Report: Celtics Interested In Kaman

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Celtics have been hard up on the frontline of late, what with Jermaine O’Neal nursing a wrist injury for the last 10 games and then, the recent disturbing news about reserve big man Chris Wilcox, who faces surgery for an enlarged aorta and will miss the rest of the season.

So it comes as little surprise Boston is out shopping for a big man and may be able to land a former All-Star one at that, according to A. Sherrod Blakely of Chris Kaman of the Hornets is the man who, if the cards fall the right way, might end up in Beantown:

The Boston Celtics are very much in the market for a center and will certainly look to make a move prior to the trading deadline.

But if the C’s fail to land a much-needed big man prior to tomorrow’s 3 p.m. deadline, all is not lost in their quest to add size.

New Orleans center Chris Kaman has been on the trading block for a while, with the asking price seemingly dropping by the minute.

He’s earning more than $14 million this season, which as you can imagine, has scared off a number of potential suitors.

If the Hornets can’t move him via trade, you can anticipate talks about a buy-out to begin soon.

That would allow him to become a free agent and sign with any team of his choosing.

According to a league source, Boston would be on his short list of potential destinations.

“You look at what they need and what he brings to the game . . . it would be a great fit, it really would,” the source said. “But a lot of things have to happen, and not happen, before that can come about.”


  1. CELTICS!!!! says:



    C E L T I C S ! ! G E T A N D R E W B Y N U M!!!!!!

  2. renz_garnett says:

    it will not be a good trade that celtics get kaman.. yes he is a center.. but not that type of guy that is, you know, reliable..

  3. Denis says:

    I think Gasol would be a better fit for celtics. KG or PP or RA will leave celtics by the end of the season. The only star remaining would be than Rondo and if they have a little brain left they will not trade him , but try to build a new team around him. Gasol could fit in that plan. Kaman is a good one but not as good as Pau!

  4. Nick says:

    When you look at the fact Boston had three all-stars/future hall of famers thrown on top of a great PG in Rondo…1 championship in that run is a failure in my mind. The Mavs showed last year that any of the elite teams can make a run and win 1 title, but it takes a great team to do it again, which the Celtics never did. Again, 4 all-stars and only 1 ring = failure.

    • Outlaw says:

      @ Dorky Brutco,
      You are truly an example of boneheads not know the forrest from the trees. Only someone with a name that represents a rat infiltrating an organized crime family would think like this…All those that think that the “C” s will win it all please stand up (except mr. bunco of course) Just like we all thought, only Dorky thinks that they will. Please do what your namesake did, go in the witness protection agency, get a new name and disappear from the world altogether. Any other childlike rants should be referred to my lawyer, “Mr. Jack Mehoff!”

  5. edg2t says:

    the celtics should be aggressive in getting dwight howard! that would be the best fit!

  6. sam says:

    i was always thinking Kamen would be great for the Celtics.

    I hope this happens, but i fear who we would lose in the trade…

  7. texicali74 says:

    Despite Boston’s struggles this season, if they can stay healthy, they are a very dangerous team in the early rounds of the playoffs (hello, Miami!).

  8. rifraf says:

    so is he going to the celtics

  9. fahiye says:

    i think if boston was health it will be hard to beat them in the playoff.
    must of the people pick the team that win more game ,its the team you don’t think that that win it all..

  10. 123456789 says:

    prix has no idea what he’s talking about obviously who’s his team heat probably such a bandwagon.

  11. LooseBalls says:

    LOL…NBA trading this year is like a community garage sale… just people shuffling their garbage from one place to another.

  12. Rob says:

    I’ve been saying this all summer.

  13. zacchaeus says:

    The Hawks need KAMAN… not want but need, especially if Josh really wants to leave (trader)!!! But we should dish out Marv and Kirk and/or Collins and def pick up Iggy!!!

  14. Maurice says:

    Kaman would Be exactly what celtics need to make a final run and he would give them offense and defense at center position. And me as a Boston fan they still got it in them I think they still got it in them to win this year I think they are just waiting for the right time to give it one more chance at championship. As you see they won when they want too ( Knicks and clippers) and almost lakers lbvs.

