Simply Put: Fans Ruin Mullin’s Moment

Wait, remind me again: Was this Chris Mullin Night, or Chris Cohan Night?

A packed house picked the wrong time to be unruly when a ceremony designed to honor one of the all-time Warriors greats turned into an Oakland Raiders game. The way the Warriors fans ruined it for Mullin was shameful and disrespectful. The way they booed the wrong owner, someone who’s willing to move the franchise beyond the decade-long debacle overseen by the old owner, Cohan, was misguided.

Here’s what happened: Mullin’s jersey was retired Monday night in a long-anticipated ceremony. Mullin was and is one of the great inspirations in the game, someone who overcame alcoholism early in his career to become a truly great shooter, the face of the Warriors and eventually, a Hall of Famer. He had his family, and his brother’s family, along with a number of former teammates and coaches along for the moment. And quite understandably, the applause for Mullin was thick and warm.

And then, Joe Lacob, the new owner of the Warriors, decided to take the mic and speak. For this, he was booed. Heavily. Loudly. And constantly. It was tough to watch, but even more, it left you wondering: Why?

You could understand if it was Cohan, who ran the team poorly during his tenure from 1995-2010, made questionable decisions and saw the Warriors turn to dust on his Rolex. But this was Lacob. He’s a basketball guy. He’s a basketball fan. He’s the one who’s coming to the rescue. His wealth is only surpassed by his passion for the game and his willingness to turn the franchise around. He’s a guy many believe overpaid for the Warriors, but that’s OK with him, because he wanted to be dealt in. That’s how badly he wanted to be at the owners’ table, and good for him.

Obviously, the fans are still in a huff over the Monta Ellis trade, and took their frustrations out on Lacob. He acknowledged as much after the game, telling Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears:

Look, fans are upset that we traded one of their favorites,” Lacob said after the Warriors’ 97-93 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. “That’s all I can attribute that to. What I feel bad about is they ruined a night that was very special. The organization really tried to do the right thing for with Chris.

“I feel good that we did that. I felt bad for Chris more than anything else.”

Lacob initially tried to talk over the boos at the beginning of his speech from the floor of Oracle Arena. “Now that we got that over with,” he said, only it wasn’t over. The fans started chanting, “We want Monta,” and the boos became louder. Lacob tried to use his notes to continue speaking, but each hesitation brought only more jeers. Finally overwhelmed 45 seconds into his speech, Lacob went silent.

“I was hoping they would stop so I could get the nice words out that we prepared for Chris,” Lacob said. “They didn’t want to stop. So I just waited.”

In the process of booing Lacob, Golden State fans will have their basketball IQ seriously questioned because of it.

Put it this way: New York fans wouldn’t have booed. They would’ve cheered. They know a good deal when they see it, and while there is a degree of risk in any deal, it’s always good when you can get a big — in this case, Andrew Bogut — for a small. Sure, Bogut needs to be healthy for next season and beyond, but the Warriors gave up a volume shooter (OK, also promising-but-raw big man Ekpe Udoh) for someone who can rebound, defend and pass from the post. When’s the last time the Warriors had that kind of center?

The best move of the night belonged to Mullin (no surprise there), who put a protective arm around Lacob when the boos escalated. Mullin is the rare shooter who also knows when to lend an assist. Maybe the fans should do the same.


  1. jan_279 says:

    Absolute disrespect right here! The man put up MVP-worthy production for your team for years and led it to many playoff appearances and one Western Conference Finals appearance and this is what your gonna give in exchange?!?! SO DISGRACEFUL!!

  2. David says:


    Why they boo’d. Long article but totally worth it.

  3. Marc says:

    I was at the game. I did not boo and it was a lot louder than it appeared on TV. I actually support the trade (getting a small for a big is unheard of), but I understand the reason for the booing. His biggest mistake was saying “Now that we got that over with” and the long pauses. He got booed for maybe 30 seconds and when it started to die down, he said “now that we got that over with”, which just added the fuel for it to re-intensify and go for another like 2 minutes. And you are oversimplifying why people booed. It was partly due to the Monta trade, yes because he was a fan favorite. It was also due to the mishandling of the trade exemption (Charlie Bell and not Biedrins?), Linsanity (also a fan favorite last year even though he didn’t do much), promising big moves and getting none, promising playoffs and continuing to lose, and watching a pathetic first half where they scored 35 points in the first half (being out hustled, missing shots, turning the ball over, etc.). I understand why they booed, but I didn’t boo. Joe Lacob and his team are trying and I like that he is trying.

