What’s Next For Fisher?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — For months, Derek Fisher‘s face and voice were all over the place.

The lockout, and whatever good or bad came of it, seemed to have Fisher’s fingerprints all over it. No one looked more measured or steadfast during the lockout and no one more relieved when it was finally over.

But now, just days after his stunning trade from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Houston Rockets and the news that the Rockets would buy out the remainder of his contract, Fisher is in limbo.

Fisher has been silent since the trade, the only statement from his camp coming from his spokesman Jamie Wior:

“After much discussion and expressing their desire to welcome Derek to their team this season as well as the 2012-2013 season, the Houston Rockets and Derek have negotiated a buyout.

“Derek’s desire to win a sixth championship is what drives him and will continue to drive him as he moves forward.  We thank the Rockets front office for their interest, time and their absolute professionalism.

“There will be no further comment this time.”

It’s understandable. Fisher probably needs a little time to process it all before deciding on his next move. He’s been through an exhausting nine months, dating to the Lakers’ playoff sweep at the hands of the eventual champion Dallas Mavericks last spring.

One thing that the new collective bargaining agreement makes clear, though, is that Fisher will not be re-signing with the Lakers. He can’t do that before July 1.

So chasing that sixth championship will have to be done elsewhere, with another contender. And two of the most obvious places where a veteran point guard with Fisher’s clutch-shooting ability might come in handy are the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat.

Fisher isn’t a normal 37-year-old point guard. He played in 537 consecutive games, tops in the league, before the trade. And everyone knows about his place in Lakers’ lore and how pivotal he was with his clutch shooting throughout his career.

The Thunder clearly have a need, with Eric Maynor, Russell Westbrook‘s normal backup, out for the season.  And according to Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman, the Thunder have to consider pursuing Fisher, even if it seems a bit strange to add a former rival to the roster:

For 3 1/2 seasons, Oklahoma City has opted to grow organically, to build through the draft and develop from within. But now that a championship is within reach this season, it should be a no-brainer for the Thunder to take a one-year flier on Fisher.

The Thunder’s roster is at the maximum of 15 players, meaning someone would have to be waived before Fisher could come to town. That player likely would be forward Ryan Reid. But the Thunder would have a good chance at assigning Reid to the Tulsa 66ers and allowing him to remain close to the organization.

If anybody is worth it, Fisher is.

For 15 seasons, Fisher has given his teams toughness, durability, clutch shooting, lockdown defense and first-rate leadership and professionalism. The Thunder could use every one of those traits now and when the playoffs start in the near future.

Rookie backup Reggie Jackson would have to take a backseat for the time being. But learning from Fisher for the final 20 games and the postseason wouldn’t be a bad thing. In fact, it’d be a bonus.

The Heat also have a rookie, Norris Cole, working as their primary backup behind Mario Chalmers. Fisher’s addition doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a stunting of the Cole’s growth. What young point guard couldn’t stand to learn a little from a guy with Fisher’s track record?

Fisher is the guy who will make the ultimate decision, as there will be no shortage of teams inquiring about his services for the remainder of this season. In addition to the Thunder and Heat, contenders in both conferences (the Spurs, Magic, Bulls and even the Clippers all come to mind) will surely be making calls to get a feeling for what Fisher is thinking.

And for a player who has spent so much of his time articulating his feelings on issues big and small, we can’t wait to hear what he has to say when we do see his face and hear his voice again.


  1. RDR says:

    What is wrong with this picture? The guy decides he doesn’t want to play for the team he is traded to and then goes to the #1 seed in the Western Conference? What???? I guess trades do not mean anything anymore. I think if you decide you do not want to play for the team you were traded to, then you have to sit out the season. Its almost like MLB and the Yankees. I understand the CBA and the Cap rules, but OKC was the only team interested in this guy? How about Minnesota or Portland or Charlotte? Please give me a break… Thanks NBA its Fantastic!!!!

  2. Tian says:

    I am a basketball fan but not expert. I enjoy watch all PG but the fish. Bring the ball, run semi-circle.

  3. Amir says:

    As a longtime Laker fan, it seems that Mitch Kupchak has lost his sense of how to move certain players. It doesn’t make sense to trade Derek Fisher, a guy who makes big shots and isn’t a bad defensive player. Keeping him would appease your star player, Kobe Bryant. This trade was a big mistake.

