Nets Get Wallace From Blazers Staff Reports

Dwight Howard waiving his early termination option took him off the trade market and out of the free-agency pool for 2011-12. That put a kink in the rebuilding plans for New Jersey, which was on Howard’s preseason draft “wish list”.

The Nets didn’t leave trade deadline day empty handed though, as they swung a deal for Gerald Wallace from the Blazers, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!Sports:

The Portland Trail Blazers have agreed in principle to trade Gerald Wallace to the New Jersey Nets for Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams and a protected first-round pick, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Wallace, 29, is averaging 13.3 points and 6.6 rebounds this season.

The draft pick the Blazers received is protected only through the top three spots.

New Jersey had acquired Okur in a deal with Utah before the season and signed Williams as a free agent in the offseason. Wojnarowski reports that the draft pick the Blazers received would be protected through the top three spots.


  1. BA says:

    Well, on the surface it looks like a good trade for both teams… NJ gets an above average SF and calculates that if they build a good team, they may keep D. Portland gets cap room and a good draft pick. However, Okur is not the player he used to be after all those injuries, and unless he miraculously returns to his early Utah form, the Blazers will be desperately looking for a center… And you know how dangerous that is… Remember Sam Bowie, anyone?

  2. John says:

    I think it’s odd that so many people think this is a bad move for Portland. They traded Wallace for a lottery pick, what’s so bad about that? What do you expect them to get for Wallace, Derrick Rose? This is a trade where the Nets get more mature and try to make a title push within the next year, while the Blazers tear it down and try to come back in a few years with lots of young talent.

  3. dredd5150 says:

    Stupid move for Portland. Wow! Really stupid. Firing Nate and trading off Wallace. AND letting go of Camby.

  4. teaguer says:

    i like wallace but would rather them have went after richard jefferson who was awesome before he left nets a few years ago. now warriors future lookin bright

  5. andrew says:

    the bobcats are actually in a great position now. they have kemba and bismack biyombo who are young and will only get better. Then they have portland’s 1st round draft pick for this year, which will most likely be a 7-10 pick, plus their own 1st round draft pick, which will be in the 1-4 range. That’s fantastic especially with a loaded draft this year.

  6. OG3OG says:

    Good move for the Nets, gerald wallace is a solid forward. It would have been an even better pickup with Howard coming to town, but Humphries and Lopez are pretty damn good themselves should be a good starting 5 for this team, watch out for Wallace though he tends to pull the disappearing act many, many times.

  7. PASCAL SOMERS says:


  8. Im definately a fan of Gerald Wallace, but in this draft giving up a 1st rounder is crutial. I hope Lopez gets healthy so we can push for the playoffs, Give Deron a reason to stay…and make that pick a 15th -20th pick. Then, it’s worth it!!

  9. Kdubb says:

    Hello !!. Does top 3 pick in the draft ring a bell ?. Let alone the fact that gerald is washed up. He brings us help to make a playoff push ; but i’d rather us use that draft pick to draft a better forward..

  10. kkraley says:

    This is not Nate’s vault. He has no control over who comes to the team, that falls to Paul Allen and whatever person he finds as a GM to do what he says. With Roy gone, and so many players that have never played together to try and make a good team is very hard. Nate and Garald and Marcus will be missed

  11. xfractor says:

    This is a good trade for portland i’d say. Honestly, wallace is not that great. He is a solid player. He is no all star. Some nights he’ll do good or decent. Other nights he does nothing. If portland gets to pick anywhere from 4-10, since its top3 picks protected, it was well worth it for wallace. I don’t know why nets fans are so happy about this trade. Deron williams is obviously not going to resign after this season. They need their first round draft pick to possibly land a franchise player…… Looks like that won’t be happening. As bad as NJ is doing right now, i don’t know why they would give up their first round pick for a player like wallace. I’d expect a team that is in the playoffs and looking to stay in that spot to trade for wallace, but not a team that is clearly not going to make the playoffs.