  15. Jim says:

    Celtics should go for Gasol because Kaman is not a player to good to help them for play the finals this year.
    Allen is too old so let’s change him and Pietrus for Gasol.
    No touch Rondo pls

  16. DrGuj27 says:

    Kaman will significantly help the celtics in the center position. How does this helps in the future : “nata”. Anything can happen in the playoffs though, remember when the Celts beat Cavs. No one expected that.


  17. mharon says:

    yeah!! i like that kaman join on a fan of boston starting today..;) i like underdog person..that shame mgt in nola is really sick! go go kaman!

  18. sshameless says:

    Ever since the Commissioner’s veto, the proof has been repeatedly absolute that Stern was lying when he said he vetoed because the Clipper trade was a better basketball decision than the Laker/Houston trade. Kaman will be gone this summer no matter what, and for no compensation to the Hornets. Gordon will leave next year or sooner the same way.

    Aminu and a draft pick is trash compared to the Laker deal. Looks like every time Stern’s lips are moving he is lying. He said he wasn’t pressured ahd there were no alterior motives. Cuban, Gilbert and Jordan all spoke publicly against the Laker trade. The evidence is overwheliming, his Clipper trade stinks out loud.

    Stern’s love affair w/ threatening contraction may soon roll into actual action and his stated desired results.

    • Salt says:

      I agree to this 100%. Still pisses me off to this day. That trade by the Lakers was an excellent offer and would have made all parties happy and successful. Instead, Stern made a decision from pressure instead of his head and then BOLDLY lied about it to all the fans. Basketball reasons? You have GOT to be kidding me. Scola and Martin in NO would have been great. Odom probably would be playing better than he is in Dallas and the Lakers would have the PG they have needed all season long. NO’s attendance would’ve been alot better too – seeing as how the only crowd they get is when Miami or the Lakers come to town.

  19. John DeMatos says:

    The contract wouldnt be a problem becuase it is proposed that he would be bought out by NO and then he could sign with whomever he chooses. He would be a good fit. It may still not be enough for us though- I think perimeter bench defense is still a bit of a problem. Too bad we couldnt have made a play for Sam Young-

  20. luc says:

    kaman would be a great fit. gives them the best center they had for years… (shaq was already gone when he came, jermain always injured, and perkins was offensively nonexistent)

    kaman would offer solid defense and offensively new dimensions. he can shoot, he can postup and has excellent footwork and postmoves. in my opinion kaman is one of the best five centers in the league!

  21. Bryceson says:

    If Celtics get Kaman the Celtics are Title contenders

    • Celtics says:

      As a celticsfan i dont think we are as much as i love the big 3 WE need to break it up and rebuild b4 we become contenders again….. Keep ROndo And Pierce but Allen And KG gotta go

      • Celtics_Diva says:

        @Celtics Have you been watching any celtics game this year? KG has been a beast all year! He has been the only consistent scorer and defender that we’ve had all year. Ray on the other hand, as sad as I would be, is the one may have to go. He has been the weakest of the big 3.

  22. theC says:

    I dont think chris kaman would be the best choice. they must look for player who could help them in rebounding. they need a strong rebounder so bad.

  23. Dave says:

    I think the Heat will make it past the first round Dwadefan. Maybe Dwade’s dad can make it though the whole playoff game. Flop Wade and Le Bum will fail again – can’t wait!!

  24. eraser_slovakia says:

    please trade J. O’neal buy Kaman … i think Boston rly need Kaman he is smart Kaman is the best choise… pleeeease!

  25. Eric Coleman says:

    i hope he goes to miami formal because tbh i am getting tired of getting beat up on the boards get rid of joel

  26. Ange says:

    I hope this doesn’t happen, yea sure, Kaman would give us a boost in rebounds, but seriously, he isn’t going to help us win any more games, this is just stupid. Go down to florida and swoop up Dwight Howard!!!!!!!!

  27. LALA says:

    is it possible that NOH could trade Kaman to the Wolves, and Wolves would give Beasley and Ridnour to LALA, and LA giving draft pick or picks and MWP to NOH?

  28. zirt16 says:

    Perfect fit! the C’s will dominate!!!

  29. Tiffani says:

    He will be a good fit for Bosotn and they will shock alot of teams in the playoffs

  30. Dennis says:

    Just makes plenty sense. Give up a draft choice if you have too. Don’t wait on a buyout, he is needed now!