  4. nate says:

    D-Fish go to Phoenix so that you can unite with your fellow veterans.

  5. Patrickmarc says:

    Fisher was looking old in Play-off.
    He looks old sometimes, and sometimes not at all.
    I think he is able to play like this until 45.
    But there is so much talents now in the league.
    I have seen the new generation of NBA players; they are moving a little bit faster.

    But Fisher has a big experience and teams need that of course.

  6. okc says:

    fisher please go to okc, we need you baddddddddddddd

  7. tdot says:

    C’mon fish give James his first ! LOL

  8. Mike says:

    OKC bettter sign Fisher otherwise they’ll go fishing fast before the final. Remember last year against Dallas they only win one game when Westbrook is not playing in the fourth quarter. Westbrook only interest in racking up points. the two games that they lost at home recently WB try to take over the fourth quater and they lost again. Regie jackson doesn’t help much either…

  9. John says:

    I think he should go with the Heat, or thunder for a chance for another ring.

  10. Rooztian says:

    Go to twolves.. They need a vetran pointguard.

  11. asbell says:

    no she should not retire.. he should go to the team who is a crown contender..

    he should prove to houston rockets that he is the man that they need to win the crown..

    go fish go

  12. steve says:

    LAKERS release one of their key players and everybody wants him.Now that tells the type of players we have in LA.

  13. gelo says:

    spurs need a backup point guard and the .4 last shot will be remember by choach pop.

  14. Nathan says:

    Fisher still have a fresh feet i love to see him playing with the Young Oklahoma he can contribute lot of things through his 16 season and 5 championship experience….

  15. arthur says:


  16. Danilo B . says:


  17. vinz says:

    i would like to see fisher playing the Rockets team and make another championship ring….

  18. Josh says:

    When the Lakers traded him at the deadline & then the Rockets turned around & said they were gonna buy-out his contract that the OKC Thunder should go after him & try to pick him up. Westbrook already has one of the best PG’s as a mentor on the bench in Maurice Cheeks & if they can get a veteran PG that knows how to win & that has great leadership to help teach him on the court I think it would help him out a lot. If the Thunder can convince Fisher in coming to OKC he knows he would be coming off the bench with the 2nd string & would make that 2nd string even more deadlier than what they are now. You would have 3 great shooters that are also great perimeter shooters in Harden, Fisher, & Cook, and if u want u could also throw in Ivey for a potential 4th player off that 2nd string that is a decent perimeter shooter as well. Plus with Harden & Fisher on that 2nd string they could spread the ball more than what they do now. I really hope the Thunder is seriously considering trying to sign Fisher with all the experience he can bring. Also look at it this way, 2 years ago the Thunder made their 1st playoff after moving to OKC, last year they add a veteran that knows what it takes to win a championship in Kendrick Perkins & made it to the Western Conf. Finals, add another veteran leader that has won 5 rings already and knows what it takes to win a championahip who also has great leadership in Fisher & they could very well get to the NBA Finals & bring OKC their 1st Championship since the relocation from Seattle. Thunder Up!!!

  19. Bok says:

    Lakers can retire Fisher’s #2, or he can join the Heat where his poise under pressure may help them.

  20. ohcre says:

    well 1st and foremost, he should be willing to accept that he won’t be able to start in any NBA team anymore.. so once he puts that to heart, and willingly accepts that ( very hard to do so considering his accomplishments), he would be a very deadly shooter for team he wishes to play. as for now i suggest that he relax and cool off his emotions. come this off season, teams will really look for him, that is guaranteed!

  21. alvin go says:

    he should go to Minnesota so that there will be a good veteran point guard

  22. dew says:

    With TJ Ford retiring, I would love to see Fisher try and give back the .4 secs he took from the Spurs to try and win one with us. He would make an excellent back up for Tony Parker and fit in right with Pops system being a very upstanding and mature player. Would like to see him along side of Neal, Green, Leonard and Splitter developing those guys into better players. I really do not think Neal, Ginobili or Joseph will get us there at the point come playoff time. Fish is the best fit here and could use him like we did Steve Kerr back in the day. If anything…do it for Timmy!

