Trade Chatter: Groundhog Day!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Welcome to the end of the trade deadline days, where every deal is imminent until it’s not, where two sides are talking until they are aren’t and where everyday is basically Groundhog Day.

That is until someone does what the Warriors and Bucks did last night, and that’s make an actual deal.

Trade deadline rumors are often the figment of someone’s imagination (owners, executives, agents, players, members of the media and fans are all guilty as charged), but the fatigue that accompanies the rumors is real.

Portland guard Jamal Crawford, a trade rumor mill staple the past three years, offered up a fantastic take on the state of affairs in a radio interview with the Oregonian‘s John Canzano on 750 The Game In Portland:

“I think it’s a combination of everything, honestly. It used to be a time — especially when I first came in the league — that that you could kind of shut out from reading the papers or reading the internet, but now it’s everywhere. It’s on TV, it’s in the papers, fans are shouting it out to you at games, it’s on the Internet, it’s on Twitter. So it’s kind of hard to be oblivious to the whole thing. So you just try to do your best to stay professional and worry about the things you can control.


Oh Jamal, you should know by now that no one has control during a wild time like this. Everything and everyone is in play, theoretically, until 3 p.m. ET Thursday!

Same as it is every day this time of year …


You knew the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors would start at some point. We’re honestly surprised it’s taken this long to gain steam, given the awful state of affairs in Manhattan.

Anthony has been the object of scorn since Linsanity began (and ended). Howard Beck of The New York Times discusses the great divide between Anthony and … everyone else:

The Knicks are not a unified team. On one side is Anthony. On the other is everyone else.

It is evident in Anthony’s body language, in his teammates’ postgame remarks and in the minor wrinkles of the box score. It is most glaring in the win-loss ledger, which has been inverted since Anthony rejoined the lineup.

The Knicks were 7-1 without Anthony last month (including a victory over Utah in which he played only six minutes). They have lost 8 of 10 games since he returned.

For two weeks, the Knicks played a fluid, joyful game in which everyone thrived and pulled for one another. The joy has faded, pushed aside by tension and resentment and a six-game losing streak.

The causes are varied, and Anthony is not solely to blame. But multiple people with ties to the team cite a growing divide between Anthony and his teammates that is threatening to derail the season.

Anthony is breaking plays and demanding the ball in isolation, then snapping at teammates when they fail to get it to him. It happened late Monday, when Anthony called for the ball in the post, then smacked his hands in anger after Landry Fields went elsewhere. More often, Anthony saves the criticism for more private moments, on the bench or in the locker room.

There are other, much easier ways to fix what ails the Knicks than going crazy and trying to trade Anthony. But this drama won’t play out well for anyone involved, because we all know that a mess in New York is a supersized that will be blown completely out of proportion, complete with rumors of Mike D’Antoni losing the respect of everyone in his locker room. (Editor’s note: D’Antoni was let go Wednesday afternoon.)


If you let Hawks part-owner Bruce Levenson tell it, Josh Smith‘s trade request never existed. That’s a convenient thing for an owner to say publicly, but it’s just not true. A trade request was made, over a year ago. And the Hawks have told Smith’s camp repeatedly that they have no interest in trading him now or at any other time before his current contract expires, though Levinson refused to make that sort of definitive statement publicly.

For the record, Levenson told Associated Press:

“The likelihood of us trading Josh at the trade deadline is as close to zero as you can get. There were a bunch of guys in the All-Star game that I wouldn’t trade for Josh, given what he brings not only to our team but to the community. He’s from Atlanta. He’s made terrific contributions to the community. It’s really hard, particularly in the middle of the season, to find that caliber player for Josh.”

Smith’s value to the Hawks has been magnified this season with the way he’s carried his team with All-Stars Joe Johnson and Al Horford missing considerable time due to injuries. He was unreal last night against Denver before fouling out in the Hawks’ overtime loss.

