Rest Is Overrated In Chicago

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — After embarrassing the Orlando Magic on Monday in an 85-59 thumping, the Chicago Bulls are 10-4 without Derrick Rose, which is pretty amazing. Tom Thibodeau has his team making no excuses and taking no possessions off.‘s Ian Thomsen was in Orlando on Monday:

The other day Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy was mentioning to his assistants that the Bulls might be able to win games even if they were missing all five of their starters. “To me, they’re the best team in the league as far as a team collectively playing together, being unselfish, being committed — doing all of those things it takes to win,” said Van Gundy before this game. “They’re the best team.”

Then, without having to worry about Rose, Van Gundy watched the Bulls nonetheless control the pace and hold the full-strength Magic to 59 points, which is the fewest Chicago has ever allowed in a regular-season game.

A night like this raises intriguing questions for May and June. Might the Bulls be able to win a championship while overcoming the superior star power of the Heat, Thunder and other contenders? In the last week alone the Rose-less Bulls have beaten Miami, Orlando and Philadelphia, the other top seeds in the East. Rose should be in no hurry to push himself back from his latest groin injury because his absence generates opportunities for his teammates to grow more confident at the expense of their rivals. “Right now they’re the No. 2 offensive team in the league and the No. 2 defensive team in the league,” said Van Gundy. “You see those numbers, you’re saying [they’re a] championship contender.”

With Monday’s win, Thibodeau became the fastest coach to 100 wins in NBA history. And thanks to the Bulls’ record without Rose, Thibodeau may be the favorite to win the Coach of the Year award again. If he does, he’ll be the first guy in the 50-year history of the award to win it in consecutive seasons.

The Bulls’ record without Rose is not only a testament to Thibodeau’s coaching, but also to his team’s resiliency. Want another such testament?

The Bulls are 8-1 in games in which their opponent has at least one day of rest and they do not. That includes road wins over the Clippers, Knicks and Spurs, and home wins over the Suns and Pacers.

Only seven other teams have winning records in those situations (the Grizzlies are next best at 6-2) and the league as a whole is 102-151 in no-rest vs. rest games. The Thunder are 6-3 in such games, the Heat are 5-5, and the Knicks are 0-6. (All 30 teams after the jump).

Now, nobody will face a situation like that in the playoffs, but that 8-1 record is pretty amazing and an example of just how tough the Bulls are.

Record and efficiency with no rest vs. opponent with rest

Team W L Win% OffRtg DefRtg NetRtg
Atlanta 4 3 .571 98.1 92.4 5.7
Boston 2 5 .286 90.6 96.7 -6.1
Charlotte 2 5 .286 92.9 102.3 -9.4
Chicago 8 1 .889 109.7 97.6 12.1
Cleveland 2 6 .250 100.9 107.4 -6.5
Dallas 6 4 .600 101.0 102.2 -1.2
Denver 2 7 .222 100.9 109.0 -8.1
Detroit 4 4 .500 102.0 105.5 -3.5
Golden State 5 3 .625 107.7 102.4 5.3
Houston 4 5 .444 102.4 105.9 -3.5
Indiana 4 5 .444 107.1 104.7 2.4
L.A. Clippers 4 3 .571 99.1 103.5 -4.4
L.A. Lakers 5 6 .455 102.4 101.8 .6
Memphis 6 2 .750 99.8 94.7 5.0
Miami 5 5 .500 105.2 103.0 2.2
Milwaukee 3 6 .333 98.1 107.1 -9.0
Minnesota 3 7 .300 100.7 104.8 -4.2
New Jersey 1 10 .091 99.9 114.3 -14.4
New Orleans 0 7 .000 98.2 107.0 -8.8
New York 0 6 .000 95.5 105.5 -10.0
Oklahoma City 6 3 .667 105.3 104.3 1.1
Orlando 4 6 .400 99.2 103.2 -4.0
Philadelphia 3 5 .375 100.2 96.7 3.5
Phoenix 7 4 .636 102.5 101.7 .8
Portland 2 6 .250 99.0 111.0 -12.0
Sacramento 3 4 .429 100.9 104.7 -3.8
San Antonio 1 3 .250 98.7 106.6 -7.9
Toronto 2 6 .250 98.2 102.0 -3.8
Utah 4 8 .333 100.2 107.1 -6.9
Washington 0 6 .000 94.6 113.3 -18.7
Total 102 151 .403 100.7 104.0 -3.3

