Blogtable: What Pseudo-Contender Needs A Trade?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

What pseudo-contender most needs a trade and won’t get it by Thursday’s deadline?

Steve Aschburner: Philadelphia. The Sixers sure could use a closer, a star offensive player who could get his own shots and, better still, earn trips to the foul line late in games. Evan Turner has been a boost to the starting lineup, but he’s not that guy. However, it’s hard to envision them breaking up the crew that has been so productive or tinkering with the chemistry of the ensemble. Getting center Spencer Hawes back is the next-best thing to a notable trade but a surgical move might have this team really pushing the Heat and the Bulls.

Fran Blinebury: Taking you at your word — pseudo-contender — then the biggest fake in the league was the notion that the Knicks could combine Jeremy Lin with Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony to make noise in the playoffs.  In two weeks, we have gone from Linsanity to Linadequate and Linsufferable watching Melo and coach Mike D’Antoni do their dance of mistrust.  The Knicks need a makeover. What they’ll likely get instead is D’Antoni’s head.

Scott Howard-Cooper: The Magic (with an emphasis on pseudo-contender, not top contender). I will stick to my belief of several weeks that they are not going to deal Dwight Howard, and there is no sense in the thinking that they will be able to make a major addition to convince Howard they can surround him with a championship roster. The second-best trade asset in Orlando is Ryan Anderson. That doesn’t generate a big return.

Shaun Powell: That would be … get ready … Orlando. The Magic need a co-star to upgrade their chances of beating either the Bulls or Heat to “fair” and to convince Dwight Howard to stay. But nobody’s giving up quality for Hedo Turkoglu or Jason Richardson or Jameer Nelson. Therefore … well, you know where this is headed.

John Schuhmann: I think the Clippers could get over the hump with a big guard who can defend. They’re currently starting Randy Foye at the two and rank 22nd in defensive efficiency. But I don’t know where they’d go for help, or what assets they’d have to offer a team in exchange for a difference-maker. There was a report that they were talking to the Jazz about Raja Bell, but another report denying their interest. He would probably help, but he’s owed $3.5 million next season, when he’ll be 36.

The Magic would be another appropriate answer to this question, because they’re obviously not getting the non-Dwight trade they need to keep Dwight.

Sekou Smith: The Clippers. Losing Chauncey Billups damaged this team in ways that could not fully be appreciated in the days immediately after the veteran point guard went down for the season with that Achilles injury. But it should be clear to everyone by now that the Clippers have a huge void there. I know how they could fix it and his name is Ray Allen. He’s the sort of veteran who could blend in well with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the rest of a rising Clippers team that is one deadeye shooter away from being a matchup nightmare for most teams in a playoff series. The Celtics always answer the phone during trade deadline week, so it’s not like Allen (or anyone else not named Rondo) is untouchable.


  1. HeatRDaBest says:

    That guy The Heat Fan is a boss i totally agree!!!!

  2. pepe says:

    trade New Orleans to Seattle

  3. Boggs says:

    I don’t if someone already mention this, but Magic should get D’Antoni. The team is pretty solid so my guess would the the coaching staff are the ones pulling the Magic down.

  4. Notty P says:

    It hurts me to say this as a Raptor fan but if the clips wait unti, the off season and fish for the hometown boy Demar Derozan, They would be have a complete starting 5!

  5. chrispaulgeorgekarllandryfields says:

    trade jordan and foye for allen and daniels!

  6. bill says:

    JOE JOHNSON is the Clippers answer. The Hawks would give him up for (almost) nothing, just to be rid of his fat contract.

  7. lazyjaze says:

    How does an Amare – Dwight deal sounds? Orlando might ask for another player though aside from Amare for Dwight.

  8. Lameiras says:

    Sincerally, a trade that I see being easily done. Would hel all 3 teams involved:

    Portland (Gets: Michael Beasley)

    Clippers (gets Jamal Crowford)

    Minnesota (Gets Randy Foye)

    With this trade clippers would finally get a 2 as good as they wanted / Minnesota could get rid of beasley and get minutes for derrick willians , besides adquiring a good SG / Portland get a good SF, rebounder, scorer and with high trade valeu. They could even take a draft pick from LAC or also send Nolan Smith who (with all respect) has a 1.3M 4Y contract that would be nice to clean up for open cap space.