The truth is, Smith is a much more valuable trade piece in the summer. He only has a year remaining on his deal and the Hawks can’t offer him an extension (remember, they matched an offer sheet from Memphis to keep when he was an unrestricted free agent instead of signing him as they should before he ever had to beat the streets and find a deal).

The Hawks botched this one years ago when they didn’t value Smith the way they do now and they’ll pay for it eventually.


The Warriors-Bucks deal that went down Tuesday night was a must for both sides, with players going in both directions wanting fresh starts elsewhere.

Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News points out that moving Monta Ellis was bold stroke the Warriors have been looking to make ever since their new ownership group took over more than a year ago:

Ellis was putting them under increasing pressure by giving signs that he might start airing his long-held frustrations with the direction of the franchise.

Ellis looked at the ownership-favored core of Stephen Curry, David Lee and Klay Thompson (Ellis’ replacement in the lineup) and decided he didn’t fit into the new political mix.

And Ellis long ago tired of the Warriors’ promises that they were a move or two away from building a contending roster around him.

Plus, Ellis had the hammer: He can opt out of his deal and become a free agent at the end of next season.

That means the Warriors would have to start thinking about trading him … right about now.

There will be a feeling that the Warriors gave up more (Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown in addition to Ellis) than they got in return (Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson). But if Bogut comes back from his latest injury and defends and rebounds the way he has throughout his career, the Warriors will have the rugged low-post anchor they need for the immediate future.


Ramon Sessions has seen his name pop up on the trade radar, with the Los Angeles Lakers being the team mentioned as the team most interested, but the Cavaliers don’t seem to be inclined to make a move for the sake of making a move, per Bob Finnan of the News-Herald:

The Cavs are shifting through a number of trade proposals just two days before the NBA trade deadline. ESPN reported a possible three-way deal in which the Cavs would send Sessions to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Lakers would send their first-round pick to Houston and the Rockets would send point guard Jonny Flynn to the Cavs.

The Cavs aren’t interested in that deal unless the first-rounder is coming to Cleveland.

[Cavs coach Byron] Scott said things are quiet right now.

“I like this team,” he said. “I like the guys we have. I love the way we’re playing. I’ve been in this league long enough to know something might happen. Anything we do is for the betterment of this organization.”

The Lakers need Sessions much more than the Cavaliers need anything the Lakers would send back for him. The Cavs would be wise to sit this trade deadline out and continue quietly rebuilding their program the way they have thus far.


The trade deadline is infinitely more interesting when the reigning world champs, the team with the best owner in sports (in our opinion) are involved.

But we might have to do this one without Mark Cuban and the Mavericks doing anything of note, if anything at all, per Dwain Price of the Star Telegram:

Don’t look for the Mavs to be involved in any trades by Thursday’s trading deadline.

With one exception, owner Mark Cuban said.

“Unless somebody has a brain lapse and makes a mistake,” Cuban said. “Then we’ll happily take advantage of it.”

The Mavs, who have roughly $16 million of salary cap space, are hoping to be a major player this summer when Dwight Howard and Deron Williams will likely be among the top-tier free agents available.

If the Nets work out a deal and snag Howard in a trade that changes the Mavericks’ summer plans considerably. But there are plenty of ways to fix your problems with the sort of cap space the Mavericks will be working with this summer.


There’s another Howard on the map this year, Utah’s Josh Howard.

While he’s not drawing the sort of attention the other Howard is in Orlando, there are a host of teams inquiring about his availability. Brian T. Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune reports that there are rumblings, that originated elsewhere, that Josh Howard is in demand right now:

The Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio, New York and Boston have shown recent interest in acquiring Jazz forward Josh Howard, Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears reported Tuesday.

HoopsWorld’s Alex Kennedy reported earlier Tuesday that Howard, in addition to Utah’s C.J. Miles and Jamaal Tinsley, has been discussed as part of a three-team deal involving Minnesota and the Spurs.

