Pacers Get Barbosa

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Indiana Pacers, looking to augment their reserves for the stretch run, will acquire veteran guard Leandro Barbosa from the Toronto Raptors for a second-round pick, according to a league source.

Barbosa, 29, is averaging 12.2 points per game this season in 42 games off the bench for the Raptors. He has been with Toronto the last two seasons after spending his first seven seasons with the Suns. The Pacers are $14 million under the cap and wanted to be a conduit for potential trades before today’s 3 p.m. trade deadline. Barbosa will play both a key role in Indiana’s guard rotation, which includes starters Darren Collison and Paul George.

The Associated Press also reports that the Pacers received veteran guard Anthony Carter in the deal, too.

Yahoo! Sports first reported the trade.


  1. Leezy says:

    Hey so MANY people have been posting about how this is dumb…that is because it is! I am a Russel Westbrook and a OKC fan ( for a while, not jsut becuase of their recent success) But Barbosa gone? That is not a smart move, it is obvious that Bayless is the PG of the future for the Raptors, See what you can get for Calderon, He is so inconsistant, and Barbosa gets points their starters have trouble getting when he comes off the bench. If it were up to me, i would have traded Bargnani and Calderon for a starting center (a true center none of this hey i can shoot…kinda…give me the ball waaaay the heck out here.) Raptors need a Center with the additude of Amir Johnson Defensive and with some offence. Go out and get the centre you want, tack on Calderon and get a back up PG like a nate robinson type player. Bayless is your PG for the future, make him your starter before his contract is gone and he LEAVES!!!!!!!!! I have a lot of respect for the GM’s in the league but BC has had some brutal, interesting surprising and good transactions, what is missing? A great one! Go turn this team around and keep your good 6th man! Every teams wants a good 6th man!! Geeze Toronto, life just got harder.

  2. Black24Momba says:

    maybe they could have got more maybe not. which team needing Barbosa is willing to give up a 1st round pick in next years stacked draft. Barbosa wasn’t resigning with the raps at the end of the season and either way your dumping him to make room for the rookie guard they draft, Jose Bayless Demar & rookie… can’t ship Jose (contract to big) Demar’s your draft pic n Bayless is needed as the point with Calderon out. Great rental for the Pacers off the bench for playoffs.

  3. Dan says:

    Ok everyone who thinks this is a bad trade for the raptors is a moron. Barbosa is a free agent at the end of the season, pacers only get him for the rest of the season and playoffs then he’s a free agent again. Minus well get something for someone leaving at the end of the season anyways, its not like they are going to make the 8th seed or even be able to compete with the Bulls or Heat this season.

  4. 2nd round draft pick, really? K, the only reason I see why the Raptors should trade Barbosa is due to his bad defense. Anyway, trades is not over. For sure, there are more on the way for the Raptors.

  5. XRapFan says:

    Let’s trade Colangelo for a 2nd round draft pick.

  6. Julio says:

    Raptors trade Barbosa to get Wilson Chandler as free agent. Any way nice trade for Pacers if they get a five or 4 position in the playoffs they may be able to advance to conference semi finals.

  7. Chylz says:

    Why am I not surprised. It almost seems as if Toronto has made a pact with the league that it will never truly contend for a championship, as long as they are allowed to participate. The continuously, senseless trades and picks are way beyond reason or understanding!! It doesn’t make any sense either, to build a team on a house of cards. All the if ands or maybe’s Its only logical to build a team by holding on to your stronger pieces and to trade for better options/cap space. – ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’

  8. Sigh says:

    For people hating on BC please name the players still in the NBA the year AB was drafted number one. Also he is great at moving “bad” contracts (Turkeyglue). The only thing I wish he did was to trade Bosh much sooner for a natural center so AB could of gotten burn at the 4. Even Disko Dirk says that AB is more talented than he was at that age. Jonas was voted as the best player not in the NBA atm. The future is looking good for the raps; or and for those that think the team will be moved to the USA please check the value of the raps; they are ranked 11th in terms of value and play in the 4th largest market in North America.