  9. mario says:

    Minessota takes Shumbert for Wes n in 2 years they ll be at the finals

  10. iIVAN says:

    it would be nice and is going to work clippers will trade Caron Butler and Baron Davis for SG Ray Allen. and on the next hand Howard should be traded to the bulls for Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson.Clippers dont need Howard to win a championship. they only need a SG which is Ray Allen who is confident with his shots and most likely make his shots. then there is BLAKE GRIFFIN DEANDRE JORDAN AND CHRIS PAUL to help the team out.

  11. bballfiend says:

    s3cco, I like you’re thinking. I just mentioned that trade (Howard to the Clips for Jordan & Mo Williams) earlier to some co-wokers of mine. Only I’d tweak it a little…Mo stays and send Jordan, Bledsoe and Ryan Gomes to Orlando for D. Howard. But Blake and D. Jordan are bff’s, so I don’t know how that would effect Blake resigning. BTW, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge Clipper fan.

  12. pffft_what_lakers says:

    I really like the sound of Allen going to the Clips, he’s not arrogant enough to steal possessions from Griffin or Paul, but he is certainly capable of knocking down every open shot they give him (and there will be many with DeAndre and Griffin in the key)

  13. The Heat Fan says:

    It doesn’t matter what happens with the trades, the MIAMI HEAT are still going to be the NBA CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And you know this, MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. s3cco says:

    I don’t know, just throwing it out there… Would it make sense for Orlando and the Clips to make a Howard – Jordan+MoWilliams trade? I mean, Orlando won’t probably get anything better than that… and the clips would really be a contender in that situation.

    • Andy says:

      i like this idea a lot. although it might change the locker room dynamic quite a bit, the clippers losing Jordan like that.

    • L.A. Soldier says:

      I think you’re giving Howard too much credit. Yes; he’s a dominate center. But, don’t forget he is a HORRIBLE free-throw shooter. In crunch time, other teams will just play Hack-A-Howard; similar to what they did with Shaq.

  15. Tret says:

    I really think the Clippers just need a deffensive leader which Mr. Chauncey Billups was leading too.
    Their offense is great,even on and off the bench.
    But really their deffense is just not too good to win.
    I really think,the Fish of Lakerland should be a Lob City member for Eric Blodsoe.
    He does lead the defense,even chasing 1 and 2 guards like Ray2x,D-Wade or even Mamba.
    He really can Defend and shoot Threes but hoping it’s still not late to do his job.

    I agree,Celtics needs a big Center.
    They should get Chris Kaman but they don’t have a player to trade.
    Ray2x is still shooting,Pierce is still finishing and Garnett is still defending.
    Still playmaking.
    But if they want a trade,then trade Rondo for Jarrett Jack and Chris Kaman.
    JJ can fill up Rondo’s shorts and Kaman can defend with Garnett.

  16. Stan says:

    D Antoni could’nt win with Shaq, Armar and Nash why would he be able to win anywhere else? Phonix had the best players but still lost in the first round in a tuff series vs. the Spurs. D Antoni has never gotten the best out of his players and should not coach in the NBA. The clip will be fine with the team they have, Their shooting guard is not the problem.

  17. CLIPS23 says:

    I know that the Lakers have all these championships, but the Clippers this year have done pretty good and are contenders, or where until we lost chauncey. We will be right in there and very dangerous if we were to get Ray Allen. I hope this trade goes through.

  18. colts_1988 says:

    The Clippers just need to re-sign Eric Gordon when he becomes a free-agent this summer.

  19. Wilso says:

    imagine that Paul,Allen and Griffin in a clips outfit. Would be awesome but what really is the likeliness of that happening

  20. thunderguru says:

    perkins for howard would work

    • Belizeboy says:

      Oh yeah, I’m sure Orlando would want to give up the guy who posterizes, for the guy who gets posterized.

