Time For Dwight To Go, Orlando!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s time Orlando. It’s just time.

Dwight Howard has made his bones, saying he wants to stick around in a Magic uniform through the end of this season (so he can enter free agency this summer and head to the Nets and play alongside Deron Williams?) and finish this season — and perhaps his tenure with the Magic — the right way, so to speak.

“We’ve been talking, like I said, for a while,” told reporters after the Magic’s 104-98 overtime win over the Heat. “I told them I want to finish this season out and give our team, give our fans some hope for the future. But I feel they have to roll the dice. It might be tough, but I feel we’ve got a great opportunity. But they’ve got to roll it.”

Really? Roll the dice?

That leaves the Magic with one and only one move to make between now and Thursday’s trade deadline.


It’s time for Dwight to go, Orlando. As painful as it might sound to read it (or hear it if you say it out loud), you have to move him. There’s no way you put your franchise or your city through the trauma of Howard walking out of town in free agency, the way Shaquille O’Neal did years ago, leaving a gaping hole in the heart of a franchise and city until Howard came along.

Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel watched this scenario play out 16 years ago, somewhat unexpectedly then. So he knows the devastation that is the aftermath of the world’s best big man leaving the city that adores him (while heading into the prime of his career).

That’s why he’s calling for the Magic to do right by everyone else and cut ties with Howard now before this thing get even uglier:

Same rock, same hard place for them no matter what he says now.

A “maybe” from Dwight is a no.

The Magic can’t take this gamble and let him stroll away with no compensation. They can’t be another team in his free-agent pool.

They have to try to trade him, perhaps to the Lakers or the Nets, two teams on the trade-me manifesto he delivered during training camp in December.

The Magic and CEO Alex Martins have exhausted all possibilities of persuading him to sign an extension, not an extended stay.

They must receive something in return to avoid repeating the Shaq gaffe, 16 years later.

They’ve run out of time and hope and pep talks and skull sessions. The trade deadline is Thursday, Martins said they will speak with Howard again before the clock strikes 3 p.m.

Howard can skip the free-agent exercise if he’s in the uniform of the Nets, with New Jersey/New York being his preferred destination all along.

Surely, the Nets wouldn’t have a cruel sense of humor and complete a trade quick enough so that Howard could play at Amway Center when the teams are scheduled to meet Friday.

That would be too much for fans to bear, as if the situation hasn’t been surreal enough.

So, perhaps, your next Magic center is Brook Lopez, if it’s not Andrew Bynum.

Cut them some slack. Have patience.

They will definitely make more free throws – so do most folks during halftime promotions — but they won’t ever resemble Dwight.

The Magic’s inability to convince Howard to stick around is not an indictment of that organization or city. It’s not even about Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith, the coach and GM who will go down in Orlando history as the ones who presided over things (if and) when Howard left town. This is about Howard and his desire to play elsewhere, which is his prerogative.

But that Magic better be proactive in this situation if they want their fans to stay on board. They better get something for Howard. The second-best center in the league (Bynum) or a package of picks and players from the Nets is better than the alternative.

One way or another, though, it’s time to let Dwight go, Orlando.


  1. Heartbroken Magic fan says:

    Howard will go or not? Some say the Magic should keep him to the summer and then, I don’t know how that could even possible, get another star like Deron Williams to keep Howard. I think that’s too optimistic. They have not thought of the possibility of Dwight teaming up with D Will in Dallas or New Jersey, I mean LEAVING Orlando. Anyway, if Howard loves this city so much, why wouldn’t he sign an extension?

    Orlando after this season, whether it wins the final or not (which I believe not, based on the easy loss in first round playoff last season, the Hawks using Howard as a weak spot, letting him dominates but guarding the perimeter instead, fully controlled the series by doing so, Dwight and four perimeter shooters system lacks flexibility and won’t win the final), has a high possibility to lose Dwight for nothing. Trading him is a painful but logical and understandable decision now, keeping him is a risky gamble. Orlando needs to remember Howard is a player, not franchise. This is a chance to rebuild and and may even get rid of the bad contracts. Go Magic!

  2. Draper 4645 says:

    It looks like DH is trying to keep Nets roaster in tact. Trade him now Magic, don’t let him linger any longer. As an organization you tried your best to give him what he wanted, Get someone who can play his position now in this trade, and you will be blessed with championship soon enough before Dwight wake up in his nightmare.

  3. Ray says:

    Melo and Tyson Chandler for Superman #2

  4. Smartest says:

    I hate to say this but Deron and Dwight in Dallas or Atlanta

  5. LAL Fan says:

    The lakers are not thinking! Bynum has been playing good this season yes i agree, but how long is that actually gonna last before he is on the bench again due to injury??? If the magic are willing to deal with that i say send him. kobe, gasol, and dwight??? no match for any team to stop that!

  6. Kobe@Philippines says:

    Hey people, LAL does not need DH12.. They need DW.. So, trade Brown for DW.. Do it!!

  7. Miami Heat Fan 54 says:

    Dwight should go to miami to help get a championship…. Plain and simple

  8. BULLS12 says:

    Howards NNEEEEEDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS a good point guard, Nelson is horrible and they just dont give dwight the ball enough…..Howard and Rose will be sick…….Howard and Dwill will be sick (but no other players) and ill love to see howard in a mavs jersey,,,,Dirk, Howard and maybe get nash or u still have kidd…wow thatll be scary…

  9. Larian1983 says:

    If the news of Dwight opt in for 1 more year in Orlando become reality by today, I think the Lakers should try to push for a trade involving Pau Gasol in a three team or four team deal for Deron Williams. I think it will be wise for the Nets team to get something out of Dwill rather than loose him for nothing to Dallas, since they are already a lottery team. The Nets may not want Pau Gasol, but there are teams that still want his service, so a three or four team deal should give Nets more choice.

  10. Musing says:

    It’s too dangerous to keep him. Dwight will still be able to opt out later and with the Nets playing as poorly as they are, there’s a chance he (and DWill) will bring their talents to Dallas after their contracts are over (another case of super friends). Dallas would be able to offer them all good, fatty contracts. Triple D (Dirk, Deron and Dwight) in the big D anyone?

    Lakers should trade for Howard, although I wouldn’t blame their current lack of effort/enthusiasm due to their still-so-fresh nixed deal that could’ve landed them Paul. Bynum is good and he’s been doing work but his health has ALWAYS been an issue. Gasol lacks the energy that made him a superstar; more importantly, he’s almost (if not already) over the hill. It’s better to deal him as soon as possible while he’s a decent player before he loses all value whatsoever due to aging. Lakers can’t afford to get too attached to their players (maybe with the exception of Kobe), otherwise they’ll end up like the Boston Celtics: aged roster, bloated contracts and an inability to trade for any players.

  11. Michael says:

    Thats hecka funny @peetst

  12. Jeff says:

    If Dwight really wants a chance to win a Championship he should just stay in Orlando (a team that can compete with and BEAT the best teams in the league). New Jersey!? Don’t see them winning a Championship in the next few years so good luck with that Howard.