A source close to Howard told The Salt Lake Tribune on Tuesday they were unaware of any trade involving the veteran small forward. Yahoo! reported the Jazz are reluctant to trade Howard, who has worked his way into Utah’s starting lineup and is well-liked by his coaches and teammates.

Veteran teams, playoff teams and legitimate contenders alike, are always on the lookout for veterans like Howard this time of year. But like we said at the start, it’s all talk until someone actually shakes hands on a deal.

Otherwise, all this talk is just that!


  1. Ren Estrella says:

    might be or might not

    Dallas Mavericks get:
    C Dwight Howard

    Orlando Magic get:
    C B. Haywood
    PF S. Williams
    PF Y. Jianlian
    PF L. Odom
    SG D. West

  2. mdot says:

    3 team trade:
    Lakers get: Dwight Howard,Hedo Turkulou,Carmelo Anthony
    Orlando get: andrew bynum,troy murphy
    knicks get: paul gasol,Jason Kapono,Matt Barnes

  3. kenneth says:

    give howard to suns together with steve nash

  4. Melo is still scoring for the Nuggets! says:

    Trade Amar’es’ rayband wearing self str8 up for Josh Smith. Secondly, trade B Diddy and some cash for Pau Gasol. The Lakers need a point guard plus baron davis would be “goin’ back to Cali” wheres he’s from he would be smitten by that.
    Knicks starters
    Linsanity, landry, melo, gasol, tyson chandler
    Back ups
    iman, jr smith, j smoove, novak, jefferies
    3rd stringers
    billy walker, josh harrelson, toney douglas, mike bibby, jerome jordan

  5. THEBIGMITCH says:

    IF orlando can get Josh smith maybe he could be that second star player that could get dwight to stay

  6. Nic says:

    the best trade i reckon for both orlando and New York is Stoudemire and Chandler for Dwight and Hedo, it fixes New Yorks defence and orlando get 2 quality players as well

  7. THEBIGMITCH says:

    somehow get nash to the heat he has a great career and deservers that championship

  8. LG-1 says:

    Ryan Anderson and Hedo Turkoglu for David Lee and Dorrell Wright.
    That’s gonna make the both teams better.

  9. mackie says:

    how about carmelo anthony and tyson chandler for dwight and hedo?

  10. Gwen says:

    Wow, the Knicks did not realize that Melo is an ego-centric pessimist before they traded for him? Anthony is the worst type of professional athlete–one who diminishes the performances of his teammates and inhibits the team’s success. Melo’s body language was explicit when the Knicks were winning without him that he did not care about the achievements the team and specifically Jeremy Lin, but rather with an annoyed smirk and perpetually rolled eyes thought, ‘He is no Carmelo Anthony.” Well, he is absolutely correct. Jeremy Lin is something much better–a team player.

  11. king4mvp says:

    howard stays period!

  12. fred says:

    trade dwight for a bucket of KFC…and some wicked wings

  13. chinese guy says:

    i say dwight for YAO MING 🙂 HANDS DOWN

  14. darakov says:

    The fair trade that can happen will be Chandler for DHoward and JSmith for Amare.

  15. methuselah241 says:

    trade carmelo anthony for pau gasol. Lakers will have their big 3 now like miami. carmelo, bynum and kobe.. vs. james, bosh and wade.

  16. twotimeMVP says:

    it should be dwight howard for MIAMI’s mike miller, dexter pittman, udonis haslem and future 1st round draft pick, That would be a dream team in the NBA.

    And also if Miami could get Deron Williams for mario chalmer, juwan howard and eddy curry.

    their line up would be d.will, dwade, lebron, bosh and howard. That would be the biggest dream team in the NBA history. It’s like putting a USA team in NBA teams.

  17. oneLOVEBASKETBALL says:

    send melo and dwight howard to new jersey nets!!!

  18. jr says:

    melo came to new york becoz of a big market… not really to play for a championship.. they have a pieces… its the ego.. mike d`antoni is a good coach… its about the effort of the player… good luck knickers….