  21. kyle says:

    Celtics should move ray allen with rondo to the clippers for Jordan and Mo williams. The clippers should then trade rondo and a Draft pick to Orlando For dwight howard. Solves everyones problems. Celtics get a big and a scorer. clippers get Dwight, and orlando gets ball movement to its shooters and a Draft pick.

    • L.A. Soldier says:

      That’s IF Howard stays in Orlando for the remainder of the season. I’m not sure if Howard will leave the Eastern conference though.

  22. Jimbo says:

    this trade would be cool to see. the clips get a very good SG in jamal crawford for a backup pg in mo williams. the blazers then give up raymond felton to the timberwolves, and either the wolves or clips send a draft pick to the blazers since they are trading away 2 very good players that can start on a majority of the teams in the league. seems pretty fair since the wolves been trying to get rid of beasly and hes someone that can be a very good back up for gerald wallace.

  23. mrhawks says:

    i like jeff teague for rondo

  24. Andy says:

    Although I will admit Ray Allen would be a pretty darn good fit for the Clips I don’t see the Celtics parting with him unless they were to get young players in the package and the Clippers got rid of most of those to get Chris Paul. They still have Bledsoe, Foye, and maybe Caron Butler could be in the deal, but I don’t know if any of that is worth it for the Celtics unless they somehow manage to get Deandre Jordan in the deal, which I don’t see happening either

    The Clippers do need a scoring 2, but in my opinion they should go after Jamal Crawford. Mo Williams has been a knock down shooter for them all season, if they were to get Allen or even Kevin Martin, he would still have to handle the ball from the point while Chris Paul is out of the game. Crawford gives them an option as a ball handler and a guy who can put up points quickly when he gets the minutes.

  25. No one is going to mention the #6 ATL Hawks? They are in desperate need of a center to help.clog that middle..with horford out, zaza is not enough..also, if the playoffs started today they’d be up against dwight and the magic..they will need a center for that matchup as well as the playoffs in general

  26. leshawn woods says:

    I think New Orleans is the most unluckiest team.

  27. Al says:

    I think CLIPPERS should pursue RYAN ANDERSON who is F/C from Orlando. This will free up the inside for Griffin to work on, since Ryan Anderson is a straight spot up shooter from the 3 point land. Just imagine CP3, C. Butler/Foye/M. Williams, Griffin, Ryan Anderson/D. J….

  28. Yeaahhh says:

    i prefer smith than the white man

  29. Yeaahhh says:

    Lin, Smith, Melo, Stoudamire, Chandler. do you think this is not a Eastern Conference Finals Team????forget about the recor just look the lin

  30. Yeaahhh says:

    Man, the nicks, Lin

  31. Mo1078 says:

    Honestly, I was the first guy to jump on the Lin bandwagon, and the Kicks as well. But when you re look that, he played awful teams, and of the 2 some what decent teams, they were doing awful at that time. The knicks quite honestly need a point guard. Maybe just maybe try to get Ramon Sessions? Cause’ honeypot, Lin was just a flash in the pants

  32. Dan says:

    Trade Nets-Magic-Knicks

    Nets get: Dwigth Howard… to play along Deron Williams close to the big apple

    Magic get: Carmelo Anthony and Mike Bibby

    Knicks get: Brook Lopez and Damion James

  33. Lakersfan says:

    LA is Lakers City enough said,

  34. Kevin says:

    Ray Allen should go to Clippers for Foye and one of the bench bigs, cause Celtics need a better back up big mans cause Stiemsma is trash, and Celtics should clear up some cap space for younger star. And I think if Ray goes to Clips, Clips will be the team to beat cause now you have a lot of floor spacing with Ray, and I think Chris Paul and Ray Allen will fit so perfectly.

  35. charles says:

    Utah Jazz is a solid point guard or shooting guard away from making some real noise. They have all the interior presence they need. But a guard that can attack would do wonders – Rondo would be perfect here.

  36. Mustaphar Felicien says:

    Get George Carl in New York then thats a winning team!!

    • Knickfan212 says:

      George Karl was the reason Melo wanted to leave. King Dolan already said he wont trade any of his stars. Those stars generate the almighty dollar. Dolan needs them to pay for all that work he did in the garden. Without those stars he can’t justify raising ticket prices.

