The Best Bargain Of This NBA Season

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The first victim of the amnesty clause in the new collective bargaining agreement will have yet another distinction before this NBA seasons ends.

And we’re calling it right now: Gilbert Arenas will be the best bargain of this NBA season. After signing with the Grizzlies, Arenas is being welcomed into the Hang Time family with open arms. And it makes it even easier to show him love when you realize that the Grizzlies are paying him $300,000 for the remainder of this season.

That’s a minimal investment (by NBA standards) with the potential for some ridiculous rewards, if Arenas still has some of that old Agent Zero magic left in him.

He certainly fills a glaring need for the Grizzlies, as Ronald Tillery of the Commercial Appeal points out:

It’s a move that was called a win-win proposition for both parties as the Griz prepared to face the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night in the Power Balance Pavilion.

“We need shooting and that’s something he’s been able to do throughout his career,” forward Rudy Gay said. “He’s somebody that’s battle tested who can help us out.”

Reserve guard O.J. Mayo worked out with Arenas in Chicago about two years ago. Mayo learned two things about the 30-year-old Arenas.

“He’s a hard worker and he wants to win,” Mayo said.

The Griz are also confident that Arenas understands the situation. He’s being added to spell backup point guard Mike Conley and occasionally play shooting guard off the bench.

Arenas, a 10-year veteran and three-time All-Star, expressed a willingness to play a limited role. And there is no fear in the Griz front office, on their bench or in the locker room that Arenas will balk at being a reserve.

If Arenas is willing to be a role player, he’ll be one of the few capable of the exploits he’s shown he can accomplish throughout his career. And for a playoff team — any playoff team — to have a lethal scorer coming off the bench whenever they need him, that’s a luxury everyone wants.


  1. SDF05 says:

    I have so much confidence about Gilbert Arenas, and maybe he’ll bring up his Old Agent Zero magic again.Hopefully…

  2. wizards says:

    I wouldnt say that Gilbert Arenas ruined the wizards franchise, he took us from being god awful to being a decent playoff team. I still remember that series against Lebron when he averaged like 35 ppg and almost led us past Cleveland in the playoffs. He is an incredible talent, he just lost his mind there for a while after his knee injury. Maybe im crazy, but I still think he could contribute on a good team.

  3. hezz says:

    arenas has been off the court for almost a full season…. wen arenas gets it back memphis will be a force to wreckin wit

  4. Agentzero fan4life says:

    This is a great find for the griz to all you haters who say arenas is done for you gotta be kiddin me look at z bo the guy was a headcase when he was in portland look at him now its not about the things you did in the past that matters its what yougive everyday

  5. DC Express says:

    Arenas may have an ego too big for his own good, but given a chance like the Grizzlies are offering may bring out good things. I can’t wait for the Playoffs cuz the talent, teamwork, and effort seems to be in a lot of places this year!

  6. Kobe@Manila says:

    Arenas is for Lakers.. I’ve waited for LA to sign him.. Instead they let go of Fisher who deserve to retire being a Laker.. I just don’t understand on why they are holding on to Blake who can’t even give them enough to be a true PG.. Sessions is a right pick and I do believe that he will bring LA back to the top..

  7. Grindhouse says:

    The Griz heard the same about Z-bo, Allen, Conley, and others. However, fitting the right pieces together, even when so many thought they were wrong, has been working well for them.

  8. Hater says:

    Gilbert! Will slowly drift away like all the other, so called A list ballers.

  9. Kevin says:

    Everyone needs to calm down. Is Agent Zero the same player he was? Not sure. What is certain is that he wants to play basketball.

    Whether or not he still has the talent he once had is irrelevant. He has a much smaller role, and a heck of a lot less stress. He will never be the player he once was if he doesn’t get the minutes and I don’t think he really cares. I’m glad he and the Grizzly made this deal. He obviously knows he is not going to be the go to guy so whats the big deal? He will be a solid guard coming off the bench. He will add experience, talent, and much needed depth to the grizzzz.

    Nice find Memphis!

  10. Frank says:

    Seems like Zack Randolph was considered a bad mistake. How did that work out for the Grizz

  11. charles says:

    He’s a high risk player. He can help you or completely destroy a team – which he did with washington. So I wouldn’t embrace him quite as readily if i were the grizzlies….the guy is talented but clearly undisciplined and engages in risky behavior that puts his team on the line – unnecessarily and without much reward.

  12. ko0kiE says:

    I hope he really wants to back and play ball.. and I’m confident, it’s clearly not about the money.. he got his money from the monster contract from the wiz.