The Bulls are also 8-1 when they have at least a day of rest and their opponent doesn’t. Some teams have taken advantage of that situation better than others, and some just haven’t had the chance. For example, the Cavs have played only two such games all year and are undefeated in them.

On the other end of the spectrum are the Spurs, who have played 12 games in which they have had rest and their opponent hasn’t (they’re 10-2), and only four games with the opposite scenario (1-3). Even those numbers out and the Spurs probably don’t have as big of a cushion for the second-best record in the West.

Record and efficiency with rest vs. opponent with no rest

Team W L Win% OffRtg DefRtg NetRtg
Atlanta 8 3 .727 103.8 96.8 7.0
Boston 3 2 .600 96.8 98.5 -1.8
Charlotte 2 9 .182 97.9 107.6 -9.7
Chicago 8 1 .889 107.7 95.4 12.3
Cleveland 2 0 1.000 113.1 103.0 10.1
Dallas 7 3 .700 107.8 97.0 10.7
Denver 8 3 .727 105.2 94.7 10.5
Detroit 2 7 .222 99.7 107.6 -7.9
Golden State 5 7 .417 106.5 105.7 .8
Houston 6 2 .750 105.0 100.5 4.5
Indiana 4 4 .500 100.1 103.6 -3.5
L.A. Clippers 5 4 .556 110.7 102.8 7.9
L.A. Lakers 6 2 .750 103.1 97.3 5.8
Memphis 5 4 .556 97.7 94.6 3.1
Miami 4 0 1.000 112.5 95.8 16.7
Milwaukee 5 4 .556 103.1 101.7 1.4
Minnesota 3 5 .375 98.1 100.6 -2.6
New Jersey 3 3 .500 110.1 109.8 .3
New Orleans 4 5 .444 100.3 97.7 2.6
New York 5 5 .500 102.5 97.1 5.4
Oklahoma City 4 3 .571 104.8 100.9 3.8
Orlando 8 1 .889 105.6 99.8 5.8
Philadelphia 3 3 .500 101.1 97.1 3.9
Phoenix 4 4 .500 106.5 105.5 1.0
Portland 4 1 .800 110.1 95.4 14.8
Sacramento 3 2 .600 102.7 103.4 -.7
San Antonio 10 2 .833 111.0 103.4 7.5
Toronto 6 3 .667 104.6 100.4 4.2
Utah 8 4 .667 102.5 101.0 1.4
Washington 6 6 .500 100.3 104.2 -3.8
Total 151 102 .597 104.0 100.7 3.3

Finally, we present the “No Advantage Standings,” showing team records in games where both teams either have no rest or both teams have at least one day of rest.

In the East, the Magic slip down a couple of notches and the Knicks look more like a legit playoff team …

East standings, games played with no rest advantage

  Team W L Win%
1. Miami 24 6 .800
2. Chicago 22 8 .733
3. Indiana 17 9 .654
4. Philadelphia 20 12 .625
5. Orlando 17 11 .607
6. Boston 19 14 .576
7. New York 16 13 .552
8. Atlanta 14 14 .500
Milwaukee 12 14 .462
Cleveland 13 20 .394
New Jersey 11 19 .367
Detroit 10 18 .357
Toronto 7 21 .250
Washington 4 22 .154
Charlotte 3 23 .115

And in the West, the Spurs indeed have less of a cushion for second place, the Wolves are a half game out of a top-four seed, and the defending champs are a lottery team…

