Let The Trade Deadline Madness Begin

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks kicked off this trade deadline season with a bang, agreeing tonight on a five-player deal that will send guard Monta Ellis, forward Ekpe Udoh and center Kwame Brown to Milwaukee for center Andrew Bogut and guard Stephen Jackson. The deal, first reported by Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, was also confirmed by TNT’s David Aldridge

If the magnitude of this first move is any indication — Bogut was the No. 1 pick in the 2005 Draft, Ellis is one of the league’s top scorers and Jackson, despite his issues with Bucks coach Scott Skiles, remains one of the league’s most dynamic backcourt performers when he’s playing in an environment he likes — we could be in for a wild ride the next 24 hours.

Ellis has been the subject of trade rumors in Golden State for the past three seasons, with the reasoning being as nuanced as his game. Bottom line, just like Bogut and Jackson (who had expressed their own desires to be shipped out of Milwaukee from whatever restrictions they felt Skiles’ system placed upon their respective games), Ellis is being moved at his own behest.

The only problem? You can bet Ellis didn’t have the Bucks at the top of his list, not with the chatter about him joining Dwight Howard in Orlando heating up in recent days. The addition of Ellis also raises questions about Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings, whose name has also surfaced in trade rumors in the past few weeks. Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports reported yesterday that the Bucks don’t have any plans on moving Jennings, which should make some chemistry issues down the stretch this season for Skiles with an Ellis-Jennings backcourt.

Jackson presented a unique set of challenges, same as he always has for whoever is coaching him. A backcourt with two offensive-minded guys like Ellis and Jennings should be as exciting as any combo in the league, but will they defend the way Skiles demands?

We’ve got it covered for you from every angle …

NBA.com’s numbers guru and HT East Coast Bureau chief John Schuhmann breaks down the mechanics of the deal for all involved:

The deal basically erases (with Jackson’s contract) the $10 million of cap space the Warriors had this summer, and gives the Bucks about $8 million of cap space this summer (because Brown’s contract is expiring and Jackson’s is for one more year). Neither team’s payroll is affected much in 2013-14, when the new, more punitive luxury tax system kicks in and Bogut, Ellis and Udoh (if his options are picked up) are all on the books.

The Jazz (via New Jersey) have the Warriors’ 2012 first round pick, but it’s top-7 protected. And with Bogut out and Stephen Curry’s health a question, the Warriors could sink in the standings and keep the pick. They’re currently six games in the loss column from having a bottom-7 record, but have played the fewest games in the league.

NBA.com’s and HT West Coast Bureau chief Scott Howard Cooper weighs in with the Bay Area perspective:

The deal is exactly the kind of bold strike the Warriors have been looking to make for years, and this season in particular to address the glaring need at center in the wake of another disappointing showing by Andris Biedrins. They came close to landing Tyson Chandler as the interior defensive presence, before Chandler took a free-agent deal with the Knicks in what he termed a late switch away from Golden State, and signed DeAndre Jordan to an offer sheet the Clippers predictably matched. In what would have been the riskiest move of all, they were willing to trade for Dwight Howard even without a commitment from Howard that he would sign an extension, as long as it did not require including Curry in the package.

General manager Larry Riley told NBA.com on Feb. 21 the Warriors were “working day and night” to make a big move and “hopeful” one would happen. Their prominent profile in the days leading to the trade deadline – with the Magic for Howard, with the Bucks for Bogut – was not surprise. Neither was their willingness to part with Monta Ellis as lottery pick Klay Thompson continued to develop into an obvious successor at shooting guard.

The deal they finally got with an obviously itchy trigger finger comes with interesting draft implications. The Warriors keep their first-round pick only if it lands in the top seven after the lottery. With no Ellis, no Udoh, no Bogut for the foreseeable future and Curry a question mark with continuing ankle problems, chances just increased that Golden State will retain the selection. At eight or lower, the choice that was first sent from Golden State to New Jersey in a 2008 Marcus Williams deal and then from New Jersey to Utah in the 2011 Deron Williams blockbuster, belongs to the Jazz.

