Blogtable: Bulls vs. Heat In Playoffs

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

The Bulls have the best record in the league. But do you think they would beat Miami in a seven-game series?

Steve Aschburner: Sure, Chicago can beat Miami in a seven-game series, if Derrick Rose is healthy in an MVP-worthy way for each of those games. And if Richard Hamilton stays healthy for the series, too, after a reasonable run-up of prep work and tune-up games to mesh with the other Bulls. And if Luol Deng’s damaged left wrist (torn ligament) doesn’t flare up at an inconvenient time – and the officials notice the next time LeBron James, Shane Battier and others go all NHL on him and intentionally whack him on the injury (Deng said that happened repeatedly on March 14). And if Carlos Boozer plays the team from south Florida as aggressively as he plays the crew from central Florida (23.3 ppg, 11.0 rpg vs. ORL to just 6.0, 8.5 vs. MIA). That’s a lot of if’s.

Fran Blinebury: Not if Dwyane Wade is closing like he did on Sunday, not if Chris Bosh is assertive and they keep feeding him the ball, not if LeBron James doesn’t shrink in the clutch. That’s a lot of ifs.  Toss a coin.  It’s that close.

Scott Howard-Cooper: It would not be a surprise, but Miami would be favored. Both are very good defensively, but the Heat are a little better on offense and, just as importantly, go in more directions for scoring. The Bulls are much better on the boards. That’s a great seven-game series you are making happen.

Shaun Powell: Certainly. Not only can the Bulls beat Miami, they can win a championship with the current cast. The issue is whether they can do either by playing a less-than-perfect series. Their margin for error is slim because they still haven’t found a designated No. 2 guy who’ll take (and make) the tough shots late in postseason games. We all know where the ball’s going, but Miami’s defense is enough to put the squeeze on Derrick Rose when it counts. Did it last year, with LeBron blocking Rose’s shot at the buzzer of the series-clincher. You think Rose trusts anyone else on his team in that situation? Not yet.

John Schuhmann: The Bulls’ record without Derrick Rose (10-4) and when they’re at a rest disadvantage (8-1) shows toughness and resiliency. They had those things last year, but they’re a better offensive team this season, in part because they’re getting more games and better efficiency from Carlos Boozer. So I’ve become more optimistic (yes, bullish) about their chances in an inevitable Eastern Conference finals series. But all of the caveats that Asch listed above still apply.

Sekou Smith: I think they are more than capable of handling that business. I do. But there is a part of me that still fears a playoff series turning into a two-man game for both sides and the Heat have their two (LeBron James and Dwyane Wade) set while the Bulls have just one (Derrick Rose, whose injury issues this season also worry me). Top to bottom I think the Bulls are better built for a distance race, which is essentially the NBA regular season. Meanwhile, the Heat have better top-end speed, which suits a team much better in the grueling sprint that is a playoff series. So no, I don’t they would beat the Heat in a seven-game series.


  1. Nastradomas says:

    Check out our poll and let us know who you think will win the 2012 NBA Championship

  2. daniel says:

    also okhlahoma boston n lakers suk heat all day @ weezy bulls gonna loose thy did lasdt year

  3. daniel says:

    last year the bulls swept the heat in regular season except for the last game nd in the plyoffs we swept them n boston then we made it to the championship game i think heat baby all the way

  4. DeeMoney says:

    Miami’s toughness in question and chicago is deeper than the deep team of 2011. All wins by MIA were close last year now John Lucas, Gibson others give Chicago more true talent than before. Add in a healthy Rip H and thats just a bonus this team has the offense to hang with MIA and can beat them badly in the middle. Haslem and Miller not the same as last year for MIA.. Huge edge to chicago on the road as well MIA seems to have regressed on the road. The 5 game roadie they start today could easily go 2-3..chitown will get the home court again and even though it didnt matter last year that gap is razor thin,,factors like coaching, toughness and health could all favor chi town if a few guys heal up.

  5. The Truth says:

    Are you serious, Lebron already accomplished way more than Kobe will ever. Kobe is a ball hog that never made of his teammates better. While Lebron turned regular players into all stars. Kobe is not even the best player on his team, Bynum is.

  6. The Truth says:

    The Bulls beat Miami in all 3 regular season games last year, but you see what happened in the playoffs. I agree Lebron and Dwade tend to not play to their potential sometimes, But Lebron is the best player in the NBA hands down, and he’s also the best defender in the NBA hands down, we haven’t seen someone like that since Jordan. People stop hating on the guy because he’s the only player that has a chance to be better than Jordan when its all said and done. Appreciate him.

    • ChiTown! says:

      Wow, your comment is just absurd, In no way shape or form can you compare Lebron and Jordan. A young MJ made a living off of running half a** payers like Lebron into the ground, Lebron probably will not ever reach Kobe’s stature.

      • Saeed says:

        Hey You CHITown
        Let me tell you that I have never seen sb. like Lebron in any sport. While being 203 cm and highly muscular, he has the capability to run as fast as Cristiano Ronaldo! and punch as heavily as Dwight Howard. His talent is better than Jordan. The only problem he has is that he had never had a good team like the Bulls Jordan used to play in. Even Miami has a lot of problems and if LeBron finds a better team he can EASILY win 4 or even 5 consecutive Champions. What I have seen from LeBron is that he can easily change game results anytime he can. He has a body no one can have in any sport while Jordan did not!!! I do not say LeBron is better than Jordan but LeBron’s talent (especially physical talent) is more than Jordan’s. He still does not know how to optimally use it. I hope he can in a near future.

  7. Harison says:

    The Bulls are playing very good basketball, its true. And so far they seem to be in the same position as they finished in at the end of last season. I think they will contest the series a lot better than the 4-1, near sweep that was the conclusion of the 2010-11 Eastern Conference Finals but having said that I believe that with the new depth in th Miami roster with the addition of Shane Battier and possibly even Eddy Curry (If he is able to get into shape and work his game up to what is used to be) along with Udonis Haslem being healthy and experienced from a full season PLUS the team chemistry that they lacked this time last year, the Heat will be able to handle the currently hot Bulls. My pediction: Heat wins 4-2

  8. weezy says:


  9. steve says:

    The Bulls are in favor because they have control of the board. Thus they also have a more complete offense because they can attack in the inside and the outside. Noah, Asik, Boozer and Gibson will make it difficult for anyone to drive in. Rose being the only slasher of the Bulls is their main disadvantage being the only one who can create a shot for himself, but he has many reliable options to kick the ball to. His teamates can finish off the play for him.
    The Heats are limited to what Wade and James bring to the table. Two great players that have a complete game. They can shoot, drive, and play good defense. They can also play full court or half court basketball. Unfortunately they are more of a Jack of all trades and do not master shooting nor master the low post game. Thus their FG% will be lower. Bosh is a one dimensional player that can too easily be guarded, but his presence will help reduce the double teams on Wade and James. If Bosh is left open he will be able to score.
    Both teams are neck to neck in spreading the floor with Korver(Bulls) and Jones or Chalmers(Heat).

  10. Baxman says:

    The Bulls clearly don’t have a super great chance to win it all, especially having to go through Miami. 3 legit stars is a lot more than 1. The bulls have a nice team but they are nowhere near having done what MIami has done with its roster to keep up with the now aging Lakers and Celtics. Chicago will have a tough time with many big teams. And then there is OKC which looks very tough with a deep, young team like the Bulls. And OKC has 2 consistent, usually healthy stars. The Bulls can win it all but they are gonna need serious underachieving from other top teams.

  11. All this heats and bulls convo is a waste of time at the end of the day the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP is what counts so how bout we talk about the soon to be 2011-2012 NBA Champs OKC THUNDER 🙂

  12. Vince says:

    Don’t forget the Buls are a much more confident team on the road this year 20-6. Being on the road will mean nothing to them.

  13. Vince says:

    You knw what’s weird, is that about 1-2 months ago I would have easily said the Bulls would struggle to hang in with Miami in 6. BUT..something special is brewing with these Bulls playing so well as a team right now that they can win without their stars. The question is can the Bull’s system (all their players totally committed and playing it to a tee) as a whole up end the Heat and their multiple star caliber ability? I have to say right now that this is a complete toss up and remains to be seen. I say it is 50/50. Bulls need to show Miami they can win on their home court and IF they do that, this series could be the Bull’s.

  14. Heat Fan says:

    The Heat is better than the bulls and I also guarantee that the bulls would NOT WIN THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP. THE HEAT IS GOING TO DOMINANT,DESTROY,AND SMASHED THE BULLS IN THE FINALS. GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. john says:

    some people are idiots…this blogs is all about the Heat and Chicago issues but they are trying to mention their teams….just wait until your team will gonna put on this blogs….Lol

  16. john says:

    Heat gonna swept the chicago this season….heat for the finals on the East…….Sorry chikago guys u need build more chemistry before claiming those finals…….if you look a year ago Heat player they don’t have enough chemistry on team but they win on the East final……How much more this year>>>>what do you think?????/go enperno

  17. Janice Lee says:

    Lbron or Wade will come up with some scandal and the Bulls will beat them hands dowm Lucas showed them the other nite what are working with.

  18. nba is back!!! says:

    all this chokecago fans lol are funny all this talk about the bulls is the better team.
    i remenber that mj dint win it all by himself n with a bunch of roleplayers, n mj was way better then drose
    jus saying

  19. abisan says:

    Dear All.
    New York will go till finals.
    They have deep roster, are well covered in all position and for all ALL STAR lovers, yes they have 2 and 1/2 ALL STAR players.
    Chicago and Miami does not have the same. In Chicago except DRose, Deng and Rip nobody else can’t score decently. And Rose has not a decent 3 point shoot.
    And the last thing, Woodson will built the team spirit right till playoffs. Have you see last game how Amare played defence. Have you seen the persistence of the team?
    About defence, Melo will be contaged by teammates and will start to play a little defence. And when this will happen, bye bye for all other in the East.

    Remember this date what I predicted: The 22nd March.

    What will happen in finals: NYK will be beaten because ALL STAR players (you all know about which two players I am talking about) will return selfish and will damage the team and they will lose the MOMENTUM.

    Oh yes and remember I am a Celtics fun.

  20. Bulls4life says:

    The Bulls are the better TEAM. With their defense they will beat the heat and come out of the East. The Bulls will be the 2012 NBA Champions! This is the start of the next Bulls dynasty. The 2012 world champion Chicago Bulls!!!!

    • kobe says:

      the bulls will struggle to score points against the Heat..boozer is a no show in the playoffs and hamilton will b hurt..sorry Heat in 6…..

  21. john says:

    Im bulls fans too but my heart is on the heat this year sorry guyssssss…… like d rose but Heat gonna win this season……Bulls need 2 or 3 yrs fron now to get the championship game…go enperno….

  22. Griffin says:

    The Heat and Bulls also have two more games against each other this month so we can get a better feel then. I do NOT like the Heat what so ever. I think they’re too Hollywood and a bunch of cry babies. The Bulls on the other hand are a hard working team that play for each other and not for themselves. With that said I love watching these two teams play against each other and the Eastern Conference Finals would not be the same if it wasn’t Heat/Bulls. Two great teams who both want the same thing are gonna have to go through each other.

  23. Delle P says:

    LEt me set the record straight for some of you Heat fans. Can the BULLS beat the heat in a seven game series this year? Yes! The team knows each other better for one the are solid 1-10. The heat are still weak at the center position and pg position. Oh they got ronny turiaf. Like he is the savior for your rebounding issues I think not. If he were he wouldnot have been traded and waived. Both teams have dealt with injuries. This year Boozer has played every game. As well as doing what we expected from him. Everyone is more comfortable in their role. So we will see you in the eastern conference finals. May the best team not superstars win. GO BULLS!!!

  24. Hector says:


  25. i meant last years series 1 game.

