Blogtable: Does Kobe Need To Change His Game?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Let’s talk about Kobe’s game: Does he need to change it for the Lakers to be more successful? If so, in what ways?

Steve Aschburner: The only place I’d consider asking Kobe Bryant to change his game at this point would be to take fewer 3-point shots. His 29.2 percentage from out there is the second-worst of his career and he’s shooting them more often than he has in six years. Might have something to do with what the refs’ “points of emphasis” aren’t rewarding these days (sorry, arm swipes and leg kicks). Beyond that, though, the Lakers need Kobe being Kobe – which he does better than just about anyone else – but just a little less of it than 38.7 minutes nightly at age 33, please.

Fran Blinebury: Kobe leads the league in scoring, ranks third in minutes played and has a team that everyone has said all year is flawed leading the Pacific Division, the No. 3 seed in the West and with the sixth-best record in the entire league.  Now in his 16th season you’re going to change him because his shooting percentage is down and he missed a bunch of shots against the Jazz?  I don’t think so.

Scott Howard-Cooper: No, but I nonetheless admire the fantasy world you live in just to ask the question about Kobe changing. He is still playing at an elite level, yet Andrew Bynum has developed into a force. Bynum is very involved in the offense, though partly on his own doing with rebounds. Pau Gasol is still involved in the offense.

Shaun Powell: Kobe shouldn’t change his game until and unless the Lakers change his supporting cast. As in, if they acquired another high-level scorer who needed shots. Beyond that, Kobe needs to be Kobe, and anyway, change for him would be difficult unless it was forced upon him for injury reasons. Kobe passing up shots for Steve Blake will not make the Lakers better, nor would it make Blake better.

John Schuhmann: Simply, he’s got to have more trust in his teammates. This isn’t 2006, Ramon Sessions isn’t Smush Parker, and Pau Gasol isn’t Kwame Brown. With all their talent, the Lakers are just an average offensive team this season. Andrew Bynum has seemingly taken a big step forward, so why is Bryant’s usage rate up and assist rate down from last year? It would also help if he shot fewer threes and got to the line more often. In clutch time (last five minutes of the fourth quarter or OT with a score differential of five points or less) this season, he’s attempted 98 shots from the field and only 38 free throws.

Sekou Smith: Telling the league’s leading scorer to tweak his game some 16 years into his career seems a bit foolish. But not this time. The formula for Kobe Bean Bryant is pretty simple, feed the big dogs sir. Bryant has 15 feet of big men hanging out on the low block. There’s no need to fight the power when Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol are more than capable of helping carry the load for the Lakers. Bryant does not have to do it all alone. And that’s where he’s always run into trouble, locking into that me-against-the-world mode world when he doesn’t have to. Feed the big dogs and the Lakers will be just fine.


  1. Inga says:

    kobe should let bynum shoot 3s

  2. charles says:

    MJ changed as he changed. Kobe is no MJ. Therefore, there is no reason for him not to change.

  3. sshameless says:

    Sans opponents double and triple teaming Bryant, Bynum and Gasol don’t stand a chance. No way they can create their own shots against a defense that is not totally designed solely to stop Kobe. Ever seen what happens when Bynum or Gasol are double teamed? It is painful to watch.

    Playing w/ a decent back court mate for the first time in his career is what will have the best effect on Kobe’s game. He has only played w/ horrendous guards before. Fisher is one of the most deficient and lacking guards ever to be a starter, Ron Harper was wiped out by age and no ligaments left in his knees, and Smush Parker.

    Kobe is extremely intelligent w/ a basketball IQ and work ethic rivaled by very few in the history of the game. One of Shaq’s most ignorant slanders is bragging that he has 3 degrees, and Kobe didn’t go to college. But I’d quickly wager any amount of money desired that Kobe could easily double Shaq’s score on an SAT.

    Merely sans the horrendous burden and devastating wear and tear compensating for Fisher’s debilitating deficiencies on the court will add zest and years to Kobe’s game and career. Team addition by subtraction. Kobe will definitely and gladly adjust to finally playing w/ even a halfway decent point guard for the first time in his career. And Sessions is far more than that.

    Sadly, once Bynum was allowed to score more points, the rest of his game has seriously denigrated and is starting to resemble Shaq’s. He slowly jogs up and down the court, only hustles when they give him the ball on the low block. He mostly stands around on defense and rebounding now, looking as lazy as Shaq did. Which he admits to publicly.

    • sshameless says:

      It looks as though Bynum may have been taking bad advice from Shaq. Remember the big dog won’t guard the house if you don’t feed him. Translation……. Shaq will refuse to play defense unless the team makes sure he scores more points than Kobe. At least Bynum doesn’t trhow the childish tantrums and try to destroy the team w/ petty jealousy and dissention through locker room cancer like Shaq did.

  4. Stan says:

    Kobe takes too MANY BAD SHOTS. Bynum can dominate so why not get him the ball more? Gasol is more effective too, but Kobe keeps taking more shots than those 2 combined. Kobe is the worst 3 point shooter but he keeps settling for those instead of trying to get the and one. Kobe is being lazy and not leaving it out on the court. He needs to drive more the basket instead of taking 3’s. The Lakers would be a better team without him on most nights if Bynum and Gasol got more shots.

  5. Marion says:

    @olisaeloka..and who are you to say those kind of things on kobe..are you an nba player?He is carrying L.A on his back and give people entertainment,drama and action each in everyday..You are saying that it was for his personal glory?Come to think of this..If the lakers win a championship..Is he the only one happy?is he the only one recognized?I don’t think so..From the players,managers,coaches,organization and fans of L.A they are all recognized..So don’t tell us that it was for his personal glory..And I agree with steve blake…Say it to the rings on his fingers…And if you are sick watching the game of kobe..Don’t watch their game..You are not forced to watch his game..Or maybe you are watching on him all the time and might be you are one of his fans if he make plays down the stretch..haha.

  6. Joel Sanchez says:


  7. KB8 says:

    I am a kobe fan but the best way for him to win a tittle is to diversify his game. I think kobe is better shooter when hi is open,so he should do more catch and shoot. His teamates should not focused on him sometimes and play simple and turn the ball. Kobe should play more on transition, penetrate the paint to find gasol or bynum or find someone open in 3-pointer.KObe still kobe in money time but he should trust on his teamates too.. Kobe should save his energy for the playoffs because Lakers need great Kobe to go to the finals. 🙂

  8. JD says:

    Hey Sekou whats up!

    when are we going to get the new hangtime podcast!!

    we are 3 weeks behind and we need our podcast! come on.. bring us an update please.

    • Sekou Smith says:

      On the way JD. On the way. Lang was in a funk after Rubio went down so we had to give him some time to get over the shock.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a big Kobe fan but kobe is responsible for what he does like a leader don’t pay attention to this people.SHOOT THE BALL

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a big Kobe fan but kobe is responsible for what he does like a leader don’t pay attention to this peopel.SHOO THE BALL

  11. Alaihya says:

    I don’t think Kobe should “change” his game .. You can’t just automatically “CHANGE” a player and his game . PLEASE ! Kobe is going to be Kobe. And of course he does a lot for the Los Angeles Lakers. Everyone strives to win and will do anything to strive to win at a certain extent. And he is doing just that. Is it so bad being a team leader?

  12. Cali says:

    Lakers were on FIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH last night. All except Bynum, but his presence on the boards was pivitol. With Session playing more minutes and running the offense as well as he did whle being an offensive threat, Kobe and Pau had better, easier open shots…. this is the “change” Kobe’s game needed (not to have to force up shots with 3 sec on the shot clock). It was a pretty quiet 30 & 27 pts for Kobe & Pau… maybe cause nothing was forced.

  13. Troy says:

    Why do people resent other people when they dedicate themselves to a cause, put in the time and achieve success. Kobe Bryant is the epitome of a solid basketball player; he is the consummate post Michael Jordon NBA superstar. No other player in the NBA League respects and appreciates Michael Jordon ever, like Kobe. He actually emulates Your Airness, and Michael Jordon himself declared that Kobe Bryant is the best player he has seen since he stopped playing the game. Some great players left this great game without winning a ring, not that they couldn’t have gone to other teams and join-up with other star to win rings, but they stayed at their teams and fought hard, but the rings were still elusive and I respect them. So winning an NBA ring is not easy much less winning 5 RINGS. If we hate Kobe for being the best just say that, but is achievements will live on like all the other past superstars of the NBA. Kobe Bryant might just win a couple more before he retires, while others who only have hype might never win, Kobe Bryant has past all the tests, and he is a winner, who still knows how to win. The Black Mamba, most lethal player in the game right now, no question.

  14. Xavier S says:

    Kobe is still the best around, but he won’t win anything alone.

    It’s time to give everyone around him trust (except World Peace who should never shoot).

    He can o nly claim MVp & a chance at a 6th title if he palys with the team like he did with Shaq & Gasol in the past.