  31. Dwadefan says:

    If he has a choice of Miami or Boston which one would he choose? Title contender or first round exit?

    • celticsfan9 says:

      miami CONTENDERS? um which rock have you been hiding under. miami will never win a champion as long as dwade and james are on the same team, they contradict each other and they have NO substance besides dunking and boosting their egos. its not about the record its about the ring and sadly as long as james has a heat uniform on they will never get a banner.

      • Celtics says:

        Bro they sure didnt play like Title Contenders last year in the playoffs Dallas Ran all over them! Especially Dirk WHO IS WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CROBean says:

      I don´t think that Miami can afford him. 14 mil?

    • Nick says:

      miami is pathetic and so is lebron couldnt win a title so he joins bosh and wade….grow a pair

  32. mike amentola says:

    How in gods name is Kaman similar to troy murphy? because their tall adn white?
    Kaman is a big tough nosed body…who can finish around the rim and hit mid range jumpers..while troy murphy sat at the 3 point line and threw up clanks.

    He would be a perfect fit.

    • mjkh84 says:

      Right. Troy Murphy isn’t comparable whatsoever

    • JTV says:

      This is how;

      Kaman’s best year 18.pts 9 boards (09-10)
      Murphy’s best year 15 pts 10 boards (09-10)

      Both are Center/Fowards
      Both are white
      Both are slow

      Actually Murphy at least offers a 3 point threat.

      • Big_Chief says:

        Wow JTV really understands numbers but not stlye of play and where in the game the get their points and rebounds. Do you understand basketball or just play fantasy league?

      • DonBrasco says:

        @JTV… THIS is what you use as a basis for comparison…”White” and “Slow?” Also, your numbers are neccesarily immaterial…kinda like comparing MJ’s best year to Drexlers and trying to argue who’s better based on that one year. Kaman is a superior player in almost all respects NOW and historically. Murphy…NOT! Give me a gritty, hard-nosed, CENTER who plays in the paint (Incidentally, that’s where CENTERS supposedly play) over..well, one who isn’t/doesn’t any day. If he’s healthy this is what Boston has been looking for.

      • JTV says:

        Numbers don’t lie Chiefy….You probably thought getting Sheed and Shaq would win you a ring too! Wuahahaha!
        Last time I checked if you win by 1 or 20 it still counts as a win, and also if you have 20 boards and still loose, it doesn’t matter.
        That and thinking Kaman will get you past the Bulls/Heat/Magic/Pacers, now “That’s” what I call fantasy!
        Boston was a great team a few years back, but C’mon man.

      • JTV says:

        Kaman the difference in Boston winning a ring! Ok, Braco, I also have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you, cheap!

        Boston, 23-19, four games over 500. 7th in the Eastl. Yeah, insert Kaman and whola, instant ring? Puuuhleeze.

        Boston was once an awesome team, not any longer. Get over it. Heat/Bulls/Magic/Pacers all have a better shot at a ring! WITH OR WITH Kaman.

      • DonBrasco says:

        @JTV… Please quote me where I supposedly stated that Kaman was the answer to Bostons prayers or that by aquiring him the C’s would be trasported to winner-land… My stated opinion is tha Kaman doesn’t hurt the roster…he makes it stronger. Whether it’s strong enough to contend??? Nobody can actually say. My point was only that Kaman is a superior player with respect to Murphy and that the C’s would greatly benefit from having a healthy, serviceable banger in the paint come play-off time. But occasionally I do use some words that people who live beneath bridges might not recognize…sorry

      • JTV says:

        Apology accepted, if I choose to engage in dialogue with such an sesquipedalian as yourself in the future, I will remind myself that opinions and commentary from platitudinous individuals can lead to prostration.

        Have a good day sir.

      • DonBrasco says:

        @JokeTV…1: Learn how to spell please! 2: Again you make NO point….C’s made it to the finals (Game 7) with ‘Sheed…I call that being pretty solid. 3: Murphy and Moore were aqcuired as “cheap, back-ups” and were never expected to contribut much. (Incidentally, you forgot to add that Moore was aqcuired on a 10 day contract and traded to Sac immediately after the season. Know your history, please.) 4: Wilcox was not picked-up to play starters minutes but had been doing well prior to needing surgery. Not a bust! Shaq is a 1st ballot hall of famer and also one of the 50 Greatst players of ALL TIME! Not to mention highly sought-after last year. JO…bust, but you can’t win ’em all. BTW…still won the Atlantic. History, records, Championship titles and most importantly common sense ALL prove you wrong, making my job of exposing your idiocy very easy. Grow up and learn to add, read and spell. You have ZERO credibility!