Finally, NBA.com’s elder statesman and HT Midwest Director of Operations Steve Aschburner has kept as close an eye on the Bucks as anyone, and weighs on the impact this will have in Milwaukee:

Bogut was prepared for a trade, maybe even seeking a fresh start after his recent injury issues in Milwaukee. He responded to a text question from NBA.com Monday about his trade-deadline fate with: “Who knows? It’s like an adolescent version of a lucky dip!” A lucky dip is a British and apparently Aussie version of what’s known here as a grab bag – as in, he was expecting something, he just wasn’t sure what.

The Bucks often found themselves in the same predicament with Bogut: They never knew what they were going to get. He was the third team all-NBA center in 2009-10, but that season ended abruptly when Bogut suffered a horrendous fall on a dunk, his right arm, wrist and hand folding beneath him and requiring surgery that hampered his play all of last season. He played just 12 games this season before fracturing his left ankle at Houston on Jan. 25, with a return this season uncertain.

Also uncertain: The fate of Squad 6, the section of diehard Bucks fans Bogut sponsored at every Milwaukee home game, standing and cheering from start to finish. On many nights, Squad 6 has been the only source of noise at the Bradley Center.

Shedding Jackson — a high-maintenance scorer who had fallen out of favor with coach Scott Skiles — means the Bucks again were hoping for some addition-by-subtraction. They had taken on Jackson via trade with Charlotte as a way to unload Corey Maggette, another scorer with a me-first reputation. But Jackson, who is due another $10 million salary in 2012-13, made noise about a contract extension last summer before he ever played a game for Milwaukee.

Pairing Ellis with Jennings gives Milwaukee a scoring-centric and smallish backcourt not unlike Golden State’s with Ellis and Stephen Curry. Udoh could join the Bucks’ center committee that, in Bogut’s absence, included Drew Gooden, Larry Sanders and a cast of several others. Brown was acquired for his $7 million expiring contract.


  1. Eiji says:

    This is bad for the warriors because Stephen Curry backcourt tandem and Bogut is a injury risk so its a one-sided deal

  2. Martin says:

    Bogut Is so far overrated…….

  3. Martin says:

    Not really relevant, But I think someone really needs to acknowledge the effort of Drew Gooden this year…..
    By far most improved NBA player this season and probably the last five!!!!!!!

  4. scj510 says:

    i hope monta plays against the warriors on friday and GOES OFF…this coming from a warriors fan btw. hope the bucks make the playoffs and win so monta can get his ring that he deserves and shouldve got with GS but noooo. and i hope Epke gets like 20 blocks and finals MVP. hard to stay loyal to the Dubs when they always trading away their superstars.

  5. Phresh says:

    The Warriors did what was necessary. Trades are about doing whats best for the team at the time. Having Monta and Curry, one of the top scoring backcourts in the league, clearly wasn’t getting it done in the Western Conference that is dominated by teams with good big men. All the Western Conference playoff teams have pretty good big men, something the Warriors have not had in years. Bogut brings that to the table, and Jackson was a pretty good defender in his hey day as well. Having scoring guards is great, but how many of the past championship teams have had great scoring back court tandems? Not many, because defense wins championships, something neither Monta or Curry were particularly good at. Bogut brings blocks and rebounds when he’s healthy, and he’s a top 10 scorer for big men. I will say Stephen Jackson wasn’t a great pick up, but he was a necessary evil. Let’s face it, small ball doesn’t work in the West, or anywhere else in the league for that matter, when it comes to playoff wins. It can certainly puts points up on the board, but you need that defensive presence to stop the other team. Having both guards who are under 6’4″ would certainly cause a problem when it came to defending the likes of Kobe, and any other big 2 guards on the west. Points are great, but we still need D. We pulled it off for a first round upset back then, but we didn’t go any further, and that was with more experienced players.