  15. @FaruuqBaafe says:

    Kobe Bryant said he was better than MICHAEL JORDAN. For him to say that makes me believe that he isnt as good as people think he is.. You never hear the great players rank themselves, To this day Michael Jordan will not say he is the best because of respect for the other great players before him. Kobe bryant his a ball hog who will never win another championship..btw say thanks to shaq for the first 3

  16. Troy says:

    People only talk about the moment, the present; but there have been many times when Kobe tried to work Gasol and Bynum in the game over the years, but for some strange reason Gasol have been slipping up regularly. Simple catch and score when the game is on the line he misses, he allow smaller guys to bully him in the paint and for the most part Pau Gasol plays very weak. Kobe have to be the man and take control, Kobe loves playing with Gasol, but he fails to produce in crunch time more often than do, Gasol produce in crunch time very rarely, that is why he wasn’t an Allstar this season. When Gasol & Bynum steps up the way they should on a nightly basis, not today and the next 10 games they play ordinary, then Kobe will adjust his game and be more of a facilitator, because the Big Dogs are protecting the house and producing the goods.

  17. heatkingofeast says:

    kobe=ballhog that’s it. but his a legitimate scorer. just a scorer, no more no less.

  18. kobe gacula says:

    2012 world champions ! los angeles lakers !!

  19. jan_279 says:

    No, Kobe doesn’t need to. Yes, he jacks off way too many shots, but do you know why? ‘Cause he’s the Lakers’ X-factor, that’s why!

  20. Lvinlegend says:

    If you watch Laker basketball, or can imagine coaching a team, you can see the defensive double-team on the big guys every time they get a touch. It’s no secret how hard Bynum has to work in the paint for 15 points. It is some fantasy basketball world you think about when you think of the seven footers on the floor guarded by a single six foot guard to make the feeding so easy. The big guys can only manage so much. Gasol has picked up his shooting once again and is being rewarded more looks. He is a go to guy on offense, as is Bynum. What if they did get every shot? Would you be pleased to see Kobe on the bench all game? Not in the league maybe? Well, sorry to break it to you but that is an entirely different topic. Bryant’s game is, has been, and always will be creating offensive opportunities for himself and leading the team. And more often than not that works for the entire team. I would personally like to see Bynum score 30+ a game, but do you think they try to limit his scoring or something? Pau has excellent games the majority of the time but can you consistently get 25 point from him, probably not because that is asking so much from the man. Meta can offer almost no offense and Blake is worth 5-10 points. Kobe has 16 seasons on one team for this reason- he will do his best and give everything he has to outscore the opponent. I would prefer the worst looks at the basket from Bryant over Meta or Blake’s wide open basket, end of story. For the sake of another championship, he should play less time in the game. I think his recent 3P shooting is an attempt at proving they are capable of hitting 3’s. But change what he does? Ask him to try not to go out there and dominate? Get real this is a big boy league, take your babyish ‘wahh he shoots a lot’ and watch little league. At least he is man enough to say he tried, he went out there and gave it his best, thought it’s like his 80+ game, you won’t see many of them…

  21. Simsimi says:

    me: should kobe change his game?
    simsimi: Yes because kobe is going to be old and is not that good.

  22. Gabriel says:

    I am a kobe fan and i have to say, some of you are idiots. Kobe is the most offensively gifted scorer the NBA has ever seen at the guard position. The guy plays through a myriad of injuries. This season with a bum wrist so of course his shooting pct is going to be bad sometimes. But while #24 is on the court, the opposing team is going to have to respect him and his scoring ability. As far as comparing Kobe to Jordan. You really can’t say Kobe needed this person and that person because everyone needs someone. It is a team sport. Kobe had Shaq and Gasol. Jordan had Pippen and some of the best 3 pt shooters in the NBA. Let’s not forget, Pippen was a bad referee call away from taking the Bulls to the Finals without Jordan. At the end of the day though, Jordan still is the Greatest Ever !!

  23. Gabriel says:

    Kobe doesn’t need to change his game, He just needs to recognize change can be good and scale it back a little. Bynum is emerging as a true force and it’s ok to let him blossom into a star, Big men will always be more efficient and he has two very skilled big men which he should utilize more often.

  24. Bok says:

    Yes, in a way that he should trust his teammates more, like playing a decoy to draw extra defensive coverage & leave players (like Bynum) open or at least on a single coverage for an easier shot. But he still should take over, leadership wise. Also, a little more rest will help him prepare for the post season. Good luck Lakers:)

  25. Rafael says:

    Why are you people hating on Kobe game. To tell you the truth I don’t think he tries to prove that he’s better than MJ. I don’t care but kobe is a machine in scoring, he has good defense, and he never gives up. His team always goes to the playoffs, he has five rings and counting,and always on top five in scoring’ and on top of that he is #5 on the scoring list of all time. Yea so you Kobe haters…..he is a excellent player. It doesn’t matter how many times he shots and how many he misses. What counts is that “W” which they are obviously winning.

  26. Jay says:

    Only reason kobe’s percentage is down is because he has to take so many bailout shots with the buzzer coming down from laker mistakes. Besides, plus Pau played horrible for the first half of the season and stop calling kobe a hog, hes a shooting guard not a point guard or small foward, his job is to shoot, its the point and small forwards job to dish it to the post as you have seen today in the laker’s win. Kobe is a professional, let him do what he does, and in terms of shooting 3s kobe shares the most 3 pointers made in a game in nba history, until any of you can do that which is pretty much none of you on that level you shouldn’t talk. Everyone is different and a slump is not a big deal when you are as old as kobe playing in a compressed system with new team mates and coaching staff.

  27. smartypants says:

    The LAkers should have gotten corey maggette when they have the chance , now they need to give the 2 7footers the ball more. Bynum has developed his game much , and if he stays healthy the lakers are tough to beat

  28. likedamaster says:

    Kobe’s a fraud. He fails at being Michael J. Jordan. He’s a joke of the nba, scoring off of referee bailouts. Otherwise, percentage is an all time low. A ridiculous amount of bailouts/fouls called in his favor(read:most in NBA). He’s treated as a superstar, but one who couldn’t win without a big.

  29. hector says:

    kobe es ek mejor jugador del mundo malditos idiotas!!!!! acaso son ciegos??????

  30. Alex R. says:

    KOBE NEEDS TO MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT, NOT CHANGE HIS GAME. But we shouldn’t have to tell him this, he needs to realize it on his own, every night, on a game by game basis. Kobe has won many games for the Lakers, but just the same, HE has lost many with his ill chosen shots. The Lakers would be sitting with a pretty record if it wasn’t for his inefficient shooting and the League, reporters, and fans alike would have no doubt, to have Kobe as the MVP. If Kobe makes at least two to three more shots in any of those games lost by 4 points or less, the Lakers would have more W’s than L’s in the Game column. ADVICE FOR KOBE…there is no need to shoot so many 3’s this year. Wait until next season, after you have recovered from wrist surgery because most likely you will need one. YOU CAN STILL salvage this season and make Mike Brown seem like a hero this year by winning a championship. HERE IS HOW: Because YOU can create any shot you want, (and I’ve only seen ONE other player do that in this league – Dwayne Wade, choose to shoot from the left or righ elbow of the key, DO NOT shoot as many 3’s! Don’t have Metta World Peace shoot that many 3’s! instead, have him take a step or two forward to get closer to the basket. Also, motivate Steve Blake to take the open shot from the 3 point line! He can shoot!! Remember 2 for 4 from the field is better than 1 for 5 from the 3. KOBE, you can take this team for another championship, come down from the clouds for a minute so you can rise up again.

  31. Alex R. says:

    Did somebody forget to tell Kobe he didn’t get traded to Pluto? Come back to Earth Kobe.

  32. JP says:

    Kobe needs to “evolve” as all great professionals do. He will never win another ring taking over when he doesn’t have to. He doesn’t get it and has not elevated his mental game at this stage. he can make easier for him, team can be more efficient and win more games. Ultimately he’ll still get most of the credit. The argument that he has 5 rings means he can’t be criticized is a joke. Because one has done things well for so long doesn’t mean they are immune to in creasing errors in the future.

  33. Brazy says:

    Sekou Smith is absolutely right, everybody else are wrong.. And what Shaun Powell writes at the end about Steve Blake and all that, might just be one of the most stupid things I have ever seen!

  34. teamlacy says:

    did jordan have to change his

  35. WHATWHATAOVA says:

    Comparing KB to MJ isn’t fair at all. MJ was a different player in a different time – That’s whay he stood out so much. The level he was at would be comparable to say a talent of a player in these times and there were ONLY FEW who could make him sweat. As for KB, he is a different player as well in an EVOLUTIONIZED time. With all the new help tools (diet, excercise, training, supplements, etc.) that evolved over time, the new breed of talent out of HS or College are no joke. Even the tempo of the game has changed drastically. After 16 yrs of playing it will be hard to change his game. It will be easier to criticize him for what he’s not doing, but by simply being KB changes the game. Defense will always have to keep in check, players will keep on guessing if he will have 1 of those nights lke he did back in toronto, at age 33 he is still a force to be reckoned with and even if he did get help from Shaq and others in getting 5 rings..c’mon, It’s a team sport ain’t it? Like the Adidas ad – It takes 5! (lol).