  13. The Return says:

    We all know Gilbert does not have one of the greatest reputations; however I believe this guy has love for the game when, signing a prorated $300,00.00 contract. Although it is a lot of money to us individuals its not a respectable salary in the NBA……..Also a lot of teams were interested in Gilbert and neglected him……I believe Gilbert has a point to prove and a message to send to those who thought he didn’t have it in him! Also he got the same procedure which was done for Kobe’s knees; look at Kobe now! Gilbert is gona come back with a burst!

  14. Haydz says:

    I hope this one works out a bit better than Iverson did. Does Arenas practice?

  15. dear Tiffany says:

    No ones judging him for what he did off the court! he just hasn’t shown up ON the court!!!
    I think you need to settle down. Good judgement and bad judgement is one in the samething by the way! leave Shut Up alone… Opinions are opinions some based on fact, most (by the looks of things) are based on HOPE!

  16. Lee says:

    I’d just like to see Iverson get a (further) similar chance 😦

    • Chris says:

      He had his chance in Memphis but blew it. I was an Iverson supporter until he bolted the team. Now i have no sympathy for him. If he wouldve been patient he wouldve gotten the chance to play. He probably couldve taken minutes away from Mike Conley,JR(the current starting PG). There was a big(rather chaotic) press conference to introduce AI. Everything was fine in the beginning but AI had a nagging hamstring injury and the Grizzlies held him out the entire preseason. Coach Lionel Hollins didnt want to rush him back. Dont get me wrong, Allen Iverson is one of the greatest players in NBA history and he wouldve averaged 15-20 EASY! But he was 34yrs old with a TON of mileage on those legs(he already averaged 35-40mins a game throughout his career)and Hollins didnt want to ruin his so called chemistry so there were long stretches in games where AI was in the bench. In some of the games he played he put up 15pts quickly but AI thought he was still the man but Hollins insisted on Conley being the guy(to this day i cant understand that). Anyway, early in that season(2009-10)the Grizzlies struggled, they went on a 3 or 4 West coast trip and lost every game, AI hardly played, and after a loss to the Clippers, left the team! To me, it wasnt so much that the team lost or the Iverson started complaining, BUT HE JUST FLAT OUT QUIT THE TEAM IS WHEN I LOST RESPECT FOR HIM!! The Grizz paid him and let him go. then he went to Philly and did the same thing. THAT’S WHY NO NBA TEAM WANTS HIM!! I wish AI couldve been patient because eventually he wouldve gotten more playing time. He would have been the 3pt shooter we(Grizzlies)so desperately needed. When healthy, he was still quick enough to get by his defender and he was automatic inside of 20ft.

  17. tiffany says:


    • Shut Up says:

      tell that to the Orlando Magic’s fan…………… they still waiting for him to show up.

      • tiffany says:


    • Shut Up says:

      @ tiffany,

      I see that you’ll really p1ss off, what happen? GOD did not treat you well? did GOD left you out in the COLD? LOL…… STILL WAITING….. another looser.

  18. Lloyd Gurure says:

    i believe G.Arenas has something to show,jus wait & see.

  19. PKJ1980 says:

    This guys a has been and has a reputation for being a pain. I wouldnt call it a win win just yet. The guy had talent in the past and maybe just maybe he’ll show a few glimmers of that but it’s doubtful. He better be thanking the Grizzlies every second for giving him a chance when everyone else cringed at the thought of this thug appearing on their rosters.

  20. Cord says:

    Lakers should have signed him packup for Kobe and Sessions what but im glad he got another chant hes still lethal just watch and see

    • AJ says:

      I agree. Lakers should have signed him as a backup SG and he is big enough to play SG. Give Kobe some rest.

  21. Jorge says:

    The Gilbert Arenas of now is nowhere near the 2006 super star that scored 60 points in a game. I compare him to T-Mac. People think that they are still the same players, but they are not. Gilbert will never be the same. (Hopefully, he proves us wrong, but I doubt it).

  22. I’ve always been the type of got that believe in second chances..hopefully Gilbert makes the best of this one… Depression kills

  23. karo iyash says:

    yet a great move that improves an already great team in the grizzlies… Goodluck

  24. RDR says:

    Please,,, give me a break. This guy is done. He never got it going in Orlando and he is still drawing a paycheck for sitting on the Grizzlies bench. One word of advice to Memphis. Change your name, there are no Grizzlies in Memphis how about the Memphis Blues or Memphis Express (FEDEX)?

  25. InsoPW says:

    He’s gonna punish the Lakers for not signing him!

  26. legwkio says:

    This move might just put the Grizzlies over the top. They’re looking like a dark horse for the West.