  26. We will never know all were are doing is predicting, Chicago and Miami are both to their best start and look to finish that way. Chicago is scoring more than last year, Miami is sharing it a lot more this year which is helping them win games. Both are strong defensive games i wouldn’t wan’t to go up against James, but i wouldn’t be covering him Loul Deng will be covering him and he is one of the top defenders. If Boozer plays consistent and doesn’t slack off he won’t be a loozer. Bosh is a tall and talented guy so he be hard to defend. I don’t know who will win in a series, But in play offs heat for some reason are special cause they give it their all. If Chicago plays the way they did in the regular season in last years game 1 we could beat u guys……….

  27. Freddy says:

    Both teams have a shot at beating each other. Don’t count the one game where Lucas went crazy as the reason that the Heat cannot beat the Bulls when Rose returns. Thibs over Spoelstra for sure. I do think Heat have an edge, addition of Turiaf will not make a significant impact but the usage of Mike Miller and James Jones is definitely needed. Congrats to the die hards out in the world and keep patting yourselves on the back. Being a “die hard” fan is like having a favorite restaurant and then the head chef who makes all the great food leaves and you stay and eat the food that is not that great but you keep coming back for years hoping it eventually will get better. Label it loyalty if you want but basically if the stars on the team made it your favorite team to watch and the stars leave your loyalty staying with those stars goes with it is the same thing. I’m big fans of Durant, Duncan, Lebron and Dirk and several other stars and role players in the league. But I’m routing for the Heat to win this.

  28. Eddie says:

    I am a Miami Heat fan however I will like to know why did the media praised Lin so much and John Lucas III does not get the same recognition by the media and attention that was given to Lin? is this because its N.Y. as opposed to Chicago or merely race issue?

  29. john says:

    Heat gonna win on East final…LBJ,D-Wade-Bosh are good player during play off time..As i mentioned while ago play off game is different from regular season…..Ill go for Heat 4-2……………

    • Cush says:

      If the BULLS real team shows up at finalls. They will maybe loose 2 of 7. Maybe ! They are deep in talent. down to their smallest player

  30. dd def says:

    the heat certainly have an advantage in the transition game both off and def. and i think they’re incredibly hungry this season, more than last year and also a sounder team than last year, but i think the bulls will give them a run for their money. it’s hard to imagine this series not going to 7 games, but i think either way, one of these teams will be the nba champions this year, i don’t think okc has a strong enough half court game to topple either of these titans.

  31. Jc says:

    I hate when people say things like “where were you heat fans before lebron and bosh?” or say that heat fans are bandwagon fans, that is the stupit statement ever, we were there, we were always there we were there with wade, we were for sure there in 2006 with shaq, we were there even before wade in the 90s when we had zo and tim. and most importantly i live in miami of course im gonna be a heat fan smh at heat haters!!!!! and for the record when was the last time bulls even got to the finals??? yea 1998, we won it in 2006 and got there last year, bulls are a sorry franshise taht got lucky with one player

  32. mario says:

    chicago will lose to knicks in first round of playoffs

  33. DashD3 says:

    The Heat will Win in 6. It’s not that the Bulls don’t want to win. It’s not that they cant get it done. The NBA is all about match ups. And off paper, the Bulls do not match up well against Miami. If this was a rebounding contest or a bench contest, then the Bulls would be on their way to the finals. But its not. There will not be a lot of points scored in the series because both teams are so good defensively.

    With most or all of the Bulls offense being ran threw D Rose in the last minutes and Lebron guarding him, it will be hard to close the close games. And as far as players like Lucas and Gibson coming out and having those huge game, well, they will come far and few between. The playoffs is a stars game. They will definitely sneak a few in at home because your bench plays better there but away from home in the playoffs, I just dont see it happening.

    In the end, it will all come down to health and match ups. But if both teams are firing on ALL cylinders, I have the Heat in 6 games.

  34. Chris says:

    I’m so tired about all this “in the clutch” talk that goes on. The game is 48 minutes, no game has ever been won or lost solely because of what happened in the last minute of the game.

    Weak arguments aside the only way I really see the bulls or any team beating the heat is if they turn it up from 3 pt range.

    • dd def says:

      the clutch talk comes from close games (which happen often) ARE in fact decided in the last minute, second, tenth of a second. that’s how we get game winning buzzer beaters. for example, reggie miller scoring somewhere around 8 uncontested points in the last half a minute or so to win the game. that’s “clutch” and that does decide games, in the last minute, and that’s why we talk about it, specially with two teams that are gonna give eachother the fights of their lives. no games in this series are going to be decided in 36 minutes, it’s going to come down to every tense, gruelling precious one of the 2880 seconds in the ball game.

  35. Nbrooker says:

    The Bulls are going to beat the Heat & then they are going to beat whoever comes from the West. I feel a #7 trophy in the air.

  36. BENCH MOOOOB says:

    I think it’ll mostly come down to the bench. The “big 3” can only do so much. LBJ and Wade did good in the last game against us, but it wasn’t enough. We had a WHOLE team effort while the Heat didn’t. If the Bulls bench plays like it did (consistently though), I think we’ll win. I don’t think we can really guess based on that game though. I don’t think we can rely too much on Rip, but I like the way Lucas, Watson and even Butler have been performing. Derrick is hungry as hell and everyone on the Bulls were really hurt after that loss last year. They’re gonna come out swinging. Someone commented on here that the Heat are gonna kick it up 10 notches against us in the playoffs. Drose is gonna kick it up way more than just 10, so get ready.

  37. Denzyl says:

    This bull fans are so lame. You guys had the same team as last year. And Rose alone is not going to beat the best team in the NBA!!!!!!!!! Go Heat, lets go get this ring mofos!!!!

  38. Leezy says:

    What People Fail To Realize Its That Its A Difference From Seeing A Team For 1 Game During A Season Verses An Entire 7 Game Series.. The Game They Lost Against The Bulls Without D Rose Was A Pure Fluke And A Case Of Playing To The Level Of Your Competition. I’m From Chicago And I Still Don’t Think The Bulls Can Or Will Beat The Heat In A 7 Game Series. People Start Yelling That BS About Lebron Not Closing Cut It Out, The Only Reason Its Being Magnified Is Because Of The Couple Of Chances He Had In Mia The First Year, But Nobody Was Yelling That When He Was Leading The Cavs To The Best Record The Last Couple Years. And People Seem To Forget That Lebron Closed Out The Celtics And Bulls Pretty Well Last Year In The Playoffs.

  39. The Gawd says:

    Obviously the Bulls are better, they were better last year too. Thibs messed up by playing Boozer and Korver too much when we needed defense instead. We also messed up by not keeping Bogans, he had Wade on LOCK in the playoffs. All in all, if Thibs plays Bench Mobb like he has been, gives Rose a rest in the 4th, and the refs stop bailing Bronze and Wade out the Bulls in 5.

  40. Beastyboy says:

    there is no way D rose can beat the big 3 by himself! I pick the heat in five,just like last year

  41. Manny says:

    The Bulls will have a better chance if they sit Rose!! Lately Chicago has had better successful and more team chemistry with Rose being out.

  42. Tony says:

    Is there a less biased, more logical response than just: Miami will destroy the Bulls just like last year, or the Bulls are a better TEAM.

    Here’s how I see it:

    Bulls- Playing more fluid than last year, and players have stepped up and scored more. The distribution of scoring also seems a lot better than last year. So, maybe the Bulls are better at TEAM ball. That doesn’t mean they are a better team. We’ll let the playoffs decide that. Thibodeau has the coaching advantage in a matchup, as evidenced by the constant overproduction of certain players (John Lucas III, Mike James, and even Korver).

    Heat: Maybe they don’t play as good when it comes to TEAM ball, but they have three unselfish, and phenomenal players. Say what you want about Bosh, but the man can score 30 on any given night. Their role players also play above their talents. Wade and James can always pull the D towards them and create openings for other guys. In the fourth quarter, even if they’re trailing, Wade and James will always make the game close or pull out the victory. Say what you want about clutch play, or James’ decision making at the end of games, but until it’s clutch time, they’ve both proven that they can score 15 a piece in the fourth and bring the game back. Last years’ playoffs had several come from behind wins.

    So, who would win a seven game series? THIS year, I pick the Bulls. Last year, there was too much emphasis on Rose’s attack. This year, anybody seems to be able to score 20 on any night (hopefully not Lucas in the playoffs. The guy makes me a nervous train wreck when he gets the ball. Too many shots). The emphasis will have to be on shutting down Bosh, who absolutely killed the Bulls last year. The Heat are a VERY close second, and I believe they can win it as well. But the heart that the Bulls have shown this year (not only against the Heat), combined with the overall TEAM play, could be too much for the Heat. Again, they Heat could punk the Bulls any night with the fourth quarter play, but seeing both teams this year, I still pick the Bulls.

    In the Finals, I believe the Heat would be better matched up with whatever team comes out of the West. The high powered scoring that the West will bring (I’m thinking Thunder, like everyone else) can only be matched by the Heat. The Bulls would have a tough time, but it could be a very great series.

  43. ron says:

    what happened last year will happen again to the bulls this season…wade and james will slow down rose…last season, rose learned that he cant out jump wade and james then release his shot…remember the last shot that rose attempted in that series….its very obvious in that series….rose is fast but james and wade are bigger, taller and just as fast….bulls line up is more suitable for regular season….

  44. SYDALE says:

    The Bulls CAN beat the Heat… But, they probably won’t… I see Miami taking it 4-2…

  45. UKballer says:

    People seem to be ignoring the fact that the Heat have improved significantly since last years playoffs. Sure, the Bulls are a top quality side, but without someone who can take the pressure off D-Rose, the constantly developing Miami would have to be favoured in any seven game series!

  46. dale says:

    what if the bulls switch to zone defense? im a heat fan and i dont think they have enough inside presence to be a championship team. but i want to see LBJ and WADE take it from another level.

  47. blue22 says:

    western teams will win again in nba finals this year so stop debating chicago and miami,hahahaha

  48. @FaruuqBaafe says:

    Chicago Bulls have absolutly NO CHANCE to beat miami in the playoffs.. They would be lucky to even get 2 wins in the series. Miami in 5 or 6.. Not even a competition

  49. Tony says:

    Its so funny to see how theses “basketball fans” discredit Dwayne wade and Lebron James. despite all of their accolades in this league. And somehow mention Derrick Rose as being above them. Not anytime soon people im sorry. He is an imitation point guard. Were seeing the Chicago bulls play 100 % every night. Dwayne wayne even told Rick Bucher it is really tough to play 100% every night and they DOINT give it 100% every night. In the playoffs do you guys really think Miami will not kick it up 10 notches and suffocate any team in the league? chicago saw it last year and they know. D rose cant do anything on Lebron James. But they are both really good teams. But in reality down the stretch Miami will win. The biggest addition for chicago since last year is RIP Hamilton. Dwayne wade will run him down just like he did Ray allen in the playoffs. The miami heat are also in better shape this year and the chemistry is much better. Dont predict the playoffs off of some regular season wins because after all Chicago did sweet the heat in the regular season last year.

  50. faizan says:

    lets be real miami can be beat chcago and vice versa this game will come down to clucth exectuion also will lebron wade and bosh play at their level if thatss the case they win rose has to do good u cant trust boozer noah is gonna get boards all day but haslem leads bench in rebounding hell help so will turIaf and his good d guys like miller haslem have to hi their shots chalmers is on fire fro three and so is jones bulls have rip whos hard to guard for wade and gets teammate bttr looks or scorers deng has ben a great defedner but incosient shooting the ball if wade play like 22 ppg bosh 19 lebron 28 vs rose 26 deng 16 booz 15 heat win if wade struggles again bulls win but 7 game series i say miami 4 3 cuz lebron is the best player i thiunk this is his first time getting the ring

  51. JZA says:

    Miami looked really superior last season, and this they seem more in tune with each other. Haslem and the rest seems more confortable playing his position. Although the boards is a big question regarding the outcome of the game, I think LeBron and Bosh could put a good lock down vs Noah and Boozer.

