Blogtable: Other (Non-Dwight) Superstars On The Move

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

And if Dwight doesn’t move, who’s your best bet for the superstar (or, at least, a pretty good player) who will change teams this week?

Steve Aschburner: I’d say Pau Gasol. For some reason, the Lakers keep coming back to moving this guy, to the point now where a deal is expected. I think it would be a mistake; Gasol’s length and skills are vital to the Lakers’ competitive advantage. But we have to remember, the Lakers aren’t being run like “the Lakers” anymore. Could see P. Gasol landing in Houston or even Chicago.

Fran Blinebury: Pau Gasol. They Lakers look like a team that has to do something and they’ve been dangling Pau out there all season.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Andrew Bogut. He’s getting a lot of money for not a lot of games, the Bucks need dependability and teams (Houston, Golden State) have been searching hard for a center and have a history of being aggressive. The injuries are not his fault, but there just comes a time when a change is necessary. Editor’s Note: Ding-ding — Good job, Scott!

Shaun Powell: Pau Gasol is even money to switch teams, if only because the Lakers would like to change gears from being slow and boring to younger and more up-tempo, and he’s one of their few assets. Also, they’re not too keen on paying the remaining $60 million of his contract. Question is, does anybody want to shell out that price, plus give up a good player, for Pau at this stage of his career?

John Schuhmann: Pau Gasol. And it’s all about his $19.3 million salary in 2013-14, when Kobe Bryant is owed more than $30 million and the extra punitive luxury tax kicks in. There’s basically no way the Lakers can afford Bryant, a re-signed Andrew Bynum and Gasol that year, and Gasol is obviously the odd man out. He doesn’t necessarily need to be moved before Thursday, because there will be teams with cap space this summer. But L.A. should see what it can get for him now. The Lakers just can’t take back a big contract that’s as long or longer (like that of Carlos Boozer).

Sekou Smith: Pau Gasol. No matter what he’s done since that humbling performance against the Mavericks in the playoffs last season, Gasol can’t shake the notion that he came apart in that series. And the Lakers can’t forget it either. They realize that when their season came crumbling down, Gasol’s inept performance was in the middle of that madness. They’ve been working to move him since training camp and seal the deal this week by sending him to Houston the way they planned to all along. The Bulls could make things interesting, if their interest in Gasol is serious. But the Rockets make the most sense. And Kevin McHale could do wonders for Gasol’s confidence and game.


  1. Earch says:

    I don´t understand why the lakers “have to” trade Pau for any player in the league.Him and Andrew Bynum play very well together/off eachother and are very big for their positions. There´s really no need to tear apart the twin towers (not even for Dwight Howard or Deron Williams). The only thing the lakers need to roll through the western conference again is a young and well defending point guard.Thats it ! they don´t need an allstar-caliber pg he just has to be a good defender. when it comes to defending the point, rajan rondo, chris paul and derrick rose are the best in the business but like i said earlier: they don´t need an all-star (or in roses case even current MVP) PG.
    He just has to bring up the ball and play D.

  2. :) says:

    maybe trade Gasol for Nash & Gortat and extra players ?

  3. trade gasol and LAKERS WILL BE BACK IN THE STONE AGE .. believe me!

    Let it be remembered that GASOL was the BEST NBA STEAL when the lakers went to the championship …

    INJURIES PLAGUED the lakers last year … even bynum and gasol had to cope with their injuries … that’s why they had poor performance last year


    i believe, the last 4 games of the LAKERS showed that the TEAM is again a CONTENDER ..

    GASOL IS A ROLE PLAYER AT THE SAME TIME … you don’t need young legs or all star to make a team perform better — example is the NYK — Chandler – Stoudimaire and Carmelo ??? all All stars ???



    And still … GASOL is a BIG FACTOR with respect to that CHEMISTRY …

    TRADE GASOL and LAKERS are back to the STONE AGE … PERIOD!

  4. cursos says:

    Trade Lakers coach. It’s the best decision ever made!

  5. IM KWAME FAN says:

    Laker’s must trade Gasol for Kwame Brown. Brown will help the Lakers Franchise to avail early vacation. .

  6. Rodi says:

    BEST PLAN IS HERE: ……….GUYS listen WELL ……..TRADE sleeping WALTON AND ALL WEAK BENCH except goudelock….bryant bynum & pau are scoring more then 70 points in a game…so lakers weakness is the PF and the PG and the bench…can’t u see that??? stop talking nonsence……if lakers plan other than what i have just written they won’t get any title….come on, its kobe time to get his 6 th 7 th and 8 th ring…just help him, keep the big three that can face bosh,wade & lebron whom i hate him but respect his play, and bring good PF PG and Bench……..