  13. Warren Magat says:

    Im a Dallas fan. There is a big possibilty of Dwight Howard could go into Dallas if he stays with Orlando this season.
    Dallas has a lot of salary cap room after this season. They could also offer Deron Williams which means Dwight, Deron
    and Dirk could be together on one team. The Mavs will have their own Big Three. The triple “D”. Playing in the BIG “D”.
    I guess Dwight and Deron will have a big chance of winning the championship if they move to Dallas.

  14. Larian1983 says:

    I am a Lakers fan, not here to argue who is better Bynum and Dwight, because everyone already said Dwight is the #1, and Bynum #2, well, I’ll take that as a compliment, because we have Mamba and #2 center in the NBA, and Pau Gasol (a descent PF/C, don’t want to overrate him because fools will come whining), that’s good enough, get a deal on a descent point guard and a bench scorer, we are out there to contend again.

    As far as for Dwight, I want the Lakers to stay away from him, I’d like him to stay for the rest of the season, and see where he goes. Watching others roll the dice is fun, if he stays, then Nets get crewed, because Dwill may leave to Dallas, and if he goes to Nets, then Dallas is crewed because they will miss out on two top free agents, and Orlando will be rebuilding again, and again, then again.

  15. Kevin 1223 says:

    I want dwight in New Jersey damn it

  16. peetst says:

    Dwight howard should immediatly go to the Seattle Supersonics! thats where he will get rings

  17. Lakers#1 says:


    Dwight Howard stays one more year in Orlando!

    Deron Williams is going to Dallas!

    New Jersey is dead!

  18. charles says:

    I think the Heat made the right call when they fired Van Gundy. He just doesn’t have any clue about being top dog. He had Wade and Shaquille and couldn’t get a championship so Pat Riley had to show him how it was done. Now he has the best center in the league – by far! And he can’t get it done. Otis smith must lack the courage to fire this guy and get rid of Howard. At this point, Howard is simply a rental. Get rid of him and get Andrew Bynum. Maybe a trade for Bynum and Gasol for Howard and Hedo would do the trick. But the bottom line is to get rid of the guy. I think you can win just as many games with Bynum as you can with Howard. Clearly Howard sees himself as bigger than the team and they need to let him go. He’s just too ready to be on a movie or comedy circuit to be that interested in basketball at the moment. He has the talent to win multiple championship in Orlando but he doesn’t have the drive for it. Orlando management already screwed up once with surounding Howard with Talent and giving him a coach that has no idea how to win it all – just like the coach Shaquilee had (who was that guy?).

  19. Mister E says:

    Heat is a complete team. Lebron is a complete player. He does it all. We don’t need D. Howard here.

  20. JTN says:

    I think they should just keep him for the rest of the season, unless they get a really good offer. What if the magic go really far in the play offs? They did beat the bulls & the heat plus they’re 3rd in the east! So he might change his mind and stay next year..

  21. Kev Fraser says:

    D12 is in Orlando for another year, bring it on baby. 2013 we empty out the roster and raid free agency, go Magic

  22. justin says:

    lmao… who said that bynum is stronger than howard!!! SMHHHH … have you seen him? bynum, is just big (mostly fat). howard is pure muscle.

  23. James says:

    If Dwight really wants to win he should go to the Mavs.

    He will have Dirk, and we all know Deron will fall at the end of this year. 3D in dallas would be a true championship team.

  24. Tracey says:

    Dwight Howard should go to the Celtics. Him and Rondo would be awesome and Boston needs a great big Man! “I Like It”

    • Miami Heats says:

      he should go to the Thunder… durant will fire all three he want..and all boards will go to dwight

  25. nuggets says:

    This could work but probably not going to happen

  26. Jeff4461 says:

    Great news Howard stay in Orlando!!!!

  27. Jeff4461 says:

    HAHA!!! Dwight is staying in Orlando thru 2013!!!!!!!!!!!! Just announced

  28. Steve says:

    As a Laker fan: A Lakers/Magic swap of Dwight/Bynum in my opinion doesnt really benefit the Lakers. The Magic would do well by this trade, for it eliminates the possible ‘Shaq Tragedy’ from happening over again. You know, Dwight leaves and Orlando gets nothing. Bynum is as good of a replacement for Dwight that the NBA has to offer. LA, on the other hand, gets a better defender, BUT, not as much offensive production. Currently, the only defensive issue for the Lakers is at the PG spot and this trade will do nothigng for that. Also, I can see Dwight and Kobe bumping heads on the whole “Number 1” option thing – which clearly Kobe is and should be the number one option. If you’re the Magic, go get Bynum. If you’re the Lakers, forget about Mr. Howard, go get a point and revamp your bench, which is one of the worst in the league. Pau is good bait for that..

  29. triggz says:

    I’m an orlando fan and I’d hate to say it but it is time for dwight to go ‘cos if we dont, then he’d just walk away in the summer with no compensation which is definetly worse than trading him now and getting brook lopez or bynum. Dwight is going for sure so please make a move!!!! urgghhhhhh

  30. ale says:

    just seen that the new york sent a trade melo tyson for howard

  31. Lee says:

    Magic should trade for Josh Smith. Send a package including Jason Richardson to ATL For Josh Smith and Bring back Tracey McGrady 😀

    ATL Desperately needs a 2 Guard and Orlando gets another of Dwights friends, So Dwight can stay in Orlando.

  32. Lakers#1 says:

    This is the trade I would like to see:


    Gasol & Barnes & 1st round pick > Nets
    Bynum & World Peace > Orlando
    Howard & Williams > Lakers

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      L.A. would have to recieve some small contracts along the way because Metta has a large contract and Howard doesnt get paid THAT much more than Bynum.

  33. Jimmy says:

    No other center in the nba is better then Dwight Howard not even andrew Bynum alright!!Dwight is one of the most overrated player in the nba,Bynum is a underrated player he can not bring the orlando team up like dwight howard,no wonder dwight wants to leave.If Howard give magic another chance then he would win in the finals,the chances of magic winning this season is 50/50.Orlando live off of jumpers.

  34. lakers fan says:

    I don’t want Howard for Bynum. I like Bynum better. Say what you want, I think Bynum is a better center.
    Also, there is zero chance ZERO that Dwight will extend his contract at the end of the season, because the magic are not going anywhere in the playoffs. Trade him now, and get something for him (but not Bynum haha) because he’s definitely gone to free agency in this summer. It IS time to say goodbye, Orlando.

    • Rob K says:

      Orlando WILL go much farther in the playoffs this year than the Lakers, that’s for sure! Oh.. and please check the records in the standings… Also, the Magic had just beat the Bulls, Pacers and Heat (3 of the top 5 teams in the East) consecutively… That doesn’t count for anything either, right???