West standings, games played with no rest advantage

  Team W L Win%
1. Oklahoma City 24 5 .828
2. San Antonio 18 9 .667
3. L.A. Lakers 17 9 .654
4. L.A. Clippers 17 11 .607
5. Minnesota 17 12 .586
6. Denver 15 11 .577
7. Memphis 14 12 .538
8. Utah 11 10 .524
Dallas 14 13 .519
Houston 14 15 .483
Portland 15 17 .469
Phoenix 12 14 .462
Golden State 8 15 .348
Sacramento 10 23 .303
New Orleans 7 22 .241



    Some players stepped up for bulls because D-rose was out, deng is one armed as they say, and rip is not healthy blah blah blah!! but what if d-rose, deng and Rip got back on the starting line up? will those guys like LUCAS and KORVER will be able to stepped up again? no one knows right? Lets move it on the other hand! What if LBJ, D-wade and Bosh played like a big three like they do before in the ECF where they dumped the Bulls in 5 games will they be able to put up that kind of show again? no one knows!! right? you know guys basketball has a lot of twist! anything can happen in a milliseconds! its a question of what if’s… If bulls reserve played great will the bulls win? not necessarily because what if the heats reserve together with LBJ, D-Wade and Bosh also played great? you see my point? for me if both teams played great on those 7 games of the series it would be a toss coin! no doubt the ECF BULLS V.S. HEAT is the NBA finals for me! sorry for OCK fans but i just dont think you can match up with those two teams!

  2. Law064 says:

    The Bulls are playing the best basketball rite now for sure and is 1 of the best teams in the league. They have been showing some true hear this season playing without key players. They lost to Miami by a few points without Deng. Then they Beat the Heat without Rose. If I was a Heat fan I would worry about the Bulls. They have played very well despite having their star MVP sidelined. Not to mention Rip has yet to play at 100%. The Bulls as a team is better than Miami but that doe not mean they will instantly win a playoff series vs them. But I say the Bulls will beat them this year if they continue to play like they are playing now.

  3. leland says:

    hahahahah! nice 1!

  4. CAVSMAN says:

    Cavs are coming and we will knock Bulls off in the first round…
    Go CAVS..

  5. Jim Jacob says:

    ioriyagami – nice to know that miami are trash…….

  6. Cristian Pena says:

    Jimmy Butler. Remember the name come playoff time.

  7. paul says:

    belizeboy, that was with a restless rose and an unconditioned boozer. we have a rested rose and a deeper bench this time. and also hamilton is gonna be there for the playoffs. oh yeah, derrick rose has 2 back up point guards this time.

  8. BBall Fan says:

    I agree with the many comments posted so far. I believe that if it is Miami an Chicago in the ECF, it will be another great series. Both teams have improved. What happened last year really has no effect on this year other than providing that extra drive for the Bulls. I think the injuries for the Bulls have been a blessing as it has provided the role players ample opportunity to get comfortable in game time play. They have shown much improvement and confidence in their wins. The recent win against Miami they palyed well as a unit. Lebron and Wade had excellent games combing for 70+ points. Yet they still lost even when Rose was out. Not sure those two can produce any more than this in every game of a playoff series. In any event, should be some good ball played. Can’t wait for the playoffs to start.

  9. ioriyagami says:

    the article failed to mention that Bulls opponents are mostly trash!

  10. Swaggerrep says:

    Bulls have the best Team in the league plus great coaching… They are sitting Rip until playoffs time, other teams wont know the gameplan… we have too many good players that play to win

  11. Reggie Evans is an Alien! says:

    I actually backed OKC at the start of the year, but with the way I’ve seen the Bulls play this year, I truly believe they’ll win the lot. No team works as hard defensively, and it’s the defence that will win the championship.

  12. Celtics Fan says:

    You guys have to admit that the Heat and the Bulls will definitely be a good match up in the playoffs.
    Both teams have taken it up a gear this year.
    Everyone seems to be forgetting about the Celtics ….. they can be deadly in the playoffs. Remember 2009 playoffs Bulls V Celtics.