    Key matchup would be if the Bosh factor can play the post as well and if Rio and Miller are consistant on their 3pt shooting.

  52. Chris Heard says:

    you guys are joking right? the bulls, healthy or not, are more than capable of distinguishing the heat, and signing rodney turiaf isnt going to make that much bigger of a difference in terms of defense and rebounding. the only thing the bulls need to watch are turnovers and i think they can definitely beat the heat within 6 if they turn the ball over less, if not, 7.

  53. king Bas says:

    With D Rose it cn and will hap.. Go BULLS!!!!!

  54. Austin Kicksey says:

    I am a HUGE Boston Celtics fan, so I hope that my C’s play the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals. I can’t stand how the Heat get all the attention! Derrick Rose is humble, but LeBron and D-Wade aren”t. Even though my Celtics have not been great this season, I believe they are still a good enough team to win a championship! I think a Celtics-Bulls series would be a lot better than a Heat-Bulls series! I don’t want LeChoke to even have a chance to win an NBA championship! GO CELTICS!!!

  55. king Bas says:

    Lets be real this is a team sport not a 3 man game. Bull will take it this year. To make it even better we have a much improved bench this year than last yr….With D Rose it cn and will hap..

  56. king Bas says:

    Lets be real this is a team sport not a 3 man game. Bull will take it this year. To make it even better we have a much improved bench this year than last yr….

  57. Heat4ife says:

    It is all different come playoffs so i dont know why people are comparing stuff to the regular season. The Heat lost almost every game to Chicago, and Boston and look what happened so you reallly cant judge stuff on regular season.

  58. Fredrick Wells says:

    Bulls in 7! This will be the first time the two teams go the distance in the East Finals (which will be televised on ESPN/ABC this year). The furthest the Bulls vs Heat series went in a best of 7 was Game 6 (series won by Miami) in 2006, and all but one series that the Bulls won over the Heat were sweeps (the only exception was the 1997 East Finals where the Bulls won 4-1, similar to last season’s Heat winning 4-1). I may anticipate that the Bulls vs Heat series will outlast the Bulls vs Celtics series of 2009 Playoffs which featured 4 Overtime games (7 Overtimes played) along with the Bulls vs Pacers series of 1998 which only featured one blowout game (similar to the Bulls vs Celtics series of 2009). I’ll say the Bulls will beat the Thunder in the Finals in 6 Games.

  59. Orlando native says:

    Who said that bulls and miami are ever going to play each other in the playoffs so dont keep your hopes up look who is after the number 2 seed and Just becuase miami got Turf doesnt mean anything can he guard dwight no so Miami stop wasting your time and money.

  60. Chicago native says:

    Last playoffs bulls had really only rose to help them score boozer was not even heard of in that series but the bulls aquired Rip Hamilton to take the load off of rose if he can score and do what he did to win a ring the bulls have a very good chance if they contribute so it all comes down to this if bulls play good defense which they always do and every body contributes especially Rip then they can probably win bulls also have a very good bench.

  61. JON says:

    Dont like the cance of the bulls or the Heat to win….bulls rely way too much on D.Rose and the Heat are a fastbreak team, yes they play good Defense but the half court Offense is weak…when you limit the turnovers they usually struggle to score in half court sets consistently and that is playoff basketball…both teams will lose there is going to be a surprise winner this year just like last year.

  62. pao says:

    only the team with a big heart will win

  63. pao says:

    only the team with the biggest desire will win!

  64. Shinchan says:

    Carlos Boozer can’t beat bosh. Booz do the talking but when it comes to playoff games he stinks also he’s not consistent both offensive and defensive. Deng and the bench players need to step up or else Rose will carry the team again and another defeat! Of course when it comes to that series the big 3 will be very tough to beat. If they dont defended well Lebron and Wade will crush them. The bulls should make some move in the trade deadline and they should pursue gasol over boozer. I love bulls but with booz on the roster no rings for chi town.

  65. Kae says:

    I think the question really is can the heat make it to the Conference finals?
    I think the best team with a shot at taking out the Heat is Orlando they will be the three seed philly isn’t catching them. Then you gotta look at the Knicks who are bound to Celtics so the Heat may also have trouble getting out of the first round if NY continues to play like they are I am sure the Heat can take the knicks Im just saying don’t expect it to be easy.
    Bulls will blow by the pacers, sixers or hawks easily after taking out boston or Milwaukee so they should be well rested by the the time they really have to TURN UP THE HEAT,
    But honestly I like the Magic against the heat cause Miami can’t guard DH12 and he will own the boards

  66. heatkingofeast says:

    people think this will be a 7game series. i doubt that! it will be in game 5 or 6, favor of miami

  67. heatkingofeast says:

    nah! this series wont be a tied one. Either bulls win in game 5 or heat win in game 5. but i bet miami will win this series and will eventually be nba champs.

  68. Karl says:

    Miami will win. They almost swept bulls last year. Now they´re more improved bulls have no change.

  69. Spamtastic says:

    DALLAS MAVERICKS will be a champion again this season 2011-2012..

  70. yogyogstan says:

    boozer is the key

  71. Welno says:

    Sure the bulls can beat Miami but not in a 7 series….go go go Miami Heat…i love 1 3 6

  72. jan_279 says:

    I really doubt if Chicago has what it takes to beat Miami in a 7-game series. Rose, who is hands down the Bulls best player, and Deng, who is arguably their 2nd best player, are both being slowed down by all their injuries. Last year, even with a healthy Rose and Deng, the Heat still destroyed the Bulls. Well, you may say Rose and Deng were also suffering from some injuries during last year’s playoffs, but I don’t think it’s worse than their injuries this season. Rose and Deng are both individually missing a significant number of games so their injuries could be serious. Let’s not forget Rip Hamilton, who could be prove to be a sort of X factor for Chicago as he can hit the big shots in the clutch, but it’s very unlikely for him to be at full health in time for the East Finals with all his injuries. What’s worse for Chicago? Miami has made changes in their roster that I think has made them much better. The addition of high b-ball IQ Shane Battier and reliable point guard off-the-bench Norris Cole has made Miami’s bench much deeper as compared to their bench last season. I’m a Bulls fan but I have to face the truth: the odds are against Chitown.

    • Saeed says:

      In Contrast to you, I am a HEAT fan and I think HEAT’s bench is much much weaker than Bulls. You beat MIAMI ROSEless. I think no one can guess what happens.

  73. zak says:

    I think the Heat will win a series with Chicago. Both teams are good in this season but i think what will matter in their series is pride and redemption.

  74. sharf says:

    miami in 5.

  75. lover says:

    i think the bulls can win if they got a higher score than the heat at the end of the game and the heat will lose if they got lower score than the bulls……..damn im so intelligent….my brain is on beast mode….

  76. HARRISON says:


  77. BullsHoop says:

    I’m a die hard Bulls fan. The question is, Can Chicago beat Miami in 7 games series? Who knows! Don’t act as if you all know what’s going to happen. If you play basketball, you know anything can hapopen. If these 2 teams meet in the playoffs, let’s enjoy the ride. It can go either way. Don’t act as if you all know everything. Anything can happen inside the basketball court.

  78. rap batallon says:

    miami heat chanpion 2012 lebron jame

  79. Justwalkingthrew says:

    This is just a bunch of going around the obvious over and over. Then BAM Sekou drops the real stuff with the truth!

  80. CR7&Kaka says:

    Love seeing this 2 teams fight because its always a total war. Just wish Bulls in the West so that they will face each other in Finals. I guess lets just see them in Semis.Hopefully lol! C’mon D-Wade get your 2nd ring my man! HeatNation

  81. Eman says:

    Why don’t we all just sit back and watch the games unfold? Believe what you want to, whatever it takes to be happy, but no one is really certain of what’s going to happen. Spread the love people.

  82. Miss CR7&Kaka says:

    I Love how Miami Heat play this year. They are quite and just staying out in media’s spotlight and just play great. Just what Spoeslstra said do good plays be reliable and let go of all the Ego. I love my team South Beach and frankly I want them and Bulls in the finals. Too bad they are both in East. So I guess lets watch them in semis. Bring back the 2nd ring D-Wade!

  83. BULLS will dominate the game in playoffs, if they will meet again.
    go BULLS

  84. HEAT631 says:

    The Bulls are just like LeBron when he was in Cleveland….one superstar trying to carry his team

    • Saeed says:

      Mr./Mrs. HEAT 631

      I think it’s vice versa, It is HEAT that does not have a good bench and HEAT only based upon 3 players. I am one of the fans of HEAT but unfortunately BULLS has a lot of skilled players. They won HEAT with no Rose, but can you imagine what happens to HEAT without Wade and James?

  85. miami hater says:

    no one knows until both team face each other so justwait for the match 🙂

  86. wara_lang24 says:

    i think wade will be the difference in this series.. i dont see anyone in the bulls line up can handle dwade one on one.. lebron cen be defended by deng and bosh by noah… so heat in 6….

  87. chanz says:

    nobody knows what will happen in the future, anyone in the league can have an injury problems. Oh man, there are still 20+ games they must face. Both the HEAT and BULLS had an injury problems this season (example: Wade, and Rose), but if their will be no change, i think HEAT will beat the BULLS. Just like last season’s playoffs..Bulls won in regular season against the Heat(4-0), but the HEAT surprises us and won in east finals(4-1) against the BULLS. It seems that Spo wont allow those 3 guys (Dwade, LBJ,CBosh) to give much effort in regular season to avoid injury problems and save those left energies for playoffs. So I think, it’ll be the same story on last year’s. In finals, i think it’s OKC vs HEAT…in that game, i cant predict who will win cuz OKC have fisher also with the HEAT got R. Turiaf..

    oh, a HEAT fan..^_^

  88. LebRondo says:

    im really sure that the heat will .,.,.,coz they have the best player in the league ,lebron james ,and dwade +chris bosh .,.

  89. CALIFA says:

    Forget both of these teams. Neither one can compete with a western team. West teams are too strong and big. Miami is too small. Bosh is too soft. Chicago is too banged up. Lakers are looking very good. They are too big. Now they have a good point gaurd running the team and can actually run plays. Okc is too big. San Antonio is too big. That means Lebron and Wade will have to shoot non stop. Or Rose. Or whoever. The finals winner will come from the west!!! Go lakers


    that has some good fantasy info, love bulls heat in eastern finals but dont sleep on the magic in the playoffs, if they are hitting threes then nobody can beat them

  91. 305 says:


  92. d-rose says:

    no its not the chicago can win 4-0 against miami thats all . .

  93. ICU refs says:

    what happened to my previous comment

  94. JMoney says:

    Still contemplating on who the wild card team will be that knocks off Chicago before getting to the top of the conference playoffs…. Hmmmm….. who could it be?? So many but so few.

  95. Saeed says:

    Well, I think there is a good chance for Bulls to beat Miami in the inevitable Eastern-Conference finals. Last year it was LeBron who had taken over games, esp. game 2 which was of utmost importance for the whole series, but this year he seems a little bit doubtful in finishing the games on his own (the All-Star game or the Utah Jazz marathon), and since Miami is too much dependent on his main players and it’s bench is not good, so if LeBron can not play brilliantly, they will definitely be in problem.
    On the other hand, Bulls have much more experience this year just as OKC do, and beating them will not be easy this year.
    Totally, I think I can not say who will win, but I hope it be Heat.

