PJax Is Not Walking Through The Door

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Hey Lakers, enough already.

Phil Jackson is not walking through that door. And the triangle offense that some of you seem to believe is the answer to all of your problems is the same triangle offense that didn’t save you last season. You remember that playoff sweep at the hands of the eventual champion Dallas Mavericks, right?

The Lakers go from one crisis to another trying to figure out why they aren’t the kings of the hill anymore, looking for any scapegoat possible to explain what everyone else has already figured out. It’s pretty simple — father time has caught up with you, fellas!

You are no longer the dominant bunch you were a few years ago. It happens. You’re not the first to experience this and you will not be the last. Just check in with your counterparts in Boston if you don’t believe it.

There’s no shame in admitting it. And you are welcome to battle until there isn’t an ounce of energy left in your bodies. But at least go out with a little dignity instead of throwing a tantrum every single time something goes wrong or you hit a little dry spell.

This reported “mutiny against Mike Brown‘s offense,” as reported by Ramona Shelburne of ESPNLosAngeles.com, is the most childish move yet:

Brown’s effect on the Lakers’ defense has been undeniable, but sources say the team’s ongoing struggles on the road — with L.A. dropping to 6-14 away from Staples Center following a loss in Detroit and blowing a 21-point lead to the undisciplined Wizards — have some veterans longing for a return to the trusty Triangle offense preferred by Brown’s predecessor, Phil Jackson.

ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard recently reported that Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher called a players-only meeting after a win against Portland on Feb. 21 to address concerns about Brown’s style, as well as persistent trade rumors involving Pau Gasol.

While that meeting might have quelled some of the tension in the short term, these two latest losses have brought the issues right back to the forefront and perhaps even exacerbated the situation as the team nears the March 15 trade deadline, continuing to languish in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference.

Sources told ESPNLosAngeles.com that multiple players have continued to meet privately since the initial team meeting to discuss running elements of the Triangle offense again.

“The players want to unify,” one source with knowledge of the situation said. “They know how to win, and they want to fix this. I don’t know if they can, though. “

When you were riding Bryant’s masked man routine to three straight wins after the All-Star break, there was little-to-no grumbling about the offense and how bad it was. You lost two straight to bottom feeders and it’s back to throwing Mike Brown from the train. It’s ridiculous.

Save us all the headache and just play ball, fellas.


  1. Wilson says:

    Who exactly are you talking to when you say “Hey, Lakers?” If you are addressing the Laker fans that want Mike Brown out that’s one thing, and you may have an argument. But that wouldn’t be smart to do would it? Why would you alienate your fans that read your blog?

    So that means you are addressing the players. And calling them how for having PRIVATE conversations about their head coach. You are going to blame players that have won championships for trying to improve their team when their coach hasn’t won a championship? They haven’t said anything negative publicly, and have actually supported Brown to the media. Who cares what they talk about privately? That is no one’s business, not even yours and your big-time blog. This post was completely ridiculous. They have been playing ball, and want to be better. To paint Laker players in a bad light for having private conversations about their new coach is unbelievable.

  2. Dave Argyle says:

    Why is everyone concerned with the post of jordanbyfar? This person is not knowledgeable about basketball. Simple do not respond, too those persons who do not qualify to converse about the sport. With that said. If statistics are the measuring stick of who’s the best player in basketball. Then that must be applied to any era. Not just the era of your favorite player to date. I will now name three players with better all around statistics than Michael Jordan. In alphabetical order. 1. Charles Barkley. 2. Larry Bird. 3. Earvin Magic Johnson. Fact not opinion. I will never post opinions. As to volume shooting. Michael Jordan once took 49 field goals for 69 total points. Dominique Wilkins once took 47 field goals for a total of 57 points. The best player of this era Kobe Bryant took 45 field goals for 81 total points. I hope Sekou Smith post this comment. It just seems like a lot of rhetorical comments get posted. More so than factual commentary.

  3. carl castro says:

    are you serious? this guy might be a heat fan or something! cmon man lakers are still surviving! 3rd in the west without PJax and Lamar Odom! and last year was last year! move on!

  4. rommel says:

    tell kobe to share the ball lol

  5. Darien says:

    You people have to be ignorant!!! I am DIE HARD LAKER FAN, but we lost to Dallas because they outplayed us. As for the triangle offense, name ONE coach who is more successful that Phil Jackson!!!!!!! His play book is obviously the best.

    Throwing Mike Brown under the bus. Ok, wouldnt you if you had so many years executing this style and then he comes along and says forget about it. Its completely new the ENTIRE TEAM!!!



  6. 0treborz says:

    Who wrote this article? Ramona or Sekou? One thing’s for sure about Mr. Smith, Sekou Smith to be correct.. He is a biased reporter. Ramona… Your knowledge and understanding of the game in general is just poor… I’ve read others of your so called ‘articles’ Get your fact straight, until then, just STFU!

