Trade Chatter: Orlando’s ‘Dwight Howard Watch’ Continues

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The countdown clock is ticking … and on the Orlando Sentinel‘s Dwight Howard Watch page, it’s literally ticking … down to next Thursday’s trade deadline with no guarantees as to what’s going to happen to the Magic’s superstar center and the city and franchise that don’t want to lose him.

A week away from what could be doomsday for Magic fans if Howard is dealt and no one is quite sure what’s going to change in Orlando.

There is a strong belief that the Magic will call Howard’s trade request bluff and keep him on the roster with no chance of getting anything for him if he leaves via free agency this summer, as’s Marc Stein makes clear here:

I’m sure some of the “Magic resolve” chatter that’s been gaining traction in recent days about how increasingly determined they are to keep him beyond the deadline is at least partly designed as a means of trying to improve the offers that come in before the deadline. Yet it seems evident that the stronger belief in the Magic Kingdom is that it’s better to keep Dwight and face the worst-case-scenario consequences of losing him for nothing if there’s so much as a 10 percent chance of him changing his mind.

The vibe coming from the Magic is that owner Rich DeVos prefers that scenario, frightening as it is, to what Orlando can get for Dwight in a trade today. Fortunately we have only about a week more to wait to find out whether Orlando’s bravery has staying power … or whether the claim that it’ll take its chances with mere salary-cap space should Dwight bolt was just posturing.

It’s strange, with all of the wild and crazy rumors that were flying around a week ago this time you’d expect we’d have more of the same. But instead, rumors are being shot down with increasing frequency.

Take a spin around the league and see all of the guys who were supposed to be on the block who are no longer considered to be in that mix, and that includes the likes of Rajon Rondo, Pau Gasol and a few of our other trade rumor faves:


Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe suggests the Celtics and coach Doc Rivers are willing to let the deadline pass without messing with the Big 3+1 right now:

The deadline is March 15, which comes in the middle of their critical eight-game road trip, and the recent five-game winning streak may have skewed some thinking regarding the breakup of the Big Three.

With a division title within reach and 28 games left, Rivers said he doesn’t anticipate any major moves.

“I’m sure there will be more rumors, there’s nothing you can do about that,’’ Rivers said. “We pretty much know what we want to do.

“Like I said a week ago, I’d be surprised if we did anything. Obviously, if we find someone out there who wants to give us a player, we’ll take them.’’

The Celtics have the expiring contracts of Kevin GarnettRay Allen, and Jermaine O’Neal to offer in trade, but according to an NBA source, they will not give away those commodities for other teams’ unwanted contracts or young players with uncertain futures.

The Clippers reportedly have an interest in Allen but are only willing to give up veteran guard Mo Williams, who has a player option for $8.5 million next season and has asked the team for an extension. With the emergence of Avery Bradley and the potential of second-round pick E’Twaun Moore, it’s highly unlikely the Celtics would acquire an aging backup point guard.

Allen to the Clippers would certainly spice things up in Los Angeles, but do the Celtics really believe some of these youngsters they’ve acquired in recent years are ready to step into Allen’s role, particularly in a playoff series?


That might seem like a convenient excuse for the struggles in Portland, but there might also be a little something to the theory that all of trade rumors and speculation wearing on the Trail Blazers.

Joe Freeman of the Oregonian with some details from Blazers’ latest setback, their eighth loss in their last 12 games:

As [Jamal] Crawford headed to the bench late in the fourth quarter, with a Blazers loss in sight, a fan from the front row shouted, “It’s OK, Jamal. You’re going to be a Timberwolf soon.”
The trade deadline is a mere week away and a host of Blazers, including Crawford and [Raymond] Felton, have been circulating the non-stop rumor mill. Crawford, who has been linked the Timberwolves, acknowledged the chatter could be starting to affect the roster.
“I think at the end of the day, we’re only human,” said Crawford, who made 3 of 13 shots and scored six points. “So no matter what somebody says, I’m sure it’s in the back of their heads. They hear about the rumors and stuff. But we have to be professional and go out and do the best job we can.”
Felton didn’t seem slowed by the outside noise as he played perhaps his best game in the Blazers uniform, finishing with 23 points, nine assists and four rebounds. It was the most points he’s scored since Dec. 29, when he had 23 against the Denver Nuggets, and the fifth-most assists he’s recorded all season. If anything, his performance might entice potential suitors.
The same could be said for Timberwolves’ guard Luke Ridnour, who has been rumored as a possible target of the Blazers. He finished with 22 points, five assists and four rebounds and was clutch late.