      • DonBrasco says:

        @JTV… Wow…even with a thesaurus, a dictionary and your mom watching over your shoulder you still can’t spell, punctuate or elucidate a proper point, much less postulate a reasonable argument. Blame your family and your lack of a fundamental eduction for your failure to understand complex arrangements…not me. I’ve tried to help but I can feel my I.Q. dropping each time I respond to your foolishness. Good luck to you if your choices in life reflect your present opinions…you’ll need it.

  33. maskman24 says:

    Kaman?.. lol, have you seen what the mask man did to him?..

  34. blair56 says:

    Nice move if the Celtics make it. He’s a team player and has a skill set that compliments the other starters well.

  35. james says:

    i think he should go to dallas. him and dirk play together on the germany team anyway

  36. JTV says:

    Boston, wake up and smell the coffee, Kaman would be another Troy Murphy for you. A slow big man that won’t play vital mins come playoff time. He’s a good player, but so is Murphy.

    Same verse, same as the first.

    • CROBean says:

      Murphy and Kaman – Great comparison. Did you watch those two ever? They play basketball, you know.

    • mjkh84 says:

      Troy Murphy is not a “good” player. He’s not even mediocre

      • JTV says:

        You guy need to put the pipe down, here’s how they compare stat guys!
        Kaman’s best year 18.pts 9 boards (09-10)
        Murphy’s best year 15 pts 10 boards (09-10)

        Both are Center/Fowards
        Both are white
        Both are slow

        Actually Murphy at least offers a 3 point threat.
        All this a mute point, Celts may win a round,but they do not have the firepower that heat/bull/magic (with howard) or the pacers have.

        Yeah, they are nothing alike?? KNOW YOUR STATS before you comment.

    • Medevenx says:

      They ARE nothing alike. Kaman plays defense while Troy Murphy doesn’t. Murphy is more of a combo forward while Kaman is a true center. Kaman has post moves while Murphy has a 3-point shot.

    • DonBrasco says:

      @JTV… Either (another) jaded Lakers fan or else a 9year-old watching the game to see the pretty colors on the flashy uniforms. Kaman: Career starter! Murphy: Career bench/relief player (Backed-up J. Foster and JO…should tell you something)Maybe try watching some basketball other than the Lakers and you’ll be able to provide better informed opinions in the future. Educate yourself about the game, its players and the nuances of player comparison before you opine…it makes you look a little less childish. A little…

      • JTV says:

        @ DonBasco and all the other homers for the C’s. Oh Yes, Kaman and Murphy are not comparable, Let’s look at the past “Big Men the C’s have recently aquired.
        Mikki Moore=Fail

        Oh,all you guys are right and I’m wrong, And God Said ‘Kaman shall be the savior of the Celtics and lead them past the Heat Bulls Magic Pacers and ‘BE” the difference in the Celtics winning another ring!”

        So go ahead an call Kaman the “man” and think it will make a difference, Celtics aquire a “big man” before the playoffs to make a difference. Oh oh, Celtics loose and dont’ make the Finals. “OLD NEWS”

        So shall it be written, so shall it be done.

      • DonBrasco says:

        BTW… Murphy is a combination forward/center who specializes in nothing and excels at nothing not to mention the fact that over the last four seasons he HAS NOT managed to score more than 5pts or corral more than 4.2rbs per game. Kaman? 14pts and 8.5 rebs over the last 4 seasons. Know YOUR stats before YOU talk. Matter of fact…just stop talking! Your opinions are dumbing-down the discussion. Also…when a point is irrelevent, it’s called “moot.” Not mute. Perhaps “mute” is what you were thinking of trying?

