.

Bryant torched the Mavericks for 30 points, shooting 11-for-18 from the field. It’s his first game shooting 50 percent or better in his last 11 games. Sessions was spectacular, finishing his night with 17 points, nine assists and five rebounds in just 29 minutes.

That’s a sweet line for a guy who is admittedly still trying to figure it all out, on and off the court, in his new environment. Sessions said as much to Elliott Teaford of the Los Angeles Daily News:

“I’m definitely not up to speed yet,” Sessions said. “I’m not comfortable like I would like to be just because I don’t know exactly where everybody is supposed to be out on the floor. I’m starting to know more plays for myself as where I’m supposed to go.

If this is Sessions when he’s not even up to speed yet, the Lakers might very well have snagged the prize of the trade deadline!


  1. Oula says:

    Ramon has been great using his quickness to get to the paint and finish. He plays pick n roll with Pau, Kobe and Metta. The Lakers needs to pound te ball inside the paint where they have te advantage against all teams (maybe except Memphis only). Milk the bigman Bynum. He is a beast. Use the lethal weapon in Kobe when the game is real close. Good luck L.A.Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LakersRus says:

    Trade Kobe? Ya that would make a lot of sense! To trade the best player on the team for the last 15 years! You really make a lot of sense dude! Just hope you never manage an NBA team! They’ll never win a game!

  3. wable says:

    Kobe should be traded (hahahaha)

  4. LakersRus says:

    Sessions has been a great addition to the Lakers! They filled a position in which they were sorely in need! In order for them to contend again for championships they need to deepen their bench! Role players that are good put teams on the top! The Lakers still have their championship core! I remember Rick Fox, Robert Horry, and Brian Shaw from the earlier championship team; and Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacik, Lamar Odom, and Shannon Brown from the recent team! Add a couple of smart pieces to the puzzle and the Lakers will contend for the title again!

  5. Kobe24 says:

    Sessions is a great quality guard. Kobe shoots way way too much. Man better cut down bros

  6. Snow2010 says:

    Thumbs up Sessions for the good work

  7. Magic Johnson says:

    BTW, just loved that Fish went to OKC.

    • sshameless says:

      Me too, I really hope Brooks is dumb enough to put Fish in the game to guard Sessions. After so many years of vexation watching every point guard in the league blow right past him like a statue, it will be nice to see that from the other side.

  8. Magic Johnson says:

    This kid’s good. The Lakers desperately needed a good above average ROLE PLAYER for the PG spot. They have Bryant, Gasol an Bynum to share the spotlight, so Sessions is probably a best fit for them than Paul. I’m not debating over the quality of Paul, who off course is a better overal player than Sessions, but chemistry wise the later will mix better. I just wish we had done this prior to the season start.

  9. kobe24 says:

    paul , kobe and bynum . . .three allstar starter

  10. Sessions will lift the Lakers over. For more NBA news, check out

  11. lakermig says:


  12. Jon says:

    Kobe: “You take pressure of me Sess”
    Sess:”Kobe takes pressure off me”
    Kobe”No. You take pressure off me.”
    Sess:”No! You take pressure off me dude!”

  13. jroc says:

    we can beat anybody in a 7 game series!!! ANYBODY

  14. adolf says:

    another championship for LAKERS
    we’ve got what the team needs
    good health team and another ring is on the way come June 2012

  15. Bok says:

    Yep they don’t need another superstar PG, what they need is a PG that will blend well with them. They’ve already got a scorer in Kobe, Bynum, Pau. So someone has to be a distributor, can match up CP3, Rondo defensively, & as a bonus, can penetrate & create situation. Now they should shop for a decent SF (Beasley, Favors) that will watch Bynum’s back & a reliable/consistent spot up shooter that can bust the zone or open the middle.

  16. lakeshow says:

    all these adjustments they have to make, from player rotations, calibrating the defense, then the trades, all under one shortened season, under a new coach with a new system, eliminating the triangle which have been their bread and butter for years, and most of all, with little or no training camp at all……?!?!?

    i have to say this. it may notbe a stellar year for purple and gold….but damn they are doing FINE!!!!

    can you imagine if this team gets it’s rhythm and get that much needed team chemistry?

    haters keep on hatin’ but still, nobody wants to pick a spot with the LAKERS at the post season. coz they still can WIN!!!!