  36. mattman says:

    kobe may be in a small slump..big deal..the only thing that matters is W’s…if the lakers were winning more games, no one would care about what kobe was doing..he is still #1 or #2 player in the world next to LBJ..i compared them

  37. George says:

    I would like to get the expert opinion on the Lakers clutch plays this season from a coaching stand point. Last two games, VS JAZZ, they had a bunch of time-outs though they decided not to take one and let the game continue, taking a tough shot instead of drawing a play for maybe an easier one. Against the rockets; 28 seconds left in the game, down three, they go for the three point and the tie instead of a two and fouling which, statistically speaking, give them a better shot at tying the game, especially considering their poor three point percentage. I could go on and on, so what do you think? Excuse my written-English, I am not a native an English-speaker.

  38. steve allan says:

    Are you F in crazy. Kobe needs to take less shots. his shooting percentage is so low, that he could not throw a rock into the pacific ocean, I think the guy is great but it is time to maybe trade him for a younger player. this team will never win a championship. mark my words. this is a business and either trade him or let bynum run the show. they need to go into him and gasol everytime and in the forth quarter you can go to Koby. the reason the other players are not doing well is they do not get enough shots.

  39. Junbe says:

    Look at all the bigs in the NBA right now. No one is as dominant in the paint as Shaq. Feeding to your big men does not equate to wins. Kobe doesn’t trust his big men because they’ve been inconsistent in the past, particularly Pau. Bynum is doing a lot better but he’s been damaged for so long, it’s hard to just throw all your chips on him. The game seems to have shifted toward forwards swaying the game. The agility and strength of new-gen forwards seem the way to go. Pau with his height lacks strength in his game play and probably the reason why Kobe neglects him.

    • durant says:

      Gasol is playing really good , better than Kobe so far. Kobe neglects everyone on the team because he wants to be scoring champ on 30 percent shooting

  40. dhoy says:

    MIAMI heat only problem is they have no PURE CENTER w/the height of 7″ can’t win a championship because if they go to the finals they cannot defend the like of bynum, howard, nowitzki, gasol if they are inside the painted area.

  41. RORO says:

    How many of the people telling kobe to stop shooting actually watch every laker game in the season? I watched every game in the past two seasons and he has only struggled in a few games, and then he regains his touch. every time he misses a few shots and has a bad game people start complaining. start watching the games and stop just looking at the stats. if you really watch, you will see the impact he puts into the game.

    • durant says:

      i watch almost every laker game on free online live games … who do you think your fooling?? he has many bad games and misses alot 86th in the league in shooting percentage

  42. dhoy says:

    kobe always rely on bigman with talent…if theres no bigman w/ talent kobe has no championship ring. if he miss a shot o’neal, horry, gasol, bynum, odom is always there to save his wrong doing. bynum is the next shaq o’neal who can dominate
    the board that’s why kobe is very lucky that there is always bigman w/talent like other superstar. look the lineup of lakers they are all big and talented compare to chicago bulls

  43. LA says:

    The only thing that bothers me about Kobe’s game is the amount of minutes he is playing. The reason for that is there is no pure scorer or a player that can create his own shot off the bench. The Lakers are one scoring player ( that can back Kobe up) away from a real chance at a 2012 championship. If the Lakers had gotten Beasley or a player like him, that move might have been the one to complete the bench. This is just my opinion.

  44. sam says:

    He’s just getting old.

  45. LA says:

    The only thing that bothers me about Kobe’s game is the amount of minutes he is playing. The reason for that is there is no pure scorer or a player that can create his own shot off the bench. The Lakers are one scoring player ( that can back Kobe up) away from a real chance at a 2012 championship. If the Lakers had gotten Beasley or a player like him, that move might have been the one to complete the bench. This is just my opinion.

  46. Goran says:

    I don’t think Kobe should change his game well first yea he may take a lot of shots but he also makes a lot of points. He is the clutchest play in the NBA; that dosent mean he will make every clutch shot. Just as an example in the game agaisnt rockets Kobe hits a three to put the lead to three but he missed the one before. If they had more time they probably could have gotten a 3 off by Kobe and it could of gone in. The reason the lakers are considerd average is because they dont have many scorers and there bench are not good. Yes they make points but there one of the worst. LOL 🙂

  47. junnex says:

    it’s basketball man…you win and sometimes you loss….you make shots and miss some. so don’t blame on kobe. you’re just envy with the basketball skill and talent kobe has…

  48. freshprince says:

    you talking about a 5X NBA champ to change his game? players need to study his game! rather then talk down on it, just because he had a few bad game, hes the talk of the league. Last time ive checked hes a 96 draft pick and hes out doing the whole league with his skills .So the answer to your question is NO!! dont change. they catch up!!

  49. Ron Gone Wild says:

    Being the league’s leading scorer sounds impressive until you look at how many shots he’s taking to achieve those numbers. I’d be the league’s leading scorer myself if I took all of my team’s shots (which doesn’t mean Kobe takes all of the Lakers’ shots but it does mean percentages matter.)

    Last night he scored 29 but only because he shot 27 times. 10-27 isn’t impressive. Especially when he has Gasol going 10-14 and Bynum going 7-11. This is the same exact problem that Shaq had with him: that with Shaq unstoppable in the low post, rather than getting the ball to Shaq enough Kobe was talking more shots. What Shaq wanted was to be the first option on offense, and when he got the ball if he didn’t like his option he would kick the ball out to the second option (eventually). That’s what they couldn’t resolve. That’s what PJ tried so hard to instill in Kobe’s head, that he would get his opportunities but he must go through a certain flow first. PJ had said it time and again, that that flow would actually enhance the shots that Kobe would end up with. Now that PJ is gone and Kobe is the first option we see how as the first option he gets hounded and doubled up and so he ends up with a lot of tough shots, and thus the low percentage.

    If Kobe could only read these blogs…

  50. freshprince says:

    you talking about a 5X NBA champ to change his game? players need to study his game! rather the talk down on it, because last time ive checked hes a 96 draft pick and hes out doing the whole the answer to your question is NO!! dont change. they catch up!!

  51. Leslie Nteta says:

    Kobe Bryant has never based his success on stats, the regular season and his roster. Men I urge you, judge the Mamba in his arena, the playoffs, in a clutch game, clutch quarter and clutch moment. We have seen this before, the Lakers and especially Kobe don’t over react, they never under react, they simply just react. He knows what matters most and its winning rings and he can do that with a decent regular season, i’ve seen enough great regular seasons go down when it comes to crunch time. Give the Mamba his 16 seasons of respect and wait for him and his Lakers to play in their moment, his moment, the playoffs. simple. Stats mean nothing, all they mean is regular season MVP’s, we have a man who sees the Finals MVP as his true measure of success and greatness.

  52. lakerfan2 says:

    If your a kobe fan he doesnt need to change, kobe fans love to watch him more then they love the lakers. If you are a laker fan then he needs to stop shooting so much because it isnt doing any good but hurting the lakers. There is no reason for him to be shooting the ball so much if he is shooting 40 percent and 29 from the three.

  53. krisjon says:

    i don’t like the coach strategy,, he don’t know how to run his players like yesterday game with houston kobe is on the bench at 4th quarter and at laSt 6 minutes he goes back co’z the lead has been catch up.. kobe stil a kobe but a coach better know what the best team mate on kobe…

  54. Sid says:

    Everyone has off nights…Kobe is Kobe. A legend is a legend. No need for change.

    • durant says:

      almost every night for kobe is an off night, 3-20 the game before , the dude is a ball hog that doesnt know when to stop.

  55. uhh yeah.... says:

    still better then Carmelo Anthony on his best night these days.

    • durant says:

      Uhh carmelo and kobe play exactly the same…… they both are shooters, they both make plays for themselves , they both are ball hogs with low shooting percentage and lowbasketball IQ

  56. daniel.b says:

    only thing that needs to change is steve blake, they got rid of fisher becuase he doesnt score that offen and i guess cant keep up with younger PGs, since fish is gone and now blake is in the starting lineup, if u watch blakes game he does the same thing fisher does, blake is just horrible and ill take fisher all day long, they should of traded blake instead of fish and had ramon sessions come off the bench becuase thats where the problem is, THE BENCH

  57. Proud to be Non-Am says:

    Change the game’s greatest….. Ball Hog?! It won;t happen. Even when you surround him with better players (Drew & Pau), or a great player (Shaq), Kobe will always be the Black Ball Hog. Enough with the Black Mamba.

  58. Diehard Lakers Fan says:

    He don’t need to change his change, just take advantage of the big guys. Save more of himself for the fourth quarter, so we can see more of that Kobe magic. Trust his teammates an lighten the burden. Let his team dig the hole and Kobe can bury them.

  59. Nba 101 says:

    The only thing that I agree upon is that Kobe should shoot less from three point range. Just let him play his own game.

  60. KobeBryant@Manila says:

    I don’t think he should change his game… The Lakers need to change their coach.. Just look at the way the New York Knicks now.. They are into winning form.. So…… Look for a better coach now and I mean now..

