Stephen Jackson Back To The Spurs

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Golden State Warriors have used Stephen Jackson to land a first-round pick and Richard Jefferson from the San Antonio Spurs, according to league sources.

The Warriors acquired Jackson in a five-player deal earlier this week with the Milwaukee Bucks. Our man David Aldridge reports the Warriors have flipped Jackson into a conditional first-rounder from the Spurs in what should be a very deep Draft this year.

The volatile Jackson is a Gregg Popovich favorite, making his return to the Spurs a reunion for the coach and player that helped the franchise to a championship in 2003.

Also the Warriors announced they acquired a second-round pick in this year’s draft from the Atlanta Hawks for cash considerations.


  1. jerry says:

    GSW had the jackson trade prior to the deal. Good trade for SA, when motivated, Jackson is a step below an all star with good defense. I think the Spurs are in contention with the trade.

  2. mike smith says:

    I can never figure out Pop, but there is always a reason to Pop’s madness. As I recall back in 2001, Pop saw a “ticking time bomb” in Jackson which is why he told Jackson when he signed for 2 years to play for the Spurs from 2001-2003 not to expect to play at all in 2001-2002 and maybe only a little in 2002-2003. As I recall, injuries on the main roster forced the Spurs to activate Jackson late in the 2001-2002 season. Jackson was inconsistent in 2002-2003 and still a “ticking time bomb” (anyone remember the big fight where Jackson was suspended 25 games or so back in the 2006-2007 season for Indiana when Indiana dumped Jackson as quickly as they could after that. Unfortunately in 2 1/2 years Jefferson has never fit in with the Spurs and never produced the offense as the Spurs expected the former NBA All Star player. I see Pop acquiring Jackson kind of like Pop acquired both Horry and Finley getting two tall, particularly Horry, older experienced players who could fit into the Spurs system. Although the Spurs offense has changed almost yearly over the years, Jackson should be familiar with Pop, Duncan, Parker, Manu, and the Spurs system. Both the new Spur and older Jackson and the former Spur and younger Jefferson are at career lows (excluding rookie years) in ppg, FG%, and rebounds, but Jackson is at a career high this year in FT% while Jefferson is at a career low in FT%. So, apparently Jackson still has legs and can shoot; although, he has not done much this season. It looks like to me that Pop is trying to get an Horry and a Finley all in one package. Pop traded for Horry in 2003 with the Lakers after Horry single handedly lost that 2003 Lakers playoff series shooting something like 1-21 from the 3 point line in that 2003 Spurs-Lakers playoff series, so Pop did not pick up Horry for offense or 3 point ahooring. Pop picked up Horry for his height and experience. Yes, Horry did hit the occasional big 3 point shot for the Spurs, but he rarely shot the key game ending 3 point shot as that was not his roll on the Spurs. Former Spurs Finley, like former Spurs Jefferson, did not fit well into the Spurs system, but Finley did give some good experience and height at the #2 and #3 positions which Jackson can. When it comes down to it, the NBA is primarily a big man’s game. So, if Pop can keep the 6’8″ Jackson under control for this season, then, that is probably all Pop wants out of Jackson unless Jackson turns his offense, field goal shooting, and rebounding around as Jackson has and Jackson always will be a “ticking time bomb”. But, with the shortened 2011-2012 season, and the Spurs unfortunate trade of George Hill at the #1 and unfortunate loss for season/trade of always injured T.J. Ford at the #1, Pop might just be banking on getting 3 more months out of Stephen Jackson to become a combination Horry/Finley, not for offense, but for size and experience at the #2 and #3 positions for the NBA playoffs. If it work out well, then Jackson may be back next year, but Pop has a habit of rebuilding a team in one season or less than one season around his “Big 3” while always keeping the Spurs a winner. Unfortunately T.J. Ford has always been injured in his NBA career, and Richard Jefferson never produced offensively for the Spurs in the last 2 1/2 years. But, Pop based on past player moves like for Horry and Finley, picked up for experience, size, and versatility, Pop did not pick up Stephen Jackson for offense but for playoff experience, size, and versatility. I always wanted to see Richard Jefferson become a weapon as a Spurs player, but unfortunately that never happened. Let us see if Pop’s second experiment with Stephen Jackson results in another NBA playoff run.

  3. EZfoRPREZ says:

    this is what i call a great trade. its a good look for both spurs and golden state. Jeffferson will be great for golden state as for S jackson is a monster at the 2 or 3.

  4. GeorgeEliasEmery says:

    I’m still a real Spurs fan. If this trade works out, I’ll happily admit I’m wrong. But for now, trying to predict how this trade will work: I totally agree with all of you who say that SJ is an offensive upgrade over RJ. You can’t argue that. What you can argue is that he is bat-crazy and is a risk for team chemistry. I also still stand by my statement that he is Melo-like in that he dominates the ball on offense and ruins team offensive flow.

