Reports: Blazers Fire McMillan Staff Reports

After 7 1/2 seasons on the job in Portland, Nate McMillan is out as coach of the Portland Trail Blazers, according to multiple reports. Yahoo! SportsAdrian Wojnarowski first reported the move, which was confirmed by Ken Berger of McMillan compiled a 266-269 record and made the playoffs three straight seasons, all of which ended in first-round losses for the Blazers.

The Trail Blazers, who started 7-2, are 20-23 and coming off an embarrassing 121-79 loss to the New York Knicks on Wednesday. The front office shook up the roster earlier Thursday before the league’s trade deadline, trading center Marcus Camby and forward Gerald Wallace.

Portland had been sacked in recent years by the injury bug, most notably to former No. 1 overall pick Greg Oden and then last season with former All-Star guard Brandon Roy. Although Roy did return for the playoffs and had a monster performance in Game 4 against Dallas last season, his troublesome knees forced him into retirement and Portland used the NBA’s salary amnesty provision on his contract before the season.

Wojnarowski reports that Portland assistant Kaleb Canales would take over the coaching duties on an interim basis.


  1. dredd5150 says:

    3 really stupid moves.

  2. portland is cursed: check out my blog for the full article:

  3. David says:

    Man i feel sorry for Nate. Great coach. Blazer fans you have to admit that you guys had alot of injuries thoughout the last few years and you guys always contended in the western playoffs and all this becasue the coach fired everyone up to play the game it doesnt matter if you didnt have a chance now you do go out and perform and they all did… To me this is a sign of a great coach. He was a good player too and at times his coach ability has been underlooked. Seriously WHY WOULD YOU FIRE HIM!!!! I dont get it???? he gave this team depth which i thought they would never have oh well its their lose in my opinion.

  4. Stan says:

    Portland needs Steve Blake Back? yea trade Aldridge for Blake and Gasol.

  5. DaRedNeckKing says:


  6. Kris says:

    I have always respected Nate as a player and a coach (and I am a Jazz Fan). I wish him well and hopefully somewhere in the East so we do not have to see him as often. Good Luck!

  7. Kevin Durant says:

    Didnt NATE PICK Odin? and who they LET GO KEVIN DURANT FIRED period.

  8. alf says:

    What took so long.Get your butts handed to you every night.He didn’t make the adjustments.Of course when your’re chasing a Greg Oden pipedream,somebody is going to pay for tihis surrealism.Hello Nate

  9. mcgray says:

    scratch dat my fault dey did trade…yessssss

  10. mcgray says:

    dey dumb wallace nd canby instead of trading em dumb move blazers

  11. robert fay says:

    nate was a good coach but the front office are nothing but people who nothing about basketball get rid of then get rid matthews aof our wortless point guard.

  12. junior says:

    damn it we have to wait AGAIN for another season to come and see what its going to bring us 😦 Im tired of this.

    Next year, Next year. I wish we can be better. I love basketball but Im getting tired of my team losing all the time.

  13. marcus says:

    nate to new york

  14. bababaker says:

    This is the WORST move ever!! Nate did well with what he was working with, the people above him should be fired!!! why get rid of two people who actually make a difference for this team!! Get rid of the people who don’t work or condition the people we have so they play better after all they made it to the NBA for a reason!!

  15. JeffG says:

    I’m a big blazer fan. Even when they are having there bad days I still watch them lose while having hope. Lately, It’s been hard watching the blazers getting blown out of the waters by double digits. I honestly have gave up hope and stop watching recently. 2 major problem. 1 nate wasn’t entirely a bad coach but he wasn’t a great coach either. 2 I wouldn’t doubt that it wasn’t hard for him considering the players that he hard to work with. If anything I would fire those people that makes awful trades and decides who’s a blazer when the drafts starts. We could of had mj, keven durant, giving up carmelo thinking he wasnt good and so much other great players. We had fired about 3-4 coaches now and I think we need to look at a different approach. Fire those staff since their the one who’s put us through this crisis.