  6. ill will says:

    I dont like this trade for GS at all because they would have prob still had a chance at their draft pick because of the issues with curry.Secondly, D-12 is not the equal championship automatically unless he had a Jennings AND Ellis or Curry AND Ellis, the teams themselves are just missing to many pieces. The move was bad for the Bucks alslo but they may perform better without Stack-5. Look back at the Nuggests and the Melo issue, everyone thought melo made the team but now they are top 5 in scoring and a contender for the West title. The knick may not even make the playoffs…sometimes losing or gaining a player can change the culture of your team. All and all….GO LA

  7. ubhfewn(??) says:

    Well i honestly think this is a good trade for GSW.. they may struggle this season, but it means guys like Klay thompson will get more playing time the rest of the season, and the upcoming draft is apparently one of the best in a while.. and the next couple seasons i really see GSW moving into the playoff picture and gradually getting better and better.. they just need a deeper bench..
    That’s what i think anyways..

  8. Cedsharp says:

    This, once again, show that professional American basket ball has lost most of its appeal when a trade of two players (as good as they are) becomes the end of a whole team. When did basket ball, a team sport, become such a business of individuals being traded like commodities? Sad. We used to Love this Game…

  9. Malik says:

    Bad Trade, All parties involved.Bogut’s injury prone.Steve Jackson starts tripping with the coaches and ruins your lockeroom.Ex Warrior, Monta,a deserving All-Star will not play with Jennings,we saw that here with Steph Curry. Kwame Brown was a Mark Jackson loyalist,go ask Mark if he wanted Monte or Kwame moved !!!

  10. cw says:

    Monta is one of the greatest players in the NBA; I wanted to see him team-up with D. Howard. Like Ellis says “it is what it is”

  11. charles says:

    THis was a good trade for both parties. No one of any real consequence was planning to sign up with Golden State in the summer. So they used it on someone now. Bogut is hurt and so is Curry so they are likely to lose many games and possibly have a bottom 7 pick – which could translate to a nice player for them.

  12. kobe says:

    ellis cant stay healthy either..u can call this the MASH trade…

  13. Ike says:

    this isn’t a smart move you give away a contract that is up next year and Brown is coming back in APR he will only be out three month . and you got four centers to go vs Lebron james and howard smart move. Udoh is hot now he is blocking shot good this was a steal for the Bucks I can blame them for the Warriors being not so smart!!!

  14. Ike says:

    this isn’t a smart move you give away a contract that is up next year and Brown is coming back in APR he will only be out three month yahoo.com said. and you got four centers to go vs Lebron james and howard smart move. Udoh is hot now he is blocking shot good this was a steal for the Bucks I can blame them for the Warriors being not so smart!!!

  15. Ike says:

    this is a dumb move you give away a contract that is up next year and Brown is coming back in APR he will only be out three month yahoo.com said. and you got four centers to go vs Lebron james and howard smart move Udoh is hot now he is blocking shot good this was a steal for the Bucks I can blame them for the Warriors dumb move!!!

  16. jose says:

    so I was just messing around and i got this….it looks like it could work but I really doubt that it would happen


  17. Mitchell says:

    I see right through Monta Ellis face. What the Warriors did to him was wrong on so many level. Guess what I won’t be surprise when the Bucks play the Warriors Friday, that Monta Ellis goes for 30. Warriors had the 3rd Best SG in the NBA, and you go out and trade him for a Center whose hurt and quality Sg/Sf in Jackson.

  18. Mino says:

    warriors fans stop overreacting curry or ellis had to be traded

  19. Giles says:

    Williams leads the Nba in turnovers by the way, so I`m sure the Nets will miss him throw wins away, and that he`ll be highly coveted. As for Bogut to the Warriors, while it may offically end the possibility of their trading for Howard, uNofficially, it improves their chances of getting him. The Warriors don`t have to keep Bogut, or jackson, whom they previously got rid of for fussing with Kobe Bryant. They cantrade Bogut to Miami or Orlando or Houston or Dallas, or any other team which would need a legit defensive post man, willing to let others, like James/Wade/Bosh score inside. So obviously, Magic should remind Howard, when O`Neal left, his movie roles vanished, and he was dropped by his record company as a rapper before his fist championship. Promises of pie in the sky when you die don`t pay the bills. Howard needs proof up front he`ll get what they say, or afterward, they`ll just say I`m sorry and/or I lied, and he`ll be helpless. So he needs to get his up front, get it right the first time. Won`t be a second chance.