  7. momo23 says:

    trade derrick rose for derek fisher hahah!

  8. mario says:

    I wouldn’t trade Gasol but since they want to trade him do it for Josh Smith. Something like this for example . Hinrich’s contract expires this summer so either resign him for less money or let him go. Trade Beasley for this 1st round pick and the summer sign Kirilenko, Milos Teodosic and Krstic from Europe and you are ready for another championship. Lakers need DEPTH.

    Bynum – Krstic
    Smith – McRoberts
    Beasley – Kirilenko
    Kobe – Goudelock
    Teodosic – Fisher

    If they can take Jamison who is a free agent this summer even better.

  9. Jay J. says:

    Keep Pau Gasol all the way, he is the soul of LA Lakers. Some people seem to forget the meaning of basketBALL. How many new youngsters, pg’s, new additions have stunned in the last 5 years for Lakers? None! They didn’t make any difference whatsoever. Look Pau, in less than 4 years has made a big difference in this franchise, invaluable worth and credit on him! He has changed the face, the spirit and the streak to this team in the last 4 years, he deserves respect and his salary.
    Lakers were sadly creeping before he came, and it will be an out of tune band again if they trade him.

  10. beesting says:

    nah… no need for gasol to be traded because lakers right now is on the way for chapionship, no offense for other teams but they are trained by mr. x (phil jackson) for what i meant to ace the finals and win again the chapionship…
    how ever mr. x is not the coach of L.A but still the mind games are still in their hearts…

  11. Smartest says:

    Kyle Lowry should be a starter so how dare the lakers put him on the bench. Pau to the bulls for Cj Watson and boozer who’ll fit in withe kobe

  12. Burak says:

    Rodo-Pau will give more than a one ring maybe two or three rings.Thats it.Other trade scenarios wont effect the team ın a good way.

  13. T-Bone says:

    Keep Pau and give Patty Mills a shot in Lakers uniform, he’s young, quick and costs them nothing

  14. Saul says:

    Trade Kobe. He’s old and miss more than 60% of his shoots… There’re 30 million reasons. And keep Gasol.

  15. Hace row says:

    Trade him, he’s a very good player but he’s soft and has no heart. look at how he played in the playoffs. It’s time for a change. Let him go.

  16. rogals says:

    stephen cury for steve blake and troy murphy

  17. rogals says:

    trade pau gasol for dirk nowitzki…

  18. methuselah241 says:

    trade gasol for carmelo anthony. big 3 bryant, bynum and melo just like the heat.

  19. JeJoSan says:

    Trade Gasol and Blake for Derrick WIlliams and (Ricky Rubio or Luke Ridnour). I’ll rather choose Williams than Boozer because Boozer is a low-post player while Williams can drive inside. I also think that Mike Brown can develop Williams to form the next Lebron James.

  20. Brando says:

    …SF Derrick Williams and PG Ridnour for Pau…

  21. mark says:

    Keep Paul Gasol and get rid of Derrik Fisher.

  22. brakken24 says:

    don’t trade gasol!

  23. dan says:

    Dont trade Gasol. He is not the problem. What Lakers need is more points from outside. Leave this season as it is, than sign Wilson Chandler after season, add Sessions or Felton and get rid of MWP. That should be enough for Championship team.Also, keep in mind that Nash would play for small cash just to win a title, so its a good opportunity, also.

  24. Brando says:

    …Pau for Carmelo, anyone?

    • smileyface says:

      melo and kobe on same team. they have to cut the ball in two .it will be interesting 😀

  25. Kingkong says:

    Lakers don’t need to trade Pau! They need to get a good PG and SF! If they trade Pau then they badly need PF, PG and SF!

  26. NIco Lacuesta says:

    Please stop murmuring about gasol being traded ..the big fellow is trying to do his best to become who he is a fwe years ago ,,i think the lakers management should appreciate what he’s doing right now despite all the rumors that he will be traded ..and i am sure that after the trade deadline ended , pau will be a monster inside the court ,,hold on til summer, i know he have more gas inside of him ..

  27. carl says:

    how about gasol landing in utah?

