The Gerald Green Machine (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Gerald Green‘s gravity-defying ability has been hidden from us for a few years. Detours in Russia, China and the D-League kept the 18th pick of the 2005 NBA Draft off of the radar in recent seasons.

It wasn’t until All-Star Weekend, when he clowned the competition in the D-League All-Star Game, that we were reminded of his penchant for the spectacular with a basketball in his hand and a rim awaiting his assault. The 2007 NBA Slam Dunk champ still has his hops, folks.

The Nets’ swingman gave the world yet another glimpse last night, with one of the best dunks we’ve seen this season against his hometown Houston Rockets:


  1. Adam says:

    Its about time Gerald Green gets his chance. He might have been a lil’ young when he came into the league but I knew he would make a splash eventually. Nice ups Gsquared

  2. larry amado says:

    i guess Blake’s so-called Dunk should not be the Dunk of the Year. If we have to rate Dunks, we should properly describe the word DUNK first, The Dunker should have touched the rim or grabbed it. Blake didn’t dunk the ball, he slammed it . I guess Green’s dunk and Lebron should be considered Dunk of the Year. wat ya think?

  3. Burak says:

    This the greatest Alley-oop that i have ever seen

  4. Jay Grant says:

    P.S. Yeah, D-Leagues got some NBA worthy talent! I think in the years to come we will be seeing many more players from that league play in the NBA & be very successful.
    And on day I believe we will see a superstar come out from that league & that will change the system.
    Let’s see what happens!

    • Belizeboy says:

      Green was a drafted player who got sent down to the d-league. It wasn’t like he started playing there and got moved up. He basically earned back his spot in the NBA. I’m not saying that a star can’t come out of the d-league but usually the good ones won’t every have to go there first.

  5. Jay Grant says:

    Wow that is one of this & past year’s best dunks in a regular season game. It was off a lob thrown just a bit behind him & he caught it pretty far from the hoop considering it’s a lob then he windmills it! & not barley dunks it either, but part of his arm is still above the rim! Just Amazing!!!!!
    As for best dunk of this NBA season?………… I have to agree with some of the other bloggers on this topic and pick Blake Griffin’s dunk on K. Perkins.
    Blake was stopped way short of the rim when he was soaring towards it for the slam, Perkins tried to pick up the charge or @ least create the body contact to prevent the dunk.
    But the RIM REAPER just kept elevating and moving forward!!!!! Eventually Griffin was stopped however from reaching the rim, but he still was able to extend and throw it down.
    If you look @ the replay in slow mo Blake touches the rim with his finger tips!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me! This guy is out of this world man!
    Plus it was in a half court set with all the defense present. Green’s was off a fast beak. Where they had the #’s.
    Both ridiculously amazing dunks but I am going to pick Mr. Griffin’s.

  6. Dan Sweitzer says:

    I have probably been watching basketball since before most of you were alive and the only other guy I ever saw with his head clearly above the rim was Larry Nance playing for the Sun’s against the Bucks. Circle K stores here in Arizona actually had a poster of that dunk in their stores for a while. Larry was 6’10”. but on that dunk(an alley-oop also) Nance’s legs were straight and his feet were above Junior Bridgeman’s waist. It was a two hander and he actually had to duck his head to miss the rim! It looks to me as though Green’s head is even higher than that! As to degree of difficulty, a dunk in extreme traffic may be tougher, although at 5’o9″ and at best only able to hook the rim, I can only make an educated guess as to which is more difficult. Certainly any one who is well over 6′ and has a vertical in the 38-45 range can probably get their head to the rim. For whatever reason, possibly safety, most of the great jumpers do not put their head at risk. Still Gerald Greene’s head is higher than anyone else’s I have ever seen. I don’t know if their is a way to access it but Dr J’s dunk over Bill Walton is remarkable, as are the two dunks Kevin Johnson made over Mark Eaton and Hakeem Olajawon. Of course if you really want ridiculus dunks you younger guys should try to find video of Spud Webb winning the dunking contest, and remember, Spud claimed to be 5’7″ but his peers thought he was maybe only 5’5″”. Any way it was a good discussion.

  7. Reggie says:

    Vince Carter did that kind of dunk 5 more times.And this one was sick like Vince’s. now alley oop windmill isn’t only Vince’s :))

  8. mikki says:

    and he’s not a bad shooter too…..pretty good scorer in my opinion
    don’t know why no team gave him the chance to shine and grow big

  9. Stefan says:

    Half man, half amazing.