  61. PJax says:

    the offensive system does not give the Laker’s big to dominate the paint. plain and simple. that is why they have to rely on kobe to make shots for himself and for them.

  62. rizzy rex says:

    seems like most of the writers on on kobes jock. He must feed his bigs.. they always shoot at a incredibly high rate but he wants to shoot 6 for 31. He’s been shooting HORRIBLY lately. He’s the new iverson. 30 pts on 31+ shots.

  63. kstclaire says:

    I love kobe but I think he is becoming a liability. It’s seems to me like he is sabotaging the games in purpose by firing up all stupid and ill advised shots from all over the courts sometimes way behind the three line. Kobe has always an agenda. I think he is trying to get Mike brown fired or Gazol or bynum traded. I remember Jackson saying Kobe will sabotage games just to take the last and winning shot. Now As I think about it I start believing the Zen Master

  64. Jeff bar says:

    Everyone that said Kobe shouldn’t change his game either doesn’t watch full Laker games or shouldn’t be a writer. Kobe is an amazing player but with the last 5 minutes of every game Kobe goes into iso mode at the high post and usually misses a jumper. His fg% in the last 5 minutes of the 4th must be 35% or less. He tries to be the alpha dog and show how jordanesque he is when he has two seven footers that shoot 50+ percent. Yet he still takes double the shots Bynum and Gasol take individually. The last two games against the jazz and rockets he shot terribly and yet he still went into iso mode and we lost both games. He doesn’t have the ability to take it to the rim like he used to so he has to post up and shoot his J. And when he has long defenders on him it is entirely ineffecitve for example- marion, chandler parsons, tayshaun, iggy. He preys on shorter defenders but put some length combined with strength and his post up J is a 1/3 basket. If kobe pased these up a little more I guarantee more shots and points for bynum and gasol and more lobs from gasol to bynum.

  65. jeff beck says:

    I think all this talk about Bryant’s offense is just a smoke screen. The guy doesn’t play defense. He sits in the middle and plays a “zone”. Pathetic.

  66. jordanbyfar says:

    I think Kobe should shoot more. Heck!!!! Let him take 50 shots a game!!!! I am ok with him taking 40 shots a game because the more he shoots, the faster the Lakers will lose……I am fine with a guy who is shooting like 30% from the field lately and even better if he is shooting 29% from 3-point. Let him shoot!!! Let him shoot!!! I want more shots!!!

  67. Skullz says:

    @ Kobe if you are reading all these reply’s please don’t change. You are 3rd in the west, 6th overall and soon will be 2nd in the west as long as SAS lose a couple games in a row. You are also leading the league in the NBA at age 33 and with all these injury’s – plus you want to be M.Jordan’s career and be the best ever. stay true to who you are and stay in the league for the next 4-5 years and prove everyone wrong.

    To beat Jordan’s statistics I think to my knowledge you only need like 2.500 points or something so stick around and be the best as therey’ll be no other who can do that. not even the choke/lebron james will be able.

    Come Play off time the lakers will be a monster.

    Lakers VS Chicago NBA Finals Lakers in 6 games Kobe for MVP

    I’ve been right in all my games I’ve bet for so far this year – so listen to me lol 🙂

    • Goran says:

      I’m probably the biggest kobe fan alive but i dont think they’ll make it to the finals. I hope but there not the same championship team as two years ago. Its not all kobe’s fault, Mike brown is a bad coach, phil jackson all day and the bench is horible! lol

  68. jordanbyfar says:

    Yes, he keeps choking in close games. Kobe chokes. Where are the wins?

  69. Jonathan says:

    i feel like its easy for people to sit on their computers and criticize Kobe’s game. The Lakers aren’t playing great but I feel as though they exceeded expectations this season i don’t think anybody other than a few Laker fans had them at 3rd place in the west by March after losing Phil, Lamar Odom and let’s not forget Shannon Brown.

    To put blame on Kobe as the sole reason the Lakers aren’t first place in the West is ridiculous when theyre obviously not the same team that won two years ago…..they’re far from it

    • jon smit says:

      It was easy for you to write that comment eh? on your computer? People critize kobe because he is a jump shooter with horrible results and he keeps on shooting. Gasol and Bynum are the best combo in the nba and have amazing results and yet kobe throws the ball up and bricks more than anyone in the league.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Well don’t blame Kobe, just blame the team like Kobe has done himself and keep letting the chemistry of the team get messed up. By next year they really won’t be the same team and you’ll just have new players to blame besides Kobe.

  70. WOW says:

    Kobe takes too many shots in the 4th? who is he going to give it to? pau? Drew? Ive watched the Lakers for years and I would trust Kobe over any other laker….any other PLAYER in the league.
    I would give it to Fish but dude is not there anymore so all you haters that think kobe shoots too much need to kick it.
    Kobe DOES go to the line, he is 2nd on the FTA department behind dwight, lebron is right there BUT his percentage is lower than KB.
    The dude is playing with a messed up wrist so yeah long range shots will be off,,has anyone shot with a messed up shooting wrist? not fun.
    Kobe wont stop shooting and only haters would think he should stop. Ask Pau, ask Drew, they wont say he should stop.

    • Goran says:

      Seems to me he is always playing with something messed up, but thats kobe. TBH i rather kobe pau and bynum shoot everyshot because the other lakers are young but there not good. Like you said even if kobe is 0-56765475 id still takes his shots in the 4th then anyone else in the NBA, wether it’s a hard shot or easy shot.

  71. ahms says:

    and one more thing, jordan would make his team win, kobe with all his misses makes the last one and is a hero well maybe if he used to talent on his roster he wouldnt have to bring it to the wire everytime and instead with 1 minute left in the game they should be winning by double figures, he puts them in a situation where one shot make or break it

  72. Steve Purvis says:

    And kobe is a force driven by the nba… For all we know he shoots 2-20 on purpose to raise viewing numbers … “will he play good tonight” they say… and they tune in… maybe he gets paid under the table to throw games… LOL

  73. Steve Purvis says:

    HEY ALL YOU HATERS watch the IF YOU REALLY WANT IT COMMERCIAL!!! its all you need and all he needs to say to himself every time he steps on the quart

  74. Francine says:

    Kobe Bryant should not have to change his game. The Lakers would not be Lakers without him. He is rightfully recognized as their leader, especially during close games. He has a great supporting cast with Gasol, Bynum, and Sessions, but the Lakers still need Kobe. So, he has a few not-to-his-standards games here and there, but he’s still human. Have we forgotten his absolutely dominant games? If you need any reminders, just Youtube some videos of him making big plays, such as his incredible buzzer-beaters. On my spare time, I enjoy watching them to relive those breath-taking moments. His presence on the court is still crucial with his reliable defense, extensive experience, and high basketball IQ. There is a reason why he is still on the Lakers. Even though Fisher and Odom have been traded, Kobe will never be traded from Lakers. Although age is a factor, Kobe is still Kobe, and when The Black Mamba strikes, he makes a big statement. It’s hard to believe that some people think that he makes his shots based on luck; it is impossible to become one of the top scorers in the entire league based on pure luck. Kobe has definitely proven his talent throughout the years; in my opinion, it’s rather unjust to question him just because of a few underachieving games. We cannot forget the fact that there are always tough defenders on him – sometimes, even multiple defenders or a hand in his face. Kobe should keep doing what he is best at doing – shooting. However, the Lakers need to take advantage of their two big men and rebound. Rebounds are so important – creating second or even third chance opportunities to make plays and score. If Kobe or someone else misses a shot, then rebound and try again. It is a team effort, but Kobe will always be a vital part of the Lakers team. Thanks 🙂

    • jon smit says:

      People think he is a top scorer based on luck??? talk to people and find out! he is the top scorer because he shoots the ball more than anyone in the league! he is 86th in the league in shooting % and 1st in attempts. Kobe is a ball hog that wants to have the most points for the team win or lose. Those clutch shot youtube videos? um he has the ball 90 percent of the time in the last minutes and makes 1-10 clutch shots and kobe fans go nuts

      • Francine says:

        I only mentioned “luck” because some comments on this page seemed to imply it. I didn’t say he was the top scorer in the league, but I would agree with you on that. Now, he has a good supporting cast. However, a few years ago, he didn’t – there was basically no one else on the Lakers to win games. He carried them through the hard times. I didn’t know he was 86th in scoring, but even if he is, considering all of the players in the league, is that horrible? Does he deserve this criticism? If one does not attempt, one will never achieve anything – big or small. Kobe is a fantastic all-around basketball player because he is unafraid to attempt, and if he fails, he will work hard to improve his game. He doesn’t always have the most points – if someone else is having a great shooting night, he shares the ball. LA would not blame him because, like I said before, he has already proven himself, and he does not have anything else to prove. 

        In crunch time, he is given the ball. Plays are designed around him. It’s about trust.

  75. JDish says:

    Worst question to ask? If Kobe didn’t change his game 2 or 3 seasons ago when the talking heads were advising he change his game and give the rock up a bit more to his teammates to improve the team, he won’t do it now, nor in the remainder of his career unless he has a heart transplant or something. Kobe is Kobe, and the Lakers game plan will always be give-the-ball-to-Kobe, aka the triangle offense.