  4. theflowson says:

    I don’t think the fans realize that Lacob is trying his best, Warrior fans aren’t the only ones spending money, but he is putting his own money, time and effort and is dedicated to turning the GSW franchise around. I honestly felt sorry for the dude when he took the microphone and it was just completely uncalled for; you can tell that it hurt him to see this reaction. How can you “boo” a dude who is only 2 years into his ownership, give him a chance at least, he’s tryin to do what is best. Yes, Monta Ellis is a fan favourite of GSW, yes he is exciting, but where has he taken GSW? Pretty much nowhere, yes he is averaging 22/6, but it wasn’t a very efficient 22/6 and if Bogut can stay healthy he can be a major contributor to this team, moreso then Ellis as they have other good scorers like Curry, David Lee, Wright who can step it up.

    There are good and knowledgable fans out there in GSW, but clearly their emotions and attachment to Monta Ellis got the better of them. Still though, completely the wrong time to express their displeasure. They need to move on, keep supporting the team from the ownership right down to the players and look forward to the future. Lets face it, GSW was going nowhere fast.

  5. Adam says:

    Owner is disconnected from reality. Reality is that he traded a 22/6 sg in his prime for a broken shell of a center and a headcase so toxic that he could only be traded for an over the hill over paid player in Jefferson.

    He thought that he’d be warmly welcomed? STUPID. The author of this piece saying Knicks fans wouldn’t boo Jimmy Dolan?

    LMFAO. Selective memory much?

  6. NBA fan 123 says:

    I think that it was unfortunate that the booing occurred during chris mullins ceremony but the only time the fans did boo was when warrior management took the microphone. I think one person made a good point of why would they have the owner introduce when one he was not even the owner at the time and two he was already disliked for his decision on trading monta. Why didnt they have Tim Hardaway or some of the players that actually played during that time, or maybe even the owner at that time. Lets get one thing straight the fans do not control who plays and who doesnt nor do they control who gets traded. The only control they have is their purchasing power and their right to chant and boo when they want to. This was probably the ONLY time they couldve expressed their opinion of the owner.

  7. ballaholikk21 says:

    that what they get for trading a good player, that was the most stupidest they’ve done trade your star player the mine as well trade curry why not get rid of your good players freaking idiots man

  8. Chico Rose says:

    Imagine some Laker great being honored the week after Derek Fisher was traded, and Jim Buss took the microphone. It’s a situation ripe for booing, isn’t it? Hindsight is always 20/20, but a lot of unpleasantness could have been avoided had Chris Mullin’s jersey been retired BEFORE the trading deadline, say the first Warrior home game after the all-star break.

  9. Ianbearpig says:

    Some people say here that this is the wrong venue and timing, but it was the fan’s first chance to give it to the guy over a move they don’t agree with. It is not like the guy goes up and speaks in front of the fans on a nightly basis, giving them the chance to vent. Whats worse than the fans booing? Him showing that it affects him. Maybe if he hadn’t shown his own disgust in the fans, over what seemed to be nonsense to him, they wouldn’t have been so inclined to let him hear exactly how they felt at that moment. He fueled the rage of the fans, clearly, as you could hear their boos increasing in volume and length each time he opened his moronic mouth about anything not to do with Mullin. He should have ignored them, paid his own respect to Mullin and done what he could to make the ceremony enjoyable and respectful. Instead, he antagonizes the fans by trying to justify his own decisions. Someone in his position owes no one an explanation as long as they know they did what they saw was right for the team. The warriors as a franchise are clearly headed south at this point no matter how much they boast a great new coach and a great new deal which, btw, won’t even really affect them until Bogut comes back. The fans will likely be more angry once they see Bogut and his limp elbow try a 15 footer. Good luck cracking into the top 8, warriors. I, for one, have no hope in you ever contending. If you can’t handle the boos, get out of the biz, because it’s all a part of the game.

  10. SHIIII says:

    The fans make me sick. How could thay did that on such an event???!!!

    Pathetic fans….

  11. Ross says:

    The booing was absolutely disgraceful. I was trying to get those around me to stop and show some respect but I was being drowned out. I was sick to my stomach.

  12. Lamar says:

    I agree with the Warriors fan in that the Ellis trade was absolutly terrible for this franchise. Cohan deserves the boos. It’s unfortunate that Chris Mullin the legend had to have his big night ruined. But Cohan is an idiot!

  13. Luke says:

    “Boo some other time,” huh? That’s what the Warriors fan critics would’ve had them do? Trouble is, opportunities like this one, where the owner and the fans he represents meet face-to-face, rarely present themselves. Golden State supporters were angry, and they allowed their anger to show.