A rumored Crawford-for-Ridnour swap would reunite Blazers coach Nate McMillan with his old point guard from their Seattle days. And it would free Crawford from whatever is ailing his game with the Blazers. But it doesn’t drastically alter the fate of either team in the grand scheme of the playoff structure.


One situation that seems a bit more settled than it was a week ago is Pau Gasol‘s fate with the Lakers.

That doesn’t meant the Lakers won’t do anything at the deadline. It just means that Gasol and Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak have at least discussed the possibilities and come to an understanding of how to continue working with all of the drama swirling, as Ramona Shelburne of reports:

“I have an understanding of where things are,” Gasol said after the Lakers’ shootaround in Detroit on Tuesday, “where they stand and where he stands and where I stand. He [Kupchak] told me to just keep doing what you do, keep playing hard and playing on and from that point on, we’ll see.”

While Kupchak did not tell Gasol that he wouldn’t be traded, the conversation seemed to go a long way in settling Gasol’s nerves because he hadn’t been given much if any feedback about his status since he was involved in the failed Chris Paul trade in early December.

“It was kind of calming to have that feedback,” Gasol said. “Since before training camp, it was the first time I was approached by them.”

Gasol admitted he was disappointed that the conversation didn’t happen earlier. As a four-time All-Star and a key figure in the team’s back-to-back NBA championships in 2009 and 2010, he figured he deserved that.

Gasol does seem to understand why he hasn’t been told much, however.

“It’s hard because when an organization is going to pull the trigger [on a trade], I guess the less involvement and the less contact, the easier it is,” he said. “That was the point if you watched that movie ‘Moneyball,’ where Brad Pitt doesn’t want to be involved with players. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but you could see that kind of factor.”

Gasol said he ended the conversation with one request of Kupchak.

“I told him, ‘When there’s something real on the table, just let me know,’ ” he said.

And did he get a sense that would happen?

“Ummm, there’s always potential,” he said, “because things can turn around or they’re not willing to give up a certain player that they were before. You have to understand that.”

Two straight losses shouldn’t color the Lakers’ vision of what to do with Gasol. If they were intent on dealing him in training camp, there’s no reason to believe they have abandoned those plans completely a week before the deadline. It’s a matter of what they can get in return that should dictate what they do now.


It looks as if Bobcats’ swingman Boris Diaw, who showed up after the lockout in less-than-stellar physical condition, might have run afoul of his coach for the last time.

Bobcats coach Paul Silas lit into Diaw in explaining why he wasn’t active for last night’s game against the Jazz. And Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer captured every word:

“I think if he had played all out, the way he should have, it would have been a much, much better club,” Silas said, when asked why Diaw has fallen out of the rotation entirely.

Diaw was active, but didn’t play vs. the Orlando Magic Tuesday, breaking a string of 384 consecutive game appearances. Diaw’s agent has contacted the Bobcats about a buyout, but the team would only consider that after the March. 15 trade deadline.

Diaw was not in the locker room during the 45-minute period before the game when media have access.

Silas was quite direct in describing his dissatisfaction with Diaw’s play this season. The forward is averaging 7.7 points and 5.6 rebounds and shooting 41 percent.

“I like a player who is really committed to not only the team but to himself and then doing the best he can as a player,” Silas said. “Some of the things that would go on, like not shooting the ball (and) passing all of the time… I needed hoops and he could put the ball in the hoop. When that wouldn’t happen it was very disturbing.”

Asked if Diaw would ever play again for the Bobcats, Silas replied, “We just have to wait and see.”

Wait to see what? It’s obvious Silas would rather continue without Diaw.



  2. Eric says:

    Hopefully Raptors can steal Howard haha!

  3. Slowrange says:

    Coming this Summer Williams Howard and Lopez to the Big Apple

  4. Baloomba says:

    I know this won’t be possible.. But just think about it, If the Spurs thought about trading Tim Duncan, who’s also getting old for Dwight Howard, I think this would be a pretty good and faire trade…

  5. Bob says:

    What about:

    Carmelo Anthony+Tyson Chandler


    Dwight Howard + Ryan Anderson

  6. frank_radely says:

    trade dwight to okc for westbrook and 2nd round pick

  7. Matt damon says:

    Howard to boston 100% just wait and see……

  8. Jim buss says:

    I’ll trade Pau Gasol for Goran Dragic, Kevin Martin and Luis Scola.. Remember the trade that been vetoed? It’s a Win Win for both teams.

