More On The Daily Dwama From Orlando

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s looking increasingly clear that the Magic would like to move Dwight Howard and get something for him before Thursday at 3. But it’s also looking unlikely that they’ll be doing business with the Nets.

Sources tell that the Nets, suspecting that Orlando’s options are vaporizing, are seriously rethinking the notion of trading for Howard. The feeling in Jersey/Brooklyn is Howard will sign this summer as a free agent anyway; why gut the team just to have him an extra month?

The Nets want to put a winning product on the floor in Brooklyn next season and make a big splash in Knicks Country. The chances of that would diminish if they part with Brook Lopez or MarShon Brooks or even their first-round pick, which is likely a lottery pick. Rather than sending anything Orlando’s way, the source said, the Nets could just sit tight and not repeat the mistake made last spring by the Knicks, who surrendered half their rotation for Carmelo Anthony. ‘Melo was likely to sign with the Knicks that summer, anyway.

The Nets believe no team will give Orlando anything of substance to rent Howard for two, maybe three months, then watch him leave and sign with the Nets. Also, the Nets feel the Magic won’t accept hefty contracts from another team for a Dwight rental. In any event, even if Howard is a rental, Howard and the Nets hold the hammer in the situation, and both parties are unwilling to put a stripped down team on the floor next season with Dwight and possibly Deron Williams.

Howard did not address the media tonight before the Magic’s game in San Antonio. A report from Orlando said Howard would agree to exercise his option for next season and stay in Orlando at least through 2012-13. But that report was refuted by Howard and his agent, Dan Fegan, in a brief conference call with Magic officials just before tipoff.

Therefore, here’s where it stands: Howard would like to stay with the Magic the rest of the season because Orlando is one of the better teams in the East right now. But the Magic, fearing a repeat of Shaquille O’Neal, want a signed contract extension before the trade deadline. Without that, team officials repeated today that they will explore all options that would be in the best interests of the franchise.

Exactly what constitutes “best interests” is the question. Should Orlando accept just anything in a trade, just to save face, just to say it received something for Dwight? Does that include bad contracts, or long contracts, or players good enough to keep Orlando a mediocre team — not good enough to challenge for a title, not bad enough to land a high lottery pick?

Howard addressed his Orlando teammates this morning and told them to stay the course. He did not, according to reports, tell his teammates he would stay through another season.

Then, after the Magic lost to the Spurs in what might be his final game with Orlando, Howard was mostly mum about his future in his postgame comments.

UPDATE 2:04 a.m. from Fran Blinebury:

It was a day that began with reports saying Howard had told his teammates in a morning meeting that he had decided to “opt-in” and remain with the Magic for one more season. And it was an evening that ended with a career 59 percent shooter making a pair of free throws with 87 seconds left to play, probably his last points in an Orlando uniform.

In other words, absolutely anything seemed possible.

Except, of course, for Howard to finally stop playing his will-he-or-won’t-games.

“I don’t know what you all want out of me,” he asked a throng of cameras and reporters.

Well, a straight answer, for a start.

Did he tell his teammates he was staying in Orlando?

“My teammates know what we talked about in that meeting,” he said. “You guys already know. It was on the ticker. You guys got your sources.”

Howard spent much of the night being aggressive and effective for 22 points, 12 rebounds and three blocked shots and then spent an hour in the locker room being alternately petulant and aggrieved.

“I love my teammates,” he said. “I think we’re in a great position to win. Like I told the ownership, I want to stick it out and go from there. They know how I feel. They know how I feel about the city. I’ve sat down with them on numerous occasions and talked about what we can do together. But I can’t do it all by myself. I want them to help. I want them to be involved with changing Orlando. That’s always been my goal.”

The latest move of going public with a plea for the Magic to “roll the dice” and keep him through the end of the season without any guarantee on his end is the height audaciousness. To mix the gambling metaphor, he wants Orlando ownership to sit down with him at the poker table wearing a blindfold while he sifts through the entire deck and deals himself a royal flush.

“It’s on them now,” Howard said. “I’ve done my job. I haven’t changed. Despite whatever’s being said, I’m still the same person. So if you want to scrutinize me for taking care of Dwight, that’s fine.”

After those comments came an early, deadline-day morning report from stating that Howard would opt-in for the 2012-13 season and said he received some “bad advice” throughout this process:

Howard confirmed to RealGM on Wednesday evening that he will terminate his early termination option and stay in Orlando for at least the 12-13 season.