  9. Boom says:

    What a terrible trade. That pick is likely going to turn into another alabi like player who plays his entire life time in the d-league. at least trade kleiza with barbosa and get a late first round pick for him. The raptors have no future with derozan, barghani and calderon and need to blow up the team again.

  10. Sandman says:

    A lot of people posting who just don’t get it. Barbosa’s contract was expiring at the end of the season, and if the Raptors don’t make the playoffs, they get the 2nd rounder for nothing. If they want Barbosa back, they can re-sign him when he becomes a free agent at the end of the season.

  11. RENTAL says:

    2nd Round Pick for a RENTAL player. GOOD TRADE!

  12. stupidGM says:

    If it was a 1st round pick I would understand but a 2nd for Barbosa? oh cmon!! you’ve got to be kiddin me..!!

    • Sandman says:

      BC is not a stupid GM. It’s a good move for both teams. If you don’t understand this, then you clearly do not understand how all this works.

  13. Get REAL! says:

    WHO in the league is going to give away their 2012 1st round pick (great draft year) for 20+ games + playoffs that Barbosa will give you??? Barbosa was NOT going to play for Toronto next year and NOBODY is going to give us a 1st rounder this year. GET REAL! This is a GOOD trade!

  14. arshdeep says:

    wow they jus traded one of our best players off the bench for a second round pick ? raptors aint getting no where

    • Eric says:

      Its not just for a second round pick, its also for money, which will lead to getting a better player then any of the pacers role players. I would rather get that and see more of bayless and derozen than get a bench warmer or average player from the pacers.

  15. James says:

    Well i have been a raptors fan since the first game played in toronto and i have been seen it all just like alot of you have. This trade at first does look stupid i will agree with that, but the more i look at this deal i think it’s not as bad. I’m sure BG tried to land a 1st round pick BUT in order to get a 1st round pick from a team they wanted to give the raps back a player that would hurt the raps cap space this year and next. With that said IF this 2nd round pick is for 2013 then i will say BG could have got something better, but LB will leave anyways so i think BG just wanted to get something for him without hurting the raps cap space or taking on another contract.

  16. Ells says:

    what is Colangelo doing? Barbosa for a second round pick? The 20 people that still watch the raptors play are going to stop watching now. SECOND ROUND PICK??? are you kidding me?. Ive been a loyal Raptors fan for 10 years, but now I am starting to reconsider. This trade makes no sense. It cant be about saving money because Barbosa is a free agent after this year. We just traded a former 6th man of the year who is still playing well for a second round pick. Amazing Raptors..just AMAZING..

    • Brazilian says:

      Do you happen to know who will be the 2nd round pick? It will certainly be a much younger player which might turn out to be better. I loved Leandrinho, cause he’s a great bbal player and a felow countrymen, but BC is looking at much younger player to built for the future. Let’s see who they get and how the player develop, then we can make comments in regards to this trade.

      PS: I’m sure that if BC could get more than 2nd round draft pick, he would have.

  17. Justin says:

    Let’s face it, Toronto isn’t making playoffs this year. Barbosa isn’t resigning with Toronto next year. Losing Barbosa for 20 more games this season and adding a good 2nd rounder for next year might be a good move. I can deal without Barbosa for 1000 minutes that he might have played the rest of the season.

    Next year: Jonas V. 1st round draft pick (Toronto), 2nd round draft pick (Toronto), 2nd round draft pick (Indiana).

  18. BENSON says:

    Plus Kabongo has yet to prove he’s nba rdy.. Maybe youre right, with indy’s pick (2nd round pick) lots of hype around him then right? OO Yess kobongo is going to help us out alot…. LOL he’s from toronto, i get it.. But lets be realistic…

  19. BENSON says:

    Demar and Andrea are only getting better. If Jonas Valanciunas lives up to his protential and we draft good, which shouldnt be hard if we continue to get lottery picks. Okc built their team from picks Minn is on the same path, why is it hard to believe we arent? Youre retarded..