  20. Real Talk says:

    This league is a business. For teams that arent gonna make the playoffs, its all about long term and getting the highest draft pick and it is evident thats what the Warriors are doing. Whats the point in just missing out of the playoffs and ending up with a number 14 pick.The Warriors knew that Bogut wasn’t gonna play big, if at all this season. Bucks on the other hand are 9th in the west behind a Knicks team which continues to lose, they have their mind completely set on the playoffs and adding a proven scorer and someone who knows how to deal witch clutch situations its a no brainer.

  21. Platon says:

    No one gonna get anything good. This trade is useless. Probably they gonna trade those players soon. Ellis and Jennings in the same team? Why?? Who will play defence?

  22. buzzkillington says:

    Milwaukee instantly created my favorite backcourt in the entire league. Nice move. Time to topple those Knicks out of playoffs.

  23. Makarov says:

    Good for bucks.Bad for Golden State

  24. Fanofthegame says:

    Defensive centre’s help win championships. Monta is not getting them there. If Bogut regains pre-injuries form it will be a big win for the Warriors. Jackson and World Peace may in fact be related in some way as you question their mental health at times however they’re hard nosed players who can handle the pressure. Besides the Warriors may still package Jackson elsewhere. Losing the expiring contract of Kwame was not an issue when your acquiring a top 5 centre. Bogut’s point guards have primarily been Mo Williams (shoot first pg), Steve Blake (not a pg who makes others better), and Brandon Jennings (shoot first pg once again) Additionally Scott Skiles is all about defense which Bogut already knows. Put him with Mark Jackson who knows how to run a good offense and good point guard in Curry equals good things for the Warriors. All this hinges on Bogut’s ability to stay healthy.

  25. pault says:

    My first reaction to this deal was that the warriors blew it again, but after thinking about it i like this deal for the warriors. They weren’t going anywhere with ellis and curry in the backcourt, they aren’t going to make the playoffs, they need a center, so they trade ellis, get an injured bogut who when healthy is one of the best 5’s in the league, get back stephen jackson who has had success there in the past, and they ensure they’ll be getting a high pick in this year’s draft, they’ve made their tema better going forward IF bogut and curry stay healthy.
    Milwaukee can’t complain, they get one of the most exciting players in the league in ellis and push to make the playoffs.
    Good trade for both teams if Bogut stays healthy

  26. Ya...WTF says:

    Maybe not the worst trade in history but I really do not understand the management a GS. Fine swap Brown and Udoh for Bogut, great trade. Props to the old white men in the room for that half but Jackson for Ellis seems a bit lopsided. I know I am viewing this trade from an odd breakdown but really this is the swap we are seeing. The whole deal is botched by the loss of one of the best scorers playing today…the possibilities with Lee, Curry, Ellis and Bogut…that has playoffs written all over it, but alas save 7 mil in cap space and wait 3 more years for a true play off run. Keeps your fans unhappy…good idea GS management…

  27. Glen says:

    lol now golden state is doomed and lost alot of their fans, bad deal for GS. GO BUCKS

  28. Lucas says:

    I was a Warrior fan. I was…
    Is this trade a joke ? Monta Ellis, who’s amazing, Udoh who’s becoming good and Kwame for an old and an injuried player …
    Just hoping Ellis not staying for a long time with the Bucks …

  29. Eddie from the Mil says:

    Best trade ever the BC should get packed now. To all Warrior fans, their is still time to become Bucks fan.. Just make sure you come to the Bradley Center and use secret converting code “Feer the Deer!!” LOL Go Bucks!!!!!

  30. slobodan says:

    no doubt gsw is tanking yet another season with this trade. in endless hope that next year will be better … yeah, sure … with bogut in full force and jackson actually playing and not being perennially disgruntled, that would be a reasonable trade, if not better for gsw. as things stand now, the bucks get 3 new players to plug in (exactly so) and their playoff chances increase, at least on paper. i expect mil to be a better place for monta than gsw but a lot depends on the coach. jennings becomes sort of expandable.