  12. Dongj says:

    Good trade for the blazes, aldrige can work in the paint, if the they double he can kickout outside, okur and williams is good 3pointer bigman.. Now they can give aldrige big space to work in the paint..

  13. just a fan says:

    wallace is an allstar type player the nets basically gave the blazers bench players for him but still needed 2 keep deron williams on the team 4 another season so they had 2 get another big name

  14. Nets says:

    What a pick up by the NJ nets. Cant wait to see our new player in action, i know he got a lot of stuff to prove.

  15. wainiac33 says:

    WHAT!!!!!!! terrible trade for NJ…..if it was the rockets pick yes but a top ten pick are you kidding me…..Way too desperate for a 29 year old on his decline!

  16. Yugi-oh! says:

    this is a great trade after all. it’s good for the blazers, which is obviously in the rebuilding process after this trade deadline. they could get a solid young big man this june. it’s also fair for the reeling nets as they got a surrounding piece for D-will and may convince him to stay with the team this summer.

  17. Paul Navarre says:

    Wow, the Nets fans are in for a surprise. Star player? 62nd in the league in scoring, 43rd in rebounds, 56th in double-doubles (6!), 127th in field goal percentage… I could go on.

    Let’s not forget the intangibles like disappearing for entire quarters while somehow being on the floor the whole time and mailing in road games more often than not.

    Don’t get me wrong, Wallace is fun to have around. Once in a while he’ll get you thinking, hmmm, this could be good. He could be an good addition to a decent team. One thing he won’t do though is turn a bad team into a good one. We’ll miss Wallace, but we’ll take the pick, thank you very much.

  18. SPAZ says:

    Say goodbye to one of our best defensive players. Blazers really need a rebuild now that Wallace and Camby are gone

  19. nba fan to the heart says:

    WOW…….WOW…….i see why the blazers fired the head coach. they gave wallace away for nothing dang. then they loose camby. man id fire that head coach too.

  20. DP says:

    Gerald has been great for Portland. What a stand up guy. Thank you Gerald for your time here. We love you. DP.

  21. Rip Greenfire says:

    Not bad idea for Blazers, blow this up and build around LaMarcus. This team was meant originally to build around young up and comer Brandon Roy with start players Greg Oden and LaMarcus. Unfortunatly Portland still couldn’t escape injuries and lost both of them. Now they can try again, let go of Okur this summer and have new players, a new coach, and a new hope.

    Oh and Nets get Wallace, a great defensive minded man who can intice Dwight in 2013.

  22. Zzoe says:

    Don’t know what to think of this trade….Okur has shown more offensive capability and less injury prone than Canby..Wallace hasn’t been the player he was in Charlotte….I’m more concerned that Nate Mcmillan was fired and still no G.M..either way, this team is is full rebuild mode….only the future can tell if these moves will benefit the Blazers….

  23. Nets Fan! says:

    Call me crazy but as a nets fan, i actually like this trade. for those ppl who watched the nets, we dont have a good sf, gerald green is good and athletic but cant defend anyone, and stevenson can play multiple positions including the sg and sf and pg, giving away that draft pick was a little frustrating, i felt like King could of given a lower draft pick but w/e. We played without Okur and Shawne most of the season, so any additionally players tat we can add now is a plus. and Wallace isnt a bad player, i have watched him play wit the bobcats n initially with the blazers n i loved his style of play, i think he will be a good fit with a right head coach.

  24. Larian1983 says:

    With Dwight Howard Opt in next year as a Olrando Magic, will the Nets to able to keep Deron Williams? Is he going to Dallas guys?