      • JTV says:

        @DunBrako what, no eloquence retort on my “Big Man” stat sheet? I thought for certain you would aquiesce my idea that all big men haved failed lately in beantown.
        Last center that made a diff was Perk,and your wonderful team sent him to OKC for Green? Thumbs down. only thing that appears dumb is someone who thinks that this particular player will make a significant impact on an “old tired broke down” teams chances of beating the Bulls/Heat/Magic/Pacers in a 7 game series WITHOUT homecourt!
        Ask Rondo what he thinks about the Celtics and how efficently they run things in beantown. Please next time, only take half a hit before you post.

    • DonBrasco says:

      Kaman and Murphy: Totally different skill sets and not comparable as players because they play completely different roles for their respective teams and have different impacts on whatever game they play in. One is a TRUE center who bangs in the paint for rebounds and second chances while the other haunts the 3pt line waiting for team-mates to get him involved. Murphy is a SG in a PF body.

      No one expects Kaman to be the Messiah for the C’s but he can’t be worse than the centers (Sans Perkins) from the past few years…and that includes Murphy.

      • JTV says:

        Mikki Moore=Fail

        Nuff said, “game/set/match”

  37. José says:

    Good fit for the Celtics…as a lakers fan I hope they can’t make this trade.

  38. Jocen says:

    Kaman i dont think so.

  39. prix says:

    Even Boston will have Dwight on his team…it won´t change a thing..They are losers, the bench are too weak small 3 are weaker…Kaman the weakest..slow mo::

    • PP34 says:

      yes, especially PP, he is the best for fake injury though lol

    • cmoney says:

      i guess championships are weak then…right?…right.

      • @Ricky Rubio says:

        I think this people don’t know the history of the boston celtics..!!! they made to win championship..!!! thats all..!!! if they rebuild it well take 2 to 3 years or even 1 year to be a championship calliber team again..!!! Unlike New York,Clippers and OKC they build to win games not championship (worst case scenario if they lose 1 important player they can’t compete) !! look this are the team the are likely to win championship this year !! 2 of the oldest team in the league Spurs and Celtics !! Lakers i thinks as long as the masked mamba play i think they have a chance to win it..!!! Chicago and Miami !! the defending champion Mavericks..!!! for the Team that can be a suprise Winner :EAST:76ers , Pacers and Magic if DH12 option in !! For the WEST : i thinks only Memphis will be a suprise..!!!

      • Joe P says:

        yeah i guess championships dont mean anything at all. boston all day, look for us in the eastern semis at least!

      • @Ricky Rubio says:

        Plus there is no team in the NBA who wins Championship who play RUN and GUN or more up tempo..! and play little defense..!! look The slower team win championship 95% since the nba was built who are more defensive team and more of a half court set team !!! OFFENSE WIN GAMES but DEFENSE WIN CHAMPIONSHIP..!!!

      • chencho says:

        I say friend ricky, I saw here that no one see the NBA final last season and much less they know who was the champion DALLAS MAVERICK, the old guys all them, all the five starter players are a adult people. Basketball is definitely the game that requires excellent physical condition, but even in the NBA who lives most of the spectacular plays than anything else, but in the end who wins games is not running and jump over. If not who in his mind and his heart can read the game perfectly, takes intrinsic in his being and that it comes with experience, unfortunately for some it is earned over time if not just ask Lebron and Wade. You have to understand that there are instances of cases, players bring their seed from the rest of this capacity it earns and learns it game after game, in order Kaman I think is a great player and no doubt will do well in Boston, their ofense its not running the court, their shot in da other players face. Hahahaha…

    • DonBrasco says:

      @Prix…”Losers?” This team won the NBA title only a few years back and have a stretch of four 50+ win seasons in a row, not to mention 4 consecutive Eastern Div titles. It’s been an interesting one this year with the loss of Green and the team playing with (essentially) no center but to call hem “Losers” is inaccurate to the point of FOOLISHNESS. Not only that but you should learn how to write properly before you post, or is education an option on Planet Clueless?

    • Nick says:

      17 championships….ya theats real weak

  40. Frans says:

    I think Kaman will be a great fit for Boston. He will match perfect with KG – who can play less minutes once Kaman is a Celtic. Their defense will be hard to beat. Kaman will also give them more offensive power..If the big four and Kaman can stay healthy they will be in the playoffs for sure and we could be up for a surprise..

    • Drew Gorden says:

      The timing would be great for Kaman to come aboard. He’d rejuvenate this squad which needs a bit of a ressurection.