  19. fluke says:

    pls trade luke walton d’ richest cheerleader who ever live, to boston, even for 2020 draftpick, fans want him out of la, boston needs someone to cheer the big three in the twilight of their career,plus he looks like a happy fella,im sure they need a towel boy there or sumthin

  20. mr lakers says:

    trade fisher and luke walton for chairs and paperweight,

    • jayrad says:

      lol i wish they would trade luke walton he is a bum pau and luke walton for j smoove n k hinrich. then blake for felton and just waive fisher lol

  21. miguel says:

    Trade Dwight howard for Andrew bynum str8 up…………… ive been a magic fan since 1992, n tired of Dwight crying…

  22. FEDE says:

    Trade deadline wish-list

    1) Josh smith to Heat

    Chris Bosh to Glizzlies

    Marc gasol, Terrel Haris, and 2013 fist round pick(from Memphis) to Hawks

    2) Tyreke Evans to Wizards

    John Wall to Kings

    3)Dwright Howard to the nets

    Brook Lopez and Paul milsap to Orlando

    DeShawn Stevenson and MarShon Brooks to Jazz

  23. ShadowRabbit says:

    Knicks finishing the season without D’Antoni a bummerifick turn of events, but if you’re looking to play the blame game I guess he was the only left. I don’t think that is fair or 100% right especially because so many things have been going on in the NY this season with Injuries, player absences, and the constant media microscope. But considering what the Kniccks gave up to get Melo and then Tyson Chandler they’re not going to be in a big hurry to blow this team up, and they shouldn’t. As a coach the job description is to put the players on a given roster in the best position to be successful, get them all on the same page and in a system the makes use of what they do best so that on the court they’re playing well together and winning games. To his credit he had a team that he felt comfortable with and that was playing cohesive fun to watch basketball, and he didn’t want Carmelo Anthony. NY, the and the Knicks roster don’t really fit D’Antoni and it’s unfortunate that he kind of ended up in an unwinnable situation after the Linsanity thing.
    D’Antoni’s brand of basketball is fun to watch but not really geared toward postseason success (just ask the PHX), and the transition from regular season glamor team to postseason contender was anything but smooth. Hate to see anybody get fired/resigned whatever you wanna call it is a bummer but the Knicks aren’t getting better they’re sinking, for no reason.
    Jeremy Lin was a good bandaid for this team, but if they’re going to go anywhere I think it will be with Lin as a second teamer.
    Starters: Baron davis, Iman Shumpert, Melo, STAT, and Tyson Chandler
    2nd Team: Jeremy Lin, Laundry Fields/JR Swish, Novak, and the big Harrellson

  24. demetwafu says:

    guys here wanting to have trades.,2 team or 3 team trade are just hilarious,u cannot have 4 guys coming to your team and letting go of 2 only,.,except if you have multiple injuries on your roster…
    here’s a trade suggestion… lakers and magic
    dwight and duhon for bynum and steve blake

    knicks and magic
    straight up trade melo and dwight
    or melo and landry fields for dwight and richardson

  25. jeff says:

    i think,steve nash will fit to portland,.trade to felton..,

  26. JR says:

    Jamal Crawford Portland For Arron Afflalo Denver

    Howard Magic & J-Smooth -> Celtics
    Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett & Jermaine O’Neal & Turk -> Atlanta
    Al Horfold & Marvin Williams & -> Magic

  27. kwaku arko says:

    really golden state trading monta big mistake

  28. JR says:

    Jamal Crawford Portland For Arron Afflalo Denver

    Howard Magic & J-Smooth -> Celtics
    Paul Pierce & Ryan Andersson -> Atlanta
    Marvin Williams & Kevin Garnett & Jermaine O’Neal -> Magic

  29. Chris says:

    How long since the last Carmelodrama??? And Dwight going for another one next year??? You must be kidding me…