  96. Saeed says:

    Well, I think if there is a good chance for Bulls to beat Miami in the inevitable Eastern-Conference finals. Last year it was LeBron who had taken over games, esp. game 2 which was of utmost importance for the whole series, but this year he seems a little bit doubtful in finishing the games on his own (the MVP game or the Utah Jazz marathon), and since Miami is too much dependent on his main players and it’s bench is not good, so if LeBron can not play brilliantly, they will definitely be in problem.
    On the other hand, Bulls have much more experience this year just as OKC do, and beating them this year will not be easy this year.
    Totally, I think I can not say who will win, but I hope it be Heat.

  97. For all the people who think Lucas can’t help, Just saying John Lucas shot over James. A 5’11 over a 6’8…..Also over Wade so don’t think this guy can’t step up cause he can.

  98. Dennis says:

    Im not gonna say anything negative about both teams. But if the Bulls stay heathy, I think it would definitely go to a 7 games series…hopefully. But, if these match up happens, I can’t wait to watch it…

  99. T-MAC101 says:

    I think it cannot be called right now. People use stats and season performances to determine their playoff performance and most of the time they are wrong. Bulls do have the potential to beat Miami and the same can be said for Miami beating the bulls. Right now I just hope everyone’s healthy so that if they do meet in the playoffs, things would be even more interesting.

  100. THE TRUE says:

    BULLs Vs OKC 2012 Finals = OKC 2012 Champions . sorry EL HEAT your gonna have to wait another year . ” NOW YOU KNOW WHATS COMING ” wath ever you guys say cant stop this from happening sooo STFU nd wait

  101. storm says:

    I’m not a big fan of heat and bulls but i have to say that they’re the teams that might win it all this year alonng with the west (thunder, spurs, stilll not countinng out the lakers)…I would actually give the miami heat 70% over 30% chicago

    Heat’s pros: BIG 3!!! (do i need say anything)
    and the HEAT DEFENCE…
    Heat’s cons: 4th quarter last 3mins. Heat: Where’s the KING? King: Where’s haslem? (sorry can’t help it)
    SOur 3pt.
    Let the point guard have the ball sometimes…

    Bull’s pros: DERRICK ROSE! Rose stepback shoots at the buzzer YOU BETCHA (err..)
    Bull’s cons: KEY PLAYER INJURY
    Need more experience in the post seasons (veterans don’t count except hamilton)
    Boozer please do well!!

    BRIAN “White Mamba” Scalabrine > HEATLES (hehe)

  102. bullsnewlegacy says:

    bulls havent lost 2 games in a row all sesason, played amazing with their best player and league mvp whose been out almost a third of the season, not to mention multiple key player injuries throughout the season and beat the heat without rose. id have no problem putting money against the heat with no rose. ya dont need the BIG 3 when u got the BIG III (john lucas II). best record in the league this season and if healthy the champions this season. Heat dont have the depth or defense the bulls do. 7th title is comin back to the madhouse on madison

  103. bitch says:

    @jeremy your the only one on here really making since. they keep basing everything off last year. this is not the 2010-2011 season. to keep sayng that is arrogant. both teams are good and it will come down to defence and execution. thats if they even meet eachother in the ecf.

  104. Shane says:

    People are seem to forget that Korver and watson weren’t shooting as good as they are this year, Boozer wasn’t as willing to dominate offensively and not to mention he has been more focused on the defensive end also…Also Bosh wasn’t that great last year or so far this year against the bulls and that will continue, leaving LeBron and Wade, and I promise Thibbs has some tricks up his sleeves for those two this year during playoffs he is to good not to be better prepared for them with a whole year experience on them now.

  105. Mark says:

    Please… all of you are being haters.

    everyone was waiting for them to be bleeping creamed/crushed in the playoffs… even with the players that both MIAMI and CHICAGO has in last season’s series everyone was countin on them to lose…

    theres always excuses.. haters will always be hating.

  106. OKCTHUNDER says:


  107. BballFAN1103 says:

    All this talk about benches is irrelevant. As no one on this site clearly knows that in the playoffs Miami’s roster shrinks to a 7 man roster, which is Riley’s way of doing things. So lets see what we get when that happens. You have Chalmers, Wade, LBJ, Bosh. and Anthony or Turiaf starting. then you have Haslem, Miller, Battier, and Cole coming off the bench… how is that a weakness? the decider will be what Miami team we’ll see on a given night, the Miami that was destroying everyone for about 3 weeks straight. or the Miami that lost to John Lucas lll

  108. paul p. says:

    The key for the bulls to win here is for someone except rose to come up with an all star performance without this i can’t see them winning 7 game series versus heat. Both teams are great defensive team and the heat have 3 multidimensional players so it will come down in which team as a lot of offensive options for the defense to be off balance late in the game. This series will be close but i think heat wins series 4-3.

  109. NBAIQ says:

    They can only beat the Heat if they stay aggressive offensively and don’t stand around watching Derrick Rose take all the shots. With a healthy team the Bulls will see the Finals this year.

  110. Laos says:

    In a seven game series? I don’t see it happening. The Bulls may get 2 games, but not 4. For any Eastern Conference team, Miami seems too tough to beat in the playoffs. Only ones in the west right now that can challenge Miami are the Lakers (because of size) and OKC (because of speed and high percentage shooting).

  111. all about basketball says:

    i dont see why people getting mad over opinions, maybe the heat will win mayhbe the bulls will win, its just something we have to see for ourselves. thats if these two meet up in the ecf. its only the regular season, teams play harder in the playoffs and anything can happen. for instance, the miami heat blew teamsd out in the regular season but when it got to the playoffs they got outplayed by dallas, the lakers got swept which never happens. this year the lakers probably wont beat the thunder and miami probably wont beat chicago i guess we all just have to wait and see for ourselves

  112. Ammar says:

    First of all, for those saying that no one is clutch on the Bulls is dead wrong. As much as i hate to say it, because I love LeBron, he isn’t/hasn’t/probably won’t be clutch in the 4th quarter in this series. D Wade is really the only clutch guy on the Heat. D Wade = 1 Rose=1 You can’t say that the Heat team is more clutch than Chicago. And for those who say that Chicago is the same as last year, that is also wrong. The emergence of Asik, John Lucas III, who i think would be deadly while in the game with Rose, Taj Gibson, who is better than last year, and the improvement of Boozer will all help the Bulls. My prediction is Bulls in 6, but i would love to see 7. If the Bulls lose players to injuries, then Heat may be able to escape with a series win, if Rose and/or Noah are the ones out. Even with Rose out though, Heat should watch Lucas III, they beat them once already without D ROSE, probably won’t happen 4 times, but this is the NBA

  113. jeremy says:

    miami fans are so delusional and keep on living off last year’s performance…
    guess what? THEY LOST.

    if you are gonna keep basing the facts from last year then i guess the mavs would be champs every year..
    don’t be stupid and naive.

    the series were closer than the 4-1 result. all the 4 games the bulls lost, they lead the 4th quarter at some point.
    every year is different. new players and much more improved individual games from players.
    so don’t come on bragging that the bulls will never beat the heat, it’s a toss up and a possession could even decide the winner in each game.

    so just wait for the playoffs and may the better team win.

  114. Bok says:

    The Bulls will not win the series until Rose found his number 2, his go-to guy especially on a close game. Sure they’re stacked, but they’re still a player away from being a championship contender. But if they can pull away early (which is unlikely) then their depth is good enough. The problem starts when someone puts a choke hold defense (LeBron) on Rose cuz he creates situation for the team. IMO they should have worked out a deal to get Howard to keep the defense guessing.

  115. Amitpal says:

    Don’t think bulls can beat the Heat and the reason is simple. The bulls have one closer. When the game gets tight the bulls go to guy is there pg who’s 6’3. Lebron is 6’8 and hands down the best late game defender in the nba. Scoring against lebron gets all most impossible espcially if ur shorter then him. So once u take Rose out, who’s going to close the game John Lucas? Bulls won’t be albe to close the game, and only team capable of beating Heat is Thunder if they play well, possible Spurs and if the lakers can learn to play together then they have a shot. All other teams don’t really have a chance.

    • Amitpal says:

      Oh if the knicks some how find a way to play together and play defense, that’s a huge if, then they have the making to beat Miami. But that defense is a really big if, and I wouldn’t put my money on it.

  116. Chris says:

    Can Bulls beat the Heat? Misleading question, it’s if the Heat can beat the Bulls.

  117. D wad3 says:

    people just saying non sense. Last year D Rose was playing he didnt do notohing. yall saying that the Heat Stink. y’all wrong. Let see the playoff. we will see who better or who will win the chmp. I believe on Miami Heat Basketball.
    Y’all will feel LBJ and D wade. I can’t Wait.

  118. nonbiased fan says:

    you know what, the way the Bulls play defense as of late has been great and they are nice to watch playing basketball even without D-Rose no doubt they will cause some havoc but will they still be able to perform come playoff time? will their inexperience cause them their season? yes i do think so. Miami Heat has been there and last year they beat the Bulls even when they had chemistry problems concerning plays and who gets the ball and whatnot. people are just hyped ’cause Bulls are playing well without Rose and Miami Heat will beat them 4-2/4-1. This coming from a nonbiased basketball fan

  119. Errrr says:

    Miami are favoured over Chicago in the playoffs, easy. Last year proved it. Nothing has changed THAT much for either team and really Miami has improved the most when you get down to it.

    Chicago’s a great team and if they play their hearts out and Miami slips, well Chi town takes it. But in a seven game series that’s unlikely.

    Also, I think Miami could lose one of the Big 3 to injury and still take it. If I had to choose I think losing Wade would be the easiest. He’s the closer but Lebron does too much, scoring, playmaking, defending the other team’s star and rebounding. Bosh needs to be there to give scoring inside, rebounding, defending and stretch the other big outside when he’s jump shooting. No, Bosh isn’t a superstar like Wade but he’s a needed piece for this team.

  120. duckets says:

    Case and point for the Bulls:

    This was done without D-Rose.

    Sorry, Miami… you’re just not going to do it.

  121. Laughing says:

    A good question would be WILL the Bulls beat the Heat. Asking if they can is just absurd. How are you going to say that the team with the best record in the league doesn’t even stand a chance at beating any other team? Of course there is a possibility that Chicago could out Miami. They certainly can beat them, even if the odds aren’t in their favor. Whether they will beat them is definitely up for debate. We’re just going to have to wait and see what happens.

  122. joblagz says:

    Bulls should win a championship now before D Rose get that FAT contract next year.. its obvious that they cant keep their current bench next year so while they have a deep bench they should win it NOW.. if not then there will be no better chance to do it.. boozer, noah, deng and rose will eat the cap next year and beyond..

  123. Smoove says:

    Did anyone every think, hey what if these two teams don’t make the eastern conference finals 😉

  124. Forever Ringless....Lebron says:

    The Heat will Never Win a championship with what they have. The bulls beat them without D-Rose that shows that Chicago will destroy Miami in the playoffs. Yes they did loose to Miami in there first meeting but that was without Deng he is the heart and sole of the bulls. Miami has no Bench so when ever there 2 1/2 stars (paid like 3 stars with over 300 million) are out the BENCH MOB will plow threw.
    In the Playoffs if Miami tries to dig down again Chicago they’ll find that they don’t have a big enough shovel (took that from some guy in Rocky 6)

  125. LBJisdaMVP says:

    Miami for sure i don’t care what anyone says Miami beat them last year and they’ve even gotten better since then Chicago have. Also if you look at the amount of if s Chicagos got compared to miami chicagos got heaps more

  126. Robdigga says:

    This is a tough one but i would give it to the Miami Heat in a 5 or 6 games series. The Bulls don’t have enough options outside of D Rose other than Carlos Boozer (if he’s consistent) and Luol Deng if his wrist is healthy but besides that i give it to the Heat.