  76. Renzy says:

    Kobe must feed the bynum

  77. KobeVsWorld says:

    What the hell is wrong with these writers. Every time the Lakers loss like 2 or 3 games a lot of negatives just go around. The Lakers won two titles in a row with Kobe playing as he is now. Just because the the Lakers are losing now doesn’t mean it’s all Kobe’s fault. There’s a lot of elements in play, like the sloppy defense against the Rockets. It’s his 16th year man, he knows what his doing. All he needs is support from the people around him. Nobody complains about Kobe’s play when they’re winning. Well you don’t call them media for nothing, even the lousy articles needs to be publish to fuel the “haters.”

  78. Onel says:

    Kobe needs to play some “D”, He is too far from his man.

  79. Vasco says:

    I think Kobe has to take a stand for what is being done to the organization.
    Mike Brown is not a coach for the Lakers. The Lakers have to play happy basketball, not dark basketball. What about D. Fisher? Why send him away in his last year (?)….A man who has given so much to the team should retire in the Lakers. Not to mention his importance to Kobe and the group, I totally disagree with that kind of mooves. I’m a Laker since the 80’s with Magic, Kareem, Worthy, etc….They have always respected the older guys and now this!!!
    We have to disagree with that! Not to mention the constant talks about Gasol…..Kobe take the lead and show them what is a Laker Man who respects and knows what is the organization…
    Love you all Lakers Fans

  80. tim says:

    and extremely good point nick

  81. tim says:

    5 championships ya enough said

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Provided by Shaq and Pau Gasol. Kobe could not take the Lakers out of a first round without great players around him.

      • 16going417 says:

        What’s your point? Basketball is a team sport. All players have to have great players around them to win a championship. Even Jordan had Pippen and Rodman on his team and last time I checked those two guys supporting Jordan were hall of famers. NO ONE does it by themselves. Even Mr. Jordan could not win it all by himself.

    • jordanbyfar says:

      He even missed the playoffs before Pau got there

  82. NIck says:

    Well the problem lies with Lakers Management… as the Lakers won 12-4 and things were rolling… then they Trade??? Lakers Management does this EVERY TIME they Finally got things rolling… like the old saying if it’s not Broke don’t try and fix it!!! The reason why they lost this last game was 100% because of Fisher not being there to settle them down. Sessions isn’t the answer as the Lakers are not the team that needs speed. No NBA Championship team with with speed… Let’s see last year it was Dallas, NO SPEED, Year before Lakers, NO SPEED, Year before that Lakers, No Speed before that Celtics, NO SPEED, year before that Spurs, NO SPEED… when it comes to GRINDING it out for Championships SPEED Loses…

  83. EZfoRPREZ says:


  84. Didy says:

    Kobe Bryant still have like 2 or 3 more years playing at his best. I dont know why he have to change his game.
    Kobe is a very experimented and he can reduce his scoring point if that the way to win game.
    Kobe is the most talented player to play the game of basketball so far. (Jordan is the best).
    . But i have to say that the Lakers needs more speed if they want to win again.

  85. John says:

    I agree Lakers need to get ride of this selfish Kobe Bryant as .lately no matter who’s guarding Kobe, he’s shooting and missing. In the 6 games he’s 13-of-47 from the field.If you defend Kobe well his shooting goes to 20 percent.

  86. TTKIN says:

    He needs to change, but not a lot. Say take it from 25 shots a game to 20. those 5 fewer shots will atuomatically get him better looks. If he can manage to set up his big guys just a tad better (dont shoot 3-20 when his big men are dominating), then he will atuomatically get fewer double teams and thus, better looks. Take fewer threes (even I can tell when he’s going to shoot it, the shimmies and pump fakes dont work anymore), get that midrange jumper that made you a hall of famer, it’ll look much better.

    Then again, Kobe is first ballot hall of fame, who are we to criticize what he has done or what he will do…but fewer bad shots please haha

  87. Craig says:

    The NBA will do what ever it can to keep Kobe on their home page. I think they should be sharing it around, even when they lose and he does nothing they seem to find one amazing play, bring up stats, or in this case. It’s not Kobe people love to hate, it’s those that treat him and a few others in this way.
    Lakers are gone, finished, a Kobe lead team will never win again. Trade him while you can, start building a team.
    The future of the NBA is in safe hands elsewhere now, let go of yesterday’s heroes.

  88. Bob says:

    Lakers need to trade Kobe before gets too late. He is not helping team. Lakers going to be sorry for next 2 years and they can not trade him after this year.

  89. lorenzo says:

    it’s all about involvement, Till Kobe plays, in crucial moments, without involving and trusting other teammates, LA can’t improve and think to win a title.”Together” is the key word

  90. Khalil says:

    Kobe does not need to shoot less in order for the Lakers to be successful. What he needs to do is shoot BETTER shots (kind of what LeBron has done, although I hate to admit it. Fewer 3 pointers. Fewer pump fake 3-4 times then shoot, fewer hold the ball then take a pull up fadeaway jumper. He has about 4-5 bad shots per game. If he does that I think the Lakers can go deep in the postseason

  91. chencho says:

    fired the coach, feed the big guys release blake and meta word peace pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase. kobe its not the trouble here

  92. Cbreezy says:

    The sooner Mike Brown recognizes we traded for Sessions for a reason! Start him, and give him 35+ minutes!

  93. daniel.b says:

    really? it this becuase after the trade deadline the lakers are 1-2 and and kobe cant find his rhythm, NO he doesnt need to change what hes doing, only thing is just needs to shoot efficient and the only reason why lakers lost to the rockets but could of won was andrew bynum, he got ejected with like 5mins to play in the 4th quarter……. kobe needs to be efficient and the group needs to regain chemistry with ramon seesions. oh and they should of traded blake instead of fisher, if u look at blake during games he doesnt shoot, just like what fisher does but fisher is way better and has more experience.. imo

  94. yoodotan says:

    Sekou! you are the ONLY person that gave a true fearless answer to your own question. . . the truth is. ..
    feed the lions, ride the horses and shoot the dogs. plane and simple. if someone, anyone is shooting 12/14 and you’re 3/20. . . you feed the ball into the man shooting 12/14 at least 30 times! ! !! and then you shoot the dog shooting 3/20. . .

  95. Jarrad says:

    So many kobe haters out there damn….

  96. Randall says:

    Look people Kobe does not need to change his game, he is a natural born killer. Yes hes older but his basketball I.Q. is off the charts. I know he seems like he shoots to much at times but thats what great scorers do just ask Mr. Jordan. You live and die with it and from my understanding Mike have 6 rings and Kobe has 5 shoot the ball mamba. I mean I know Andrew Bynum has improved alot and Pau is great when he wants to be. But those guys dont demand the ball like they should and they are no where near shaq and hakeem and a list of other beast. They tend to play lazy at times and soft and thats when Kobe start going crazy on his shots. But what yall have to understand those shots that look difficult to us is nothing to Kobe. People just hate on dude why because he is great and he perfected his craft. Im taking 24 over anybody in the leaugue, hes the closes thing to Jordan and to me even better at some aspects of the game. Mike just played in a different era and came at the right time. But no change for the Mamba people just want to see him fail because they hate!

  97. Rummpd says:

    Bryant is seemingly gunning for the all time scoring title at the expense of the team to argue otherswise in sublime. Sure he is a great competitor but he needs to defray more and the fact he leads the league in shot attempts and yet sits on a team with 2 other great players speaks to with Kobe it is about him first, then team even though he will never admit it.

  98. Jack says:

    Kobe is not a ptoblem atm…its Brown offence system…and Ramon Sess’ should be starter i mean what tha foK coach Brown doing with Blake?? Blake is uncomplete player… no way for starter…i miss Jackson so much…so many problems with Lakers atm…

  99. jared says:

    Kobe Is a Ballhogger…every people knows that…

    Anyway, Heat will win this year…book it..

    • TTKIN says:

      Miami has a chance, but I’m not going to say they automatically will win it, not with OKC being led by Durant and Westbrook and Chicago dominating opponents even without Derrick Rose thanks to some good ol’ fashion Tom Thibs defense. Miami definitely can, but I wont immediately say they will.

      Either way, I think you and I would both agree that chicago and Miami in the East finals would be killer, and if Miami gets by them, them and OKC would be a great finals. 2 conecutive rounds of completely sexy basketball played the right way.

    • EZfoRPREZ says:

      ^^u must be out ur mind dog. the heat? the way my knicks are playing i dont think so. the heat cant even beat the bulls!

  100. Josh says:

    Fran Blinebury: Kobe leads the league in scoring, ranks third in minutes played and has a team that everyone has said all year is flawed leading the Pacific Division, the No. 3 seed in the West and with the sixth-best record in the entire league. Now in his 16th season you’re going to change him because his shooting percentage is down and he missed a bunch of shots against the Jazz? I don’t think so.