  5. Travis says:

    Kevin can put a fork through his head.

    Not a bad deal

  6. Suriken says:

    Jax is way better in offense off the dribble and better in defense, but RJ is a 6th place in 3-pointers made this season. Jax has only 28% from the arc, how can anybody call him “a shooter” with such a stat?! But i trust Buford and Pop anyway. I guess they haven’t tried to get any PG because there are already Parker, Green, Neal, Manu, Anderson in a constant rotation with Neal and Manu easily playing PG from the bench. It’s harder for Neal, but it’s very interesting how successful he will be by the end of the PO run. I am sure noone would argue about how good at teaching Pop is. My main concern is lack of big bodies in the paint. With all respect to Blair’s quick hands and rebounding skills he gets the team undersized against Dallas, LAL, OKC, Clipz and Denver.

  7. jay says:

    he’s won a championship with the spurs back in ’03. he’s more controlled under pop and lastly, he’s got balls to slug it out in the playoffs. who says he’s old? i’d rather have an old goat than a younger bald bonehead who couldn’t attend his own wedding.

  8. marvin says:

    RJ has a future in SAS

  9. Erkki says:

    I like the deal. I would not say either (Jax nor Jefferson) is a better shooter or defender than the other .. about the same, but Jackson definetely can create more and is more threat overall. It gives more depth if Ginobili would not be healthy during playoff time for some reasons. I would not worry about the personality issues also. Spurs are so well tuned team that you cant see anybody on the roster now who isn’t under control. They’re fun to watch (and this actually coming from a long time Suns fan 🙂

    (from Estonia, Europe)

    • real spurs fan says:

      Love dat u can say something bout the spurs when ur a suns fan much respect sun mite make the playoffs if they keep winning I’m a big fan of Nash hope he gets a ring before he leaves the NBA!

  10. Alan Hollway says:

    I am not sure why the emphasis has been replacing one 30+ veteran swingman with another. Jackson may be moderately better than Jefferson particularly with clutch shooting and better defence but it is just tinkering with the margins. The only known gap in Spurs personnel is to find a tall powerful centre to take the burden off Duncan, Dwight Howard would bring a championship to San Antonio in a blink of an eye.

  11. Saatvik says:

    Stephen Jackson? Really?
    With 3 veterans who might retire very soon?

    They gave away a 2012 first-round pick too!

    Sad deal!

  12. wade98 says:

    Jackson is absolutely more consistent in offensive end than Jefferson
    Jefferson can only shoot 3 and is lack of offensive effort
    It’s a fantastic move for the Spurs since these 2 years will be their final chances

  13. DonDon says:

    I think this is a good move for the Spurs because S Jackson is more ocnsistent than R Jefferson however what they need to address is their lack of size. They need to add a Center that can protect the paint and of course a back up point guard since TJ Ford no longer playing. C Joseph is not yet ready for NBA.

  14. UGK4 LIFE says:

    I hope all the ” SPURS FANS” that DON”T like this trade come back and apologize to Stephen Jackson and the rest of us “SPURS FANS” after he is an instrumental piece in the Spurs run in the regular season + the playoffs. If you are a true Spurs fan you can acknowledge when you are WRONG….

  15. GeorgeEliasEmery says:

    Real Spurs fan here. I don’t like this move. I didn’t like how Jackson played for us during his first run. His offensive game reminds me of Melo’s. Yeah, he can score, but his presence on a team destroys offensive chemistry. I was glad to get rid of him back then. It’s possible that his game has matured over the past 7 years, but he is an absolute basket case!

    • real spurs fan says:

      Naw I’m the real Spurs fan cuz I know basketball and I know the spurs coach pop can coach any one Jackson is avg almost 11 a game RJ is only giving 9 a game Jackson can drop 20 in any giving game and he was a big reason we beat the Nets his another score to add which help when the big three need a break! Know basketball and stats be4 trying to convince me it was a bad trade!

    • Ruizzy says:

      lmfao.. i dont kno what u just said… but yeaaaa.. ur wrong! lol

      • real spurs fan says:

        Have u seen the 03 finals he hit 3 big threes to bring back the spurs so no I’m not wrong like I said before know basketball before u comment on my status bout this trade!

  16. Mark says:

    I think this good and bad. The good part is that Jackson could become a big part(a good player) of the Spurs,since Coach Pop will be coaching him. The bad part is that Richard was hitting the 3’s all year long,which will reduce some points,and may cause to lose in a late game if we are forced to hit 3’s to win the game.