  127. ROBY says:

    Rose is a taller “Allen Iverson” last year in playoff shoot 39% FG and 25% 3pt, Just like Iverson did in his career and never won a championship because his low percentage shoting in big games.

  128. boybolitaslakititi says:

    i think bulls cant beat miami because they cant go to eastern conference finals they will be lose in 1 round play off..hahaha specially if they face the NY knicks….but if they face the boston in 1st round maybe they lose at the second round..hahaha

  129. Bay Boy Playboy says:

    warriors all the way. they beat chi town and miami,,,whoever wins the east matchup will have to face the greatest team on gods good earth, and will lose to the dubs

  130. turk says:

    Isn’t this whole argument jumping the gun a little bit? The odds tell you these teams are going to meet, but I wouldn’t put all my money on it. Miami has had problems with the Magic and D Howard, and if they meet in the semis, I think they are going to give them a tough out. For the Bulls, they’re likely going to have to go through Milwaulkee/NY and either PHI/IND before the ECF. Although the Bulls are undoubtedly favorites in all of these matchups, anything can happen in the NBA or any professional sport for that matter. If it does just so happen to be CHI/MIA in the ECF it should prove to be a great series. Both are great teams, good benches, wish I could say good coaches for both (obvious who is at the disadvantage there), and both teams have atleast one go to player who can step it up. So, anything can happen, just comes down to executing. X factors for the Bulls are going to be the play of Boozer, and the defensive presence Asik can bring (who was injured last ECF). X factors for the Heat is simply Chris Bosh. If any of these X factors bring it to these games, I think that is what is ultimately going to decide this series. I mean, you already know what D Rose, Lebron, and Wade are gonna be doing.

  131. Will Perdue says:

    I am going for the Bulls vs Thunder in finals. Bulls will win series. Lebron is cursed and will never win a ring, Such a talent, but such bad karma.

  132. tke_29 says:

    I hear everyone talk about can the Bulls beat the Heat but no one wants to concentrate on the question if the Heat can beat a healthy Bulls team. If with severe injuries to the Bulls the Heat continue to struggle. People claimed the Heat got better this year but I feel the opposite to be true. They are not playing their best ball of late, they’ve been dominated by Milwaukee this year and have been a bad team on the road. They have major rebounding issues which a healthy Bulls team will most definately abuse. I like Derrick Rose taken on the $25,000 fine to state his business because the difference in each of the Bulls losses to the Heat? Check the free throws!

  133. THE THRUE says:

    OKC 2012 NBA Finals Champions and thats a Fact ! i can see the future (o o)

  134. J.C.D.C. says:

    I rather just wait until the season ends and see who’s healthy and who’s not. I love Chicago, (been watching them since…hmm…2005) but if they were to play right now, I don’t think they’d beat Miami which bothers me. It’s just a whole different atmosphere in the playoffs…

    All in all, this is truly unnecessary talk at the moment. I’ll make my decision IF both teams meet in the Eastern Conference Finals. You never know. My old man always told me that every team is dangerous in the playoffs.

  135. Anthony says:

    Lebron will be wearing a shiny ring this year… noone will stop him. And yes, he will also have 3 MVP’s in just 4 years.

  136. DJ Bex says:

    It all depends on how good each team is in the series if the Bulls and Heat meet up in the Conference Finals, Its not a for sure that the Bulls will get there but same goes for Heat. Injuries kill a lot of teams, whose to say Lebron Or D wayde doesn’t go down? Bulls have a way better bench then the Heat. And we don’t just rely on Rose we can rely on Joakim on the boards, Boozer in the post, Ronnie Brewer underneath the hoop and his awkward jump shot from the field he can put them down. Kyle Korver is one of the best 3 point shooters in the league and can be very consistent at times and can kill the Heats defence from down town. Sure we have 2 all stars on the team but we have other options. Heat only have Lebron and Wade. Lebron can be stopped as go for Wade. The bulls defence can shut them down. Bulls win series (If happens) 4-3 Bulls have way more heart, desire, and have a better gameplan/Team play. Go BULLS!

  137. Renvillz says:

    John Lucas can put the 3 Big Men down in Miami. Trust me!!!

  138. Deibys Blanco says:

    Nadie puede decir quien va a ganar esa serie eso solo se puede saber cuando llegue el momento,los 2 son muy buenos equipos tanto defensiva como ofensiva pero Miami Heat tiene mas chance que los Bull eso c demostro el año pasado y el equipo nio estaba tan fuerte como hoirta.

  139. Michael says:

    The only reason Miami beat Chicago this season was because it was in Miami and they had a clear free throw advantage and home bias getting ALL the foul calls as they always do. I hate the superstar treatment the NBA gives. A foul is a foul no matter who commits it.

  140. jopeth says:

    bulls now have a great regular season but everybody knows that regular season games are different of playoff series. bulls in this season (regular) is in full gear. while heat, lebron is averaging around 28.50 per game and d-wade is around 23.00 per game, however that number are not they’re monster game. and we all know that this number can explode to 35.00 per game for both of them plus cris bosh. im not saying that the can’t win but i think the heat will burn the bulls. series? it would be 4-2 for the heat.

  141. Okay for all the heat fans that say Rose is the only one that can be clutch and beat the heat, well our 3rd string Point Guard sure proved that wrong John Lucas the third is beast. Wade and James bot combined for 71 points and we still won. Bulls to be honest have problems in a lot of games but fix them with time outs, But im getting a little scared waiting for the playoffs. If we play the heat i really don’t know who win the series. Also those who say Knicks will upset the bulls, their might be something wrong with u. Maybe a little chance but not a big chance.

  142. jorgegwapo says:

    bulls cant beat the heat….this year is the HEAT YEAR……

  143. BOSBrill says:

    Honestly it can go both ways but the key variable is will the Bulls slow the ball down and not try to run & gun with MIA. if they do that they’ll probably lose. not saying they can’t but they have the 2 most explosive players in transition on one team and an all star (chris Bosh) trailing the fast break. BUT we all know Miamis problem its #6. Chicago in my opinion is the better team, and honestly i think they’ll win just by simply out playing MIA as Dallas did a year ago. Lebron lost the all star game and cried about it as everybody laughed at him lol its not even a real game!! if the ball is in his hands at the end of games and the Bulls play solid D and half court offense they’ll def win. as both of Miamais premiere players are shooting under 30% from deep this year.

  144. David says:

    This post should be weather OKC can beat Miami, only OKC is on the same level as Miami. Chicago is just not in the same league, sorry. Chicago is not a worthy opponent, sure they beat Miami in the regular season, but I’m sure that we can find a load of weak team that beat the Bulls a couple of times.

  145. JPGuns says:

    Of course..the Bulls can do it vs. Heat in a playoff series…Go D. Rose!!!!

  146. Bullsheet says:

    Hahaha they didnt make it in the finals

  147. lebron says:

    The way i see it is that chicago reminds me of when lebron was with the cavs. The cavs had their number one star lebron and had the best record in the nba….but when it comes to the playoffs, one player doesnt win the championship, the team wins the championship and thats how the cavs where. But what gets me is that chicago has a way better team then what lebron had in the cavs but yet they cant do anything in the playoffs. Now if lebron was on the bulls instead of rose, lebron would be having 3-4 rings by now. But this is just my opinion.

  148. jonny dextre says:

    bulls will be defeated by knicks or bucks in first round playoffs

  149. paul says:

    I think the Bulls lacked experience last year. Everyone looks at like the Bulls choked last year, but this was this teams first time out the first round. Lebron and Wade had already been to that point. Don’t underestimate the value of experience from last year from the Bulls. I doubt they will be as sloppy this year, so I pick the Bulls in 7.

  150. The bottom line is not the huge problem for the Heat rather it is the Knicks the problem for the Heat cuz the Heat had more epic battles against New York in 90´s ( huge playoff games) besides New York wants to beat the heat for any cost.
    It´s funny to see them to imagine themselves as globtortters harlems. Sorry but a men from Hardvard can´t play the game, simple; he has not the IQ basketball to be there, NY basketball belongs to Harlem, Bronx and Brooklin …the rest is only rich fans from NY yankees and from Manhattan. They don´t desrves to be in the crown.
    I´m still remembering last finals Dallas vs Heat when referees made robbery.
    FUNNY. Let´s go HEATT!!!!!!

    • ChiTownCody says:

      The refs got you to the Finals you dope- The Bulls bigs were ineffective for that very reason, anytime they made moves inside they were called for fouls repeatedly after game one after the ECF.

  151. Loggerhead says:

    It’s really hard when a 6-8 guy can guard you like that.
    – D. Rose

    Nuff said

  152. Jeremiah says:

    NO! NO! NO! MIAMI will will a championship this year! Miami beats Chicago..Chicago beats Miami.. but Lebron, Wade and Bosh always do the thing during tough games! they survived. Already tested.

  153. Heat Fan says:

    The Heat will win that series without a doubt. I wouldnt even go to a 7th game. Miami wins that series 4-1. They will also be winning it all. AND YOU KNOW THIS, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Loggerhead says:

    All the writers basically said NO. Tells you all you need to know about the bulls chances.

  155. mgml says:

    That is if they both make it to the East finals… NYK beats Chicago/Heat – Round 1, haha

  156. Frank says:

    Kevin- How many teams are you going to root for? Lol.

  157. Kevin says:

    Go Bulls/Knicks/Dallas/OKC/LAL/SA! Haha

    Bosh has to play big on the boards every night if the Heat are going to win a Championship this year. Hell, go Bulls/Knicks/Dallas/OKC/LAL/SA/HEAT!

    This is going to be a great playoffs!

  158. Madhouse on madison says:

    It’s not about what the big two can do. We know what they are going to contribute, but we aren’t sure about the other Heat players. They have a good bench, but can their bench outlast the bulls bench. I don’t want to hear about what transpired last year because it was last year. It will be a great series, God willing both teams make it that far. Execution will be key, so we’ll see what happens. Go Bulls!!!

    • Amac says:

      miami has a more deap bench than last year which makes them better than that, bulls havent changed from last year so why not talk about last year,

  159. ali says:

    heat is gunna lose they dont have enough chemistry only way they will win is if rose doesnt play

  160. Miamiheat2012champs says:

    The chicago bulls won the last game, it being the sole basis that chicago’s gonna win against miami is not enough. They have had two meetings this year,and what can we say, miami won the first, and chicago won because bosh was on a leave. And don’t talk about lebron and dwade only, cause if they are the only two important players in the team, then miami should have only built big 2, not 3. That’s enough evidence why bosh is very important. I’m a miami heat fan, but that’s not gonna be a reason to be biased. Considering how hungry they will be for a championship, heat in 5. We’ll all see in the playoffs.

  161. Warren says:

    Remember BOSH in the bull-heat series last year.

  162. Frank says:

    Heat easily win this series. Chicago simply doesn’t match up with the talent that the Heat have. If I was the Bulls I would worry about getting healthy rather than thinking about beating Miami in a 7 game playoff series.

  163. Kevin says:

    Unfortunately my State doesn’t have a NBA team. I can honestly say I am just a fan of the sport. I don’t play favorites. Experience and toughness wins championships.

    Yes, the Heat have AMAZING talent. Maybe even the best talent we have seen in a LONG time. However, there are 5 players on a team. Not three.

    Give the heat, at best, a ‘decent’ center and then they will be unstoppable. Until then regardless if they make it to the Championship series the West looks way to tough.

  164. nathanheat says:

    last year, everybody said bulls will win in 6 games. what happened? the heat won series in 5 games. now what? bulls in 6, yet again?? go ahread and predict but the heat becomes heater come playoffs time. just wish your bulls are healthy enough to challenge them. heat in 5 games.