  31. Tyler says:

    This was a good trade for the bucks and since they got the 8th seed already this means the bucks only get better! so this means bucks will 7, 6 or even maybe the 5th seed anything can happen in the NBA ill miss bogut but he gets injured a lot so that was good for the bucks to trade him and a get a better Center.


  32. WTF is this says:

    Worst trade I’ve ever seen. Really, Kwame And Ekpe for Bogut. Old Steven Jackson for all star worthy Monte Ellis. Congratulations Milwaukee!!!! You just stole Monte Ellis.

  33. Bobo! Tang ina mo. Blocker kaya c Bogut. C Marlou Aquino lang ang mas magaling sa kanya sa blocks.

  34. smith ellis says:

    it is completely out of expected and is totally bad for warriors. To my perspective, warriors still can be a playoff team this year, but without ellis it would be harder. Totally lost for the warriors..

  35. Franco says:

    Ellis is inefficient. The warriors play better with him off the court than on the court. People need to get over the fact that PPG and stats determines if you’re the superior player or not, because it doesn’t.
    In this deal, Bogut is the best player. If he’s healthy from there on, guaranteed playoffs.

  36. Zetox says:

    Kwame Brown will lead Bucks to the NBA Finals

  37. Brian says:

    that would be a very bad move for warriors while for milwaukee its one of the best moves but im saddened because i want monta ellis to be a part of my big 3 in chicago (derrick rose, dwight howard and monta ellis) and if that team will become a reality no team will stand a match against them not even OKLAHOMA,CLIPPERS, AND MIAMI

  38. Jandy says:

    Poor Dwight Howard he didn’t get Monta for his request to stay in Magic. Brooklyn time for D-12! Bogut and David Lee could be a good pair for the Warriors while the Bucks needs another stable and performing big man for them to stay alive for their playoff run and I don’t think that Monta and Jennings could be a good pair so for me the Bucks won’t benefit at all from this trade.

  39. Tom says:

    Excellent trade for Bucks. They are 8th without Bogut and Jackson, if Ellis and Udoh dont act like cancers to the team, Bucks could upgrade heavily. And will be fun to watch. And if they can pull this one out
    some major 1st round upsets are expected…

  40. Glosh says:

    This is really bad for the bucks, Kwame brown is gonna be the starter Center for bucks? You’ve got to be kidding me? And how about the future of Andris Biedrins? >,<

    • Franco says:

      get real. brown is not going to be your center, unless they make it to the playoffs, which i highly doubt he’ll still be available in time. anyways, the sole purpose for the bucks to take on brown’s contract was because he has an expiring contract, which is a big plus. in the end, the winners and losers will be clear next season. it’s too early to see who received the better of the deal.

      • Mike says:

        I agree with Franco…there is much more to these trades than on the court play. Kwame Brown will never see the floor as the Bucks starting center. He is supposed to be out for the year and doubtful even if they make the playoffs. He will then be dumped, so the Bucks can clear cap space. They also get another 10 million in cap space by sending Jackson packing. If they make the playoffs this year (only to lose to MIA in rd 1) they will hurt themselves long term by not getting a lottery pick. The other issue is finding a free agent big man that wants to live and play for Milwaukee. NBA players have too much clout when it comes to demanding trades because one person can turn a loser into a winner.

    • Mino says:

      look for udoh and gooden to clog the 5 spot. both are great defensively and offensively respectively.

  41. Olcay Timur says:

    I don’t understand Bucks staff. Jennings and Ellis! Why? Two guards are more offensive players. They don’t know doin defense. They are frail guards. Why do u send Bogut the team? Maybe, He is injury now and will be. But he is collective and team player.
    Jennings and Ellis!! No!!
    Ersan! pls don’t extend your contract!
    Go another candidate championships team!

  42. John says:

    The warriors are writing off this season and looking to next. Bogut will be healthy for the start of next season, it’ll turn out good for the warriors, dont worry. As for milwaukee, well theyve been going good of late without bogut playing so adding monta is definitely a good thing. Theyll make the playoffs this year.

