Arenas On Grizzlies’ Radar

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — In their season-long pursuit of another long-range shooter, the Memphis Grizzlies have turned their attention to free agent option Gilbert Arenas, according to the Commercial Appeal.

They also need a quality backup point guard. And Arenas could potentially fill both roles, if he’s in game-ready shape (or close to it) right now. More from the Commercial Appeal:

Arenas, 30, remains unemployed after the Orlando Magic made him one of the first casualties of the amnesty clause provided in the NBA’s latest collective bargaining agreement. The Grizzlies can add Arenas because they employ a 14-man roster. Teams can carry 15 players.

A source said the Grizzlies are in a conditional pursuit of Arenas. Memphis wants to see Arenas in a private workout before making a decision. The Griz originally sought to sign Arenas to a 10-day contract but the veteran combo guard is looking for a guaranteed deal for the rest of the season.


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  2. gogrizz says:

    @Joe: hold up. i love the grizz, but “depth” has never been used to describe this seasons roster (see Do we really think that haddadi can hold his own in a western conference final against the likes of andrew bynum and kendrick perkins?

    secondly WRT your list of “has-beens” that “turned it around”….battier was huge in last year’s run. BUT Bonzi Wells actually decresed in production when moving to memphis, j-will played 11 games and contributed 2 points per and darius miles scored 3.5 ppg in 24 games. speights was only brought in as a replacement until z-bo is back. watch his numbers nose-dive in the next few weeks. Other failed “big name” acquisitions: allen iverson, antoine walker, eddie jones.

    Randolph is the exception, not the rule. Their big time producers this year were all drafted and raised up in the memphis system. There’s a lot of “ifs” with this arena deal. Let’s stick to what works.

  3. pepridge farm says:

    He can be the player he was (or closely, possibly 70%) ONLY if the system he is in works to his advantage.
    That’s why he didn’t strive in orlando. I can’t see arenas fitting in with conley nor mayo. He would essentially be competing for mayo’s role, and we all no he isnt a point (is dual guard, but conley is more of a true point, not saying conley is elite)
    For arenas to thrive, he would need minutes, about 30-35, and that means cutting mayo’s minutes…which mephis isnt going to do. Sorry memphis but arenas is a volume scorer (very capable of dominating), his game has been inconsistant, thats why he is going to need major minutes to produce. This has bad news written all over it, mephis is not a good for him, lakers would have been a better fit, they lack offense.

    teams that could enlist arenas’s services: golden state (monta ellis void), atlanta (jamal crawford like role), portland (offense) denver, minnesota (barea can’t stay healthy). Looks like the lakers won’t be needing arenas, ramon sssions will attempt to give the lakers what they have looking for, however it wouldn’t hurt having arenas come off the bench.

  4. LA says:

    I dont think Arenas will be a good fit with the Grizz. Clippers should go for Arenas since Billups is out and they need a SG anyway and he is a good 3 point shooter as well

    • pepridge farm says:

      * also arenas would not be getting major minutes in any of those teams listed, golden state would better fit him because he can to some extent fill in the void of ellse (to some degree, not to the same degree as ellis),

      if he can find a way to be consistant and productive for 25 minutes, then any team that signs him is in luck

  5. Real Talk says:

    If everyone takes a look at the latest Arenas video, you can see he has some of that explosion he lost after the surgery. Now is it a good move for the Grizz? YES but also NO, its a gamble. I totally agree with the comparisons above to Iverson when he was on the Grizz. If Arenas comes in with that attitude…it will be rendered a bad move. If he comes and becomes the player of 2 years ago (and reformed, without all the drama)…then its an excellent move. 3pt shooter and more bench fire power exactly what Grizzlies ordered. Sad to see Sam go but lets be honest he was expendable and unproductive this year

  6. Joe says:

    Memphis has been a city that turns around “has-beens”, “cancers”, and “coach headaches”

    Short List
    Bonzi Wells
    Shane Battier (his short 2nd stint)
    Zack Randolph
    Mareese Speights
    Jason Williams
    Darius Miles

    The city constantly takes a chance on a player the league has decided was not worthy anymore. Something about Memphis just turns players around. Whether it be Hubie Brown or Lionell Hollins. The city itself. We’ve only had 3 failures since the team moved to Memphis. Kwame Brown, Allen Iverson, and Hasheem Thabeet. Even when we got mocked for trading away Pau, 2 shorts seasons later, it looked as if Memphis actually got the better end of the deal. So letting Sam go to make room in the roster for Gilbert is fine with me. Sam’s abilities aren’t needed anymore w/ Poindexter and Cunningham playing their level. Just look at this:

    Conley / Arenas / Pargo
    Allen / Mayo
    Gay / Cunningham/Poindexter
    Randolph / Speights
    Gasol / Haddadi

    That team will win the West, hands down. Much deeper than any other team.

