Lakers Shore Up Backcourt Staff Reports

With a point guard corps that includes championship-tested veteran (and starter) Derek Fisher and his veteran backup, Steve Blake, the Lakers were looking to add a younger body in the backcourt that perhaps provides the best of both players’ skills.

L.A. may have gotten exactly that by swinging a trade with Cleveland for point guard Ramon Sessions, reports Brian Windhorst of Also moving to Los Angeles in the deal is athletic swingman Christian Eyenga, who has appeared in just six games for the Cavs this season and has mostly been in the NBA D-League. Here are the gritty details:

The Los Angeles Lakers have acquired point guard Ramon Sessions from the Cleveland Cavaliers as part of a multi-player deal that will bring the Cavs the Lakers’ 2012 first-round pick, according to league sources.

The Cavs also will send young wing player Christian Eyenga to the Lakers and veteran forward Luke Walton will be going to the Cavs. The Lakers’ will keep their draft pick this year if they miss the playoffs. As part of the deal, the Lakers also will have the right to swap first-round draft position in 2013 with the Miami Heat’s first round pick, which the Cavs own.

Sessions is averaging 10.5 points and 5.2 assists for the Cavs this season and fills a need for the Lakers, who have been in the market for a true point guard. Sessions is earning $4.2 million this season and is scheduled to earn $4.5 million next season, which is his option.

Walton, who has battled injuries over the last several years, has one year and $6.1 million left on his contract — he’s played in just nine games this year. Eyenga has played in just six games and has spent time in the D-League.

Sessions spent most of the season as the understudy to Rookie of the Year favorite Kyrie Irving, but has held down starting gigs in the past and has become a capable 3-point shooter this season, too.


  1. Sessions is a solid point guard who will help the Lakers.

  2. Lakers R Us says:

    They shouldn’t have traded Mr Clutch; Derek Fisher! They should have kept him as a backup for Blake and Sessions! It was a mistake in my opinion! But we will see what happens! And, by the way, Jordan Hill who? Trading Fisher for a relative unknown with low numbers! The Beasley deal I can understand! Not this one, I’m sorry!

  3. MicHead says:

    thanks you for everything DEREK….!!!

  4. Leinad says:

    GO KOBE, we still believing in you

  5. Mitchel says:

    What the?! They trade LUKE WALTON to CAVS? I thought he’s one of the most important players in Lakers line up.. What kind of sorcery is this?! lol

    But LAKERS got Sessions, CLOSE ENOUGH!

  6. Bok says:

    Fisher – You’ll be missed. As a Laker fan I still consider you (& probably your teammates) a Laker for life. I still have to see how Sessions will blend with the team as talent alone doesn’t guarantee a winning team (Knicks) but as the way fan base reacts it should be a good sign of things to come. I’m also happy that the management didn’t trade Pau as he blends well with Bynum & going after young athletic players (Hill) & weeding out unproductive bench players. Is the Beasly trade still in the works?

  7. pepe says:

    dont know why lakers trade fisher for hill and 1st round pick.
    Most stupid step by managment! WAS IT NECESSARY mr. KUPCHAK????????????????????????

  8. jack says:

    Wheres Rasheed Wallace at???we could use his toughness!

  9. Jayjoe14 says:

    Good move but I’m sad for Fisher. I still think he’s the best point guard for a ball hog Kobe.

  10. Nicanor Orjaliza Jr says:

    Wow this is to good to be true. I feel bad for Deick, but we had to do it. It a new ball game know. Bring it on OKC.

  11. queue says:

    fisher gone for good… what wrong with the line up, its one of the nba’s imbalanced line up

  12. Andrew Laker says:

    FIsher will be just fine, with his old pal as Head Coach in Cleveland.

    Thanks for the Memories DFISH, you will be missed, but sessions and Blake are a much better fit at PG.

    Lakers new Starting 5, Second Unit Bench warmers
    1. Sessions 1. Blake Murphy
    2. Bryant 2. Goudelock Morris
    3. World Peace 3. Brown
    4. Gasol 4. Eyenga
    5. Bynum 5. McRoberts

    Its a bad thing, the Bench Just got Deeper and taller.