  13. Lilforty says:

    Their is no respect for the bulls. Bulls have the best record of the league. Got that record with out there real starting five. Major injures to rose,deng, and hamilton, Even after someone goes down another person from the bench steps up to fill it. Bull have a better bench and second unit then most of basketball. I think thunder is the only one that has a better bench then the bulls and that because the bench for them can just light you up with harden leading it. Bulls bench is the lockdown defensively type lead by gibson, brewer, who had to start most games because of hamiltons injury, and dont forget our rookie butler who has already proven to thibs that he can handle big name superstars like anthony and lebron. This bulls team is way different then last year where i bet if we lost rose last year we would never have done things we are doing right now. Everyone from 1-14 knows their role. When we get rose at 100 percent and hamilton as well look out. This series will be a good one if they both can make it of course. It will not be a 5 game this time. Maybe a 6 to 7 games for sure. I see bulls winning this. Heat other then Wade, who is an amazing clutch player, and lebron, who is one of the best to play the game, have nobody else. Bosh can be good as well but with the defense gibson,noah, and even boozer last time they meet i see both have maybe one or two good games in the series and that is when the heat will win when the big 3 play like the big 3.


    no question about it i respect that but i just dont know if they can match up with the heat in the playoffs they need 1 moreee trade i still think

  15. the edge says:

    i like this thread… go bulls… go heat… and so on…. if you guys cant get over this argument even before playoffs begin, well i guess it would be better if these two teams be put together… it will leave a better mark… something like BULLSHEAT i guess… ahahahaha lets just enjoy the pace and each teams journey and just love the game of basketball… rose, wade, lebron, bosh and guys on the bench be respected… they wont be in the game if they are not worthy of it… i love NBA! ciao….

  16. Let'sGoHouston says:

    You might want to wonder if D-Rose is UNINTENTIONALLY holding some of his teammates back.

  17. BULLS2012 says:


  18. GBVrawks says:

    I’m a fan. I admit it. I watch this Bulls team with border-line fervor. I am, however, an objective Bulls fan. I realize the Heat will be hard-to-guard in a 7 game series. What I find odd is that nobody’s talking about how Luol (Glue-All) Deng has basically been playing with one good arm since the All Star game. Think about it: No D Rose, a 1-armed Lu Deng and a backup PG with a bum ankle, and they just beat the Heat, the Sixers on the road, and last night’s 89-59 drubbing of the Magic. In Orlando. You have to respect that.


    Although im a heat fan that does not take any thing from other teams
    Bulls are a tremendous team with a rediculous coach and the way they are built
    the bulls are better built than miami the coaching staff and everything is good but to
    say chicago is better than miami im not buying that. Last year you saw what the heat did in 5 games
    this year is no different both teams got better and it is going to be up to rose again. And don’t tell me its just two
    on any given night any of the big 3 can take over idc if u guys disagree also on any given night d-rose can take over
    but the thing about him is that no one will have his back. Which was proved last year in the ECF.
    Bottom line I personally think chicago is 1 trade away to beat miami..they just don’t have enough
    Coach T. prob will be coach of the year. But just now i cant see chicago winning this year at all unless they make
    that one trade

  20. ScalabrineMVP says:

    Someone mentioned that the play-offs is about who can make adjustements faster/ more effectively… and a lot of that comes down to coaching. I’ll take Thibs over Spoelstra ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Dude has a little more to say than “play together, be a family, inspirational yata yata”. Bulls need Luol scoring consistently to beat Miami though, and that injury is really affecting him right now. Too early to call, but I thought after Game 1 last year the Bulls would dominate all the way through…so you really never know

  21. nba is back!!! says:

    until the bulls beat the heat in the playoff, miami heat will always be the better team

  22. Ashley says:

    lets gooooo bullllllssss this is our year……chi_town aint no heat in the windy citiy

  23. Mhosix says:

    I’m not BULLS or HEAT Fan, but didn’t BULLS got crushed in ECF last year because Lebroke often guarded D. Rose in that series??