Howard also realizes the impact that his indecision has caused and wants to make things right in the city that has watched him grow both professionally and personally since he came into the NBA in 2004 as the first overall pick.

“Man, listen, you know my heart, my soul and everything I have is in Orlando,” Howard told RealGM. “I just can’t leave it behind.”

Dealing with such a big decision was new territory for Howard.

To help with the process he sought advice from people he believed had his best interest in mind. All the while, his heart remained in Orlando. While he wanted to keep his options open, Howard’s intentions were never to alienate his teammates, coaches or general manager.

The circumstances, however, spiraled out of control and turned into something he never wanted to happen. Howard was very remorseful for the situation that he created, but eager to turn it around and show everyone who has been hurt by his actions how much he appreciates them and how sorry he is for Wednesday’s events.

“I have gotten some bad advice,” Howard said. “I apologize for this circus I have caused to the fans of our city. They didn’t deserve none of this. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I will do whatever I can to make this right and do what I was put in Orlando to do.”

There are less than 10 hours left until Dwight and/or the Magic make up their mind about the future, but as we’ve seen so far, things are never quite what they seem in this situation.


  1. dj says:

    remember it is sweeter to win in orlando your team than going elsewhere

  2. dj says:

    d12 i dont want kobe to win another championship .. 5 is enough.. 6 will be compared to jordan and that is stupid kobe doesnt comes close to jordan.. my advice is for you to stay in orlando and call dwill or josh smith…not you going to them teams man… have pride win atleast one with orlando.. make them come to you.. dispatch turkoglu and the rest of the guys except d12…

  3. robert says:

    go to mavs and make a champion

  4. James Naismith says:

    Howard, just move to WWE. you’ll be a multiple champion there.

  5. nuttty boy says:

    D-12.. just stay in orlando or go to any of the East Coast teams, i hate when you go to any west teams.. the west teams are stronger than the east.. and you’re the one of the beast in the east..

  6. Blue7 says:

    Howard is a lazy player. In 8 years in the league he’s never developed an offensive game other than dunks, or improved his free throw shooting. He’s still just riding his size and athletic, but has not worked on his game. He’s been the league’s best center only because it’s been the most dismal era for big men in the history of the league. If Howard had come along back in the Olujawon-David Robinson-Ewing-Mutombo-Moses Malone era he would have been shown up night after night.

    If I were The Lakers I wouldn’t trade Bynum for Howard, because Bynum is almost as good right now, and in a couple of years he’s going to be better. He’s already progressed further than Howard in developing an offensive game. If he were on a team that made him the focus of the offense, instead of playing with Kobe jacking up 30 shots a night, he’d already been in the top 10 in scoring in the league. There are no centers out there who can handle his size inside.

  7. Dr.Rasheedullah Syed says:

    As a lakers fan I wanted CP3 to join Lakers, that didn’t happened due to David Stern.
    then I wanted Dwight Howard to join Lakers, “so much drama until now…”
    I like the way how Lakers are finding their new chemistry on the floor.
    At present lakers need a point guard, “I hate to say this, but D-Fish let someone take your place in starting line up.
    If I have to pick today between Bynum/Dwight: i would pick Dwight, I want to see the combination of Dwight & Kobe together. I would spend money to go and watch lakers often. Dwight will benefit if he comes to Lakers. Lakers organization will accomadate his needs; what more do u want dwight? Kobe is hungry for one more and you are hurgy for a championship…best combo!
    Here is the simple question for Dwight: do you want to win championship this year then join Lakers. There is no doubt in my mind you will win a championship. But as a Lakers fan I would like to see you with Kobe 🙂

  8. jonski22 says:

    HOward has no interest in signing long-term contract with the Lakers….Bynum is “beasting”. if Howard then agreed to sign long term with the Lakers…it’s going to be a direct swap no other player/s included. If Howard want to play with Gasol, his chance is in the Lakers. Although he doesn’t want to be a “sidekick” to Kobe, he just need to swallow it till Kobe retires.

  9. jerome says:

    Dwight should just go to the cavs!

  10. KB24 says:

    Magic just trade Dwight Coward! !!! no one wants to hear anymore of your lies and you’re so annoying.. …. Bynum is starting to turn into a beast, keep Howard and all his drama the Lakers do not need him.

  11. Ard says:

    lakers fans do know they’re out of the running for dwight right……it’s either the nets or the magic.

  12. Arco says:

    Lakers, Celtics time is OVER!!.. time to setup for rebuilding mode… Its KINGS time baby… next season!.. .. lol

  13. Arco says:

    D12 needs to finish this season in Orlando. The next season he is gonna Sign with the KINGS!!!!!!… will join growing talent in Tyreke, DeMarcus Cousins and isiah Thomas!!… now that EPIC!!… Join the KINGS Howard!..