    Personally, I thought it was great, and I have no affiliation with the Warriors franchise. No surprise that the owner-tilted would have an article demonizing the fanbase, but they’re inarguably the best in the league, putting up with incompetent manager after incompetent manager. They want to deliver a message to Lacob: don’t be the next one, or else. Bold, brash, and quintessential GS. I loved it.

    Oh, and the Bucks won the trade. Sorry.

  14. alo says:

    Stop with the fans paying the owner’s bill bs. Both sides benefit from the business. Without the owner, fans won’t have basketball games to watch and enjoy. You people act like the fans are the gods and hand out pocket money to the owners. They are rich to begin with.

  15. Tommohawk says:

    I think it’s safe to say not a single fan that booed that night could run the team any better. Nuff said!

  16. Hummungus says:

    Honestly, after this episode, I was Lacob I’d sell the franchise to Seattle and was going home. Oakland there is no more to basketball.

  17. Samuel says:

    Put it this way: New York fans wouldn’t have booed. They would’ve cheered. They know a good deal when they see it, Really? So I guess they must have been booing a lot lately. Dude, are you serious? That’s some serious kissing up right there. Cuz, who is this clown?

  18. Samuel says:

    Trading your best player for a player who is chronically injured is not what I call moving the franchise in the right direction. Don’t forget, the fans are the people to make it possible for these guys to make millions and make it possible for people to get paid to write about it. The Warriors are mortgaging their future of two guys in Curry and Bogat who have proven only one thing, that they cannot be counted on because they both get hurt each and every year. What makes the Warriors or anybody else think they will all of a sudden begin to be healthy. Stupid move. What was disrespectful was for an owner to pull such a move and expect the fans to fall in line, all the while forking over their hard earned money and say nothing. They should boo he and Jerry West every time they grab that mic. (LOL, West knew better).

  19. BrandonSpur says:

    Best “Fans” ?
    i can think of 29 other teams with better fans!!

  20. Ben says:

    These kind of fans probably have their brains resting in a tiny sack South of the belt-line.

  21. jonathan Die Hard GSW Fan says:

    The fans at the game last night made all Warriors fans look bad. Regardless of how anybody feels about the trade, last night was about honoring Chris Mullin in front the fans who supported him throughout his career. Fans at the game didn’t show him the respect he deserved. Don’t bunch all Warriors fans together, because the bunch who were booing are stupid.

  22. shink213 says:

    this is what happens when you trade your teams star player who has been there his entire career….season ticket holders/other fans who pay a lot of money to support the warriors didn’t like the decision and that is the only way for them to let the owner know….its not like they can call/txt him about it. he messed up and deserved every second of the boos.

  23. Mino says:

    How sad, a great player like Mullin had to endure this on HIS night. Disgusting, he should have been getting honored, feeling great and sentimental but instead he probably spent that whole time wondering about the boos. Way to go Golden State, this current fanbase is extremely immature.

  24. LA LAKERS says:

    The headline says it all. “FANS RUIN MULLIN’S MOMENT” repeat “MULLIN’S MOMENT”. I can just imagine what he was thinking about the fans that were booing.

  25. Warrior Fan1237893749842 says:

    I just want to make the point that Joe Lacob should have maybe mentioned something about it being Chris Mullin’s night but THAT’S IT. When he said, “Now that we got that over with.” This obviously is just going to fuel the fire! This comment contributed to making it about the trade as opposed to being about Mullin. Personally I am on the fence about whether or not it was “okay” for fans to boo as I am a long time warrior fan, however what got me most angry is Lacob’s inability to be a professional and just read his speech through the boos. Players play through boos all the time, get it together and read a speech through some boos and move on Lacob.

  26. Tree says:

    Wow. That’s disgraceful, I can’t believe the fans there would do that. I was at a Nuggets game last night, and there were these idiot fans behind us who were cussing out basically everyone who touched the ball, loudly and obnoxiously. So there’s always a few morons that tend to ruin it for others, but to have so many people booing is absurd.

    And I think it’s disgusting there’s so many people in the comments here who are excusing or defending the behavior. Any fan that would boo ANYONE during Chris Mullin’s retirement ceremony is a jerk. Period. No excuses, that’s flat out wrong and everybody knows it.

  27. RJ says:

    The booing fans were clearly the idiots. You mean to tell me that they came to game after game and watched the Warriors lose even with Monta scoring 20-plus a night, and they WANTED those losses to continue? I’d be the first one to say that Monta was a hell of a lot of fun to watch, but I’d rather watch a winning TEAM. Give Lacob some credit for bringing a potential star to Oakland. How many top-ten centers have been clamoring to come here?