  17. jr says:

    i think captain jack would be a version of bruce bowen to the spur with good defense and cluth shooting..

  18. spurs fan says:

    that was a great trade for the spurs getting back jackson in the line up..jeferson is great but his not fit to pop hope spurs can go for back pg..neal cant play point his sg solid..its very disappointing when tj ford retired but we all need to move on and get some back up point guard

  19. Nellie says:

    I am a true and dedicated spurs fan in that it hurt me personally to see an established spurs player like richard go, but I failed to seperate emotion from business. I hope richard understands how much the spurs organization loved and appreciated him; I will always call him a spur. Despite my bitter mood, I am open and excited to see a tough, competitive, experienced former-spurs player like stephen jackson play in pop’s system. I, being aware of pop and RC Buford’s known success with bringing guys in, am excited to see how the spurs improve and suprise many in the playoffs. GO SPURS GO

  20. Palos says:

    Not bad..but Spurs also needs another BIG Man to help Tim Duncan.

  21. BLAZZZERS! says:

    Blazers waive former No. 1 pick Oden

    Posted Mar 15 2012 8:39PM

    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Trail Blazers have waived center Greg Oden, ending the former No. 1 overall pick’s disappointing career in Portland.

  22. DaveBautista says:

    I like the idea of trading Jefferson away and getting another guy that could help the team. It was so frustrating watching Jefferson with the Spurs!

  23. Buswick Bill says:

    Bad trade Houston Rockets

  24. August says:

    Trust the spurs management… Just trusr coach pop…

  25. emmanuel says:

    this is a bad deal richard jefferson is better

  26. Budi says:

    It would be a smart move for Spurs to acquire Jackson.
    With Spurs’ young lineup, they will need another experienced veteran player to lead the team in the playoffs.

  27. jason says:

    Well this is an upgrade. I thought they should have kept him after the 03 season. But this teams chemistry is different from 03. Duncan was the man then. It was a pitch and kick out team. Now it is clearly Tony`s team. So how is he gonna fit in on a non big man oriented team. But definitely cannot be any worse than RJ was. Had to do something. Was hoping for Augustin though. Shame about Ford.

  28. Anthony says:

    All Right! Just Fitting that Stephen Jackson will get another ring with the Spurs the year he returns

  29. Kevin says:

    2003 was 9 years ago. I think MJ was still playing then – LOL. Get a life spurs fans, stick a fork in it, the Spurs are done…. ROTF

  30. emi_argentina says:

    hi, first time comment here i think stephen jackson is a great player the coach knows him he can help the team.. i see a lot of games of the nba and the way to play of the spurs is so good they are a TEAM the chemistry will be not changes well sorry for my english i hope see the spurs in the finals whit manu 100% i just gonna say hi from here and support the spurs bye

  31. Calvin says:

    I’ve grown to trust the Spurs front office people when it comes to player personnel decisions. They would get better offensively and defensively – Let’s see how the remainder of the season pans out. . . Go Spurs!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I don`t care what anybody says but this trade certainly puts the spurs up there in the western conference. Captain Jack was complaining in Milwaukee that he wants to play for a contender which he will now. Spurs suit his style slow and defensive minded. I have noticed this guy over the years and that is if he is involved he will give his heart out on the court day in and day out. He is way better suited to the spurs need than RJ ever was. Beside, pop loves him.
    Before i wasn`t worried about the spurs but now I am .. they are the team to beat this year.

  33. mike smith says:

    Are you guys kidding me. RJ had two more years at $9.5 mil/yr salary left. RJ did not produce this year. I remember 4 games in a row, RJ scored Nothing, as in zero points. Now, how can you play 35 minutes a game and not score 1 pt? The Spurs ended up winning those games, they just didn’t throw the ball to RJ anymore on offense. He was a that stupid kid in the playground you picked just to make up 5 on 5. Stephen Jackson makes the same amt of money but (1) his contract expires at the end of this season (2) He can score anytime/anywhere (3) He can rebound (4) He provides leadership in mental toughness. If you re-visit the 2003 season, SJ was responsible for single handedly beating teams off his 3 pt shots. He put a dagger into teams trying to come back. Awsome player. Not too long ago, the Spurs played Charlotte and SJ put up 30 pts easily and 9 rebounds, I believe. Unbelievable game for SJ. So NO he is not old and still has game. Besides as the window for SAS closes, we need experience players who can put the ball in the hole. SJ has the whole package.