  13. behrang says:

    good job gms and lets go lakers ,somebody tell me if its possible to acquire beasley

  14. Diego says:

    the lakers need somebody that could drive to the basket , when the big men comes and helped there will be those 2 big guys on paint for the easy little layup , that will make things easier for everybody

  15. Cavalier02 says:

    In My opinion the cavaliers shouldn’t have traded Sessions away. The cavaliers could still use him. And Luke Walton and Jason Kapono haven’t been showing much talent. P.S I hope the CAVS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS

  16. jon says:

    “veteran” Luke Walton? He’s the best bench warmer we had…

  17. Cord says:

    Lakers just positioned themselves to make 1-2 mayor FA pick ups this summer also can sign Bynum long term since it look like Howard is staying in orlando for now

  18. Niño says:

    is beasley coming to lakers?

  19. A.J. says:

    How many picks does that give the Cavs now, 3? This upcoming draft is said to be the deepest ever, great move for a rebuilding team.

    • A.J. says:

      Another thing is that I think the Cavs are trying to tank the rest of the season for good draft picks.

  20. guest says:

    Lakers got a shot at the title now!

  21. Sickwitit says:

    go lakers!!!!!!they’re back n hungry for another title run, now they’re younger than before and r contenders in da west

  22. xfractor says:

    Um, not sure how well sessions is going to work for the lakers. Might be better since the lakers dont really run the triangle offense anymore. Sessions is more of a ball handling PG who drives a lot for his points. His jump shot is inconsistent. If thats what the lakers are looking for then i guess.

  23. Solution says:

    what pick would the cavs get, any prediction?

  24. Solution says:

    Lakers during the summer please get James Jones from the Heat!!!!

  25. Rocket33 says:

    So all the Lakers needed to do at the start of the year was trade Luke Walton for Ramon Sessions and they’d have been set. Instead they let Lamar Odom go for nothing and left Pau Gasol unsure about his future all year. There was never a need for CP3 in the same backcourt as Kobe. I think I must have posted that about a dozen times now…

  26. Jimbo says:

    That was (any way u look at it) a good trade for LA. The management knows how to get rid of obsolete “equipment” and get really good players to cover the spot. I mean Fisher was good in his hey day but this year he seemed as if he had already retired (too sllllow for one – and not shooting the ball well – let alone how many PG’s scored 25-30 pts on him).
    At least Sessions is a true PG -young and quick not taking into account his far better shooting percentage this year. Our perimeter defense will improve (much tougher to run by Sessions compared to Fisher). As for Walton he never was a ball player as far as i m concerned (Eyenga cant prove much worse than him).

    We got rid of a bad reserve and got someone who may prove to help one way or another. We should try to get a SF who can score 10-15 pts on any given night as well.

    I’m really happy with this trade anyway I look at it

    GO LAKERS – I need to see Lebloom cry once more in this year’s FINALS – AHAHHAHAH!!!!

  27. phil says:

    lol i just saw someone who said :
    looks like the lakers championship run is in session

  28. Choker says:

    Both teams benefit but Lakers got more benefit they got Sessions lower than what they expected and traded Luke…… and also the Cavs benefit they got another round pick 1st round pick! …. it will give them chances to rebuild

  29. yungskillz136 says:

    lakers in the nba finals lol what a joke be serious….. yall act like sessisons is the best point gaurd n the nba…… dont forget who run da west which juz happens to be OKLAHOMA CITY……… yall can b laker fans bt be real wit cha self……… far as the trade goes nice job cavaliers now kyrie can get more playing time and do more damage…………

  30. kikoman16 says:

    Thanks Dan Gilbert.. your not such an @$$ afterall.. you somehow made up for your whinning in the Paul trade!!! but how can you win a championship now before Queen James does?.. with Walton? yeah! use the force Luke! LOL!!!!

  31. lakerfan101 says:


  32. Rajon9Rondo says:

    I’m not a Lakers fan but, I’m pretty scared now. I have a feeling they might go to the Finals but the Bulls or Heat will beat them.

  33. Baller101 says:

    The Lakers overall trade deadline moves

    In: Jordan Hill (young athletic big), Christian Eyenga (Versatile swingman athletic), Ramon Sessions (NBA Starting caliber PG who can score, defend and distribute), 1st round pick from Houston (better than the pick they gave up to Cleveland), Right to switch picks in 2013.

    Out: Luke Walton (Dead Weight), Derek Fisher (Great PG at his prime, a good vet and a glue guy but defensive liability), 1st round pick from LA (Lakers are gonna go further than the Rockets, so they give up a lower pick and go higher up the ladder?)

    So basically the Lakers got younger, quicker, better and got a better draft pick along with cap flexibility? damn!! not to mention LA still have their Amnesty options so they could waive MWP or Blake if they really need to… oh and did i mention they kept their 3 All Star Caliber players? That is basically HUGE!!