  23. Fishsticks says:

    Come over to the Clippers, buddy!
    You are still playing for the fans and everyone in LA loves you.
    Plus, your family is still bere.
    Even for just one year, show the world you still have some juice left, then retire after that. Billups should be coming back next year anyway…

  24. SoulKidd36 says:

    D Fish will always be a Laker. But this was purely a bussiness descision on the Lakers part and just like Odom, moves are made. Some work, some don’t. Wish him the best and I would rather see him retire at this point. Although the though of him being a Clipper sounds very intriguing.
    Who ever posted that bias comment about D-Fishes stint in Utah, I would like to hear what BS you have to say about the Mailman K Malone coming to LA to persue a realistic chance of a Championship.

  25. raptor ng pilipinas says:

    plain and simple…just retire derek..u were traded bec you are not helping LA anymore..so why would other teams bother to put you in on their roster..

  26. Lakers says:

    Go to clippers but I’m a laker so I want him to stay in la as a clipper

  27. LAfanz says:

    fired mike brown replace d fish LOL

  28. annonymous says:

    C’mon should have played the rest of the season with the Rockets, I thought he was professional.

  29. astigelo says:

    would love to see him playing for Miami Heat and win another Championship this year. 🙂

  30. Austin Kicksey says:

    I’m a HUGE Boston Celtics fan, and I like Derek Fisher!!! I can’t stand the Lakers, and was so happy that a great guy like him got away from them!!! I would love to see him join my Celtics!!! GO CELTICS!!!

  31. Slick says:

    Mr D. Fish whatever you will do I know it will be a good decision!!!! It was very sad to see you leave like that! God bless you! One thing for sure is you have left big footprints to fill in LA

  32. mr-plow says:


  33. Michael says:

    Please, please, please join the Clippers. How sweet would it be to not even have to move, and help the Clippers spit in the Lakers face come playoff time. Lakers fans wouldn’t know who to cheer for. Clippers would know all the Lakers plays. That would be too good. The best revenge. I pray, if there is a God, Fischer and the Clippers over the Lakers in the playoffs!!!

  34. jonski22 says:

    i am a Laker’s fan and i love DFish…i say go to HEAT and win a championship..and shove that trophy in Jim Buss A$$..he is perfect in HEAT, coz they have a tendency to play half-court set..not always run and gun, which is Thunder kind of play.

  35. RAPTORS FAN says:



  36. John says:

    The Rockets got ripped on this deal. 😦

  37. Preston says:

    Fisher left Utah and the Lakers were kind of enough to take him back. He wanted to be back in LA where his daughter who was having a very rare eye disease could have the best possible treat,emt. He put being a father over success in Utah. Sad that anyone would even question him on that decision. They must not be parents, or they don’t know what it means to be a good one.

  38. xenokerz17 says:

    The San Antonio Spurs will probably pursue him due to their need for a legitimate point guard that will back-up Tony Parker. It might be a nice piece to add a veteran point guard to a championship team contender for this season and to utilize his clutch shooting like Robert Horry when he became a Spurs player…

  39. Tim says:

    So much needless vitriol from certain fans. The Rockets don’t need washed up Fisher. They knew he was a temporary rental at best. His player option would allow him to leave anyway after 20 games as a Rocket. He was not the centerpiece of the trade. 1st round draft picks have become very valuable under the new CBA. The Rockets got one of those valuable picks for a guy who would soon be a free agent as well (Hill). Unlike Steve Nash, Fisher was traded. So you can’t fault Fisher for disloyalty. The NBA is a business and Fisher made a business decision. Many older players would retire after being traded from a team they’ve played for for so long. If Fisher was not so well known, no one would care about his buyout situation. I think the Rockets may be better off without him, especially financially. Once Lowry would rejoin the lineup, Fisher could easily have ended up as their 3rd string PG, while over paying him..not ideal for either party.

    As for the Jazz situation. I find it rather disgusting when people claim he used his daughter to manipulate anyone. He had 3 cities as his options for the right medical facilities. Had he chosen a different option he probably would have been out of the league a few years ago. His game was particularly well suited to Jackson’s triangle offense, making that decision a no-brainer.

    As for his 5 championships. Those who would claim he wasn’t partly responsible for those rings hasn’t been paying attention. It is very likely the Lakers would have only 1 or 2 titles without him during his career, if any. Guys like Fisher, Robert Horry, and other key role players for contenders are just as important to title success as the star players.

  40. Mino says:

    I actually think he would be great in San Antonio. They have a lot of youth subbing in but maybe he could join the trend upping the experience on the bench with Manu and Jax. He is very flexible and always has great chemistry on every roster he has been on.