  16. NAthan says:

    Nate is was and still a great coach. If he were coaching any other team that was injury prone than he might have rings. Nate can get a job just about anywhere now that he is available.

  17. Steven Estill says:

    wat is with the blazers. They made the worst decision ever firing nate McMillian and trading wallace and canby. I am sickend of this. I might watch the blazers all year

  18. Brendan says:

    Also, in response to the comment that Nate could coach the Knicks, I have also heard rumors that Jerry Sloan may be up for the job. Either way, with the drama unfolding on the Knicks and Magic, some great coaches are going to be re-signed next year.

    In other news, a coach that is not so great= MIke Brown.

  19. Brendan says:

    Nate was an excellent coach and it’s a shame that he’s getting the blame for the teams’ poor performane.

    In my opinion, the Blazers started to go south when they started signing Eastern Conference jump shooting types. If you watch this team, there’s horrible ball movement and players are dribbling too much.Lot’s of long jumpers means the opposing team is able to get off to the races and Portland is stuck trying to do one of the hardest things in the league, which is transition defense. This in turn wears on all other aspects of the game and the rest is history.

    Sometimes less is more and I hope the Blazers get rid of Crawford and a few others in return for some strong role players.

  20. blazers yo! says:

    yeah its time for a new start. we were going no where and rebuilding the team with the same coach again is idiotic. so umm i think we are done for the season and prob have a good chance of drafting someone good this year;))

  21. Blaze says:

    Takeaway is that the Blazer are conceding the season and in full rebuild. Nate wanted those pesky veterans who dared to play defense out of the locker room. He got that. He also got a pink slip. Start fresh

  22. Justin says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the NY Knicks interviewed him either this season or next season for a coaching job. He’s a great quality coach who puts discipline and exercises authority over his players which is exactly what Knicks need.

  23. Jose says:

    Time for Sergio Rodríguez to come back. XD

  24. EYECON says:

    I’m saying it not SCOTTIE PIPPEN NEEDS TO COACH THE TRAIL-BLAZERS. They need a championship swag right now. I loved Nate and felt he should not have been fired but since they did Pippen is the only guy I want to see on the bench next year. Wallace needed to go he was gonna leave at the end of the year anyway plus you can score 20pts at home and 2 on the road he obviously wasn’t trying anymore. Camby is 38 nuff said. I just hope we keep crawford because who ever thinks bringing Steve Blake in is a good idea is smoking some serious ish

  25. Chris says:

    This guy did a good job with a constantly injured team. First they get rid of Gerald Wallace, then they fire Nate? Weird. It’s like they’re trying to get worse…

  26. riverman says:

    I always had Nate’s back until the allstar break this year. I think he needs new landscape as does Portland. He let this team slip away when it was his job to get them motivated and playing together. I think his substitutions were weak and his time management of players was pretty poor. Nate would thrive in the college system as a coach. Like to see him back in Seattle when they get a team.

  27. Tay,k says:

    nate was a good coach but his style wasnt for our team and the talent we had. I also didnt like some of his defense tactics. overall he is one of hte better coaches but without a leader on the team right now he just doesnt get the team fired up and able to play well. Good luck to you elsewhere nate, you will be coaching again very soon.

  28. Mack says:

    Blazer has had a lot of should of, could have situations and bad luck on injuries,
    but still on paper they have players big and small so why were they loosing.
    it could been bad coaching. It’s about time they get rid of Nate,
    but should have kept Canby and Wallace.

  29. Fefe says:

    Yes. Nate McMillan is one of my favorite coach… Damn he is fired but he is not the problem!!!!!!!!!!