  34. tonichi says:

    Goodbye 8th ring.(supertiously) Derek had to come back from Utah, Kobe, to help you again and again and again (first three rings) and again and agan for the 4th and 5th rings.

  35. Dante says:

    cmon guys lakers was obviously preparing for a long playoff run that’s why they picked up jordan hill. need more body in the paint just as an insurance for foul trouble. and we don’t need an allstar pointguard. we just need a decent defensive minded pg who can shoot. don’t sleep on

    Christian Eyenga… Saw the guy played.. He can be a beast if given the opportunity.

    we got three young players.. so what’s all these nonsense about?

  36. Callmainman4 says:

    bad trade for the cavs sending away sessions and eyenga for luke walton

  37. kikoman16 says:

    an intelligent move by the Lakers, we don’t need a scoring guard.. we already have atleast 60pts from three players and about 30 rebs. from these three players.. Sessions, is a nice fit.. Lakers needed a younger PG someone who can run the offense and take off some load from kobe bringing down the ball.. all we need now is chemistry, and atleast get beasley to bolster the bench.. definitely an upgrade with sessions.. go lakers!!!

  38. Lakers says:

    wow someone took luke walton

  39. rainman says:

    Hay nick you can rest now, you got what you ask for,good job it was time for a change in the fast break Laker’s look young and ready

  40. Rocker from Manila says:

    LORD P & Lordof6Rings : Agree with you guys!

  41. LORD P says:

    After centuries of bench sitting they get rid of Walton!!!!!

  42. Lordof6Rings says:

    Any move that includes ridding the Lakers of Luke Walton (AKA Dead Weight) is a big step forward! And Lakers get a decent PG in return? AND, the Big Three remain intact?! I like what I see!! In other news, sorry to see Fisher go. But, let’s face it, it’s been a long time coming. Thanks for all the good work, DFish. It’s been a pleasure.

    • Sweet says:

      Ditto. I don’t feel sorry for Luke because he brought hardly nothing to the team in all these years. He got his rings by default because he did not deserve them. Walton was a ‘kept’ player (if you know what I mean). Fisher on the other hand will be missed because of what he did bring to the team but the timing is right because teams need to get younger. GL Fish for all your hard work for the team!

  43. Cristiano says:

    Goran Dragic > Ramon Sessions
    Though it would have been nice if Steve Nash had a chance at a championship with the Lakers. He deserves it.

  44. Rocker from Manila says:

    I heard that fisher was dealt too? feel sorry for him..good luck DFish!

  45. Sean says:

    Sessions is not that good. Lakers need a all-star caliber pg and he’s not it. I’m not so sure I like this trade.

  46. kb24 says:

    Luke walton for ramon sessions and christian eyenga??? come on

    • phil says:

      walton’s contract gonna expire so cleveland will trade him later for cap room, they’re gonna rebuild smart

  47. Baller101 says:

    unfortunately no Beasley but Sessions is a good buy, and to get rid of Walton in the process is a master stroke, yeah they lost one 1st round pick which was gonna be mid-late 1st but they have another and the key here is they also got Eyanga, who is an athlete and can run the floor. They added a starter and a young player for an old broken and battered vet and a first round draft pick, also they made sure that if Miami get a better pick then they do next year then they switch positions. They can always get back that first round pick if they trade Pau, here’s hoping Sessions signs a long term deal this off season

  48. JimmyJOEYo says:

    you mean the lakers got rid of walton? i thought he was gonna be a lifer for the lakers smh turrible news for walton at least lol

  49. Fantasygm says:

    Kudos Mitch great move nabbing up Sessions now the lakers finally have a quality pg that can share minutes with fisher, now all they need to do is get rid of the excess weight and aquire beasly and they become an instant contender for the Championship.


    Sessions &
    MWP off the bench

    lets see OKC stop that lineup

  50. billcollector1999 says:

    now it says ramon session for jason kapono

  51. ardit12345 says:

    Yeahhh baby I’m so happy that they got him ,….. he is just a good player and he makes them a contender

  52. Jeff says:

    Great trade.!!! Lakers are clicking now . playing well and D fish just can’t drive and provide that speed and young legs. Lakers seem to addd good pieces. It be nice land if they could get Beasly. Between him and Metta world Peace. they could get 15 a game. I hope . So KObe , BYmun, gaol keep coin their thing. and lakers will be a scary teaM / Great to be a laker fan. LAKERS FOR LIFE>

  53. brian says:

    @susie nothing is fishy, they got that pick from the trade exception when they sent lamar to dallas

  54. noyb says:

    LA traded Steve Blake?! For Sessions?! Bum move!