  30. ShadowRabbit says:

    All this where will Dwight go talk got me thinking, why aren’t the Atlanta Hawks higher on his list of teams? From a Large Market Small Market standpoint maybe not the most inviting place but the ATL isn’t boring by any means. On the personnel side of the ball, however, they have a lot to offer (especially with a healthy Al Horford). The Hawks also have some pieces that they could move to get a deal done (T-Mac back in Orlando?)
    If I was Oats:
    trade offer D-12, Jameer Nelson for Zaza Pachulia, T-Mac/Green, Kirk Hinrick, and money/a 2nd round draftpick
    Just a though…Holla at me

  31. go136 says:

    put dwight howard to the miami heat! hahah! just kiddin

  32. MIKE says:

    This could work out well. And it’s prooven.
    3 Teams: Lakers, Magic, Bobcats.
    Lakers get Howard, Diaw, Augustin, Turkoglu
    Magic get: Bynum, Maggette, Diop
    Bobcats get: Gasol, J. Richardson and picks from Lakers

    Check it out:

  33. TWIG says:

    fro me ii hope clippers will get jamal crawford coz w/ the loss to billups they really need a good sg.

  34. Mitch (KNICKS WILL BE FINE NOW) says:

    About time they traded Mike!!! No need for any trades for the knicks now…at least not yet anyway! Lin and JR come off the bench with Baron and Fields starting.. Just try to have J. Lin on with amare and melo on the bench (because Lin and Melo in my opinion arn’t working well together) and melo is better suited to play with baron.

    As for Josh Smith… hope he gets traded. I’d like to see him in Orlando with Dwight (would be cool but doesn’t make much sense), Chicago (trade for boozer) as he suits there defensive style/inside game or see J.Smith traded to the Kings (Highly unlikely) but I would like to see J.Smith be more of a franchise player and he would have evens and cousins to team up with). Plus I just feel sorry for Kings fans and would like to see that team prosper in the near furture!

  35. on cue says:

    trade melo, tyson chandler and tony douglas to orlando for dwight and hedo

  36. asasasa says:

    anthony to indiana for danny granger and future picks

  37. Jalalah says:

    Howard, Nelson and a 2nd round pick goes to the knicks for tyson chandler, stat and tony Douglas.. Knicks heaven

  38. kory says:

    josh smith to bobcats and jamal crawford

  39. Segun says:

    From london england laker fan following the trade deadline closely after last night’s with Bynum dominating the paint with a monster game i am quite content with having him as our starting C we could acquire howard and couple years down the line we might be in the same situation like orlando is in today the best move is if we are going to get howard we need to get a Good young PG support him. Bynum could be our future franchise and if laker dont get howard it doesnt stop us from winning a championship just means the eastern conf will be tougher which is good for lakers in the west so its a win win

  40. tupark82 says:

    i love what the warriors did sekou. i’m a warriors fan and it is about time they went after a culture changing big man. curry and ellis was never meant to work. one ball dominant guard cannot co-exist with another ball dominant guard. all i can say is, jennings is not going to enjoy his new role with the team.

  41. phil says:

    Three Team Trade: Hawks, Nets and Knicks
    -carmelo and tmac to the nets
    -brook lopez and stat to the hawks
    -d-will and j-smoove to the knicks

    • drew says:

      why would the nets give up deron williams and brook lopez, their two best players and the most underrated center in lopez, for a ball hog in melo and an old washed up player in tmac

    • BSTGO says:

      the Nets wudnt do such a stupid trade brah

  42. Sentral says:

    Can the Knicks trade the Knicks?

  43. Miami Heat Fan 54 says:

    Melo to clips or hawks

    Jammal to heat or clips

    Smith to celtics

  44. Stefan says:

    The Knicks have been such a better team and had better team chemistry,melo wants the ball,but Jeremy Lin needs the ball.So melo is making the Knicks worse team.But,we will see how Woodson will be coaching the Knicks,if that fails then trade Melo.