    • typpercat says:

      Why would SA want Fisher? I would rather see Bruce come out of retirement rather than tarnish our image with Fisher.

      • Mino says:

        that would be funny now that I think about it, considering that one buzzer beater fisher nailed on them lol

  41. Fisher L0L says:

    Just retire, jesus christ. He most likely will not hit any “big shots” anymore, despite his size and strength as a PG he has no post up game to score on younger, weaker PGs, hes not very athletic and on top of that he isn’t getting any younger. The Lakers trading him was a sign that he’s lost his worth as a player. His experience and “leadership” can only get the Lakers so far with Kobe on the team or any other star for that matter.

    Simply put, I don’t think any team should sign him because if they do he would be useless anywhere but the locker room. On the court he would be the hole of the defense and the offense as well because his ability to score is pretty pathetic. His time is up, just retire.

  42. Baller says:

    He will not go to his cross town rival and probably not to any other Western Conference team. He will go to the East either to Chicago or Miami. Probably Chicago since they play more of a complete team game.

  43. miami8rings says:

    I don’t understand miami heat management and coaching.Every season they don’t fully use their bench.Spo’s rotations are too robotic and Riley relies too much on stuffs that don’t work anymore.IF YOU LOOK AT MOST TEAMS THAT WON A TITLE,THEY HAD ONE OR TWO X FACTORS OFF THE BENCH.Miami does not have a reliable x factor off the bench.Last year jason terry,barrea were x factors,in previous years,steve kerr,robert horry,james posey, were x factors.After the big 3 of miami the drop in talent is so sad to witness.What riley does in the first year:sign dampier,bibby,howard to boost the bench.This year he signs eddy curry,howard,keep an injured mike miller,where chicago wins with their bench without rose.
    At some point riley should look himself into the mirror and see that the bench is usually what carries you in the playoffs especially when defense are tight on stars such as wade
    ,lebron and bosh.
    MIAMI NEXT ADDITION SHOULD BE TO MAKE IBAKA,NOAH AND Taj gibson DEFEND IF THEY MEET IN THE FINALS.Bosh is not physical enough and they need to add another power foward and a center to make those guys defend
    Here is my solution:sign J.J hickson,release juwan howard,add fisher because of his proven clutch plays,,then hope kaman is bough out and release harris
    This give them off the bench:
    Sf:battier-james jones
    Pf:j.j hickson to make taj gibson defend
    c:haslem-joel anthony-eddy curry(if they sign kaman)

  44. jesusfreak says:

    love jesus

  45. crizanga says:

    no one needs him! its about time for him to retire, he just wanted to tag along with great teams thats why he asked to be waived. he is just waiting an offer from a conteder team so he can tag along.

  46. prix says:

    He should go to OKC Miami dosent deserve to have a clutch player like him, LeBron will just rbrick like always anyways

  47. LemW says:

    If Derek Fisher signs with NBA team he’ll be another Mike Bibby bench relic collecting dust. Now, in retirement Derek ‘Fish LA #2’ Fisher as a NBA commentator will ECLIPSE the competition. Why, his image is at an all time high as the face and voice for the NBA lockout. He will be an instant celebrity on the air waves. Derek Fisher has the NBA brains but the body has expire. Strategy: preach NBA comeback while working as NBA commentator equals a higher celebrity status! The NBA sport is basketball; the NBA business is marketing.

  48. Melo NY anthony says:


  49. Flipmode says:

    Has a heat fan am good i don’t want him when we offer him to come he turn us down now he got no job we an option naa am straight go somewhere else

  50. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Man, the last thing I thought I would hear about in my life was a conversation about Fisher going to the Spurs. After that shot in 2004, not many people in San Antonio would welcome him… It’s the same with “Fisher is heading to Boston”…

    I think Miami and Oklahoma City are the best options. Chicago doesn’t need him, they have four point guards.

  51. micah says:

    Fisher should become a bull if he wants to win championships

  52. Aaron says:

    Become Knicks Coach

  53. Orlando Swag says:

    magic could use his wisdom

  54. Danny says:

    heat fits well since they have a rookie backing up…and chalmers doesnt play all that great so there is room for fisher.

  55. Darin B says:

    Derek Fischer is an old, role player who wants to play for a contender. I think it would have been ideal (as a professional) to accept his fate and finish the season with the Rockets. Then, opt out after this season (PTO) and go wherever he wants. I think the Rockets and Fischer agreed that there is no point in “renting” an old, role player for 20 games.