  43. Samuel says:

    bad deal for both teams. Say what you will about Ellis but he bought it “every night”. The Warriors decided to trade their best player and mortgage their future on two guys who are chronic wimps in Bogat and Curry.The Doctors and trainers will be working overtime, along with the “3-piece suite” makers. Hopefully, Ellis won’t stay in Milwaukee very long and Jersey can swing something together to get him there with Dwight and Deron at the end of the year.

    • Mike says:

      Both teams were mediocre before the trade and both are mediocre afterwards…nobody in this deal was a game changer. The only reason I would argue the Bucks got the upper hand is because they are now at least watchable. Thw Warriors traded for a center that’s always injured and shooter with a bad attitude. The Bucks at least got an exciting player that gives 100% every time.

      As a Bucks fan, I hope Scotty Skiles is next on the chopping block…he loses his players after 4-5 years and has shown no improvement since he started.

  44. Adrian says:

    warriors should have tried to get Ersan Ilyasova

  45. TS says:

    stinky Blazers are 3 outta their last 7. With wins over the Bobcats, Hornets, and Wizards. Yes, it’s that bad up here in the NW. You’d think we could trade for an awesome player like Bogut or Ellis, BUT NOOOOO!

  46. Karlo Garcia says:

    Why would the Warriors trade Ellis. Golden State 1 of the worst team when it comes to trades. ENOUGH SAID.

  47. Max Su says:

    I think its a great deal for the warriors. They get more defensive which is what Marc Jackson strives in. Also THEY GOT RID OF KWAME BROWN! Simple fact any time that has traded and received Kwame Brown in the past has got worst and the team giving away Kwame Brown got better:

    Wizards trade Brown to Lakers –> Wizards Win
    Lakers trade Brown to Memphis –> Lakers Win

    An argument can also be made that wherever Brown signed his team actually got worst…

    To summarize Warriors got better coz they lose Kwame Brown Bucks get worst because they get Brown. KWAME BROWN!

    • Franco says:

      In this trade scenario, I would’ve kept Kwame Brown over Staven Jackson. Brown is an expiring contract AND out for the season. Why not keep him?

  48. FACT says:

    New York Knicks will miss the playoffs.

  49. Fefe says:

    J Galvan…

    Jackson and BOGUT not playing defense…..??? With Bogut being the block leader in the NBA last year and taking many rebounds and doing nice job against his opponents..?? Have you seen NBA games with him?

  50. Zeke says:

    This is a good trade the Warriors even though they’re are taking a risk, they now have two players that are almost guaranteed to get injury but if they don’t the Warriors will be in the playoffs for the next 5 years atleast. They defintely needed a serviceable center and with Bogut he is the best center they have had for a long time and top 5 in the NBA. Jackson is a great scorer and can play two positiona and the Warriors also have Klay Thompson and Brandon Rush to swap at SG so losing Monta isn’t going to be bad either way.

    The Bucks are going shorter with Monta and losing Bogut, it’ll be interesting to see two scorers like Jennings and Ellis who demand the ball and want to score. Udoh is a bust but maybe he needs a change of scenary and of course Brown’s contract will be up at the end of the season so more cap space for the Bucks and Jennings is likely to leave.

  51. Adam says:

    Im gonna miss Monta in the Bay but something had to be done because the Warriors are always too good to be bad and too bad to be good. Every year they are stuck in NBA limbo so this trade I think was a chance to get out of it because they hopefully will drop so we can keep the pick and I’m praying they flip Stephen Jackson, cuz he already quit on us once before so send him to a playoff team for anything just get him out before he corrupts Steph and gets into a fight with lil’ Nate cuz I can already see something like that happening.

  52. pipefitter says:

    i don’t think both teams are done dealing… monta could be heading to another team…

  53. jaybe says:

    hoping best for the both teams..hoping best for the both team

  54. ??? says:

    @ J. Galvan. You’re crazy to say Bogut does not play defense. Get outta here.