  34. King Daddy Naviagtor says:

    Great move for the SA Spurs. S Jackson is a proven vet who can score and play defense. Coach Pop has always been a fan of Jackson, Pop says he is very coachable and he is super competitive with a strong desire to win He is also in the final year of his contract. R Jefferson never really panned out for the Spurs. As for the draft pick I don’t think they lose much there, it is clear Cory Joseph (late 1st round pick) has not done anything to help the Spurs win this year. Don’t forget all 1st round picks are all guaranteed multi-year contracts. The Spurs don’t need any more guaranteed contracts on players who are not making real contributions.
    Clearly the Spurs are gearing up for a final push before the window closes on the Duncan era. Very smart move in the part of Spurs!!

  35. Chris says:

    Any Spurs fan that says this is a bad deal obviously doesn’t watch the games. Yes, Jackson isn’t the same player he once was. But Richard Jefferson had to be traded. He had zero confidence and he was bringing the team down. Jack gives us another clutch performer. I can’t wait to see him in action.

  36. Mondo says:

    Great move!!! He’s a much better player than Jefferson, and he was big in the 2003 the Spurs championship run. We probably would’ve had more championships if he wouldn’t have left.

  37. TimDave says:

    Was hoping for a Dwight + expandable for Tiago + RJ trade 🙂 Then again, that’s just a dream. Capt Jack, welcome back!

    • Keaton says:

      That would be a great move for us if we could get Dwight… get a few championships before TD retires, and then let Dwight take over the team when TD leaves in the same way TD did when Robinson left.

  38. teeroy says:

    how can we find out what the condition is for the warriors keeping the pick in the deal???

    • pisces14075 says:

      I think itz a gd move, Welcome bac capt. jack, bye bye RJ.Capt. jack gonna give u the scoring that Rj didnt and he’s gonna bring alil atitude to the spurs. The more I think bout it i love the move. Letz not orget he”s been here before hes a winner

  39. UGK4 LIFE says:

    Good pick up for the Spurs. Jackson will bring the grit and grind back to the Spurs locker room.
    Hes also grown up and at 34 he is mature and battle tested.

  40. zoohouse says:

    Great trade, watch for pop to bring Ginobli off the bench. He knows this could be the spurs last shot at contension and wants to save Ginobli’s legs. Why the hell are we not going after Camby. He would be a perfect fit for us, and the Blazers gave him up for less than the Spurs could have offered. This and next year are the last run before we have to blow it up, and pop knows is, and if there is a team that can handle a headcase its the spurs!!!

  41. Sam says:

    this was a great move by the spurs. RJ was never consistent and his performance in the playoffs last year was hard to watch. he never was able to fit into the system.. Jackson is a great veteran and will help the Spurs score

  42. simeon says:

    great deal for both teams with the warriors u get some kind of veteran leadership in jefferson , and for the spurs u get a more mature steven jackson who can still score and defend … great deal for both teams especially for warriors who get a pick out the deal !!!

  43. CrajZ says:

    Nice move Spurs

  44. Spider says:

    WOW, RJ was a role player, not paid to take shots. SJ will shoot the ball, so think about it…whose shots is he going to steal. There is only a certain amount of shots the team can take, so now who will have less shots??? Ginobili? Parker? Duncan? Neal? Who??? If it aint broke, don’t fix it. I think Pop plugs SJ into the second team to spell the starters, i don’t think he will get much playing time the rest of the season. This deal is strictly a business related decision, it does not have any positive affect on the production of the team.

  45. Mike says:

    Jack’s more versatile, be better use in play offs

  46. leo says:

    Uhh. Jackson droped 34pts on the Spurs this year and some of these guys are saying washed up??????

  47. Master POP says:

    Sorry for RJ he tried, but didn t make it….Capt. Jack is a leader and is the kind of player not afraid of taking that clutch shot., but I have him in my memories from 9 years ago (2003). Let s see what time have left of him.
    All around big move.

  48. Son says:

    For confused, Jackson makes 10 million and is an expiring contract. Jefferson is going to make 30 million over three years. At about the same talent level, this is a no-brainer for the spurs.

  49. hyrum says:

    the spurs might have needed some salary cap space but they should have kept thier first round pick

  50. no not trade richard jefferson

  51. AsapAnthony says:


  52. installer-x says:

    good move Spurs! now they add another scorer, clutch and a playoff performer. RJ is good in the season but is not existent during playoffs.

  53. OldSchoolSPURSfan says:

    Jefferson was by far the WORST move the SPURS have made in the past dozen years. I’ve seen him miss about 2 dozen WIDE open jumpers in the past couple of games and his defend sux!

    However, I wish we traded him to the wizards for McGee. McGee and Bonner on the floor w/ Duncan, Parker, and Manu would be a real nasty combo.

  54. chop says:

    This was a good deal, maybe not in the regular season, but once in the playoffs Jackson is a valuable scoring weapon. The spurs are to predictable in a 7 game playoffs thats why they lost to the Grizz. They need more weapons.

