Trade Chatter: Trying To Make Sense Of The Annual Trade Deadline Mess

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re getting close to crunch time, trade deadline style.

The amount of faulty information that permeates every corner of the basketball universe this time of year is off the charts and has been known to infect even the most responsible of observers.

And that means more names, more rumors and in turn, more foolishness for us all to sort through.

Hawks forward Josh Smith was added to the list of players that have gone on record as asking for a trade request, joining his good friend and the best man in his wedding, Dwight Howard (he was last season destroying the Chicago Bulls on TNT last night). Another member of Smith’s wedding party, groomsman Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics, has also seen his name surface, disappear and resurface again in trade talks at least a dozen different times this season.

This notion that Smith and Rondo could be swapped for each other is laughable, when you consider that they played together their senior season at Oak Hill Academy and have been tight ever since. If anything, it makes sense for them to be lobbying to play together (in Boston?) as opposed to being traded for one another.

But that’s just more fuel for the trade-deadline rumor fire.

One thing is clear, Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard probably won’t be teammates anywhere else but All-Star weekend (provided Howard remains in the Eastern Conference) and at the Olympics.

They both expressed their opinions on the trade deadline drama. Rose has had enough of it all, by the way, telling the Chicago Tribune:

“It definitely is getting old,” Rose said of being asked about Howard. “I’m sick and tired of hearing it. Chicago, marketing-wise is a great city. If someone chooses to come here, they definitely could.

“But I’m cool with the teammates I have. We have a winning record. It ain’t like we need to change anything. It’s not up to me. It’s up to the front office.”

There are zero indications Howard will add the Bulls to his list of teams with which he would sign an extension or that the Bulls are pursuing him.

“If it’s not about the Bulls, I really couldn’t care less about it,” Rose said.

Howard sounded off as well, citing the weather and other issues as to why Chicago isn’t on his preferred list, telling the Chicago Sun-Times:

“Nah, it’s pretty cold here,’’ Howard said when asked about the Bulls rumors.

Nothing says warrior-poet like a player who doesn’t want to chase a ring because of lake-effect snow.

As far as playing alongside the league’s 2010-11 MVP, Howard again couldn’t help but let his true colors shine through.

“I don’t think there’s a player in the NBA who wants to be a nobody,’’ Howard said. “I think everybody wants to be that guy to take the last shot, be that guy that everybody is leaning on for whatever reason, and I don’t think there’s any problem with wanting to be that guy. I’ve been that guy for this team since I’ve been here.’’

Well, that takes care of that!


Pacers boss Larry Bird deserves a lot of credit for promising last season that the Pacers would use their resources to build a contender and then actually doing just that.

The Pacers aren’t shying away from making yet another move by Thursday to see if they can add another valuable piece (Jamal Crawford or Chris Kaman) to their situation, according to

Indiana is a team you can expect to be busy around the trade deadline. There are a couple of reasons, for one they have a ton of cap space so they can take on contracts and not have to send back equal value (something teams trying to shed payroll covet). Secondly, they are a good team in the East (currently the fifth seed) who thinks they are a few tweaks away from being a real threat.

Reports on Thursday have them in talks to get both Jamal Crawford from Portland and Chris Kaman out of New Orleans.

Rumors of the Pacers being interested in the up-tempo style and scoring of recent Sixth Man of the Year Crawford have been out there for a while, and the price may be A.J. Price and a first round pick in 2012, reports Ben Golliver at Eye on Basketball.

Indiana, the source said, is hesitant to part with a first round pick, given the quality and depth of this year’s draft pool as well as Crawford’s contract situation.

Crawford has a player option for next season that he is expected to exercise because he wants to test the free agent market. Whoever trades for him is essentially getting a two-month rental — is that really worth a first round pick.

Kaman also would be a rental in that he is in the last year of his contract, but the Pacers are interested reports Pacers beat writer Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star.

Center Chris Kaman still sits at top of the list for Pacers, but they will not give up a 1st rd pick for his expiring contract


Everyone has their sights set on draft picks this time of year and nothing is more intoxicating in NBA circles than the anonymous promise of what could be in the form of a future draft pick.

Ken Berger of has the details:

Magic executives have continued to tell teams this week they do not intend to trade Dwight Howard, but several teams came away from the conversations with a clear picture of what the club wants if it changes course: a replica of the deal Denver pulled off last February for Carmelo Anthony, multiple league sources told Thursday.

If the Magic decide to trade Howard, they have “not closed any doors” on potential suitors, said a person familiar with the organization’s strategy. Teams that are on and off Howard’s list of preferred destinations – the Nets,Mavericks and Lakers – will be considered, and may the highest bidder win, sources said.

What Orlando is seeking if it makes a deal for the All-Star center is a package similar to what the Nuggets received for Anthony at the 2011 trade deadline: multiple good, young players and draft picks. Orlando executives view the Denver model as a middle ground between blowing up a contender and starting over with draft picks and reaching for veteran All-Stars whose contracts ultimately could hinder the recovery from a Howard trade.