  28. tommy says:

    “New York fans wouldn’t have booed. They would’ve cheered.” Don’t give that “would have” bull. How do you know that? Don’t make unsure statements like that. And I think its good they booed, as the Warriors for the most part have been a pathetic franchise recently, save for a couple of seasons, and then you take away their favorite and most exciting player. And who cares if it was Chris Mullin’s night, this guys already been awarded, being payed millions of dollars playing the game of basketball. Fans payed money to sit in those seats, and deserve the right to express their opinion, as long as no one gets hurt. There’s nothing wrong with booing an owner.

    –Coming from a NON-Warriors fan/supporter.

    • Mino says:

      take away chris mullin and I bet golden state wouldnt even exist. run tmc was the only good thing for that franchise in the past 20 years, had it not that team would be long gone.

      yeah, its a game. yeah they payed for a seat. so morally does that give them the right to act like complete monkeys?

      Maybe some people paid to go watch a pleasant night honoring chris and what he gave to GS, and then watch a game.

  29. Roy says:

    Poor guy, those fans really ruined a special moment for him. I hope they are all ashamed of themselves

  30. KnicksfanJ says:

    Mullins night? So Chris Mullins fans got in free and all those people didn’t pay to come in? It’s the paying customer’s night because without them Chris Mullins doesn’t have anywhere to play or have his jersey retired. Season ticket holders THIS year have to watch a terrible product. They don’t discounts on those tickets. They have the right to boo.

  31. Tim says:

    Bring the Warriors to Seattle. We’ll treat them right.

    • Bird33 says:

      Tim – based on what I saw last night in GS, if it was up to me – it would be the Seattle Warriors (ok Supersonics 🙂 right now – that was god damn disgraceful. Good luck getting a new team – Seattle certainly deserves one over GS.

  32. MathesonKwik says:

    Just ONE MORE reason that Bay area fans are going to be thought of as uneducated pieces of trash. They act like it.

    • NBA fan 123 says:

      One question, how can you be a bad fan when you support a team even when theyre losing. And how can they be stupid fans if they disagree with an owners decision. I suppose a good fan would not support the team when they lose and a smart fan would be happy about any decision they make. For the people that keep calling Warrior fans stupid, wouldnt that make you an even bigger idiot for calling a large group of people a name without even knowing anything about them.

  33. joel says:

    the fans…..

  34. joel says:

    This fans paid for there ticket to go see the game/ ceremonie so they got all the rights to booo who ever they want ,, you idiots!!!!

  35. Thats pretty disgusting behavior from Warriors fans right there, no matter how you feel about the Ellis trade, thats no reason to ruin a great night for a franchise CHAMPION like Mullin. Really dissapointing. Also, check this new blog out for a Aussie point of view on NBA matters. Thanks

  36. DanDaMan says:

    I like Chris Mullin.

  37. Monna Me says:

    O.M.G!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen something like this not even in baseball whe the fans get angry for a mad call that an umpire made on his favorite team.This was disrespecful,insulting,embarrasing,out of place and obviously unconfortable.I though that the Warriors we’re clever fans,this shoulnd’t be happening in the world of sports and i get that sometimes we get mad for some decisions the coaches and team owners made but that’s how the ball rolls,you just got to acept the things and decisions that they made,ther’ always for the good of the team,that’s how you winn championships risking some things,players and doing decisions for the good of the team.THUMBS DOWN FOR THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-(

    • 916 says:

      They have every right to boo. They pay for the tickets, they buy the jerseys, and if it wasn’t for the fans would there be an arena to even hang Mully’s jersey in the rafters. They traded away the star player for an oft-injured big man. And with Curry injured where is any production gonna come from? Not only did you trade away Monte but you traded away Udoh who is a promising big man. GSW traded away players for a bunch of “if’s”.

  38. HH says:

    Well, the fans have got the right to express their opinion whenever they want. Remember they are the ones paying their tickets, the ones purchasing the products, the ones basketball is all about.. fans.
    So in my opinion , Barry should’ve respect them and Lacob must take decisions acording to the benefit of the warriors, without ignoring those ‘boos’.

  39. Blair says:

    The fans have spoken. Who’s buying tickets? Chris Mullin? Joe Lacob? The fans are unhappy with the product that their money has been used to make and they’re expressing their displeasure. Nobody likes being criticized and I’m sure if Lacob would’ve put himself out there in any other medium to give the fans an opportunity to let him know what they thought of the trade, then they would have booed him then too. This was just the first and most likely only opportunity given.

  40. Scott says:

    Those fans are so unintelligent it’s ridiculous. Do they not realize that it is the the GM (NOT club owner Chris Cohan) who executed the trade?