  55. RCH says:

    For anyone that does not agree with the trade, remeber that the Spurs have one of if not the best recurting staff in the NBA!!!

  56. michael says:

    jefferson is done. jackson adds some much needed scoring and swag, good move! and if anyone can control him poppovich can

  57. Paul Ramos says:

    Good move for the Spurs, RJ had a tendency to fade in big games, contrast that with SJ who lives for the big shot, Spurs needed a shooter and Jackson still has some gas in the tank. Pop will keep him in line. Too bad the Spurs don’t have a front line — should never have lost Scola to Houston..

  58. Meplous says:

    Thank god we get rid of RJ, A starter playing 30 minutes and averaging 6 ppg.

  59. Nick A says:

    I love this trade. they should have never gotten rid SJ. He so much better than RJ. RJ was always lost and scared to play D-fence.

  60. Vic says:

    RJ has been outperformed by players off the bench, He’s no benefit to the team! Spurs only lose the 1st round pic on a conditional basis. We need the details but it looks like they covered their back with a conditional term!!!!

    • Spurs for life says:

      Richard jefferson has been washed up since he left the Nets. The Spurs did a great job by getting rid of that LAME, and his defense is horrible. Welcome back home Stephen Jackson. In 03 Jackson was a part of the championship winning Spurs and was not a problem then so he should not be a problem now.

  61. Ruizzy says:

    why is everyone saying its a “bad decision”? yea of course he hasnt DONE anything cuz he was never in a good situation to do anything. this past decade, he’s only been one good team, and that was the cinderlla team in Golden State. other then that, he hasnt been in a good team, now hes back with the Spurs! Where Coach Pop will have him on check! Plus he can SCORE the ball, RJ couldn’t do that.. and Jackson can play D! Consistent offense and Consistent defense!!!

  62. Jbreeze24 says:

    People Complaining about The 1st round pick… 1) we have more picks its not the end of the world. 2) when have we ever had a busted draft? i remember how “pissed” so called spurs fans where when we traded away our 1st rd pick the year we got blair. Look the Spurs front office is smart and constantly keeps us in the hunt year in and to expect different right now is crazy.

  63. Vic says:

    its a conditional draft pic so chill out…..Spurs only give it up if _____ happens. we need find out the details of the condition…

  64. bub says:


  65. SA MATT says:

    As a Native of SA, We are RELIEVED to FINALLY get rid of Jefferson. He was mediocre at best and never really grasped the system. Jackson is a bit older, but we don’t need him to play over 25minutes. We just need a scorer when it counts, and SJAX did that in the 03 Finals

    • mike smith says:

      I agree that as a #3, Jackson can get 12 to 15 points a game, but Jackson has always been a headcase which is why he was never a NBA regular from the time he was drafted in 1997 until playing on a regular basis in 2002-2003 in his second year with the Spurs. Pop told Stephen Jackson in 2001 to be prepared to not even dress up in uniform for at least his entire full year of his 2 year contract with the Spurs from 2001 to 2003 because Jackson had discipline problems when Pop signed him in 2001.

      Stephen Jackson’s 2002-2003 regular season and playoffs were (12 ppg in playoffs shooting about 40% from the field and about 33% from the 3 point line in the playoffs). Jackson did at times provide a spark, and Jackson provided some clutch shooting in the 2003 playoffs. Also, let it not be forgotten that Speedy Claxton provided a lot of spark in the 2003 playoffs coming off of the bench. That 2003 Spurs team was one of the deepest Spurs teams in franchise history from #1 to #11 out of the 12 roster players, and possibly one of the top 10 rosters in NBA Championship history particularly with Stephen Jackson and Speedy Claxton coming off of the bench.

      Pop also coached the 2003 playoffs differently than any other as he took the “always slow it down to 80 or 90 points” Spurs who averaged 95 ppg and gave up 90 ppg on defense in regular season while Pop took the Spurs to a up tempo game on many occasions particularly against the Shaq/Kobe L.A. Lakers and the Nowitzkie Dallas Mavs where scoring 115 points or giving up 115 points in those two playoff series was common but unheard of for a Coach Pop team as Stephen Jackson and Speedy Claxton coming off of the bench with their speed allowed this. But, both players soon left the Spurs after this 2003 Finals.

