Warriors Next Move … Shut Curry Down?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — A day after kicking off the trade deadline season with the Monta Ellis deal, the Golden State Warriors have people wondering what comes next.

Matt Steinmetz of CSNBayArea.com believes shutting down Stephen Curry for the remainder of the season could be that next move, allowing the oft-injured guard to heal completely with their playoff hopes in doubt after the trade:

Curry has been in and out of the lineup for approximately two weeks, and his right ankle has been an issue since the preseason.

He’s tweaked the ankle several times this year and last, and nobody has come up with a reason as to why it keeps happening.

When Curry was asked about his status for the rest of the season, he responded: “I’m just trying to get healthy. I’m getting fed up with dealing with the same thing over and over again and trying to push through it and not being able to produce like I want to on the floor.

“That’s my main goal, to get healthy. What that means I’m not sure yet. I’ll continue to do my rehab and my treatment and listen to the (training) staff. I’m sure we’ll have a better idea what we’re going to do going forward later.”

Trading Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh – two starters – to the Bucks indicates that the Warriors have given up their pursuit of the playoffs. If that’s the case, it likely also makes sense for the Warriors to shut down Curry.

The rest would help Curry and all but end any flickering playoff hopes the Warriors are holding onto!


  1. J-smoove30 says:

    Who cares about the trade.yes its going to hurt us with ellis gone but still think about it…..was ellis really doing wat he needed to do..he has no type of team chemistry with any players on the team..yeah he was clutch but still no chemistry!!!! there’s no i ant team and thats defenitely what he was doing.. and as of power fowards..why want a nother power foward. david lee is perfect there. we need to get a bakc up center. shut dwn curry and bogut. truthfully the warriors are good just how they are. every one is playing as a team and there also winning!!!! im just saying

  2. The trade was OK, just one problem, what will the golden state warriors get from bogut , he gets injured every time , good thing they got stephen jackson , or its doomsday for the golden state warriors

  3. Jade says:

    Lakers need a point guard..curry should be more suitable there

  4. JimmyW says:

    you cant say that bogut is injury prone. he had to freak incidents with the fall and a broken ankle they aren’t injuries that happen often so he isnt injury prone at all

  5. PUT CURRY IN!!! says:

    They better put Curry in and try to get to the playoff. What happened to those promises that the owners made?

    1. THE CLUB will reach the 2012 NBA Playoffs.
    2. THE CLUB will have a player participate in the 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando.
    3. THE CLUB will win 25 or more home games at Oracle Arena.
    4. THE CLUB will honor a Risk-Free Renewal, with a 5% Interest Guarantee Option for the 2011-12 NBA season.

    YEA, better start trying to win

  6. wooderson says:

    doesnt matter, next season they will be a force in the west, a contender not just a playoff team with bogut who will be the west all start centre next year and make david lee a far better player and a fit curry and jackson and thompson. finally the west have a proper big man. warriors will actually be able to play defense with the best defensive player in the league at 5

  7. Mino says:

    i have a bad feeling 2012-13 will be almost as bad for the warriors as 2009-10 will be injury wise.

    or it will be great and a healthy curry + bogut + revitalized jackson will take them to the playoffs

  8. Jose Luis says:

    so the warriors demolishing the kings by 26 means that they are “out of the playoffs”? c’mon man. we still have a shot with the solid group we have. even if we do bomb the season, the rookies charles jenkins and klay thompson will get more playing time to improve and the offense will flow better. but i honestly think we still have a chance. Beidrins played solid last night and Dorrell Wright was all over the floor yesterday. if we can maintain a steady offensive flow and rebound the ball, we can still catch the 8th seed.

  9. Javier says:

    Anybody who’s ever tweaked (sprained the same ankle) numerous times, knows it’s never the same after…
    Of course, it has to completely heal, then you have to strengthen it…even then, no game is at greater risk for sprained ankles than basketball…Unless Curry changes his style of play, which I doubt…he’s a very active guard, which he should be…this could be a part of his career.

  10. chris says:

    this is a good move by the warriors. for years, warriors have been an offensive minded , and fun team to watch. Fun doesnt always mean WINNING. To compete in the west, you need size. Their obviously not making the playoffs this year, but they can get a lottery pick out of this. If they shut down curry, and bogut as well, they have a nice foundation with the pick for next year. Bogut and lee in the center, curry klay thompson and maybe harrison barnes if they get lucky. ellis is a nice player, but shoots too much. If the players you had didnt translate to wins, then the team has to make changes,

  11. ohcre says:

    warrior’s next move should be changing the team’s name from warriors to injury lovers! i couldn’t really understand this, my goodness! they’ve got an injury prone guy in stephen curry, yet they trade monta elis for andrew bogut?! another injury prone guy?!