Representatives of three teams in the mix for Howard – either on his list or among teams willing to gamble on trading for him in the hopes that he can be persuaded to stay beyond this season – told Thursday that the Magic have not decided which path to pursue. Howard, 26, can opt out of his $19.5 million contract after the season and become an unrestricted free agent. His formal trade request through agent Dan Fegan of Lagadere Unlimited remains on the table and he has not given the Magic any commitment to opt in and/or re-sign after the season.


Stephen Jackson‘s name is the one most people would expect to be on the hot list in Milwaukee. But according to Gery Woelfel of the Journal Times, Andrew Bogut‘s name is the one being whispered about:

While a trade doesn’t appear imminent, team officials have been in trade talks with several teams and are apparently open to dealing anyone.

Andrew Bogut is, unquestionably, the Bucks’ most appealing trade commodity. The veteran center is generally regarded as one of the four best players at his position in the league.

Just two years ago, the 7-foot Bogut appeared on the brink of stardom as he was accorded all-NBA third team honors. But Bogut has since suffered two significant injuries. He severely injured his right elbow and wrist in a horrific fall late in the 2009-2010 season and subsequently underwent surgery. Then, on Jan. 25 in a game against Houston, Bogut fractured his left ankle.

Bogut isn’t expected to return to action for several weeks, but that hasn’t prevented several teams from showing interest in him. He’s coveted by these teams, who fully realize there is a dearth of quality big men in the league and that the upcoming June NBA draft is also devoid of blue-chip centers.

Bogut, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2005 NBA draft, has never publicly expressed any displeasure playing in small-market Milwaukee.

But there are whispers Bogut wouldn’t mind a change of scenery, having become frustrated about the team’s lack of progress and his strained relationship with Bucks head coach Scott Skiles.’s Marc Stein corroborates the report and adds that to land the big man, Jackson may have to be part of the deal, too:

NBA front-office sources say that the Bucks, who have always swatted away trade inquiries for Bogut in the past, are now listening to pitches for the 7-foot Australian, who is said to be intrigued by the prospect of a fresh start elsewhere after more than two years of injury misfortune and teamwide tension under coach Scott Skiles over the past two disappointing seasons.

This development, though, comes with a crucial caveat:

Sources say that the Bucks, at least for the moment, are insisting that any team that trades for Bogut take on the disgruntled Stephen Jackson as part of the trade.

And that’s what is bound to keep Bogut in Milwaukee past Thursday’s 3 p.m. trade deadline more than his latest health setback, after he suffered a fractured left ankle against Houston on Jan. 25 after landing on the Rockets’ Samuel Dalembert in the lane.


Cavs point guard Ramon Sessions has served as a valuable sixth man and has been a veteran guide for rookie phenom Kyrie Irving. But the Cavs are looking to the future and seem willing to part with Sessions (to the Lakers, perhaps?) for the right price, writes Steve Kyler of

This one was somewhat obvious considering Sessions has an opt-out in his deal and has made no secret that he’ll use it this summer to try and land a better deal.

The Cavs were holding on to Ramon in part as insurance for rookie guard Kyrie Irving, but given that the Cavs are now 14-23 on the season and 4 games out of the playoff picture, the writing is on the wall. The Cavs have lost seven of their last ten games and 11 of their last 17 and seem ready to take care of business.

Sources close to the situation say the Cavs are not looking for much in return for Sessions and would rather have a draft pick and a roster spot than a cap filler type player.

The Lakers are considered the front runner for Sessions, although the Lakers still have their eye on a bigger fish like Orlando’s Dwight Howard or Boston’s Rajon Rondo — although both are extreme longshots.

Once it becomes clear that the major piece the Lakers are targeting cannot be obtained, moving on a Sessions deal seems likely, unless someone else swoops in with a better offer for the Cavs which is always possible in the march to the deadline.

Ah, there’s nothing like the season!


  1. 1234 says:

    This is to test that numerical digits are accepted in the text field

  2. Mark Cuban says: bulls hurry up and make this trade!!!

  3. asdjfkl; says:

    Magic should just keep Howard and make one last playoff run, they really aren’t that bad this year. Rondo not getting traded. Josh Smith is not worth anything, needs to stop taking jumpers and get on the block.

  4. KB+CP3-noway says:

    Stern denied a marvelous trade….watching Kobe and Chris together…would have been so fine….; evidently all pushes for Miami….

  5. JIMMYBEAR says:


  6. p-noy says:

    how about this trade?
    3 team trade:
    ATL: Boozer and Turkuglo
    Magic: J.SMith and Deng
    Bulls: Howard and Marvin Williams…
    Fair enough i think?.. LOL

  7. JIMMYBEAR says:

    i support Miami and dont want Orlando to get strong but if Howard doesnt like the cold, hahaha. why doesnt Orlando trade up everything they can in a multi trade to get Rondo & Josh Smith, throw in some shooters and role players and thats a pretty good team, an excellent defensive team. what do you think?