      That 2003 Spurs team, in my opinion the best Spurs championship team, never really had any competition in the 2003 NBA playoffs as no playoff series went the full 7 games. In the 2003 playoffs, the Spurs beat the Stephon Marbury, Shawn Marion, Anfernee Hardaway, A’mare Stoudemire, Joe Johnson Phoenix Suns in 6 games, the Spurs beat the Shaq/Kobe et al L.A. Lakers in 6 games, the Spurs beat the Nowitzkie, Van Exel, Michael Finley, Steve Nash, Raja Bell, Shawn Bradley et al Dallas Mavs in 6 games, and in one of the least memorable NBA Finals beat a good Nets team (Jason Kidd, K Mart, Richard Jefferson in his prime, Dikembe Mutombo, et al) who had beaten back to back good Celtics and Pistons teams 4 games to 0 games in that same playoffs. Actually all 4 Spurs NBA Finals championships rank among the least memorable with only 1 important very close game in all of those 4 NBA Finals series. Maybe this might attest to the coaching skills of Pop or his players greatness from 1999 to 2007.

      So, the 2003 Spurs NBA championship team was never pressed to a 7th game in any of their 2003 seven game playoff series with both Stephen Jackson and Speedy Claxton providing a lot of spark, athleticism, speed, and quickness which allowed the Spurs to run those many fast games against the Lakers and the Mavs.

      As I recall, the highlight of the 2003 Spurs NBA championship Finals was when Pop pulled Tony Parker at the end of the 3rd quarter and sat Parker on the bench for the entire fourth quarter in the sixth and final closeout game of the 2003 Finals using little used and old Steve Kerr at the #1 for the entire 12 minutes of the 4th quarter letting Kerr fly with the 3 pointers to close out the 2003 NBA Finals in the 6th game against the Nets.

      Few will remember and the final scores will not show that the 1999 playoff series was basically a one possession game until the final minute or two against the Kobe/Shaq Lakers in 1999 when another Spurs’ Jackson, Jarren Jackson, released a barrage of 3 pointers to bury a very good Shaq/Kobe Lakers team. In fact in that 1999 4 game sweep by the Spurs against the Lakers, Jarren Jackson scored most of his 3 point shots for the 1999 playoffs, and in the 1999 playoffs in total, Jarren Jackson scored basically the same number of 3 point shots on many fewer attempts as did Stephen Jackson did in the Spurs’ 2003 playoffs.

      Jarren Jackson’s 1999 playoff series against the Lakers was much more memorable than Stephen Jackson’s 2003 playoffs with the NBA championship Spurs. This earned Jarren Jackson a $6 million guaranteed 2 year contract. Jackson gained 20 or 30 pounds and showed up totally out of shape for the next season as Jarren Jackon only played a few more games for the Spurs. But, I see this $6 million 2 year contract for a bench player when $6 million was a lot of money for the NBA back in the 1990s as payment to Jarren Jackson’s tremendous 3 point shooting in the 1999 Shaq/Kobe Lakers playoff series 4-0 sweep which could have easily been a Lakers 4-0 sweep over the Spurs had it not been for Jarren Jackson’s 3 point shooting in that 1999 playoff series against the Lakers.

  66. Why spurs says:

    Yall act like the spurs didn’t win 2 more titles with out sjax…come on now once he left as he hasn’t done anything in almost a decade but move around the league…he isn’t worth a first round nor Jefferson…if sjax is as good as y’all hope he will be tell me why he jumped around from team to team…gets traded a day after getting traded…not worth the move at all…bad move spurs bad move

    • MoAtl says:

      I think people tend to forget that SJax is a scorer and he can get to 15 points on the average more than RJ. I agree that he seems to be a headcase but this happen after he left SA. Since he left SA the spurs has been looking to feel that role. I think this move give the younger guys time to grow into the game. My biggest questions is how much does SJax have in the tank. If he can average between 12 and 15 points a game then the spurs would be a tuff out for any team.

      • Too Spur-riffic says:

        Stephen Jackson NEVER wanted to leave the Spurs….His OWN agent screwed up the negotiations and Jackson was upset. Now that he is back….he will be a better fit for the Spurs in the playoffs.

  67. TD says:

    Ed , that is rt on Jefferson was scared to death in crunch time , the worse 3 in the league, 6 point avg against Griss las yr

  68. ryno says:

    hes gunna get injured before the playoffs is my prediction..jackson that is

    • bayron says:

      that is what i was thinking

      • mike smith says:

        Pop, obviously got Jackson for the 2012 NBA playoffs. If Jackson gets injured during the regular season, he will sit until he is healthy for the 2012 NBA playoffs. Richard Jefferson, and I like him as a player, has never produced offensively for the Spurs, so if Jackson misses some time between now and the 2012 NBA playoffs, then nothing much is really missed.

  69. Ed says:

    Great Move. RJ was worthless. Too soft. Could not be trusted in the 4th Qtr.
    Jackson brings toughness and clutch play. If you think this is a bad move you dont follow the Spurs closely.