  28. Keep-Pau says:

    As a Laker fan I say keep Pau. He is part of OUR team, part of our city, and I cannot bear to see him in another uniform. He brought us championships and he still has mega talent. Play Goudelock as starting PG, and Morris as 2nd string, and we have a shot this year and next.

  29. theend says:


    LAL additions: Noah and Lowry
    NOH gets Kevin Martin
    HOU gets Kaman and Watson
    CHI lands Gasol.

  30. John Q says:

    Option 1: Gasol and future picks for Dwight Howard (move D12 to #4 while Bynum enjoys #5)
    Option 2: Gasol/Blake for Lowry/Scola

  31. ballin says:

    Pau for Carmelo

  32. Spaniards says:

    Don’t trade Pau unless they package him to get D-Will. For now they need a point guard, They need to trade for Goran Dragic a decent defender with range. That and draft pick for Beasley that should keep them deep in the playoffs or maybe win it all.

  33. BogieMan says:

    Get Kwame Brown! Trade what you need to get him.. he is MONEY!!!

  34. jr says:

    Trade Pau Gasol to chicago for carlos boozer

  35. Glosh says:

    Trade pau for tyrus thomas and and dj augustin or trade pau for reymond felton and lamarcus aldridge

  36. Aaron says:

    trade gasol for lin if not for kevin love If not dont trade him!!!!!!!

  37. knutter says:

    well, it will be a more defensive team to the bulls if they get pau gasol.. tall guy, long arms, a great low post player.. but i hope he will not get soft when he’s on the bulls..

  38. Jason Bossert says:

    too all the Columnist and people on here wanting a Gasol trade you CANNOT and I repeat CANNOT trade PAU Gasol for Dwight Howard or anyone else in that matter Pau Gasol Plays PF and Center Dwight Only Plays The Center Position if you trade Pau Gasol for a PG you give up too strong Positions played by Gasol. the Correct move would be to trade Murphy, MCDaniles, And Luke for decent players

  39. Baller101 says:

    Here is a doubtful scenario for the Lakers but what if and its a big if

    Luke Walton retires in the off season, They trade Pau+MWP+Blake for picks and one big expiring contract now for example

    though it is unlikely that the bobcats would go for it, if they did though they get a decent back up for Kemba which means Augustin could make way for a good 2 guard, they’d get a good bench defender too..

    Then in this situation the Lakers have saved 5mil in Walton’s contract got rid of 10mil in Blake and MWP, saved 9mil in the offseason with Diaw, and 11mil in Kaman, while still having Kaman, Jack and Ariza in the playoffs, on paper this would work for NOLA too cause they’d get Pau along side Gordon (Who might resign if Pau is around) and they pick up a good prospect off the draft imagine NOLA picking up Anthony Davis? Another scenario is

    the Lakers still have the Amnesty they could use that for Okafor this off season, meaning they still save a heap of money..

    • Baller101 says:

      Technically they’d save a heap cause of Walton, Diaw, Okafor or Kaman. They still would owe Ariza and Jack but i’d take paying Jack 5mil for another season and Ariza 12 for a couple of seasons cause they are better players than MWP and Blake at this moment.. Jack and Ariza can be key Playoff pieces so basically the Lakers save 25mil which could get them under the tax bracket, while keeping them a play off team (not a championship team but a play off team)

      • Baller101 says:

        Oh sorry i also forgot that in either of the trades i mentioned the Lakers would get atleast a couple of future first rounders and maybe a current second rounder.

  40. Ricky says:

    Trade Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol

  41. booooooooom says:

    how bout trade gasol for morris and nash , LAkers , great combo

  42. Javier Bravo says:

    Gasol will show the Lakers and kobe who is this summer in London. The olimpic final will be the best game of his career. And I hope this time ends with the spanish victory.

  43. donpaolo says:

    don’t make the same mistake again, just like what you guys did with lamar. pau might also need an acting job and maybe land on a douche team and maybe play with the d-league because it’ll be obvious not only with pau but also the rest of the lakers especially kobe that the trade idea is the dumbest thing to do or even think of.

  44. gratzi says:

    you are definitely right.. the lakers should not trade pau.. if they do then they’ll realize at the end of the day that it’s their lost.. they better trade some guys on their bench not pau, it makes more sense.

  45. Danilo B. says:


  46. mike says:

    i say keep pau, and keep bynum..i say IF you really need to trade someone trade world peace and/or fisher and get steve nash..he’s still as good as any other PG out there…

    or just keep world peace and fisher since u guys traded odom and saved 9mil give that 9mil-11mil to get steve nash and u’ll get a great team!

