Report: Bulls Chasing Gasol

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Derrick Rose and Pau Gasol in the same uniform?

Apparently someone is trying to make it happen, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, who is reporting that the Bulls are trying to find a way to land the Lakers’ power forward in advance of Thursday trade deadline.

It’s one of the more intriguing ideas to surface throughout this frenzied countdown to the trade deadline, a stretch of every season that is rife with rumors, speculation and flat-out lies.

The Bulls haven’t been mentioned previously with Gasol, but recent developments have placed them squarely in the middle of that conversation now, details courtesy of Stein:

The Bulls have long hoped to wedge themselves into the trade running for Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard, but sources told that Howard’s well-chronicled lack of interest in a trade to Chicago has prompted the Bulls to switch their focus to Gasol in advance of Thursday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline.

Sources say that the Lakers, however, have limited interest in the players Chicago would be offering, starting with Bulls forward Carlos Boozer.

So the Bulls would have to recruit at least one more team to the discussions to have any shot at Gasol, sources said, with the Lakers known to be insistent on getting back at least one certifiable star if they consent to trade the Spaniard.

Sources say that the Lakers, furthermore, are talking to other teams about Gasol in advance.

The Lakers’ longstanding preference, of course, is acquiring a top point guard if they agree to surrender Gasol. They included the 7-footer in the December deal with New Orleans and Houston that would have landed Chris Paul with the Lakers, only for NBA commissioner David Stern — acting as the final decision-maker for the league-owned Hornets — to tell New Orleans’ basketball people to cancel the deal after all three teams agreed to terms.

Gasol has been subjected to constant trade speculation ever since, and recently acknowledged to that “there’s no guarantees” he’ll be with the Lakers beyond the trade deadline, despite recent assurances from Lakers management that no deal was imminent.

Gasol would have no problem fitting in with a Bulls team that is all about defense and the strength of the unit overall as opposed to a sole focus on just one player (Rose gets tons of deserved attention, on and off the court, but they are not a one-man show). In fact, the way the Bulls operate would seem to be much more to the liking of Gasol, who has made clear his desire that the Lakers foster that same sort of environment.

But it’s like he said, there are no guarantees, and that goes for just about anyone and anything this close the trade deadline. But you can rest assured this won’t be the last trade rumor that Gasol is linked to. And it shouldn’t surprise you to see the Bulls mentioned with other prominent stars over the next couple of days.

Until that first domino falls, everyone is in play!


  1. insic says:

    Bulls / Nuggets:

    this would be a trade I like ….i wouldn’t go 4 gasol, i would try to get someone like afflalo (great defender with a good shooting range) throw in a couple of additionals …and let taj gibson start..

    taj is a better defender than boozer and is “much cheaper” , he would be FA in 2014 so save the money for taj


  2. bryan_sailor says:

    Lakers and Bulls trade options:

    Bulls get: Pau Gasol
    Lakers gets: CJ Watson and Carlos Boozer…
    Hows that?
    Lakers need a PG…CJ Watson is a playmaker and can shoot beyond the arc..a good fit for Kobe.

  3. malcolm says:

    best trade for all parties involved


    Give up Taj Gibson, Boozer Jon Lucas
    Acquire Gasol.

    Give up Dwight Howard
    Acquire Taj Gibson, Andrew Bynum, and John Lucas (draft picks $$$ Considerations ?????)

    Give up Bynum/Gasol
    Acquire Boozer, and Dwight Howard.

    This trade is perfect, it enables the Bulls to rid carlos boozer UNTOUCHABLE contract.
    The Lakers can and will absorb it, because it means landing dwight.
    The Bulls get a more polished player, and WILLING defender Gasol at least trys.

    The magic Lose Dwight, but if you’re going to lose the No. 1 center in the league, get the No. 2.
    Taj gibson can start on the current MAGIC team. Lucas is just a contract.
    Throw in a draft pick or two, the MAGIC would really consider this. At least i would as a Gm.

    The lakers get rid of a unhappy Gasol. Lose Bynum. Get the most dominate big in basketball, who will help
    carry the LAKERS beyond the kobe years. Thats what this is about. The LAKERS need a star ! Kobe is dimming.
    Dwight, cp3, Both, they need somebody ! Not to mention boozer is a pretty good throw in (on the offensive side of things).