  7. jad f says:

    first of all … im a lakers fan but to speak fair i cannot give the lakers any excuses for last year playoff disaster ( thank god i didnt watch the last game i wld hav broken the tv in pieces lol) anyway dallas surprised every1 and played their best ball ever with the best german player in the world dirk. and a second point i should make is tht lakers wil always wil be a championship team until kobe retires… imagine a team with 2 7 footers ( 2 all starts) a defensive machine in world peace and having the best player in the game right now in kobe… with the right motivation and more work on their offense nt just focusing on deffence wld make this team reach the finals for the 8th time in 12 years!!!!!! thats an impressive number isint it… d fish u will be missed il never forget the buzzer shot with 0.4 sec left!! and never count out the black mumba…a heart of a champion never dies… kobe is king …. peace

  8. D/T says:

    kobe wants a ring but face it, he is to old but i would take him even if he retires over queen james. Derek fisher: gone fishing

  9. Jeff says:

    Since when does having a team meeting equate to throwing a tantrum? Mike Brown has NO offensive system and that has been clear since before he started coaching the Lakers. If you aren’t concerned about the Lakers offense then you are not paying attention. The players are keenly aware of Brown’s lack of offensive expertize and have taken it upon themselves to come up with a solution. Is that a childish tantrum or is that how veterans solve a problem?

  10. Joe says:

    Did someone really say Lebron is better than Kobe? really? I hate Kobe (almost as much as I hate Lebron), but I give credit where credit is due. Kobe is probably a Top 10 player in NBA HISTORY. Lebron, until he actually has a skillset outside of dunking and fast break points, will never be close to the player Kobe is/was. Lebron has one thing Kobe doesn’t, that’s freakishly athletic abilities. That’s what got him into the NBA, and that’s why he’s where he’s at. He has the same skillset as Blake Griffin. Put both players at age 25, and I put my money on Kobe all day.

    I did like the move the Lakers did today, getting a younger PG and solidifying the bench will help maintain a playoff caliber team. But as is, I don’t see the Lakers getting past OKC, Spurs, or Memphis in any best of 7 series. Shut up about the 2OT Win in Memphis, Grizzlies did not have Zach Randolph, Rudy Gay (2 of their starters), or Darrell Authur. And still took them to Double OT. If the rumors are true about Memphis trying out Gilbert Arenas, LA can definitely give it up if Memphis is Healthy going into the playoffs.

    Also people, it’s OFFENSE and DEFENSE. Jesus Christ learn to spell.

  11. rCRO says:

    Am i the only one in this world who respects both Bryant and LBJ? I mean Bryant is a killer, Lakers play much slower ball which leads too very few easy layups and dunks from FBs, thus comes KBs 46% FG which isn’t really that bad, but LBJ is a different beast, he doesn’t have that killer instinct but he plays smart, he reminds me of magic johnson(best player ever in my opinion) a much more athletic version. I would love LBJ getting a title this year because a player of his caliber needs a few rings by the time hes 30, and i think all this bashing he gets is undeserved, i mean he is a free man and has every right to chose where he works, nobody was bashing on Cavs when they traded other players.

  12. Jamie S* says:

    A double OT win aganist a tough Memphis team in their building, and less than 24 hours later, an OT win down in New Orleans aganist a rested team in their building. You can splash acid on that father time foolishness. Its a shorten accelerated season. You’re gonna drop games, Their doing all of this in a brand new system, aganist teams thats been playing in the same system for years. And expected not to miss a beat. Everyone act seem to think “Mike” is being trashed, but thats not true, at least not by the team. Has #24 and #2 had some ideas and suggestions to make the offense smoother, of course, but noone’s trashing “Mike”. I like “Mike” and think their one of the best defensive teams in the league because of his defense. Many of the early losses was due to a lack of bench production which was due mostly to injury. People are back healthy, #5 playing at a high level, and I would probably play #4 a lot more, as well as #3 for his offense, but other than that, Toss “Sessions” in the mix and they’ll be fine. This blog which was bias to began with, has obviously become out dated..

  13. drosedurantkobe says:

    notice how u cant vote on this article this writer is a joke and should be fired

  14. LAKERSNEWS says:


  15. Graham says:

    frankly ive gone through most of these posts and well alot of them make actual sense
    some of you are totally lost. First of all the lakers organization is messed when they hire mike brown over shaw you know something is wrong
    mike browns offense with the cavs was to give lebron the ball and let him go on isolation thats the only plays i actually saw
    second there is no bench whatsoever i love fisher but he needs to come off the bench blake needs to be traded and so does walton i mean i like luke but he never plays and he gets paid large bring in someone with some talent
    alot of the moves they have made so far have been terrible i mean jason kapono and troy murphy give me a breaaaaaak
    and the last thing is all the lebron fans personally im a kobe bryant fan always have been since he came into the nba
    but for you lebron fans comparing james to kobe is ludacris
    james is a freak of nature and great player but he shouldnt even be mentioned in talks with kobe and mj
    why you ask cause those two guys are legends and have rings
    lebron can get all the triple doubles and mvps he wants but until he wins at least 3 rings i dont see how you can compare
    so just watch kobe and marvel at what this man is doin this season and has been doin his whole career