  41. PayingCustomer says:

    they’re from the bay area… what else would you expect

  42. twolves says:

    So when a player wants out, its ok to boo that player?(lebron, vince, ….)
    So when management gets rid of a player, its not ok to boo?
    If you think thats disrespectful, thats how business is conducted in the nba.
    Oh yea, love it when sterns get booed whenever hes on the mic.

  43. Armin Halvadzic says:

    Express your emotions that’s cool but if you love Golden State Warriors and you are a loyal fan then you are not going to act like that when one of your best players off all time is having his jersey retire. It’s like starting a big fight with your mom or dad on their birthday. Like…let it go for one day because of the respect.

  44. HMH says:

    Now I know why this team doesn’t win. They always hang their hats on the wrong players (e.g., Ellis, who last time I checked, is not the type of franchise player to lead a team to a championship) and have some pretty dumb people working for them (e.g., previous owner). Now, it seems that their fan base is growing more cognizant of this fact right up to the point where they can no longer think straight and act decent. If that’s the case, these fans deserve this team…

  45. Mo says:

    Quit blaming the Fans for choosing the wrong time to voice their opinion! The Fans opinion is what matters most at the end of the day.
    The Warriors Management team should get the blame for choosing the wrong time to Honour Chris Mullin! The guys making the big bucks should be smarter than that and Honour the great players during times of stability, not after trading their best and one of their most loved players.

  46. Mack says:

    Lets face it. Most “fans” that attend games do not fully understand the operation of a franchise. They come for the star players and the star they came to watch, Monta Ellis, was traded away on them. If you were to ask the fans that booed during Mullin’s ceremony what he had contributed to the team I promise 99% would have not been able to give you a real answer.

    Most basketball fans do not know jack about the business end of basketball and that is the truth.

  47. pharoh says:

    warriors fans have been with this team through good and bad times, they are dedicated, the arena get filled every night more than arena with big stars like miami….remember no fans no basketball either…so fans comes first, teams and owners get paid by the fans PERIOD

  48. cp3 says:

    While ny cheered for carmelo, that is because he is a franchise player. He is also a fan favorite. What dennis said is true though, how many times did monta get the warriors to the playoffs? He even had championship peices around him and couldn’t get it done. Besides, the owner rarely has anything to do with a trade.

  49. Senstar says:

    It is very natural for Golden State fans to act that way. The team who maybe could have been a playoff contender by the end of the season lost their chance. The two reliable player Monta Ellis and Udoke got traded. If they had waited till the season ended would have been appropriate. The team has lost 4 straight games and could get worse only if tow veterans Nate and Rush could help till Curry comes back from his injury. Fill bad for Mark Jackson. Don’t forget Sac Kings is catching up quickly the way they are playing right now.

  50. Enough says:

    Why are the fans being insulted? Simply put: emotion ruins reporter’s news article. I don;t know why, but I like this story. I think the trade makes Golden State better in the long run, but I think the fans are thinking short-term. It’s hard to keep buying tickets if you think the management has given up on the season. What I hear in this story is that the fans expressed that feeling to the owner at the first opportunity they had. It’s unfortunate for Chris that it happened when it did, but when would they have another chance like that with the owner in the spotlight?

    • mike says:

      Its hard to do, but if you want to ever see your team get better you have to keep supporting even if it is difficult… thats life.

  51. Warriors Fan says:

    I’m a Warriors fan and I’m appauled they would do this… Lacob is great owner and he’s truly trying to make the Warriors a better team. It was disrespectful to Lacob and Mullin… I’m sad to see Warriors fans at that game resort to that… I love Monta Ellis like any other Warriors fan, but that is just disrespectful and he really deserves better…

    • Mino says:

      I agree, he didnt make the trade because he hates the team, he owns it. he’s just trying to make the team better

  52. danny says:

    im shocked the owner had the guts to talk in the mic after trading ellis.. if he thought he wasnt going to hear boo’s what did he think he would hear? Cheering? -jokes-

    • mike says:

      He traded Ellis because it needed to be done. Ellis hasnt done a DAMN THING for the GSW. If they want to get better in the future this was the BEST thing to do and get some quality for him while he was still worth something. Good trade in my opinion and needed to be done.

  53. Gel says:

    This disgusts me. You golden state fans are trash beyond belief.

  54. Sean says:

    Fans show some respect for your owner. I know he made a bad move by trading Monte Ellis. But seriously, when hes trying to speak show some respect. If you want to boo him and say disrespectful things about Joe Lacob, do it elsewhere. Learn some manners.

  55. HandsomeFan says:

    Lacob shouldn’t have said anything at all. Less than a week earlier he traded the most beloved Warrior since Chris Mullin played. Fans were angry, most were young and fairly inebriated as well. What did he expect to happen?