  9. Kurt W says:

    The magic have one issue and that’s the system and structure they have built around howard, if they trade they will need to consider a center, otherwise they will have to change their system. The best option is to trade for Chandler and fields to NY they will get a replacement center and a descent guard, also off load hedo for a small forward or a power forward

  10. BigBadBlake says:

    Trade the untradable wahehehe

    The best trade..

  11. Jevo says:

    I think this one would be great for all sides….

    I think goran dragic just needs to get a chance to be the first guard and he can be one of the best in the league, it would be perfect in a team like this by Lakers where he could concentrate on making his teammates better!

  12. Chris says:

    What do you think?

    Orlando: Nelson – Ellis – Richardson – Anderson – Haywood (+Odom)
    Dallas: Kidd – Carter/West – Turkoglu – Nowitzki – Howard (+Terry)
    Warriors: Curry – Rush/Beaubois – Marion/D.Wright – Lee – Biedrins/Brown (+B. Wright)

    Maybe throw in some picks and e.g. Mahinmi…

  13. whatever says:

    Dwight Howard to the San Antonio Spurs!

    Fingers crossed.

  14. Bok says:

    Howard to Bulls. If the Bulls can somehow work a trade without involving Rose, Deng & Noah that’s gonna be a miracle. Or to the Lakers with Turk for Gasol, Artest & bench players or trade exception. Or to Timberwolves for a big man (PF) & a PG combo.

  15. Chris B says:

    I agree with trading Jim Buss and Mike Brown. Jim Buss is just a doofus. I really don’t have anything against Mike Brown, but Brian Shaw should have become headcoach. Yes, I know it’s not possible to trade them, but I wish the Lakers could. Really wish the Magic would have traded Dwight earlier. I just can’t see him staying there. After all, Otis Smith isn’t much smarter than Jim Buss.

  16. Guy says:

    since verybody is posting stupid trades why not this one.

    No i am not a Lakers fan

  17. jan says:

    i dont believe in all your opinion

  18. p-noy says:

    why beasley is always seating on the bench for the WOLVES?
    why not trade him?
    get a PG or Center….

  19. 3 headed monstah says:


  20. p-noy says:

    trade bosh and a bunch of guys… get D12… that would be fine for MIAMI.. LOL

  21. 14dimes says:

    I’m starting to get pissed at this trading rumours and at Dwight. If they want to trade him then do so and let the people know right away. Not like this, holding it til 15th. What if things turned out differently and Dwight performance was not as what people in those teams rooting for him expect him to be. What if he gets injured. Too much razzle dazzle to get Dwight. Why there are other talents out there, and team chemistry is what’s important. Sure whichever team he goes to will be a playoff contender and threat but hey in the nba, you get a lot of surprises and disappointments. Just look at Lebron joining Wade and Bosh, did that trade win them a championship ring? Trading Dwight is not a guaranteed win. If these teams are going to waste good and stable players they have and try to scout a much younger rookie player instead of giving to much effort to getting Dwight. Maybe the talent their looking for is actually in the d-league or someone undrafted, or from somewhere least likely to produce good players. We have seen overrated players that failed to give as what expected of them. Dwight, nba management, and orlando, stop this hullabaloo and let it out already. This is cheese.

  22. 503 Nutty NW says:

    what the Blazers need is a cluth player doesnt have 2 b a Kobe or Lebron could b a Rondo or D Williams those 2 pefect imagine

    starting line up
    (P) Rondo /Dwilliams, (SG) Battum, (PF) Lamarcus, (F) Gerald Wallace, (C) Camby

    Elliot Williams Jamal Crawford, Pryzybilla Kurt, Nolan Wesly Matthews

    if i could tell the coach ayy Nate fucc it u got Talent let em play freestyle u got one of the bests players let em play nd shoot thats just me idk here my wishes

  23. Valencia says:

    This is the best offer they can get, to get the dwight howard and D. Williams on a LA uniform. Lakers get Dwight and D. Williams, New jersey Nets gets Andrew Bynum and J. Nelson. and Orlando Magic gets Pau Gasol , Steve Blake and Brook Lopez.