  8. Dwight says:

    dwight to BULLS

  9. Scarface says:

    Chris Kaman is best fit for Miami Heat.

  10. All of those non-sense trade talks that you are thinking must match first salary cap spaces and not just thinking to trade those players into this into that, those cheap trade talks you were dreaming must be properly adjusted and first must try unto this site, I’ve properly matched my trade adjustments concerning this players

    LAKERS will Get Dwigt for Bynum and Metta, also will get Deron williams for Pau Gasol

    Lakers lineup

    C Dwight
    PF Mcroberts
    SF Walton
    SG Kobe
    PG D. Williams

  11. U-God says:

    3 way trade between Chi-Atl-Orl
    Chicago sends Noah and Boozer to ATL
    Atlanta sends Smith and Picks to ORL and Hinrich to CHI
    Orlando sends Howard to CHI

  12. knicks fan says:

    i realy think knicks have a shot at howard
    howard and trogulu for melo and chandlert

  13. Sal says:

    I want to see rondo for westbrook, it would really benefit both teams. (especially oklahoma)

  14. this scenario is very possible. gasol to rockets and lowry to lakers

  15. ko says:

    Gilbert Arenas come to LA!!!

  16. milos123456 says:

    is it posible that orlando trade for josh smith and steve nash ?

  17. Yeah says:

    What Orlando should do is take Hedo and Davis to trade for Josh Smith.

  18. scottie17 says:

    hey man pau gasol maybe slow but his a strong offensive player compare to smith… pau, harford and johnson tag team can increase atlantas offensive end… imagine a pf/c who has low post and perimeter treat bcoz of his jump shot…

  19. Bonn says:

    Orlando better get rajon rondo or deron williams, and josh smith.. it will be a great team with a good chemistry. they will be a great contender and high chance “TO BE A CHAMPION”. if not howard must be traded in dallas with deron williams…

  20. Bonn says:

    Orlando better get rajon rondo or deron williams, and josh smith.. it will be a great team with a good chemistry.

  21. so easy to say for you guys huh? well here are some facts for you! D12 is not going anywhere else but DALLAS.. he wont be traded til deadline and he’ll opt out in orlando.. and after he signs with DALLAS another D will come.. Deron Williams.. and THAT is 3D for you guys in BIG D!

  22. treyy says:

    Does anyone think that nets should try and get josh smith and then get howard, just like what the heats did to get james

  23. kevin Michael Menkhorst says:

    Lakers are looking for a Solid Player to keep contending. Hawks are looking for a good quality player to take Smiths place when he leaves.

    Gasol + Something for Josh Smith + Teague

    This gives the Lakers Fresh PG who has starter experience and a AS PF

    This gives the Hawks a AS PF and possibly another piece that would benifit them greatly.

  24. Cotter says:

    Splitter won a Spanish MVP? How is that an argument? I’d be very surprised if Bogut didn’t win several if he played there. Bogut was a number one outta college. Who wouldn’t want a top 5 centre (when fit) over a sixth man? If the Spurs can get Tim Duncan on the court day in day out, I think they would be able to sort Boguts injuries out.

  25. leo says:

    what about the sixers

  26. JimBuss says:

    I’ll trade PauGasol for houston’s Goran Dragic Kevin Martin and Luis Scola. Comm David Sperm can’t veto this cause there’s no Chris Paul involve

  27. FL_Lockdown says:

    Gasol > Smith
    Bynum,Metta, Murphy/McRobrts > Howard & (Any reserved players)

  28. Vincent says:

    I wish Josh Smith will land in Orlando so that Dwight Howard can change his mind to stay there.

  29. CELTICS!!!! says:


  30. Scottie17 says:

    here’s my proposal, pau gasol for smith and bynum, metta, and goudelock for howard and hedo… all teams would benefits for this trade of mine… hahahaha!!

    • Dj14 says:

      Your joking right???? the Magic and Hawks get jack in return Hawks get a old slow weak average PF the magic get bynumm some rookie PG and Ron Artest the magic lose a superstar and a decent SF the hawks lose a top player and gain and over rated one only one team would benefit

    • douche--bag says:

      the lakers will be PATHETIC if that trade happened…. you give-up the guard of the future(gouldelock)?? no way..
      Keep Gasol for a year… Bynum and Howard straight-up.. or Bynum + Meta + the Trade Exception from Lamar Trade for Howard and Hedo.. plus sign Lamar Odom next season

  31. Ods says:

    how about howard & richardson to knicks – chandler & anthony to magic. makes sense.

  32. Lamar says:

    The question for the pacers is…Do you like Kaman more then Hibbert?

  33. Yeah says:

    I want to see Howard and Smith in Orlando!

  34. dave says:

    Lakers is the best team in the nba. They only lack on players like point guards.

  35. DALftw says:

    Hope DAL gets him, so they’ll have a repeat, then add deron williams next season, perfect formula for a 3peat 🙂

  36. Sosay says:

    don’t the lakers have to at least take a look at dealing bynum or gasol for bogut and jax?