  12. guerrier says:

    Like it. The Warriors are thinking long term success. As much as we all loved Monta the trade was a good one. Sitting Steph is the next sensible thing. If Bogut comes back healthy the Warriors will finally have that piece they need. I’d love to see what kind of damage a healthy Bogut, Lee, and healthy Curry could do.

  13. charles says:

    I think Golden state is gonna go get that lottery ticket.

  14. Daniel says:

    I seriously don’t understand why the Warriors would consider giving up going for the playoffs. They have won 7 out of their last 10 and are only sitting 3 games of the 8th seed with wins this year over teams such as the Mavs, Clippers, Bulls and Heat. They also have very solid depth, as shown numerous times this year and in yesterday’s win over Sacramento.

  15. Jonathan says:

    If the warriors really want steph curry to be a major part of their future, then they better allow him to recover. It would be a travesty if curry ends up being like grant hill who missed all those seasons because he kept on playing with ankle injuries.

  16. lawinrp says:

    What a swell idea to shut down Curry. Now Jackson becomes the main scorer so he can inflate his numbers and demand more money and if he doesn’t get it, he’ll sabotage the team again. So before Curry and Bogut even get started teaming up, Jackson would’ve already divided the locker room. Perfect!

  17. WeS says:

    Warriors are giving up their lottery pick unless they get a pick better than 7th. Looks like they are trying to become a bad enough team to keep their pick

  18. KaroLT says:

    Warriors should take the bold decision n Shutting Down Spicy Curry… He’s the future, better yet get a good draft pick.Next Year Warriors Gonna make some noise…

  19. truth says:

    Warriors don’t have a first round pick in the draft! They are doing this to keep curry healthy and ready for next season

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      yes they do, it depends on the finish and lottery order. it is protected up to 7. After that it goes to the Jazz (i think)

  20. TiKoL says:

    monta ellis and carmelo anthony should unite together..

  21. godfather says:

    Shutting Curry diown is a no-brainer, going for the greater good. Wouldn’t let Bogut back this year, either. Coddle them both, healthwise. Everything begins at zero; find out who the keepers are, develop the skills of Klay and some others. Eyeball possile deals that might fetch another plausible big man or a multi-talented guard like an Evan Turner, a terrific all-around player whose shooting touch could stand improvement, but who defends and has a terrific court presence. Get at least one guy who coverts defense. Ask Alvin Attlles to be a heavy contributor to team thinking. Those who think defensive basketball is dull are missing the boat. The Warriors won largely because of it in 1975; their offense lived off their defense.

  22. neo says:

    Trading Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh – two starters – to the Bucks indicates that the Warriors have given up their pursuit of the playoffs.

    How does this mean that they have given up their pursuit to the playoffs? i would an explanation

  23. Rich says:

    They are becoming the Bobcats of the West – Trading away their best players. And also breaking the team when they surprised the 1st seed Mavs in the playoffs years ago.

  24. Shane says:

    Shutting Curry down makes a lot of sense for the Warriors. Let him rest that ever-present ankle injury in the hopes that it fades away, and have him make a comeback at the same time as Bogut. Sitting Curry for the rest of meaningless season for the Warriors also makes sense because you will lose more games, pushing you draft stock higher and higher in the deepest draft in years. What’s not to like? The (ideal) end product would be a healthy 1-2 punch of Curry and Bogut, and a higher (potentially top 10) draft pick, and the rest of the current squad plus a few off-season additions. Shutting Curry down for the rest of the season is easily the Warriors best move right now.

  25. rick says:

    I agree. Shut Curry and Bogut down for the season. Give them the proper time to heal, forget about the playoffs this year, snag a good lottery pick, and set sights on next season. A healthy Curry and Bogut will have a ball on court together next year and throw in maybe a solif forward from the draft, and the squad will be better for it.

  26. Lupita says:

    Idk but I’m still MAD and SAD about the trade 😦 how are we ever going to get to the playoffs (atleast) if we can’t build on the good players we’ve had instead of trading them. We need to work around the good players and STOP TRADING!!! I love Steph Curry (favorite player ever!), but Monta was the reason I tuned into their games. He made the coolest moves, clutch shot plays, played against anyone and anytime. And Udoh, he was just starting to become the player we’ve been wanting him to be……So why did we trade him???? Awww Udoh 😦 as for Kwame, yea he played only a few games, but what an impact he made those few games. Why did’n they keep him if in the end, we got another injured player that will more than likely not play this season.