  55. Twisted Jay says:

    Well here’s a stupid trade. Now the Warriors will build their team around the injury prone Steph Curry and the injury prone Andrew Bogut.

  56. lucky Z says:

    lucky is handsome

  57. Belgianfan says:

    all people talking about this trade not being good for Warriors: They WANT to rebuild. This team was not going anywhere but max first round exit… So now they just have to lose some games, get a good pick and just rebuild. And if, a big if, Bogut can get healthy at one point (face it, he had some bad luck as well!!!) then they have 2 good pieces to build around with him and Curry. Perfect move by the warriors…

  58. BG says:

    Wow first of a couple of deals to come. Good deal for the Bucks! Epke will be a good def Center and Ellis paired with Jennings is a very good scoring punch. Now The W`s ?? What are they doing? Bogut will alwas be injured and Jackson is a Lockerroom cancer. Don`t get their logic.

  59. drive-in says:

    I don’t know what to make of this trade. Stephen Jackson? A very good player on his day, but can he become relevant again to make this deal worth it. And a pretty similar playing style to Dorell Wright’s, but i guess he’s gone too.

    I rather would have tried to land Eric Gordon and Chris Kaman for Ellis and Kwame. I like this one better, but we’ll see.

  60. nyk says:

    The Knicks are sweating right now. The Bucks may seal the eight seed for the playoffs. Good move.

  61. Miketavius says:

    Why in the world would they want Jackson back? He’s a chucker and a crybaby. Sure he did all right during that magical ’07, but that was with Monte, Baron and the boys backing him up. I have to agree that the Warriors are tanking.

  62. aha! says:

    Bogut is a very good defensive player

  63. Liam says:

    lol bogut is only 2nd to howard for defensive centers

  64. LG-1 says:

    I think Monta should be traded for Wes Johnson and Michael Beasley instead.

  65. Kwame Brown Fan says:

    Bucks will rip it with kwame brown at starting centre

    • Mike says:

      I hope you’re joking…Kwame will not see the floor for the Bucks…no way. That was literally a cap space move for next season.

  66. nuwanda says:

    JRich, Maggette, Arenas, Baron Davis, Al Harrington, Jamison, Crawford, Cwebb, Spree, not to mention Todd Fuller(take a look at 1996 draft ) and now Monta Ellis. THey have been all first second or third allNBA team or whatever the could have possibly been. and what do they have in common? they slipped away from warriors hands because of a BAD BAD BAD management over the past 15-20 years.

  67. jayrad says:

    lol both of them dont play d are u serious andrew bogut is a great shot blocker top 10 5 in the league

  68. armin halvadzic says:

    If Bogut is healty and playing at the high level wich he’s absolutly capable then this trade is better for Warriors. Same goes for Stephen Jackson and there are no more excuses for not playing well. Is not Schott Skilles any more is Marc Jackson so he needs to make it work with him. Bucks got Ellis. And is Ellis ? A scorer ? Sure…a good scorer but I never liked the way Warriors always came up short and he was their main guy. I’m not saying is only his fault but just scoring the ball is not gonna make it work. On the other hand Bogut is a great defender and like I said if Jackson starts playing like he can they’ve got their Mona Ellis back.

  69. Scotty says:

    Are you guys kidding? What did you guys expect for a shoot first guard that had publicly stated he wants to be on a different team!

  70. Chris says:

    I don’t know what the Warriors were thinking. Monta Ellis one of the best scorers in the league, young guy, has a lot of potential and they ship him off for an old shotjacking Stephen Jackson and a Top 10 Center in Andrew Bogut but can you rely on him not to have an injury?

    • helloo says:

      The Warriors did it to have a more flexible run at Howard!…. It may seem strange but they are still very much in the D-Howard sweepstakes!… Why wold the Magic want Elis? they have whole bunch of backcourt players! (point proven by the Arenas conundrum)… Ellis is much better but still wont find its place in Orlando!

      Just watch guys! Warriors would throw a huge deal at the Magic front porch, might even get him! …

      Dont be surprised to see S-JAX and D-12 on the Warriors in the next couples days, I certainly wont!!