  55. emil says:

    after all the rumblings it boils down to this… odom /walton for sessions/beasly/eyenga

  56. BusTeRR says:

    Really session wth are the laker’s thinkng they should of got felton 😐

  57. mario says:

    Nice move, now add Beasley and Lakers may actually win it.

  58. susie says:

    sessions for walton? the Cavs lose in this trade. And where did LA get that 1st round pick? It seems the Lakers can easily ‘steal’ good players from other teams for almost nothing, I’ve always thought there’s something fishy going on with the Lakers, and heck with all the top 5 big market NBA teams(LA, Chicago, NY, Dallas, Boston). NBA always hype things up when it comes to these top 5 markets, and they seem to able to have their way with trades too!

    • Louis Siffer says:

      Pick came from Dallas in the Lamar Scrodom trade. Deal with it Susie…another run at the title for the Lakers baby!!!

      • susie says:

        ah, so that’s what they get for Lamar… still, a backup PG won’t be significant when you have OKC ruling the West! Go KD!

    • Carl Johnson says:

      Perhaps the Cavs knew Sessions might not want to play backup to Irving.

      With this trade, the Cavs get another first round pick in what is supposed to be a loaded draft, and Luke’s contract will come off the books next season, allowing more cap space to surround Irving with younger talent. The Cavs are following what OKC did, so the trade may not be as one-sided as it appears. The Cavs are building for the future.

  59. billcollector1999 says:

    great deal for cleveland!, i guess LA is getting real lucky sounds like beasley is on his way also. time for ramon to step up to a contender

  60. finally! says:

    yes!! dispose fisher now

    • Louis Siffer says:

      Please! DFish has won countless meaningful games as a Laker (you forgot .04??) and will one day be our coach or GM…trust me on that. Blake is out for Beasley…

  61. Duane says:

    Not impressed. They get a back up PG to fix the position? Not likely, if he couldn’t do it in Cleveland then why should he be able to do it in LA?

    Clippers take over the Pacific before the end of the regular season and the lakers play 2nd fiddle in LA, sessions and all.

    • Louis Siffer says:

      Sessions was expendable because of rookie Kyrie Erving. A budding star. Sessions shoots 44% avgs. 10pts and 5 dimes a game. This is the perfect fit. We don’t need another ballhog…already got Mamba. Still got our twin towers, and soon trading for Beasley. Lakers in West finals at very least.

      • Duane says:

        Losing the experience of Fish is huge, Sessions doesn’t bring any of that, I don’t see an improvement with this trade, in fact I see it as a step back. No way the lakers can beat out OKC, I don’t even know if the lakers can take out the Spurs now. Kobe is already averaging huge minutes, now they will have to try and rely on him more based on what you wrote, that does not bode well for the long Playoff run. And once Memphis is healthy I don’t see the lakers beating them either, especially after that very close game going 2OT a couple of days ago. They needed Fish’s experience in tight games and especially in the Playoffs, now they lost that and will be relying on a 2nd stringer to run the offense.

      • E-Man says:

        How does bringing in a good, fast, YOUNG point guard HURT Kobe’s minutes? Are you high?…this takes pressure off of Kobe to break people down all the time. And losing D Fish hurts a bit in the locker room, but we ALREADY HAVE a leader…Black Mamba…maybe you’ve heard of him. Stop hating and go post on the Celtics board please!

  62. Louis Siffer says:

    Use the force Luke! You’re gonna need it in Cleveland…

  63. mikelikemaskmamba says:

    finally.. a quality pg.. i smell 6th ring for kobe.. go LALA..

  64. its showtime says:

    now these will bring excitement to my favorite team,,yeah baby!!

  65. hell yeah... says:

    for me…Id rather choose FELTON than session…
    ^ ^ just saying^ ^

    • TTKIN says:

      Felton only thrives in fast pace offenses though running the pick and roll (see New York Knicks, beginning 2011). That type of offense is something the Lakers never toy with.

  66. kobe says:


    • TTKIN says:

      I disagree, if they get Beasley, they will be THE favorite in the west, not one of them haha. OKC has durant, westbrook, and harden, we would have bynum, gasol, beasley, kobe, sessions….good luck with that OKC haha. Ibaka and Perkins are good, but capable of stopping 2 big men like that? i dont see it happening, considering the confidence of every laker players would completely SKYROCKET!