    Sekou Smith=Kobe hater

  101. Adam says:

    There’s only 1 thing Kobe needs to know – he’s got 4 other players wearing the same jersey on the court…I mean,taking shots with 2 or 3 players being in your face…so what’s new, Kobe is being Kobe…there should be a new statistic category in the nba – taking awful shots, and Kobe would lead the league in it by miles…of course, he makes few of them, but also misses much more…he has Bynum and Gasol doing offensive rebounds for him, that’s the reason lakers are no. 3 in the west…the lakers need more plays for the big guys, especially Bynum… So Sekou, everything you said is true…
    Hi from Croatia!!

  102. Danaël says:

    Kobe Is just a the best player of the Nba !!

  103. Jandy says:

    Kobe Bryant is Kobe Bryant no matter what happen. MAMBA for life!

  104. Patrickmarc says:

    No change for now, men of 33 are kids now in 2012.
    Kobe could play less minutes, feed the big dogs of course, but still shoot the same way
    to learn about the new players.
    I am impressed how fast they are,these T. evans, Thomas, etc. so fast, but kobe beat them all.
    No doubt he is the best.
    Jordan was the best at his time, with his perfect body,
    and kobe the best at his time, with his perfect body.
    I am convinced he can follow Grant Hill and go over 40 in the year 1019 !
    I hope his back will be okey.

  105. taa21 says:

    Ever since everyone started calling Kobe “the closer,” he has been a total head case about it. He earned the nickname because he was so good in the fourth quarter at getting isolations and scoring. However, after seeing him do this, other teems started double teaming and sometimes triple teaming him. Because Kpbe is “the closer” he has it in his mind that he has to close no matter what and he is forcing up shots all over the place. It’s been close to the last two years now that Kobe has been shooting the Lakers out of games in the last 5 minutes or so. The Lakers, not too long ago, had an amazing record in close games. Now if the Lakers aren’t leading by double digits with a few minutes left I am worried.

    I don’t know why no one else has seen this and still calls him the best closer. He has the ability to still be “the closer” if he just played at the end of games more like he did the rest of the game. I am a huge Lakers fan. My earliest memories are of having my parents tape Laker games so that I could get up before kindergarten and elementary school to watch them. I am also a huge Kobe fan. Someone just needs to gather up all the film from the last 6 minutes of each game for the last two years, along with every quote of a sportscaster calling him “the closer” and take it to a really good sports psychologist and lock them in a room together for a week. I’m no sports psychologist but if the Lakers want to give me a chance I’ll do it… lol.

    • olisaeloka says:

      I cringe whenever Kobe is let back in the game in the 4th quarter precisely because of his “closer complex” I agree with you and think the Lakers ought to hire you, Not kidding! They do this and we win the championship.

  106. Pablo says:

    I agree with Sekou’s at all, as usually!!! Kobe can’t show his best skills always, and he can fail, he’s human. But he can’t afford wasting Gasol’s talent or Bynum strong -and talent, obviously-. When I remember Lakers at Washington or at the Staples against Utah, I feel sad for them. They have a great team (not a good bench) and kobe must use Pau and BYNUM more.

  107. Big Dawg Smith says:

    Keep Shooting Kobe.

  108. bunbury says:

    Too much one-on-one– one of the reasons (in my opinion) that his FG% is down. I like his attacking mode, but at times he seems to be playing by himself (like iverson used to). I would like to see maybe 3-4 shots per game less from him. and leave those shots to gasol/bynum.

  109. michael says:

    simply kobe needs to find a better shot selection one of the many things that seperate jordan and kobe is that by 33 jordan was already mature and had a focused shot selection. kobe at 33 still a lil immature as kobe always seems to play to the crowd. jordan never cared about the crowd as long as jordan won thats all mj cared about.

  110. Rabbs says:

    Thank you Sekou, I’ve been saying that all season. Plus with Sessions he won’t have to handle the ball as much. I just wished he would stop trying to single handedly win a whole team by himself, especially with 2 on 1 well contested shots.. throw it in the post make it easier for everybody

  111. Jon in Iowa says:

    So the complaints are that Kobe is hogging the ball and taking bad shots? That’s nothing he didn’t need to change sixteen years ago.

    • MackDaddy says:

      Yeah he did.

      That’s why the Shaq/Kobe dynasty finished prematurely. If he checked his ego and gave up the rock more often, he would have won even more and kept Shaq onside. Ego has always been an issue with Kid Kobe… but that’s what happens when you put a Lakers uniform on a high school player.

  112. SAMMYG says:

    free speech u a straight FOOL
    KOBE is the closest to MJ their is out their Im not all over him or anything but you gotta give it up when its due the man is a living legend just because of one bad game in utah doesnt mean he’s lost it he’ll bounce back strong and remember hes in his 16th year and leading the nba in SCORING………

  113. Ray says:

    Sekou’s my favorite writer! 🙂

  114. Jarome says:

    Feed the big guys but when the game is on the line DO NO GIVE IT TO PAU/ANDREW for a game winning shot or tied. Thats kobe’s specialty. He has built his legacy on dominating late.

  115. Garcia, Jonathan Rodrigo D. says:

    kobe should change his game in able to carry the lakers on 6th championships.

  116. FireMikeBrown says:

    Kobe is doing his best to help the team win. Minutes and FG attempts are up because they are not running a real offense and they are winning games purely based on the talent they have on the floor. Any time Kobe is on the floor the team has a chance to win. For a coach who decides to only coach defense, they have allowed over 100 points in the last 6 of 8 games with losses to detroit, washington, utah and houston… Fire mike brown and get a coach that knows how to coach both ends of the floor. Run plays for the big men who are shooting well over 50% and Kobe won’t NEED to take as many attempts and the wins will start flowing. Fire mike brown = championship.

  117. Jarod says:

    He’s a 5 time champion.. lets not change anything. The Lakers will play well tonight against Dallas.. they will be back on track.

  118. Empire says:

    The Lakers need a coach to lead the team while is simply greatly he is not playing smart and he needs to establish his bigs as a certified threat to give himself more room to operate especially in the playoffs

  119. JR says:

    @ John. Yea, and Mike Brown isn’t Phil Jackson either…

  120. SIC says:

    Kobe leads the league is scoring by 1 point ONLY cuz he shoots 4-5 times MORE than Durant and Lebron. LOL

    Kobe system….. Shoot as many times as you can no matter how bad you’re shooting just to be the leading scorer.

    Look at the Lakers last 4 losses. Then look at Kobe’s shooting %. Then look at Gasol and Bynum’s. Then look at the last 10 games. Kobe can’t stand to be the #2 option so he becomes selfish and his ego takes over resulting in Laker losses.

  121. Louiemdc says:

    Kobe wants to be the top scorer of this season. Thats why he takes to many misses shots. LOL. Bynum shots 12 out of 15 a game. 🙂

  122. kb says:

    im responding to that free speech idoit. did you forget kobe is 33 years old how many allstars are half thre former self not much.

  123. Teo says:

    How the season is coming to the end Kobe is better and better! Please wait for the Playoff’s and you will see the real BLACK MAMBA!

  124. Mat says:

    Kobe is fine where he is at, he doesn’t need to change a thing in his game and all Kobe and Lakers need is a better bench and a a good point guard and the trade for Ramon Session doesn’t help them either.

  125. Nesha says:

    Bryant is one of the greatest players that this game had. Hall of famer. There is no team on the planet that wouldn’t like him in the rooster. Why would he change the game? To please who? The one who would need him to change the game, should go and ask him, politely, explaining him why and what are the benefits for him. Otherwise, in this age…why? Practicing everyday, games every second day, plains, buses…and that goes for years. Rich and wealthy. Why should he change anything? Only, from my point of view, only if he continues to play up to 40s and beyond, he should think of adjusting his game according to his body. Nothing more, nothing less.

  126. LAKER FAN 123 says:

    Kobe is a legend, but he’s human. It would be nice to see him adjust his game based on his recent flaws in the 4th quarter. Utilizing the strengths of the TEAM will help his game and take the load off his shoulders. Perhaps EGO has something to do with it, but every superstar of his caliber has this mentalitly. I think it is the COACH’s responsibility to step up and initiate some change in the offense to make more plays in the low post. I also think Ramon is doing a great job in is first few starts. Perhaps we can see some more playing time for Ramon.

  127. Croakus says:

    “Kobe Bean Bryant” what happen to the Mamba? lol

  128. Everyone needs to understand that the Lakers, more so than any of the other teams at the top of the standings in my opinion, are affected by the lack of training camp and a compressed season. Of the 16 teams currently in top eight spots in each conference, only the Lakers and Rockets had coaching changes.

    In addition to the Lakers’ coaching change, they lost the reigning Sixth Man of the Year and the new coach came in with a completely different system than the one the Lakers and particularly Kobe Bryant was accustomed to. Trying to learn, incorporate and operate in totally new offensive and defensive schemes without a training camp and without much practice time cannot be easy.

    However, despite that Kobe being Kobe has helped the Lakers to the best record in the Pacific Division, the third best record in the Western Conference and the sixth best record in the entire NBA. I have to admit that at 28-18 the Lakers are six games behind the 34-12 record I predicted they would have when I did my game-by-game predictions ( The primary reason for the difference between my predicted record and the Lakers actual record is largely do to the fact that the Lakers have been an absolutely awful 9-15 on the road when I expected them to be a much more respectable 16-4.