  24. stokez5802 says:

    I wonder how good miami would be if say…..lebum&bosh went down??I wonder how many games they’d win?…..hmmm…you barely beat us in your own house and got treated at ours…stop it….bulls in 5…..p.s stop bragging about last year you beat a first year team with a first year coach……then got crushed by some old men….haaaaaaaa!!!!!!GO BULLS!!!

  25. Paul says:

    I’m a huge Chicago Bulls fan. But I have to admit. An eastern conference team having the best regular season record since 2009 has been a bit of a bad omen. Cleveland finished 66-16 in 2009 only to get bounced by Orlando in the east finals. 2010, Cleveland finished 62-20 only to lose to the Celtics in the east semi finals. And 2011 the Bulls finished 62-20. Only to lose to Miami in 5 games in the conf. finals. But if the do Bulls do finish with the best regular season record again this season. Hopefully things be more positive for them in the playoffs.

  26. Aus says:

    If its Miami vs Chicago again this year I feel like the bulls will only win if their bench out shine Miami’s bench by a large margin. If the starters can minimize the damage of Miami’s ‘big three’ and the reserves contribute every game I think Chicago can win. Yes Chicago is a better team than last year but so is Miami. Should be a great series!

  27. Roy says:

    Im not a fanboy, and im not biased. But its safe to say Miami will crush them, theres no reason this year is gonna be different. Rose is still the only go to scorer on the Bulls and the team is constantly injured. East Finals, Miami – Chicago, Miami in 6

    • ChiCityColdCity says:

      You’re living in a dream world. This is a different bulls team dude. Any given night some one can go off for 20+ points! Lucas, Korver, Boozer, Deng, Brewer, all have registered 20+ point games this season, Boozer and Lucas have multiple. Can you say that about the Miami Heat??? I’ll wait….

      • Belizeboy says:

        Boozer and Deng are two of Chicago’s main options with Rose and are expected to get 20ppg, so basically you’re bragging about Krover and John Lucas, becaues Brewer just got 20pts not 20+. Besides in the absence of star players the other shooters are going to have big games, but Rose has been missing for awhile now and the guys you mention like Krover, Lucas, and Brewer have only had big games once. I can say that Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Mike Miller, Shane Battier, Haslem, and James Jones have all had some good scoring games this year but really that means nothing when the playoffs come around.

      • Dude says:

        The Heat had WAY less depth last year than this year and how did that workout with a Haslem that just came back, a trash PG in Bibby, a still developing Chalmers who was inconsistent, a constanty injured Miller, a one dimensional Jones, a one sided player in Anthony, and a bunch of old farts in the Miami bench? I picked the Bulls to win last years series because of their depth and how did that workout? losing in five to a team in Miami who SHOULD HAVE NOT GONE TO THE FINALS. dude dont brag because of what you see in the regular season, I respect the Bulls and Im a Knicks fan BTW not a Heat fan, I actually hate them, but Bull and Heat fans dont get too confident, Knicks can cause surprises!

    • BULLS2012 says:

      Apparently u dont watch the have no idea what your talking about when you say drose is the only scorer on the team…they are 10-4!!!!!! without rose with wins over 76ers, MIAMI!!!!!, and orlando!!!! they average 98 points a game and have the best d in the league… The Bulls are a whole different monster from last year..wait till we are healthyhyyyy!!!

  28. Jwash says:

    First of sll this isn’t football or baseball becasue those are the sports were most of the time the team with the best record doesn’t win a championship. In basketball if you look back at the past champions, it is mostly the best teams out of the conference that meet in the finals. The bull last year pasted expectations by making it to the eastern conf. finals, but this year we are expected to meet the heat. The team that is going to win is the team that can make the most adjustments and learn how to stop the other team.