    • khalis says:

      What I laugh at is those games weren’t blowout games that the heat won last year! They advanced to the finals we all know this is true but people have to stop thinking it’s guaranteed the Heat will do the same thing this year! What everyone is seeing is the Heat signed three superstars to matched with Haslem and a cast of shooters! They didn’t win so this year they made a excuse that they were to small and now they add more big men Eddy Curry and Turiaf and Pittman to match the Bulls size! if the Heat were so great why all of the needed upgrades last year and this year? The Bulls added Rip for scoring because as a team we are good! Period

      • Sideliner says:

        No one’s talking about Miami being perfect…just better than Chicago. Why are the Heat adding big men? Because against Dallas they were pummeled by the likes of Tyson Chandler. All teams need big men khalis, and that just happens to be the chink in the Heat’s armor. And, let’s be honest, Noah and Boozer are not the best big-man line up in the league–in the playoffs, Boozer is a flop (ummm did you even watch him in Utah?); and when it comes down to playing Dwight or Bosh/Anthony in the post, Chicago’s not the number one big-man team in the East.

  165. Bags says:

    I’m a huge Bulls fan but I have got to be realistic, Miami’s best is better than ours

  166. usplayer says:

    IF they get dwight howard which I am sure they’re thinkink of the might have a chance . So maybe next year …

  167. Kevin says:

    ‘Chokago’ ? Your kidding me right? They are the definition of a TEAM. They don’t need to rely on one guy anymore. Didn’t the Heat lose to Dallas last year? If I remember correctly coming into that game they were supposed to walk all over Dallas. Yet, they were too worn out from playing Chicago. Keep in mind Chicago made moves that improved their offense last season.

    I am going to pick Chicago in 6 for three reasons:

    Depth – The Bulls just have so much more to offer on their bench. Even though I think the addition to Shane B. was a key addition to the Heat.

    BIGS – Who is the Heats center? Bosh just doesn’t have the toughness to play C. The bulls are absolutely stacked with ‘quality’ centers who know how to do their job. It is very hard to win a championship without a commanding center controlling the middle.

    Schedule – I look for the Knicks to actually move up to the 7th seed by playoff time. With that being said the way the Knicks have been playing as of late they could really give the Heat trouble. That game alone could be a great test for the Heat in the first round.

    Lets remember guys, both teams have to make it to the finals first. There are a lot of great teams in the East this year.

    Prediction –

    LAL vs CHI, ya I said it. LAL and don’t be too surprised if they win it all.

    • Sideliner says:

      Lakers and Bulls would be an awesome Finals series.

      But sorry man, gotta disagree. None of those factors made a difference last year for the Chicago-Miami series. Miami’s still got the starpower edge (when you have 3 guys who can pour in 60-80 points a night in the playoffs, you’re going to have problems). If the Bulls have Rip healthy, and if D-Rose and Deng stay healthy, Chicago will be a tough one to beat, but it’s still Miami’s to lose.

      What I will agree with you on is New York’s potential to knock out a top team: with Tyson Chandler specifically, they should be able to defend and attack the boards. When you throw Amare into the mix–if he can play to his potential–you have a great 5 and 4. If Melo and Lin can work things out together like they have shown these past few games, then that gives New York an even great chance. Throw J.R. Smith’s potential, and Steve Novak’s shooting prowess into the mix, and the Knicks can seriously contend. It’ll be exciting to see if they can knock someone out!

      • Kevin says:

        Agree to disagree, Sideliner.

        Its Team power vs Star power. What will the heat do when its time to throw in subs? I mean can D.Wade, Lebron, and Bosh outmatch Rose, Deng, Noah, Booz, RIP and their endless amount of bench depth?

        Would you agree that this could come down to coaching?

      • Sideliner says:

        Yeah I can agree to disagree Kevin. I’m honestly not bias towards either teams as a fan.

        If it comes down to coaching, Thibs has the edge on Spoelstra, no question. However, the point about bench play is simply one of no discussion: their bench hasn’t changed, where Miami’s has upgraded since last conference finals. And, if D-Rose and Deng aren’t healthy, it’s sadly clearly in Miami’s favor. Team power vs. Star Power is ruined if Rose and Deng aren’t there.

        I think my point in all of this–in the end, discussion of opinions usually never comes to a common conclusion–is that, though Chicago is great in the regular season, they’ve got some hefty competition. The regular season says almost nothing about the playoffs, except who will aline with who in which round, and last year, as is the same this year, the Bulls beat the Heat in the regular season. However, when it came to the Eastern Conference Finals, the Heat smashed the Bulls both defensively and offensively. I think we’re probably in for the same thing this year: if New York or Boston or Indiana, Philly, or Orlando don’t surprise us all.

  168. Miami Allstar vs chicago bulls says:

    Bulls will win the series. D.rose vs the three star of miami.

  169. john says:

    Chicago vs New York win New York…thats why Heat stay on 2place because NYk is very strong team….hahahahhahahaha Amir,Anthony,Chandler,Lin……Big 4 hahahaha…..Heat is on final this season again…..chances for final 50-50…..Lebron will collapse again…but im heat fan gogogogogoogo heat…Enperno…..

  170. john says:

    In my on opinion its a good play between 2 good teams, But its hard for Chicago to win against Heat……Its hard for them to defend the big 3…….Play off game is different from regular season…….2 0r 3 yrs from rose will be MVP finals..its either HEat or Dallas again this season…period……

  171. DantieuS says:


    Enough Speculating about this and that. no-one will know what will happen this year in the Playoffs. For all anyone knows, Bulls and Heat might not even make the Conference finals, i’d be very suprised if they didnt, I’m a Bulls fan through and through and i love Chicago and i know this team is the first championship Caliber team since 1998, but as Dennis Rodman rightly put it, they are right now the 1989 Bulls who need to get over the hump of the 1989 Pistons, who right now are the Heat.

    Expectations for Miami – They are EXPECTED by Miami fans to win this year. Period!
    Expectations for Chicago – After the win over the Heat with a Roseless team, they are now expected to atlest take Miami to seven games. and win!

    2012 NBA Playoffs – most unpredictable playoffs for a long time!

  172. Phil Pride says:

    Miami wont have any problem when the BIG 3 sits, simply because they have a great coach in E.Spoe. He rotates his stars well with its bench. When Dwade or Cbosh sits, Its LBJ’s time to shine and vice versa. Go ahead and watch some Heat games so you’d know what you’ll write next. MIA on 5. Lets GO Heat!

  173. Chitownfan says:

    I think Chicago has the best chance of beating any team in the L any night. They match up with everyone and play harder, have a deeper bench, and never take a night off. The Heat take nights off. They don’t dive for balls, and they give up easy baskets. Plus, their coach is a moron. All of that being said, I am scared to take on the Heat in a series. They were worse last year and ended it in 5. How are we supposed to feel good about that?

  174. Chris says:

    Let’s not underestimate Miami’s ability to flop.

    Go Bulls

    • Shut Up says:

      let’s go “CHOKago”….. yes, they will choke in the playoff like last year.

      • ChiTownCody says:

        Ballsy phrase considering they dominated a decade… oh and had the greatest player to ever live. Miami choked. The NBA tried to hand the Heat the title and they still lost.

      • Sideliner says:

        haha good point ChiTownCody. Bulls did dominate a decade. I know I used the phrase “Chokago”, but it was in no reference to MJ. It was in reference to the Bulls of today in the playoffs.

  175. GMAC says:

    Bulls won’t get out of the first round WHEN knicks get 8th seed 🙂

  176. Lakers#1 says:

    East Finals: Bulls – Heat 4-3
    West Finals: Thunder – Spurs 3-4

    Finals Chicago Bulls – San Antonio Spurs 4-3

  177. Riley says:

    Healthy Atlanta

  178. Mark says:

    I’m not so sure about that at all!!!

  179. heattttt says:

    HEAT gonna WINNNN!!!!!!!!!! lmaooooooooo

  180. Danemma says:

    I don’t think people realize the purpose of WHY we have Rip he spreads the floor a much better shooter than keith bogans, if boozer keeps playing like he has been averaging doubles doubles day in and day out. Have you seen our bench? We have two of the best off the bench bigs in the game that would start in MOST teams in the NBA. These guys talking about offense? What ever happened to the good ole saying offense wins games defense wins championships, YES miami has 3 players who play awesome defense, but chicago has a TEAM that plays awesome defense the offense will follow. May seem bias because I’m a Bulls fan but in the end the one thing I love most than the Bulls is a good game of basketball. And no doubt about it a good game of basketball is what I’ll see when Miami and Chicago go head to head in the conference finals. DONE

  181. Steve says:

    Funny how people point to Chicago’s bench as a reason why they say they will beat the Heat. They had the better bench LAST YEAR and the Heat had NO BENCH. One good game from Haslem and Miller apeice is what Miami got from the bench in that series. That was it. And Wade struggled the entire series until the last 3 mins of game 5 when he and Lebron went off. LeBron and Bosh was doing most of the damage for the Heat in that series. Boozer stunk it up for the Bulls like he always does. Think Wade will have another bad series against the Bulls this year? Don’t think so. Think Boozer will have another bad series vs the Heat? Yeah, pretty much. Bottom line is the Bulls need another star player to pair with Rose. Your bench will not win you a series. It helps, but won win it for the Bulls. It’s about which team’s stars step up and the Heat have 3 and the Bulls have 1. It’s that the Bulls CAN’T beat Miami because they can. They just have to play dam near perfect basketball to do it. Their margin for error is super small because everything they do hinges on Rose and Lebron OWNS that matchup as of now.

    • ChiTownCody says:

      Yeah LEBRON OWNS that match up- a SHOULD be PF guarding a PG- Don’t celebrate the fact LeBron is too soft to actually play what should be a NATURAL posistion. A guy who should be pulling down 15 boards a game playing the outside. BRAVO!!! half the time LBJ was flopping and getting calls for a charge on someone 6 inches and 70 pounds smaller, all because the NBA wants LeBron to fill the void Jordan left but LBJ will NEVER reach that level. Fans watched the NBA because of Jordan, They will point to LBJ as the reason they no longer care.

  182. Chicago will be upset by either New York Knicks or the now superb Milwaukee Bucks!!!

  183. you guys dont realize why we havent seen RIP hamilton much this year. Bulls are resting him so he is injury free in the playoffs. Same thing with D Rose on and off throughout the season. BULLS win 2012 championship this year no doubt. ROSE > LBJ & WADE combined.

    • Umm No says:

      D Rose> James and Wade…. This may have been the dumbest thing that I have heard this week. Don’t get me wrong D Rose is a great player but Lebron is the best in the world! If you don’t believe me then ask Charles Barkley,Magic Johnson,Shaq and any HOF player that watches the game (With the exception of Michael Jordan cause he will still say that he is the best player on the planet). While the bulls bench may be a little better than the heat’s what the bulls do not have is 3 superstars that all can and will light it up on any given night. Therefore Heat> Bulls! Miami takes the series at 4-3

  184. Slim says:

    I think a sleeper will come out of the east.

  185. Belizeboy says:

    Sekou…the only one who actually makes sense.

    • chitowns finest says:

      Really he’s just like the rest can’t look past star power and we saw where star power got you a lost in the finals please he makes no sense

  186. NBA fan says:

    Chicago and Miami are both great teams and will definitely play each other in the eastern conference finals once again. I am not going to say who is going to win the series cause these teams both play excellent defense and their offensive execution is great. I agree with the fact that chicago has a deeper bench but seeing how there are quality big men on waivers such as Boris Diaw, Ronny Turiaf, I see miami adding size and depth into their bench. So when it comes to playoff time Im quite sure that both teams would be matched up very well from a depth stand point. In my opinion, I’d say the key match up that will most likely determine this series is Carlos Boozer vs Chris Bosh.

  187. jone says:

    still miami will win it.. unless one of its superstars got injured.. period..