    • pete111 says:

      Totally agree with you Chris, I think the Warriors have made a big mistake. Bogut is an average center with average numbers, definitely not worth trading Monta for. If I was a Warriors fan I’d be pissed, they had a really exciting improving team now I’m not so sure…

      • bunbury says:

        The warriors are looking at the big picture. I agree that bogut is not enough for ellis, BUT they need centers. they are also thinking about keeping that first round pick.

    • Jkey says:

      I hear comments like this for many other sports players and often it is not about the skill of the player, but their attitude and interactions with players and team management. If a player does not have favour with the team, they will look to ship him off. From what I understood, Ellis was in this situation (unless what I read was wrong). If Bogut can have a solid year next year, hopefully the Warriors can get another SG to learn from Jackson and start producing a competitive team. Having said that, I don’t think it’s a quality trade, but we shall see in the future.

  71. marcus says:

    Bogut and Jackson don’t play defense, you just lost all credibility my friend. Not even going to bother with the rest.

  72. j. galvan says:

    This is one of the worst trades in NBA history, the warriors are probably the worst managed team in the league ruining every chance they have to actually become a playoff team. Curry and Ellis were in the top 3 productive backcourts in the league who cares about their height. Udoh was becoming a productive defensive big man. Now the warriors get an old inconstant Jackson and a BIG question mark in injured Bogut. Both of them don’t play defense so thats another negative. Warriors just lost another fan, you need to get outta their Steph before they ruin your career.

    • Shano says:

      Bogut no defense??? What game are you watching?? Jackson maybe, he’s lost a step or two, but Bogut, you’re freaking crazy!

    • Tony says:

      Bogut is consistently in the top two or three shot blockers in the league and the stats show that he adds defensive firepower when he is on court for the Bucks – the Bucks have lost their nuclues and are going to contunue on Struggle St for a while.

    • jono says:

      umm pretty sure bogut led the league in blocked shots last year. imagine what he could do if he played defence :s

    • Pat says:

      Bogut doesnt play defense??? now i have heard it all!!

    • asdf says:

      obviously this guy doesn’t watch basketball, also bogut is a top 5 center if healthy

    • IggI says:

      I agree!!!

      • Mike says:

        Had to jump on the bandwagon here…I’m a Bucks fan that’s watches almost every game. Anyone who says Bogut doesn’t play D has no clue what they’re talking about. The guy has also been on my fantasy teams the past few years and his numbers are top 5 for centers in the league for blocked shots and top 10 for points and rebounds when healthy. the only thing I’ll give you is that he’s ALWAYS injured and since he dislocated his elbow, it’s clear that he is still mentally affected and isn’t as aggressive.

        As a Bucks fan, I’m excited about the trade. If the Warriors made this move in order to get D-12, that’s a huge gamble that I don’t think will pay off. The Warriors are like the Bucks in that most players don’t sign as free agents willingly. I don’t think either team is that better off, but at least the Bucks will be more exciting to watch.

    • Phresh says:

      Having a top scoring backcourt doesn’t really do much for teams nowadays in the playoff win department. Name one team that have a 1 and 2 guard as their top scorers, who is a sucessful playoff team?…and who cares about their height? Their height certainly comes into play when it comes to defending bigger 2 guards. Hell, both Monta and Curry are under 6’4″, so they wouldn’t stand a chance against bigger pg’s like Derron Williams either. Defense wins championships, and the Warriors have been one of the highest scoring teams in the league for the past few years, clearly winning is not all about scoring. Not even gonna justify your comment about Bogut not playing defense with a response. Udoh becoming a productive big man? If you have a healthy Bogut, and a healthy Udoh, I’d take Bogut everytime. He’s a top 10 big man when he’s healthy.

  73. gee says:

    Golden state is obviously giving up this year and want to start fresh next season, which is not a bad idea. They’s gonna give role players chance to shine, and purposely tank the season to make sure to keep the pick in what is supposed to be a very deep pool of talents.

  74. ChrisBrown says:

    For me its a bad deal for the Warriors, but if Bogut would stay out of injury if would be good after all.