    So in my opinion, with the Lakers still adapting to a new system, asking Kobe to change his game might actually have a negative impact. With the offense still in flux and players still trying to find their way in the offensive sets, wouldn’t you want the ball in your best player’s hands?

    Yes, Kobe does take questionable shots sometimes and sometimes he shoots a little too often as he tries to find his rhythm in a game. Maybe next year, when the Lakers have a better handle on Mike Brown’s offense, it may make more sense to ask the Black Mamba to make some slight adjustments to his game and maybe those adjustments will help the Lakers be more successful next season.

    But this season, the Lakers are having a fair amount of success, and are having even more success than some expected, with Kobe being Kobe.

  129. CHANGE!!! says:

    i don’t get the arguments of some experts here..”Kobe leads the league in scoring, ranks third in minutes played and…”
    if somebody takes 23,8 shots per game he has to lead the game in scoring! and the only reason he leads the league in scoring is the refs send him 8 times to the freethrowline. “kobe is kobe”??? is that the way you argue or justify his horrible 42% shooting and 29% from downtown? he has the most dominant center in the west and the reason they win the last two championchips in pau gasol besides him..there is no need of taking bad shots. and this type of game gets him in mvp consersations??
    i enjoy the fresh wind in the nba nowdays and new teams reaching the kobe should play “his game” so “his team” lose it at all and will get swept in the playoffs again.

  130. LifeLongKobeFan says:

    I’ve been a Kobe fan for 16 years and I have to agree with Sekou Smith, Kobe should rely more on the big men (at least in the first 3 quarters) and then just go to work in the 4th quarter, if they are not up by 15+ already. I think coach Brown needs to address this and stop putting Kobe on the floor for 40 mins a game…

  131. kratos rage says:

    Kobe doesn’t have to change his game, his supporting cast has to change their game.Kobe is an intelligent player and he always adopt whatever situation there is on and off the court. Im not a laker nor a Kobe fan but lets give it to the guy. He works so hard for the team and i admire him for that so he’ll be fine

    • MackDaddy says:

      Hard for team mates to change their game when they never see the ball.

      Kobe needs to share the rock… it’s not all about him. You got two 7 footers who know how to play basically just waiting for rebounds as the only way to touch the ball. Their shot percentages are much higher than Kobe’s, so it only makes sense to give them a few more shots.

      As usual, Kobe’s ego will prevent this from happening. He’s number one….. and two, and three. Scoring titles and number of points in history is his goal. If he truly wanted rings, he would give the ball up and play team basketball, instead of insisting on being the hero every time.

    • uoykcuf says:

      you are not a fan but you admire his work ethics? huh? Stupid kobe fanboy!

  132. badams says:

    Give Bynum 25 shots a game and I promise he will average more than 29 points.

  133. 16going417 says:

    I agree with your Mr. Smith. Kobe needs to take less 3 pointers. He is the current scoring leader, but his miss to make ratio is too high this season (how many buzzer beaters does he have this year?). In other words, he has to take too many shots to get his 30 points per game. This IS causing the Lakers problems. The Lakers as a TEAM are failing to feed the big dogs. The Lakers MUST play the inside out game (they do this in the first half, but fail to do it in the second half and the other team ends up over coming doubled digit deficits and ends up beating them).

    Bynum and Gasol MUST touch the ball at EVERY possession. Guys like Artest, Blake, Sessions and even Kobe coming down and jacking up a 3 or long 2 without even trying to go inside will be their demise. I’m a Lakers fan and watch them do this night in and night out. They fell to Detroit, Washington, Utah and Houston by playing this way. They should have lost to New Orleans, but made it to overtime to get the victory.

    As someone said, they have the talent, but are playing average this year. And we all know that average does not get it done in the NBA and it definitely does not win championships.

    Bottom line is, Kobe does need to change a little, at this point in his career, if he expects to get ring number 6.

  134. walton says:

    Steve Blake 3 games aversaging 2 pts….Does he need to change the way he plays? How?

    TRADE HIM INSTEAD OF FISHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Matt says:

    whoever said that kobe should get to the line more often is just uninformed about his stats, i mean the guy leads the NBA is scoring and you think he wont be leading it by not getting to the foul line? He leads the NBA in free throws attempted at almost 400, it may be true that he needs to get to the line in the final five minutes of the game, but so should everyone else on the team. Come on the guy is 33 years of age and still is an extreme scorer of the league.

  136. Kobe says:

    I will shoot and keep shooting when I want and how I want. I’m Kobe freaking Bryant.

  137. fanr says:

    ‘Experts’ lol… It’s hard to say Kobe helps Lakers in winning in that season, he lost them few games and should change his game definitely. His shooting now is going to be disastrous… But he won’t change anything because he has too much ego and always shoot inefficiently. There are doubts he is still top10 in the league.

    • christy says:

      what are you talking about?! kobe is the one that trys to win the games! he makes the free throws and makes the shots when he needs to! he’s of course in the top 10! your just another hater.

  138. Argelis Hernandez says:

    i think Kobe must get into reality, the lakers are now another team, they have more option and their success it will depend on the way they use all their resources, there’s no need to try to be a hero, if you can win widely why get into a situation of a closed shot, i think the most Kobe shares the ball the most they will be near of their success, he is one of the best players of the league, and if he shares the ball this just will become him a better player definitively a real hero.

  139. mpk1988 says:

    Everyone knows he’s a ball hog.. True Laker fans know the Lakers would’ve had at-least one championship more if not for this ball hog.. Imagine if Kobe was with the Timberwolves or Cavs.. He would’ve gone down as a nobody..

    • Kobe Beast says:

      You don’t think 16 championships for the Lakers and 5 rings ,1 MVP award, 14 time all star, 2 time finals mvp, and 4 time all star MVP is enough for Kobe?

      • mr,J says:

        What kind of name is kobe beast and dc I think you are right he doesn’t know any basketball, you know you can just go to wikipedia and figure the information, no I think he copied and pasted from somewhere I am guessing wikipedia

    • dc says:

      u dont know basketball do u

    • Kobe>Your fav. player says:

      WHAT !??!?!?! your honestly dumb if you think this is true! Kobe is the second best basketball player too ever touch a ball. All his accomplishments prove it and non the less when you have your teammates calling you the best (Shaq, Dfisher, Gasol) its not a fluke. 1. MJ 2. Kobe the rest is opinion these 2 here are engraved in NBA Greatness

  140. TomT says:

    Kobe doesnt need to change anything …

  141. TEK says:

    @Schuhmann…”got to the line more often”? He’s second in the league in FTA, and first in makes, I believe.

  142. rick says:

    kobe is a beast!!!

  143. zoren says:

    kobe is a great player. He needs players of the bench like Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas. Kupchak is planning on something we dont know like stupid aliens.

  144. Not a big fan of Kobe says:

    The formula for Kobe Bean Bryant is pretty simple, feed the big dogs sir…. OR hold the ball, so it looks like you are the only one who makes things happen for the Lakers. The only superstar. It didn’t work with Shaq and it won’t with Bynum. Only now it’s Kobes time to go.

    • PrePre says:

      Didnt work with Shaq? You mean after their 3rd championship? At the end of the day if Kobe doesn’t perform the Lakers lose that edge. And before Sessions kobe was the only player capable of penetrating and making plays FOR THE BIGS. Please, show a lil respect.

  145. badams says:

    My thought is that Kobe doesn’t want Bynum to be his next crutch (Shaq). He doesn’t want that 6th ring to be won on Bynum’s back, too bad no team can win without a big man. Kobe is too smart of a player to not be feeding his two big men who both have much higher efficiency ratings than him. Just this month alone Bynum has put up games of 12/14, 15/18, 11/13, FGM/FGA. When you have a monster like that on your team it’s just plain stupid for Kobe to be taking so many shots. MISSING more shots than Bynum and Pau ATTEMPT COMBINED in a single game is just plain unacceptable, that comes back to coaching and Brown will never step up to Kobe.

    Is Kobe’s ego too big to fail, or will he allow Bynum to bail him out?

    If he keeps taking 25 shots a game Lakers lose in the 2nd round.

    • mr,J says:

      You are right Bynum turning to a really amazing player, maybe kobe is getting old, but I don’t think he is going to the finals this year, or if he does he will probably lose to the heat, or the bulls

    • Amitpal says:

      MJ won with no real offensive big man. I guess this just proves Kobe is no MJ.