  20. Lucas Lao says:

    Finally. The brazilians fans of the Pacers are wondering when the new Barbosa shirts will arrive ^.^

  21. JB says:

    BC is crazee! We really screw up all the time.
    We let the league’s best 6th man go. Hopefully we get weems back after he is done in Euro.
    We can also get rid of Butler by the end of the day it would be nice and throw in maglore and alabi for a fifth round pick or just give them away for FREE LOL LOL!!!
    youcrazy BC. fire in the hole for BC LOL

  22. billybob says:

    well got cap space now get spend on someone decent like kaman, a solid evrything u would need in apost. just what raptors need. then they could be a playoff team.

  23. Shawn says:

    Ok Kudos to Indiana for doing this. This will surely compliment that team . I am a Raptor fan…Can someone, ANYONE tell me how this will help the Raptors? Calderon has been on shakey grounds in recent times….Good days but mostly bad. RAPTORS NEEED HELPPPPPP

  24. Derek says:

    Why? Why?! Why?!? Why?!?!?!!?!!??!

    This makes me very sad. Barbosa was the most enjoyable player to watch. You might think it won’t affect the ticket sales as much, but they will have lost me as a potential buyer for the rest of the year.

    And besides that! I understand that he probably wouldn’t be here after this year, but come on, Barbosa is worth WAYYY more than one second round pick!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A sad twist to the already sad year.

  25. Barbosa is a quick player that should help them on both side of the ball..with George hill being so injury prone this season, barbosa should make an impact immediately

  26. maurice mason says:


  27. BENSON says:

    No, we shouldnt draft Kabongo. Nor fire Colangelo. Toronto’s on the right path to be a contender in the next few yrs if not sooner. Draft picks such as Andrea Demar and Ed isnt necessarily all about their talent its the demeanour they bring with them to the job, Guys that just love the game and want to get better, and appreciate where theyre playing regardless if its in Canada. Look at Vancouver when they Drafted Steve Francis- Stubborn star players who take advantage of their abilities and believe its right for them to choose where they play, disappointed in dwight’s comment on how chicago’s to cold.. This is a job, you get paid to play, regardless you should always put 100% effort daily.

    • Chris says:

      Dude, you are way off if you think we are on the right path to be a contender in the next few years. And even sooner? LOL. Thats too laughable. And why shouldnt we draft Kabongo if he declares. If he is available with the Indy pick in the draft (I see his draft stock dropping a lot) then BC would be sure to draft him, especially if there is a chance we can sign Nash, just saying.

      • Eric says:

        I definately think the raptors will be a playoff team soon, but it doesn’t make sense for the raptors to even think of signing Nash. They want a point guard that will lead the team not just for one or two years but for the future. And Nash would not come to Toronto, if he leaves Pheonix its because he wants to win a championship.

  28. Shaps says:

    I think this is actually a good trade by the raptors because they are trying to rebuild the team from the bottom up with young talent. they have derozan, bayless, amir johnson, james johnson, bargnani and next year they will have valanciunas next year and the Center position witch they lack this year. so i am actually kind of pleased with colangelo this year

  29. FDelaCruz says:

    Colangelo just saved some money for the Raptors. They’re not going to make the playoffs so maybe he’s trying to prepare for the next season, Barbosa’s not gonna get them into the playoffs, so there’s no reason to keep him. They got some good developing wings for the future.
    BUT…. him taking a secound rounder, a would-be-late second rounder that is, is just a head-scratcher. Why Indiana? I mean, they’re playing well, and a second-rounder? He could get a first rounder from the Spurs or the Mavs, or the Celtics for him. But anyways, he might use that pick for, yes, another European.

  30. Eric says:

    Sure, Barbosa was a key player on the raptors but the raps are rebuilding. It gives nothing to trade Barbosa for other rotation players. It would not have made the team better unless they can get granger or george, which would have never happened. The raptors are pretty pleased with Calderon and Bayless running the team at the point and Derozen is constantly getting better on the wing. Add Bargnani as an emerging all-star caliber player and Valanciunus coming next season. The raps will probably try to add some players in the off-season though. Colangelo just cleared some cap space and is letting his ”franchise” players evolve (Derozen, Bargnani).