  47. jaycee says:

    dingdongbell LMAO! are making fun???

  48. francis says:

    lakers must get point guard ! trade gasol for a all star point guard!

  49. erxzed says:

    i’d say keep our strength i.e. Gasol, Bryant & Bynum and add a decent point guard. We don’t need to go young at this stage. We are not in rebuild/reload mode, we are still in ‘win now’ mode. Why don’t we just trade for someone like Baron Davis from New York for Ebanks. Salaries match. New York has an over supply of PG’s and we don’t really utilize Ebanks. B Davis loves playing in LA and we he is a dynamic veteran PG that can also create his own shots and ok playing D in the perimiter. He may not be the ‘A’ grade PG like the DRose, DWill & CP3 but I’d rate him as a ‘B’ grade…much better than the ‘D’ grade we currently have.

  50. Bok says:

    If they’re gonna trade Pau, it has to be a PG of Rondo’s, Williams’ or of Paul’s caliber. Pau’s may not be his usual self but we have to consider the team’s chemistry especially that he blends well with Bynum. What the Lakers should do is to weed out the bench & replace with young, athletic players willing to defend, sacrifice bodies & will dive for loose balls. If they’re thinking long term they should start surrounding Bynum with the right peeps otherwise they might ran into problems the way Magic’s headache with Howard.

  51. Lin_Tech says:

    Trade Mike Brown for Mike D’ Antoni instead..

  52. LG-1 says:

    Pau Gasol to Sacramento for Tyreke and Jason Thompson

  53. megaturon says:

    I say they trade Blake and Murphy for a good underrated PG’s like Barea, Dragic, Ridnour..

  54. ChenZhen says:




  55. David says:

    Trade gasol for anthony. Then let kobe and melo shoot!

  56. mark says:

    keep Gasul, find better PG if not the best. cannot gable to much, playoff is coming. its ether make you or brake you. Pau is is intelligent player he knows what he(if he did) done wrong(last playoff) and smart enough to correct it. FIND PG for Christ sake!!!

  57. sam says:

    just trade pao with howard . lakers need to some change.

  58. paman says:

    Pau gasol + one of lakers first round draft pick for luis scola and kyle lowry that`s the best deal out there

    • paman says:

      throw in walton as an appreciation gesture lollll I am kidding but if houston hesitates about gasol and a first round draft pick throw in steve blake

  59. arvin says:

    dont trade pau!!

  60. Chris says:

    do not trade pau. Lakers are going to get beasley nd sessions. and we will contend for the championship this year

  61. rogals says:

    dont trade gasol, get aaron brooks…or trade steve blake and barnes for steve nash..or blake, barnes for ricky rubio

  62. armin halvadzic says:

    Lakers are not booring to me. As long as they have a W they are fun to me. And I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a player to stay so much as I want for Pau. Just can’t imagine the Lakers without him ,: ok I can but is just not the same. I love the player they have no except Bynum who is playing great but I just can’t forget what he did to J.J. Barea. I hope he stays and lakers somehow get a solid PG. Like Kobe said if they play perfect basketball they can win it all. So why not ? All Pau needs is some confidence. Call Phil Jackson…have a talk with him. I’m sure he would be more then happy to help Pau in one way or another. Kobe is good all the time and Bynum is having the season of his carrier. So now only Pau needs to step to 19 ppg. and 12 rebounds per game and we are rolling. Can’t help my self but will always be a fan of Lakers.

  63. Paul says:

    Trade pau for dwight. I think kobe and dwight will be unstoppable!…

  64. annie says:

    keep pau gasol on the team..he’s more capable than others..
    the team won’t do good if gasol’s gonna be trade…

  65. Don Oyo says:

    Trade Gasol for Steph Curry & David Lee


    Not Bad…

    • Ivan says:

      That’s not a bad trade idea but i prefer this:

      Pau, Steve Blake & Kapono for D-Will, Green & maybe bring Farmar back to L.A (?).

      The future for the Lakers lies in getting the back-court sorted now. Kobe’s not getting any younger and Fish is no longer the legs at point that the Lakers are missing. The trade i’m putting out there gives the the Nets paint presence and raw scoring talent in Pau & Gasol defending it – while Blake and Kapono are two work horses (with Kapono an ex, B2B, 3-Pt shooting champ) that add solidity to the Net’s 2nd unit. Meanwhile, the Lakers get the back-court youth and firepower they’ve needed for a long, long time – and some help at the the 3 for MWP (if they acquire Green).

