Blogtable: Most Impactful Recent Trade

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Not counting Dwight staying in Orlando, what recent move at the trade deadline will make the most difference this year?

Steve Aschburner: Milwaukee adding Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh. The Bucks already were rolling, winning four in a row before adding the two Golden State acquisitions to their rotation, but now they’ve made it six. That infusion of talent where there was none – Andrew Bogut was forever in the trainers room, Stephen Jackson in the doghouse – and what coach Scott Skiles will do with it over the final month trumps, for me, a temporary Woodsonity bump in New York. One caveat: Milwaukee had better start playing defense not just like a Skiles team but like a playoff team, period. And that won’t be easy with an Ellis-Brandon Jennings backcourt.

Fran Blinebury: It certainly didn’t make a lot of coast-to-coast headlines, but the Spurs pulling the wild and crazy Stephen Jackson back into the fold gives them another scorer and makes them a tougher out in the playoffs.  Coach Gregg Popovich would much rather deal with Capt. Jack’s idiosyncrasies than Richard Jefferson‘s disappearing act.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Stephen Jackson will be a boost, in energy and play, to the Spurs. And he will not be a problem, not going back to an organization he loved being part of before and not being reunited with a coach he respects. Plus, San Antonio will save about $11 million in the deal, at the cost of a first-round pick that will probably be in the 20s.

Shaun Powell: Tempted to say Stephen Jackson in San Antonio, only because Gregg Popovich might be the only coach who can connect with Stack Jack. But I’ll go with Leandro Barbosa in Indiana. He’s a change-of-pace guy who can help at either guard spot, could flourish in the half court or on the break, and brings experience to a rather young crew. Barbosa, Paul George, Darren Collison and George Hill will give most teams trouble, because they’re all quick and fluid

John Schuhmann:  I really like the Ramon Sessions acquisition by the Lakers, who have been strong defensively, but just average offensively (even at home) all season. Sessions should get L.A. some easy baskets on the break and, hopefully, get the ball to Andrew Bynum in the post more often. We saw in New York how a real point guard can improve an offense that has struggled, despite a ton of talent. I expect the same in L.A. It’s a small sample size, but the Lakers have scored 105 points per 100 possessions with Sessions on the floor so far, which is a nice improvement.

Sekou Smith: I love what the Spurs did in bringing Stephen Jackson back into the fold. It might not make much of a difference in the regular season, since the Spurs are already rolling. But in a playoff series, when you need someone with the toughness, experience and fearlessness to step into the big moment and make a play, Jackson is a guy that has already been there and done that with a championship on the line. And it’s not like the Spurs has to mortgage any piece of their future to make it happen. They replace a good player that simply didn’t fit in with their style with another good player who fits their style and system perfectly.


  1. ldhl89 says:

    Green-Kawhi-S-Jax = DEFENSE!!

  2. DOYnamite#1 says:

    Capt’n Jack back in spurs is the best move in the trading deadline.. it just made the spurs turn from a contender team to a highly favor team to win a championship.. lebron c u in the finals.. thats if u show up in the finals hehehehe..

  3. Bball fan says:

    I just pray that everyone on the spurs stays healthy comes into playoff time. And if they do meet OKC in the Western Final, it will be an awesome match.

  4. Cedric says:

    We are not talking about the lakers fakers we are talking about theSpurs.Go Spurs Go !We need a big man and we will win the Ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kean10 says:

    yeah! good to see him back, nice move spurs’ management 🙂

  6. Pokie says:

    I’ll take the Ellis trade. I thought the number he chose said it all: number 11. Klay Thompson (the guy Golden State basically chose over him) wears that number, does’nt he? Now every time Monta looks down at his jersey, he’s going to remember that. This is what a basketball player does. He motivates himself. He gets on with it. Fear the Deer.

  7. Chubb says:

    My Nuggets getting JaVale McGee…NOT!!! Fail. Captain Jack going to the Spurs will probably have the best effect.

  8. heatlatinofan says:

    okc and chicago not doing anything.
    those 2 gonna be in final
    OKC in 6

  9. AJ says:

    I think Sessions is what Lakers needed. A point guard who can run the floor so quick and get a layup on his own. I wish Kobe plays a team basketball and Lakers will be just fine.

  10. Daniel Z. says:

    it’s Captain Jack SPURrow!!! With this trade the Spurs are back in business.

  11. Milwaukee getting Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh was huge for the Bucks. Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson were not playing. Getting two rotation guys for two guys who were not even playing might push the Bucks into the playoffs by the time the regular season is done.

  12. thejerr says:

    if i cant see kobe get another ring (womp womp womp), then the next best thing would be seeing duncan get one more. go get it jack (and stay healthy spurs)

  13. kratos rage says:

    The JACKSON-JEFFERSON trade. It was good for both teams but i was so excited to see CAPTAIN JACK back in spurs.