  25. RipCity425 says:

    Everyone thats saying this was a bad deal for portland and good for New jersey, YOU ARE AN IDOIOT. Wake up, gerald wallace avg. this year…
    PPG 13.3
    RPG 6.6
    APG. 2.7 NOT ALL STAR NUMBERS! His worst season since 2004

    Tbe Blazers dished a GOOD player, NOT a GREAT player for a rebounding center that can shoot the long jumper, and a decent young swingman player in williams, as well as a possible 4th or 5th overall pick in the draft. They also opened up a spot they already solidified making Batum the starting SF.

  26. wooderson says:

    hahahaha people just dont get it on here. wallace is an average player who does good things but is not a winner. just like the warriors getting rid of monta ellis, this is good for the blazers that they got rid of wallace.

  27. Sheena says:

    Hope the Blazers get it together and just start winning!!! This team is owed a champiuonship so hope this will help get them to the finals and thru the finals!!!

  28. DIE HARD NET FAN says:

    U dont take the risk of relying that u might get a decent player in a deep draft when ur offered a star like wallace i mean we still have houston pick this year and its not like there arent bust in top 15 and late first round 2nd round breakouts ex. brooks and some guys were against givin up 2011 lottery pick for dwill! enes kanter?????

  29. sam says:

    This could all blow up in there face if wallace is injury prone if you dont get good production out of him williams could leave and so could wallace and with no star player and no drat pick (top 3 protected) could look bad its risky for the nets

  30. Fahad says:

    pretty good for the nets, even though they dont get dwight howard, they gave up basically nothing for an all star caliber player. Their lineup should basically look like this:
    PG:Deron Williams
    SG:Anthony Morrow
    SF:Gerald Wallace
    PF:Kris Humphries
    C:Brook Lopez (after he heals)
    6th man: GERALD GREEN
    not bad for a rebuilding team

  31. BangSanity says:

    No hope for the Blazers Fan. GM? GM? Need a new coaching staff!

  32. Bersem says:

    Wow great deal for the Nets ! Just Okur and Williams for Wallace ???!! Humphries + D. Williams + Wallace… + Brooks… the Nets are really looking good for the second part of the season ! Just need to get back Lopez Healthy and you willl have a really good team !
    Greetings from Belgium

  33. krazyk says:

    Getting rid of Wallace was a smart move for Portland. Like others have mentioned, He probably wasn’t going to re-sign with Portland anyways, with Portland wanting to sign Batum over him. Wallace also has been streaky all season with some good home games (20+ pts) but horrible road games (less then 10 pts, and horrible shooting %). Portland is probably looking to restructure their roster with expiring contracts and hire a GM this summer. Perhaps Paul Allen is looking to sell the team.

  34. Jake says:

    The blazers made a great deal. Wallace was so inconsistent and was by no means the best player on the Portland roster. With L.A, Batum, Okur, 2 first round picks, and a ton of cap room…. this team is making great strides. People are too ignorant to see the future prospects with this deal. Portland can pick up a solid PG or SG in this draft.

  35. John says:

    Bench: Farmar,Stevenson,Morrow,and Green


  36. Eldin says:

    I feel bad for Aldridge

  37. ryno says:

    wallace is a beast .d williams will see this and be like boomshakala and whatnot. port will get a good pick maybe they think some other dudes will come cuz of wallice

  38. tony12314 says:

    Who cares if we got rid of gerald wallace. That was going to happen anyways. He has not been consistant at all since he came to portland and is not doing what he did with the bobcats.

  39. RVN says:

    thrio D.will-Lopez-Wallace good job

  40. can Demir says:

    mehmet okur is formerallstar . he has injury

  41. Doncha says:

    Okur..WHO..?..big mistake portland made..

  42. charles says:

    Great move for New Jersey. They already have a great Point Guard, a solid center, a solid Power Forward and now adding Wallace as their small forward makes them above average in all area’s. I think the shooting guard position with Morrow is going to create enough space for Wallace to use his athleticism to his advantage.

  43. Christian says:

    Wow. The Blazers gave Wallace away for almost nothing.