  24. 503 Nutty NW says:

    heres what i think shud really happen the Blazers shud get rid of Felton , Nolan nd craig smith or Felton nd craig then could give up a picc to get Dwilliams or Rondo i think fucc it go hard or go home thats all i got for now….

  25. Lakers don’t need big man…. they have pau and bynum..
    all they need is a point guard…

  26. larone says:

    With those arms Dwight Howard is bound to win a

  27. michael24 says:

    The lakers dont need a point guard that’s good offensively, they just need a quick point guard that can defend pick and roll and will keep up with quick guards like paul and parker,. they dont also need to trade for d12. remember they won back-to-back title with gasol. all they need is a deep bench that can score for limited time.. and a solid small forward that can run and finish.

  28. kb24ever says:

    try this one……win – win for both teams!!

  29. unknown says:

    how bout this one 3team trade between the MAGIC-LAKERS-HEAT

    LAKERS GET – D12



    i think magic need a veteran leadership that juwan can provide them.

  30. unknown says:

    how bout this one 3team trade between the MAGIC-LAKERS-HEAT

    LAKERS GET – D12



    i think magic need a veteran leadership that juwan can provide them.

  31. Mark_Cuban says:

    This is how the Mavs will get both D-Will and D-12 anf go all the way again:

    Send a decent center (Brandan Haywood) to Florida plus two expiring contracts (JT and JK) and take the Hedo contract off their hands,

    Send LO + RoddyB and Delonte West to NJ for D-Will (better than nothing at the end of the season)

    Don’t say I have not told you in advance …

  32. josh says:

    is this possible???

    Lakers trade Pau Gasol plus 2 other players for Dwight Howard & Jameer Nelson
    then Lakers trade Andrew Bynum & Jameer Nelson for Deron Williams….

    Everybody happy??? What do you think folks???

    • Gargh says:

      why the hell would the nets trade for a injury prone centre when they already have another injury prone centre. And especially for one of the point guards in the league.

      keep dreaming my laker friend

  33. Turkish-Looking says:

    at first, Magic should try to keep howard on the hand.. and, they should send Hedo immediately anywhere.. if there will be a trade i suggest like this one:

    lakers: howard hedo and ilyasova

    magic: gasol and bynum

    bucks: j-rich and first round pick

    this all vill be good for these three teams.. but lakers again have a pg problem.. that i think they would never solve if they keep kobe in the team ever..

  34. rich says:

    what if d will and d howard go to the mavs with dirk, j kidd and jason terry, haha to the lakers, nets, and magic, sorry heat fans. heat cant beat mavs just with dirk and others. no chance with this team in 2013

  35. 2gILD says:

    We can speculate about D12 all night long until the trade deadline, the fact is that Dwight won’t be traded until the day of trade deadline. It seems to me that Magic do have some decent choices from other clubs (which isn’t comparable to losing the star center, but better than him walking out for nothing) and they will press the button at the trade deadline. This way, the potential deals can be weighed or some team can provide better offer as it gets closer to the deadline. And why Orlando would rush a deal when they can muster out few more wins with Howard at the helm until trade deadline? The fact is that Magic WILL trade Dwight; they are just bluffing the notion of “keeping Dwight” so they can potentially get better deals and muster out few more wins until Dwight leaves.

  36. Take a Risk says:

    I’ll just go with the flow!!

  37. sinfone says:

    Lakers need a link beetween kobe and the rest of the team, and Pau is the link he was always the masterpiece for lakers. If he leaves LA is the end… no matter who comes.

  38. mikeymike says:

    Turkoglu and nelson for harris and millsap?

  39. ClIpPeRs-FrOmThEsTaRt says:

    og clipper fan???? no u aint!!!! were u from the begginin time of brand and maggette and lamar!!??? look at all these sudden clipper fans man… probably a year ago u wore a lakers shirt and jersey!!! and ur name was OG LAKER FAN !!!
    your a fake!!!!

  40. OG_CLIPPER_FAN says:

    lakers need to get rid of luke walton!!