    • mike says:

      He expected the fans to have respect for Chris Mullin, the greatest player in GSW’s history and be mindfull that this was Chris’s night, not theirs.

  56. Wake up says:

    Monta Ellis is like Allen Iverson, an excellent “individual” basketball player. In the coming yeara, he will no doubt be in “All Stars” game, and maybe get “MVP” or “Scoring Champ” just like Allen Iverson did, and maybe that’s pretty much about it after his career end.

    Basketball is a “TEAM” sport, and we “Warriors” needs team players in order to get over that hump.

  57. karlo says:

    We Want Monte…. to go to the playoffs. they’ll beat the knicks for the number 8 spot. MUMUHAHAHAHAH

  58. ben says:

    yeah blame it on the fans… the wariors fans are not going to be puppet fans, and im truly sorry for mullin but he shuold stand still and let the man face the boos he desrevd

    • mike says:

      Wow you are truly a hypocrite… Im sure if you you were being honored for your lifes work you would want people to be booing during your introduction. Yeah just shut up and let the fans boo even though you made the GSW a household name and is the only bright spot in your organizations history… No one is saying the fans should be puppet fans, its all about respect and knowing the right time to voice your displeasure. Very Simple. There were plenty of other nights to do this and it could have waited till after the ceremony.

  59. joe says:

    fans can give displeasure, i dont even think it was that bad. I think Jacobs paused too much and gave invitations for boos. The boos were not even that bad. Oakland is full of good fans, go warriors.

    • mike says:

      I love how people try to justify poor behavior and blame someone else. Bottom line is they chose a bad time to voice their displeasure, just wait till after the ceremony is over. Give the reason there even is a basketball team in GS some respect… he has earned it.

  60. kiefer says:

    im booing because they got kwame brown for 7 million

    thank god someone finally voiced their displeasure, the fans will always be the only thing not controlled by david stern

    i miss the old nba

  61. S man says:

    I have the utmost respect for mullin, being one of my favorite players, but the fans have to voice in their opinion. they are one of the most loyal fans in the nba even though they haven’t been good in a few years. they loved ellis so why trade him. im pretty sure he would have wanted to stay there. im pretty sure they did not want to disrespect mullin but they wanted to voice their opinion on the ellis trade

    • mike says:

      U miss the point, along with everyone else… THIS WAS CHIS MULLINS NIGHT!! not the owners.. you have all game to boo and all night… just have some respect and wait until the ceremony is over!! Some stupid people here

  62. Omar says:

    1:02 “We want Monta!”

  63. new york? hah says:

    “Put it this way: New York fans wouldn’t have booed. They would’ve cheered. They know a good deal when they see it.”

    Shaun Powell, I guess you forgot when the Knicks gave up their promising young squad (Gallinari, Chandler, Mozfov, Felton) that was working and traded them for Melo… and the Knicks fans cheered! However, we all know how that turned out. Knicks may not even be a playoff team this year, my a$$ they know a good deal when they see it.

  64. czardas says:

    The fans who can only do such a reaction on a special night like this should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t even tell somebody that you were there last night because you’ll get a long hard look. Whoever think that the fans did the right thing must be sick and doesn’t know anything about treating people with respect. Joe Lacob doesn’t deserve this treatment. He is one of the best owners in team sport. When he made this trade it was approved by Riley and Mark Jackson who know basketball than these rude fans. Whoever booed last night should never forget that he ruined a special night for basketball and a special person in Chris Mullin. Be ashamed.

  65. mary says:

    The should have retired Mullin’s jersey a week or two ago, before Monta was traded–why do it on the heels of the Monta trade? Not smart. But you ask yourself. Fans aren’t supposed to feel loyalty? So Kobe has to expect to be traded at some point? Since players are now so expendable why bother retiring jerseys? Now no player will finish his career with the team he gave his best years to. It’s all business? Then get over the fact that owners can’t always drum up fan enthusiasm when it suits them.

  66. JJ says:

    An i thought Detroit fans was horrible….This is just distasteful and hard to watch…

  67. charles says:

    Golden State fans are getting too used to losing. Monte Ellis was not going to bring them a championship alone. He was having a difficult time just getting them to the playoffs! But Andrew Bogut, David Lee, Stephan Curry, Klay Thompson, and Richard Jefferson and a solid power forward first round draft pick might get them there. The Golden State Owners made the right bet and it may payoff for them in a big way next year.

  68. Lupita says:

    I’m inbetween both sides. I agree with dan-ish about how would all the fans get together to make their voices be heard? But I also recognize that it was Mullin’s night and it should of not been ruined. I believe we have the most loyal fans, that is why it hurt us to see a guy that woukd leave it out on the court each and every night for 7+ years! If we wern’t loyal, we wouldn’t care!!!! We’ll see what happens….appologies to Mr. Mullin :/ and good luck to us!