  44. Gregthomas says:

    what the portland was thinking

  45. lituano says:

    Not a bad deal for Portland. Now Matthews and Batum will get more of needed time in court, as well as Elliot Williams, because Batum will play more at 3 position. Felton and Wesley getting back in form, Batum, Aldridge, Oden (or Camby) at starting 5 and role players Mills, Williams, Babbit, Przbylla and after a season picking some good FA’s to finish the squad as Okur’s, Camby’s, Crawford’s huge contracts expires, maybe Felton also will need to cut his a bit. Hopefully, the draft will be as good as those Blazers got Oden, Roy and Aldridge.

  46. da boss says:

    first off it wasnt that bad of a trade cuz the blazers got the pick and its top3 protected and the nets will prob get 5th to 8th pick in draft . this might be one of the best drafts.if you think about it the blazers didnt get screwed that bad

  47. jesse says:

    anyone know if Portland is getting Brooklyn’s draft pick or Houstons?

  48. Jeffery says:

    Why would New Jersey do this trade? I would kept the draft pick it will be a good one. What a waste. What does a losing team have to look forward to but the draft. Hope it saves them salary at least.

  49. Brian says:

    Wallace is a great player just was not working well for the Blazers and Blazers got a pick for a player that was gone at the end of this season good trade

  50. Don says:

    It was a great deal! Gerald Wallace takes the pressure off the Nets’ bigs. He’s a great defender and is a good scorer too. D-Will can just throw the ball and watch the GeraldS hammer it down. It’ll be more fun if Lopez is healthy.

  51. eman says:

    this deal involved cap room if this league did not have such a thing as a salary cap then this deal would of never happened its the nba its a business.

  52. Joe says:

    Wallace wasnt going to resign with the balzers any how. I am disappointed that this means we will not be making the play offs but i can live with that miami almost has it in the bag any how.

  53. pdxjake says:

    portland knew they couldn’t afford both wallace and batum at the end of the year. as much as i like wallace’s energy, this trade is better than just losing him at the end of the year. this draft looks to be very promising.

  54. TwasABarFight says:

    That pick was well worth it, but the Blazers better not spend it on another Greg Oden……

  55. Derek says:

    Anyone else ready to kill Paul Allen?

  56. Chime509 says:

    Not a bad trade for the Blazers, considering they gave away similar pieces to get a younger Gerald Wallace last year (Dante Cunningham, Sean Marks, & Joel Pryzbilla + 2011 1st rounder and 2013 1st rounder.) Much better if this is the Nets 1st rounder this year instead of Houston’s (which the Nets also own.)

    I think it’s baffling for the Nets to do though, since they’re 4.5 games out of the 8th seed in the East and I don’t know that Wallace gets them into contention. Also, Wallace has a player option at the end of this season and could be a short term rental for the Nets who are essentially using him much like the Cavaliers did years ago with Antawn Jamison when they wanted Lebron to stick around in Cleveland.

  57. BENSON says:

    I believe this is a good trade both ways.. Both teams should be pleased…

  58. EZfoRPREZ says:

    idk why the nets dont go after o.j mayo. he is clearly what the nets need as well. TRADE THAT BUM WHAT USED TO BE KRIS KARDASH. HE IS TRASH!!!!!

    • Cmiles says:

      That bum had 16pts and 21rbs last nite and 31pts and 18rbs the game before that

    • Derek says:

      Proves you don’t know ish about basketball. Dude’s having a solid season averaging 13 and 10 and you just called him trash. people like should not be allowed post on basketball oriented sites.

      • Beejay says:

        Lol…you are right about that one @Derek

      • jojo says:

        completely agree with that. i dont see why off court issues affect winning basketball games. in some cases it may affect their image as role models but that dont have nothing to do with “winning games” dont it?

    • EZfoRPREZ says:

      lets talk serious. HE IS NOT A THREAT. and of course he is going to grab rebounds….HE IS A POWER FORWARD. he is no star. he is a punk when it comes to defending other power fowards…he has no defense….and is iffy everytime he plays. KARDASHIAN has no post moves, as for most of his moves come off of put backs. Please dont defend a nobody. Drew Gooden is better then him. yes…i said it… DREW GOODEN.