  37. Shuaib says:

    Dwight should come to Boston, it would be crazy! Imagine Rondo ooping it to Dwight, Pierce hitting clutch shots, Ray Allen killing his 3’s and KG could work with Dwight and they would be monsters in the paint, they could also win another championship. Or Dwight could come to Toronto, who needs all the help they could get. COME ON DWIGHT COME TO BOSTON! (Or Toronto).

  38. Jayce says:

    Tyreke Evans, Dwight Howard and Eric Gordon for BIG THREE ! make way for this trio please ! ^^

    • king kong kong says:

      Tyreke & gordon is not a big, Only howard is the biggest from the three of them, maybe you could say, small two and big one,,

  39. M says:

    Dwight Howard didn’t destroy the bulls last night, it was the perimeter shooting that destroyed the bulls. Without that, Bulls would have walked right through Dwight and the Magic the way every other team does when only Dwight Howard is delivering.

  40. Required says:

    OH, i totally agree with you pal!

  41. hawks_fan says:

    2012 PLAYOFFS lineup 4 DEM HAWKS:


  42. terence says:

    Dwight Howard finally going to the Nets?

  43. Skullz says:

    I meant Grant Hill lmao

  44. Skullz says:

    God! how I love trade talks just plain love them. But let’s all just wait for thursday shall we and see what happens argh so can’t wait.

    Howard/Nash to the Lakers = championship for the next 2-4 years hehehe

    Howard wants – Fame/money/championship only way to get all three is Laker land.

    Trade: Howard for Bynum straight up. Bynums number will increase big time in Orlando by being the main man he will probably be a 25 points 15 rebound guy or near abouts in a team where he is the main focus.

    Trade: Nash for One of 2 draft picks that lakers have along with Barnes/Meta world peace

    Trade: G.Hill for Draft pick straight up

    lakers Line up

    C: Pau
    PF: Howard
    SF: G.HIll
    SG: Kobe
    PG: Nash

    B4 anyone says I feel Howard is more of a power foward then Pau is so that’s why I put him at PF

    Suns: Get 2 draft pics which to what I hear is a tough draft this year??? Barns is a good player and in a team like the suns his numbers will increase with more playing time. Meta is still a good player but numbers have decreased with the lakers. Go to a team where he gets more minutes and he’ll be back to his normal self. Suns get 2 decent small forwards, 2 draft picks for aging players past their prime. Everybody wins.

    It’a not like Suns have a shot at the championship this year or even playoffs anyway. Might as well start rebuilding

    It’s a dream for yet another laker fan. Grand hill and Nash deserve to win a championship.

  45. Kingdame56 says:

    Dwight Howard needs to stop being a baby and be a leader and maybe the Magic would be a real contender for a ring.. But I want to see Josh Smith in Chicago for Boozer it would make them faster and more defensive and add a little more range and Miami would have a really tough time beating that team

  46. Smooth Talkin Michael Cage says:

    Monta Ellis for Pau Gasol makes so much sense for me…Ellis can be a more than capable point guard and the young combo of Ellis and Bynum will be great when Kobe is too old…As for the Warriors I think with Gasol and Lee at center and power forward and Curry at point they are just one good wing player away from being the 4th or 5th best team in the West or better….

  47. Squeaky Wheel says:

    I’m not a regular here, but I wonder why you can’t find something constructive to say, instead of taking a cheap shot
    at Howard’s remark about not wanting to play in Chicago? Hey, it’s called politeness, it’s about graciously saying that
    he wants to play somewhere else. Yet you pounce on it as though it were a defect in Dwight’s character. What up?
    Not only is it a pointless exercise, but you engage in repeating the answer to that stupid question and implying an
    intellectual deficiency, because hey, it’s also cold in NJ in the winter, a place where Howard has shown an interest in
    being traded. Is there an excusable reason why you feel the need to belittle Dwight Howard, a polite young man, in
    front of the whole nation…the world? What’s wrong with you? Is it because Dwight presents you with such a large
    target? What, no cheap shots questioning the intelligence of the other black players? Here’s a good title for your blog. Insignificant black NBA.COM blog writer publicly demeans black All-Star center Dwight Howard because….(insert
    excusable reason here) If there is one.

  48. Chris says:

    Dwight Howard would have a ring by now if he conducted his business on the court in the same way Derrick Rose does. I’m an Orlando fan, but that carefree chest pumpin, joking around BS has no business on the court. I watch just about every Orlando game and it kills me because when you are doing that sort of stuff, you aren’t serious and you aren’t focused. Last night was a fluke. I had no expectations Orlando would win. Capable yes, but I know what they do…play well for a quarter or 2 and then take it easy. The only reason Orlando won was because they shamed themselves against Charlotte and had something to prove. I’m reminded of a few games ago Jason Richardson had a stellar night and he said a fan yelling that he was washed up got him going. Dude, something is seriously wrong with your work ethic if that is what it takes to get you going. The Orlando Magic…a team full of talent just going through the motions and a coach with such a negative attitude he is incapable of motivating…..Oh yeah, they need to can Otis Smith….Gilbert Arenas was such a bad trade it should be emblazoned on is forehead.