  146. Free Speech says:

    Jordan, when he was about the same age as Kobe now (33 yrs old) was very efficient at about 50% shot accuracy, guess why? Because Jordan knows his strengths and what works for him, and he played to them. He attacked the rim without having to drive the ball all the time, he did it by simply moving very well without the ball. Kobe in comparison has no legs, no stamina, no desire to move without the ball. In the 4th quuarter, MJ would annihilate the opposition with jumpers from the right or left elbow.
    Also, MJ would never miss a shot when he is open, open shots should be automatic if you have a career as a NBA player and practice alot in the gym. Kobe on the other hand is still iffy with open shots.
    Jordan was clever and had a way of finding easy buckets in the game, Kobe wants all his shots to be tough shots.
    Also, Kobe needs to get stronger. He looks weak, his upper body has lost a lot of weight, he plays weak, his hands and his arms are weak. That explains the huge amounts of turnovers he has per game this season

    • xandorian says:

      Really bro? Its clear you an MJ fan, as am I, since I was old enough to watch and understand his greatness of play and the true understanding of his skills vs. father time. I get that. But let’s not get crazy! I have also watched Kobe play from his rookie year and seen him progress into a player like no other. Sure, he is not a perfect player, but unless Jesus is playing basketball, I see no perfect players. Jordan was not a perfect player either. I don’t even want to get into the fact that the level of competition is far superior in these current times as opposed to when Jordan played. If you don’t believe people, just look at some Jordan highlights and see the dudes he was shaking and dunking on…Yes, Jordan was a freakish player, but he was soooo on an island in terms of his talent and athleticism compared to the ilk of players that played then, it’s almost unfair to compare Jordan and Kobe. I saw Jordan do things that I see many players in today’s game try to duplicate, and because of the increase of athleticism, I see a lot of Jordanesque type moves. Kobe however, aside from shooting more than sometimes necessary has evolved his game while battling injuries that would sideline most players…AND yet and still, his number are still pretty high…Once they get used to this offense and new point guard, they will surprise you. Again, just don’t compare the two because they are very different players from very different times. Ask yourself, how dominant would Jordan be in the league nowadays? My answer is not as dominant as he was while playing against teams that had a higher % of guys that would probably not make the D-League nowadays…

      • Bball fan says:

        are you serious bro. MJ will be still destoying today’s league. dont forget he was playing for the wizard in 01 and 02 season averaging about 20pts at age 39. he took kobe, t-mac, carter, shaq, kg, duncan all these great players to school. he even had 50pts game because some journalist saying mike is old. i respect kobe, i think he is one of the greatest players. but he has to play alot smarter, run some screen, free himself up and take high percentage jump shot. dont always get into traps and be taking tough fadeaway shots.

    • christy says:

      kobe doesnt get open shots! its that simple! so dont be judgeing him for not making the shots! He’s well defended all the time, and he takes the risks! He goes for it when hes on the drive he goes all the way no stopping! kobe is an amazing player and dont compare him to MJ because we all know that MJ is the best and there is no one like him. Kobe is close to being the best, but he does have to take less shots and feed it to bynum, but kobe should keep on shooting. BTW, age isnt a factor kobe looks healthy and capable. His arms arent weak thats stupid! His plays arent weak and the thing with kobe is that, thats what he does best make the tough shots for the team! he takes th eload and the tough shots. sometimes he cant make it but you cant deny hes a good clutch player! he makes it when we need it! so dont judge you freakiin hater!!

  147. thejerr says:

    kobe shoots it… duh, never gonna change either, one of the best if not THE best offensive player to touch a basketball ever, though i feel its a long shot for my lakers to get to the finals this year but i cant wait for next season when we’ll have some chemistry AND hopefully a HEALTHY KOBE!! (cross my fingers) name another team thats gotta guy ask broken as kobe carrying a big ol load night in and night out, yea you cant….. cause they’d be on the injured list. Lakers baby wooo!

    • Amitpal says:

      No way is Kobe close to MJ. MJ is the best offensive player ever, and the greatest all time. He averaged career 30 points per game and has more championship then kobe and never had as good of a team as kobe has. He had scottie but he never had a shaq, pau gasol, andrew bynum, lamar odom coming off the bench. Kobe is NOT the best offensive player ever. MJ is.

  148. Trey Holiday says:

    Kobne doesnt need to change his game and Andrew Bynum is playing terrific Pau Gasol is Doing his job . He needs to shoot cause everytime he does Bymum and Gasol are there . Ron Arrtest needs to step it up. He need to play like he played the Rockets 20 Points and Lockdown Defense. And now the y have a profient PG, But anyways GO LAKERS!

  149. Free Speech says:

    I am starting to think that the whole “Kobe trains harder than everybody and he even sleeps and wakes up in the gym” story is nothing but a myth in people’s heads. Dont get it wrong, I like Kobe’s game (when he plays it properly) but if he truly spends all his time training and working out in the gym as many of his devoted foloowers want us to believe, how come he is not heads and shoulders better than everyone or at least efficient in the accuracy of his shots.

    You need to watch him. It’s almost as if he just throws the ball at the rim sometimes and expects it to go in, because he is Kobe right?

    • Eli says:

      no. the fact that hes kobe means he needs to be defended extremely hard or double teamed, of course hes gonna miss shots if the opponent is making him do tough shots.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Taking tougher shots shouldn’t be an excuse for poor shooting %. A smart player takes high precentage shots and only forces shots that are needed, not simply because he thinks he can make everything.

      • iGoHammer says:

        Kobe normaly takes tough shots because the shot clock is runnning down or hes defended well so dont say “thats no excuse take high percentage shots”.. do you expct him to just let the shot clock run out when he has the ball and there are 2-3 seconds left on the shot clock? or would you rather him try to make the tough shot?

      • Belizeboy says:

        @ iGoHammer, wow that’s and even worse excuse. Besides that’s his decision to have the ball that long and let the clock run down, so it’s his fault that he’s shooting low percentage shots…but I’m sure you have some other reason as to why it’s not his fault.

  150. Mire Ciric says:

    haha ummm nooo this is NOT a touchy subject but merely a foolish subject! You should never ask KB to change becuase of his shooting percentage for the mere fact that LA is still getting used to the offensive flow under coach brown. As a consequence TEAMS HAVE BEEN DOUBLING KOBE more this season than any other to take advantage of the offensive struggles of LA AS A TEAM! And then Kobe is forced to give up the ball resulting in a bunch of pointless transitions which gets him the ball back with 3-7 seconds left and having to put up awkward shots (which is why they needed a PG so bad). My point here is the offense is adjusting and will fit given time. It is fooloshi to consider Kobe changing his game. He is a scorer end of story and should remain as such. MY MAIN SUGGESTION IS WHEN BYNUM GETS THE BALL ONE PLAYER MUST BE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF HIM WAITING TO TAKE A 3 I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY WHEN BYNUM GETS THE BALL ON THE LEFT ALL OF THE LAKERS GO TO THE RIGHT.

  151. Pao says:

    Agree wit sekou, u have 2 of da top 5 pf and c in the league, USE EM PLEASE, make life easier

    • Coach Dee says:

      @Fran Blinebury:

      I guess that’s how ‘MVP’ is defined. Not pure stats. It’s how valuable a player really to a team. You’re right on the money.


      Got no doubts that that would be effective, feeding the bigs and all. But I think that’s the Ramon Sessions’ role. Maybe, some pacing for Kobe in 2nd & 3rd and this is where the 2 bigs should exploit the defense.
      Also, I couldn’t agree more that Kobe should take more high percentage shots. The Utah game was just one of those off-nights, so to speak.

  152. Carlos says:

    “Feed the big dogs and the Lakers will be just fine.” Exactly my thoughts.

  153. ko0kiE says:

    word sekou! bynum and gasol are much more efficient..nevertheless kobe should try to make plays for them.

    • Sameer says:

      When he said feed the dogs, he meant make plays.

    • Imad Akel says:

      it won’t be until gasol is traded or released that people realize again how great a powerforward and player he actually is.

    • joe smo says:

      I agree two 7 footers that are dominating when they have the ball and Kobe just shoots and shoots and misses and misses and misses ….. The lakers are the best team in the nba and then there is kobe losing the games for them… he wants glory? The most points? or he doesnt care

      • olisaeloka says:

        I absolutely agree witih you. It is becoming painful to watch. Night after night, he goes out there and shoots and shoots and shoots and misses and misses and… Like a bad movie we are forced watch stuck in a repeating loop. Moreover, you listen to the commentators and no one seems to be saying the obvious. For instance, last night against the Rockets, the Lakers were doing just fine and where seven points up when Kobe was let into the game. The first thing he did was jack up a three – miss – and then take a tripple-fake, turnaround, fadeaway jumper from 21 feet -miss- Really! And the commentators? “Kobe is trying to take over the game!” How stupid can they be. He had a seven footer open under the basket while he did his supermamba routine. These commentators need to respect the game and call Kobe out. And coach Brown needs to coach instead of allowing Kobe to use the Lakers as his personal step to glory.

      • Steve Blake says:

        tell that to the rings on his fingers…

    • Ted says:

      It as much on Mike Brown as it is on Koby. He should design plays to put the ball in the point guard’s (now that we have one) hands, run set to free up cluch scores, and get the ball to the open shooter(e.g. Steve Nash). If Koby has to run the play, he is going to look to himself first and that will slow down the movement of the ball, and you can’t afford to do that when you are behind in close games. The ball needs to move and that should be the point guard’s job. Isn’t that what the Lakers got Sessions to do?