  4. jacob says:

    lets find out who will be traded ….hahaha

  5. Jm says:

    The Lakers don’t need to trade Pau! They just need a PG who can play defense against prime PG! Get Kirk from Hawks!

    LAL – Kirk
    ATL- Blake, McRoberts

  6. jerome says:

    Lakerland needs steve nash, he’s a playmaker that can replace fisher in the offensive end and steve nash to is a clutchplayer so this will make sense. Gasol, Bynum, Bryant, Nash and Barnes a solid team.

  7. frank dallidet says:

    well,im think about Pau and Carlos …
    Pau is a great deffense man and Carlos Boozer the same way.just becouse i think derrick needs a strong man inisde the the court but i m so happy to know that probably chance…..

  8. theend says:

    4-team trade:

    LAL gets Noah and Lowry – 2 semi stars for the price of one big one 🙂

    Bulls finish up w/ Gasol, the advantage is obvious.

    Minnesota gets a lil smth to replace the loss of Rubio in Dragic and nice size down low w/ Sammy.

    Houston gets fast and explosive 3-4 in Beasly and a solid PG in Watson. Also, the Pek-tacular hype moves to Texas, giving them even more toughness.

  9. andres says:

    gasol has to say that he want to be traded to chicago and that he wont be ready to play for the lakers., but he is too good person

  10. manis says:

    Why is everyone talking like the Bulls can trade Boozer for anyone? Boozer’s stock is low. He’s not in his prime, he has lazy defense, and his contract is big. So stop talking about Boozer for Scola. Boozer for Josh Smith. Houston and Atlanta management are not complete idiots. What would they gain from such a dumb trade?

    I’ve been a Bulls fan my whole life, so I’m not just a Boozer hater. But be realistic.

  11. Rubén says:

    Please Bulls Trade with Pau, LA has no sense…..

  12. jaypee says:

    the rockets wont do it, they want gasol.

  13. mharon says:

    why d’antoni resign?? its better to trade melo in laker that kobe will teach him!

  14. mharon says:

    this is what i liked in nba….I love this game! business as usaul;)

  15. daniel says:

    would anyone be interested in Derick Rose for LeBron James…

  16. Joseph says:

    i would even trade Boooo-zer for Darco or Kwame Brown….at least you can get 3 or 4 first round pick in the next 4years….

  17. Joseph says:

    It’s about time that the Bulls try to trade Booo-zer, he’s a bust for his salary, Taj is way better than him in every way(except for screaming after a dunk)…. just get JSmoove for Boooo-zer….then the Bulls will be champion….

    • Michael says:

      bwhahahaha screaming after a dunk, totally agree and it doesn’t even have to be him dunking the ball..

  18. Krob( Spurs fan) says:

    I hate the lakers but real talk i think they should keep Gasol ..yes he’s soft at times and inconsistent at times but he is very skilled and one of the best 4’s in the league ..he and bynum down low ..the new twin towers …quit the Rondo bs cause he aint goin anywhere he’s boston’s future ….I think Nash could be an option if he wasn’t so loyal to Phoenix …but even Aaron Brooks or somebody similar will do …yall really don’t need a true point when you have the black mamba runnin the show ..he could bring the ball up …yall do need depth ..yall don’t need a star point guard ..yall just need a solid one cause Kobe gonna help them out anyway ..yall have a good core yall still have one of the deadliest starting 5’s ….but No Phil no title my opinion …

  19. Buknoy says:
    Let this trade happens….

  20. Buknoy says:
    I dont want this trade happens…

  21. mario says:

    I wouldn’t trade Gasol but since they want to trade him do it for Josh Smith. Something like this for example . Hinrich’s contract expires this summer so either resign him for less money or let him go. Trade Beasley for this 1st round pick and the summer sign Kirilenko, Milos Teodosic and Krstic from Europe and you are ready for another championship. Lakers need DEPTH.

    Bynum – Krstic
    Smith – McRoberts
    Beasley – Kirilenko
    Kobe – Goudelock
    Teodosic – Fisher

    If they can take Jamison who is a free agent this summer even better.