  49. NBA Fan! says:

    I officially hate the Lakers fan now, i mean I am a kobe bryant fan but i hate the fans the lakers have. Sure the lakers are a winning franchise but that doesnt mean tat every all star tat is available in the trade market, the lakers should get…example: Howard on market, lakers fan “we are gonna get dwight n win championships”, jamal crawford and ray felton, the lakers rumored to shop for them too, rajon rondo, josh smith too. I am sick and tired of the lakers fan saying we r gonig to add all these players, be realistic, u only have bynum to trade and no other team wants pau besides the rockets, so get over it lakers fan!

    • gjolley24 says:

      All the lakers need is Ramon Sessons and some offense at sf (beasley) both are available without giving up a player!

  50. just curious says:

    im a heat thunder and clippers fan… please dont judge me… lol
    but i was just wondering… i mean… bosh is pretty good i have to say… but what would you think would work better… bosh or josh smith in the heat…
    thanks =]

    • king kong kong says:

      For me… no more trade to both of them, there comportable with there teams right now, No need to hurry to have a championship ring, they have to wait there time just like my idols Kid & Dirk,,

  51. chewie says:

    @ Brian – you may want to get your stats of Bynum correct. Fact is he is pretty much third option on offence and getting those numbers. You don’t think Howards points are taking a hit playing with Kobe?

    I think Orlando are going to screw the pooch again. They will be greedy and hold out for the improbable deal, and end up with nothing when Howard bolts to Dallas at the end of the year.

    Howard is an enigma. He scares some front offices off from making the blockbuster deal with his carefree nature. I see it the other way, and would love to see him teamed with Rose for a trade of Noah and Deng. I think personality wise, they would compliment each other. The bulls would need to find another perimeter shooter to compliment these guys. It would then be an awesome EC final, with both teams loaded at two differing positions. The contrasting offensive styles would be awesome to watch….PG/C vs SG/SF, with the PF positions maybe deciding it.

  52. lboogie05 says:

    Howard does not want to win a ring if he does not consider Chicago as one of his places to play, Chicago has many players set in place that is ready to attend for a championship for years to come I don’t think Dwight Howard wants a ring that bad Chicago is cold but ready to go after a ring

  53. wolveswagg says:

    should wolves trade micheal beasley for marshon brooks and 1st round draft pick this year

  54. bleepshaw says:

    Rumors swirling about Gasol being traded (potentially to Houston). More as it develops at

  55. Akeem says:

    this is a possible trade that could work out

  56. abmjr says:

    Trade Melo with Howard. Make the knicks a better team.

  57. Miami Heat Fan 54 says:

    Josh Smith would be a good backup for Chris Bosh or a better center than Joel Anthony. With J.S the heat ay win a championship
    Smith or Eddy Curry

    • borrachito says:

      Trade Bosh for Smith… Much better…

    • Lakersince76 says:

      I’m a huge Laker fan but nobody is beating Miami in a 7 game series this year. They are the only team that I know who could lose a superstar and still win a championship. I completely understand why the league wanted to stop all the elite players having private meetings to end up on one team. It is totally unfair to teams like Sacramento, Indiana, Utah, Milawaukee ETC. If the Lakers realy want to win ask Kobe, Pau and Bynum to take pay cuts LOL

  58. yung_ATL says:

    i hate SMITH wants 2 be traded but i guess it’s the best choice for our club. i hate that the HAWKS acquiring all these old washed up players we need a run in the playoffs atleast trade smith & hinrick to boston or orlando for potential players like KG or Howard since Horford may be out for the season

  59. D12ATL says:


  60. brian says:

    Howard to Sixers for Turner, Iggy, Hawes, and a couple #1’s. Why not? Philly has Meeks and Lou will. and they got Thad Young to take over for Iggy. Iggy is great defender but when you watch him every night (like I do) he takes terrible shots and kills rallies. I dont think anyone will offer orlando more and trade doesn’t hurt Philly at all!

    • brian says:

      New Lineup

      PG Holliday
      SG L.Will.
      C Howard
      SF T. Young
      PF E. Brand (until contract expires; freeing 17mill.)

      Bench: C Vujavic; SG Meeks; F L. Allen/Nocioni (temporary); PG L.Will can play point w/Meeks at SG

      Once Brands contract frees up, we can get another PF(J.SMITH?) and rebuild our bench. Lets go Philly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Will says:

    This Makes soooo much sense to me Off Of Chicago Bulls.Com Sam Smith Blog!! I hope Stephen Jackson Read this

    I saw Stephen Jackson openly said he would love to play for the Bulls. Not a huge surprise there. Jackson is obviously earning too much money so the Bulls wouldn’t probably touch that salary as is but would they look at him if he was bought out?