      • B-Ball Fan says:

        Sure, they won 3 games against three different teams, but that doesnt mean they’ll win four games agaisnt the same team, the playoffs arent aobut individual wins but changing and executing a strategy game after game, with the pieces Orlando has that’s very dificult, Howard IS their defense while these other teams (L.A.) have multiple players who can actually play defense and multiple players that can put up shots. I’m not gonna say L.A. will make it farther than ORlando and I’m a Laker fan, but I will say that going on a run and beating 3 out the top 5 teams doesnt make you any better than you are, you can have a few good games. I mean L.A. lost to 2 below average teams after beating a few play-off contenders (The Heat Included) and no one harped about them being Contenders or not needing a point guard anymore, or not needing a trade to shake up their roster. In short, Orlando isnt any better than L.A.

  35. Rich says:

    Dwights gonna wait til the end of the season so that the team he goes to don’t have to give up any extra players or money. He doesn’t want to end up leavin the magic to end up on a team that traded it’s talent to get him.

  36. Justin Varjas says:

    apparently someone found new jersey nets dwight howard shirt for sale at the nba store someplace…. is the league rigged???

  37. A1Ks says:

    the only deal i could come up with for teams that both win is
    LAL: Artest and Bynum go to the Magic for Howard and Nelson.
    la needs a point guard and they get dwight. on the other hand magic gets a young potenial best center and a good sixth man.

  38. DJ says:

    I think you should move dwight to Atlanta or Philly , nobody is thinking of that one

  39. wz69 says:

    Dwight Howard is the most overrated player in the NBA. he has 0 offensive moves. he cannot score on chris bosh guarding him 1 on 1… he cannot shoot freethrows and needs a 4 in his team that can spread the floor (Levis, Anderson) to be any way effective.
    he is a freak of nature, big, athletic, jump high but he hasnt developed his game in 5 years. he smiles, makes jokes with glen davis, acts like a kid. i would like to see him one time with any type of desire to win and competetive spirit. i believe it was last season when LA was playing in orlando and Bynum made him look like a little girl, really making a statement who the best C in the league is.

  40. god says:

    Tade him… he said he wants to stay and finish the season. Then in the off season he is going to bounce and pick where to go. Don’t give him that chance to screw you over like that.

  41. DWIGHT4ANTHONY says:

    Carmelo Anthony for Dwight Howard. Everybody is a winner in this deal. Carmelo would be on a team where he could hoist as many bad shots as he wants without criticism, Knicks would get the best big man in the game and suddenly challenge for a title, and the magic would get a “star” with a LONGTERM contract to fill stadium seats until they get some lottery picks the following few years. Dwight and Carmelo have nearly identical salaries as well. New York would be taking a gamble that Howard would resign with the team next season, but even if he didn’t it is clear that Carmelo is a TERRIBLE fit for that team anyway and they could use the cap space. Personally, I hate the knicks but I can’t believe this trade hasn’t been more strongly considered by both teams.

  42. Tom says:

    Trade him for Bobcats 2012 1st and 2nd round draft picks, MJ would buy that!

  43. Guy Halevi says:

    What about Howard to Boston for Rondo?

  44. noyb says:

    From coach to players, everybody sounds tired and not too enthused. Sounds like Owner/Management issues to me!

  45. Michael says:

    Chi City Bully bruh you Lakers just think all the luck of the dragon points to ya’ll huh? Another superstar fall into your laps adding more excitement to your living room. Bynum is having a good year because his knee has not gone out on him yet.

  46. bleepstall says:

    OMG D’Antoni QUIT

    Adrian Wojnarowski Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
    Mike D’Antoni has resigned as New York Knicks coach, a source tells Y! Sports.

    via http://www.fancloud.com/nba/nbachat

  47. LuckyMagicNumber7 says:

    Mark my words, this is what’s going to happen: D12 will stay in Orlando and lead the Magic to a NBA championship this season! As a result, D12 will sign an extension with the Magic in the summer. Believe it or not.

  48. bleepstall says:

    Dwight may be opting to stay only to leave unfortunately, according to http://www.howardto.com/

    If this is true, it seems like a really bad ploy. Dwight’s not going to outsmart front office personnel…

  49. brettlewandowski says:

    what about this
    Lakers get: Howard, Turkoglu, and Rondo
    Clippers get: Ray Allen
    Magic get: Bynum, Goudelock, and either World Peace or McRoberts
    Celtics get: Gasol, Randy Foye, Eric Bledsoe, and Randy Gomes

  50. Michael says:

    Chi Town Bully cuzn yo you be jockin kobe hella hard bruh ease up off his nutz. A look it we all know LBJ and D Wade should have come to tha Chi. They didn’t so now its like that for them cats, but you kobe jockerz is cats that gatta go brah!!!! Chi City and 1

  51. Tj says:

    If he will not be traded, he will leave the next season. ’nuff said

  52. Tom says:

    Once upon a time, DH woke from his afternoon nap with a brilliant thought: I wont win a cship in Orlando. But I am so far from free agency, so I cant do what LeBron did with the “Decision”, besides, whole universe hate him after that and I want to be adored, so I will ask them to trade me to NJ, LA or Dallas. The word was spread, so DH got some more superb thoughts: now they are calling it a “Dwight-mare”, like they called it “Melo-drama” last year. But Melo got what he wanted, right? Gee, but he is not winninig with Amare there, and this guy Jeremy is bigger star than he is. What if same happens with me and Deron in Brooklyn, and Anthony Morrow becomes 75percent 3point shooter? So DH takes a break from this disturbing topics and goes online and scrolls through his nba.com homepage. And is stunned when he sees that Magic topped Bulls and Heat. Chicago Bulls, 1st overall; Miami Heat, 2nd overall. But where is Orlando, asks DH and is pleasantly surprised when he realizes Magic is 4th overall! Wow, maybe I can win here, know what, I will tell them I am staying this season, plus the money is better. Until next afternoon nap…
    Magic management, here are some DH related thoughts:

    And I even dont like Magic that much…

  53. kitot says:

    if dwight will be traded to knicks. trade Lin, Amare , Chandler , Davis to Dwight, Nelson, Andersen. Its FAIR!

  54. O' Canada says:

    My guess is they don’t trade him by Thursday, Dwight exercises his option to stay in Orlando, and we go through the whole thing again next year. Look at the publicity Orlando and Dwight are getting.

  55. Auron says:

    Carmelo Anthony is no longer a viable trading peice. He will dry you team up. Sorry NY’ers, no Melo-noma for Orlando.

  56. Dame says:

    Trade Dwight to the Knicks for Mello and Jeremy Lin

  57. Giles says:

    If Dwight Howard wants to play with Deron williams, he doesn`t need to freeze in an already over built area with limited investment opportunities locally. Williams is ALSO a free agent, rumored headed for Denver, and probably the rest of the league. So Williams could join Howard in Orlando, even if the Magic don`t have enough cap room, thru sign and trade, Nelson and others maybe going to Jersey. There are ways to stay in the sun belt Howard was raised in. Hoston and Dallas need a center, andd, of course, the Magic need Howard and more, or a replacement. And Howard would not be sdo coveted a free agent if he was so easily replaced. And the Heat desperately need a center, if they are to have a realistic chance at a title. Ddoesn`t have to be an all star, but 6`9 or 6`8 just can`t guard the center in the Nba anymore. Also a rumor Anthony will will be traded from another team, Carmelo, maybe to get Howared. With Jeremy Lin as the new Baron Davis, the Knicks already have a decent team. Yes, Howard could improve them if they didn`t have to give up too much to get him. But that is true in warm winter climates like Miami, Atlanta, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, etc., not just for all the rust belt teams wishing their era wasn`t long gone.