  188. Ray says:

    Lets be real here, we all know these are two great teams. jimmister Was right about the Bulls Bench, They are truely better than the heats bench. But notice the heat bench isn’t all that horrible, their actually pretty decent. To tell the truth, people can argue all day, compare stats, whatever, but we really don’t know whats gonna happen. I agree totally with allaroundballer “the one who controls the fourth quarter will win” but even then if the score is closes we want know, anything can happen. I know some people gonna argue and be like “well, if it comes to the fourth quarter, lebron will disappear”. I read in an article that magic johnson said lebron doesnt have that confidence. Once he gains it, who’s to say that they can’t win a NBA Championship? The bulls are having problems with injurys, I believe their players will be healthy when the time comes. Nd For jimmister about the heat fan comment ! I am a LEBRON Fan : D

    • shhh says:

      Lebron disappears in the 4th quarter.
      A lot of people hate him that’s why they keep repeating it.
      I’m not a Lebron fan but I saw him played well in the 4th quarters last season except during the finals.

      I would like your Heat and my Thunder meet in the finals, I think it would be a helluva series.

  189. welcome back to reality says:

    @theguywithopinion – heat only wants spotlight?!? r u freaking serious?!? dey came together sacrifice a lot of money sacrificed their individual stats to only steal some spotlights?!? if lebron wade and bosh just wants spotlight dey should have stayed on their respectiv teams alone and not share it with 2 other suoerstars.. they want to win and want to win it now more than any other team in the league they have a lot to prove and they just fall 2 wins short last year and aiming to complete it all this year.. im sorry for the word but that really is a stupid comment..

  190. Luke says:

    Chicago’s bench doesn’t put them at a major advantage over Miami – if that were true they would have won last year. Miami’s bench has improved while Chicago’s has stayed the same. Miami will by playoff time have presumably a healthy Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, James Jones, and Shane Battier, among others. Jones and Miller are two of the best 3-point shooters in the league. Udonis is a fantastic player. Battier is a lock-down defender and a brilliant mind.

    Chicago has the “bench mob” of Ronnie Brewer, Taj Gibson, Omer ASik, and CJ Watson. Although their talents are more spread out – Brewer’s Defense, Taj’s Midrange Jumper, Omer’s inside defense, and Watson’s PG skills, none of them individually is as good of a player as the Miami Bench individually. Don’t forget that when on their game, Miller and Haslem rebound well above their size.

    I don’t see how the “bench” is going to be the difference this year when it couldn’t do it last year.

    • shhh says:

      IF they meet again in east finals, i think it will be the same story last year.
      Bulls starts of the series strong, then that’s it.
      Look how hot Taj was in Gm 1 last year, cooled off next game.

      Bulls has better bench the Heat I think, but both benches are not consistent.

      The series will come down to wade, james vs rose.

  191. Fablad says:

    I think ther are Two factors people totaly disregard about chicago. Number one they have the best coaching in the league, Thibs has proven even without the bulls “only go to guy” he can win games. Second they dont have three “all stars” like miami but they do have an entire team even on the bench that steps up at crucial points and makes plays or supports drose. Prime examples John Lucas III, Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver, CJ Watson, etc. the list goes on and on. Yes the miami heat may have three players that are offensively excellent BUT! What happens when your supper stars sit down will your supporting cast pick up the slack? or will three people be expected to carry an entire game?

    • Sideliner says:

      Yeah…and Miami’s three star players will put in anywhere from 60-80 points a night. So what about the other 5 or 6 players that will play with them. Hmmm that’s a tough one.
      Now tell me, how many points will D-Rose put in? IF, unlike last year, he gets past Lebron and D-Wade, he may make 20-30. And the rest of his team, let’s not even consider that: Noah is not an offensive force, Boozer will choke under pressure as he has his whole career, and especially being guarded by Chris Bosh or Joel Anthony; Deng will have Battier–one of the great lock-down players–on him, and then who picks up at the 2 to be guarded by D-Wade? Sorry, I’m not a Heat fan, but they’re the top in the East, no matter how well Chicago plays.

  192. charles says:

    Chicago is a great regular season team. They are a good playoff team. Miami is a good regular season team, and a great playoff team, but have not yet been a championship team. Lebron is a rare talent. He took the Cleveland Caveliers to the finals when they had no business being there (without him they were the worse team in the NBA). Miami needs to find a way to make sure Lebron has more than enough gas in the tank in fourth quarters. He needs the zen master to tell him – every minute in the game is not equal….

    • chitowns finest says:

      Don’t make no excuses for someone who calls their self kingjames but have no clutch jean and very afraid of the moment I don’t need to make examples you already know so please come better than that

      • Sideliner says:

        says the fan of the team who was burned last year in the clutch by Lebron James when it mattered in the playoffs.

  193. Mark says:

    Chicago is better in the regular season, but in the playoffs they cant handle Miami.
    Chicago was supposed to beat them last year too remember? At this point in the season last year everything looked just like it does now between the two teams.

  194. Rob says:

    yes yes, we saw last year how miami “only has lebron and wade”.

    as for your stupid question, jimmister, you are acting like Miami Heat had ZERO fans before Lebron came….looks like someone is forgetting the championship roster back in the days with Zo, Shaq, Payton and all those other guys.

  195. Gonzo says:

    MIAMI’S TAKING THE SERIES 4-2. I say this based on what Sekou stated in regards to Miami’s big 2 Lebron and Wade and Chicago only has D-Rose and _________? No one else can be clutch besides Rose.

    • Jorge says:

      Three times(this year) D-rose has hit a game leading shot in the final 10 seconds of the game(That’s 3 for 3 btw). We all talk about wade and James getting better. All the meanwhile, Rose is actually gettiing it done. Do we not remember what Chicago did in the final seconds of tight games againt the Lakers ad Celtics? That’s right. Last second DEFENSIVE blocks!! Defense is what wins championships. Chicago doesnt have to be steller at something they are not(offense). they just have to be focused on doing what they know best. DEFENSE!!! you guys act as if Chicago can’t score. Plus when Chicago misses, guess who will get the majority of rebounds and 2nd chance points? It will be a great series but doesn’t fudamental basketball win in the end? (I.e. Dallas Mavericks)

  196. theguywithopinions says:

    its hard to win games when your team gets out rebounded 39-55. thats a lot less possesions and oyu have to be a HELL of a lot more efficient. miami.. efficient ….. in the half court? yeah their better then last year. but dont make me laugh

    • Sideliner says:

      so…you think the fact that Miami pummeled Chicago last year has nothing to do with what will happen this year? Maybe if Chicago had shaken things up a bi…oh wait, they made zero changes to their roster except for the addition of Rip Hamilton (wow, what a star he’s been for the bulls…). Miami drafted Norris Cole, who has been awesome off the bench for them. They have Shane Battier, who can knock down a clutch 3, has veteran experience, and is a great defender. Miami made great additions to their team. And as far as desire goes, I’m pretty sure Miami has at least as much desire to win as Chicago does. But desire doesn’t win it all: it’s talent & desire. Where does Chicago rate on the talent scale? 1—and that just so happens to be Derrick Rose’s number.

      • jamal says:

        all them guys couldn’t stop dirk nowitzki in the clutch

      • Sideliner says:

        Fair point Jamal, but this isn’t a question of Dallas against Miami is it? And, as shown, Dallas has clearly not been good enough this year to contest the Heat, and to your point, they still have Dirk. I think Nowitzki was a star last year in the Finals, I was rooting for him the whole time. But Dallas wasn’t a one man show: they had Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd, Barea, Stevenson, and more to bolster them to the Title. Chicago doesn’t have a Dirk Nowitzki, a Tyson Chandler, or a Shawn Marion, a Jason Kidd, or a Stevenson–who are all great one-on-one defenders. Chicago’s best one-on-one defender is Luol Deng and, take a look at him, he’s got a bad wrist.

      • Sick says:

        nice comment sideliner..

  197. theguywithopinions says:

    anybody who says either of these teams will win hands down is not very smart and they dont know basketball. this isnt a video game. the same outcomes dont happen everytime. the bulls are tough. and they WANT to win a lot more then miami does. miami wants to be in the spotlight chicago wants the chaampionship. both these teams could beat each other in a 7 game series. it all comes down to…. execution.

    • Dude says:

      You think Miami doenst want to win? have you seen them play? they dont want the spotlight, they could give a rats about that, if there is team that wants the spotlight is New York (me being a Knick fan makes me sick) is such an ignorant statement for people to say that the Heat dont care. The Bulls are playing out of their minds and I give them credit, they can legitly beat the Heat, and it can go either way, but health is what will be very important and can be the deciding factor in a series were both teams have good defensive rosters. The Heat have improved their bench, but their bench can be injured and people think its garbage, Udonis haslem is the leader in rebounds for a player coming off the bench, Miller is one the league leading three point shooters and so is Chalmers, Norris Cole can KINDA keep up with Drose, and Shane Battier is no scrub, that dude can play anybody on defense and knock down threes.

      • Bob Medina says:

        The Miami players love attention and spotlight.. that’s why they had their “championship” celebrations declaring themselves kings of the NBA before taking the court so stop kidding yourself.. I will not say they do not want to win, however.. Lebron was the reason why they lost in the finals as he was just horrible.. the difference between the Bulls and Miami is that the Bulls rely on perfect TEAM play while Miami relies on Lebron and D Wade to perform at a high level and win games for them.. either team can win a 7 game series against the other.. it will just come down to who wants it more

    • FredFredBurger says:

      Chicago wants to win more than Lebron, Wade, and Bosh….. Really?

    • Basketball studies says:

      What is it that we use to determine if a player wants to win or not…bc to say to lbj and dwade and bosh who are playing on a higher level then last year and lbj playing on a level higher then anyone who is in the nba right doesnt want to win makes no since. You fans give miami the spotlight bc you hate them so much #teamheat

    • Law064 says:

      @Matt that’s the truth. Miami barley beat the Bulls without Deng then the Bulls beat the heat without rose so the heat should worry about the Bulls. I’m not saying that Chicago will win for sure but they have a better chance this season. Go Bulls Go Celtic’s

      • shhh says:

        last season, bulls won the heat season series but got torched in the east finals.
        there is no clear-cut outcome on this yet, anything may happen.

        the big question is, how sure are we that they’re going to meet in the east finals again?

  198. Sideliner says:

    Ummmm no. Chicago won’t beat Miami in a 7 game series. They’re consistent in the regular season: but when it comes to the playoffs, let’s just call them Chokago. They don’t have anyone but Derrick Rose who can close, and they lack the offensive prowess to beat Miami’s defense. When Lebron and D-wade get running, not even a bull can keep up with them. Chicago’s got the flash, but the wear and tear of the postseason–especially considering the injuries to their two best players–will bring them down. If it’s between Miami and Chicago, Miami has it in no more than 6, and that’s giving Chicago credit.

    • Luke says:

      Chokago? I guess fans of this Miami Sweep team don’t remember what happened last year in finals.

      • Sideliner says:

        ha nah Luke, I ain’t a fan of the Heat. I’d love to see the Bulls sweep them in the Eastern Conference Finals. But the fact of the matter is, they choked last year against Miami, and nothing’s changed in Chicago since then, but a lot has changed for Miami–most notably, their bench. My usage of the term “Chokago” was, undeniably, a statement that though Chicago is a great team, I don’t think they have what it takes to pull through the tough spans against Miami, and they will choke, just like they did last year.

      • jamal says:

        chokago really..look at Lebroken and D-layed

      • Sideliner says:

        You can’t call Lebron and D-Wade losers for beating out Chicago last year. Chicago choked last year, and then Miami choked in the Finals. But…here’s the difference between them, Miami actually made it to the Finals.

    • TrueBullsFan23 says:

      You obviously haven’t watched the Bulls this year.