    To me, idk what to say about shutting down Steph. I don’t even want to knw what will happen next in this franchise. Do the players have any say in anything???

  27. Mark says:

    The Warriors are a better team without Monta. Monta is a great scorer yes but a horrible team player. The Warriors need to add some depth at the center position for the rest of the season but watch if they dont trade away Rush, Maguire or or Jenkins I think they will make the playoffs. They play better team basketball when Monta is off the court. I wish they wouldnt have traded Udoh but we have a couple of guys in the D-league that can be more dominant then he was for us. The days of Monta shooting 3 for 25 and not getting to the foul line is over, the days of him not playing defense is over Klay is a much better defender. Marc Jackson sees it and if your a warriors fan you see it. Monta is capable of great things but winning a championship is not one of them. He is this eras allen iverson.

  28. shuthimdown says:

    His ankle needs to heal properly and this takes more than a few days. I had ankle problems (partial ligament rupture) and it took me months to recover. No ball games, not even running, just physical therapy. Curry severly sprained his ankle already a couple of times this season. Each time he is back on the floor just within a few days. This is just crazy from a medical point of view. Let him get rest.

  29. Post says:

    It all doesn’t make sense…first the trade…now this…..welcome to the bay area i guess…..

  30. Mino says:

    Id say shut curry AND bogut down, get them near 100% for next season and shoot for the playoffs.

    perhaps they could get drummond or sullinger next year

  31. Brian says:

    I’d love to see what a good (or even just competent) medical/training staff could do with Curry’s ankle.

    Put him on the Suns and I bet his problems go away.

  32. Alex M. says:

    i myself amprone to ankle injruies , 3 things you have to look at 1. shoes 2. proper workout forms , focusing on core muscles the most 3. give proper time to heal (bonus 4.) Anti inflamatory pills and creams soften the tendons causing it to tear easier !

    can nba teams please hire proper trainers with actual knowledge in medication and treatment ! if someone told me those things before my injuries happend i probaly wouldve been in the nba by now ! I saw another video a couple years ago here on nba.com talking about tmac and his back problems and at some point on the video hes doing SQUATS!!! something like 200 pounds , im like WTF!!! these nba trainers have no clue on taking care of their clients. Look at portland, why so many injuries happen there? is it the water? no its the trainers , they are the ones to blame ! Please Nba teams be carefull who you hire to treat your million dollar invesment !

    • Amitpal says:

      Ok I kinda agree with u but then also don’t. First off Portland knew Greg oden and Roy had knee problems. Those two players had those problem before and Portland was warned they would be taking a risk drafting them. And try lost. At the sametime there’s a reason people stay healthy in pheonix. Grant hill never played a full season until he was like 36 and with phoenix. Steve Nash old and still great. Shaq didn’t have many problems in Phoenix but he was full of injuries with Miami and boston and cleaveland. They have probably the best staff over there. So yes trainers have a lot to do with how teams stay healthy. Just not everything. Some players r injury prone.

      • BIGMatta23 says:

        Agree with both of you. Phoenix is the best example of good trainers being able to bring players back from the abyss. Thats clearly why Michael Redd signed up. If Oden went there next year and managed to come back and pull out another 300 games, I think the point would be well and truly proven.

  33. Fr3D says:

    I don’t understand how that trade means the Warriors are giving up on their playoffs hope.

    • Cmacxx says:

      Because they traded two starters including their leading scorer for an injured centre who might not be back this season. Pretty simple really.

      • Amitpal says:

        Well actually bogut can come back in a couple of weeks and they did get captain jack as well so if they really wanted to they could make a nice push but yeah they most likely won’t and try go get a nice power forward in the lottry which the draft is supposed to be full of.

  34. Michael says:

    Who cares if they make the playoffs? The team wouldn’t have a shot at getting deep in anyway. This year’s draft is stocked, so why not shut down Curry, and aim for a higher pick?

    • Josh L says:

      The owneer cares. Playoff games = More concessions + More ticket sales. The owner isn’t saying in 5 years from now I’ll make more money. They want money now.

  35. DJ3thenew23 says:

    But, It would allow them to get into the lottery and keep their pick.