  41. Roy says:

    Well guys, we know one thing thats coming out of all of this. Orlando is screwed, they used to be contenders, with a great coach. But every year Otis Smith has been making silly trades and pickups just to keep Dwight happy, and hes STILL LEAVING. They should have kept the 09-10 roster…. sigh

  42. Lakers4Life says:
    someone check out this trade it descent and win win for both teams. what do you think???

  43. Lucky says:

    I like the way that Ricky guy thinks. Lakers get Dwight, Hedo & D.Will, Magic get Bynum & McRoberts, Nets get Gasol & Goudelock.
    Shame of it is, I like Bynum but he takes plays off and somtimes takes 12 minutes off. If he’d just bring it every play, every night the Lakers could become his team. He just doesn’t seem to have it between his ears thereby translating into a lack of heart.
    Then to paraphrase the old Henny Youngman line. Take Coach Brown, somebody please take Coach Brown.
    Having been a Lakers fan since moving to LA in 1967, I’ve seen several Laker teams with various playing styles. I have to admit I was never a fan of the triangle or any set offense for that matter. Even the triangle was more entertaining to watch than today’s run the clock down until it’s time for Kobe to take a desperation shot offensive style – and I do mean offensive to watch. The Laker offense has deteriorated from Show Time to Slow Time. Run men run, yes even after made baskets. I’m done.

  44. willia says:

    what do you think this trade

    leaves the lakers without PAU GASOL but has somethin in exchange, Beasley Barea and Milicic , player that can give good minutes in every position the lakers need,

    • Gargh says:

      wolves have pekovic and k-love at the 4 and 5

      why the hell would they trade for pau (and even barea if they only just signed him this season?)

  45. JMardo7777 says:

    All these fake Clippers fans are trying to represent the Clippers as thier screen names. Everyone’s representing now acting like they were down with LAC from day one.

    I can’t stand you fake Clippers fans. All you fake fans are supposed to be Lakers fans…

  46. LAKER - MAKER says:

    Seems to be the years of the super teams to me.(Thanks LeBron) So Goud and Bynum, for DHoward, and draft picks for an aging Steve Nash. This is the only way everyone is satisfied. Dont trade Peace, Matt, or Fish. Super teams remember! Someone has to guard LBJ, Wade, Nowitski, Blake, Manu, and any other stars of the opposing teams. Howard, Gasol, Metta, Kobe, Nash and Fish, Barnes, and Luke off the Bench. Tell me that aint a dominant defensive team. Last I checked, Offense put you in the seats and the defense let you celebrate!!!

    • Gargh says:

      lol the warriors trade away one of their most dynamic scorers for a washed up and channing frye (who isnt even a big man)?

      keep dreaming my friend

  47. Ralph says: what about this trade, this works a lot. It’s preety decent.

  48. makisB3 says:

    Mmm interesting! It’s possible i think!

  49. beast says:

    Miami trade Bosh, Chalmers and 2 future 1st Round picks for Howard.

  50. The Voice In The Distance says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if after all these days of discussion and speculation if nothing of any real significance actually happens before the deadline.

  51. Eric says:

    So many Laker fans here man! All the trade scenario’s I’ve seen and read are so lopsided to the Lakers hahaha.

  52. airball says:

    Throw this in with all the other nonsense trades being conjured up,

  53. Jon White says:

    As a magic fan this is the only trade that makes sense if you get some picks with it!

  54. Geeze says:

    whare are you smoking????
    first post you said orlando doesn’t have a good GM
    then 2 posts later u said smith did a decent job, it was coach fault.
    then u said DH12 to miami to join with the other 3 (well in ur fantasy land why not get CP3 and KD for miami too, throw kevin love when u are at it)

    and please stop posting none sense, you are from Toronto, stick to hockey that you canadians good at.

    • David says:

      Someone stole my name, I only posted the one where I think Dwight goes to miami. Just so you know I can as easily put my name as “Geeze”.

      I’m not that into hockey, and I’m not originally from Canada, by the way.

  55. mr.grieves says:

    You’re wrong Twisted Jay, The Warriors want to get rid of either Monta or Curry, and Gasol is still in great shape, puts up great numbers and would fit well into the warriors system. Teams have made way worse trades in the past, so my offer shouldn’t surprise you at all. Also David Lee is no star.

    • Gargh says:

      Lakers would only get Monta for Pau. Warriors would not trade curry away for Pau. The only big man the Warriors would trade Curry for is Superman

  56. OG_CLIPPER_FAN says:

    I think the lakers should trade Pau , Luke walton, And WORLD PEACE”…. Luke walton barely scores 1ppg…world peace scores 5.4 ppg…

    • Lakerzish says:

      The Lakers should cut Luke Walton. He has played 9 games this season averaging 7 minutes yet he is payed more than most starters in the league.