      NETS Starters: Lopez, Gasol, Humphries, Brooks, Morrow

      LAKERS: Bynum, Murphy, MWP, Kobe, D-Will

      Either way, both teams improve some without compromising overall.

  66. dingdongbell says:

    They should trade KOBE for SUPERMAN!

  67. Roy says:

    Trade Pau, hes soft as a marshmellow. Get some young legs on that team before you get swept in a playoff series again.

  68. jaylord says:

    Let Pau stay in Lakers.. the problem is PG..get Nash or Rondo…

  69. Detroit Fan says:

    trade gasol only if you are getting dwight , otherwisw keep him until the summer.

  70. jeff says:

    dont ever under estimate pau if hes going to chicago tell me whos gonna stop him? all of you knows accusation. you dont know gasol when he is a rookie.same moves and good results after the game.he is sick and tired all of you telling slow and boring.hes gonna do hes best after he tranfered im telling you.because he is already mad of the lakers can u play good game if you heard that they gonna tranfer which u dont have any i dea. ha? tell me?

  71. Danielle says:

    LA should make a trade before the deadline. How about trading Blake & Barnes for Josh Smith? or World Peace to Beasley? And please trade Murphy to other teams!!!! LA getting SLOW due to some aging players.. Only Bynum have the potentials for long-term investments…

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Danielle, be realistic…Blake and Barnes for josh Smith, Sure thing, take Al Horford as well for Troy Murphy, Take Joe Johnson for Derek Fisher. Anyone else? Kyle Lowry for Goudelock maybe?

    • Badgers says:

      Blake and Barnes for Josh Smith, are you high? Smith is worth so much more than that

  72. jonski22 says:

    The Lakers should keep Pau. He is a foundation of a great championship team. Any team with two big men that are complementary to each other is a good foundation.

  73. CLINT says:

    Lakers don’t need to trade anybody on the team, they just need to get the groove with their new coach and try to get some better PG on summer or maybe they can get the free AGENT ZERO(ARENAS).

  74. ryan says:

    the lakers dont need big player,a consistent PG is enough to compete to the playoffs.. pau is very impt to the lakers as well as his body andrew. in a couple of hours the deadline is over,hope to see pau in a purple and gold uniform.

  75. Choker says:

    If the Lakers are going to trade Gasol then you might as well dealt him to another PF and a young PG ……. I dont think the Magic would want Gasol

  76. NBAIQ says:

    No one on this forum is writing checks for these players so we really don’t know how motivated the Lakers management are in moving Gasol. But think about this, they gave up Odom pretty cheaply, so anything is possible at this point even a trade for Boozer.

  77. Henrich joshua says:

    Who’s the trade for gasol i see a rumors that rondo

  78. ARC says:

    don’t trade gasol, he’s the guy can help the lakers to win a championship again. wait for the playoffs to come, atleast he accept the role in the laekers rotation…

  79. BIGMatta23 says:

    Scott howard Cooper…the only one above who thought outside the box and answered with originality and got it right. Guess thats why he gets the big bucks….

  80. jacob says:

    dwight and kobe….. . .a 2 monster in a court!!!!

  81. jayrad says:

    howard is staying in orlando so there goes that plan

  82. jayrad says:

    lol carlos arroyo thats going backwards from the pgs the lakers have

  83. YD says:

    Well just trade Pau and few piece for Houston’s pieces (Scola, Kevin Martin or Burtinger and dragic) these would fill the missing roles in Lakers in exchange for a downgrade role in pf. To upgrade a little, they can throw bynum for Dwight at the center position. Surely with all the new pieces, Mike Brown can finally use his new tacitc for a new team than to replace the old tactic that been instill in the mindset of the old team. Just hope Kobe and Dwight can co-exist the way shaq and kobe can’t.

  84. mr.216 says:

    trade gasol to the rockets that will workout perfect

  85. Ed says:

    Keep Gasol.
    Grab Michael Beasley and Ramon Sessions for almost nada, and you can contend for a couple years more. You can then see if that dynamic works well this season, if not, THEN consider trading Gasol. If it works really well, then keep Gasol, and look to trade him before the start of the 13-14 season. I think with Bryant, Bynum, Gasol, Beasley & Sessions, Lakers can give it a Title run for a couple years more.