  30. charles says:

    McMillen clearly couldn’t get it done in Portland. It was time to say goodbye. Portland has a good base in LaMarcus Aldrich and Nicolus Batum. If they negotiate hard with Batum and they should be in good shape

  31. Not Mcmillan says:

    it was nates time to go, the lakers loss was bad but this was out of control. and the oden-roy-aldridge didnt work out????????? IT WORKED FINE WHEN THEY WERE HEALTHY, im glad for what has happened and next year we can get back to work rebuilding this franchise GO BLAZERS!!!!!!!!!

  32. DP says:

    I’m so sorry to see Nate go. He has done a great job in Portland. Thanks to him for his personal investment in our team and our community. I am sorry to see him go. DP

  33. Zeke says:

    I’m a Laker fan and McMillan was a great coach he was just unlucky if Oden and Roy didn’t ever have career ending injuries they would be a championship contender right now. Roy was the third best SG in the NBA and Oden was a great defensive center who was physical and also athletic.

    Can you just imagine a big 3 of Oden, Roy and Alridge WOW you have everything there height, offense and defense. Add players like Wallace, Batum, Matthews and Camby into the equation and that is one heck of a team.

  34. Gary says:

    Lame!!! Sorry Nate.. What is the world is the front office thinking, getting rid of Wallace and Camby, then dumping Nate… You have to give the team time to gel, not make dumps and changes 3/4ths the way into a hyper fast season do to the lockout…. LAME

  35. D'AntoniFan says:

    Making Room for D’Antoni…

  36. LAL says:

    that’s the white flag right there!

  37. Well Damn says:

    Might as well get rid of everyone except Aldridge and start over lol.

  38. Herr says:

    Great day for Portland. It’s about time we get rid of “veterans” that make stupid mistakes, and are looking at starting a bright new future. The Roy-Oden-Aldridge didn’t work, and it was just foolish to try to continue. Nate was a good coach, but it was simply time for a change. The way this team has been playing, I’m surprised Portland didn’t make more moves. Now let’s just end this stupid season and get to the draft! This Portland fan is certainly excited for that.

  39. ha says:

    anyone that says nate is a bad coach is a casual fan of basketball and doesnt know anything about it.
    you can ask anyone around basketball about nate and they’d say he was an amazing coach for the blazers. i am still a blazer fan but i hope in his new coaching job if that’s what he seeks out. he will beat the blazers every time.

    Nate you deserved better.

    • dd def says:

      he did great for us for a while, but this season his head was in the clouds and it was time to move on. 8 man rotations do not, and never will, win basketball games.

      • EMONEY131 says:

        Actually, Mike D’ antoni and the Suns had 3 or 4 50+ games w/ one of those being a 60+ win season in the years that Mike coached the suns. During all these winning seasons with the suns Mike kept a 7 to 8 man rotation. So in that case a 8 man rotation did with lots of games but failed to win a championship. So you can win games but mayber not championships with a 8 man rotation.

    • TTKIN says:

      Agreed. He’s the reason the Blazers have actually been noticeable the last few years despite the team being in shambles injury-wise. He is like Rick Adelman, amazing coach who gets screwed by stuff out of his control.

    • EMONEY131 says:

      Its not that Nate was a bad coach because he was not. A bad coach doesnt coach a team for seven in a half years. There comes a point in time when it just isnt working anymore with the coach and it is time to go in a whole different direction. This is why Gerald Wallace and Marcus Camby was traded and the reason why Nate was Fired. A coulple examples of this is when Mike Brown was fired by they Cavaliers after great years with the cavs along with a coach of the year award. The Cavs just could not get over the top with him. Another example is Mike Woodson that coached the Atlanta Hawks. Did great for several years but also could not get over the hump. Nate coached the Trailblazers and led them to three stright years to the playoffs even with all the Injuries. During these injuries he even had and achiles injuriy while playing in a scrimmage because injuries had them short to make two teams. If that is not a great coach then I dont know what is. Its been great over the last seven in a half years but Nate and the Blazers just could not get over the hump.

  40. blazers says: