Fisher Trade Ends An Era In L.A. Staff Reports

The Lakers have parted way with longtime point guard Derek Fisher, according to multiple reports, trading him to the Houston Rockets just before the NBA’s 3 p.m. trade deadline on Thursday.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports!, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle and others tweeted the news that the Lakers had traded Fisher and a 2012 Draft pick for forward-center Jordan Hill. Though official word of the trade was not imminent, the news seemed to make sense: The Lakers made a trade earlier in the day for Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Ramon Sessions.

Wojnarowski has the details of the deal:

The Los Angeles Lakers have traded veteran guard Derek Fisher to the Houston Rockets in exchange for forward Jordan Hill, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Rockets also will receive the 2012 first-round pick the Lakers acquired from the Dallas Mavericks in the Lamar Odom trade.

Fisher, 37, won five championships with the Lakers. He was expendable after the Lakers acquired Cleveland Cavaliers guard Ramon Sessions for Jason Kapono and L.A.’s 2012 first-round pick. While Fisher had remained the Lakers’ starting point guard this season, many of the fourth-quarter minutes were going to Steve Blake.

The Rockets will explore buying out the remainder of Fisher’s contract – he has a $3.4 million player option for next season – Houston also could use someone to backup Kyle Lowry.

The Lakers long have been looking for a replacement for Fisher, who has led the Lakers to five NBA titles. Fisher is 37, and has found it hard to stick with the younger, quicker point guards that now dominate the league. Still, it’s a surprise to many. Fisher, who also has served as president of the National Basketball Players Association, spent the first eight years of his career with the Lakers, then re-signed with them as a free agent in 2007. He is averaging 5.9 points and 3.3 assists a game as the Lakers’ starter at the point.


  1. Sherwin says:

    they should just let fisher finish this season or better yet give him the position of head coach since he know lakers better than anyone

  2. Sherwin says:

    they should just let fisher finish his career here or even this season greedy bastard

  3. JL says:

    After trading the 6th man? Now the co-captain or aka the real captain of the lakers.
    Fisher has better iq than kobe or even mike brown.

    Please Don’t retire yet D-Fish
    return to lakers and finish your unfinished fishing
    then once you retire
    coach the lakers..

    a lot of respect to you DEREK FISHER..

  4. Lakers are boss says:

    Whats gonna happen now first gos lamar then fisher. Now what is Kobe getting traded to Charlote

  5. royy says:

    it makes total sense to trade a slow old guy for someone faster n more useful
    u dont play slow mo no more nowadays, and fisher is lucky having some team to accept him

    should go home retire n watch old matches in vhs~

  6. James Hinna says:

    I am a Huge basketball fan I always liked to watch derick fisher play I thought he was good as a laker and I live in Houston and I did not think Houston rockets would get anybody good I am a rocket fan and I will say welcom to Houston derrick fisher hope you will have fun in Houston I will watch every rockets game know fisher thank you fisher one more single time ready it is. WELCOME TO HOU FISHER

  7. thomas says:

    Fisher was a crutch to the lakers lately, he was too slow to be productive, in the past yes he was good but now no… remember Linsanity started with him killing fisher, and last year he allowed Terry and Barrera kill him as well

  8. chris torres says:

    im glad luke walton gone he was only on teame cuz of his dad bill

  9. lbj says:

    the only thing worse than the lakers are their fans. This stuff is hillarious, everyone here thinks fisher is a god with his 30% 3 point shooting and 50+ position rank on almost every ranking site. Hes a trash player who teams are better off without.


    “for the loss”,
    “f*#@& the lakers”

  10. Laker for the win says:

    Face it he had to leave i mean all the elite point guard don’t even bother to guard him. they double kobe. I mean i pround of what he did for the laker but he isn;t getting any younger

  11. kamote says:

    mtch kupchack should be the one to get trade lol

  12. Greeny says:

    Fisher played with Lakers team for long time and he did some amazing things that will never be forgotten.But he is not offensive threat to opposing teams now so other players don’t even bother guarding him anymore , they double Kobe or somebody else instead. You need younger and more athletic point guard who is going to be able to score on fast breaks and other team’s turnovers, Somebody who is going to attack the basket and create easy shots for Bynum and Gasol.
    Lakers got younger and more athletic with this deal but it will take some time for Mike Brown to put all pieces together.
    We will all miss Fisher in gold and purple jersey but this is something that was needed to be done in order to raise team’s expectation for upcoming playoffs .

  13. CatipzTipz says:

    I really miss D-Fish. The crucial plays, the clutch shots, and the true commitment to the game. Despite his age and the criticisms to him, D-Fish is still one of the most remarkable PGs in the league.

    Thank you for the great memories. I hope that you will retire as a Laker.

  14. paul says:

    Phil Jackson’s gone, and that is all that matters. Losing Odom and Fisher is just the continued dismantling, with Gasol being next in line (wanting a trade).

  15. not derek fisher says:

    the guy pretending to be fisher commenting on a ton of posts is getting annoying.

  16. Denis says:

    I don’t think that was the best trade for Lakers. True, sometime you have to think about future and make some sad decisions, but trading Fish and leaving Blake is not only a sad one, but also BAD one. Sure, he is 37 and not at his prime anymore but still….c’mon.

  17. MerciLESS says:

    Take care in Houston D-Fish.You’ll certainly be missed.

  18. spurs silvernblack says:


  19. Rodi says:


  20. momo23 says:

    Get beasley dude!

  21. queue says:

    i was expecting it would be a bynum-gasol-howard, but this one – SHOCKING

  22. queue says:

    they should trade for chris paul then maybe the deal is the best thing lakers could have done

  23. Lakers4Life says:

    Lakers mess up and trade 3 great players away shannon brown odom and fisher and we keep blake mcroberts and walton?
    what does walton do on the lakers?please do tell me how he earns his salary?
    lakers management needs to be traded!

  24. Mattfan4life says:

    I know it is part of the business but it is still hard to accept. Fisher has been an amazing leader and solid loyal player that is dedicated to making a difference in LA. I always felt that he put his heart into the game and inspire other player to be there best. I truly wish him the best and he will be miss.

  25. alberto says:

    Its hard to see him go again he will forever be a laker in the heart of all laker fans … but its not the first time he has left or been traded … after 8 seasons with the lakers he went to play 2 seasons with golden state from 2004 – 2006 then signing with utah for 2006 – 2007 season then returning to the lakers in 2007 . But we got some new good young talent now in sessions , hill, eyeng .

  26. John says:

    The trade for Ramon Sessions makes sense to me. The Lakers needed help at the point. The trade for Jordan Hill doesn’t make much sense to me. They needed help at the small forward position now that Artest is badly struggling, and they trade for a power forward?

  27. Pdot says:

    And what will this do to help L.A???

  28. DavidE says:

    The Lakers addressed their most pressing need in aquiring Sessions. Mitch Kupchak got it done. The youth and speed they get with Sessions will be a big lift to the team. Kobe will thrive now that he has this good young point guard running the offense. Andrew Bynum and Pao Gasol will also benefit with this aquisition. You know, the Lakers are playing pretty well at this point of the season so it was a smart and wise thing that Mitch Kupchak didn’t trade Gasol or Bynum and mess with the good team chemistry that the Lakers are displaying at this point. I think we are good now for the stretch run. You never know. Maybe the Lakers can go further in the playoffs than most people think. Don’t think that they’re just gonna get swept again like last season. All in all this has been a big boost for our Lakers so give Mitch Kupchak the credit he deserves in fine tuning the team without tearing it apart. So now to D. Fish. We love you Derrick. You are the ultimate sportsman and we are so proud and blessed to have had you as one of ours these 13 seasons. You won the title for us against Orlando and have been so clutch countless times throughout your awesome career as a Laker. Thank you and God bless you and your family. You will always be a Laker champion and I’m quite sure the Lakers will honor you here at Staples when you retire. I am a little saddened by your departure but that’s just the business so I know you want whats best for the Lakers whether your on the team or not. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the memories and contributions to our Lakers greatness.

    A true Lakers fan for life.

  29. Lobsangrampa says:

    D-FISH!! You were just amazing!
    Great energy player who never overplayed the game, cool and clutch!
    You left your legacy in LA, just like the others- Horry, to name another…
    Laker fans, move on..
    The trade wasn’t so bad, really. Find solace in having Bynum, Gasol, Kobe..still a pretty good team.
    Let’s face it..they are not up to par to the likes of OKC, Chicago or Miami. But there’s still some fight in them yet!
    Wish we had Nash…how bout ending your career in gold and blue??

  30. b@k@_mu says:

    he played well..may be fisher return in L.A next season..more power to you D.Fisher. not a Laker fan but i respect his sacrifices as he played in LA =) – from philiipnes

  31. kobe bryant says:

    sup fisher goooooooooooooo lakers

  32. ReDirkulous says:

    Bus = 1
    Fisher = 0

  33. Joe says:

    He is old as dirt why wouldnt you trade him?

  34. phil says:

    its sad to know that fish is not with the lakers anymore but i think its a good move for them to be a championship contender.. ramon sessions can make westbrook get busy on defense..

  35. dumb move says:

    i cant believe Fish is gone F U buss and kupchak for spiting in laker fans face with this and the L O trade
    whos next kobe?

  36. monk says:

    what a bittersweet feeling – he was obviously getting up there in age but i always hoped that he’d end his career in LA. he was one of my favorite players…fisher will be dearly missed by all of us in the laker nation. i hope the lakers pay tribute to this amazing professional in some way shape or form – i don’t think they’ll retire his number but they should do something to pay respect to everything that fish has done for the organization. best of luck to him in houston.

  37. Felix says:

    A bad move for the Lakers !
    Trading Fisher is acceptable ,but who is the regular PG now .Is Steven Blake can fill the Fisher position ? I do not agree more.
    Ramon Sessions definitely have the talent ,but less experience i think ,and the performance in Cleveland was not perfect. Lakers will still continute to find a top-form PG in the long way.
    Hope Blake can do more in the court alongside Kobe.

  38. Ambon says:

    Lakers get Fresh Fish from Houston

  39. OMG says:

    what do to about his daughter now?? My brother told me that she’s treated at the UCLA hospital..
    now….where is she gonna find such equally talented treatment in Houston?
    Poor girl…

  40. walton says:

    lil buss is a numbnut…he’s never watched fisher in big games…that’s where he will drain his long range bombs!!!

    Letting ariza go, and signing ron artest was foolish…Then giving away Odom to save a chunk of money is materialistic….shows how lil brat is a money grubbing lil son of a buss..

    LAKERS are DOOMED!!!!

  41. mj0824 says:

    Fisher is a spy for L.A Lakers he got traded then he comeback with new info…

  42. BULLS2012 says:

    well give you John Lucas III, Carlos Boozer, Korver, and 1st round pick for Gasol.!!! 😉

  43. going_postal says:

    If it hasn’t already been said (I did not read every comment), all I can say is: .4 seconds. One of the most stunning shots in NBA playoff history. Thank you D-Fish for your heart, hustle, determination, and clutch play. You will be missed.

  44. Oscar G says:

    so sad so sad… couldve gotten beasley… but to get whoever that hill guy is, a bad trade… very sad very sad.

  45. Don Consorsio says:

    Adding Jordan Hill on the Laker’s roster won’t help them get another championship ring in this season.. It’s a good idea getting fresh legs for the roster but hey!!! If you could have landed Michael Beasley.. It’s the best move so far and not letting Fisher go and trade him for a young dummy miniature added on the roster.. And if they get rid of Pau this summer.. I think Buss & Kupchak are just there, running the Lakers team to ruin…

  46. vince27 says:

    Every true laker fan is disappointed with the decision of trading fisher. he is the soul of the lakers team, the vocal leader and the co-captain. but we have to move on. sometimes the best decisions are the most painful ones. but i’m pretty sure years from now, he will be at the lakers frontoffice or maybe future GM of the team. God bless you DFish! Thanks for the memories!

  47. ivana says:

    As a lakers fan, I am so sad for derecks departure. he has given us so much, but we need some fresh blood in the team. I wish him well.

  48. KASASOZE says:

    Now is the time to trade Kobe Bryant while he still has a little value left, The lakers should move Kobe rebuilt next year, The time is now.. Very Few great players retire the team they have put the into,, also Tim Duncan should be moved too,, The time is now

    • derek fisher says:

      kobe has a no-trade clause in his contract. meaning the Lakers cannot trade him even if they wanted to.

      in hindsight, i shoulda put a no-trade in my contract too…

  49. ClipP3rs-42-32-50 says:

    Fish is gone !!!!!!!!!
    and luke walton!!!!!!!!!
    they both stunk and got payed a lot
    i was waiting for the time they would get traded!

  50. John MichaeL Condes Truita says:

    oohhh!!! how sad………..see…look what is diference in managing between phil jackson and lakers coach brown

  51. Jay says:

    why jordan Hill for D-Fish?!?! its better if LA trade D-fish and other team member (or Luke Walton Before he Traded) for Steve Nash!

  52. Jay says:

    He will be waived by the Rockets and resigned by the Lakers.

  53. Miguel says:

    Just wanted to thank Fisher for ALL the GREAT memories and the Championships he help win for The LAKERS. May God Bless him and his entire Family…especially his daughter. Fisher will always be a LAKER in the eyes of ALL LAKER FANS.

  54. cox says:

    Laker fans must realize that Jordan has team option for next year and if he don’t fit Lakers can just release him basically clearing d fish’s salary for nest year which is 3.4 mil add that to Luke Walton’s 6 mill + thast almost 10 mil next year that’s a pretty good player added to next years team.

  55. Bryant says:

    D. Fish is one of my favorite Lakers and players of all time. A great leader and the ultimate professional. Thank you D. Fish for all that you have done for Laker Nation. You will definitely missed. I hope that you will be able to come back maybe next season and retire as Laker.

  56. WOOHOOO says:


  57. orayt says:

    They’ll be missin’ FIsher’s clutch 3’s but ramon sessions is indeed a good pg for LA. But still, the LAKERS doesn’t have the chance to be the champ this year. 1st or 2nd round will do for them.

  58. Ken says:

    Not good (actually very bad) move. A club needs heritage. Derek for Lakerland is same as Karim, West or Magic – He’s part of the foundation. You don’t trade a symbol of a club.

  59. BigLuke says:


    Wrath Of Khan style………

  60. fero says:

    Fisher, Wish you the best. You are one of the greatest, with all your last minutes stops and scores.
    A great era end without you. For me you will allways be a Lakers.

  61. Wojcieski says:

    He should consider Europe or China now.

  62. b-rad says:

    We all knew it was time to get young legs but we will miss you. glad for the trade, name of the game. go Lakers

  63. cem özhan says:

    thank you fısher for everythıng..

  64. Rich says:

    Bad, bad move LA. What the hell were you thinking? Who the hell is Jordan Hill? Management should have traded Steve Blake and let Fisher come off the bench for Sessions. Fisher DESERVED to retire as a LAKER. He was a huge part of the organization. He was a co-captain for Christ-sake! You guys really messed up.


  65. james says:

    my opinion is they should not trade fisher for any other player, that’s his team respect those 5 NBA rings he has with the Los Angeles Lakers, that’s not really a smart move, Derek Fisher suppose to retire as a lakers

  66. RayAllenfor3!!!! says:


  67. Celtics Fan says:

    I am not too sure what the Lakers are planning, but trading Fisher is one of the most stupidest moved theyve made.
    Kobe and Fisher are like the corner stone of the Lakers in the past 10years.

    • derek fisher says:

      “Kobe and Fisher are like the corner stone of the Lakers in the past 10years”
      that’s why.

      they traded me so Kobe can win at least one ring without me. which he won’t.

  68. Al Johnson says:

    Win this ring for Fisher.

  69. cox says:

    I love d fish, but he is done. It was time we reloaded. everybody is quicker and younger these days. Just like after the first three in a row. shaq had to go later fox and horry had to go, all these guys was loved and gave us big games, but it was time. just like the bulls after there first three. Reload time. Go Lakers!

  70. John Smith says:

    Where was the “End of an Era” headline when Fish left tinseltown a few years ago. Didn’t he play in Utah and then for Golden State.

  71. heatcity says:

    Fisher always acted like such a great, nice guy but in reality he was a major dirty player. Not a laker fan… glad I won’t have to see is sorry act on the court on the local rag station.

  72. alEnism says:

    yeah.. so many flashbacks and good memories, all these years watching the LAKERS, Fisher had made so many 0.4 second shots in the 4th quarters to save the LAKERS for a WIN! Fisher should definitely retired as a LAKERS!!!!

  73. Baja says:

    Thank you Fish for everything you’ve done for LAL and fans! We’ll never forget those important shots in the final seconds of the game!

  74. jonathan says:

    .4 second . . . enough said.

  75. Mitch Kupchak says:

    I’m happy for Derek…. he was a great player and we’ll retire his jersey after Ramon retires. I’m happy that he’s in Houston and behind Kevin McHale and a great point guard in Kyle Lowry. I wanted Kyle real bad!!!

  76. heatciyt says:

    laker fans are idiots

  77. Marjun P. Arboladura says:

    this is stupidity.why shipped blake instead?this organization didn’t see what his kupchack and brown.

  78. Jose says:

    I really don’t think Houston are very interested in Fisher. I guess they are completely thinking about next season where with the good acquisition (Lowry) from last draft, the first round pick they hay acquired from this trade for next year and their own pick (taking into account it seems they will have a good one) they may really become a great team. If they choose well they will be, for sure.

  79. kalbo says:

    fisher should die as a laker. i didnt see this coming.

  80. AJ says:

    See ya D Fish… He is one of the reasons LA won a championship

  81. Celticsfan#1 says:

    im a celtics fan and i Despise the lakers but trading derek fisher is the worst move they could make, seriously he was on of the reason we lost the 2010 finals. and he makes clutch shots but im still happy he left cuz we can finally beat u guys (plz no bad comments u would say the same thing with rondo)

  82. Ahmad says:

    This is the dumbest trade…why would the lakers need another forward/center…!!!! they already have Bynum, Gasol, Murphy, and McRoberts, why would they trade a point gard for a forward…!!!!!!!!!

  83. asd says:

    fisher will be back 😦

  84. BigLuke says:


  85. Sweet says:

    What’s kinda scarey is when the Lakers play against his team and the game is tied with seconds left and the opps have the ball and D-Fish gets it…how many memories will that bring about.

  86. XxMiniSwagxX says:

    that is the worst choice ever thats just plain out stupid about the lakers

  87. Tom says:

    GOUDELOCK to you fish…

  88. Steeven says:

    WTH they’re DUM WHY DEREK FISHER WHY NOT Jordan Farmar

  89. DJ MBENGA says:



  90. erik says:

    Fisher: thanx 4the leadership we needed to help my boy” kobe” get 2the next promise land but4 “kobe” the rings are still in his hands..thanx “fisher”

  91. Texen is big says:

    D. Fisher has played with Jazz in middle of his career, is that right? I believe so, I don’t think he was/is one of top 10 point guard, but has some experience in clutch time.

  92. daniel.b says:


  93. Derek says:

    That is such an ignorant thing to say. If Jordan Hill is any good (which i hope he would be since we traded Derek Fisher for him) we will be set. We have Kobe Bryant (but, this season he hasnt been doing good with the exception of that Laker V.S. Heat game) and Andrew Bynum (which is good at dunks and layups).

  94. Derek says:

    They should of got rid of blake *(

  95. BigLuke says:

    LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  96. BULLS2012 says:

    Its funny how our 3rd string PG is better than your starter :)……Im not a big fan of the lakers so here to all of you whom thought Dwight will sing a extension is LA must be joking themselves…..IF the Lakeres got Dwight it would have been a win now situation bc Sorry Laker fans Kobe has only about three more years to go……then the Lakers will be in a rebulding mode like the rest of NBA teams go through.

  97. Pam says:

    This is a stupid move on the part of management. Derek Fisher has earned and deserves to retire as a Laker. Management has outdone themselves with another dumb move. Guess I’ll have to start cheering for Houston!

  98. JESSE says:


  99. EMONEY131 says:

    Derek Fisher isnt as good as he was so he is basically taking up salary space now. And everyone is acting like fisher has been there for his whole career but he had a stint in Utah a few years ago.

    • Belizeboy says:

      He’s a hell of alot better than Blake in crunch time and all he needed to do was come off the bench for Sessions, but whatever i’m not a Laker fan and seeing them treat a player who (greatly) helped get them to championships and even had some game winners is just more reason for me to dislike them.

  100. wtf says:

    I’m not angry at the most for fisher being gone, but JORDAN HILL? Kupchak sells a great clutch shooter for a bum foward that we don’t need. We already have a bum called McRoberts who’s completely useless.

  101. Dereck Fisher Laker is not laker anymore without you……….we will miss you !

  102. exballer says:

    I can’t believe they traded Luke Walton. The man gave then 2 Rings!!!!!!!!!!WOW!

  103. Craig says:

    Fisher stole 400 games of basketball from the fans. What goes around comes around.

  104. JC says:

    WTH Why trade Fish he’s been a great help for the lakers you could have just Bynum cause bynum is hot headed geez well there’s nothing i can do i’m just a fan of the lakers but if i can stop this trade well i’ll do it Thanks Fish for everything you gave for the Lakers be proud as you are 1 of the Lakers Legacy, For you are 1 of the reason the Lakers added 5 more championship to their stats you’ll be miss GOOD LUCK D.FISHER!!!!!!!!!

  105. vahe says:

    fisher is a dirty player who flops and gets away because he smiles on nbacares commercials.

  106. hell yeah... says:

    youre always have a place in lala land….. thank you for he clutch moments….thank you for the 5 championship rings….

  107. This says:

    wow. I JUST bought a fisher laker jersey to show how much respect I have for him. why the HELL didn’t they trade blake? Thank you d fish. I’ll miss you and the memories you shared with lakernation.

  108. chandler says:

    lakers r idiots fishy is good for there team they just runined any hopes of making a tital run. RIP fishy.

    Go JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. lakersftw says:

    NOOO!!! I admit this is a pretty good trade considering the fact that the lakers have a younger point guard now, but Fisher will always be the BEST! GOoD LUCK IN HOUSTON D-FISH!!! WE WILL MISS YOU! YOU HAVE DONE SO MUCH FOR THE LAKERS. WE REALLY APPRECIATE ALL THOSE BIG SHOTS AT THE END OF CLOSE GAMES!
    .4 seconds all the way.

  110. Douche Bag says:

    DFish will be missed on & off the court!!!!! 0.4 seconds

  111. Saisha says:

    As much as I love fisher, his time is over.
    He brought leadership, heart, balance to the locker room, but that was all he brought. We will miss him.

    • derek fisher says:

      1. ‘as much as i love..’
      2. ‘..that was all he brought’.
      3. ‘we will miss him”.

      oh..i get it. i am not supposed to read between lines, meaning i should only read 1 & 3.

  112. Musa Nkosi says:

    Why does he being traded to the rockets? I don’t get that.

  113. Anthony says:

    Great move by the Lakers. As a Laker fan I hate to see Fisher go but it was for the best if he would have stayed he would still be starting because of politics. But I think it’s great and better for the team. Real fans will be Laker fans first and player fans second it’s funny u guys wanted to get rid of him now that wedid unguys cry. Thanks for the memories fish .

    I think rockets buy him out and he signs with the heat.

  114. AJ says:

    I for 1 have been a laker fan, but seeing this is very depressing for laker fans.. he is like the mentor to the laker roster… that was kobe’s best FRIEND… but now tough times got to happen but the good news is we are getting Ramon Sessions and Eyenga (WTF is this?) Fisher will be remembered as A Laker.. 5 Time Champ… I can’t wait till Lakers play at Houston to see Fisher doing good 😀

    Wish you The Best D-Fish, The Dagger….

    • derek fisher says:

      don’t worry.. kobe promised he will stay in touch by writing letters.

    • xquizit1 says:

      this is called getting younger and more effective. fish has been falling off for the last two years. he was a good pg in his prime, not anymore. if anything he was more of a motivator as of late. not a contributor. just slowed the game down. we can now speed it up again. and finally match up with all the other pg’s in the league. good trade.long overdue. now retire his jersey and move on.

  115. mark says:

    For the Lakers this is a great deal. Although Fisher was a great player before who did a lot of good for the Lakers his performance the last two years has been lacking, but his heart has always been in the game. He did a lot of great things in LA and is a stronger leader that will be vital to the Rockets program. Thank you Derrick for all the memories, all the wins and your great support in the playoffs and championship games.

  116. Ricky says:

    Every other comment is about “NOOO Fisher is clutch!” ….Sorry but, Lakers wouldn’t need bailouts if we were up by more than one possession in the last minute of the game.

  117. lad24 says:

    thank you so much fisher..its so sad!

  118. fish Grease says:

    Thank God

  119. rohan says:

    cant believe this…. i mean its not gonna be lakers anymore without fisher…. first jordan farmar left now fisher

    • derek fisher says:

      yeah, trading me i can understand, but allowing farmar, the face of lakers to leave,, whoa!

  120. Lebron Traveled Again says:

    This is King James himself,and on my behalf if you guys dont believe me or not,I would like to state that Fisher should just hang it up.I know he had his moments and Iam still in my prime and I have yet to achieve the level of greatness hes had with his rings,but those very same rings were earned by Kobe more so than him and he is just too old to even guard our 3rd strings here in Miami.It is close to spring time as is so he should just do that,go Fishing.Thanks for the laughs this season tho Fisher when we went to dinner when we joked on how lucky your shots were in those runs you had.

  121. Jun says:

    Derek Fisher we’ll miss you…

  122. DaRedNeckKing says:


  123. Will says:

    Fisher should have been used as a reserve only, in late game situations, the last few years. He was way past his prime and couldn’t keep up with the younger point guards or make significant on-court contributions.

    I believe the Lakers did Fisher a disservice by playing him significant minutes against those young PG’s, sorta throwing him to the wolves at his age, and drawing negative comments from fans about his play. He didn’t deserve that. But he would have been good for the Lakers off the bench in limited situations due to his experience and leadership

    Then let him retire as a Laker and maybe enter the coaching ranks if he’s so inclined. He’d make a good one.

  124. Gone Fishin says:

    see ya d fish good luck in houston

  125. Scotty N says:

    With the trades the lakers have made they are now back in the hunt in the west, Kobe’s been playing unreal lately, and Pau and Bynum are finally getting the chemistry we’ve been waiting for, Metta world peace is still a solid defending small forward, his length may hurt around Kevin Durant but he can wear him down. Jordan Hill will do well with this outfit, Murphy’s been a waste of space, getting rid of walton was a great move, Lakers are gonna go strong for the last half..

  126. Neff says:

    TRUE Laker fans like this deal, thanks D-Fish for the clutch shots and the young backup center

  127. ralph says:

    we cant forget the shot u made against spurs with 0.4 left

  128. Fabian says:

    D.Fish 0.4 shot, D.Fish Dagger 3 On The Mavs earlier this season Dayum! He Will Be missed and hopefully he’ll have a good career in Houston

    • xquizit1 says:

      he wont have a career in houston. his career was with LA. he will be turning 82 this season. He has had a great career with LA already, now time to move on. he should just retire. Not the first time he has been traded. This will be the last tho. good luck fish. mabey LA can practice fast breaK situations now. instead of old n slow.

  129. sean says:

    i think thats a bad idea. Blake i quicker and will only get better.

  130. sean says:

    Guys, u cannot make him retire a Laker. that’s all up to him to retire when he want. Laker at the end of the day got to make a business decision. i say retire his jersey in his honor. hopefully we get him and Lamar back.

  131. tinthoy says:

    comon guys!time to leave…

  132. Kobe@Philippines says:

    They should have dealt Blake!!!!

  133. Bill says:

    As much as I respect Fish as a Laker fan, I don’t understand people whining about this move.

    1) There were going to be no minutes for Fisher with the Sessions trade. Yes, we’d have all liked Fish to retire as a Laker, but I very much doubt Fisher would have appreciated racking up DNP-CD’s for the rest of his career. That would not have made for a positive dressing room situtation.

    2) Fisher has this season and next at $3M plus, Hill has a contract below $3M that expires at the end of this year.

    3) HIll has some upside that could translate into a solid bench player, if he plays well and LA decide to extend him, they could let Murphy go at the end of the season

    Simply, this move gives the Lakers cap and personell flexibility while getting rid of Fisher who there would be no minutes in the rotation for. Sure, we’ll all be sad to see him leave, but lets stop and think before we throw Kupchack and Buss to the dogs.

  134. daddy j says:

    I’m wondering what kobe’s thoughts on this trade are as well as how h.e will play without the fish man. Not a good trade.

  135. edtruck9 says:

    fish was great but his time was up this is a biz and mitch made 2 deals today that will help the team GOOOO LAKERS

  136. Lakerfan says:

    fish if u ever see this us laker fans will miss you with all those big shots and commitment to the organization. hope you come back after Houston buys out ur contract

  137. E.Williams says:

    Thanks Fish…5 time LAKER CHAMPION!!!…..

  138. Raice says:

    This is bogus fisher is suppose to be with LA till he retires hes the heart and sole of that team and everyone seen what hapened when he was let go of the first time!

  139. Choker says:

    I think the Dfish for HIll is kinda a good trade but still Dfish has more experience and letting go of Luke Walton and Jason Kapono has been the best move for the Lakers since trading Odom

  140. Ruth says:

    OMG! Trading Fisher is one of the biggest mistake that Lakers could have made! How come nobody ever talked about it?

  141. Solution says:

    Shut up
    March 15, 2012 at 4:19 pm
    he’ll be back… after Houston bought out his contact.
    Yea I agree D-Fish contract will be bought out and he can return or retire.
    I wish the lakers could of gotten James Jones.

  142. MB24 says:

    I have so mush respect for Fish (especially for his heroics in the `09 and `10 finals) but he is never ever even in the top 10 of the PGs in the NBA. Still I would have liked to see him as a reserve for the Lakers so that he can retire in a Laker uniform. The organization just owes that to him after so many years and 5 rings

  143. AngryEXlakerfan says:


  144. Stan says:

    Fisher gave up the star role and being unselfish was his name, but he could allways hit the big shot or take a charge. 5 NBA TITLES Fisher knows what it takes to win. I will miss him and hope he will be back if Houston buys out his contract. So the Lakers gave up BOTH of their first round picks plus Fisher and Kapono for Sessions and Hill. Those first round picks could have been stars in a very deep 2012 draft.

  145. charlie103 says:

    great move derek fisher was slowing the team down this is exactly the next step for the lakers they need a fast break player to run the court and score efficiently dont cry about it now it was time to let him go plane and simple lakerNation

  146. jonski22 says:

    no one see this coming..why on hell the lakers need another unproductive bench player, they have lot of it…also why Houston wants an old PG? can they just trade for draft pick?

  147. AngryEXlakerfan says:

    Why not trade Steve Blake he is GARBAGE!

  148. AngryEXlakerfan says:

    Worst move in NBA history! Lakers just lost a fan since the 80’s!

  149. gaurav says:

    really….they traded Fish…craziness…

  150. Lakers Fan since Showtime says:

    Lakers fan since the 80’s, this trade just plain out slapped D Fish across the face, not only is he part of the 5 championships, but he saved the lakers season with incredible cluth last second shots on more than one occasion. He is also one of the best leaders in the NBA, hes the players rep for the whole league and one of the very few that Kobe trusted and would listen to. He also came to the Lakers after they dumped him before for LESS money so his daughter could get the best medical treatment in LA. He is the reason the Lakers even have a season this year. He has been there for the Lakers over and over and over and the Lakers have so many players that do not earn their money the way this guy does. ReallyJim Buss, are you that out of touch with Lakers history? How Buss senior can sit back and watch his son ruin his creation is unbelieveable. Aside from trading Kobe and Andrew the Lakers could not have screwed up more. No wonder Jerry West is at Golden State, Jim is the reason the franchise will fall. If they have no loyalty to the very people who have helped shape the frachize then why as fans should we have any loyalty to them?

    Ex Lakers Fan

    • cox says:

      This is a “what have u done for me lately” league and he has done nothing lately. have you noticed that night after night the other teams pg is killing our starter and he cant even lay the ball up anymore? slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. its time we move on before we get kicked out in first round again.

  151. Derek Fisher was wack. He only had a good looking jumpshot. He’s not good enough to be on the Lakers. Good Luck in Houston not winning any championships.
    You should retire Fisher…. and become a fishermen

  152. Eazy says:

    Retire D fish jersey in LA !

  153. kg says:


  154. luc says:


  155. LAkeS says:

    Fish we won a couple championships cause of you
    We will miss you!

  156. Dom says:

    Houston should trade him to Miami, just for laughs.

  157. Stan says:

    we pretty much asked the Rockets to buy out fisher, threw in a first rounder, and then we got Hill, but now we have more cap space, we might be able to get Beasly withought much hurt to the cap.

  158. likedamaster says:

    Long, long, long overdue. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Fisher.

  159. exlakerfan11 says:

    The all team is gonna missed fisher, especially the arrogant kobe, maybe he is not the atletic guy anymore but he knows everthing about the game. BEST WISHES DERICK FISHER

  160. Mary says:

    I’m crushed. I have always had so much respect for Derek Fisher and what he brings to a team morally, emotionally and as a leader. I understand the trade from a “technical” standpoint, but not at all from an “emotional” standpoint. He brings so much to a team. Makes me wonder how Kobe feels about it.

    Good luck Derek. Lakers fans everywhere will miss you!!

  161. Stan says:

    the trade for Jordan Hill giving looks pretty bad….Lakers already have plenty of PFs, and the Rockets dont have enough big men in general, nor do they need a PG. I have a feeling that that deal is going to end up as a 3-way, because I doubt the Lakers woke up this morning saying, “hey, I think we should go get Jordan Hill”…lol. Hill is a cheap option, and is somthing the Timberwolves wanted, a cheap player and a pick for beasly. Thats probably what will happen. No way we Trade Fisher for Hill in a straight up deal…Fisher is old and slow, but still has more value than Hill can bring. Maybe they plan on hill being a back-up C, but i highly doubt it. He’s probably a trade piece for Beasly.

  162. Jay says:

    Wow, this was like a hit in the stomach!!!!! Derek, you will be missed!!!! As a Laker fan, I feel sick. Thank you for all you did for the Lakers!!!!! I was hoping that you and Kobe would retire the same year as Lakers!!! But knew that this was always a possibility.

    When you resigned with the Lakers in 2007, I knew you were just what the Lakers needed!!! Your leadership, clutch shooting and toughness was wonderful to watch!!!

    I wish you the very best!!!

  163. Mark Guillerman says:

    This is all about the first round pick to Houston. No need for a point guard. Kind of sad to see a veteran
    with his history sitting at the end of our bench, especially since LA is just dumping him. Also, he is not well thought of in Houston ever since he clothes lined Luis Scola in the playoffs. They’ll probably buy him out. Jordan Hill is a good player, still a project but with the right system could be a really nice rotation guy. He came in last year and was terrible at first but really started coming around. He lost out in a numbers game with Camby being picked up and Nikola Mirotic coming in next year from Europe.

  164. mr-plow says:

    Fisher is the biggest flopper in the history of the NBA. HE deserves NO respect and thats why the Fakers did this to him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  165. jerm says:

    this is a sad day for Lakers fans, but this needed to be done for the future of LA. Fisher only had so little time left

  166. Da-CLUTCH says:

    Thanks for everything Fisher. This team won’t be the same without you. I wish you retired as a laker. 😦

  167. nbafan says:

    fisher already left he lakers to play for utah…. lets not pretend hes been there for life

  168. Ms Ann says:

    Fisher,you have given the Lakers your all and being a team player has not guranteed loyalty to from the Lakers owners.I saw they had a hiden agenda ,when Magic was increasing the revenue and calling Buss “DAD” and years later we all learned he had kids.After Magic then Shaquile was dumped,they don’t appreciate players and they should have retired you on a grand platform for all the 5 champs rings and paid you big time money.Lakers is a Big eye sore and its all Hollywood ,you never know when your cast member role is cancelled.ALL the Lakers trades were stupid and we will see Kobe exhausted on the court now.Blake is a wish and he will never be a clutch shooter or a great point guard.

  169. Jam says:

    Dear sir, I am writing these words as a Lakers fan since 1998

    Thank you for this beautiful move, just like you moved shaq, like you send horry, and then finally fisher.This team hasnt got even a smallest tiny piece of respect for its players who won championship rings…Unbeliavable…perfect, send kobe too when he’s 36 OK.

  170. Kevin says:

    I respect the Lakers for making their decision, but I will miss Derek Fisher.

    5 rings with you Fisher. Thank you. Sad to see you go.

  171. Jeff says:

    Thanks D-fih. your game was solid and very much needed. Hope you do well . But we needed younger legs. and we got em. YOu will always be a laker .

  172. john says:


    • Jason says:

      I need some Pepto Bismol after reading your nonsense.

      • cox says:

        U must realize that Jordan has team option for next year and if he don’t fit Lakers can just release him basically clearing d fish’s salary for nest year which is 3.4 mil add that to Luke Walton’s 6 mill + thast almost 10 mil next year that’s a pretty good player added to next years team.

  173. Thisiswrong says:

    Where do they get off trading derrick fischer, he was a captain. Are you kidding me, that is garbage. They should have traded that loser Steve Blake. Derrick Fischer hasn’t missed a game in years. I officially am very dissapointed in the lakers, betraying one of their own, DERRICK FISCHER IS THE MAN

  174. Dave J says:

    Hey D-Fish, thanks for all the great memories, you were an outstanding player for my Lakers and it is a shame you had to be traded but I realize it is a business. Thanks for all those clutch shots you made and the 5 CHAMPIONSHIPS!! You are one of the BEST! A gentleman and a scholar, truly a sad day for LAKERNATION!!

  175. Lannie says:

    It was time wish him well but the Lake show must go on.

  176. nba fan to the heart says:

    dang derrick fisher is gone. gonna miss them cluch threes.

  177. reality says:

    Yeah all you fanboys know more about basketball than the people that create the team in the first place…Laker management just made the best move they could have made… all of you will thank the youth, ability and production later from Sessions… *here’s a tissue*

    If Fish stayed he wouldn’t be able to play many minutes..deservedly…so he was traded out of respect so he can still play some quality minutes…

    Stop being so debbie downer emotional, some of you people are like crazy EX-GF’s, when you don’t get your way you throw the baby out with the bath water…

    Gonna miss you Fish!

  178. ProdigySUNS says:

    Lakers are screwed without Walton. Such a shame.

  179. minibarf says:

    who cares if it isnt the same team? Wake up and smell the coffee, as great as he was…by todays standards id say hes one of the worst pg’s in the league. hes old, slow and placid.just lets kobe do all the work

  180. Fale says:

    Don’t worry, Derek makes more money than all of us combined. Let him go and get his $3m plus in Houston . And for me , well I’LL have to go and find work , cuz my unemployment is running out . Don’t stress out on this . Derek will never give me a dollar .

  181. Ingman says:

    Son, shut your mouth! Lakers were all in for that trade , its ”Wolfs” who backed out, you dumm prick.

  182. richy says:

    i kinda like the trade except for Fisher leaving. i like the fat that we got rid of luke walton, kapono and got better with Jordan hill(can play the 4 or 5 with solid training from Karrem) and ramon sessions. lets hope can get a buy out and resign with us, would love it.

  183. ME69 says:


  184. BajiBaji says:

    I’m tearing up. Good Luck Fish!

  185. Sid says:

    Thanks Fish.

  186. Johnathan Garcia says:

    I have to say I did not see this coming! I thought if anyone was going to be traded it would have been Gasol ( Im glad we kept him though being big is what makes us right now) Now I have mixed feelings about this trade. I wish Fish would have been able to retire as a Laker but lets face it we needed a point guard who can help out Kobe with Points. It would have been hard to balance out time between Blake, Sessions and Fisher. They chose to trade Fisher over Blake because Fisher is older than Blake. Lakers want another Championship! And well Kobe isnt getting any younger, if they are gonna win another with him it has to be now.

  187. gardos says:

    Anyone who thinks a stat sheet is what defines an NBA player does not know basketball. While Kobe has been the engine, Derek has been the HEART! Not everything in the game happens around the rim. Defense, motivation and professionalism has taken a hit with the loss of D-Fish. We love you #2! Forever on the edge of my seat with the wizard of clutch! 0.04 forever!

  188. Ole time Laker says:

    What r the Lakers doing, we want a title, not the 1st pick in tha draft! Jennie can u take the reigns from ur brother!

  189. lakerfan says:

    “The Los Angeles Lakers have acquired guard Ramon Sessions and forward Christian Eyenga from the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for forwards Luke Walton and Jason Kapono, it was announced today by General Manager Mitch Kupchak. In addition, Cleveland will receive the Lakers’ 2012 first round draft pick (protected) and other considerations.”

    So is Fisher staying??

  190. Mino says:

    they might as well trade kobe, it looks as if their main goal is to ruin chemistry and beat it down as hard as possible. rip up all of the banners up in the staple center and change the name to the sellouts.

  191. Mantas says:

    Why? For Jordan Hill? Is there any sense? Sad day in LALA land….

  192. texicali74 says:

    I love Fish as much as any Lakers fan, but it’s a fact that he has become a liability at both ends of the floor. It’s hard to part with him for sentimental reasons, but there’s no question that these trades represent an on-court upgrade for the Lakers. They now have a solid young starting PG, a young backup center and have cleared some cap room by getting rid of Walton. And they didn’t have to part with any of their bigs to do it. And who knows, now that Dwight Howard has committed to Orlando (for the time being, anyway), Deron Williams might be a free agent possibility in the offseason.

  193. Crying Because Fisher Is Gone says:

    Derek Fisher. I want you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch them totally lose big time this season. What am I going to do with my Fisher jersey now?!?!?

    • xquizit1 says:

      wear it. everyone acts like he was going to be with the lakers forever. he has had a great career with la. now its time to move on. younger and more efficent. He will come back and retire as a Laker.

  194. jose says:

    WE DONT WANT HIM!!!!!!!

  195. Eric says:

    Thanks for your commitment, dedication to winning, and courage you brought to the team Fisher. You are one of those Laker Players that make me proud to be a Laker Fan. Good luck in Houston. Today is a sad day for Laker fans. 😦 Bye Fisher.

  196. bvbdubai says:

    how bout luke walton? fish is better than this guy

  197. tinthoy says:

    camon guys…its time leave…want to be wd him?goooo!

  198. dj.baldhead says:

    lakers did right thing fisher will be miss all coments are stupid true laker fans no this team needs to get younger and they freed up some money luv u fisher see u in bull uniform

  199. Just sayin' says:

    Scott Howard-Cooper



  200. Arsen says:

    how about getting rid of the bench warmer Luke Walton?! He gets paid more than fishand does absolutely nothing for the team. He’s a waste of space on the roster.

  201. fish tha vett says:

    much love nd respect 4 this true vetteran with 5 ringss sumthin lebron doesnt have a clue about ull forever be remebered as a great lakerr i will never forget that jump shot that led us to a win aginst tha bummy spurs in tha finals

  202. Justin says:

    I wouldn’t blame Fisher if he decided to retire after this season. BUT HE DESERVES TO RETIRE AS A LAKER. And watching him over the years, he hasn’t been producing a lot of points, but he has made so many clutch shots when it comes down to crunch time. And why not trade Goudelock instead of Fisher ? Not sure how the money works out, but this lets Derek stay where he belongs and gives Houston a much better scorer (at this point in Fisher’s career).

    ps. But welcome Ramon Sessions, you got HUGE shoes to fill !!

  203. john in whittier says:

    hill for the big fish and you give up fish and a #1 pick for hill ???????? what are you thinking mitch and jim ? think,think, use your brains not your wallets , not even your wallets your daddy’s wallet.

  204. arcee says:

    Trade Kobe and we will be Champions again.

  205. Cali George says:

    D-Fish thanks for the memories but we needed a point guard that can contribute for 4 quarters.

  206. john in whittier says:

    comm on we need beasley not sessions , they just got rid off all there drat picks for sessions and jordan hill , come on ,, Trade jim buss better get a new owner , jeannie buss could run the team better

  207. bighoppa says:

    i cant believe it, unexpected,…………this is a sad day

  208. niels volckaert says:

    thanks d fish for all the great moments

  209. Maguelane says:

    A BIG THANX while at Lakers…best of luck with the end of your career

  210. lakersfan4life says:

    Thank You Derek Fisher. For all that you have done. You will be forever a part of the Lakers Nation. You will be missed.

  211. Ex-LakesFan says:

    No more LAKERS. We are lakers now.Why don’t Jim Buss just trade Kobe and turn the lights off? O tempora,o mores!!!
    Jim Buss instead of Jerry,Brown instead of Jackson,Lamar gone,now Fish…

  212. AsapAnthony says:

    i think they should have kept him for the bench so you could have a young player and a veteran off the bench but i guess there tryna get a good first round draft pick, and fisher was pretty much outta water anyway..

  213. littleteapot says:

    I’m a celtics fan but you gotta respect the commitment Fisher had to Laker teams that were often filled with superstars and people who clearly didn’t want to win as bad is he did. He showed real leadership despite never being one of the better players on his team, and he obviously had some ice in his veins for some clutch 3’s through his whole career.

  214. Scott says:

    Kobe was never able to win a ring without Fish. The Lakers did this because they are CHEAP now and want to save money. They could have easily used their trade exception they received from Dallas to get Michael Beasley but wanted to save a buck and got rid of their locker room leader, just retarded.

  215. john z says:

    haha. laters

  216. Brian says:

    Why would the lakers give up their first round draft pick!? I am sad to see D-Fish leave, but even more upset that we gave up our final first round pick! It doesn’t make sense.

  217. Adam says:

    Do people not remember that he played for the jazz or is that page in the history book ripped out?

    • Scott says:

      @Adam he played for the Warriors and then Utah then came back to LA

      • gardos says:

        …and the Jazz ripped him a new one each time the Lakers were in Salt Lake. After he saved them in the playoffs and had to come back to L.A. to care for his daughter…fair weather Utah cruelty. Hopefully he’ll stay away from Luis Scola…

    • Mino says:

      ignorant lakers fans like to forget those seasons, it showed how management in the lakers was absolutely horrible.

  218. Dean says:

    Well, it seems – from the Lakers press release, that this trade wasn’t finalized after all. 🙂

  219. C Roberts says:

    Ive been saying all year we need to replace Fish as our starter but I wanted him to stay on the team as a role player and leader. Now that the deed is done and I am honest with myself, I was putting my admiration and appreciation for Fish above what is best for the team. I just showed my 13 y.o. son the 0.4 second shot because it rivaled Kirk Gibsons homer in my sports memories. It was a fantastic moment in Laker-lore. Fish has a player option at the end of the year, Im guessing he retires and returns to the organization that he can always call home to begin the next phase of his NBA career…Front Office or Coach.
    Emotions out of the way…..
    With a ball handler on the court and 8-12 pts from our 1, we have an honest shot at picking up a Jordan-tying number six for number twenty four.

    We’ll see you on the flip-side Fish and as much as LA loves you, you have “taken your last charge” in Staples Center, as of today you are flopping…..

  220. Rick says:

    How does the trade deadline work ….. When can teams begin trading again? July 1st? Someone help me out here.

  221. Pastorlg says:

    Will always be a lakers still….and I will never not see them as the best.

  222. Nadeen says:

    This is just awful…… we need to still trade Jim Buss…..

  223. Carlo says:

    Who would bail out the lakers for crucial moments?

  224. Bob says:

    Who thought this was a good trade? How on earth is swapping man for man then throwing in a first rounder on both deals going to help the Lakers? what is wrong with management? Second Rounders at the most but both first round picks? Retarded. Ramon Sessions is not the solution. He will be a decent 6th man or role player at best. Am i the only one with a pair of eyes?!?!?!

  225. LAKERS says:

    woah.. did NOT see it coming! idk if its a good move or if lakers just gave their heart away to houston. dont wanna see boston-post-perkins scenario again. especially considering how kobe feels bout

  226. Angrylaker says:

    Please tell me that they got rid of Steve Flake he is a waste of space!
    Sessions is good tho it should be Sessions sharing time with Fish

  227. Andrea says:

    The trade for Sessions was great and I was really happy for the Lakers…then this happens. Talk about a heart-breaker, this is just too sad for loyal Lakers fans. Not only that, but management actually thinks Steve Blake is more worthy to keep than Fisher? Unbelievable…

    Thanks for everything D-Fish. Hope you can come back and retire a Laker in the end.

  228. Pastorlg says:

    It is funny when players don’t make sacrifice to stay with their franchise . ‘such as labron’ it looks bad but here is a situation where the franchise don’t care about what a employee have contributed to them….five championships……no one seems to be safe in LAL anymore, not even safe to be a fan.

  229. malimedo22 says:

    WTF Houston?
    I don’t mind Derek Fisher or Marcus Camby but to trade three players that could be top players on their positions in a several years?
    Bad move.
    And what did Houston get?
    Two 37-year olds that are good, but with no future and1st round pick.
    In exchange for J.Hill, H.Thabeet and J.Flynn.

  230. michael says:

    as hard as the lakers try and make me hate them….i just cant….its kinda like fake knockers for me

  231. luis says:

    D-Fish best of luck in your new team. Thanks for the great moments in Lakers history you gave us the Laker fans.

  232. Jeremy says:

    way to give up 2 first round picks. Still hoping this is a rumor Fisher doesnt deserve this, let him finish the season and let him retire a Laker. D-Fish ftw!!

  233. kevin Michael Menkhorst says:

    If the Lakers have the Mike trade into the league office and pull it off then i’ll live with this

  234. John says:

    We’ll miss you Fisher, you are a great a leader, Lakers management didn’t see that, I have so many great of your performances as a Laker, At this point, I don’t understand this move. Fisher is a true leader and play off player.

  235. andy says:

    yes!!! im so happy!!!! Rockets get a lockroom guy!

  236. Nakko says:

    Now trade Gasol to Chicago for Boozer lol

  237. formerlakerfan says:

    WHY??? Fisher was playing better than ever and he was the true spiritual leader and heart of the Lakers. Why not show a little respect and gratitude for what the man has done and let him retire a Laker? What about the countless times he saved us? What about the 3-peat? WHAT ABOUT .4? He always steps up in the clutch when we need him. His jersey should be retired in the staples center! I have lost faith in Mitch Kupchak and the direction of the Lakers Managment.

  238. BIG MAC says:

    Dayym.. gonna be diff with out an original laker…wish you well Fish!!!

  239. Sentral says:

    The Lakers want to trade Kobe for a future 2nd round draft pick.

  240. Batch says:

    BAD SESSIONS 4 Derek Fisher.. Why???

    • xquizit1 says:

      Are you serious?? Can you do everyone on this blog, a favor!?! learn what you are talking about, before posting ignorance. The Lakers did not trade DFish for Sessions.

  241. Andovi24 says:

    Will miss you iron man. Derek Fisher is a laker and will always be to the fans. And I’m just wondering how Kobe will react to this

  242. ronthivy says:

    I agree fish has had a rough season, but I would want to end my career with a long time team, I really hope fish does well for the rockets

  243. Smart from LA! says:

    Don’t worry Lakers fans he will be back with you soon enough… Rockets will buy out his contract and Fisher will re-sign with Lakers for a fraction of what he has cost previously. Plus they get some backup for Pau and Bynum… Fisher is more a locker room guy bringing more to the team with his prescence than with what he does on the floor (until clutch time) so if Fisher doesn’t get all negative and starts hating the Lakers (no reason why he would) he will be back soon enough,… IMO anyway

    • chiliD says:

      The new CBA removed the loophole that a player could sign with his previous team if he got bought out by his new team. Sorry, Fish is gone…he ain’t coming back (at least not this year) When his contract runs out in two years, he’ll probably sign a one-day contract with the Lakers and officially retire AS a Laker.


    why would you ever trade d fish he did so much for the team

  245. TomT says:


  246. CJCandace says:

    NOOOOOOOO, Lakers – you make one good move and then a really bad one. Fish deserved to retire a Laker. He could have been a back up. Now we have another non producing PF.

  247. kochav says:

    they took the heart of all lakers fans . they was let him ritere as laker

  248. Joe Lopez says:

    I’m Disappointed In This Trade. We Already Have Our Big Men, We Didn’t Need Another One. Especially Not One Who Averages 5 ppg. Despite Picking Up Sessions, We Could Still Use Fisher More Than We Need Jordan Hill. Derek Doesn’t Score Much Because That’s Not His Role On The Team. We Have Our Big 3 To Do That. Fisher Brings Other Valuables Including Leadership & Experience To Name A Couple. He Would Benefit The Lakers In The Playoffs More Than Every Other Player The Lakers Have Excluding Kobe. I’m Just Really Upset With Fisher Being Traded. I’m 20 Years Old & Have watched Kobe & Fisher Since The Beginning. We Need Him. Best Word I Can Use To Describe This Trade – Unnecessary.

  249. rvey says:

    OMG !!! What happened Fisher? anyway all the best to You!

  250. Jesse says:

    Horrible… So sad as a Lakers fan to see a long time Laker like Fisher leave at the end of his career. Would have loved to see him be able to retire as one of us…

  251. MPek says:

    Sorry for You BIG FISH !!! You were awesome all the time too bad that LAL decided to trade you… :/

  252. LakerGirl24/17 says:

    I can’t Believe Derek Fisher is leaving us!! Its just unbelieveable….

  253. Ryan says:

    Glad we got a pg who can keep up with Rondo, Paul, Rose atleast better then Fisher, but he will b missed. I wonder what Kobes reaction was??

  254. bujiaaaa says:


  255. frane says:

    What?! It’s end of his career. He will be bench warmer for Lowry and Dragic. If Dragic won’t leave Houston, this is a big mistake.

  256. FAN says:

    Why can’t they just make him retire instead?
    Fish, isn’t it better to go while winning and with your team mates for more than 13 years??
    This is real garbage. It’s sad to see you wear another team’s jersey.

  257. mharon says:

    this is a rude decision from the mgt of lakerland! steve blake is not fit in lakerland,why fisher traded?

  258. aren says:

    wow bad trde for lakers we all for got abut 0.4 way wode we trde him

  259. Jamaal says:

    Sad to see Derek Fisher go. But it was time for a change FIsher wasn’t the same and any help is good. I think it was a good tarde

  260. Truelaker says:

    Any true LAKERS would miss Derek Fisher, he was here through the UPS and Downs of the team. I have to say we really should have giving him a better way out than this.
    I understand that this is a business but why trade a crucial part of the team on and OFF the court for someone who will need time to build and integrate the team.

    • Jaime says:

      It’s sad to hear this about D Fisher movement. I think Lakers should have left Fisher until his retirement because he is and has been part of Lakers dinasty. Good luck Derek, we will miss you.

  261. LAL kobe 4 live says:

    fish is a great shooter and got 5 tittles whit L.A. and how is jordan hill is a real jerk a big man… damm i dont like this move…x,(

  262. arin says:

    Thanks for the great memories, you will always be a laker in our hearts and minds

  263. Blunk Griffin says:

    Good moves, Lakers! Now let’s rock! -Clippers

  264. Fish Fan says:

    I love Derek Fisher. My heart is breaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. wooderson says:

    how this guy played in the NBA at all anybodies guess. makes a mockery of basketball.

  266. toyland41 says:

    People please take away your emotion this is a great trade for the lakers!

  267. DFISH says:

    after that many seasons we’ll miss you for being a team leader and a clutch shooter.

  268. Jau says:

    Fisher is one of the most excellent defender… wrong move for the Lakers.

  269. mr. ed says:

    definitely did not see this trade at all, though after hearing of the ramon sessions trade, should’ve expected that one of the 2 point guards were gonna be traded.

    makes you wonder if this is a trade that the lakers made with plans 4 months down the line. getting jordan hill may be a sign that come summertime, pau is gonna be gone and that jordan is to fill up that void at the 4 spot.

    am gonna miss fisher. thanks for the memories. will always be a laker.

    • Salt says:

      Let’s see how that would work out in “Real Life”… Pau gone and with Jordan Hill in his place… Hmm….

      Pau Gasol:
      2011-12 Regular Season — RPG = 10.4 / APG = 3.4 / BLKPG = 1.3 / STLPG = 0.6 / PFPG = 2.0 / PPG = 16.6

      Jordan Hill:
      2011-12 Regular Season — RPG = 4.8 / APG = 0.4 / BLKPG = 0.7 / STLPG = 0.3 / PFPG = 1.9 / PPG = 5.0


      • mr. ed says:

        it’s dumb but that’s where things seem to be going with jim buss running (ruining) the show now.

        personally i’d keep pau. i wouldn’t even let his name hit the trade rumors.

        but all signs have pointed to them wanting to trade/get rid of pau. if it wasn’t today, i can almost guarantee it’d be this summer.

  270. mharon says:

    this is the worstfull trade ever!! lakers will not anymore an elite team…i hope gasol will go to other team bcoz laker will not a hampion anymore! go boston get gasol!

  271. lukasoln says:

    this is ok trade for LAL .. I just hope Lakers can still get Beasley somehow… and maybe even scola and kevin martin for gasol.. scola is good rebounder for his size and can score, and kevin martin can play in SF instead of Metta.. that would be good then

    Sessions – Kobe – K.Martin – Scola – Bynum

  272. R says:

    Who the hell is Jordan HIll?

  273. hiphopaintdead28 says:

    Truly one of the biggest tragedies in laker history… WHY NOT GET RID OF STEVE BLAKE MITCH!

  274. Jon says:


  275. LAKERS1 says:



  276. Kanishka Ray says:

    All these people calling this move a mistake must not watch the games. I love Fish as a person, but as a basketball player he’s been done for a while.

    He just wasn’t producing out there and was hurting the team majorly. He’s never been a true point guard….at his peak he was a good spacing Tri guard who would knock down the open threes created by the bigs or Kobe’s dribble penetration. But the shot has gone abandoned him. On the other end, he cannot keep up with even mediocre NBA point guards defensively.

    Against Memphis two nights ago Fisher was a -18. His backup Steve Blake was a +23. The numbers do not lie here….that’s a positional split there. It’s stark.

    • Jason says:

      Your sound reasoning has fallen on deaf ears. But I love your comment and this was a great trade. Keeping Gasol and Bynum, dumping Walton, Kapono. Exciting times.

  277. Chris says:

    Just get rid of Luke Walton already.

  278. Rick says:

    We are going to miss you Fish. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the team, and we wish nothing but the best.

  279. Virus says:

    Thx 4 the memories Fisher…I wanted u 2 stay but I guess it was time for you to go

  280. Javier says:

    Let him retire as a Laker. He deserves it a lot, maybe more than others. Sur him on the bench and maybe you’ll ser another crazy clutch-winning three in the playoffs. And then, put his jersey in the top with the OTHERS and say: thanks, FISH, for those 5 rings, for be a captain, a leader and the only man in the world (no disrespect to Phil or Pau) who can make grow up Kobe us a real leader and one of the very best of all time.



  281. Josh says:

    I have been a Laker fan for 10+ years, and I legitimately just became less of a die-hard. This is absolute garbage.

  282. Pastorlg says:

    No…..don’t do it… build on legacy….not destroy it…Derrick Fisher should retire a lakers…mercy

  283. SHLAT says:

    I just can not believe … Fish damn we will miss you, at least us true Laker fans … Thank you for everything!!!!

  284. B says:

    Re-sign him to a one-day contract so he can retire a Laker…y’all owe it to him, Dr. Buss.

  285. Manu says:

    Wow, bad business for the Rockets – even with the draft pick thrown in, giving away a young athletic big man with upside for Fisher?!

    • derek fisher says:

      hellooo.. i can hear you. if you are going to talk behind my back, atleast do it discreetly

  286. Wow says:

    This trade is not confirmed yet! Lakers fans just hope it wont go!

  287. HangJimBuss says:

    Why would you deal Fisher AND a first round pick for Jordan Hill?

  288. Robert says:

    Thank you derek fisher for all you have done for the laker organization. you are a legend there and you always will be. thank you for the great times and those heartpounding moments. Good luck, and if you dont retire soon maybe we will see you in laker land once again

  289. Charles Ji says:

    D FISH. MR CLUTCH. It is what it is. You’ll be missed. Championship run is in “session.”

  290. Jim Buss says:

    Scumbag me. Trades Fish for a PG that won’t be starting, keeps Walton.

  291. walton says:

    DUMB motha socka buss!!

  292. John says:


  293. Laker Fan says:

    i Don’t belive it i mean wen anyone talks about the lakers you talk about kobe and fisher
    Thank You Fisher For Every thing you give us Alot …you’ill always be a Laker no matter what jersey you put on
    And We Want you to Know this From the Bottom Off Our Hart we thank you , and we’ll miss you 😦

  294. PAO says:

    Thank You Derek, Thank You for everything!!
    As a die-hard fan of the Lakers, I will truly miss you!!!
    And so will every other Die-Hard Laker fan!!
    Thank You Derek!

  295. SOD says:

    Oh well.

  296. kobe says:

    sad to see fisher go..true champion in every way..BUT IT HAD TO B DONE.

  297. Fefe says:

    No respect for D-Fish!!!!!! Damn… Lakers throwin’ him like a napkin… I never saw that coming.

    My main man Derek Fisher will bring his leadership and clutch shots to a team who will respect him!

  298. Mirza says:

    No surprise…will miss Fisher but the move was eminent

  299. jesusfreak says:

    love jesus

  300. Bryan says:

    I can’t believe the reactions to this, derek fisher hasn’t really been a great point guard for his career but the triangle covered it up, now they’re not in the triangle so they need a good point guard. No problem with this trade at all

  301. Ronnie says:

    Mitch great getting rid of Luke bad move on fish deal you should have been getting Beasley.

  302. SYCO says:

    Goodbye Fish, it saddens me to see this, but its reality I guess, he is too old and not productive enough to lead this team. I dont think any Laker fan will forget him, and i certainly wont, especially after 2009, and his clutch threes in game 4 of the FInals against the Magic, it was amazing…

    Good luck Fish…

  303. JMan says:

    Thanks for the memories D-Fish, you really should have retired though after 2010 championship.

  304. Gallardo says:

    sad to say good bye to D. Fisher idk wat the lakers are thinking! and im a die hard laker fan… We still should retire his #!

  305. JUICE says:

    Now who the heck would be the heart and emotion on the lakers lockerroom?? Maaaan, really hate this. Hate this!

    • derek fisher says:

      i had a usual ‘heart and emotion’ transfer session with con artist as part of my exit interview

  306. jroc says:

    this is the NBA stop talking about loyalty, the bulls let Michael Jordan play for the Wizards and he was the greatest player of all time. The Lakers have been more than loyal to Fisher

  307. Fefe says:

    Lakers throwin’ Fisher like nothing… I’m too sad for my main man Derek Fisher…….. never saw that coming neither.

    No respect for Fisher damn… Hope he’ll find a team where he can bring his leadership and clutch shots

  308. reprezentedmami says:

    This was a smart move for the Laker organization. They already have the talent they need in their 3 core players (Bryant, Gasol, and Bynum) they needed role players and people who could score off the bench. The Lakers needed a 2nd string to back up the starters, and needed to bring some speed and youth back to the roster while cleaning out the garbage. They were able to get rid of Jason Kapono, Luke Walton, Derek Fisher who was the oldest on the team, and I wouldn’t be surprised if either Matt Barnes, Metta WorldPeace, Josh McRoberts or Steve Blake gets traded any second.

  309. BDEZZIE says:

    Man, not Fisher! I have soooo much respect for Fisher! I would have preferred him be moved to the bench but not traded. The Lakers would have been better off allowing him to retire esp for all he’s done for the team and the ciyt of Angels!

    • derek fisher says:

      ohhh. so THAT why it called Los ‘Angel’es.. i always wonder why it have spanish name.
      por favor me amigo!

  310. Bill says:

    We keep LUKE WALTON?!?! But get rid of Fisher, so disrespectful he should have retired with the lakers

  311. Amin says:

    After all the work fisher has put in for that organization what a shame !!! Lakers trade Fisher !!! SMH !! where is respect !!!! SPURS FOR LIFE !!!

  312. Caligirl says:

    I will miss D-Fish…5 rings mean everything!!!

  313. Magic Fan says:

    I;m not a Laker fan, but I respected the great Derek Fishes. He is a great sportsman and very intelligent man. Best of luck with your new team, Derek!

  314. Black mamba says:

    Good bYe fisher I wish you come back 😀

  315. Pau 2 atl says:

    now whos gonna hit that big shot when they double kobe

  316. Pierre says:

    Good luck Fisher! you’ll always a laker’s guy? Thanks for everything you did.

  317. Jason says:

    Why do the rockets want Fisher? They have Goran Dragic for a backup PG and he’s better than DFish

    • derek fisher says:

      cmon.. we’re pretty similar :
      goran (5 letters) dragic (6 letters)
      derek (5 letters) fisher (6 letters)

  318. Doncha says:

    but Lakers have good center at bench now..with Murphy..Hill can be good subs for Gasol and Bynum..

  319. ling says:

    wow…dFISH`s gone…you`re a laker for life – for real!!! i`m so sad, but it`s the very right move…we love you fish for so much memories – heart and soul of purple & gold … good bye old man; please, come back in any way!!!

  320. John says:

    This shows you that pro-sports are what they are — business. Fisher gave up millions to be resigned with the Lakers back in 2007. Prior to that, Fisher helped bring three championships to LA. The Lakers knew Fisher needed to be a particular city like LA so that his daughter could be adequately taken care of for her eye cancer. Yet now Fisher is traded. Well, a job well done, Lakers, for turning your backs on a loyal player.

  321. its showtime says:

    why fisher?maybe its better if its blake?and a first rounder pick for Jordan Hill?whose Jordan Hill anyway?

  322. boombooroomboomboom says:

    OMGosh!!!!!!!!!!men I got nothing to say….TNX DERIK FISHER

  323. jai says:

    bad move we dont need a centre we should have gone after beasly

  324. BigHP says:

    Fish to da’s gonna happen

  325. jroc says:

    I hope Jordan Hill takes playing time from Troy Murphey

  326. LAL says:

    damn well. shame… Wish u well fish! but i feel that Hill wont be a laker they might involve him to somehow get beaslt. Just my thoughts

  327. ryno says:

    ha ha . s u x for him. he should probabaly just retire.kobe said he wanted his ancient legs gone thats why they did the sessions deal kobe said it on national tv

  328. walton says:

    WHATTT lakers to houston??


    You know lakers would’ve not get that champ 2009 without fish’s late game three and late game drive…..Derek ‘the dagger’ fisher!!!!

  329. Ceez says:

    Hmm, Young backup Center? Still late hour Howard yet to come???

  330. Wow says:

    Big Mistake for the lakers.. Now the lakers have 5 power forwards..

  331. Laker down under says:

    Good move, sad to see him go and I will still wear my d-fish jersey proud….but Jordan Hill can now permanently bench josh no defense mcrubbish…..with sessions filling out the back court with the mamba and the artest formally know as RON can keep up the play of the last few games… we come championship

  332. Ingman says:

    Good Job! Lakers are really upgrading their bench , if they land Beasley they are set to take the title.

  333. Belizeboy says:

    How does Luke Walton remain on the Lakers after doing absolutely NOTHING his entire career and Fisher get’s traded after bailing out LA in countless playoff games? I hope this is an example to all players that no matter what you do for a team you are expendable and should always make the best move for yourself a-la Lebron.

  334. JUICE says:

    You cant throw away experience! Especially FISH! Man, Clutch buckets will be missed. Well, maybe more for kobe then

    • Sweet says:

      Well he hasn’t lost his job per se, but he is losing his teammates, best city in the world, and possibly another championship because I don’t see Houston with that trophy. Good luck Fish and thanks for the memories–0.4 will never be a repeat!

  335. Jay says:

    Your’ll be missed Fish!
    Thank you for everything you done, YOU’LL BE BACK to us! GO LAKERS

  336. Top Dog says:

    D Fish has been the backbone for L.A. the last few years at worst they should have benched him so he could spark the team with some threes!!!!

  337. tc says:

    props to fisher working the whole summer to get everyone’s job back just to see him lose his own job

  338. Hace row says:

    love fish man but we wanna win.

  339. Doug says:

    so let me get this straight…….we got rid of hasheem thabeet, johnny flynn, and Jordan Hill, and we got back Marcus Camby, Derek Fisher, and a first round pick next year?? good job, Houston. we got post help and dumped a bunch of flops, picking up a 1st rounder in the process. nice work, indeed

  340. Aiko Thedinga says:

    Shame on you, Los Angeles Lakers! How many big shots has Fisher made for you in big-game situations? What happened to loyalty and gratefulness..?

  341. Baller101 says:

    The Lakers send a pick and Walton to get Sessions and Eyanga, send Fish to Houston and get themselves a pick? this is a masterstroke but i feel for Fish, I say retire the guys Jersey at the end of his career

  342. LA says:

    I really wanted Fisher to retire as a Laker

  343. jroc says:

    we all love fish but it was time everybody know it. Best 2 or 3 point guards in the league???? come on now, fish was never that type a player he was clutch tho

  344. ROB says:

    so long fisher….glad he’s gone for the better of the team. if you gotta go you gotta go.

  345. noypi says:

    thnx DFISH. wish u all d best

  346. LALFan says:

    You just cant trade DFISH if youre LA. You just cant! I dont like this move

    • JDish says:

      They can, and they did!
      Above all, at the end of the day, the NBA is a business not matter what. The truth is the Lakers need to improve their weaknesses if they wanna make a deep run in the playoffs, and unfortunetaly at point gaurd they were weak. Competitively this was a good move for the Lakers.

  347. smartest guy ever says:

    Thank you for everything D-Fish! Clutch shots, defense, taking charges, etc. We will miss you.

  348. Diandra says:

    Wow. I am heartbroken. Long time fan of D-Fish and I even have his jersey. Will wear it with pride tomorrow. Derek, thank you for so many things. For one, controlling Kobe and setting things straight in the locker room. For two, that 0.4 shot against the spurs and game 4 vs Boston. I don’t know if the Lakers would have won that series otherwise. Thank you for constantly working hard despite your age, and lastly thank you for ending the lockout. End of an era.

  349. Eddie says:

    Farewell D-Fish… Thanks for the memories

  350. cameleon36 says:

    outch .. really hard for someone who did so well in the playoffs with big buckets .. but its time to move on and get a little faster and youger if we can keep both 7 footers i think we gonna be really good 😀

  351. ricky says:


  352. ryno says:

    good luck?

  353. Glad says:

    Bye. Go ahead and get outta there. We need a PG who can keep up.

    • anyomous says:

      TOTALLY AGREE… big time Laker fan but thats the bizness and its time to upgrade wish they woulda gotten Ellis!

  354. Michelle says:

    This is cold. Let him retire with the Lakers ffs. He atleast earned that respect. Gave them 5 titles and now this bs

  355. YAlliman says:

    I can’t believe this!!! They should have let Fish retire a LAKER!!!!!

    • Ruth Medina says:

      I’m with you, he’s been an excellent player at LA LAKERS and he should be able to retire with them 😦 So sad

  356. Cab says:

    Shocking trade.

  357. RVN says:

    i vote for brooks sent back to nba and landed to lakers they have better futures in lakers than playing in china

  358. jacob says:


  359. TTKIN says:

    Not happy, he still hits clutch baskets. sit him on the bench til you need him at the very least. and for jordan hill of all people. This better be a precursor to another trade. This is bull, every Laker fan knows it. He may be over the hill, but sit him on the bench, u have plenty of other guys who just sit there…oh ya, and those other guys didnt contribute to 5 championships.

    • Salt says:

      Exactly. This has Jimmy Buss decision making written all over it. Fisher was absolutely CLUTCH in the Playoffs and Finals. He will get broken down in the regular season and miss jumpers, but when it came to the games that count and matter, Fisher was like a miniture Robert Horry. Granted, the rotation would be hard with Sessions and Blake in the lineup, but Fisher could’ve still been able to contribute and he could’ve retired next year with the team he truly belongs on. Kobe and Fisher have a chemistry that works. To disrupt that and send the only other veteran on the team away like this is just a lack of loyalty and trust. I can’t believe they did this to Fish. And for what? A 6’10 Forward who averages less points and only 3 boards more than Fisher. Wow. Great pickup. We got another Josh McRoberts who can’t shoot.

      • Josh Schwartz says:

        i know why not trade blake and have fisher coming off the bench

      • derek fisher says:

        please. i don’t want to be remembered as a ‘miniature robert horry’. lets just leave it as ‘clutch friend of kobe’

  360. richard says:

    let us know when it is official. dont let yahoo sports and the houston chronicle puch your buttons. your the f-ing writer not relayer

  361. noynoy says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!……….why oh why…i would want fisher to finish his career with the lakers….so sadd…..all the bailouts he made for the lakers…T_T

  362. Jandy says:

    It is so sad to see “Old reliable” go. I hope he could buy out then return to the Lakers.I think Kobe is crying right now.

  363. MK says:

    That move STUNNED me a lot.. It’s so sad to see D-Fish traded.. but still.. the Lakers will go on with or without him,. that’s all I can say..

  364. Michel says:

    unbelievable…no matter wat the talk about him is, he is a champ, a laker and wat kobe needs next to him in the playoffs…damn it. cannot believe this. and despite all his age talk, he has been playing great ball of late and is playoff-ready guy. stupid move, seriously.

    • Jason says:

      Give it time. The Laker organization are thinking with their minds and not their emotions.

      • PJax says:

        thingking their minds? are you kidding me? Derrick Fisher is one of the best clutch performers in the NBA today, he is Kobe’s Robin during crunch time in the play-offs, Ramon Sessions would choke in the play-offs. Idiot coach got his favorite player for a great vocal leader. Fisher is the only player on the Laker team that can tell Kobe what the team feels about him. Sessions can’t do that. Stupid Mike Brown

    • derek fisher says:

      the only thing kobe needs next to him in the playoffs is the ball.

  365. Fare thee well D-Fish. Your magic WILL be missed. Thank you for the great memories, clutch shots and beating the Spurs with .4 seconds left!

  366. SEB13 says:


  367. Mike says:

    Being a Laker fan, I feel sorry for Derek Fisher. They did it again after Lamar Odom.

  368. Charlie says:

    It was the right move…but I’ll miss you Fisher!!! Good luck.

  369. joe says:

    we will miss you fish. youll always be a laker

  370. manute says:

    bad move for the lakers! deep fish is clutch as **** and still probably among the top 2 or 3 PGs in the entire league!

    • Bizzy b says:

      lol! he is probably the top 2 or 3 worst point guards!

    • mike says:

      top 2 or 3 in the league still… he NEVER was even in his prime…

    • BM says:

      lol I have so much respect for fish (especially for his heroics in the `09 `10 finals) but he is never ever even in the top 10 of PGs in the NBA. Still i would have liked to see him as a reserve for the Lakers that he has the chance to retire in a Laker uniform. I think the Organization just owes that to him after so many years and 5 rings. Greets from Craudland

    • Sweet says:

      True he was clutch but that was about it on the floor. Hopefully the new PG will play well enough so we won’t need a clutch play. Still gonna miss Fish though.

  371. Nuugame says:

    Nooooooooo! But let’s see how sessions does.

  372. CC says:

    We true Laker fans will always miss you Derrick Fischer

  373. justin says:

    I don’t understand why the Lakers would want another power forward although I’m glad fisher is finally gone

  374. FYON says:


  375. borge says:

    Thank you, D-FISH! I wish you well

  376. ScRp0T says:

    You will be missed Papa Fish!

  377. Martynas says:

    So sad…this is not the same team anymore…

  378. Shocker says:

    Say it AREN’T SO!…thank you D-Fisher for the great memories…

    • Shut up says:

      he’ll be back… after Houston bought out his contact.

      • Dan says:

        You could be right but it won’t happen this season. Unfortunately under the rules of the new bargaining agreement any player traded that has his contract bought out by the new team has to wait a full season to rejoin the original team he was traded from. It was a loophole teams took advantage of prior to the lockout.

        His high basketball I.Q., veteran leadership and ability to preform in the clutch will be missed.

      • Primmer says:

        he cant come back this season under the new cba

    • derek fisher says:

      IT AREN’T SO
      but IT IS SO

    • B-baller says:

      Fisher is great but getting old time to sit down and get money the eazy way RETIREMENT

  379. Jumpshot = fail says:

    Gone fishing…