  37. Ron D says:

    March 14, 2012 12.46 P.M Pacific Time

    The Clippers do need a trade, let Bledsoe go for Ray Allen and any other bench player right now even if you have a pick to throw in, this team is ready to make the next move if they acquire R. Allen, don’t need to worry about what’s going to happen next season, because if the team makes the playoffs and can go past the 1st round all the players would resign automatically because they will feel they have gelled in their first outing together, that is how players operate and will not want to move again to find the chance to get to the playoffs. Also Del Negro needs to let Jordan continue to play late in games for Defensive purposes as well as opening up the offense for Blake and Paul, that would give Paul a huge option if he were there late in games to get lobs or easy baskets when they need it, Blake would not have to work so hard when Jordan is on the floor with him, Del Negro cannot see this for some reason, also Simmons should not be getting more time than Jordan, he has proved himself time and time again but only if he is carrying 5 fouls is if he should not be on the floor late 4th qtr. times, this seems to be the true reason whey they are losing a number of close games. They still should be on top of the Pac. Div. if the coach knew how to play his players. K. Mart should not have more time the Jordan also which is messing up the offense, sorry but this is how I see it.

  38. NeffNazzty says:

    ive watch carmelo anthonys past few games.. he is ballhog than ever.. he take shots that will make my grandma scream for her medicine or call the paramedics

  39. Sideliner says:

    The Clippers are not as good as everyone says–come on. We all have watched teams in the regular season that perform well that we know can’t go far in the playoffs, and the Clippers are one of them. Deandre Jordan is not good enough to beat the likes of Tim Duncan, Serge Ibaka/Perkins, Gasol/Bynum, or Randolph/Gasol–yes, I do think the best teams in the west are the teams with the players I have just stated. And Blake Griffin is good, but he lacks real playoff experience, he lacks defensive prowess, and sure, he’s strong offensively, but does anyone REALLY think he’s going to be knocking down clutch shots in the playoffs? Griffin is a great player, but for the Clippers to be a REAL contender in the west, Griffin needs to improve, and they need to get more than just a shooting guard, although I do believe the addition of a veteran, incredibly-talented shooter like Ray Allen would help them a lot.
    They’ll make the playoffs easy, but they’re not a real contender for the western conference top seed and finals representative.
    For the Celtics to give up Ray Allen to the Clippers would be stupid. Who wants Eric Bledsoe when you have Ray Allen? That would be a waste of a trade. The Celtics are not done competing yet guys. I’m not saying they have the easy ability to beat Miami and Chicago, but if the Celtics had Jeff Green this year, they’d be that much more competitive. Miami and Chicago better watch out–if the injuries to Deng persist, and Miami can’t get their other players to really perform, then Orlando, Indiana, Philly, or Boston might really surprise them. I’m sick of hearing about the prowess of Chicago, they were killed last year by Miami, and then Miami got man-handled by the Mavericks. THEY AREN’T UNDEFEATABLE! Teams like Boston, Indiana, Orlando, and Philly are really one key trade away from being the top team in the East in my opinion. Michael Beasley to Boston would amp up their bench and give them more offensive punch. Indiana is really still giving the Bulls and the Heat a scare, and they’re one contribution away from beating both those teams. Once Indiana solidifies their defense, watch out Chicago! That division rivalry is going to be intense. And as far as Orlando is concerned, I can see them beating Chicago and Miami in a 7 game contention. They have Dwight Howard–THAT COUNTS FOR A LOT! Get over the “flash” of Derrick Rose and the Heat and realize that, when it’s crunch time, there are teams and players who can really play.

    • Belizeboy says:

      DeAndre isn’t a scorer like the guys you listed but he does throw ALL of them off their game. He’s only three years in and I’m seeing improvement already in his game. He just needs a good trainer on how to be a center, like whoever coached Bynum. Jordan is probably the most athletic center next to Howard right now.

  40. Domac says:

    Knicks are a great team, only problem was Mike D’Antoni. He was a bad choice because knicks with d’antoni doesn’t play offense and neither defense. Obviously he was a bad choice. THE MAIN PLAYER on the knicks roster is CARMELO. He mustn’t be traded! Chandler should stay too. Well I like Amare but better trade him than Melo. Melo can be a true leader to this team and the only thing necessary to realise it – is a new coach, maybe Wooden will show up as a great solution. Knicks can still WIN CHAMPIONSHIP, but NOT without Melo!!!