    • Derron Williams to Orlando says:

      Yes. Agreed. Derron Williams to Orlando will guarantee Dwight to hang his jersey up at the Amway center. It will guarantee a finals appearance and quite possibly multiple championships. If Derron truly wants to play with howard, he should make the move to Orlando and stop whining like a baby.

    • Orlando fan says:

      Either bring d William or j smith to Orlando this summer, the team will be very good. Orlando is very strong team right now, i dont see why they should give up 2012. even if we lose Dwight, we can still sign other player in the summer.

  58. NBAIQ says:

    “It’s so easy a caveman can do it.”

    Here’s the fair Trade:

    Magic get: Carmelo Anthony/Tyson Chandler/Landry Fields

    Knicks get: Dwight Howard/Hedo Turkoglu

    • Auron says:

      Sorry, but nobody wants the cancer known a melo-noma on their team. The magic are not stupid you know. Keep dreaming. Maybe you’ll understand it better this way: Fuggedaboutit !

  59. Auron says:

    Orlando is taking a big risk by not trading Dwight, but this is THE BEST OPTION. Yes, if Orlando trades him now, they can guarantee themselves some good players, but the possibility of keeping Howard is the far greater reward. Orlando is doing the smart thing. Anyone who says otherwise if a fanboy hoping their team lands D-12. Hey Heat and OKC fans… It aint gonna happen, get over it!

  60. MIKE says:

    Best trade scenario for L.A, Boston and Orlando:
    Orlando send Howard and Turkoglu to L.A., receive Gasol and J. O’neal.
    Boston send Rondo to L.A. and receive Bynum, Blake and (Ebanks or Goudelock + pick)
    – LA get their PG and their main target Howard and become automatic heavy contenders.
    – Boston get a young All-star center (which they needed, a pointguard and young prospect + pick.
    – Well for Orlando (like they really have a choice), they get an All-star (one of the best PF around) who still have some good years, they get rid of Turks contract and a good back up center in Jermaine O’Neal (who’s contract expires by summer, which will free up more cap space).

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      I wanted so bad to destroy that idea but you’re right , I dunno if the contracts all add up but that’s a solid trade for everyone. (Even if my fav team has to take in Hedo). I just don’t think L.A. would sacrifice its Big Front Court for that. It would be a great trade for them, but it would come at a hefty price. (Unless someone can teach Turk how to rebound.) But maybe playing alongside other solid options would help Turk shine again.

  61. Mattia says:

    I’m getting so tired of reading this sort of things… Sekou, the decision is up to him and nobody else and seems like everybody is trying to make him leave asap…The Magic has one last chance to try to win a championship this year, so I would like to see how this team shut some mouths at the end of the season…

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      They can’t win a championship with this roster, thats why he wanted to leave in the first place, as far as I’m concerned going to the playoffs and getting beaten to a pulp in the second round may show people why he wanted to leave, Orlando as a team is stuck in a pit doing nothing but sinking right now, and it’s only getting worse. Orlando kept adding past-prime players hoping they’d play out of their minds when they should’ve just kept the team they had when they lost to the lakers in the finals. That team was playing some amazing basketball, Hedo was All-Star Calibur and he was so until he left Orlando, thats when he fell off.They should have kept that squad and let them grow together instead here we are. I won’t agree with Dwight leaving to team up with another Superstar (In this Era of players leaving to play among other greats) but even if he did stay in Orlando he wouldn’t win, it just won’t happen with a locked down roster like Orlando.

  62. JD says:

    Trade him…like today before dinner!!!! The fact that he’s saying he wants to stay until the end of the season is calculated. First of all, who wins (Howard) in that scenario and who loses (Magic)? Howard wins in every scenario. He stays and the Magic aren’t successful enough to suit him, he walks and the Magic are in a bind for 2013. He stays and they win the championship, he still could leave. He gets traded, he can still become a free agent at the end of the season (and may very well win a championship if he goes to the Lakers and the gel quickly). The Magic lose big time if he is not traded. He has said he wants to go. What more do you need? He’s dissing his team, fans, and city. Why else do we make these decisions? Marriages end because one or both don’t want to be the the other person any longer. Friendships end because of changes or conflict. You leave a job generally to get a better one. Either way, you’re dissing what you leave behind. Howard wants to leave the Magic, it’s fans, and this city behind. Those who want to keep him are clueless, because they would never (unless they like abuse) stay with a wife, husband, partner, girlfriend, etc who’s telling them “I want to leave you”. Let him go to the Nets and squander his prime years in the league, tarnish his reputation, and lose the love and respect this city and its fans had for him.

    • Auron says:

      JD, ever had a girlfriend before? sometimes people threaten a relationship because they’re dissapointed in a shortcoming or shortcomings from their partner (something they acted upon or didn’t act upon). Truly, they want to stay so they hope for change, but if that shortcoming persists, you or your partner would understandably want out. Did you not hear what howard said yesterday? The fact is, JD, Howard wants to win in the city he built: Orlando. He wants to stay, but is threatening to leave the city unless the Magic could give him what he wants, a quality player. The Magic still can land a deal with a quality player during the summer. If not, he’s out due to frustration, and understandably so. But don’t say he wants to leave, because he truly does want to stay. He’s just venting, JD. In this world, people vent. It happens bro. You may want to look a little deeper.

  63. Edward says:

    I Agree…. Why?…. I think Magic should just TRADE him… Let me tell you why he says he wants to finish the season with them but what happens when the NBA free agency gets here? Hes going to leave the Magic and Magic aren’t going to get anything in return for him! So Magic please trade him anywhere!

  64. Omar says:

    Its quite obvious that Dwight will leave in summer for sure so if Magic wants to get something out of it rather than losing the star player for nothing then a trade is the best option. Doubt that Dwight will go to the Nets if he becomes a free agent in summer but who knows. If he wants do win a championship then the Nets aint the best option.

  65. Made in Poland says:

    Calm down people! D12 will leave Orlando and go to Boston. I’m telling you it’s true. I know that from a secret source;)

  66. Andre says:

    Are you a Nets fan ? Are you nuts ?

  67. Rave says:

    people, remember Shaq? where did he came from? Orlando, did he became dominant in Orlando? yes, very powerful rim shaker player, what happened to him? traded to lakers … the past is about to happen again if he really will be traded to lakers.

    • Auron says:

      “the past is about to happen again if he really will be traded to lakers.”
      Dude, did you fall and land on your head as a kid? What the heck kinda comment was that? BTW, he is not going to the Lakers, history will not repeat itself. Get over it dude.

  68. Brando says:

    …trade him..if i am the magic i wouldnt waste time in disposing this swollen head player. be proud, have pride.