    • JMardo7777 says:


  57. OG_CLIPPER_FAN says:

    i’ve been a clipper fan forever and i dont think the clips should trade… the made big mistakes of trading Elton Brand and Corey Maggette…. that started those 2 years of the Clippers being the worst NBA team….. They should wait for Billups to heal….

    • Lakers4Life says:

      nobody likes buster colors in L.A

    • Macluse says:

      The Clippers never traded away Brand nor Maggette… they signed with other teams. The Clippers let Maggette go to sign Baron Davis and Elton Brand was a jerk and singed with the 76ers. Billups won’t be back in time for the playoff even if they make it to the finals, his injury takes to long to heal. I don’t know what trade would help but it doesn’t matter unless they learn how to play defense and the bench learns how to score.

    • JMardo7777 says:

      I could see that your an OG Clipper fan…. so the Clippers traded Brand and Maggette huh? wow… I CAN’T STAND FAKE CLIPPERS FANS!!!!

      Everyone’s a Clippers fan all of a sudden

  58. Baller101 says:

    If the Lakers trade anyone i think Jim Buss should be included in the deal!! I mean everyone and anyone knows he traded Lamar for nothing…. If you are the lakers management and you know Lamar is worth most after getting the sixth man of the year award would you really trade him for a pick? what next Pau+Kobe for fish sticks? no disrespect to Jerry Buss but his kid is a bigger liability than Biedrins on a free throw line with the game on the line! heres a fantasy trade Otis smith + Dwight Howard for Bynum Jim Buss (carrying a personal cheque to the Magic for damages) and draft picks

  59. Max says:

    When the team begins in 10th place in the East everyone looks down the bench at the coach. They look and wonder what the hell is he doing. He has all the pieces, now put them together.

    To read more go to

  60. Zach Gillette says:

    If I were NY, I’d look to get Dwight Howard for Carmelo Anthony. NY can obviously win without him, and DH is just a better version of Tyson Chandler. They could even look to deal TC, it isn’t like their team is doing all that well.

  61. CRS says:
    I think the best thing to do is to trade hedo and nelson for D-Will …. that way orlando gets a good pg and NJ aswell and even better orlando gets rid of hedo’s salary

  62. mr.grieves says:

    What if.. Lakers trade Pau Gasol, (Steve Blake-optional) to the Warriors for Steph Curry and David Lee

    then They Trade Bynum, Artest and a draft pick for Dwight Howard, and (Hedo Turkoglu-optional)

    in the end it would be

    They would have great chemistry, and would be very balenced. The Lakers would get the point guard everyones been talking about and Howard. The Warriors have been meaning to trade one of their Guards so the timing would be perfect.

    • Twisted Jay says:

      This is the dumbest scenario I’ve heard yet. Why the hell would the Warriors trade their 23 year old star point guard and 28 year old star power forward for the old Pau Gasol and Steve Blake? Dream on homie.

    • Gargh says:

      man, after reading this post, my iq just dropped by like 50

  63. celticsfan9 says:

    trevor ariza, michael beasley, chris kaman to BOSTON

    then they release keyon dooling, marquis daniels, sasha palvovic, jermaine oneal OUT

  64. nba fan says:

    they should trade howard for chris bosh, or howard and and williams both to denver or philly becouse they would have all the supporting cast they need and the teams would have two stars to get them over the hump

  65. Melbourne says:

    How about this one. From what I can tell everybody benefit and it doesnt sound too exotic…

  66. Baller101 says:

    Fantasy trade

    whats better than the best defensive center, an all star caliber swingman who can play on an all NBA defensive team, would be a miracle if that happened though

  67. TRADETRADE says:

    LAKERS needs a PG , BOSTON needs a BIG MAN . Why not trade PAU GASOL for RAJON RONDO ? HAHAHAHA . LOL

  68. LAKERS4EVER says:

    Hey guys…. what do you guys think about this trade

    • LAKERS4EVER says:

      The Magic will have a solid replacement for Howard in Lopez and a decent PF in Pau…. The Nets will have an all-star that do not demand a trade and a good building chip to rebuild when they move to the new city. N the Lakers will get a good PG and C to team up with KOBE to win the title for the next couple of years… hahahaha

  69. Grievous56 says:

    This will probabaly never happen, but this trade would make OKC the best team in the leauge. They would have their own Big 3

  70. LAKERS4EVER says:

    This is gonna be a hell of a trade if for some reason the Boston and Magic agree to it….