  22. SwagCulture says:

    How do you guys think of this Celtics/Magic/Lakers trade.
    I think all teams benefit.

    let me know what you guys think

  23. SwagCulture says:

    How do you guys think of this Celtics/Magic/Lakers trade.
    I think all teams benefit.

    let me know what you guys think

  24. red says:

    Lakers – Flynn Scola Asik
    Bulls – Gasol
    Rockets – Boozer

  25. red says:

    Lakers – Scola, Flynn
    Rockets – Boozer
    Bulls – Gasol

  26. KUMAG says:


  27. nate says:

    Lakers – Grant Hill, Steve Nash
    Bulls – Pau Gasol, Matt Barnes
    Suns – Carlos Boozer,CJ Watson

  28. nate says:

    Phoenix – Howard, Fisher
    Lakers – Nash
    Magic – World Peace, Gortat, Barnes

  29. macp86 says:

    The Lakers don’t need to do anything!!!!! They either need to toughen this year out and make a play for a PG (D. will or Aaron Brooks) during the off season. Or just make a play for him right now since he is a free agent loitering out there in China.

  30. LG-1 says:

    BULLS: Pau Gasol, Matt Barnes, Shannon Brown
    LAKERS: Steve Nash, Grant Hill, CHI future 1st round pick
    SUNS: Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, Richard Hamilton, LAL future 1st round pick

  31. crate blanche says:

    deron to LA.. poor man’s chris paul

  32. jayrad says:

    pau n walton for josh smith n hinrich

  33. jayrad says:

    lakers wouldnt except that deal. bulls getting 1 star and a starter

  34. Travis Pittman says:

    GASOL!! we dont need or want Gasol.. He is to soft and there would really be no reason.. he has his rings so im hoping the next stop is retirement.

    • marco214 says:

      Only somone who dosen’t know what they are talking about would say this. I’m tired of people saying Gasol is so soft, when clearly hes proven himself one of the best powerfowards in the leauge. He was a BIG factor for 2 of LA’s championships. Gasol is known for his finess, and that works perfectly to compliment Bynum. I don’t know who “we” is in “we don’t want him”. If i were you id watch more basketball.

  35. Chino28 says:

    I rather get Scola if they have to get rid of the whole team for Gasol, Boozer for Scola be a good trade. he is cheaper and has more heart than Boozer,, If they trade Watson & Brewer, that’s too much chemistry gone, defense for that matter. Gasol would be a great fit if you don’t sell the whole kitchen. Remember when Kobe was almost a Bull, he did not want the Bulls to trade away everybody.

    • manis says:

      Why would Houston trade Scola for Boozer, when Scola is cheaper and has more heart than Boozer?

  36. poknoy says:

    get amare stoudamire for pau gasol

  37. richy says:

    yes give us Taj gibson+kover+ asik+draft pics and you can have gasol+ luke watson($5m benchwarmer).

  38. Project Mayhem says:

    Keep Pau Gasol in L.A.

  39. jonski22 says:

    unless it’s Johs Smith & anothe quality player….or Howard..or Deron Williams and some Nets quality big men…Pau will not be traded…

  40. richy says:

    please as long as Gasoft is traded thats fine with me. i cant stand his laziness, he cant even handle the ball with a firm grip. we need a RUGGED powerforward. yes i am a Laker fan. unfortunately we already traded Lamar hurriedly. if not he would have been perfect for the 4 spot.

  41. Guy says:

    I hate it when a team’s fan goes to the ESPN trade machine and make their team better while the other teams get something thats close to nothing in return. smh

  42. Smartest says:

    I say boozer-watson-and second round pick for Gasol.

  43. Horrible says:

    @ Seriously, Though : Why would the Lakers give up an All-Star skilled big man for those players? Diaw has been inconsistent this year and is not getting any younger and is nowhere near Pau Gasol’s level. Augustin is not a star point guard, and not what the Lakers would look for, he’s a decent point guard at best. Asik is good on defense and hustles, but that’s not going to solve LA’s problems. I don’t see why the Bobcats would build around Boozer for the future when he’s going to decline, he’s already 30 years old. I wouldn’t want to build around a 30 year old player. Only winner here are the Bulls.

  44. Shawn says:

    They need to get the Celtics in on the trade. Gasol goes to Chicago, Boozer and Rondo go to LA, and Boston Get World-Peace and Rip. Most likely have to throw in somebody else to the Celtics. Definitely a trade in the favor of the Lakers in my opinion but the Celtics have been talking about Dealing Rondo, here’s their chance. I know i’m just a LA fan Dreaming though.