  41. send melo to lakers for gasol

  42. Belizeboy says:

    The Clippers don’t need a trade, they just need to really get a good defensive coach. The have all the pieces needed for a playoff worthy team (even without Billups) but they just don’t defend well through the entire game. I like how Evans has started to play and if Jordan could be more like him their backcourt wouldn’t be giving up so many offensive rebounds and points. Griffin has got to wake up on defense because he’s always just standing around waiting for his defender to move. Foye and Butler make too many careless fouls that end up costing them big in the last quarters. Pretty much if these guys just work harder they can be the team the look like on paper.

  43. hmm... says:

    I can really see Celtic’s taking Dwight Howard for their Center and for Clippers’s missing SG will be Ray Allen from the Celtic’s.

  44. celticss says:

    Boston should trade KG for a center

    • Josh says:

      OMG THANK YOU ITS ABOUT TIME SOMEONE SAID THAT!!! I think they could pull off KG and Dooling for D12.

  45. Jerry Ries says:

    I’m a Celtics fan with green blood in my veins and I don’t want to see the Big 3 (4) broken up. But Ray-Ray IS the movable, marketable piece of their puzzle and I had the same thought that the Clips would salivate over him. So would the Bulls with Hamilton unable to play and though Korver is good — he’s NO Ray Allen. The Celtics would need a quality big man and/or very high draft choice, at least I hope they’d hold out for that much

  46. a-ron says:

    trade d’antoni for mike bown,,lol!!!!!!!!

  47. blogan2175 says:

    gthe clips need to make a deal now they need a shooter they arent gona make it with williams and foye go ahead a make da deal for allen or even paul pierce and then wait till next year in off season resign eric gordon and chris kaman back if no one get kaman in trade and they will really be great

  48. IDEA says:

    I was thinkin Mo Williams for Ray Allen.. but the celtics already have an amazing point guard.. could be a tough trade for the clips to pull off but it would be a great one

  49. Oliver from Germany says:

    Mr Stern, what’s now? Will you send them Kobe or Dwyane?
    Or perhaps create a rule to play only with four players and SG’s aren’t allowed???
    Los Angeles will always be LAKERLAND!!!!

  50. Joe D says:

    Mike D’Antoni must be replaced in NY Knicks! He doesnt know how to blend his players thats why they are losing games inspite of having good players. Whats the use of good players if the coach doesnt know how to use them properly?? ^^

    • blogan2175 says:

      they can let him go now let mike woodson finish year out teach them defense and trade carmelo i no he is a star but they played better when he was not on the court there is no more linsanity chandler game and amare game has drop and lin fields and rest of squad is disater antonio cant coach melo only way he would work if phil return to bench or a veteran coach like larry brown or G.Karl take over

      • QuestionMark says:

        Melo wasn’t the reason, it was Mike D’Antoni, he is too focused on offense to have anything going on defense. The Knicks defense will improve with Mike Woodson.

  51. Amitpal Bains says:

    How about the Clippers go after Kevin Martin? I’m pretty sure Houston is trying to get rid of him and expiring contracts with a First Round Draft pick and maybe Eric. I like Eric as a backup pointguard but I think Kevin gives everything they need. Another scoring gaurd who is really good at three’s and is still young. If not him maybe Courtney Lee. I think both of those guys are better then anything you’ll find in the draft.

  52. ricardo says:

    I really hope the Clippers can pull of a trade to get Celtics SG Ray Allan.
    But who knows what they would have to give up for him.
    Since the only way that celtics would break up their team now is if it prepares them better for the future.
    the Clippers can’t offer another 1st round pick since they did last year, which lead to kyle Irving -_-.

    The only way maybe i see this happening is if they trade him for Eric Bledso, and would be great if they can get ride of Brian Cook and maybe Ryan Gomes.
    just dont see this happening 😦

  53. FACT says:

    Trade Pringles for Mike Brown.