  16. Lakers79 says:

    Ok ive read alot of you guys post and as much as i hate to say it i agree with Mark Cuban. The reason why the Mavs beat the lakers last year is:

    1: They exposed the lakers greatest weakness. The lakers have had problems for years stopping speedy point guards (sorry D. fish im from Ark too) , but its true i really didnt think the lakers needed chris paul especially for the price of odom and gasol. I think we need a guy like a avery bradley( hopefully with a better jumper) a guy that plays great on th ball defense and actually stay in front of somebody! Man it pissed me off soooo bad seeing JJ Barea waltz down the lane getting layups. With him driving and kicking it had our Defense wide open and they where killing us from the 3pt line because of it. It was the perfect formula to beating us.

    2.Tyson chandler i have no idea y the mavs let him get away. I know they are trying to get dwight howard but there is no guarantee that they will get him, u ever heard of a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush! but ne way… He really neutralized our bigs last yr plus the fact that some girl had Pau p###y whopped and had him looking like he didnt wanna live no more lol. Im like man Kobe been going thru for years Sht.. Go Hard

    Back to Cuban’s point Gasol is not the problem the lakers needs better role players our bench is terrible and fish and metta need to be coming off the bench. Even though Gasol is not the problem i wouldnt mind seeing him traded mainly because After Gasol Bynum and Kobe the lakers dont have anything that somebody else would want. I actually like the ideal of Luis Scola and Kyle lowry from houston and maybe go grab mike beasley that minn was trying to trade us for a draft pick.

    • Ian Morrison says:

      The job of an NBA head coach is to get buy in from his players, without buy in it’ll be difficult to be successful, clearly the lakers are not for his cause. I do agree they’re aging and of course night in night out, especially in a short season fatigue can be a factor, as it was last season. I’d also submit to you that just because they won 3 games after the all stat break, means they were satisified with the offense, but of course when they lose, you as in the media will probe at things and create a story that tells something like yours, my issue with your point of view is that while some points may be accurate, you did not get to the determining factor. That’s buy in from the players, being able to word toward the same goal as a team. Disarray is something the head coach needs to fix, not the players, the fact they’re competitors and want to win. They’re not to old for doing so, the triangle is a offense that suits what they’re able to do as this point in their careers, that’s play half court offense, move the ball and get good shots. There are few offensive systems that allow for as good of spacing and ball movement then the triangle and they have the players do to it, very very well.

  17. zombee says:

    i agree with Mark Cuban. They have the best forward, center tandem in the leaugue. The problem of the lakers is the PG position. There is no playmaking and movement in the offense. And Metta worldpeace and the bench do not produce the points they should. So trade away the bench, metta and derek fisher. Keep the rookie gouldlock cause he is playing well.
    And the losses of the lakers lately has nothing to do with coaches or offense systems. They are not just operating as a team but as kobe and the rest. If they operate as a team they will win.

  18. Vlad(Canada) says:

    This is a textbook example of NBA players’ terrible attitude. LA now just need Labron James and D-Williams and it would complete the list of players that are destroying the game. Some people think that idiots like James and Williams (and now most of the Lakers player-staff) are great for the game because of their talent, but these selfish premadononas are more harmful for the game. Kids are looking at the attitude of the these arrogant morons and they are becoming more interested in themselves than the game itself…it is terrible. Every time I read that a player is blaming the coach for their misfortune in the NBA, I remind myself why I should not watch the stupid cyrcus called NBA. James fired Paul Silas and Mike Brown, Williams fired Jerry Sloan (a legend), now these self-proclaimed players are gonna fire Mike Brown (again). This is disgusting. If NBA wants to survive and not destroy the game some people care about, they need to stop allowing players to think they are running the show. NBA should NOT be “players league.” Players should do their job they are paid to do: PLAY

  19. Mark Cuban says:

    Forget about farmar and ariza, farmar had like 3 years to prove he could consistantly outplay an aging derek fisher and he blew it. Ariza wanted more money that’s why he left L.A. Management is being very smart right now becuase:
    a) getting gilbert arenas always seems to work out poorly for the team involved
    b) Pau Gasol has only remained to help Andrew Bynum look better. He has good chemistry with bynum plus his sometimes soft play make Bynum look tougher (so he is good Howard bait)
    c) Gasol aint the problem. Metta WorldPeace is with his 2 ppg or something like that they need to give metta time to look good enough so they can trade him on the deadline.

    One last note, the lakers have the best Power Forward- Center tandem in the NBA, but they are the ones the lakers want to trade so badly?

  20. Jay says:

    Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. Maybe if he didn’t take 30 shots a game only to make 10, and instead took 10 shots while the Lakers bigs took the rest, the Lakers wouldn’t be loosing so much. After all, 50% shooting by the bigs is better than 30% shooting from Kobe, at least for winning basketball games it is.