  56. Juanes says:

    retire!!! bye bye!

  57. MK92595 says:

    Fisher wants a 6th ring? Come to Miami.

  58. Heat Fan says:

    The Heat should pick Fisher up because he would teach Norris Cole and Chalmers some moves and Miami should pick up Turief because he’s a strong power forward/center, good size and he’s has that veteran experience too. Also they shouldn’t be an expensive contracts. Drop Gladness and Harris and we add them.

  59. TeamFan not Playerfan says:

    The whole reason LA got rid of him is because he is too slow of a PG! and this is a PG’s Games. He should just retire looking like a decent player, rather then keep going and retire looking like Mike Bibby.

    • NIck says:

      Fisher is always going to lok better then Bibby especialy his ring finger.

      • daniel.b says:

        mike bibby cant do nothing not even is a good player, only 1 season with heat and he didnt really do nothing, fisher on the other hand is way better then mike bibby,fisher is clutch and can take over the fourth quarter when needed, when kobe sorta has a off night fisher is right there to step up his game can knock down a clutch 3 when needed. fisher is better then most and probably all Pgs, just because he doesnt score alot or play like ur average Pg doesnt mean hes a decent player, most Pgs cant do what derek fisher does

  60. daniel.b says:


  61. heat4life says:

    Last 5 minutes of game 7 of the 2012 nba finals

  62. Tonyyizzle says:

    wooderson, you clearly are a teen that knows nothing about the history of bball except the leChoke era.

  63. BRIXCITY137 says:

    Fish for all the good he has done for the game especially for LAL, dude has played the DIVA card B4. He did it to the JAZZ for the sake of his sick daughter and just ran back to the lakers. NOW LA is shaking up the team ODOM to the MAVS (who swept them last year) Fish 4 a young Jordan Hill who does have potential and skills, Da ROCKETS would have used him to help out with their young back court, leadership and his clutch play in CLUTCH CITY would have been priceless, yet he decides not 2 report. Lost ur option 4 next year, and u cant go back to LAL this year…. good luck figuring this one out…..

  64. m4a1 says:

    retire and be an audience like jack nickelson 🙂

  65. Luis says:

    Fisher should join the Heats. I know, Fisher is not the guy that’s gonna make Heats to win a championship, however I’m sure he could help them to win.

  66. Stu Brew says:

    Derek Fisher should join either Miami or Dallas.

  67. Mark R says:

    He can go to about any contender for a ring because he is a clutch player and every team needs that. He can be like Robert Horry in the end of his career and just be used for playoff situations, leadership and of course his CLUTCH!

  68. wooderson says:

    in summary, the guys a joke and so is this whole non story which no one should care about

  69. AZ says:

    Miami needs a legit center way more than they need Fisher…

  70. charles says:

    Hawks could use him too. They need a mature person who knows how t get to the next level. But if he’s going strictly for 6th championship, then Heat is the best option, Oklahoma the second best, New York is a third best (lots of talent, no leadership).

  71. Jimmer says:

    Im a laker fan. Having grown up in LA most of my life and I love D Fish to death.He’s been a great laker, been clutch in so many ways.The game 5,2004 Playoffs,0.4 shot against the Spurs stands out the most. For the Lakers this may have been the best move as far as trying to compete for a championship this year and moving forward, their biggest weakness was PG thats why they were trying to get CP3 before the year. D Fish at this point is clearly a back up PG because he doesnt have much left in the tank.Personally going to the Clips would be a solid move, he wouldn’t have to move his family which is probably the biggest decision for him next to finding a serious contender. Plus with billups out he would be the only true PG behind CP3.(Mo Williams aint a PG,he’s a shooter). Not sure if Fish would want to join the newly aqcuainted Lob City aka Rivals.But if would be a good move. Im hoping for a Lakers vs Clippers 1st round playoff series this yar. I think the Clips would take em in 7.For all my LA reps we need 7games at Staple Center,it would be so sweet.

  72. Scamz says:

    Fisher is exactly what the OKC needs. They are a bunch of young stars who need veteran leadership from Fisher, especially Westbrook.

  73. LOS ANGELES says:

    fisher the best clutch shooter the nba has ever seen,

    • Ayuna says:

      you’re right..the problem is truly great teams cannot constantly get jammed up in clutch scenarios…LA is trying to pick up their offense so they dont have to stress their clutch pros.