  29. Aram says:

    Wait and see. Usually the playoffs will bring out the best and the worst.

  30. tdot says:

    they have no one to guard bosh 0_0

    • ChiCityColdCity says:

      Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah will guard that bum, I forgot he even played with the heat

      • Dude says:

        Didnt Bosh destroy Taj, Boozer and Noah in the ECF? the dude was on his game in that series, dont tell me he is bum. He is overrated to a certain degree but he aint no bum

      • Matt says:

        What do you mean nobody 2 cover bosh. Gibson can block him with one hand that man is unstoppable once he gets into a groove on D-Fence

  31. Haters says:

    “Didn’t the bulls lose to the heat with the best record last year” Yeah, but didn’t the heat get steam rolled? With all that talent, dancing and theatrics they still lost? No it doesn’t matter what the bulls do in the regular season but what they do in the playoffs. However, we ignore simple conclusions, they will get to the finals period. The Heat and Bulls are your championship game the only team in the west that can compete OKC. One thing I love is the unusual dislike for the Bulls, first, it was “all they have is D.Rose” now its “they won’t beat the Heat” blah blah blah next week it will be something new. Just saying….

  32. BULL4LIFE says:

    This is another season, last year miami won the series, this year… will see. I like our chances with this Bulls. You cant close your eyes, this Bulls are impresive, everybody can see it, well except for the “ESPN Experts” LOL


    The bulls are no doubt the best team in the regular season they have dominated most premier teams all around the league
    but come play off time they simply can not beat the heat cuz there is always that someone that does not step up for bulls except d-rose of course but miami has 3 star powers they can rely too

    • Chicago bulls #1 says:

      you mean two Bosh over rated Lebron over rated wade overated all of them have something in common. They all cannot close and be like casper when it counts like the 2011 playoffs.

    • BULLS2012 says:

      THe heat dont have the length to compete witht the Bulls this year..(as we saw in the 1st two games) ive been saying this all alone..The magic is going to knock off the heat in the 2nd round and its going to be orlando vs chicago in the eastern conference finales!!! bulls in 6…UNTIL THE HEAT GET A DECENT CENTER THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BEAT CHICAGO THIS YEAR

  34. rico says:

    Of course the top record doesn’t ensure that you will win the title, if it did, why even go through the playoffs?

    But honestly, because of recent history would you rather your team NOT to have the best record? do you think finishing 2nd 3rd or 4th is a better place to be come playoff time?

    Well I don’t. I like when a team takes every game seriously and strives to outdo everyone else from start to finish. it’s an advantage going into the playoffs that you dont have to change your game cause you already been playing to win. There is the obvious home court advantage that I’m sure you can pull up the playoff or regular season stats and find that the home team wins more than the road team. so a guaranteed extra home game in every playoff series is a BIG DEAL. lastly Confidence is very important in this sport and you can’t lack it when you know everyone on the team gets called to contribute and NO TEAM in the league as beat or matched yours at anything.

    So all left for you to do is continue what you were doing. we may not win it all but I’m pretty sure bulls fans are more confidant than any others that we WILL WIN THE 2012 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!

  35. NZ says:

    As currently constructed, the Bulls are the most impressive of the three “elite” teams in the NBA.
    The healthy Heat barely beat the Bulls minus Deng and their sixth man (Watson) in Miami, and lost in Chicago.
    As we learned last year, the regular season is largely meaningless.
    It is my opinion, though, that if Hamilton comes back healthy for the Bulls, the Heat will not be the team representing the East in the Finals come June.

  36. Patrick Harry says:

    I definitely think the Bulls team this year is a much different beast than last year. They have a lot more experience, a lot more depth now, and have some more chemisty together. We will see once playoffs come, but if D-Rose comes back healthy, and the rest of the team stays consistent then they will be a much different team to face than last years squad

  37. Loggerhead says:

    Bulls also dominated the regular season last year…how’d that work out for them? Anyone who truly follows basketball knows that the team with the best regular season RARELY wins the championship. Of the 6 championships MJ won, the Bulls had the best regular season record only ONCE. So keep banking on that best regular season record. lol!