  45. JmLL says:

    whatever happens, there is only one condition with the magic’s trade.. hedo should go with dwight.. and this means that #3 and #5 is needed the team who wants to get dhoward.. and lakers is the most apropriate for this situation..

  46. Roy says:

    Don’t trade Melo, get Woodson to give him a nice smack in the face and tell him to mature a little. He cant whine when he chose to come to a team that already had another ball stopper on it (Amare). Whether or not Carmelo matures in the next few months will be the doing or undoing of this team.

  47. Nublet says:

    Dwight Howard goes to Knicks
    Melo and Stat goes to Majic

    • Sandman says:

      Is that a Knicks fan “I’m on something” hoped for dream? Trade salary numbers don’t match and anyway, Melo and Stat’s contracts will keep them in NY for three more years after this year. NOBODY will touch those contracts.

  48. oli says:

    wade for howard, great deal for both… just sayin

    • cm says:

      totally right, even in espn trade machine its win-win for both teams, however neither dwight nor wade would want that. Dwight wants to be the dominant force on a team which wont happen with lebron and wade knows that he is not that young anymore to win a ring without another nba first team guy on the lineup

  49. Beejay says:

    why would Houston want that? Sounds like LA & Orlando would be the winners in that one

  50. m tomlo says:

    What is Dwight thinking——————roll the dice. Love ya Dwight but we have to get something for you. Magic are playing good ball. Wish we still had the Polish Hammer. And we don’t need Melo (another Kobe ball hog). Stan Van Gundy is a great coach. Just give us a center.

  51. Richard says:

    r u kidding? so rockets r gonna trade lowry, and scola for gasol…thats insane dude..lowry and scola are much bigger than contributers to a team than one gasol

  52. KaroLT says:

    Josh Smith The Best All around player in my opinion and my favourite…. trade for Dwight n pair him with JSmoove in ATL…. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride down the paint 😀

    • ATLHAWKSFAN says:

      i like this one

    • Basketball Fan says:

      You have to be kidding me Josh Smith best all around player??? so he’s a better all around player than Durant, Lebron, Wade, Kevin Love, Cris Paul I could go on but I think you get the point…

  53. Jaymoney says:

    heres what i want to go down at the trade deadline:

    Lakers, celtics, magic

    lakers get rajon rondo, and dwight howard
    celtics get pau gasol, jameer nelson, and hedo turkoglu
    magic get andrew bynum, derek fisher, and steve blake

    heres another one:

    knicks, hawks, nets

    knicks get deron williams,
    hawks get jeremy lin, kris huphries, and landry fields
    nets get carmelo anthony and josh smith

    one more:

    trailblazers, cavaliers, mavericks

    trailblazers get vince carter and shawn marion
    cavaliers get jamall crawford, and 1st round draft pick from portland ( probably 8th to 16th pick)
    mavericks get antawn jamison and 1st round draft pick from cleveland ( probably 5th to 10th pick)

    i know these trades are highly unlikely but sometimes the players that you least expect to get traded are the ones that get traded

  54. shelmesha says:

    I wish Golden state wold’ve kept Monta or either send Stephen Curry with him. My thoughts..

  55. Rico says:

    my trade deadline wishlist:

    New York and Charlotte Bobcats

    New York will acquire Bismack Biyombo, Corey Maggette, DJ Augustin and 2013 First Round Pick
    Charlotte will acquire Carmelo Anthony and Baron Davis


    LA Lakers, Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic

    Lakers will get Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, Terrence Williams and Luis Scola
    Houston will get Pau Gasol
    Orlando will get Andrew Bynum, Kyle Lowry and Josh McRoberts

    • Uwa says:

      i wish they have the balls to do that. however, it might not be enough for bobcats to give up their first round pick.

    • KOBBER23 says:

      i don´t think Houston would go for that. if they would, i´ll stop rooting for them cause they get the short end on that trade. Short being an understatement. fortunately Darryl is´nt stupid.