  70. D says:

    What a joke! I guess all you Jefferson haters are happy. Now we have a mental case that we have to deal with in a position we didn’t need. This REAL Spurs fan is PISSED!

  71. bayron says:

    well i guess its a good deal there was a few times when RJ was scoreless on some games
    but is jackson healthy??

    • mike smith says:

      In my opinion, this is a move for the 2012 NBA playoffs as in the past people like, but not limited to, Robert Horry and Michael Finley did not understand at first why they were not playing much in the regular season. Even David Robinson was inactive much of the 2002-2003 NBA season just waiting for the 2003 NBA playoffs. Pop signed Jackson in 2001 telling Jackson that he would not play for at least a full year, so I feel that Jackson discussed his future in 2012 with Pop. Jackson knows Pop, and Pop knows Jackson.

      Is Jackson healthy? It appears in the games he has played this year as he is shooting his highest Free Throw % as usually a lower FT% below typical career personal FT% indicates some type of leg (knees, ankles) problems.

      Even if Jackson is not currently healthy, Jackson has enough time to rest up and heal for the playoffs, but based on his career high FT% for the 2011-2012 NBA season indicates that Jackson does not have any leg problems.

  72. Pete Johnson says:

    Anyone else curious as to the other 3 players involved in the deal? Whom were they? Where did they go and who did they come from?

    So as a Spurs fan, im losing draft picks and Richard Jefferson, in exchange for Stephen Jackson? Im not sure..
    And really have no clue what happened if im a Bucks fan..

    C’mon Sekou, very poorly written article…I expect better from you and

    • Mino says:

      sekou doesnt work in the front office of the league, so calm down and be patient.

    • J says:

      Are you referring to the original deal with the Bucks? Because Warriors trade Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, and Kwame Brown to get Captain Jack and Andrew Bogut.

  73. TD says:

    good move Jefferson nvr worked out , wayyyyyyyy 2 soft & nvr hit big shots

  74. Miguel says:

    We will see what happens on friday against OKC

  75. O.G Bird says:

    That was a Stupid Trade; they could have Traded Montae to the Spurs &/or whomever & Received Better

  76. tony12314 says:

    This is not a bad move. Richard Jefferson was garbage and Stephen Jackson is a better player than RJ even at his age now. Good move for both teams honestly.

  77. bayron says:

    man they should try to get Dj agustin or ramon sessions

  78. Luiz says:

    If Pop is okay with that trade so am i

  79. Kratos rage says:

    Finally, CAPTAIN JACK has come back to San Antonio! Do you smell what CAPTAIN JACK is cookin?! Seriously it was beneficial for both teams.

  80. Marko says:

    How much longer is RJ contract? How about the SJ contract?

  81. nick says:

    all real spurs fans are 100% for this trade.

  82. MyBloodIsSilverAndBlack says:

    Oh God, they pulled the trigger. WHY???

  83. hell yeah... says:

    i dont care…

    go LAKERS..!!!

  84. Joseph says:

    yeahhhhh another half a championship… if they will this and 99 will equal 1 championship

    • BK22 says:

      With the number of young (and inconsistant) players that we already have…., I doubt that Pop/RC would have used our late 1st round pick this year.

      • BK22 says:

        WHatever!! Even with this trade, I doubt that my Spurs will win it all. But I would sure take it.

  85. Rick says:

    He is a better upgrade than Jefferson, Jackson will hit open shots and play d !

  86. See says:

    This is Great for San Antonio, Jackson is a great defender and is a scorer.. They will need him for their title run this year, especially if they want to get past OKC

  87. KaroLT says:

    Wow Captain Jack to Spurs??? Instant & consistent offense

  88. doTheTrade says:

    Great Trade. Jackson is a better scorer than jefferson which will take a load off for manu and tony. Jackson won’t want be a trouble for the team because he wants to win. He wants to be on a team that has a chance for the championship.

  89. Ruizzy says:

    If anyone can control and keep Stephen Jackson check, its Coach Pop!

    • Mino says:

      I agree over the past few years he has gotten out of control maybe he will simmer down under pop.

  90. lab rat robby says:

    the future of the sf position is kawhi leonard anyway so this is a question of cap and who’s gonna play mentor. does average spurs fan really prefer sjax? not me. does average spur want to sit out the first round of this years draft? NOT ME!

    • lab rat robby says:

      oops second one is average spurs fan too.

      • Jbreeze24 says:

        you make no sense, what are me gonna miss in the first round of this draft? granted there will be a few soild picks, Early picks though, but how many of our current players now where highly sought after 1rd elites? think about it we traded Hill to get Leonard, Anderson is and ghost and soon so will Joeseph. trust whoever We are looking at in this years draft nobody else really sees.