  86. lakeshow2012 says:

    why would you think long terms? specially when kobe wants to win now 😀 he’s not getting any younger. dont trade pau. lol the front office should’ve sign aaron brooks instead of chaisng cp3 that’s their mistake. dont change Lakers line up now. their playing good. if you removed Pau on the mix. Bynum will not be as good as he is because he will be the target in the post area.

  87. Carlos Martin says:

    Trade Pau Gasol and S. Blake to ATL for Josh Smith and K.Hinrich. They are both play d and we can still use the trade exception for M. Beasley or we can trade Pau and and S. Blake for R. Felton and G. Wallace. and still you the trade exception for M Beasley. Either combination would improve our defense and we would lose anything when it comes to scoring.

  88. Kevin says:

    Develop Morris and Goudelock more. Make them better. They both have great potentials. We need someone other than Blake and Fisher running the floor, and those two rookies could do wonders in the future.

  89. G says:

    I say trade Gasol, if you are a lakers fan then you need to think long term, especially when the luxury tax comes into play.

    If you had to choose between trading Bryant, Bynum or Gasol…. it has to be Gasol. Get a good PG and some draft picks to make sure Lakers don’t fall into a slump in a couple of years.

    Although I would like to see Bryant play for a different team just to see whether he’d still be a dominant force.

    • Ed says:

      See whether he would still be a dominant force? Such as when he had NOBODY back in the 05-06 season, and everyone expected him to shoot, and he still averaged 35 ppg. Is that the test you wish you could conduct? Well, it’s been tested, and yes he dominated.

  90. Jack says:

    is chris duhon up for grabs in orlando?? he would be a nice fit in LA for really cheap or what about baron davis

  91. David says:

    Keep Gasol for the playoff run this year and come summer trade him involving multi-team deals with Minnesota and someone else. I want Derrick Williams and first round picks, go young and rebuild whether we win the championship or not.

    • lowride says:

      Yup thats right. F*ck boozer.. It will be nice to get D Williams. Going younger is what I think they want and getting Beasley will be great IF they dont give up steve blake. Instead give up Blake for ramon Sessions

  92. Carl Johnson says:

    Keep Pau, and for godsakes don’t trade him for f-ing Boozer!

    People keep pointing at Pau’s “failures” during the playoffs last year but seem to forget how well he played during the season (Lakers most consistent player). His struggles during the playoffs were the direct result of the Lakers sh@tty perimeter shooting, which allowed teams to clog the middle and double team effectively. The Twin Towers of Pau and Bynum should not be lightly dismissed. Bynum thrives off Pau, and both rebound and demand double teams.

    Develop Goudelock and give him more minutes. He can penetrate and hit the three. Maybe he should play alongside Kobe more often.

    Keep Pau (and Bynum). Lakers don’t need Primadonna Howard either.

    • Otzi says:

      got it right Carl, with Drew and Pau, the lakers can dominate any team in the inside game. they just need a young and productive PG. Fish can still have some important contributions from behind the arc as well.

    • Ben says:

      Great comment – I totally agree!

  93. Jorge Guerrero says:

    We need to keep Gasol… The second unit is working better in last 3 games… i think that they are asking for more minutes… and they deserved… Brown needs recognize that the starters not allways are the betters… the rooster is not complete obviuosly but traded Gasol y not the answer

  94. TheNBAGuy says:

    Trade Pau Gasol to Houston for Kyle Lowry, Luis Scola and Murcus Morris if not, they should chase Gilbert Arenas or maybe even Carlos Arroyo

  95. vergel pore says:

    Gasol should stay in lakers, just like Odom, it was a false move! if they need a younger player that moves like jagger, it will take time to blend with laker’s rotation, that’s what pau having now!

  96. FACT says:

    Trade Pau Gasol for Marc Gasol.

    • Eli says:

      that would be pointless. we would be moving lateral not forward. If were gonna lose Pau we need to get a PG

    • Noel Diagan says:

      It’s better to trade pau gasol to Dwight Howard. Lakers should also acquire a better small forward like Danny Granger and a shooting guard like Matthews. They should also acquire a good point guard like Deron Williams or Steve Nash. If the Lakers first five: Bynum, Howard, Granger, Bryant and Williams WOW that’s great.

  97. Andovi24 says:

    Keep Gasol till summer, then trade him. He still has some gas left in his tank