  31. Kay J says:

    Said it time and time again….if you wanna fix Raptors…fire Colangelo….that’s the best thing to help Raptors….this guy is dumb and overrated as a good GM…

  32. Chris says:

    This trade actually makes sense for the Raptors. Helps the tank ! And Kabongo here we come … Lets Go !

  33. w3phan says:

    As a Raptors fan, I can kinda see why Colangelo did it. A event veteran like Barbosa deserves to be on a playoff team, not a lottery squad. A second round pick is pretty lousy return though, we should’ve at least gotten Another vet with an expiring contract, like Lou Amundson or Dahntay Jones.

  34. anthony says:

    can anybody name one good move the raptors GM did in the last 5 years??How stupid can brian colangelo get??? 2nd round pick?? seriously?? at least now the raptors starters have a chance to outscore their bench with only kleiza being able to have a 20+ game of the bench…. anybody watched jack yesterday against the lakers? chris humpries?? Delphino?? moon??? all X-raptors and the list goes on…. All played off the bench for the raptors and proved to be great players… how do we keep on the roster?? who start for the raptors?? the worst players….. SAD….SOOOOOO SAD

  35. Shayne says:

    What a foolish trade. If Barbosa doesn’t sign this off-season then just let him go and use the cap space. Could have gotten more for him, or even package him with DeRozan. DeRozan is horrible and inconsistent. 20pts, then 4pts, then 11pts. Kid has no drive and glad Casey benches him down the stretch. Barbosa with DeRozan would have been an attractive offer to a lot of teams. But Colangelo rather build on drafts. He forgets to see the reason Toronto was successful in the past was not because of Carter, but more so the Vets they had such as Oakley or Davis who pushed the young players. Raptors will forever be rebuilding under BC’s leadership.

  36. AsapAnthony says:

    In my opinion i think getting rid of barbosa is good because he doesn’t belong on Toronto, he needs to be on a faster pace team like pacers, but i don’t know if second round pick is the best for barbosa but you never know cuz now they have 2 second round picks and a 1st round pick , raptors need a better small forward, and a back up shooting guard and there on there way to compete in playoffs for next year..

  37. BENSON says:

    Toronto is in the process of rebuilding. Im fully confident in Colangelo of his reason behind this move. If anyone likes barbosa it’s colangelo, since he’s the one that drafted him. I would’ve hoped for more than just a second rounder, but on the bright side, next year we practically have two first round picks in jonas valanciunas and whoever else we get, with ton of cap space that i hope toronto uses. Dwane Casey is an incredible coach, regardless of toronto’s record im really impress with their tempo of play.. We just lack a star player with talent and confident to finish off games..

  38. Badgers says:

    Why does everyone think this is dumb? Raptors save some money, (may aswell cut down on salaries as playoffs arent a realistic option), plus they get something for Barbosa rather than losing him for nothing.

  39. david says:

    Ok… at this point.. you might as well trade everyone else on the Raptor team aside Bargs and DD.. We seriously need to rebuild…. from GROUND ZERO…. heck, I don’t even mind trading bargs and DD for some players who really wanna win with Toronto.. that’s the issue that we have, no one wants to play in Toronto because of the losing history, dumb/inconsiderate management who don’t make the right moves… We need picks…. Trade Bargs for 1st rounders.. if we can get 2 top 5 picks this year, that will be a good way to start off next year.

    JV and two top 5 picks from this years draft. and Derozan?

    what do you guys say?

  40. Rich says:

    Raptors doing damage control. They’re alredy out of the playoffs. Seems a dumb move releasing one of their best player. But with or without Barbosa, ticket sales won’t get affected much for the remainder of the season. What they got is a salary dump which is basically a cost cutting move.

  41. bobfromindy says:

    donot fret over this –Raptor fans –cause ya team is probably headed to Kansas City or Louisville

  42. kony 2012 says:

    good job toronto #tanknation

  43. bobfromindy says:

    Granger is no longer the “poster-child” of the Pacers and now with this deal—Danny may soon have a “new” NBA address—Hmmmm

  44. Why says:

    Why would you do this type of trade. WHY, Toronto just lost a fan 😦
    The 2nd rounder has to be from 2012.
    OR just FIRE Colangelo

  45. sartaj says:

    Omg! A second round pick for next year? Bad decision by Brian Colangelo. You can get better deals than that this season.