  69. Frawatu says:

    I agree with the fact that is very very very risky to keep Howard, but at the same time Orlando is a team that is only 1 player away to really compete for the title.
    If Howard is going to be traded, they have to change they way of playing: now it is 1 big man in the paint and pretty much 4 shooters outside, because Howard creates space for his team, and Lopez or Bynum are just not similar. For example i really like Anderson but i doubt he would have the same numbers if playing for a team with a different philosphy.
    In my opinion no matter who they’ll get if they trade him, Orlando will be beetween number 5-10 in the east (with Miami, Chicago way ahead and then Indiana, NY, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia and a few other teams on the same level), and stll they won’t get the chance to win the championship.
    Orlando needs a guy that can create from the dribble, because Turkoglu and Nelson are good players but not really in the top 20 of the league and Howard problems with the free throw line make him a “risky” option in the last possessions of the game. I would try to have an honest conversation with Howard and seeing if he will stay if they can bring a top player next season or if he is going anyway: in that case maybe the best option is to get a top player (don’t really know which are eventually available) and change the filosofy of their game and see where that brings them.

  70. Hunk says:

    Just get nash

    • Andrew says:

      I agree, get Steve Nash, that might persuade Dwight Howard to stick around for the next season 🙂

  71. Brando says:

    …howard for melo..or howard for stoudamire, period!

    • Blade says:

      You’re delusional, no one wants Melo. He has displayed that for the world to see. He is what will keep NY from entering the playoffs. The magic will laugh at that offer. Besides Dwight is far superior to either Melo or Amare. No one wants Amare either, he has aged about 10 years in the past 6 months. Brando, have a little more common sense next time before you make a post in an NBA forum.

    • Derron Williams to Orlando says:

      Why would the Magic make that rediculous deal. You might as well ask to trade Dwight for a knicks city dancer. Melo will dry any team up. He has shown how he will kill a team, he’s a ball hogger who doesn’t believe in team play. Silly trade. Amare is washed up. He’s aged at least 10 years within the past 6 months. Sorry kid. The Magic would get a good laugh out of this one. Dwight is far superior than both of these guys combined.

  72. kyndyman10 says:

    Bootyman you gotta be serious about this. They lost Shaq in 96′ and didn’t get anything in return for him. Now they are in the same predicament 16 years later. They didn’t get Monte Ellis to compliment Howard and I don’t think they will get anyone else to try to get Howard to stay and even if they did he still might not stay. I’m a Celtics fan, but a realist. I don’t want him to go to the Nets, but it’s a good market for him because their moving to Brooklyn one and his endorsements will be higher two and third of all Deron William is there along side of him a superstar point guard who can not only distribute the ball but will get you 25 point on a say so game if he wants something Howard never had even in Jameer Nelsons one all star selection. Somebody prove me wrong why this isn’t his best choice!

  73. momo23 says:

    yes trade dwight, i think this is better for the magic move on bro!

    • Draper 4645 says:

      Why you’re so into the “trade Dwight” so much?
      Oh I know you are scared that your team will go fishing early.

  74. ERIK says:

    dont trade dwight…. TRADE STAN VAN GUNDY…..

  75. ERIK says:

    dont trade dwight, TRADE STAN VAN GUNDY…..

  76. Anonymous says:

    Dwight must go, and Bynum for Dwight is a good trade for Orlando. Its not the best, as Lakers would then become an amazing team, but look at it this way. We thought the same when ‘Melo joined Amare in NYC. Look what’s happening there. Maybe the ball sharing would cause more stir in Lakerland than in Orlando. Magic should trade him, or they are looking at another team facing what the Cavs are going through now!

    These stars have no loyalty these days, everyone who’s anyone is looking for a Championship ring. The only two I can find to be an exception to the rule are Rose and Durant. Great men with great talent and the determination to take what they HAVE to the Championship rather than to jump on the bus which is already going there.

  77. The Knicks Fan says:

    http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=7b5p9l4 <—— not gonna happen but sounds good lolz

    • Bubba says:

      Obviously a Knicks fan. You just ruined my two favorite teams with that trade. Grizzlies are doing just fine with what they have no need to trade. If Rudolph wasn’t hurt they’d be in the top three in the west. I’m from Florida and I would disown the magic for taking Anthony.

  78. Dude says:

    Brian Schmitz is a troll. Just look at his twitter account and the stuff he says. He gets paid to spin rumors and create these fantasy situations. If he didn’t have chaos he wouldn’t have a job. What Dwight Howard said last night is the worse thing this guy heard all week.

  79. Reumon says:

    The Magic will play against either Miami or Chicago in the semis,,,I think they will eventually lose, and if they stick with Dwight, there’s a big chance they will feel very sorry at the beginning of next season. Trade him! Or make him sign a contract saying that he won’t leave at the end of the season!

  80. Draper 4645 says:

    Why people are trying to ruin the present just to foretel the unknown future?
    Keeping Dwight will give Magic a chance to grab the goal everyone is coveting to. All D12 want is to win championship, and it is within their grasp, if they will stay together, share the ball and fight for it. Orlando talents collectively is complete. All they have to do is use them tactfully.

  81. boombooroomboomboom says:

    dont trade bynum for howard..trade pau+ walton = howard take or leave

  82. Mark R says:

    Magic should trade Howard for 1st round picks and talent as the Nuggets did with Anthony. Next years Nba draft pool has a lot of talent and big man!

  83. trueballer says:

    trade him he is not gonna stAY with magic at end of season.., trade howard for bynum and gasol

  84. Cool Dash says:

    Go to NYC Dwight, both teams would benefit greatly with DH12 and Turk to NY and Chandler and Melo to Magic…. throw in a couple of role players and 2nd round draft picks and both are playoff teams for years. The trade would also suit both coaches’ style of play… run and gun for D’Antoni with good inside defense, and half-court offense and defense for Van Gundy.

    • Sandman says:

      A Knicks dreamer … NY is stuck with AS and CA’s contracts for three more years after this season and nobody is going to take them off your hands. Learn to live with it.

  85. david says:

    I don’t understand why the Magic can’t just keep him through this season and if he wants to leave at the end of the season, work it out with Dwight to do a sign-and-trade with a team of his choosing? He gets more money and Magic doesn’t lose him for nothing. Sounds like a win-win situation. I haven’t heard anyone discuss that on ESPN or the web. Am I missing something?

    • Walter says:

      Dwight will be come an unrestricted free agent. This means the Magic will have no rights to him. Hence, no sign and trade situation.

      • craig says:

        If, he is asking to stay. Why in the world would he not agree to either opt in or sign and trade in the offseason. I dont think Dwight would just walk in the offseason after knowing the Magic could have completed a trade at the deadline for some pieces. He knows that would ruin the franchise and tarnish his name/reputation.