    • Anon says:

      I agree completely! I was just coming here to say that, the Lakers don’t want to trade Gasol for Rondo straight up and don’t want Boozer by himself but want a star PG and a big to replace Gasol so the Bulls need to have Boston be their third team. Lakers would be nuts not to give up Gasol for both Rondo and Boozer.

  45. Belizeboy says:

    Do we always have to get reminded about the Chirs Paul trade?

  46. shawn says: this all explains it… chicago would get pau jameer and dwight, LA would get boozer and hamilton, and the magic would get loul and joakim..

  47. shawn says: boozer and watson for kd. /end of story.

  48. Michael says:

    Reasonably I would not give up Boozer, Asik, Korver and Watson for Gasol…why give us 2 young guys + 2 older guys for 1 old guy? Watson is needed for a backup guard, Korver though not doing to well is ALWAYS a threat sooner or later, Asik, defenses purposes to backup Noah and Boozer well he’s about the only guy that makes sense to trade bc of contract etc. I understand Lakers wont trade straight up, but do you think they’d consider Korver/Deng/Boozer for Gasol/World Peace? something along those lines…

    • MIKE says:

      Good one. But the Lakers want a point guard also. This could still go. Lakers could just sign Arenas for the 1 spot, and trade Bynum + for Howard.
      This would be a disaster for the NBA. Lakers would win #17.

  49. ben says:

    Rose should just come to the Lakers. No other team will be able to touch them!!!!!!!

  50. Gasol for Josh Smith !!!! Howard for Bymun … Trade World Peace, Laker’s need PEACE!!

  51. Max says:

    Id rather have Josh smith for Boozer in CHi

  52. Tony Py says:

    What about this possible trade?

    I’m a huge lakers fan, I love the way Gasol made it up til this point. He showed toughness, I want MOP out of the lakers and I will love to see either Rondo, Lowry or Nash to end up in the purple/gold uniform. We’ll have 3 top stars in each important possition, the point guard, the shooting guard and in the paint with our prone injury guy!!! If this is what will happen next thursday, I’ll bet on my team to get the 17th NBA Championship, and tying all up with the C’s and back to 2012-2013 season with a finals series with these two teams! I’m 19 Y.O, I’m from Paraguay, I’m a huge fan of the entire Lakers organization, greetings fellas’.

  53. Alex says:

    My God! Keep Bynum and Gasol. What are they nuts? Get a point guard who can shoot and drive to the basket already and stop messing with the best pieces the Lakers have. The Lakers played much better during the first month of the season when they rotated a lot of players…it kept the pace up and they played well. I think the coaching is the real problem…not so much the players. Bynum and Gasol are most formidable pair in the NBA…keep them where they are and get a point guard who can help run the offense.

    • penny says:

      I agree! The Lakers biggest problems are the lack of a true pg, and, the fact the Mike Brown is a terrible coach! Everyone knows that Kobe is the real coach of that team. I think Brown is just there for show.

  54. Seriously, Though says:

    Augustin, Diaw, and Asik to LAL, Gasol to CHI, and Boozer to the Bobcats. Use the trade exceptions/some of LA’s draft picks to make it work. Chicago gets Gasol, LA gets long-term flexibility + good pieces in Augustin and Gasol, and the Bobcats get a good PF to build around for the future.

    • MIKE says:

      Helloooo!!! Bobcats got rid of G. Wall to free up cap space. You think they would now take Boozers big contract???
      Good try tough.

  55. Seriously, Though says:

    Augustin, Diaw, and Asik to LAL, Gasol to CHI

  56. Jose says:

    “The Bulls haven’t been mentioned previously with Gasol”?Where have I read about Rose’s interest in acquiring Gasol?

  57. Chris says:

    I like Gasol in Chicago for sure, but Houston gets nothing from this trade. Boozer has been struggling, and Houston would be giving up too much.

    • Terrence says:

      Uhm Boozer is 15.6 points a game, 8.10 rebounds a game, 1.80 turnovers a game played all 44 games for the bulls so far this season. with 29.8 mins yea your right he is struggling! lmao. I do like Gasol he is a better all around player than Boozer. But i wont diss Boozer play this year. If bulls dont get him i am still happy with Boozer. Bulls really only need a 2 guard rip is too old and well old!.