  46. bobfromindy says:

    I thought the Pacers original plan was was for G . Hill to be their number 1 bench guard but now with this deal –something else is indeed developing—stay tuned folks

  47. bobfromindy says:

    HMM!–is this the initial step of dealing –Granger–cause now indiana is heavy at gurad and could move P George -to forward spot and deal granger—hmmm

    • Brosyo says:

      You’re funny. Granger is not even a guard. He’s a 3 and the pacers have been looking to fill in their 2nd unit with a consistent scoring 2 guard.

      • Paul24fan says:

        He was pointing out that Paul George can move from the 2 to the 3 to replace Granger and they would still have plenty of quality at the 2 spot. DG/GH/PG/DW/RH with Barbosa, Hasbrough, Jones, off the bench. Granger is lazy on defense and is slow to transition. Typical “I have my contract” attitude.

  48. Rafael says:

    We better get Melo or Lebron WTF is this IM FURIOUS …. but if we get a good player in a trade or in off season with Jonas Valanciunas and Bargnani you would think they’re trying to get a good guard

  49. Brosyo says:

    Huge Pacers fan right here and sure am a happy camper!! Larry Bird is one of the best GMs in the league. Waited patiently and did a great job rebuilding the team for 5 years. He predicted that the team will be playoff bound when he had nothing in his roster. Kudos Larry–you are legendary both on and off the court!!!

  50. Luke says:

    The Pacers just got a steal, a 2nd rounder for a proven off the bench scorer, which we need. Great move by Larry, now we dont have to see AJ Price anymore thank god!

  51. FDelaCruz says:

    Indy’s cap space is good. Still got room to acquire another salary of the same amount. Could be a one-year rental, but i if he fits in well, Larry could really hold onto him and sign him for a couple more seasons. Nice move for the Pacers. A proven, sparkplug scorer for eventually nothing in return.

  52. keiron jumarali says:

    woooow colangelo’s sooo dumb, why would he trade barbosa for a second draft pick ? hes one of their best players

  53. Jaymoney says:

    this is a bad move by raptors. I’m a toronto fan so i always watch their games and sometimes when they are struggling to core they put barbosa on the court and he takes over the game. at least now derozan and bargain have better opportunities to score and they can play to their full potential

  54. dray says:

    NOO! Barbosa was one of the key pieces to trade our whole Raptor team to Orlando for Dwight!

    I’m a REALISTIC Raptor fan. Not one of our guys have the potential to be a Dwight, a D.Rose, a D.Will, a Blake or even a Steph Curry type of player. A team needs that star quality player, we don’t (Raptors) have that or even have the potential to have that. So sad lol.

    Hopefully BC, or whoever our next GM will be, can pick up a player to build around (yeah, you can’t build around Bargs). Rapts have some money this summer. After 12/13 hopefully the Rapts have a decent team to offer a big name FA

  55. steveo says:

    jose this trade has nothing to due with jarred bayless or trying to get a center, barbosa is a top 5 6th man and an expiring contract the raps did this simply for cap space, they have there first round pick in jonas valeciunas whos going to be there starting center next year the last thing they wanna do is get another center in there and delay the development in the future center, if they wanted to get a center they would have went after tyson chandler or marc gasol in the off season, but i do feel they could have gotten more value for barbosa a 2nd rounder simply doesnt cut it

  56. zuka says:

    Toronto is only 4 games out of playoffs

  57. Michele says:

    What? Barbosa for a 2nd round pick is NOT a good trade.

    I can’t see only Kleiza coming from the bench and scoring alone 20+ a night till the end of the season.

    I hope TO gets someone else before the deadline for instant offense from the 2nd unit.

    I haven’t been in touch lately, but I heard about Chandler from the Nuggets, is he still an option??