  21. ko0kiE says:

    I don’t know.. they just need some solid backcourt players besides kobe.. shouldn’t be too hard to get one or two.
    The Lakers are too much dependent on kobe’s offense.. they live and die by his shooting. thats’ also the big difference to lebron.. he doesn’t need to force 30 shots to get his team some points.. if his shot is off he is taking it slow with the jumpers and try to get other peoples involved.
    Its no problem to me if does that when nobody really is getting some buckets for the Lakers but he really should stop that if Gasol and/or Bynum having terrific shooting games and score those bucket with high efficency..

  22. George PR says:

    For the Lakers management I have a very simple equation but as of today they were unable to do what they need to do if they really want to win. Lakers management demonstrated their mediocre behavior during this season gifting Lamar Odom to Dallas and also they failed to ink New York’s J.R. Smith, also not paying attention to the need of a good point guard (leaving guys like CP3, Billups) to replace poor Fisher.

    But if they really want to go for the championship, they must trade a package including any of the following: Fisher, World Peace, Walton, Kapono or any other, for an above the average point guard who really help Kobe offensively and support the team defensively, things that all league teams already know about poor Derek Fisher who honestly I suggest him to retire for the benefit of the team and himself.

  23. educatedRon says:

    Actually losing to bottom dwellers isn’t cause for concern. I am not a laker fan at all and I hope they miss the playoffs, but to lose to teams like washington means nothing. Its hard to get motivated for a game like that and when up to a big lead early against a horrible team. The mind shuts down. Losses to playoff caliber teams are the ones to worry about. The heat lost to milwaukee what Twice or three times. When bulls won 72, they lost to expansion toronto a couple times, even lost at home.

  24. joshua says:

    I agree with the players, Brown is not the right coach for the lakers. Also they need to get younger at the point guard position and small forward… Also needing another scorer other than kobe.

  25. KobeOverrated says:

    kobe is just one big ball hog thats it. trying hard jordan wannabe

    • JUSTME says:

      Kobe is one of the best 5 players in the world, 5 championships,reg season MVP, 4 ALL STAR MVPS, DUNK CHAMP, 81 POINTS IN A GAME, MOST 3 POINTERS (12) IN A GAME, A SEASON OF 35.2 PTS AVG.Not counting all others achievementsyou must be blind.

  26. JDS says:

    @theLakers: Stop breaking the Laker fan’s hearts…

  27. LIKing your idea says:

    just sign fisher as the coah and find a better pointguard that could help kobe in he’s isolation style

  28. JJ says:

    come on guys get real.. the lakers’ problems start with kobe and end with him.. i watched the game against the wizards and when they were up 20 kobe started taking terrible shots.. how do u not be frustrated with a guy who takes over 30% of your team’s shots and is so horribly inefficient as well? if he wins the scoring title this season but ends up shooting the 44% he is now it’s a tragedy.. kobe needs to be more efficient and play smarter

    • JUSTME says:

      Check again, Kobe missed a lot of shots, but they were leading still, the problem was the coach let the bench too long in the court, he needed to stop the bleeding before they came close to 12 points. remember Kobe is human and need more rest than before, and team need a better bench that can score.

  29. sirc says:

    from the start i didnt like the lakers because i was always cheering for the underdogs, but let me tell you what the lakers need to do. 2 things. change the entire bench and change the coach!
    even i know that mike brown was just lucky he had lebron when he was in cleveland. it made his resume a lot better. i was surprised why they didnt get rick adelman to do the coaching. i think with him, they can be deadly because that guy can bring the best out of his players. just look at houston the past seasons or minnesota this season.
    next is the changing of the bench. their bench right now is trash. even fisher and meta are trash right now. that lakers team right now is made up of only kobe, bynum, and pau, that is what the other teams are thinking and they focus on defending them. without good or “respectable” players, the lakers are doomed.
    the lakers management did the worst job ever for trading odom for nothing and then letting go of some key pieces like brown. the players they got didnt fit in. im sure they are regretting now why they traded ariza for an overrated ron artest. just compare the two of them now.
    the lakers team needs rebuilding. that is all thank you.

  30. cHad_taga_bohol says:

    Lakers for sure will cruise to the finals this time around and will have that elusive 17th title

  31. Peter says:

    Lakers need to take a page out of Boston’s book seriously…

    The Celtics are in exactly the same position as the Lakers – ageing and declining starts and half way between fighting for a title and rebuilding. The difference is that when the Celtics lose, the first thing they do is admit they didn’t play well enough. They never look for the scapegoat to blame – they take responsibility, and then play harder next time. Lakers just whine, like always.

  32. lbc says:

    This team isnt gonna win a championship, if you think a team with a guy who call himself metta world peace and an aging derek fisher can get you to the playoff finals, you just dont know basketball. Add that to a deflated pau gasol a healthy portland would sweep this team on a bad day.

    Imagine how bad this teams record would be without kobe?
    bynum wouldnt even be in the frame in terms of all-star credentials, he is still so far below what he could become.

