Air D-Will Does It Again!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — He’s no Gerald Green or anything, but Nets point guard Deron Williams is making a point to dunk on someone seemingly every week.

He got the Cavaliers Monday night, one of many highlights in a point guard battle he was locked in with Cavaliers rookie Kyrie Irving, whose team got the win.

One of the plays of the night, though, definitely belongs to Air D-Will:


  1. @Prix says:

    Nah i dont think so…… they already have sessions which can bring young talent and I dont think they would be able to afford Dwill

  2. charles says:

    HOpefully it’s a good consolation price for being outplayed by a rookie in Irving and losing the game. With Gerald Wallace in the house, they better win some….Why is Anthony Morrow not starting? I mean with the slashing Wallace, wouldn’t Morrow create a bit more space to operate????

  3. prix says:

    He could be an air head…but I think if he will be a lakers as what everybody was saying that L.A needs him so badly because of a predicting failed season again..He will lead..and Kobe might be the second option only..D´Will kills…