  10. Ricks says:

    Excellent dunk , it can be listed with best f the season

  11. Gwoei says:

    If someone jump OVER a normal adult (a NBA player at that!) and dunk, that’s gotta be the No.1 on the ladder!
    Blake on Perk was just a powerful dunk, that’s all… Perk barely jumped as well… Even Green’s dunk is better than Blake’s…
    oh by the way, i personally think Vince’s Olympic dunk is not the best, u guys should check out the 720 dunk or the other, Free throw line windmill dunk.. those are the dunks that check people into ICU… not just simply sick…

  12. I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying that Blake’s dunk is the dunk of the year. Clearly LeBron’s dunk was better! I mean come on, LeBron jumped over a dude in the game! LeBron’s dunk is second only to Vince Carter’s. I think Green’s dunk should be ranked higher than Blake’s, but I would have to say that LeBron’s dunk is the dunk of the year. Get real, Blake barely even touched the rim on his dunk. All of you need to stop riding Blake’s….

    • KR says:

      no-one has ever in an NBA game alley-ooped OVER a guy.
      and d-wade’s dunk on varajeo of a few years ago is a lot better than blake on perkins. blake’s is nasty, but it’s gotta be put in some context.
      green’s is amazing and worthy of accolades, he’s basically walking on air. but all in all, LBJ has given us the best this year.

  13. Kera says:

    That dunk was sick. However, let’s not act like we haven’t seen a player get higher than the rim. All of the people you guys are listing are amazing leapers, which is why they’re known for being high-flyers. Blake and LeBron can jump just as high. Probably higher……. I still say that Griffin over Perkins dunk was the best. simply because it was done ON somebody. This is def #2.

  14. gerald says:

    look at houston’s bench, especially Budinger’s legs.. LMAO

  15. jimmy mac says:

    Beautiful slam. Uncontested though. I can think of two of Blakes that were better. One this year and one last year!!! Those were contested. Green’s was a beautiful slam but…

  16. mattman says:

    the lakers signed Green to their roster at the very beginning of the season, but they never really used him and he was sent down to the minor leagues, aka the be honest with you, I’ve been relatively impressed with the D-League play that I’ve seen this season…I had a feeling that Green would make some noise in the league at some point this year, especially after taking home MVP honors at the D-League All-star game after dropping a game high 28 points….that game was an exciting game!..and the D-League dunk contest was f%^&*(# awesome…bottom line is that the D-League has a ton of talent just waiting to get their next shot..think about Mike James who was brought up to help the Bulls a few times this year..Gerald Green is just one of many stars in the D-League that could be stars in the NBA too..i spoke a little bit about the nba d-league events at this year’s allstar weekend:

    • KING says:

      Haha, one dunk and he’s making noise? It was a sweet dunk but man you’re making it sound like he’s a rising star.

      • He dropped 26 points in 23 mins against a western conference playoff team on 66% shooting..that’s making some noise..all I’m saying is that there are other guys in the dleague that are capable of putting up big numbers in the league

      • robbay2 says:

        king, by noise he doesnt mean all star but he means consistent minutes in an nba rotation. he looks like great energy off the bench and he’s fun to watch.

      • shakenbake says:

        Hey that one Jeremy Lin’s game made him a star to. It only takes one play to give a player confidence. So stop being sour

  17. Look the guy in the flor with cap in 0:11. LOL
    Carter still being best dunk ever(Olympics) but this one, Men he elevated his head over the rim.

  18. allaroundballer says:

    better than dunk contest

  19. tupark82 says:

    lol i love where you froze that screen shot. I have never, NEVER, seen a player look DOWN at the rim like that. Not Griffin, not Lebron, not even Howard.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Actually I’ve seen all the guys you just listed get up higher than him. Very sick dunk though.

    • Coach Dee says:

      The camera position is lower than the rim therefore a little bit exaggerating that Green was looking down at the hoop. But nonetheless, the alley-oop was still and to think he did wind mill from a lob is SICK.

      I think it deserves #2 spot from the Dunk Ladder this season. I still think that the Griffin dunk on Perk is still on top.

    • nicktrenal says:

      b griff dunked on someone can’t compare the two people rarely get windmilled dunked on. Being uncontested, Green’s windmill dunk is comparable with jr smiths 360 alley-oop as the best uncontested alley-oops ever.