    For this team to work you need an influx of young players to support the likes of kobe and if you want to go for one more title run the team needs to say good bye to ‘world peace’ and bring in a point guard like d. williams that can actually make it up and down the court in time for defence.

  33. JesseHamiltonNZ says:

    I am actually LOLing at some of the blatant laker hate going on here that has no basis whatsoever apart from you either dont like Kobe or you just dont like LA in general. Have you guys not noticed the fact Kobes the scoring leader and a top five competitor for MVP, yes he’s arrogant, yes he’s selfish and occaisionally it doesn’t work out in his favour but he’s also arguably the 2nd best player to ever play the game he’s certainly on par with Jordan for competitive spirit/will to win. Secondly Gasol and Bynum are both averaging a double-double so complaints cant be placed there can they?? The reason LA are slipping is because they have an ageing point guard and no bench and its as simple as that what they need is a reshuffle in the ranks, replace Fisher with a proven talent not a hopeful and find a bit of depth and the lakers will be back on top. Stop hating on Kobe everytime he has a bad game yes he’s going to throw a tantrum thats what he does but it doesn’t change the fact he’s still going to come back at you twice as hard.

  34. Adonis says:

    Trade Kobe….Like Phil Jackson asked!!!!

  35. Stu.D says:

    by the way, I’m a gsw man so don’t try and draw me into your petty lakers/heat garbage.

  36. Stu.D says:

    You all seem to forget that the same offensive system took a team with only one star to the finals, as well as back to back 60 win seasons. A laker fan conceeding that mike brown rode lebron is tantamount to them saying that lebron is beter than Kobe.
    Laker fans are some of the most spoilt ignorant sports fans in the world, all full of bravado when you’re buying your way to championships, and ready to throw things at player the moment you’re losing (yes everyone else remembers that game).
    The sooner this team buys into what happening and quits living in the past the sooner they become legit contenders again. There are probably only three other teams that can boast the same talent as the lakers and they are all sitting atop their divisions, as a basketball fan I think both the Lakers and their fans need to grow up and quick.

    • Andre says:

      That’s the funny thing. Lebron won 60 with coach Brown and a bunch of mediocre players. Kobe is struggling playing alongside 2 all-stars 7 footers. But now, it’s coach Brown fault.

      Sometimes I wonder if Kobe’s game is that much better than Lebron’s game. Every team Kobe ‘lead’ to championships were playoffs teams without him.

      • JUSTME says:

        So, show me the rings, and why he need wade and bosh for?

      • JUSTME says:

        No team without a good center can’t easily win a championship. Tell me what player won by itself?.

        Kobe and Shaq, Kobe and Gasol, Magic and kareem, Bird and Parish. Jordan and Cartwright. Jordan and Longley, the twin towers robinson and duncan, etc………..
        But now Kobe it’s all broken and getting old.

  37. MG20 says:

    Sure, Gasol and Kobe are getting older but are still playing great. The reason the Lakers are struggling is the fact they have absolutely no players that can produce other than those two and Bynum. I mean… look at the rest of their team (Fisher, Metta, Barnes, McRoberts, Murphy, Goudelock, Blake (still… he should play more than Fisher), Kapono…). Those players aren’t NBA level anymore (yet).

  38. Andre says:

    This Lakers team is done unless they can trade for a top5 player soon.

    No one can tame Kobe, but Jackson. He is arrogant, and he acts like a Legend. He considers himself the second best in game history and he will never accept that he has to put team in front of him, or accept coach authority.

    If it wasn`t enough, Bynum is not going to improve much more. He`s reaching his prime.

    Fischer is done. World Peace decided to stop fighting (expected?). Gasol is 32. Kobe 34.

    Please, you guys have arguably the best franchise in NBA history, so you guys don`t need to find excuses. Team is not even top 3 anymore. Deal with it.

  39. KB says:

    Everyone seems to forget how injured Kobe was last year! We all take for granted how well he plays despite injuries that we don’t realize exactly how tough it is to play under that kind of pain. He was thinking of retiring before his surgery in germany (from an article about A-Rod) and for Kobe Bryant to consider retirement i think if would have had to have been pretty bad. Now im not saying anything against dallas, they were hungry and they played really great especially against the heat in the finals. That being said though, Kobe was not Kobe last year and the Lakers with a healthy and hungry Bryant would have won in 6 or 7 games.

  40. JUSTME says:

    Kobe and Shaq, Kobe and Gasol, Magic and kareem, Bird and Parish. Jordan and Cartwright. Jordan and Longley, the twin towers robinson and duncan, etc………..

  41. JUSTME says:

    For those Kobe haters, he is one of the best 5 players in the world, 5 championships,reg season MVP, 4 ALL STAR MVPS, DUNK CHAMP, 81 POINTS IN A GAME, MOST 3 POINTERS (12) IN A GAME, A SEASON OF 35.2 PTS AVG.Not counting all others achievements. Now he getting older and all broken and still doing good numbers, and you ( jordanbyfar) just talking about one game, everyone had some bad shooting games, specially with a mask. No team without a good center can’t easily win a championship. Tell me what player won by itself?.