  58. Leto says:

    If I’m the Bulls I’d offer Boozer + Watson + Brewer or Korver. Take it or leave it.

    • Denzo says:

      Boozer and watson. Thats it. i wouldnt include Brewer. All these 3 work hard. As does gasol. fair swap I think. I would almost put Scalabrine on the table.. April Fools!! never!! Gasol would enjoy the team first attidude without the Hollywood. And Chicago is nice. As for Dwight. hes a great player.. but man watched the game against the heat today.. and you know what.. how can your star player want to be THE GUY on the team that does it in the 4th quarter.. when he shoots.. what was it, 5 – 14 FTs?? Seriously so terrible. At one point he was 2-9.. 2-9!! How can an NBA player shoot 2 for 9? Even I shoot 5 -8 in my league on avg.

  59. Leto says:

    Boozer+ Watson + Asik makes both teams better. Lakers will take Boozer just like they’d take Scola (aka, Boozer-lite)

    • MIKE says:

      This is a good one. Both teams would agree, even tough Bulls could ask for an additional player (a back-up PG maybe).

  60. Chuck says:

    Well, good. I’m not crazy when I came up with this.

    Boozer, Korver and Watson to Houston, Scota, Dragic and Rip to LA, KevMart and Gasol to Chicago.

    • Marko says:

      And who, exactly, is the star(let alone the star point guard) that the Lakers are getting in return?

    • kb24 says:

      Dam thats actually really good. all teams win lakers get a point guard and get deeper, and chicago would be really dangerous but the only way this would go down is if the salary caps fit and the rockets intentionally want to go way under the salary cap.

    • al says:

      Seems like the bulls r getting a much better deal than everyone else in that one. Theyd almost def win the championship. I dont c that happening, but its one of the more sensible suggestions out there.

    • pio2u2 says:

      “Scola, Dragic and Rip to LA” NOT! Dragic is no Magic & Rip is Van Winkle old; thanks but no thanks.LMAO!!

      • MIKE says:

        Yeah good trade… In a video game. This is a Bulls fan joke.
        Rockets wanted Gasol cuz he can play at the 5. What are the Bulls give away to get 1 all-star and a legit scorer: 1 sub “all-star”, 1 average point gard and what? Korver? Damn!!!
        If Bulls want Gasol, they better put Deng or Noah along with Boozer in any possible trade talk.
        See if you replace Boozer with Noah and Watson with Deng, it could go. Rockets want a 5 and they don’t need another point guard, they get would get one. Lakers would get a point guard and good support from the 3 and 4.
        Try this: Noah, Rip, Korver to Houston; Deng, Scola, Dragic to L.A.; Gasol and Martin to Chicago.
        Everyone’s happy… Not!!! Lakers still would not really be interested. LOL

    • Saw Kapaw says:

      Chuck, you must be the biggest Bulls fan. Drem on man!

    • Taro says:

      OMG….i’m bulls fan.i like this trade.boozer can’t match with noah.and bulls now got gasol.and bulls weak in SG position.hamillton to old.KM is a good one(but i think monta ellis is better).but,it’s ok..i think now bulls need the backup for rosein PG position.

    • David says:

      reasonable but not enough

    • manis says:

      No, you are crazy actually.

      Why would Houston want to trade Dragic, Scola and Kevin Martin for Boozer, Korver and Watson? How does that help them in any way at all? It’s almost the same team.. but worse.

      Why would the Lakers want Scola (to replace Gasol??) and Rip whose been injured all year, and Dragic? They’re looking for a point guard. Not Dragic.

      Which comes down to, you’re just a Bulls fan thinking of unrealistic trades.

      • William says:

        Rose for Gasol and McRoberts. Obviously the Lakers want a point guard, and Derrick Rose make a great one. Add Matt Barnes and Korver to the deal.

    • Jim says:

      ok people it would work but the bulls would have to give la a pick or 2 as well……..dragic and scola would fit into la system as well as give them a legit scorer off the bench in rip so kobe can actually sit for a few min………and houston is not trying to make a trade to get better, they wana dump some cap and rebuild and maybe even try and fit some young guys around boozer if this were to go through