  69. Ron says:

    Basketball IQ AND IQ of those fans is below zero.
    No wonder that Oakland is such a dump.

  70. Diego says:

    Ive been a dedicated GSW fan and after years of fans like me that have put their time and effort never being recognized and ellis never being recognized as a great player until he left. It hurts to know that we booed the owner during a special ceremony but it also bugs me that we dont get any attention over in Oracle and now that we do one act of disrespect we become “fans” and know-nothings of the sport. The boos were cause of the ellis trade but specifically Mullin had drafted ellis, and then the owner trades ellis just before Mullin’s jersey retirement. Kind of a slap to Mullin so the boos were also for the owner, in retrospect, disrespecting Mullin

  71. NBAfan says:

    dan-ish i guess you were one of the idiots that were booing in the stadium. Good for you buddy

  72. chop says:

    its sad, but luckily its just the GSW so no one really cares… fact when was the last time anyone cared about gsw?

    • UlitmateNBAGuy says:

      oh, i don’t know, i’d say, WHEN THEY PULLED OFF THAT BIG UPSET AGAINST THE MAVS in the ’07 playoffs1 you must have remembered, it wasn’t that long ago.

    • JustAFan says:

      When Chris Mullin played for them.

    • Amac says:

      ummm… i dont think anybody except remembers that series very well just saying

  73. ollie boombayay says:

    Screw the media for calling out the fans. All you do is write and talk and never pay for tickets. These fans have been throwing their money and devotion at the Warriors for years despite awful teams. Oakland is a hoops crazy town and they deserve more then a tanked season.

    The Warriors just tanked the season, gave up their best player and their #6 pick from 2010 for past his prime Richard Jefferson and a player that gets injured every year. Andrew Bogut is decent (when playing). He’s not the difference maker that gets you to the playoffs. Meanwhile Bucks are primed for a playoff run with a dynamic scorer who would normally never sign in a small market like Milwaukee.

    • DJ3 says:

      You and ALL other GSW fans have no respect. If I was Joe Lacob I would’ve called the fans out right then and there. In Miami, this never would’ve happened.

      • HandsomeFan says:

        stupidest comment yet

      • david says:

        thats cause fans in miami arent fans of the team just players. oakland cares about all their sports. they did a vote last year for florida residents only n they said they would rather have 1 superbowl then 4 nba championships for the heat. they could careless about basketball,they go 2 the games now 2 be seen or watch a higlight. they werent there when wade was hurt or the year before he got drafted,hell even the year he did get drafted.

      • pravdo says:

        “in miami, this never would’ve happened”….becuz the fans would be too late getting there.

    • Jose Morales says:

      Last time I checked Golden State is 4th worst in the NBA in rebounding and THE worst in giving up rebounds per game. Will Monta Ellis help out with those stats? Ummm NO! Speaking of Monta, a prolific scorer? Ha, u gotta be kidding me. I would score 22 a game if i put up 50 shots a game. Points per game are far different than shooting percentage. If Golden State were any bit smart, they would let Stephen Curry have all of those shots. Lastly, do you know anything about their contract situations? Most likely not. Trades are made sometimes because it makes sense FINANCIALLY. Get a clue before you grab a keyboard and type a bunch of nonsense….

    • Josh L says:

      The Bucks are in the East. There are more good Western Conference teams. Richard Jefferson is injured as much as Curry is injured you don’t say anything about him.

      • BIGMatta23 says:

        Jefferson has missed 2 games since 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats probably why….how bout that??

    • SuperJun says:

      “for years” Lacob is a 2nd year owner. Don’t blame him for all the last horrendous 20+ years of horrible drafts and trades. The Warriors finally get their first true center in probably 30 years, shows how little basketball Warrior fans know outside their own team.

    • tc says:

      you stupid warriors fans just dont get the point, yall didn’t even boo the right owner, Lacob just bought the team couple years ago from chris cohan, who was one of the worst owners ever, plus monta ellis is one of the most overrated players ever

  74. Dan-ish says:

    People didn’t ruin that event. The owner upset the fans and why is it there fault? People should be allowed to voice their opinion and how else are you gonna get all of those fans to come together to do it other then in an arena? The stupid ceremony no one seemed to care about and its their attention the owners are trying to get. They pay his bills they can decide if they wanna boo or not.