    • El Tigre says:

      Hey man… get your facts straight. Of the 6 championships MJ/Pippen won, the Bulls had the best regular season record 4 times (NOT ONCE):
      1991-92: 67-15
      1995-96: 72-10
      1996-97: 69-13
      1997-98: 62-20 (Tied with Utah Jazz)

      Of the last 20 years, 9 times the team with the best record was in the Finals and 8 of the 9 times that team won… So that is 40% (if you would inlcude the 80’s it would be even higher)… So to me that is not RARELY… is it?

  38. Newman22 says:

    Wait a minute…didn’t the Bulls SWEEP the Heat last regular season and finish with the BEST record in the NBA? How’d THAT work out? LMAO!

  39. Dude says:

    i mean when they get to the 2nd round and conference finals *

  40. Dude says:

    Honestly every year theres always.. something about a team dominating the regular season and having the best record. However its obviously been proven that the best team record wise when the season ends doesn’t always win championships ie Cavs and bulls last year. The thing.. i think with the bulls is when did get to the 2nd round and the conference finals are the players on the bulls going to step expect D.Rose of course.

  41. LooseBalls says:

    Wait a minute…didn’t the Bulls SWEEP the Heat last regular season and finish with the BEST record in the NBA? How’d THAT work out? LMAO!

  42. charles says:

    That’s a great way for Van Gundy to excuse the pathetic performance of his team and losing by the absurd degree they did while facing Chicago with their premier top notch player. I think it’s time to think about firing Van Gundy. The guy is getting annoying with his excuses…

  43. Efrain Rodriguez Jr says:

    Chicago is still winning without many players. The Proyected starting lineup have just played 5 games together. Oklahoma didn’t have that problem nor Miami, and they are still behind the Bulls. If Chicago finally gets healthy for playoff I don’t think anybody will have the enough power to beat them four times in a week. They didn’t even loose twice in the season

  44. RainingPooh says:

    This is the Bulls year….The Heat are great but too top heavy…. amazing talent with James and Wade, but after them and Bosh you have nothing but scrubs, an old Battier? Joel Anthony, no legit center. Cmon there is no debate on which TEAM is better.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Joel Anthony is a beast on defense, respect him!

      • mhikez says:

        Beast on defence? Lol, He was posterized by DRose last year and he was posterized by Noah just recently. How come his beast in defence?

  45. Bulls4life says:

    Come Playoff time the well rested backcourt of D-Rose and Rip will win the East. 2012 is the year fo the Bulls!

  46. Belizeboy says:

    Wait I’ve seen this before. The top east team dominates the regular season, then come playoff time another (probably well rested) team takes the east. Still, it’s impressive how the Bulls are playing.

    • TwankDilla says:

      This Bulls team is definitely a different team then last year…

      • TwankDilla says:

        Belizeboy..that was last years Bulls team, this team is way more confident and are way better then last years team.

      • OKC says:

        I am a Bulls fan, but that also happened to the Cavs, hope this Bulls team is not like the Cavs team. I would say they have a better chance right now to beat all the teams in the East, but my West team (OKC) has all the advantages against this Bulls team. Heat also is very dangerous, so they need to put their A+ game on those series. Don’t forget about the Knicks, if there is a team that is close as deep as the Bulls, it is the Knicks.

      • imad akel says:

        im a Heat fan, and last year i called it that the bulls would go down in less than 7 games to the Heat (although they had a better record and beat miami different times in the season)

        this year, im not as confidant… They look like the 2004 pistons WITHOUT Rose.

        Heat may be improved this year in terms of consistency, but the Bulls are MUCH improved in terms of not leaning on Rose so much (to the degree they don’t even need him most games!).

    • ChiCityColdCity says:

      You must be a Heat fan. Bragging about winning the ECF but not the NBA Finals, smh typical…..