      • Matt says:

        You can go ahead and keep bringing up LAST year, but this year the Heat have played the Bulls twice. They barely beat the Bulls without Deng, the only person who can respectably guard Lebron and they lost to the Bulls without Rose. THIS year the teams are completely different and the Heat have a lot of questions to answer.

      • Sideliner says:

        Guys, this isn’t about the regular season. Chicago won the regular season series between them last year, and I don’t expect it will be drastically different. You can have off games in the regular season–but guess what, when it’s playoff time, the Bulls have some REAL competition. Who’d they play last year to get to the Eastern Conference Finals? Hmmm how ’bout the Hawks–the flops of the East–and the Pacers–who were never developed into a strong enough team anyway. But in contrast, Miami beat Philly, then Boston, then Chicago.

      • Sideliner says:

        This year, the only team that’s different is the Heat: they’ve upgraded. What questions do they have to answer? They have a better record now than they did last year; they have a better bench than they did last year; they have better team chemistry than they did last year. All this “questions to answer” is stupid: it’s all done up by the journalists. Two weeks ago the world was flapping their gums about the brilliance of the Clippers, and then this Hang Time Blog post is put up: “about time someone lit into the Clips”. Come on, get your head into the truth Matt: Miami had issues last year, they got better through the draft and free agency, and they’re coming harder this year than last year.

  199. Roy says:

    It certainly is a close one, but I just don’t see Chicago being able to win in this one. Chicago does have a more balanced roster but that is negated by the fact that they are injury prone and Miami has a deeper rotation now. Plus Lebron & Wade are playing a lot more effeciently than last year. Not to mention they have 3 go-to-guys in the clutch, Chicago has 1. My prediction. Miami in 6.

    • Ryan says:

      Bulls do have the capacity to win. Bulls has probably the deepest roster in the nba. If the bench place a decent game then chicago will probably beat miami because miami’s bench is garbage… just how chicago bench out scored miami’s bench 31-2 at the half in john lucas’s breakout game. Sure lebron and dwade and to a extent bosh can score but its a team sport and really a team is only as good as its bench. The importance of the bench is always being under appreciated. Too much focus is put on the “Stars” in my opinion the bench is just as important as any star player on a team and chicago have the best bench in the nba by far

      • ThisGuy says:

        Are you kidding me? Shane Battier, Norris Cole, A healthy Mike Miller, and Udonis Haslem are garbage? Anybody can have an off night and I’ll admit that Miami’s bench has lost it’s rhythm since the all-star break. But they do provide a strong defensive presence and when they play with confidence they can definitely score points. Chicago’s bench IS better than Miami’s, but Miami’s bench is the farthest from garbage.

  200. lordbmills says:

    Bulls in six this year.

  201. Jorge says:

    Thibs is going to out coach Miami and the Chicago benchmob is going to be the deciding factor. Chicago bench mob vs. Miami’s bench? I’ll take Chicago thank you. Let Lebron and Wade score. Chicago will just play lock down defense on the rest of Miami. And Thibs will win Back to back Coach of the Year. This here is a team game, Thats why Dallas won last year. The “superstars” are just here for our entertainment. DANCE MONKEY!!!

    • jimmister says:

      Chicago will beat the Heat off the bench and boards. Come on the heat have only two scores lebron and wade. What will happpen when they get subbed, the Bulls will take advantage off it and win. This year the Bulls are more than ever ready for them. One Question for the Heat Fans, Were you Heat fans before or after they aquired lebron and bosh?

      • me says:

        question for bulls fan, were you bulls fans before or after rose started to play and chicago started to do well? First year of rose playing, chicago still wasnt good, second year they performed well in the season and everyone started to cheer for them.

      • alex says:

        lol you do realise bulls have had highest attendence for last 3 years so ot plastic fans at all get facts right lmao

      • Belizeboy says:

        “Bench and boards” this was last years argument…

    • Alexis Syms says:

      Dance Monkey? Sounds racist Jorge!. Why are these players referred to as animals, they are atheletes and have accomplished more than you ever will. LeBron has shut down Rose, Rose as a matter of fact can’t make a clutch free throw against Miami, which is sad. Also LeBron trust his teammates, unlike Rose whom I guarantee will try to do too much in the playoffs. Besides I think New York will upset Chicago, remember New York was injury prone and fought down to the wire against Boston in the first round. GO MIAMI HEAT! LeBron,Dwade, Bosh, and the heatles deserve to win a NBA championship this year and for years to come. No one person or TEAM can stop them. They will only get better.

      • antiguanbull says:

        come on guys, miami is a great show peice but they are not going to run over a depleted bulls team this year……….. haven’t you seen what happened a couple weeks ago with a banged up BULLS team???? and a very healthy Miami that had all their star players!!!!!!! I have been a bulls fan since 1980 and I will never stop being one……. I have been there through the 16 – 66 seasons and worst been there for the highs and lows but Miami beter watch out this is our yr our new DYNASTY has just begun GO BULLS ITS OUR TIME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

      • chitowns finest says:

        You mean like dallas did last year?

      • Yes, the New York Knicks will upset the Bulls in the First Round. Or by the Milwaukee Bucks.

        With Monta Ellis around, the Bucks will sweep the Bulls in the First Round.

        How scary!!! Remember the Bulls were beaten by the lowly Warriors in December with Monta Ellis around!

      • Terry says:

        Estaban, are you on Meth? Knicks are the worst big-city franchise in all of sports

    • Amitpal says:

      Chicago is built to win in the regular season but they don’t have enough for the playoffs. Very few superstar players can win on there own like Dirk did last year. He had the right people around him, and played just amazing, almost impossible to stop. But Rose isn’t the same. Rose is 6’3 and height is very important, espically when u have Lebron guarding u. Chicago won’t beat heat and i don’t think they have enough to beat Thunder, spurs or lakers.

      • antiguanbull says:

        are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are better thatn Dallas was last yr!!!! we have gotten better without changing anything…….. tell you whatif Miami win in 7 games i will come here and apologise and call them the grestest ever because they are going to have to be grreat to beat the Greaterst Tean in the NBA today!!!!!!

      • bullsalltheway1 says:

        D rose my be short but he has a 40in. verticle. how many players have a 40in verticle. lebron falls asleep in the fourth and only D wade is kind of cluth. also lebron missed cluth free throws against the bulls not just Rose. and wait till the whole bulls team is healthy again. is they are miami is going down in post-season.

      • chitowns finest says:

        You said that with pride so say you saw what jl3 did to jbj so just imagine what rose is going to do remember the pressure is coming lbj will eventually start choking again it may not be now but it’s coming and don’t say wade he may not make it you know barely holds up and he disapears against the bulls

  202. hello says:

    bulls are healthy last season but what happened? It’s going to be the same this year.

    • Jaykwan says:

      They were not healthy last season. Rose, Boozer, and Joakim all were battling injuries (hence their diminished play and series loss).

      So far, the Bulls have had a lot of regular season injuries. Hopefully Rose comes back soon and Rip soon after that so these guys can build up a flow and chemistry together before the postseason hits.

      The Bulls are a better TEAM this season. I think Rose will be much more comfortable with and confident in his teammates upon his return, and he won’t force things as much when it’s unwise. The defense can be absurdly awesome and the offense is much more smooth than last season. People who say the Bulls can’t beat the Heat are kidding themselves.

      • Belizeboy says:

        They were healthy…stop making excuses.

      • Ian says:

        They Werent Healthy, throughout the playoffs Boozer was battling Turf toe and averaged under 10ppg, and there was no “sidekick” For Derrick..

      • Dude says:

        The Heat were also battling injuries dude, the two key role players, Udonis and Miller were to make a huge impact had they been healthy all year, and when Udonis came back, he wasnt himself that much (except for game 2) and Miller was just incosistent due to the thumb injuries. Their bench was garbage and I was picking the bulls to win, but many times star power is what brings a team the win. Bulls fans are such crybabies and so are heat fans, no excuse for the bulls to lose last year and if Drose didnt have a “sidekick” thats management problem, not player problem. The Heat were missing a legit Center and a PG, so they also had problems themselves. and what happened? they won 4-1. Nobody akes anything that happens in the regular season to the playoffs, boy remember that, I think Heat win in 7

    • David says:

      Never use health as an excuse in the NBA. That is the philosophy of the bulls, the heat, Thibidou, the NBA and should be of the fans too.

    • Terrence says:

      Actuly no the bulls wasnt healthy last season … rose missed games, boozer as well. and during the eastern confrence finals Asik was out with an injury.
      So just like last season the Bulls this year are facing injuries rose is injured again, deng and others. But this is normal in a season no matter what the sport your going to have injuries.
      This year is different from last year besides the short season, many games per week to catch up, then the post season, yet again the bulls are in first!. The Bulls have a deeper “team” the bulls bench out scores the other teams bench, bulls out rebound other teams too. Oh and we have a better record with all these injuries that are lasting more than our injuries last year, Oh yea Boozer is playing like bulls hoped for.
      I am not taking nothing away from the heat i think wade is the true closer of that team and he proves it. Bosh is a solid player.
      Do i think bulls can beat miami in a 7 game series “yes”.
      Another thing heat fans you didn’t win nothing last year!. So see you soon! ha ha ha ha

      • Amac says:

        they beat the bulls, and that was without 2 of there players hat were sidelined for the entire year, mike miller, a great 3-point shooter, and udonis haslem, who is one of the heats best rebounders, so now the heat have a deep bench with battier, miller, norris cole, haslem, plus bosh is playing solid lebron is playing like MVP, and wade is right in the MVP area with lebron. Plus they have ronny turiaf now, another big guy, which is exactly what they needed, another big to grab boards. Miami made it to the finals last year with very few solid players, and now they have a bench, whats stopping them from taking it this year?, and nobody say anything about rip hamilton because he hasnt really done anything worth mention, and john lucas the 3rd might have done good against heat that 1 game but, its not like he will do that consistently, i mean hes a 3rd string player so you have no arguement there, boozer isnt chris bosh, deng isnt lbj, 4ose is better than chalmers, but wade is better than rip, i really dont think chicago has done anything significant enough to get them over the heat,

  203. miami boy says:

    heat will win hands down

    • chitown says:

      no they stink

    • imad akel says:

      im a heat fan and im not sure miami is favoured…

      They beat the heat, WITHOUT rose…That’s, bad…

      And really @Steve Aschburner? The Heat have been whacking away at bulls players to win?

      Everyone knows the bulls are the most ruthless, aggressive (on defense and offense) team in the league. Make no mistake, Tom Thibodeau turned his players into an army. If they get hurt, it is definitely not coz Eric Spoelstra or any of the Heat players are working a tactic.

      When the Heat come out of a time out, their game is to get steals and run.
      When the Bulls come out of a time out, their game is to be more physical on both ends of the court, and Thib’s signature inside trax is to “Help each other out on D, USE YOUR FOULS”

  204. allaroundballer says:

    Both have problem in the clutch. The one who control the 4th quarter is the winner. If the score are tight, nobody knows.
    I just hope Bulls get healthy in time

    • TrueBullsFan23 says:

      The Bulls are actually really clutch so I don’t know where you’re getting that statement from.

      • Harison says:

        As soon as issues regarding ‘clutch’ play comes up everyone knows we are talking about LeBron. Its a given. The problem I find with that is it was just one time, sure he did not perform as we are accustomed to, and sure, it was probably the most important time for him to have performed but he has had many ‘clutch’ moments throughout his career so far. In my opinion, it was a one time thing. I guess we will find out when it comes down to business in late playoff game situations, but I for one have full faith that LeBron will not only be able to handle himself in those close late in the fourth quarter scenarios but will be able to hold the whole team up as he did for so many years in Cleveland. And if he can’t every so often then maybe we should look at the whole dynamic of what a ‘team’ is. They do have Dwayne and Bosh there, which are both All-Star players and very capable of finishing in clutch situations