  86. uwa says:

    howard will leave at the end of the season, that’s the reality. magic doesn’t have cap space or any trade bates to bring another star to the team. so if you are a magic fan and you prefer to see dwight play for you for 2 more months and leave at the end of the season than taking bynum, scola and kevin martin, there is nothing to say to you. how ever if you are a logical guy, like me, instead of getting nothing, getting the next best center in the nba and some other roto guys is not a bad deal, actually it is more than fair. i think if lakers had cap space magic wouldn’t get an offer like this at all..

  87. kikoman16 says:

    Orlando should trade Howard.. didn’t they ever learn from Shaq leaving them? I think it’s sheer stuborness to think that Howard won’t leave them next season, if he really wanted to stay he should have already signed the extension.. Orlando, the answer is right in your face! don’t deny the obvious.. move on.. you lose some.. but you should also get some! don’t lose him for nothing next season, get Bynum and see him play without Kobe.. you definitely won’t regret it

  88. E Magic says:

    None of these other centers can win a game with just there defence let alone shut a team down and score 20-30 points. These other centers can’t win a game with there offence either. If Bynum can’t give the Lakers a better record then the MAgic with Mamba and Paw

  89. Thunder Fan says:

    Dwight will go to thunder………
    Together with Durant they will be champions

  90. Heartbroken Magic fan says:

    As a Magic fan, I was really really upset when I saw all these articles and that picture of the back of Howard on his way back to the locker room. He is turning his back on the city once embraced him..

    I love JJ, Ryan Anderson, Nelson, and Turk. They are really talented and are in fact talented enough to help Dwight to get to the Final this year. Dwight just can’t see that, right? Magic just needs a point guard to split the defense and execute the perimeter offense to do that, just like what Nelson did in the Heat game. Dwight really thinks Nets or Lakers can help him win a champ, but Magic can’t? Magic already has all the pieces.

    But in the end, what’s need to be done long before has to be done before the deadline. It’s true once Dwight is traded, Magic has to rebuild. I prefer trading Dwight to Nets indeed. Get some picks and start over again quickly by grabbing those very talented rookies next year. I just feel Bynum is too easy to get injured.

  91. Just sayin says:

    If you ask me, a good trade option for Dwight would be going to NY. now i’m not a NY fan nor Dwight Howard fan but you got to be surprise with the Bucks trade. (NOW this is my own opinion) but you know if you’re a team trying to take a spot to playoffs that could be the Knicks and by seeing the BUCKS taking the 8th spot and creating a good trade i mean you need to wake up and accept the fact that Carmelo never was a good fit. NOW, it may go like this, New York would be trading Chandler and Carmelo for Dwight Howard. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that the trade is a little unfair for NY. However, we need to look “outside the box” in this situation. You see, NY doesn’t really need much of a SF position. why? because when we look at the players of NY, most of them can score and I mean can SCORE without CARMELO that makes him not able to fit with the team. and you know scoring 100+ every night means you’re an offensive type of team however they lose 6 straight and yeah they were able to score 100+ but it never was good if your opponent score more than yours. So, what does it mean? they lack DEFENSE. And you know, for your team to pickup a good defense type of play of course you need a leader to lead your defense so I guess you need a help from a 2time defensive player of the year. again, only my opinion. 😀

    • pusshi says:

      He wont sign an extension with NY.
      He wants to play with his buddy DWILL not SuperLintendo.

      What dwight wants, dwight will get.

  92. slobodan says:

    i do not get it. it’s not money, he can get it in orl, a lot, no problem there. if it is becoming a champion, which he may rightly claim, as he indeed is a supreme player, then how on earth does he see his career progressing in NJ? that team is a couple years away from being anything, let alone a competitor. and do not tell me it’s williams, as the two of them would need another superstar to be serious competitors, to be somewhere around where orl is now.

  93. magic man says:

    really? let dwight go for two centers that are injury prone? im willing…no, this CITY is willing to “roll the dice” rather than just start losing now. We hold third in the east and people still talk like the club is doing horrible because of this drama. hes staying and we’re going to attempt a run in the playoffs. If its a failure than aquistions must be made in the off season. if he goes he goes. something this city is well aware of. this article is stupid. get brook lopez or bynum??? pfff BS. id rather get nothing in return and keep him for the season. Reguardless, we will have to rebuild anyway…unless of course he signs an extension.

  94. LOL says:

    watching the heat game last night, made me realise that the refs also wanted Howard to stay in Orlando. The day that the heat get fair calls is the day that kobe stops being a ballhog. which is NEVER

  95. Thunder Fan says:

    Draft Howard for draft pick then draft andre drummond

  96. Jandy says:

    I think Magic and Dwight should stay put until the end of the season. It will be better if Dwight will try his luck for the last time as a Magic let him demand whoever he wants to have then if he still fails to deliver a title to the franchise then let Dwight go wherever he wants to. Orlando is a great city. It deserves to have a title. If all else fails fire Van Gundy.

    • Al says:

      Let him just walk away, get nothing in return and then fire one of the best head coaches in the East? Dumbest thing I’ve read….

  97. Jim buss says:

    I’ll trade Pau for Dragic Scola and Lowry. Then trade Bynum for dwight. Plane and simple, Bynum is becoming a monster right now,magic don’t have a choice. Would you rather get players from the nets?? Don’t think so…

  98. jack blood says:

    trade him to get 2nd or 3rd best center can fill the gap.. howard is not the right player to win championship for the magic. he is not like kobe in 2007. kobe demand trade after trade did not prospect , kobe focus and takes the lead guiding bynum, odom, radmanovic and fisher and addition of Pau Gasol to NBA Finals

  99. jack blood says:

    trade him

  100. rich says:

    Dwight doesn’t wanna leave Otown, He just wants the ability to make it to a championship. Thats what he has been trying to say all along. If they would swap a few players out and pick up some more talent then he would stay. Between points and rebounds, he has held the team up for years and I could see how it would be aggrevating, meet him half way.

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      Orlando’s stuck though, they cant just say “Here we want these guys “SWITCH” ” They have to find people who want to trade their good role players for Orlando’s Bad role players and then make sure that the sides are even when one huge contract (Hedo) leaves for other contracts and let’s face it, no one wants Hedo, or Richardson.

  101. TTKIN says:

    I listened to Brian Schmitz last night and he brought up a good point: Howard is only saying he’ll stay now because he knows if he’s traded, whatever team he ends up with wont have a roster left. Now I am not sure Howard is that clever, but he could be. I am a huge Laker fan and do NOT want Dwight, I think Bynum and Gasol have worked their tails off this year and deserve to stick around. But I still think the Laker trade is better for ORlando than NJ. Brook Lopez? Ok he’s injured, pretty much has been all year. Package of young players? You mean the same young players who even with Deron William sguiding them has accrued one of the worst records in the league? If Orlando wants to do a trade with NJ, they better get at least Lopez, Brooks, AND Humphries. Humphries is a little douche, but he has game. If they do the trade with the Lakers, I say you demand Bynum and that little draft pick they have from Dallas. You cant get much more because Howard isnt worth too much more than Bynum. Bynum is putting up 20-20 games too and his FT % is way better (he even makes free throws IN THE CLUTCH (see Memphis)). I want Dwight in Orlando for the duration of his career. Get another decent player to help him win, get a dceent big man as a backup, and you can easily knock Miami out.