  91. mark says:

    as much as i dont like getting older i like this trade for the fact that jackson seemed to fit within the system better than jefferson has the past 2 and a half years.

  92. wenessa says:

    arifin mençıstıra attığı gölü arıyodum nereye geldim amına koyim bu arada sas bböyle takas mı yapılırr

  93. da boss says:

    do it. help both teams

  94. Mino says:

    jax was a different man when he was in san antonio before, do they still want hiM?

  95. Adam says:

    Golden State is making some good moves. Could be a play off team in a couple of years if Stephen Curry can stay healthy.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Agreed…Bogut and Jefferson played great with each other in Milwaukee that year RJ was there. Warriors are making some good moves, you’re right.

  96. bayron says:

    i dont think its a good deal because stephen jackson is already old he wont last long

    • Larry Oconnor says:

      he’s not older than Richard Jefferson. Didn’t they get traded for each other once before?

      • mike smith says:

        Stephen Jackson (born April 5, 1978) is over 2 years older than Richard Jefferson (born June 21, 1980).

        Nope, Stephen Jackson and Richard Jefferson have never been traded for each other before.

        Stephen Jackson has been waived by the Phoenix Suns without ever playing in 1997, sat out of the NBA for 2 years, waived by the Vancouver Grizzlies without ever playing in 1999, let go by the Nets as a free agent after his rookie year in 2001, let go by the Spurs after the 2003 season as a free agent, and over his long NBA career Stephen Jackson has been traded for Al Harrington, Ike Diogu, Mike Dunleavy, Keith McLeod, Troy Murphy, Corey Magette, Raja Bell, Vladimir Radmanovic, Bismack Biyombo, Kwame Brown, Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, T. J. Ford, Richard Jefferson, and a future first round draft choice.

  97. MK says:

    but hey.. his attitude might change the spurs complexion smh..

  98. phil says:

    He11 NO. the spurs are to smart to let anything stupid like that happen. Good try GSW tho youll get rid of him eventually just not to SAS

  99. MyBloodIsSilverAndBlack says:

    Uhm, too little too late, might I say. They should have kept Captain Jack to repeat as champions in 2004.

    As much as I’d like that reunion, not now Spurs. Not. Now.

    • ThatGuyJM says:

      FYI: When you Google “Silver and Black”, Spurs don’t even show up in the search results. Just givng you a heads up since I thought you were a Raiders fan, obviously.

  100. Charles says:

    Bad move by my Spurs. Jackson is a headcase. Why mess up team chemistry now. Spurs right now are set to make a run for the title. This really disappoints me if true.

    • Carlos says:

      it might not be, remember pop has dealt with jackson before in 2003 when they one the title

    • RVN says:

      not bad for spurs jackson is a good player also and former player who help win the 2003 championship tittle together with ginobili,duncan,parker and robinson will see if they can do again

      • ShowTime says:

        Robinson was not part of the 2003 title run. However, this is a steal for the Spurs. Captain Jack fits perfectly with Pops sytem and provides physical and mental toughness that the team lacked in Richard Jefferson. I see the Spurs going deep into the western conference with the SHOWTIME.

      • Keaton says:

        @ Showtime… are you kidding me? How can you forget that the admiral retired a champion in 2003!!!

    • Jay says:

      You as a so called spurs fan feel no respect for him for the fact that his was instrumental in the spurs 2003 Ring??

    • BK22 says:

      Between Jefferson, Danny Green and Gary Neal…… you really never know what you’re going to get. And Jackson was under control under Pop in 2003. In the playoffs I would rather have a wind that can flat out score on a consistant basis. Jackson can. The other 3 cannot.

      I like the trade. I just wish that we could address our lack of defense and rebounding ion the post.

      • Cam Newton says:

        Well we all know what we’ll get from Neal i thought moving Anderson and Jefferson to Atlanta For Kirk Hinrich and a 2012 1st round pick would have been way better.

  101. ARSKA says:


  102. charles says:

    That would be a very smart move for GS and Spurs.

  103. its showtime says:

    no don’t do it spurs!!!

    • WH77 says:

      how on earth would that deal benefit our spurs?! especially with our ageing big 3! Keep the pick and work some spurs magic in the draft like we did with george hill and Big D

      • david says:

        Because jackson has only a year or 2 on his contract and jackson plays better defense.

      • Scott says:

        I’m predicting it right now: Spurs win Championship 2012!

        Captain Jack puts them over the top with his defense and clutch shooting!

      • Taylor says:

        jackson is a volitile scorer and a very good rebounder who can handle the ball very well at his position and with the constant injuries to Manu, Jackson will help out and make this team a force