  14. Winning? says:

    This seems like a test of the team’s confidence to me. Orlando is definitely a title contender. This article says that he never said he would resign, not that he said he wouldn’t. The only way I could see him resigning, however, is if they win a title or possibly if they get to the finals. If he wants to be on a winning team, why would he leave the team that just won the championship? It comes down to whether the GM and the rest of the team think that they can win it all. If they think they have a legitimate chance, they keep him. If not, they trade him for whatever they can get. Even a trade for a smaller star is better than nothing.

  15. kkhan says:

    he should go to the lakers would love to see heat and lakers in the final!!!!!!!!!

  16. jorgegwapo says:


  17. Truth says:

    Oh yeah another thing….what real GM out there would want a guy that cant make up his mind as to what he wants anyway. The best thing Orlando did was tell him you sign now or you out of here. About time they stood up to the kid who hasnt brought any rings to the city anyway. Bynum is a better all around center. He has post moves and can shoot free throws. Dwight is one dunk away from coming off my bench.

    • kenny says:

      Its so obvious you are a Lakers fan. Get a realistic point of view. Everything you said is complete nonsense!

  18. Truth says:

    Ok….i tell you what Im a Laker fan, im keeping Bynum. Im getting Steve Nash next year and we winning back to back championships. Howard you can go to Dallas with Deron if you like. Odom coming back home and thats how we about to role……..GO LAKERS

  19. Owa says:

    they should have dealt him way earlier than this, when the offers were good… expect any deal between now and tomorrow to be mediocre at best.

    Seems more than likely that he will not sign an extension with anyone but his top 3 teams with Nets being most likely… What a terrible thing to do in a ‘competitive’ sport. Playing favorites with teams and not going where there is the best chance of winning, rather where there is the best chance of branding… Sad day for the NBA

  20. Heat will get Iverson for no one.

  21. Adam says:

    Orlando has to trade Howard and get whatever they can for him…he left them no other alternative.

    His lack of commitment will continue to be a distraction to the team. Will he stay? Won’t he stay? Where will he go? What will he do? That’s still in play if he stays, even during the home stretch and playoffs. I’m not totally blaming Howard for this, either…the Magic gave him the contract with the early termination option. He’s just exercising his rights, or so it would appear (if he signs with the team he’s traded to immediately afterward, we’ll all know otherwise.) But it’s pretty obvious that he’s not committing, which means he’s probably going to use FA as a springboard to a max contract.

  22. reprezentedmami says:

    Dwight will more than likely finish out the rest of the season with the Magic. It would be stupid at this point for any team to wipe out their roster for a chance to rent him for 2 months when he can still choose to leave after July 1st and go where ever he wants. It is too much of a gamble to dump talent from a good team for Dwight who, in the end, will still end up going where ever he wants. It is better to wait til the summer and let him decide with out the risk of getting burned.

  23. Lakerss_fans says:

    D-12 to LAKERS!!!
    Let Lakers get Howard for Bynum and Gasol.
    Bryant and Howard would be perfect for inside and outside.

    Magic can still have their inside with Bynum and Gasol.

  24. jakrhoids says:

    I am a die hard fan of Orlando Magic since 1997, and I would hate it if D Coward leaves Orlando! But then again he already did his time, if he wants to stay good, but if he wants out then hope he gets injured and break his leg or something! whahahahahaha

  25. dj_jinkz05 says:

    D-12 go to LAKERS…

  26. Lakers#1 says:

    Of course Dwight Howard wants to stay in Orlando this season. That way he will have a possible championship run this year, then leave Orlando and go to a team (Nets) that don’t have to trade any players away to get D12. Orlando Magic will end up with nothing for D12.

    Orlando needs to trade Dwight Howard or they will end up with nothing this summer!

  27. dd says:

    howard play hard for your team during 7 years, for himit’s time to move on as any person in life want new challenges new environment different day … be thankful for what he did and don’t be such a girl about it …

  28. PBA says:

    pba has unlimited height import right now,dwight is eligible to play here and he’ll surely win a title here.110% that he’ll win a championship ring.haha

  29. Saw Kapaw says:


    He’ll be a Lakers by tomorrow. A simple swap between Bynum and Harward. He wants Nets or Lakers. Magic wants Bynum over any other offers.