    • kobemvp says:

      bynum is not better than dwight, dwight is a freak of nature, WAY more athletic & scores better & defends better. bynum only plus is that he shoots freethrows also he plays along side another 7footer, cum on thats makes it alot easier downn low. who doubles & triple teams bynum? NOBODY, but u better believe dwight gets double & tripled quite often!!!!!!

  102. Orlin says:

    trade him!!
    Bynum recently had a game high! (30 something points!)
    Bynum in Magic’s uniform!

  103. Coach Dee says:

    Orlando can’t trade Dwight Howard. Nobody wants him anymore, knowing he’ll be a free agent next summer. He thinks he’s the biggest superstar there is. He’ll be lucky if he gets 2-year deal to any team with the way he is acting inside the court.

  104. Jon says:

    Don’t do it Lakers unless he guarantees that he’ll opt-in the his final contract year or you do a re-sign and trade. Bynum has proven that he can stay healthy, he’s scary good and only getting better, and has the heart of a Champion.

  105. Jim buss says:

    I’ll trade Pau for Dragic Scola and Lowry. Then trade Bynum for dwight. Plane and simple, Bynum is becoming a monster right now,magic don’t have a choice. Would you rather get players from the nets?? Don’t think so…

  106. Chrisco says:

    Deron Williams wants to go back home to Dallas. Dwight Howard wants to follow him there.

    Deron was in the locker room of the Mavs last year after they won the Championship, they’ve already decided where they’re signing next. Dirk, Deron, and Dwight for the win.

    Miami better win this year because next year the Mavs Dynasty begins.

    • LakeShow says:

      Seriously? Mavs dynasty… made me lol

      • phisch13 says:

        What made me LOL was when we swept your lakers last year. You jealous bro. I laughed so hard when Phil Jackson and he Lakers got it handed to them in Game 4, thanks for the record threes and the free ticket to beat the heat.

        And Dwight, Dirk, and Deron… 3D in Big D

      • @ says:

        @phisch13 what makes me LOL is how Mavs fans like yourself make such a big deal about 1 banner. It is especially funny to see Mark Cuban on these commercials smoking cigars and bragging about his 1 banner. Werent the Mavs the same team who had the best record one year and were expected to go to the finals and win it all only to lose to the 8 seed Warriors. The Lakers went to the finals from 08-2010. They ran into team that was hungry and didnt have any championships. The Lakers have 16 banners. Come to the Staples Center and see what a true championship teams arena is suppose to look like. One championship and all of sudden you Mavs fans think you are in the same league as the Lakers, Celtics, and Spurs. Real championship teams. Now thats LOL.

      • Chrisco says:

        Yeah but that one banner is worth all of Kome’s titles combined….Dirk’s greatness trumps Kome’s b/c he could do without another all-nba teammate to help carry the load. What did Kobe do without another all-star player on the team? Missed the playoffs that’s what.

        Dirk, Deron, Dwight. You really think that lineup wouldn’t bring multiple Championships?

    • dd def says:

      that combination might work really well if it were to happen. d12 controlling the paint allowing dirk to step out to mid-3pnt range more and throw them daggers. williams holding the reigns and making it all work like clockwork. that could be frightening and very fun to watch. intersted to see where things are at by next preseason.

    • LOL says:

      it sounds good and all but Dwight Howard wants to be the face of the franchise and be THE guy

      if he goes to the big D, he’ll forever be living in Dirk’s shadow as it is his team

      I think its plainly obvious by now that he’s going to Brooklyn. No I’m not a Net’s fan and i think their a rubbish team but you cant escape the truth. Which is that all signs point to him teaming with D.Will next season

  107. Alessio says:

    I totally agree with the article here!! Trade him ‘ cause this is getting way more ridicuous!

    It’s obvious that Dwight is foolin’ with the city of Orlando!

    If he stays till the end of the season, next season he would be leavin’, that’s 100%!

    Also i believe Dwight doesn’t care about Championships but fame, MARK MY WORDS!

    And if the Magic for example prefer Brook Lopez than Bynum for instance, well Arrivederci Orlando!

  108. Pro says:

    Is there any posibility for Carmelo Anthony/Tyson Chandler for Dwight Howard/Hedo Turkoglu trade ???

    Carmelo wants to leave and they are getting again a defensivly top5 center and a superstar I think this could work , you ??? And just imagine Stoudemire+Howard :O

    • overrated says:

      was thinking of the same thing (same trade).will make sense for both teams and their fans!both teams will not suffer rather than getting something less in return

      • Emm says:

        Sorry but CA can’t win with NY so what make you think he will win with Orlando? I guess the same way he won with Denver uh!

      • Nate says:

        I was also thinking the same thing… this is the only trade that’ll workout for both teams. The only thing is that will Dwight and Amare be able to play together since both of them are similar in offensive skills… but Amare does at least have a 15 ft jumper. Melo isn’t working out in NY right now, so they have to do something to make a true playoff run.

    • Jason says:

      olando will accept that deal . but new york is not on Howard’s list.

  109. Magic Fan says:

    The Magic should get Josh Smith !!!

    • nick merritt says:


    • ReRe says:

      Now that would work, bring in Josh it was said he wanted to be traded. Send him to Orl with his buddy.

      • Bmore184 says:

        what they gotta do is get ridoff Jason Richardson an couple of players an try to get Carmelo Anthony an see how everything goes with them… or just go for Noah an deng thats the other best option they have.

      • BULLS12 says:

        Not going to happend ill trade noah, watson, gibson and 1st round pick for howard..Deng is going to be locked up for chicago until he retires

    • Draper 4645 says:

      I agree. Besides, Josh Smith and Howard are familiar with each other even in their younger years.

  110. Thomas says:

    Didn’t think Sekou was a Magic hater. By saying they gotta roll the dice, he meant keep him, and get a star to play beside him. Just get him some help and he’s gonna commit. the Magic are title contenders with another big name near D12 period.

    • Draper 4645 says:

      Absolutely right

      • B-Ball Fan says:

        Yeah but who can the Magic get, you have to remember that the Magic have Hedo, and Jameer and some other pretty big contracts that nobody wants. Believe me I know that if there was a chance they would get another player to play with Dwight but the best shot they had at that (Monta Ellis) plays for the Bucks now, they don’t have any options left anymore, yes getting Josh Smith would be nice but will the Hawks trade Josh Smith (An All-Star and a big contract) for Less Than Half-A-Star (Hedo Turkolu) and then some (Few other high contracts noone wants). The Magic would love to get help but the fact is theres only one day left and they’re one or two stars too short.