    • Gargh says:

      yea boston trading away their best player to team up with the black mamba and to create a another Lakers dynasty is EXACTLY what the Boston and Magic management plan to do

  71. noop says:

    @ david

    dude think b4 u speak!there is no way d12 can go to miami!geez!

    the magic’s best option is get westbrook and a draft pick from OKC rather than letting him walk away for nothing!

  72. ricky says:

    Lakers will get Dwight, D’ Will and Hedo..Magic will get Bynum and Josh Mcroberts..Nets will get Gasol and Andrew Goudelock. That’s all I have to say about it. By the way, Lakers will go all the way, one more ring for KB24!!

    • Josh says:

      nooooooo way in the world thats happening
      D-Will and Superman are coming to DALLAS thru free agency
      end of convo.

  73. DANITo says:

    lakers dont need howard just get felton and iguodala. they have the second best center in the nba. they lack at the pg and sf positions. id rather them trade paul gasol for deron willian.

    • Baller101 says:

      That ain’t gonna happen, the Nets wouldn’t trade D-Will for Pau’s big contract, they’d want young pieces and draft picks to rebuild quickly, if your looking at a lakers trade one possibility is a trade in which:

      Lakers get – Nash, Scola, Howard
      Magic get – Bynum and a couple of draft picks
      Rockets get – Pau
      Suns get – Kevin Martin

      this way the Lakers get a decent offensive clutch PG in Nash and an underrated effective player in Scola with Howard helping Kobe’s title hopes, The magic get the closest thing to a superstar center in Bynum + draft picks to help the rebuilding, The Rockets we know would go for a Martin+Scola for Pau trade, so they get Pau and ofcourse the suns get Martin, a good scoring 2 guard who packs a punch, this way all teams involved would be happy, this trade could happen cap wise, but i don’t think the magic would bite. If they trade Howard i’m guessing they’d want Hedo in the same deal which is the bigger concern for any team trying a trade right now… Nobody wants Hedo @ 11m/yr for the next 3 years…

    • dreamer says:

      and Blake for Jordan Farmar.

  74. Derek says:

    Lakers should keep only 5 players(Bryant, Bynum, Gasol, Steve, Mark Barn) on the roster and trade the rest for Mo and Randy from LA Clippers, or Felton and Crawford from Portland

  75. konop says:

    this one would be good for Lakers:

    but its imposible ;]

  76. David says:

    They might gamble because Dwight have a glimmer of hope staying. But I still think him heading to the heat is higher than staying.

    • Andy says:

      Heat would have to trade one of their big 3 to have enough salary cap space for howard, and there`s no way that will happen

  77. Jandy says:

    Get Stan Van Gundy out of picture then surround Dwight with defensive minded players with decent shooting. Dwight doesn’t need to leave Orlando. Don’t be like Shaq.

  78. js says:

    I just cant imagin the magic honestly taking the stubborn route and letting him walk at the end of the season for nothing. I mean it sounds nice, and magic fans want to say it because it sounds like you’re taking the high ground and being morally right, but at the end of the day, f morals, you gotta think with your head not your heart. you REALLY think you’re going to look at it a year from now, and NOT be upset you didnt take someone like bynum, or even amare over in NY, or possibly brooks lopez, instead of getting NOTHING?

  79. darakov says:

    Mavs is out there confident as the Defending Champ! Trading deadline is just one that scares every NBA players and Odom if ever not get traded will be a scare to any team, Mavs will defend its Championship! Let’s see the big changes after the trade deadline.

    • Alex says:

      Mavs would do best if Dwight stays with Orlando past the deadline. Then end of season with free agency, with all the expiring contracts they have, it could work to bring Dwight and Deron Williams into Mavs colours. Imagine having Dwight and Dirk at the post, with Terry and Williams outside shooting.

  80. Lakers4Life says:

    does anyone think sixers will make a trade with the lakers??