  17. jroc says:

    Yea i’m glad stern did what he did now, we didn’t need to trade Gasol for a superstar point guard, we just needed someone like sessions. He makes the makes the Lakers 10 times better. The game is so much smoother when sessions come in, he makes everybody better.

  18. Tom says:

    Kobe – “Before, I had to score and play-make for others, as well. I don’t have to do that. I can be on the receiving end of those plays.”

    Errr huh? Don’t think it was because you had to play-make more, pretty sure you were just shooting bad and because Kobe has to always be top point scorer you were just shooting more to get your quota of points. Kobes at 4.7 apg this season which is pretty much the same as the last 3 years soooooo

  19. Roberto says:

    Ramon brings speed, play making ability, and the ability to keep up with PGs. All 3 qualities the Lakers were in desperate need of. And as you saw last night, he can score as well. When they acquired him before the trade deadline, I was so excited I sent text messages to all my Laker fan friends, posted on FB, and felt a sense of security as a fan. I thought to myself, okay now it’s on with this team. So with the speed, intelligence, defensive capabilities, and as we saw last night, scoring ability, Lakers are a lot stronger. Hopefully they can make a run for the top two spots in the West in this last month of regular season BBALL! If sessions keeps it up, he and Bynum can lead the Lakers to contend for titles for years to come. After, sad to say, Kobe is retired.

  20. notballhog says:

    see what kobe just said? he really wants to ease his burden! he does not want to ballhog unlike what many haters say… being happy that sessions is leading the plays is more than enough evidence that kobe wants the best for the team, and not only for himself.

  21. Papa Smurf says:

    Thanks Mr. Stern for vetoing the Chris Paul trade. This allowed us to keep our core intact and still add a quality point guard like sessions.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Sessions <<<< Chris Paul….

      • anon says:

        Wow! He’s not even comparing Sessions to Paul individually. He’s simply content on the fact that the Lakers acquired a true point guard without losing Gasol. Quit commenting on things you don’t understand. But one thing’s for sure, hater: Sessions, Bryant, Artest, Gasol, Bynum >>>>>>>> Paul, Bryant, Artest, someone not named Gasol, and Bynum.

      • nb10 says:

        sessions, bryant, artest, gasol, and bynum >>>>>>>>>> paul, bryant, artest, someone not named gasol, and bynum.

      • LAKERNATION says:

        He means we got a good PG and KEPT Gasol, which is better than getting CP and losing gasol in the process.

      • Jaymon says:

        sessions and gasol >>>>>>>> chris Paul


      • LakerVet says:

        Injuries >>>>> Chris Paul

      • Mino says:

        sessions + gasol > chris paul + no gasol.

        depth is just as important as talent.

    • sbfern805 says:

      very true Belize boy. but the problem is that Gasol would also be out with a CP3 trade … This way Kobe remains the main shooter and has the length with Gasol and Bynum with a speedy good allround point guard…

  22. jroc says:

    i’m so glad we got session and kept gasol #championship move

  23. kratos rage says:

    Sessions is really good. He just not got a chance to play for a good team but now with the lakers, he can really contribute botgh offense and defends. Congratulations man

  24. charles says:

    Sessions should be the starter. Murphy should also be a starter. Gasol should come off the bench. This way, Gasol can play when Bynum is out – increasing productivity in center position, reducing number of minutes played, and reducing the risk of injury in this shortened season. Kobe, Meta, and Bynum are exceptional defensive forces and they can afford to add Murphy who (though not worse than Gasol on defense) is not the best in defense but opens up the lanes with his three point shooting and is an aggressive rebounder.

    • the guy says:

      usually that’s how they play if you notice, bynum goes to the bench after 6 minutes and muphy comes in, so it’s gasol centre and murphy forward for the last 6 min of the !st quarter, and then gasol goes to the bench and bynum comes in at the start of the second quarter, that’s how they alternate, you will never see both of them at the bench at the same time

    • Del Carbon says:

      Bench Gasol? Wow, I’ve heard some stupid stuff in these blogs but you, my friend, take the cake. Go find a different sport that maybe you’ll have a better understanding about.