  7. C.Heesy says:

    Hibachi?… i don’t like it because of psyche but he would be a good proven reserve so mayo can remain off the ball and possibly spread the floor. As long as their confident he can accept a role as the 7th man it should Ok and potential a very good addition like speights…plus their coach has been pretty successful dealing with guys with reps to live down (z-bo, speights) maybe he can do it again. If so memphis becomes one of the premier teams in the league.

  8. Lamound Randle says:

    i think that is a great idea for the grizzles this will push them in the playoffs.

  9. Zac says:

    As a Grizzlies fan I am not sad to see Sam Young go. He is a liability on the offensive end and nowhere near the defender Tony Allen or Quincy Pondexter is. I do, however, hope that they don’t waste money on Arenas. I feel that he could be more of a distraction and potential locker room cancer then he will be productive on the court. Just my two cents….

  10. gogrizz says:

    “hell of a player”??? No. 3 years ago he was a hell of player. When was he waived…before the season even started? it’s been almost 4 months and no one has touched him. If he could provide what the grizz need (backup pg, long range shooting, defense) then that would work out just great. But can someone with arenas’ “start power/ego” really be comfortable in a backup role? Does no one remember what Allen Iverson did to the grizz? Older guard with tremendous scoring potential. Check. Dismissed by his former team. Check. No one in the league will touch him. Check. Highly questionable off-court antics. Check. Terrible for team chemistry. Check. Place that person in a back up role…ka boom. Grizz need to learn from their mistakes and be confident in the team they have. They took the Lakers (who were at full strength) to double OT WITHOUT their 2 top players. That’s worth at least a shot at the western conference title.

  11. izak 1905 says:

    man, with arenas its all about his personalty. Last years was a dissapointment from the start. Washingron was rbuilding and then all the drama in the lockerroom and so one The man can play real ball, even after multiple surgerys, he´s still “just” 30 years old. I think that for the griizzlies its a great deal, before the playoff stretch, theyre desperate for a go to guy from the perimeter and some bench intensity. i´d really like to see him ball.

  12. isaiah says:

    i think he should go to LA…..they need a point and he could start he would be a good pickup for LA…..I THINK HE WOULD COMPLEMENT KOBE GAME ALONG WITH PAU GASOL AND BYNUM

  13. ohcre says:

    seriously, there just isn’t enough balls to move around if the grizz will land arenas.. but if they can contain a player who would jack up treys anytime, anywhere on the court ( or off the court ), well, that remains to be seen.. but i highly doubt it if they’ll have the patience for him… it’l juz be a repeat of the time when they hired iverson a couple of years back…

  14. Stan says:

    Gilbert had one bad year…he will recover. This isnt his first injury either. When he worked out for the Lakers, he was said to be explosive. I wish the Lakers picked him up, instead of grizzlies. Grizzlies will have very good bench now, and then when zebo and rudy gay return, the grizzlies are a team to fear.

  15. blair56 says:

    It’s good that Hibachi gets another chance. Perhaps the fiascoes of yore that Gilbert was involved in will give him the insight needed to become a model citizen so he can redeem himself. He’s a hell of a basketball player, regardless.

  16. Magic Win says:

    After what Arenas couldn’t do in Magic last year, I don’t think it’s a good deal for Grizz. Next few weeks Grizz will be well enough to threaten the Western Conference Title with Zac returns. And the status of Arenas is far from his old days, that’s why Magic waived him man.

  17. poopyface says:

    “Having that scoring ability and intensity off the bench wouldn’t hurt for them.”

    It probably hurts them if he can’t make shots…which he hasn’t done recently and he hasn’t even played even more recently

    • Drew Gorden says:

      Well if that’s the case, i hope he’s in game shape. Remember, he doesn’t need to drop 25-30 a night. He needs to just play a decent 20 minutes off the bench.

  18. Drake B. says:

    This is a great move for Memphis. Memphis needs a another weapon plus Memphis gets lackadaisical on offense when they have a decent lead. With Gilbert in the rotation, Him and OJ Mayo would carry the offense while the starters get a break. GREAT IDEA GO GRIZZLIES!!

  19. prix says:

    could possibly be a great addition for a striving team..if Gilbert can manage to take 50% of his game from his glory days..then maybe the Grizz could easily beat Boston or the Lakers or even the Spurs..Gasol on his prime…

  20. Drew Gorden says:

    Arenas would be a great 25-30 min per game backup for the Grizzlies. Having that scoring ability and intensity off the bench wouldn’t hurt for them. I’m only concerned that after a number of surgeries he received while with Washington, if he can be as explosive. Doubt it.

  21. Jandy says:

    Bad move for the Grizz.