Don’t Forget About Teague!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It was brought to our attention, via Twitter, that we might have slighted the best point guard dunk of the night by showcasing the work of Nets All-Star Deron Williams over that of Hawks youngster (and jumping jack) Jeff Teague.

We would like to correct that mistake now by showing you exactly what Teague did to Ray Allen on Monday Night Point Guard Dunks:


  1. Mark says:

    teague did his on an old shooting guard. williams did his on a young guy playing center & his was better.
    teague’s was nice tho

  2. chitownSon says:

    It was a very nice dunk for Teague, but it was JUST a dunk. Jesus Shuttlesworth went on to light ATL up and get the W. That’s what really counts!!

  3. Got to feel for Ray, always the first man back on the break haha. That was one nasty dunk though

  4. prix says:

    He plays like Rondo but not the stats..except that posterize the old Allen..

  5. tupark82 says:

    i mean come on. he can’t let out a little scream after a big dunk? let them play!