    • sshameless says:

      I see your point regarding the balance. But the going strategy in the NBA is to start your best players. And use the bench to get them rest. That’s why Sessions will soon be starting. Brown has enough pieces to rotate and keep either Bynum or Gasol on the court at all times. Same w/ Kobe and Sessions.

      Also, I think Matt Barnes should start over World Peace. Metta’s defense is sproradically good at times, but like Fisher,, teams don’t even guard him on offense. They also want to let him shoot wide open jumpers, so they can grab the long rebounds to start fast breaks. And Barnes hustles way more, which adds so much in plays and contribution.

  25. Joy says:

    I’ve never hearded about Sessions before but i watched last night and he is amazing, so fast and confident.Go lakers for another title!

    • Belizeboy says:

      AMAZING? Okay let’s see how well he is playing when they get to the playoffs. LOL you are seeing a guy play a few decent games against teams that aren’t at full strenght (and they still lost a couple). Last night Dallas didn’t have West to defend Sessions or Hayward and Marion to guard the post, and before that Houston was without Lowry and Martin, Utah only needed Harris to play for them to win and you’re calling this guy amazing.

      • anon says:

        He’s calling him amazing because it’s his opinion. Bryant is even impressed with Sessions. Why do you have to go and say something just because his opinion differs from yours? Just shut your mouth. And yeah the Lakers lost a couple. So did the heat and thunder. losing happens in the NBA, and it doesn’t take a genius to know that. if by those losses you’re claiming that Houston and Utah are better teams than the Lakers, then you’re delusional and just another hater.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Why don’t you take your own advice and shut up? I’m commenting on this guy calling a sub-par player amazing. I didn’t say his opinion was wrong but I do think he needs to realize that he’s prasing someone a bit prematurely. Also as for Bryant being impressed with Sessions, yeah of course he’s going to give the guy credit because HE’S ON HIS TEAM! When Lin was hot Kobe played it off like he never heard of him (even though we know he did).

      • Mino says:

        whats amazing is that LA has an actual point guard

        youre a hater.

      • sshameless says:

        Sure it’s only been a few games, but get real, that’s all anyone is judging as a Laker thus far. Only an idiot whiner would say his play w/ the Lakers has been sub par. Bryant doesn’t care about the Knicks. Here’s a clue for ya, he’s trying to win w/ the Lakers, NOT THE KNICKS!!

        A statue would have been an serious upgrade for the Lakers at point guard. They got to 3rd best in the conference overcoming the debilitating deficiencies of the league’s worst rated point guard. Sessions doesn’t have to be all that amazing to vastly improve the Lakers. Why is it that losers always think they have to have a super star at every position? And start whining if they think they don’t have it.

      • david says:

        early praise.. u better not be a lebron fan. if u knew anything as well dragic is a good pg n martin doesnt play even when healthy.he hadnt heard of him n after he gave lin his due.

  26. Jones17 says:

    Having watched each game so far with Sessions, i’m pretty confident we have a quality player already. He’s had a few silly turnovers through miscommunication but as he said he’s not used to where everyone is supposed to be so i hope that will improve with time. It’s amazing seeing easy fast break points so regularly already and so many layups by him. He’s had more layups so far than Fisher or Blake has had most of the season! Hoping for more of the same!

    • AJ says:

      I loved Ramon Sessions in Milwaukee where coach Scott Skiles could mess up a wet dream when it comes to PGs. No coach in their right mind would have started Luke Ridnour over Sessons!!! He needs to play pick & roll to be effective and is capable of triple doubles when his shot is fallingfrom the perimeter. Then he travelled to Cleveland and did OK on a roster void of talent, and was replaced by no. 1 draft pick Kyrie Erving. Just bad luck…he’s gritty and has matured in the locker room because of his trials/tribulations at previous destinations. Lakers fans will love this kid as they now have a PG who can stay in front of his man defensively and is a triple threat offensively.

    • Alexzo says:

      Welcome to hollywood ramon! U are now a rock star! I’m still grieving about the loss of fish though. But u make it easier to endure.