    Ivan Krpan

    Sam: This is what’s interesting about these guys. Ok, all you care about is winning, right? I know it’s not the case, but let’s pretend. Say you’re someone like Stephen Jackson and have made maybe $50 million already in your career. Not bad, even after taxes. You’re due $10 million next year. You still have plenty coming on your $9.2 million this year. Why not walk away, say you’ve made enough money, and will leave the money on the table? I’m fairly sure the Bucks would take that, even drive you to the Oasis on I-94 and buy you two Sbarro slices and a hunk of cheese at the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha on the way there. That would get the attention of a team like the Bulls, for sure. And then there you are, Stephen, guarding Dwyane Wade in the conference finals, maybe. Maybe Kevin Durant in the NBA Finals. Wouldn’t you then earn a big contract? Don’t you want to bet on yourself? Don’t you have confidence in your abilities? You mean if given the chance on a big stage you wouldn’t succeed? Haven’t you made enough money already to take a chance on greatness with a great team? Of course, if he did that he’d probably be the first.

  62. Celtics #1 fan says:

    Celtics will trade kevin garnet for Josh Smith. Maybe the celtics could get Dwight Howard

  63. Matías says:

    Team up in New Jersey, although it’s never gonna happen…

  64. Sideliner says:

    Josh Smith’s best options are to 1) go to Lakers and get into their starting line up in place of Artest or Barnes 2) go to Boston and come off the bench–which doesn’t seem like his way of playing the game– or 3) go to Orlando and start in place of Hedo Turkoglu. Or he should go to the Nets, then when D-will and Dwight team up there, it’d be the new big 3 of the east and, let’s face it, they’d be the best. With Howard’s dominance on the defensive and offensive ends over all other centers and post players; Smith’s versatility and athleticism and defense; D-will’s playmaking ability and scoring ability—that would be an incredible team. So, maybe they don’t go to the nets, but maybe to Dallas. Dwight/Dirk/Smith/Marion/D-will. Marion and Smith would have to work something out, but maybe they can trade Marion for some strong bench players–however, I’d take Marion over Smith.

  65. leohimself says:

    Dwight Howard for Kwame Brown? Seems fair to me…

  66. D12KNICKS says:


    yea, i know that..could please edit it for me, oh wait..U CANT! JEEZ!

  67. Nada says:

    OKC needs a post up center who can score and orlando needs a point guard so its perfect for swapping Westbrook and Howard

    • Rick says:

      The point of getting a PG for Orlando is to convince Howard to stay…

    • yael says:

      that would mess up the offense. but i’m curious what would it be like to see KD and Howard but man that will ruin the team. i would rather trade Ibaka and Perkins for that after all they still had Mohammed to fill the PF. and Howard would be a up for Ibaka and Perkins. but that looks odd.

    • OKCALLDAY says:

      okc would never trade westbrook…..they might trade harden and ibaka for howard

      • ThunderFan says:

        i wound want to see howard+durant…..toss in jameer nelson..and we have a deal… howard+nelson=westbrook+perkins

    • glasgowman says:

      OKC don’t need to change anything incase you haven’t noticed. Best record in the west by a longshot and they have a very young team that will only get better. Hate to say it as Im a Heat fan but it’s true. OKC will change almost nothing in the years to come!

  68. shhh says:

    Howard does not want to go to chicago cuz it’s cold yet he’s willing to go to brooklyn not as cold but still cold.

  69. bleepshaw says:

    “Mike Prada SB Nation, Senior Editor
    Hornets are shopping Chris Kaman, but may give him a long-term deal if nobody wants him. Yup.”


  70. KCA says:

    As far as Bogut goes the most logical trade for me is to Golden State straight up for Monta Ellis. GS has been looking for a big shot blocking, rebounding Center who can produce offensively and that is Bogut to a tee. Ellis will give the Bucks a great scorer and someone to to mentor Jenniings like Baron Davis did for Monta. Another Trade for Bogut could be trading him straight up for Andre Iguodala from the 76ers. this will allow the 76ers to let Evan Turner become possibly there go to player over the next 2 years. Scott Skiles would never turn down such a versatile defender. However it leaves Philly with the problem of Bogut or Hawes going forward? Having Orlando wanting so many young players and first rounders is gonna be hard to get from just one team… because if they get a lot of good pieces its gonna be from an above average team so they wont get high picks. but I doubt a above average team would give up so many pieces for one year gig with dwight getting them into the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs.

  71. bleepshaw says:

    Rohan of addressing Howard to OKC trade rumors at

  72. bleepshaw says:

    Bogut on the block.

    I wonder how interested teams will be with his contract..