  42. oldmanjenkins says:

    I totally agree with you Sekou Smith. This is very typical with the Lakers.

    They win and its all about how great they are…but when they lose, they try to find someone to blame.

    So immature.

  43. Glynn says:

    Out of sync?

    You get 82 damn games before playoff time! Miami was a completely new team last year with just literally 4-5 pieces left over from the previous year roster. They made it to the finals! Out of sync is just an excuse. They lost because their time is up….they don’t have the bench. They don’t have a point guard that can make up for a cold night for kobe or pau. They NEED a point guard who can score and distribute decently and about 2-3 bench players who can score some buckets. They should of went for a guy like wilson chandler as a sixth man.

  44. Big Dre says:

    This blog/article makes no sense at all but to expose a Laker hater to the 10th degree. Coach Brown needs to wake up and Laker management REALLY needs to wake up. This team as everyone says needs a point guard. They let Farmar go, they let allowed Arizza to go, and then Odem (DUHHHHH) that was the beginning of the end to many regards. They resign Walton (WHY) and don’t hire Shaw as coach. No wonder they are in a mess. There are moves they can maketo get better and make a run. Why not get Beasley from Minn? he’s a scorer and rebounder and Young. Why not trade Walton for Andre Blathe in Washington. He’s a big that needs a change in location and has talent. I’m not a fan of trading Gasol, but if you can get Howard for Bynum that is a no brainer and Deron Williams will follow. With Kobe, Howard, williams, bealsley, Gasol and a few tweeks they can make a run, but management needs to do something. Alos, I love Kobe, heck I named my son after him, he needs to cut down his shots, PERIOD! He takes too many bad shots. His green light needs to be revoked to be honest. When he facilitates he’s more dangerous. But jacking up some of the shots I see is simply hurting his team and making him look silly. I tape every game and study them to teach my son (5yrs old) and I watch that Washington game and it was so sad to watch his team mates just stand around, why ? Because they know they won’t get the ball. BUT, They must ask why, because they don’t/can’t make a damn shot and that’s the problem, They need to work those big guys, they have such an advantage inside. My goodness, you guys can win this thing, As Spike Lee said “WAKE UP”!

  45. T ROC says:


  46. p-noy says:

    trade KOBe and EVERYTHING would be fine… ^^

  47. Stan says:

    I blame Mike Brown for letting Kobe take so many bad shots, when Bynum is dominating and should be the go to guy NOT kobe. kobe is hurting the Lakers with so many missed shots. Kobe keeps taking 3’s even thou he is one of the worst percentage 3 point shooters in the league. Plain and simple Quit letting Kobe be a ball hog and the Lakers will win. Kobe is leading the League in turnovers and its killing the Lakers.

  48. p-noy says:

    yeah right… the bench should be shaken up a bit before the trade deadline… their BIG 2 plus a STAR would be fine… trade metta or barnes for a MASCOTTTTTTT…. LOL

  49. kim tan says:

    All HATERS always telling bad..You cant force them to say good about lakers even they know how good it is..Tsk tsk..

  50. PeeJay310 says:

    Talk all you want but what team has the most rings and Finals appearances since 2000?…

    Don’t worry ,I’ll wait…

  51. justafan says:

    I don’t know why a bunch of you guys keep blaming Kobe’s shooting for their loss lol. Okay, yeah, 9-31 is terrible but they only lost by 6. If the bench and role players played better, they would have won even if Kobe went for 9-31.

  52. Sam says:

    Can we get Sasha Vujacic from wherever the heck he’s playing right now? How about Turiaf, Farmar, and Ariza while we’re at it.



  54. During first Spurs championship…Who has win more championships with the same line-up?
    Dinasty has been laying on San Antonio in my opinion rather than Lakers because line-up, Parker, Duncan and Ginobili.

  55. Proud to be Non-Am says:

    When Lakers lose, they have too many excuses! They just get what they deserve. Blah! Blah! Blah!

  56. eo says:

    the problem with the lakers is not kobe,pau or bynum it is that weak team around them world peace and fisher gotta go

  57. jellybean says:

    Let us remember it was a team efford that won the lakers and any other team of the past champs a titile , I like to see when a player if its KOBE , LABRON . DERICK win thoses kind of game , and yes Kobe has allready lelt his mark on the Game as is …./ but if the lakers are going to win another campionship they will have to reload at point gaurd , they do NOT ! need another BIG ! there ALLIGHT ! at that spot,,,,, as is they just need better ball controll , and HOWARD will only take that away & he will demand the ball just as much as KOBE . from what LAKESHOW is use of … and what the fans want to see is more of is TEAM BALL thats is what got the LAKERS WINNS. I whould like to see the team go for a good little man that could get the whole team involved then a big that whant to shear the points …

  58. hc says:

    Why is Derek fisher still their point guard??