    • Christopher says:

      Not going to happen. The Bobcats are building around Biyombo and Kemba Walker. They’re thinking long-term, not short-term.

    • mogeezy says:

      WOW…. so u think the rockets will trade their two best players for a washed up soft pf?!?

  56. Mantas says:

    Trade Melo, Baron a starter…. It’s time for real basketball, not some one night miracles…

  57. Chih says:

    Amar is going nowhere because which team wants to stuck with him for the next 3 yrs????????

  58. really says:

    are you serious? i cant believe you just said put lin on the bench and baron as the starter. wow wat the hell are you talking about that lin plays bet with second unit they went on that winning streak with chandler, fields and partly stat so since when are they not starters. Baron indeed is a veteran therfore cant take up tempo games hence why wen hes in, theres zero offence there all stagnant. Its not only up to melo to adjust and tweek his game its everyone and yes lin needs to realise that different matchups need to be taken differently.

  59. Tom says:

    Bucks should go for Josh Smith. They can offer Gooden, Udrih and Harris or even Ersan, Udrih and Harris. If they do it, after aquiring Ellis and Udoh, it would be one of the best midseason rebuilding via trades in recent history…

  60. FACT says:

    Dwight Howard and Ryan Anderson goes to New York Knicks.
    Carmelo Anthony, Toney Douglas, and Mike Bibby goes to Orlando Magic.

    • Uwa says:


    • Blah says:

      Why in the world would they make that trade? New York already has a PF in Amare and a Center in Chandler. It’d be completely pointless of their part.

      • Jimbo says:

        i think it kind of make sense.. with amare and dwight starting. while tyson can be on the second unit with lin, a person in which he plays best with.and then have b.davis start. strong starting line up and one of the best benches in the league.

      • Simon says:

        yeah the Knicks would do that in a heartbeat. Why would Orlando trade the best C in the league and a top 10 PF for a top 5 SF and a bunch of average players.
        Anyone who thinks it would be the Knicks saying no to this trade must be permanently high..

    • Are you sure??? says:

      That is completely ridiculous! Who is Orlandos centre? Why trade 2 bigs for 2 smalls and a SF/PF?????

  61. The Aggressive Napkin says:

    why doesn’t anybody think it’s D’antoni? i mean of course without Anthony they’re going to play better in D’antoni’s system. the only problem is D’Antoni’s system does not win championships, no defense no half court offense no rebounding, the three most important aspects a team needs to win a championship. so i don’t see the issue, you have a championship team together as far as players go and the coach is just not playing them and using their strengths the right way. For example, Lin plays better with the Second unit and Davis with him being a veteran and having all that experience, he likes to play at a slower pace which is what melo likes to play at and Davis plays better with the starters anyway, so why is Lin not coming off the bench as a sixth man and why is Baron not starting? The Knicks without Melo are just simply the phoenix suns or the denver nuggets and we all saw how they end up year after year after year. . Melo and what he brings to the table is what makes the knicks a championship team. i think it would be foolish to trade Melo without first replacing D’antoni. If i were to trade anybody it would be Stoudemire he’s making 20 mil for what? he’s never even averaged 20 and 10 a game for a season for he entire career and he plays zero defense and doesn’t rebound. i would try to trade Amare for Josh Smith if the hawks would go for it (even though they said they are not trading Josh Smith). Josh is way more of a championship player than Stoudimire. And it would help balance out the offense as far as players being concerned about who gets the most touches. the Team would officially be ‘Melo’s Team’ and i think would make him and everyone else feel a little bit more comfortable. I’d rather this be Melo’s team than Soudimire’s team or Lin’s team.

  62. Mike Sykes says:

    Trade Melo for J-Smooth if the Knicks want to make it to the playoffs.

    • dee says:

      why would they do that if amare is gonna be their franchise player if they trade him and pls they already have tyson