  73. ClipPeRs-FrOmThEsTaRt says:

    i think that this is josh smth’s best season yet. he’s leading the hawks to more victories. and i thought t-mac would start scoring more and be an all star again… i guess josh smith took that role

  74. Blake C. says:

    The Orlando Magic have there eyes set on one thing, and thats KEEPING Dwight Howard. theres really only one thing that could keep him in Orlando and thats to bring another all-star like a pg/sg that can help run the tempo and also run the floor with dwight. By the looks of things dwight is really the only orlando player running the floor by getting the ball in the post and dishing it out after being doublle teamed. id watch out for rondo to come to orlando, hes honestly there only hope right now but orlando who have to give up some draft picks and nelson or even anderson whos avg.16 points a game, all im saying is if orlando dosent figure something out in the next week this could be 1996 all over agian

    • Jake says:

      rondo is not being traded lol

      • Blake C. says:

        if i were you id do some digging after he told reporters if something doesnt change he might have too…..

    • Nick says:

      the only way the celtics would trade rondo to the magic would be if they got howard in return other than howard the magic have no trade bait… ryan anderson is a good 6th man and their draft pick is mid to late 20’s and jameer has been a joke ever since he got injured

    • Rob K says:

      All you ppl stop bashing Orlando and saying they are not good.. not contenders… never can or will win anything and Howard should definitely go somewhere else!! Why…??? Where does he have a better chance to win right away? Is there any guarantee that the Spurs, Lakers, Chicago, Nets, Knicks, Mavericks will win this or next year?? I thought so…… Orlando is just as good (and inconsistant) as any of the formentioned teams. You’re all just jealous and want him to play for YOUR team! Right…??? Right!!

      • magic fan 85 says:

        agreed, sitting at the 3 spot the only team he can go to to win a title would be miami or chicago, but they already have their teams set. all we need is a real pg, if we can get rondo or ellis we’d be good

    • Klynester says:

      I think you have a great point here Blake C!…I think Steve Nash is the best fit to convince Dwight to stay in Orlando…just don’t know who to trade back to Phoenix..maybe Jameer and a draft pick I guess

  75. jayo0 says:

    first of all, theres alot of people that are being looked as trades. but, mostly i want to look at dwight howard. i dont want to see him in orlando even when i live in lakeland. i would want to see him with new jersey. i believe they might consider making a trade just like the carmelo trade last season so that the magics can get young talented players, and draft picks. andrew bogut i believe is going to be likely be traded. and for sure, he is one of the great centers in the nba. stephen jackson is a really good 2 guard and i have respect for him. but i know being traded for him is probalely going to take a few players.indiana pacers are a really good team and if they can get crawford and kaman. that could really change the team for many seasons.i dont want to see rondo out of boston he has to stay.josh smith could probalely be seen with the celtics while garnett could go to atlanta.and there is a lot more tredes being talked about like pau gasol and many others.

  76. D12KNICKS says:

    i really really wish Dolan still be himself, i really really wish in the time like this he’s not learning anything from Melo trade. so he can get us Josh Smith + Dwight + 1 decent player (maybe Ryan Anderson) for Melo + Stat + TC + 1 bench player.

    this team need defensive minded players, who else better than Josh and Dwight playing together (just like in college). maybe D’Antoni not gud at D’s, but when he’s surrounded by great defensive players, im pretty sure it will change!

    so the lineup would..

    Ryan can move to play 3’s, he’s a great shooter. at PG, it will be Davis. i like Lin, but he need to work really-really hard next summer to improve his ball handling and beefed up a lil bit if he still wanna scoring like D Rose or improve his shooting if he wanna be like CP3. so he can be our starting PG again. if we got Josh and Dwight, we need shooter on the lineup so at 2’s, i prefer JR Smith.

    • Nick says:

      Josh Smith and Dwight Howard never went to college they were drafted out of high school they played ABA together… know ur facts before u speak

    • Orlando Swag says:

      NY saved so much money to add stat then they traded half their team to get melo and you think they’ll just trade them for howard hoping he will attract josh smith? I think they’re better off with the players they have, they just need more team chemistry. as for howard i doubt the magic will trade him unless he tells them he doesnt want to extend with the magic. if anything i think the magic might be able to pull off another block buster trade to keep howard one more year.

    • Pratish says:

      Keep stat…ship Melo… Melo +Tyson for Howard and Hedo Turkoglu or someone…

      • glasgowman says:

        No way the knicks should trade Tyson Chandler for Turkoglu! Turkoglu is having a terrible season this year, whereas Chandler has got almost 70% field goal! League leading might I add.

  77. bleepshaw says:

    Lakers expressing interest in Josh Smith according to

  78. Larry O'Connor says:

    I always hear about the lack of quality centers in the league today. I don’t think its true. The problem is the best big men want to play power forward instead of center. I can’t believe Roy Hibbert is listed as a power forward half the time. I remember Chris Webber playing center at Golden State. His rookie numbers were awesome. There are a few Power forwards that should be centers. Pau Gasol, Amare Stoudemire, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitski, Andrea Bargnani, Carlos Boozer, Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, David Lee, and Emeka Okafor. Though Amare, Love, and Boozer have legit centers on their teams. I can’t understand for the life of me why Blair is playing center and Duncan is still a forward. If they switched positions it could add years to Duncans career. Anybody remember Wes Unseld, or Dave Cowens?