    • dd def says:

      i don’t see it happening. just doesn’t seem like either has something the other is particularly looking for. wouldn’t be a big trade if it happened

    • Bulls2012 says:

      I don’t think that Warriors or Suns would get rid of Monta/Nash for those pieces. I do think that Magic should try to get Monta though. I don’t think Nash is necessary, Nelson is a pretty decent PG.

    • qwerty says:

      I dont see warriors agreeing to that. Suns looks good, might even be able to get more

  81. yham says:

    magic has its plan A,B and C already set-up.they are just waiting for the right time to press the button.
    right now they are just waiting if they can still convince DWIGHT to stay in magic uniform.if the magic really
    (dying) to want howard to stay with them they should start making their moves NOW!!!!!
    another ALL STAR and EASTERN CONFERENCE FINAL APPEARANCE might be one reason that
    dwight will stay in magic.
    GO HEAT bring RASHEED WALLACE in HEAT uniform…..

  82. David says:

    I think Otis Smith has done a decent job. He overpaid for Turkoglu, but other than that has done a decent job surrounding Howard with shooters. DH12 gets to isolate and control both ends of the paint allowing all those shooters to get isolated looks. The Magic just need to have a coach that’s more defensive minded (like their star player is). If you can build a defensive championship around Ben Wallace, why not Dwight?

    • Sideliner says:

      I agree. I think pure-shooting is the problem for Orlando though, because shooting is the kind of thing that you either have or don’t have on any given night. What Orlando needs is an attacker and scorer–someone like a Trevor Ariza, or Steve Nash, who can score on his own and can promote others to score; or what about Jason Terry (not to say he’s really tradeable from Dallas), or Thaddeus Young. Orlando needs someone who can get to the rim, put pressure in the lane and interior–not just Dwight–so that their shooting becomes that much more open and dangerous. If other teams had to start doubling more than just Dwight, or Orlando had a one-on-one player who can make his own plays, then Orlando would be that much better.

    • dd def says:

      the thing is though, you can’t have one post player and 11 shooters. hence the phrase “live by the 3 die by the 3” even with solid defense you aren’t winning any championships from beyond the 3 point line. and howard’s the only defensive player on that team, he covers everyone elses blunders to the point where the rest of the team is lazy on defense cause dwight will save them anyway. he needs a team effort on defense as well as offense.

    • kyle says:

      huh? SVG is a defensive minded coach, lol

    • Lee says:

      Hell of a thought

  83. Jandy says:

    Even though Dwight will become a Laker, the Lakers won’t still be a contender without a new point guard. And would it be funny if the Lakers will get Howard then sign Arenas? Howard should stay Orlando and demand his type of players then if he can’t still give the Magic the title that is the time that they will give Howard away,

  84. David says:

    Magics do not have a good GM, considering all the reckless trades trying to keep Dwight happy. It should be expected that he makes another bone-headed decision that makes Dwight walk for free. But if salary cap relief from Howard’s 18 million is what he wants, then fine with that.

    • David says:

      The Magic had a deep roster from the beginning and today would have had a championship roster if Smith hadn’t done anything at all.
      The trade that sent Ariza to L.A. for Cook and Evans plus Vince Carter For Courtney Lee; both of those trades weren’t even to appease Howard at the time. Those were the early days when they were contenders and didn’t need Howard’s input and those were the beginning of many irrational trades.

    • kyle says:

      it’s Magic not Magic’s

  85. * says:

    Miami Heat all day!

    • dd def says:

      ok, that’s all well and good, but beyond irrelevant… let’s try to stay focused here yeah?

  86. prix says:

    I can´t imagine Dwight and Pau trade..I´m sure Orlando will end up at the bottom with soft fading Pau running the Magic..and Dwight end up as the savior for Kobe´s failure but I don´t think they will be a contender but the Lakers is the next NY w/o Lin…failed!!!

    • uwa says:

      how can you call someone who have won 5 championships as failure. kobe is still leading nba in scoring, how ever laker club only has 3 players, they don’t have a guard, smallforward or a 6th man and they are still doing just fine. pau-dwight trade is not possible but i think that, if lakers give up both gasol and bynum it is possible, they would get dwight, hedo and a guard.

      • Big Bet says:

        Pau in Spanish speaking Florida is a pretty good scenario. Lakers need to give up cash and a couple of picks to land Howard before the trade deadline.

      • Lol... says:

        Pau in Spanish speaking Florida? You do know that there are Spanish speaking people pretty much everywhere in the U.S right?