  59. Lakers R Us says:

    I went into this blog because I knew all the best of the best Laker haters would be throwing out their ignorant remarks again! Thank you Laker haters! You didn’t disappoint! It was entertaining!

  60. Dorfito says:

    Let’s just wait for the playoffs to begin. Then let’s see where the LAKERS will go. I’m not a delusional KOBE fan but I know he’s taking too many shots for the teams own good. The BENCH should really step up and help the starters and please STOP WHINING! MAN UP LAKERS! KOBE DON’T CARRY THE LOAD ALL BY YOURSELF!. AND FOR THE KOBE/LAKERS HATERS out there, KOBE DIDN’T bolt to another TEAM just to WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP! not like QUEEN JAMES DID! and DON’T talk BS about the HEAT dominating the EAST, as far as I know D-ROSE and the BULLS STILL OWNS THE EAST!

  61. Mike says:

    I am laker fan but i will speak the truth. You cannot blame fisher and kobe for wanting to go back to the triangle offense, after all they have played in this system their whole career with the exception of fisher when he went to Utah for a couple of years. Not to mention that under the triangle system they made the finals 7 times, winning five championships. Your not gonna blame the triangle offense for not winning two of those finals or for not making it last year after being swept by the mavericks. That is attributed to lack of effort and chemistry. In the end the triangle system has worked for them in the past why not now? And that father time has caught up with the lakers please dont give me that B.S. Bynum is still young kobe is playing better than most young guns in the NBA right now and Gasol is still putting up solid numbers. The lakers just needed some pieces and i think thats why kobe is mad he felt they had a good system that was changed he wanted the same players, brown and odom are gone and they have not added anyone of true value. That on top that he know his time is limited to win more championships (does not mean he is to old to play right now -_-).

  62. Thesituasian says:

    All these guys that ride lebron and the heat..answer this for me. If LBJ is as great as you guys all say he is and he makes his teammates so much better, them why hasn’t he won it all with the team he had last yr???? The heat have 2 of the top 5 players in the league and still couldn’t get it done. Where was lebron when dirk had more points in the fourth then bron and wade had combined? That’s not even mentioning the fact he also had Chris bosh, who I really hate but have to admit that he is an extremely effective player. If LBJ makes his team so much better then honestly, why did they not win? Why does he constantly disappear when his team needs him most? Why does he throw a hype up party claiming all these rings his team will win when bottom line is that he can’t back u his word? A real man talks smack then backs it up. King James??? More like queen James…..and p.s. For those of you that said Kobe only won cause of shaq, correct me if I’m wrong the guy won back to back championships without shaq as well

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Hey, he took Cleveland to a finals in his 3rd year in the league with…how many superstars??? Ohhh, I thought so; you cannot mention one. Kobe in the other hand started whining when he was left alone after Shaq left and couldn’t take the Lakers to the finals. They had to bring the most skilled big man in the league, according to the experts, (Paul Gasol) in order for him to win again.

      • NBAfan says:

        I think the question was when DID HE WIN IT ALL?


        When did Pau become the best skilled big man? You hype Pau up just to say that Kobe needed another big star….Pau is no Dwayne Wade..he’s not even a Chris Bosh…oh wait…that’s who Lebron teamed up with Wade AND Bosh…and they still lost to the Mavs….

      • Alex R. says:

        After Shaq left, the Lakers got Kwame Brown. Let’s not forget that. I honestly don’t think LeQuit James would take a team to the Finals with Kwame Brown in the middle. You at least need a decent big man, like Gasol or Ilgauskas. Trust me on this jordanbyfar, there were so many times Kwame would be open, 2 inches in front of the rim and miss the shot or fumble the ball!!
        Lebron got SWEPT in the Finals by the Spurs thanks to Tony Parker who tore a hole in the Cavs defense. LeQuit James feels he NEEDS two other superstars to maybe win a championship.

      • Witness says:

        WOWOW they lost because the MAVS suddenly got abnormally hot from 3s hitting wat 64% of em? Yea that happens ALL THE TIME! lol Please the Heat had that series and all of a sudden the lucky 3s started raining down. pfff so whatever you wanna think is all good, The proof was there in the shots

        And hes not HYPING Gasol at all. He WAS the MOST SKILLED BIG MAN when he came to the Lakers, sorry about it. Your trying to DIMINISH PAU just to make KB look better. Aint gona hapen.