    • Jake says:

      are you saying Gasol doesn’t have a legit center? Andrew Bynum is an elite center. Arguably as good as Howard

      • Brian says:

        ARE YOU KIDDING JAKE?? Bynum gets 14 and 12. Howard gets 20 and 15 while being defensive player of the year.

      • Celtics says:

        @Brian. First off, get your facts right, Bynum basically gets 17 and 13 which is just as good as Howard if you consider the situation. Howard is Orlando’s main scorer and the only legit rebounder they have, Bynum is the Lakers 3rd option on offence and he plays with Kobe and he has Gasol to compete with for rebounds. In a way Bynum’s season has been more impressive than Howard’s. There should’nt be any doubt in anyone’s mind that Bynum is the second best center in the league.

      • yael says:

        Bynum is proven, considering his footwork his size and weight. Howard’s advantage is his hops. Bynum is proven but Kobe is the one who’s given the ball too. I agree with Pau’s statement that the lakers are selfish. Pau’s playing good again and Bynum has been a proven all-star. IF Bynum landed on orlando and given a chance to prve himself you’ll eat your words.

      • Rob K says:

        Sorry but as far as centers go, NO ONE currently is as good as Howard. NO ONE!!

      • @ says:

        Bynum is a much better offensive player while Howard is a better defensive player. Dwight doesnt have anywhere near the skill level Bynum has when it comes to moving the feet.

    • ethan says:

      i am a huge Pacers fan. i do not think i ever remember seeing big Roy Hibbert listed as a Power Forward. the dude is 7’2″ tall one of the biggest guys in the league now.

      • Xire Silver says:

        I can agree with you on that one, i’m pretty sure he’s the biggest starting center in the nba right now, and with this bein his 1st all star year, I see a bright future for the big guy, I love playing the front court with him when I made a power forward in nba 2k12

    • Pratish says:

      Carlos Boozer is too small to play center. He’s only 6′ 9″ Okafor is a center, Lee is also undersized for center. Amar’e played center last year, but he lacks defensive intensity in the middle so he he gets abused when he plays the center. He is better offensively from center though. Dirk doesn’t get rebounds like a center should, and Barganni is a center. Roy Hibbert is the starting center. So obviously Larry you don’t know what you’re saying. KG doesn’t like being a center because he doesn’t like it (best reason ever lol). But he’s a better player when he plays at the 5. I also agree with the Timmy D thing…I mean come on…why is Blair playing center.

    • jerry says:

      look honestly what you siad is completly wrong. the only dominant center in the league is dwight howard and i am not even a magic fan im a hawks fan. the list you put up for centers is terrible. dirk at center no way he is tiny and so is KG Tim. David lee is way to little. Emeka Okafor yes can play center, so can kevin love but the other names up there can definatly not play center. they would get destroyed.

  79. Fan says:

    Bogut on the block? Just picture him in the Spurs silver & black, being taught by Timmy D and getting fed in the pivot by Parker. The Bucks would get Splitter, a replacement as high quality as one could get, also maybe Heavy D. The Spurs would pull off a coup just like with Duncan & Robinson.

    • Imad Akel says:

      rare to see a Spurs fan.

      I fully agree with what you said though. Spurs are probably the most underrated team in the NBA right now.
      People forget they dominated last season and this season they are not far behind from the league’s elite (OKC, Chicago, Miami)

      I hate The Spurs, and now you have me a bit worried coz they really are one good piece away from becoming a championship team again.

    • RG says:

      i would definitely not give up Splitter for Bogut! i’m sorry, but Bogut is too much of an injury risk. and besides, i’d rather have Splitter over Bogut everytime. he fits in the Spurs system, and plays very well with Parker and Ginobili on the pick-and-roll. plus, he wasn’t named the Spanish League MVP for nothing a couple of years ago, so he knows how to play the game.

      • Andy H says:

        Bogut doesnt seem like a selfish player to me though. i could see him in silver and black. he also has a good amount of years left in his career, if these injuries stop. It would be tough to see any of our big men go tho cuz theyre all playing pretty solid. but bogut, duncan, parker, and ginobili on the court sounds like my spurs would be a serious contender for a 5th ring.

      • Tim says:

        I definitely would not give up Bogut for Splitter. Maybe if Blair and another pick were included. Bogut may be injury prone but his trade value should be close to Andrew Bynum’s. He is just as good when healthy (maybe better), has had slightly fewer injury woes, and is somewhat older.

    • Clayton says:

      Bogut is a great player but Splitter has way too much potential. Remember this is only his second year and last year injuries took a toll on him. I believe he has the potential to be even better than Bogut. However, we still need an extra big man this year, He dosen’t need to be amazing but someone big enough to help against the taller teams. Go Spurs Go!

    • D says:

      Bogut wouldn’t fit in with the Spurs. Arrogance and attitude problems aren’t tolerated in San Antonio. It’s the same reason Howard, Smith, Rondo and Stephen Jackson wouldn’t work.