    • jacky says:

      nope, he was lucky with the .04 shot vs San Antonio, but there are other players who’ve hit bigger clutch shots. ie: Billups (I’ll only mention him cause he’s a fellow point guard)

  74. MLo says:

    Derek Fisher has been great for the Lakers- didn’t Kobe say D-Fish is the only player he really looks up to?
    Sure he’s not as young as he once was, but he can still be a great veteran guard for a playoff team.
    If the Clippers could convince him to stay in LA then he’d be a decent role player and backup for CP3. Or why don’t someone like Orlando get him and maybe he could help keep Dwight happy? He’d be the right man to keep Howard grounded.

  75. OKY says:

    Stay in LA with the Clippers. Remember he came over to LA from Utah for her daughter to receive treatment for her cancer.

  76. Myx says:

    just join shaq and become a commentator… retire as LA #2! but your presence playing on court will be miss…

  77. Nutts1223 says:

    I say he should of been a sport and play the game as a rocket. Only one team gets to win a championship and Fisher is not the guy that’s gonna make that happen with any team. He would just hope the team he picks will win it and he will take credit.

    Sorry that’s just my opinion.

  78. dirk45 says:

    Fisher should join the Mavs. They need another 35+ player to add to their overaged roster 🙂 And he could join LO there.

    At least he’d definitely have another shot at the title.

  79. Nils says:

    Heat would be kinda cool. Chalmers and Cole are both young and could learn from him. And i think Mario Chalmers und Fishers way of playing the point are somehow similar … 3Pt. Clutch Shooting and pressing the ball…

    and @ Booing fisher again … duda cut fisher some slack … your bias opinion only let you see a load of bulls*** … this has something to do with … “mum, fisher left utah …!” Fans like you are bringing the nba down!

    • David says:

      I agree, Steve Nash has to be moved too. You can never argue not winning is exciting.

      Back to fisher, Miami can definatly use him, but they will need to seed if they can find a center first.

  80. prix says:

    He should retire…nothing more…kobe´s next after he failed again this time…Dallas sweep…

  81. Booing Fisher Again says:

    Derek Fisher embodies everything I choose to boo as an NBA fan … I have been a lifelong Jazz fan, I watched first-hand as he manipulated the heart-strings of Jazz fans and management by playing his daughter’s illness. He claimed that he needed to be released from the Jazz so that he could be closer to her in New York as she underwent operations for cancer of the eyes … Then he moved 1,000 further away from NY to chase more titles with the Lakers ….

    As President of the Player’s Union he failed NBA fans again, along with Billy Hunter and the lawyers – failed to really accomplish much of anything except devaluing the NBA product worldwide… and making himself and other players look silly for five frustrating months.

    Now, in one of his final acts, he has “asked” the Rockets to waive him … I’m sure they just wanted to give away the promising young Jordan Hill to help the Lakers get better anyway. Now Derek Fisher will once again find his way to one of the few teams he deems worthy of employing him … It’s a sad day for sports …

    I will always cheer the loudest for true pros like Steve Nash, who play hard, with quiet dignity, even when he doesn’t get to be on the best team every year … and I will always boo you Derek Fisher, players like you are bringing down the NBA – please retire.

    -Sincerely, a true fan of real NBA pros.

    • mr-plow says:

      I agree more than 100% Fisher is the def.of a flopper and only has 5 rings cuz of Kobe

      • Reggie says:

        I have to defend D.Fish on this one. He has been a totally expendable point guard his entire career. Utah didn’t need him, nor did they want that contract with D.Will potentially demanding big bucks. If you listened to a interview Fisher did years back he stated that their were 3 cities where his daughter could get the proper medical attention. L.A was one of course had to be tops on his list. Who wouldn’t want to play for Phil Jackson. G.O.A.T,
        But the real people true NBA fans should boo are these GM and front office guys who deal these players to teams where they have no family friends and no chance at winning or acomplishing anything. For a vet like D.Fish a buyout is deserved due to his drive and leadership. How many games did D.Fish cost the Jazz during that playoff run? 1…2….or 0! So don’t boo a man that plays hard 48mins for 500+ games and spends his off season still working to save the NBA rather than tweeting on beaches and clubbing it up. Great NBA career D.Fish and booooo Mitch, and way to show some respect Houston!