  111. Saw Kapaw says:

    D Harward; Best Center. Quicker, better overall defender, better overall athelete than Bynum

    A Bynum: 2nd Best Center: Bigger, stronger, better overall offensive player than Harward

    Hey Orlando, do that trade. You got nothing or 2nd best center in NBA. Bynum’s been improving much this season, and we don’t how much more. Sky’s the limit for him. Currently he’s better offensively than Harward. Take that deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TaNsKi says:

      I think DH12 is the best center in the league… no offense.. i think better than Bynum in my opinion since DH12 can carry Orlando. Lakers is good but is it because Bynum is their center or is it because of the combination of Gasol and Bynum. I agree that Bynum is improving much this season but I think he can’t beat DH12 for now.

      Anyway, I’m not an Orlando or Lakers fan. I’m more on Bulls. =) Cheers…

      • #YourStupid says:

        lakers arnt good just becaus eof bynum dude!! look around! kobe, world peace can guard anyone! and gasol and bynum!! Bynum is better that dwight when bynum is healty!! Flat out!! no if and or but about it man!! YOu must be a freakin LAL hater!!

    • nick merritt says:

      yea right Howard is the best in the game right now bynum may be improving but he has a couple more seasons befor he can get close to Howard..You are talking about being able to score 30 a game and grab 25 rebounds a game easy..His stats will drop if he goes and be with a big superstar though..but his best fit is the Bulls..Then the east would be a battle for the playoffs for real

      • @ says:

        @nick merritt people like you need to realize maybe Bynum doesnt grab as many rebounds as Dwight becasue the Lakers have two 7 footers. As far as points go, do you forget about Kobe and Gasol being the number one and number two scorers for the team. If Bynum were put in a situation where he had to score more and grab more rebounds, he would do it. Stop making it sound like Dwight is super superior to Bynum.

    • kobemvp says:

      bynum is not better than dwight, dwight is a freak of nature, WAY more athletic & scores better & defends better. bynum only plus is that he shoots freethrows also he plays along side another 7footer, cum on thats makes it alot easier downn low. who doubles & triple teams bynum? NOBODY, but u better believe dwight gets double & tripled quite often!!!!!! Also check out there match-ups bynum cant hold dwight, but dwight bangs on bynum

      • Ryan says:

        Scores better…considering kobe is on his teamalong with gasol it will be impossible for him to score 20 a game. besides even so bynum fg% is more than howard’s too. howard is better in rebounding and defense, not offense. but it doesnt matter, magic could still use bynum as he is young and showing all star potential. howard would be a great addition in la only because we have a defensive minded coach here and kobe bryant to finish it off. im not so sold on gasol for a pg quite yet, just only because they have no one truely reliable to play in the post with howard. maybe trade for rondo for gasol would be best option. rondo, kobe, metta, mcroberts and howard? decent lineup.not sure about finals caliber though, still would have no bench.

      • @ says:

        Bynum doesnt get double teamed?!!! Where in the world are you watching basketball, Pluto?

    • Kaare says:

      his name is Howard. H-o-w-a-r-d!

  112. HeatLatinoFan says:

    DH12 will join miami

    • LakeShow says:

      You are always welcome to dream, even during the daytime.. 🙂

    • nick merritt says:

      yea then no one will like the heat..that would be un-fair in every aspect

    • Vanessa says:

      That would be awesome, but we cant afford him!!!! 😦 😦

    • #YourStupid says:

      Heat latino fan! okay plan and simple! Having all of them on the heats is so stupid! how many rings do them guys have combined! kobe has more then all of them put together! heats are overrated! Dwight wants rings not choke in the playoff’s! Move him to Lal or OKC!!

      Miami is OVERRATED!!!!!!

      • @ says:

        All i will say as a Laker fan is we dont need Dwight Howard. Bynum is a couple of years or less away from being better than Dwight Howard. I know people will disagree with that, but its the truth. Only area Dwight is better than Bynum is defense. And i would think defense is easier to get better at than offense. Also, this talk about trading Dwight to NJ for Brook Lopez and other scrubs is the funniest thing i have heard all month. When you think of centers in the league if you think of Lopez at all, hes the last one. Replacing Lopez with Howard would be a complete joke. Especially after he broke his foot, comes back for what one game, and then sprains his ankle. Come on man! The best trade for the Magic would be to go and get the second best center in the league, which we all know is Bynum. But again, we dont need Howard at this point. So i would be surprised if the Lakers tried to make a play for him. Last, Dwight says he doesnt want to play with Kobe becasue he wants to be the number 1 guy on the team, the go to guy, the closer. Are you serious Dwight? What coach in his right mind would put the ball in your hands in a finals game 7 down by a bucket with a couple seconds left? In a situation like that, you always be the second or third guy when you have other waaaaaay better offense talent on your team. No go to NJ and never win a title Dwight.

      • Brian says:

        Lopez is a better offensive player then bynum and hes only 23!!! In 5 years Lopez will be one of the best big men in th game. Dont be ignorant lakers fans. Bynum put up 14 a game while lopez is already putting up 20.

      • Corey says:

        If Dwight wants a ring, his best bet is the Bulls or stay with the Magic… The Nets will produce 0 rings for him.

      • ThunderFan says:

        trade Westbrook+Perkins for Howard+Nelson

    • kobe says:

      THey would have to give up lebron or dwade..not going to happen

      • B-Ball Fan says:

        @Brian All I got to say about Lopez being better is 37 against an opposing All-Star Center Lopez is in no world better than Bynum.

    • Marc24 says:

      HeatLatinoFan maybe on your fantasy team but Lebron, Wade, and Bosh are not not taking another paycut to get him…so lets make real predictions here…

  113. Bootyman says:

    Uh, no man…it aint time for Dwight to leave Orlando.
    Keeping him is a gamble they have to take.
    You dont go and trade the most dominant center in the league because your scared he will leave.
    What you do is everything he wants within reason.

    Trade Dwight now LOL. You a Nets fan?

    • dd def says:

      well you trade him now and get some good pieces in return (a trade for howard will cost the team recieving him) or he walks and orlando has but not to show for it. but you know he ain’t stayin in orlando after this season

      • Corey says:

        The problem is there isn’t any good offers.

        NJ isn’t willing to trade anything to Howard, when they know he will sign with them in the free agency…. Lakers don’t want to trade Binum because Howard said he wont sign an extension.

        Magic are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you do deal Howard, you will get squat in return… if you keep him you risk no compensation.

        I say hold on to him and make a finally run for the championship, and if he leaves July 1st, fine, we have cap room to rebuild…. if we trade him now, we get less than stellar peices with bloated contracts of overrated players and then manage to be a .500 team.

    • LOL says:

      another delusional orlando fan.

      he’s leaving…plain and simple

      now its up to the front office to decide whether they actually want to get something of value (obviously not equal value) in return or see d.how catch that plane to brooklyn with nothing to show but players like turkododo and duhon.

      ypu pick

      • #YourStupid says:

        How can you say moving him is dumb? moving him to the nets where he would have a really good point guard to get him the ball would be amazing! and good for him too!! Nelson isnt doin the job whats so ever man! nelson is a weak pg that cannot carry the load beside howard! move dwight!

      • Corey says:

        If he does go to Jersey, i’m going to laugh as his new team isn’t going to be a contender… I guess I can take a morbid enjoyment in that he wont win anything with the Nets.