  58. PowerSerge says:

    Wow.. Its becoming really.. really hard to be/stay a Raptors fan.. good job Colangelo (two thumbs down)

  59. Dwyane Carter says:


    • hoyaguy says:

      Jamario Moon? Seriously? C’mon guys. Yes, Barbosa is instant offence, but he is not great defensively, which are the kind of players Casey is looking for. Barbosa was going to leave after this year anyway, might as well get a 2nd round draft pick for him. He is not the answer to the Raptors problems and his leaving will not make this team any worse. Let’s wait for what Colangelo does this summer with the draft and free agency, and then we can make intelligent comments about him as the Raptors GM.

  60. Jay Gee says:

    dc pg dg dw rh 1st 5
    gh lb dj th chris kaman… 2nd 5

    i think this team is huge… go for kaman

  61. Mike says:

    This move by the Raptors sending Barbosa to the Paces is a dumbed move by the Raptors Management. They give away good players reason why they can’t even reach the playoffs. They always say, we are looking at the future. When will that future come. Colangelo should be replaced.

    • Gman says:

      They only said since Bosh left.. so what always are you talking about.

      • Mike says:

        Sure you are a Raptor fan are you. Colangelo had been saying the statement way since the Bosh era until lately. Better listen to his interviews from media…need I say more.

  62. Victor says:

    I think Colangelo is cleaning up space for Wilson Chandler

  63. Nick says:

    full of euro trash and , theyre playoff record over the last 5 years is impressive with the many top ten picks weve had. 0-0

  64. sodamnsteezy says:

    WOW. Bad move for the Raptors… For a second round pick…? REALLY?

  65. Jay Gee says:


  66. Nick says:

    toronto, what a joke. theyre logo should be an upside down triangle, they already got the purple

  67. keke says:

    …. nice for de pacer … but the raptors a second pick ? …danm this team DG is a reall clown

  68. Steve says:

    He was only contracted in Toronto till the end of the season anyway, so either way his contract was going to get used for cap space.

  69. RaptorsFan says:

    As usual, Colangelo screws up with trades and draft picks… why would you trade Barbosa for a 2nd round draft pick? This is beyond idiotic and irrational… how does Colangelo still have job?

  70. Zach Hamedi says:


  71. drachir arres says:

    there wasting there cap room.. the pacers must wait for the real big fish n next summer. but well never know well barbosa can fit to the pacers system

  72. lukasoln says:

    Toronto management is supid or something ? .. Barbosa was one of best guys in they’re team and they gave him for nothing.. no wonder Carter,Bosh didnt want to stay in Toronto .. instead of giving up barbosa they should get rid of their bad bench players and get a good SF

  73. prix says:

    This kind of thing interest me when someone like Barbosa go to the Pacers..This guy is aging..he won´t fit anywhere..Pacers are doing great..they are more competitive than Boston and Orlando combined..get someone Hansbrough and Hibbert game..

  74. qucee says:

    …nice move for the Pacers.

  75. Gapsur says:

    nice fit for indiana

  76. jeric says:

    Wow. Toronto giving up instant offense for a 2nd round pick. How dumb can COlangelo get.

    • overrated says:

      if the pick is for this coming draft,its going to be a good move for toronto.remember this draft is considered a strong draft on all position.deep in talent so toronto might get lucky and get someone w/ the same skill set for less the price tag or even more

    • Sandman says:

      Don’t forget that Barbosa’s contract is expiring and he will be a free agent at the end of the year. The Pacers get a “rent a player” for 25 games and the playoffs for a 2nd rounder. If the Raptors don’t make the playoffs, they get a 2nd rounder for nothing. If the Raptors want him back, they can get him back next year after Barbosa becomes a free agent.

  77. Jose says:

    May this have been motivated by Bayless’ good recent performances? Because Toronto needs a good guard to substitute Calderon. Will Toronto try to get a good center? Probably Toronto is “again” thinking of next season…and they won’t get anyone today. Personally, I don’t like this idea very much.

  78. Victor Manoel says:

    Good trade, Barbosa can score and will be a good spark off the bench.