  30. ORLANDO FAN says:

    Trade Dwight Howard for Kwame Brown. Orlando needs kwame for them to spend longer vacation.

  31. Saw Kapaw says:

    He’ll be a Lakers by tomorrow. A simple swap between Bynum and Harward. He wants Nets or Lakers. Magic wants Bynum over any other offers.


  32. JFD says:

    All i can say is this….

    Everyone hated Lebron when he had “The Decision”

    Now Dwight is having his drama of “Indecisiveness” ….. at least Lebron did a decision…

    Dwight… make up your mind or you will be dealt by people with more hate than Lebron!

  33. Laker Fan says:

    Lakers need a point guard not a center. We have a good core team, we just need HELP with our bench as well. Please don’t trade for Dwight Lakers. If the Lakers don’t win a Championship this year (which I doubt they will) I would like to see the Spurs win it all. They have my respect for being the Sleeper/underdog this year. While eveyone is worried about the Bulls, Heat, and OKC maybe the Clipps, the Spurs are taking teams out one by one without making any noise.

  34. ShunTai says:

    Who cares trade him to the Bob cats for all i care….

  35. VBC says:

    dwight . . go with kobe .

  36. hector says:

    im a magic fan for ever winnig or losing, the magic need to send howard to japan out of the nba he wants to go to a winnig team , so send it to another place, howard does not know what he wants , if he go to chicago and for ever reason chicago dont win the championchip hes going to ask for a trade to miami and the if next year miami dont win he wants trade again and again, come on people are you reallly think the howard will go to the next come on, that will never happend , if i was a ceo of the nba i send howard to china to play for 5 millions for 4 years and then he can win a champion jajajajajajaja, GOOOOO MAGICCCCC WITHOUT HOWARD

  37. Kobe@Philippines says:

    Deron Lakers need you..

  38. Josh Byrne says:

    Firstly, I’m a Bulls fan. As much as I’d love to D12 teamed with D-Rose, personally I think the best win-win scenario is for the Magic to trade Howard to the Thunder.

    Think about it. Howard to OKC for Harden + Ibaka. The Magic then get two quality players, league leader in shot blocking and best 6th man of the year. These are two guys that Orlando can successfully rebuild a franchise around while still maintaining a chance of being a winning team. Harden as a starter might have him in line for most improved next season and Ibaka is a very reasonable replacement on the boards and defensive end.

    If OKC then win a title this year do you really see D12 walking out on a team that would be in a position to 5 peat? If he did, how much respect would he lose? He states he wants to play on a winning team, well send him to one and see if he can walk the walk.

    • Nathan says:

      Ive said all along the best fit for Howard is Bulls and OKC but they are not on Dwights list, OKC wouldnt trade for him then they risk losing him in the off season

  39. AAH says:

    If Howard is smart enough, he’ll join Rose in Chicago. Even though I would like to see him with Kobe in the Lakers.

  40. KNICKS4Life says:

    dwight is definetily outta orlando. he just wants to wait it out and sign with the nets as a FA.
    so tht nets wudnt have traded half of their team to the magic and still have a good bench and good peices.
    basketball wud be back in NY. brookyln nets and ny knicks… tht’ll be nice..but imma knick 4 life

  41. Rafael says:

    howard would fit perfect in wolves with love and rubio. A howard-beasley would be good for both teams.
    wolves would have a nice title shot next year.

  42. Barack Obama says:

    If Dwight Howard supports me as a president, he shall then pair up with Dirk Nowitzki and Deron Williams @ Dallas and win not one, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, not 8, not 9, not 10, not 11, not 12, not 13, but 14 championships.

  43. Jean Jacques says:

    trade dwight for marc gasol..all star for all star…harharhar…

  44. Al says:

    He’ll stay in orlando… ’till summer. Then Howard will sign for the Celtics as a free agent taking the Garnett’s contract and joining Pierce and Rondo. Then Garnett and Allen will sign for the veteran minimun just to get another tittle run. I hope Ainge reads this 😉

  45. Brian says:

    Dwight is going to the Nets. I am a nets fan so let me have hope.

  46. ATL Fan says:

    Just leave and let the Magic move on.

  47. Rash says:

    From all indications and Dwights behavior indicates he wants out of Magic at the end of the season. He doesnt mind finishing the season with them so he can walk out free like Shaq, Lebron to a team still intact…Magic better get the best out of him while they can before he walks out on them…free advise for U!!!

  48. Read more on Howard’s prospects for staying in Orlando: at the Armchair Pundits

  49. Manny Pacquiao says:

    trade Dwight for good..