    • chris says:

      your a moron

      • Grammar Patrolling the Paint says:

        @Chris; While I agree with your sentiment, you weaken your argument with bad grammar. You are, or you’re, is the word used to denote a subject and a corresponding verb, such as, “You’re a moron.” Your denotes ownership, such as,”your coffee sir.”

    • DJ3 says:

      Boo some other time. This wasnt about Joe Lacob. This was about Chris Mullin. You booed at his jersey retirement. You booed him as well as Joe.

      • david says:

        they didnt boo chris though, you can clearly tell that. he shouldve had someone else do the speech before hand like tim hardaway or mitch richmond in the first place, he wasnt even the owner when chris played. he had 2 know they would be upset for trading monte for a guy who is always hurt. its like if any team with a 20ppg player trades for bynum a few years ago. you dont know if hes going 2 be healthy. that was most of the crowd n for any one who thinks east coast teams have better fans there trippin. warriors tickets arent cheap as you would think so if they are paying they are allowed 2 do what they want. like in 07 when boston fans chanted mvp for kobe when he dropped 40 on them,sad but they are allowed 2 do as they please.

    • Dan-ish moron says:

      Is it right to pay the gate entrance, and booed and disrespect someone? what if it is you?

    • Tim O says:

      I’m right there with you Dan-ish, why shouldn’t the fans boo the owner? After all they are paying good money to see these games so you voice your opinion if you were paying for a product that didn’t deliver and the company wasn’t being held accountable? And you know what, screw the “It’s Chris Mullen’s Night So We Better Not Ruin It” argument. I’m pretty sure Chris Mullen didn’t work his tail off for god knows how many years for that franchise just so he could get admired one night. It’s not that big of deal. If anyone should be ashamed it should be that Lacob clown.

      • Oregon Ducks says:

        The author of the article, nor anyone here, is not saying, “don’t boo the owner”. They are simply stating, and I agree with them, that the time in which the “paying fans” chose to do it was in very poor tatse and ended up ruining the night of one of that organizations best players, an olympic gold medalist, and wonderful human.

      • Josh L says:

        “They’re paying good money”? Ha forget that stuff man. The fans aren’t paying $57 million like the owner is. New owner, new coach, new philosphy. Marc Jackson focuses on defense. Defensive players is what they traded for plain and simple.

      • Matan says:

        dude, you are incredibly wrong. I hope you get booed at your promotion or at a ceremony you are recognized for.

        There is a time and a place for everything. At this moment, it was the worst time.

      • Jose says:

        Lets be honest here, the fans are absolutely out of line. I get it the warriors have been really really bad and trading Monta might be going a step in the wrong direction but there is a time and a place for everything. Sure they pay good money to go see the team and sure they pay this guys bills but that simply was not the right time. Make a chant at the next game, or protest. If the fans are really as mad as everyone is making them seem here is a suggestion STOP GOING TO THE GAMES. If you dont go to the games then he wont make money and then maybe the fans will be considered. So youre mad at the trade good hell great, it just doesnt seem fair to the guy who busted his hump for years to get them a championship and whose night this was for. Its like if I punched my mom for my brother telling on me.

    • SuperJun says:

      Lacob is only in his 2nd year. He is trying to change the direction of this franchise. Boo him if it doesn’t work out. And if the Warriors are winning next year? Those boos can never be taken back. But he’ll be the last one laughing as fans will continue to pour money into his pocket.

    • Common Sense says:

      You do NOT do it during the ceremony, how about during the game like at a part where the Warriors were losing, because they did lose? What a concept!

  75. Very sad moment in what could have and should have been an illustrious night for mullins and the GSW all honesty, I felt like the trade for bogut was good for them..they got bogut and Richard Jefferson to team up with a hopefully healthy Stephen curry in the near future.. for more I thought this was a good trade for the lakeshow..they had to make a decision between bettering their team or staying loyal to their long time PG and they went with the business decision.. I have more on this

  76. Andre says:

    This just clearly proves what I’ve always believed..there are some fans out there who are really dumb and they don’t even have their facts checked when they decide to boo someone.

    I really felt bad for Lacob. Just look at his face and you can clearly see this whole thing really hurt him.

    I have always considered Warriors fans some of the best and most knowledgeable in the game. Now I’m not so sure anymore.

  77. prix says:

    Golden State people should repent and bow down to their God…themselves…they disrespect one of the greats..that´s why they never succeded not with last 2 centuries of shame…team like even the Bobcats ruined them and scratch their faces..

  78. Luke_Mellow says:

    Yeah, it was shameful & disrespectful. Those “fans” acted like jerks. Definitely the greatest idiots in the world, for a night.

  79. tupark82 says:

    lots of warriors fans and apologists have different reasons for the boos but lets face it. they were mostly booing because monta was traded