  59. Someguy says:

    Interesting, but with this years deep draft Portland could come away with a great player from this trade. Only being top three protected means that New Jersey would have to win the lottery to keep their pick. They’re currently sitting a 6th so not a bad deal considering that Memo has an expiring contract this year and will come off the books

  60. hell yeah... says:

    bad move for the blazers…. jamaal and wallace out… whos next?? aldridge or felton??

  61. herro says:

    nets could have potentially given up a high overall pick though. Gerald Wallace is great, but that means less playing time for my 2nd favorite player: Gerald Green lol.

  62. Jacob Murray says:

    people are idiots, this is an outstanding draft, the best of 2 drafts combined, this will be a very deep draft, and portland will get 3 picks, 2 hopefully top 10 (portland dropping fast to get a top pick as well, and on top of that if the lakers trade go through another first round pick) portland wiill also have lots of cap room with expiring camby and okur contract, as well as a felton contract, lots of good free agents, portland is in the right spot for this coming offseason

  63. Nets Fan says:

    Williams with some weight off his shoulders

  64. underdog says:

    First round pick in a very deep draft for Gerald Wallace?0,o…

    • Rocket33 says:

      Well spotted. That pick is only protected through the first 3. Good chance of picking up Harrison Barnes or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist I’d have thought.

  65. kikoman16 says:

    who cares about this trade..

  66. Nashty says:

    sorry Portland

  67. Victor Manoel says:

    Ok, Gerald Wallace is a great player, but without Howard to force Williams to stay, maybe the Nets ares doomed…

  68. Zac429 says:

    Solid pickup for the Nets. Even better, they get rid of Okur, who’s kinda hard to look at.

  69. Jeroen says:

    Great deal for the Nets, but wat are the Blazers thinking? They prerrty much gace Wallace away for free!

    • dd def says:

      i’ve come to realize that it’s the blazer way of life to get rid of the good ones and keep the not so good ones, so next i expect we’ll get rid of aldridge batum and our 3 very promising bench prodiges (L. Babbit, E. Williams, N. Smith)

  70. Kevin says:

    Right away it looks like New Jersey just gave nothing to get a All Star Caliber player. Portland = Down the drain. New Jersey = Lookin good in the future

    • Huh? says:

      Agreed… and I am an angry Blazers fan! Wallace was the best player on our team and nobody saw it. Loosers!

      • jake says:

        it’s not like the blazers are going anywhere other than a first or second round exit from the playoffs, better to start off from nothing and rebuild

      • Quincy says:

        Wallace WAS NOT the best player on the team that distinction goes to Lamarcus! DUH!

      • Pete Johnson says:

        IMagine how we felt in Charlotte ..
        I agree he was the best player in portland..but Yall still have Lamarcus ..when they shipped him from Charlotte we had NOTHING left ..and then the sent out Stephen Jackson soon after..and now we are a 4 win team..WITH G-force, playoffs..without, 4 wins..Portland lands him and gets into the playoffs and were projected to upset Dallas..The dude is a game changer..and I loved watching him sad yall lost him..I know the heartbreak..He was the heart and soul in Charlotte for nearly a decade ..I cried the day MJ let him go because of MJs ego..

      • Brendan says:

        Wallace was one of the few Blazers that was not afraid–no preferred, to take the ball to the rim. I don’t think the Blazers needed to make so many dramatic moves. They really need to get rid of Crawford and Felton. I can see Camby leaving being ok, but they’re hitting the reset button and it’s nto a good thing. Going to be a long time before our Blazers can put together a strong team. General Management sill has their magic touch I see!

      • Mike B says:

        So true Pete. I live in Charlotte and we let Wallace go it was the beginning of the end.