      • RILL says:

        No he has most of his Rings because of Shaq. Not Kobe.

    • Coach Dee says:

      You’ll never be a true fan of the NBA…

      Comments like these shouldn’t even suppose to be approved by Sekou Smith. Please, get a life. Root for your own team, maybe then you deserve to be called a fan.

      True fans, cheer both sides. Appreciate and applaud each good play. and never mock on someone for being imperfect. I guess, you’re just one of the haters. Never a TRUE FAN

      • Booing Fisher Again says:

        Derek Fisher’s sense of entitlement has driven him to burn the Rocket’s, who had plans to possibly pick up his option for next year … Real proffesionals have dignity while they honor the contracts they have signed. I root for my own team and for many, many players not on my own team … If Derek Fisher is “proffesionalism”, then it’s a sad day for proffesionals.

    • NBA Fan says:

      I will agree with you on one statement, that is Steven Nash is a true pro. Yet I wonder how you can say this statement and exclude Derek Fisher. Derek Fisher who is president of the players, once again president needless to say. I’m sure that the NBA has regulations and requirements on who can be the president. The only man I seem fit is Derek Fisher, and based of his merits that’s how he became the president. Derek Fisher has been nothing but a blessing to the NBA. He is a real pro as he shows his dedication to the sport, and outstanding merit. Yes, there has been times when his behavior has got the best of him, the Luis Scola incident. Yet, I challenge you to find another example of Fisher losing his cool. Yes, I’m a Laker fan and I will continue to support Fisher wherever he goes. I understand that every player leaves and as sadly as it is Fisher has had to leave the Lakers. Yet there is one thing I can’t comprehend why you are still upset he left Utah? Yes, he had an impact on your court, but you need to comprehend he left. No matter how much you hate him or throw dirt on his name he will not return. So, please stop writing articles like this and let the true NBA fans appreciate all players, like the marvelous man Derek Fisher.

      Have a nice Day !

    • berns says:

      He did state LA as one of the cities that has the right hospitals and doctors for his daugther. So he didn’t lie, you just didn’t pay enough attention to what he was saying.

      • jamar says:

        whatever berns, eveyone knows sooooo many other cities had doctors that have the same ability as LA’s docs….its too obvious that he wanted to continue riding the likes of Kobe, Gosol and Phil Jackson

    • The Man says:

      I can not agre more. The KING of the floopers, And don’t foget his foul in the last seconds when LA got the championship. Milions of fans have seen this on TV but he never talked about it.

    • jamar says:

      Fisher, was an awesome PG who’s done sooo much for the league…sad that it may need to end this well. Some players move to other teams because they feel they can win a ring there, some players ask a team to buy out their contract cause they know they wont win one there and instead of actually trying…just run away. Some team may pick him up, some team that doesnt need him and can do better without him. Retire my friend, you’ve run your course and job well done for the years that you put in. Lie to Utah, shame on you…disrespect Houston by not believing in them and running, shame on you again. At this point you do not deserve another ring, real players play till the end and dont sulk and run cause they got moved to a team they know (due to age and ability) they cant help and wont get any glory in. Obviously you rode with Shaq and Kobe to rings, the ride stops here.

    • sbfern805 says:

      Well well well. Reggie, you are right, FISHER DID name three cities where his daughter can get treatments and one of them WAS LA!! Now as i recall Fisher DID sign an extension with the Jazz meaning he had every bit of interest continuing to play there. I do respect all you Jazz fans for looking out for a player and not treating him as property and waiving him off. Now i am not surprised by this waiver because think about it…. In what way do the Rockets need fisher? im sure they saw how badly he got burned by the rest of the point guards in the league…. The trade included Fisher and a First round pick….Houston is no dummie, they know how deep this draft is so it was an investment for them…not so much Fisher. Think about it guys? How would Fisher help Houston? they arent even a contender team…

  82. Heat definitely does it for King Fisher!

  83. jERICK says:

    Retire #2 as a LAKER FOREVER!

  84. MK says:

    or RETIRE.. in fact.. he’s getting older right now.. and he has so many achievements in his career for 16 seasons..

    • Imad Akel says:

      yeah if there was a retire option i’d choose that ^^

      not sure how much heart he still has left in him for his next team

      besides, he’s old…He’s not mr clutch anymore i think he will hurt the chances of whichever team acquires him.