      • HeatFan27 says:

        Are you kiddng me? Ibaka and Perkins would own the Lakers big men. There is a reason why Ibaka is the league leading in shot blocking, Gasol wouldn’t be able to score. OKC would beat the lakers.

  67. Monkey D Luffy says:

    nooooooooooooooooo. i hate this with sessions on their roster they are back in elite category teams again.
    now im seeing two more competitions for my Spurs in west finals arrrggggggggg

    well, im still hoping for their bad chemistry HAHAHAHA
    mike brown aint no phil jackson so im very expecting poor chemistry thus cant get enough wins for top 1 and 2 spot in west.

    • rj says:

      worry about the spurs getting past the mavs/nuggets first round remember they were #1 in the west and got torched first round by the grizzlies!! #LAKERSALLDAY

  68. Mooki says:

    Lakers looking better and better and seem to be flying somewhat under the radar right now because of their poor start this season. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them in the NBA Finals again this year.

  69. Luis Lalican says:

    You lose some when Odom opted to be traded to Dallas it was really a wrong decision on his side and now he is being thrown away in the garbage. he belongs to LA lakiers but he stick on his pride. Poor Lamar. If LA lakers will get Ramon and Michae itl is a very good catch and timely for Lakers to improve and rule again in the West…………….Go Lakers Go……………

  70. Chris says:

    Screw that, dude. They better not bully their way into taking Beasley! I want him to stay here in MN. We need him.

  71. AWW Hell Yeah!! says:

    Finally a PG! Now get Beasley and were money!

  72. Bombil10 says:

    very good…now lets see who’s the boss in L.A now…

  73. 1 says:

    i thought walton is included

  74. steve says:

    Sounds good if it’s true without getting rid of our bigs.

  75. jroc says:

    this was exactly what we needed, not to trade Gasol, but get a point guard that can actually run and dribble. Man lets go this was a championship move

  76. ba says:

    its Miami and Chicago time for da ships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kobe done!!!!!

    • kobe says:

      u r forgetting OKC

    • hakki says:

      r u for real u talking about kobe here the best and most reliable player in nba since jordan twice better than any other super star in the leauge he is a black mumba (deadliest) not self proclaim king and im from new york i know better obviously u too young to know the difference

    • MEDEZBENZ says:

      NO WAY!!!lebron,wade against KOBE or 2 against 1, still LAKERS WON.SORRY!

  77. Toni says:

    Kobe & Co. are BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Lookout says:

    sweet…. guessing blake is gone to portland?

  79. bball says:

    lakers are back contending for the title baby!

    • Belizeboy says:

      Because of Sessions? Lakers were already contenders. Sessions isn’t going to make LA that much greater. Kobe, Gasol and Bynum are still the key to LA’s success.

      • White Ribeiro says:

        The point is that Fisher and Blake aren’t real players, they are some kind of PG’s Avenue

  80. blctrunks says:

    Now we could make a run at da chip

  81. George Uchiha says:

    Finally, we get a good point guard. When the season begun, i didn’t expect us to be able to make a title run, but now with sessions and possibly Beasley, we have covered our weaknesses. LOOK OUT LEAGUE, HERE COME THE LAKERS!!!

    • asfd says:

      i wouldn’t call sessions a good point guard, he’s maby above average at best

      • Albert P says:

        Let’s stop calling Ramon Sessions an average point guard… He’s starting caliber, he’s better than Blake and Fisher, because in limited minutes, he averages more than both of them. Imagine Ramon Sessions, balling out in Cleveland, behind a rookie point guard lighting it up, and still holding it down just as good as the starter…. Ooooh and when he is a starter, he averages better numbers… He can score 13-15ppg and dish out about 7-9 apg, on average….

        So, welcome to Los Angeles Mr. Sessions, I’ve been barking for you all year!

      • Mark says:


      • Mino says:

        keep saying that, I am jealous of the lakers. Sessions is really really good.

  82. mamba says:


  83. Dan says:

    Good stuff if they could keep gasol and bynum, yet land a quality PG in Sessions and a good backup scorer in Beasley!


    • Carl Johnson says:

      I don’t think the Lakers would give up both draft picks, so it sounds like one or the other.
      Go with Sessions, Beasley is too much of a head case.

    • nick says:

      the lakers got beasly?

    • LAKERS says:

      CAVS r the most stupid team ever LOOL gotta love em! good job lakers management although not sure how the whole fisher move is gonna work out dont wanna see the boston-post-perkins downfall in LA. oh and not sure what injuries walton was battling (tripped over the bench????) other than the fact that he s in NBA because of his last name. free upgrade for LA straight up