  54. Chris says:

    I can see Ray Allen filling that void in the clippers indeed. Seems to be about time Boston breaks up the Big Three anyway but then again that’s old news. Dunno about the whole Dwight Howard Scenario but I’d sure love to see it over with already.

    Linsanity was a rather nice but way too short lived moment for the Knicks, can we get that fire back?

  55. Jab says:

    I think D’Antoni is the problem. I found no reason why Melo, Lin and Amar’e couldn’t blend in, unless the coaching staff do their job well 😐

    • JuJuan W says:

      Nah Jab………it’s Carmelo………..and Amare’; talented as they are they are just 2 of the LAZIEST players in the league. They take too many plays off and Melo figures he could just turn “it on” when he feels, not that he cant he uses too many minutes to watch the game in between.

      • jorge says:

        the knicks are going to be way better without Dantoni! they are going to give the ball to amare in the post and let melo do some isolation plays, that will open up the lanes for Lin and three point shooting for Novak and JR smith. if they start playing defense, they will be conteding for a championship next year

    • Knickfan212 says:

      I’m with you Jab, I think the system D’Antoni wanted just didn’t fit the stars he had. The young guys looked good because they were happy to be getting minutes and so worked with the system. Melo and Stoudemire are vets and each one has different strengh.If the coach adjusted his system to fit his star players the Knicks wouldn’t be going through this. The stars said the right things to the media as far as supporting the coach but it was evident that the team gave up on his run and gun system. A lack of energy and hustle is a sign of not believing.

  56. Zach Gillette says:

    Carmello for Dwight.

  57. Celtics_Diva says:

    The Celtics just need a center! KG cannot continue to fill in for JO AND Chris Wilcox. We need him to post up and score. When we lose games, 9 times outaa 10, its because he got killed on the boards. Danny get us a BIG!!!!!

    • tj says:

      what do the celtics have on their roster to trade that other teams would want other than rondo and the big 3

  58. Jandy says:

    Fire D’Antoni, Get a defensive-minded coach and spank Carmelo and Amar’e after that the Knicks are playoff bound.

  59. Spokoman says:

    Can the Knicks trade Melo for some defensive minded forward + a decent backup center?

    • laupie says:

      best trade would be Baron davis and melo for gerald walace and raymond felton

      • Amitpal says:

        And who are u going to go through in the final minute, Fields? If they want to win a championship they need Melo. They need to get a coach who will keep the players responsible for defense and tell Jeremy Lin the offense needs to go through Melo. Mike is a point guard type of Coach. But the knicks don’t need Lin taking all the shots and melo becoming a shooter. With Mike gone i think they will be better.

      • armando says:

        best trade for Knicks? thats not even as good as Melo + Chandler for Howard + Draft picks or expiring contracts

      • Andrew says:

        Portland already has an amazing SF. Batum. Nuff said. Just dumping 2 contracts for 2 bad players isnt what Portland has in mind.

      • Mano says:

        @amitpal – Are you serious with all offence to go through Melo? Need you be reminded that without melo the kincks went what was it 7 wins and he comes back in and they are 3 and 8? Where was the offence going then? Either trade Carmello or Lin?

    • beef says:

      why would you trade melo unless you’re getting a star in return, just give the knicks some time with a proper training camp and practice time and they’ll be fine

      • nomelo says:

        Unfortunately… no they won’t. I’ve been a Knicks fan for years, but I was disgusted when they traded a bunch of great role players for a Melo. He doesn’t have a winning mentality, it’s not about the team or winning, it’s all about Melo with him. Look at the way the Nuggets played after they traded him and the way they’re playing this year with no star. Knowing how the owner thinks though, they’re probably going to end up trading Stoudemire and Lin and become a bottom team again just to appease Melo’s ridiculous ego. He doesn’t play D, never tries to make the players around him better, and constantly jacks up bad shots because he refuses to give up the ball when there’s nowhere for him to go with it. I wish they had never made that trade and then they could’ve traded for D-Will or kept the guys they had and actually be a championship team. And Stoudemire’s not going to want to stay and be that guy who gets the ball when Melo’s off the floor since D’antoni left, because he was the main reason Amare came to NY anyways.