      • Alex R. says:

        Without even mentioning it, I can tell you are a Lebron fan, that’s ok, nothing wrong with that but read this Witness, and understand THIS, the MAVS raining three’s was not luck at all. They did it throughout the entire year!! Live by the three, die by the three, that was their motto. They ran through every other team in the league the same way. Simply put, it was their year. And saying the Heat HAD that series does you know good. HAD, maybe,sure, whatever, nobody cares for the loser. In the end, the last man standing is the winner, no matter how it got done, capish? So sorry my friend, could’ve, would’ve, should’ve is no good in this world, you need to rethink what matters here in the end, (# of championships). My fan Kobe has been to the Finals 7 times!! I say again, 7 times!! and won 5. There are great players in this planet that can only dream of having that opportunity. Lebron is now 0-2, who knows in the future, only time will tell, but I CAN tell you this if he wins….he couldn’t do it by himself. As for Paul Gasol, if he was the best skilled man in the league, like you say he was, how come he never, ever took his old team past the 1st round of the playoffs? (Unlike Shaq, who took his Orlando team to the Finals, but like Lebron’s fate, got swept ) If Paul Gasol was the best skilled man like YOU say he was, I can guaranteed YOU didn’t know who he was back then when he played for the Memphies Grizzlies.

  63. NBAfan says:

    These guys are PROs…I think the players know a thing or two about what’s effective FORTHEM and what isn’t on the court.

    Here’s a scenario for you…

    The Lakers already didn’t like the scheme from the very beginning, and they held it in until now. This isn’t the result of losing 2 straight games to bottom feeders..that was just the tipping point.

    Man…enough about the volume shooting of Kobe. His shots are much more difficult than the alley oops and fast break dunks that Lebron takes most of the time. If you’re dunking all the time, you’re percentage will be high. How can Kobe do that? He has the twin towers clogging up the middle and they aren’t exactly a run and gun team like the Heat.

    PUT LEBRON IN A SYSTEM LIKE THAT where he has to take jumpers heavily guarded, and we’ll see who has a lower shooting percentage….please.

  64. specialfriedrice says:

    the problems with the lakers offence is KOBE, he is taking far too many shots, lakers have the best front court in the game,

  65. josh says:

    is this possible???

    Lakers trade Pau Gasol plus 2 other players for Dwight Howard & Jameer Nelson
    then Lakers trade Andrew Bynum & Jameer Nelson for Deron Williams….

    Everybody happy??? What do you think folks???

  66. bu says:

    I’m not a Laker fan nor deep follower. I saw what I saw since last yr’s playoffs:

    Problems with Gasol
    Maturity with Bynum
    Lost Odom for nothing
    Lakers guards weakened further (esp Fish, then Blake)
    Ron Ron becomes world peace maker & mind off the planet (plus aging)
    Mike Brown (like some of you guys say, just watch this guy in the huddle & what kind of “brilliant” plays he called after a timeout)

    We may not hear as much but they must be a very disgruntled & unhappy bunch & problems of getting along while cannot respect the coach (esp after experiencing the Yodda in P Jax & the triangle offense that works).

    If I were Kobe, with this system, & teammates, I can only trust a few guys to score. We’re going to win a few games but no hope for champs. So why don’t I simply go out there, & do my black mamba thing & enjoy myself? My clock is clicking man, just like cross rivals Celts, so GM, go fix up this team like Pat Riley did & get me the right players. Otherwise I’ll hog the ball till I retire, or I get traded.

    I think Brown is really not a good coach. If you look at the X’s & O’s from Cavs to Lakers, it showed. When the Lakers are up against the elite teams, I saw some flashes & will power from their players. Seems to be mainly challenge themselves & not bec of coach’s system or motivation. Just wonder who’s available to replace him that can immediately turn things around & make the team, at least, to play like a team & get the intensity back.

    With Cavs, LBJ + Shaq + M Williams + Jamison + ….. a great cast & still no champs?? Brown can be blamed for a lot of things, & certainly he was part of it. I think the whole management org needs to take the blame for making LBJ who he is, arrogant, self-centered, me-first player. With Byron Scott, you see how he’s molding Irving. How the org changed. I hv’t heard much about Shaq commenting on LBJ as a teammate. If it’s relatively silent, & we know Shaq was still in the league for a few yrs & he is a much more likable player amongst players in the league, I start to wonder if he saw something about LBJ’s dev but just kept quiet.

    Anyway, ain’t a perfect world so can’t wait to see who gets traded before the deadline.

  67. levitickoy says:

    I don’t think PJ’s triangle offense is to be blamed for last year’s playoff sweep. Anybody who doesn’t have respect for the triangle offense is either a hater or just plain dumb. Except for Bynum, the Lakers’ core is aging. Teams with elite PG’s are killing them. Kobe’s shot-jacking galore is killing them. Unproductive bench is killing them.

  68. ismaelsalih@yahoo.com says:

    its about time for the lakers to inject younger players before kobe and company reach retiring age. proof of this is the oklahoma thunders, younger and faster. ability and skill will not be a factor this present time. as of now, the lakers owners and GM have to think of the direction where they will be one of the team that dominated the league.

  69. Kobe@Philippines says:

    The only thing you have to trade is Mike.. That’s it.. And where’s is Arenas? He is badly needed… Deron, if you want a championship, come right here at LA!!

  70. dSoli says:

    I’m sorry
    Laker fans need to wake up to themselves. This is not a championship calibre team and it’s not down to the coaches offense.
    I totally agree with this article, they should shut their mouths and do what they’re paid to do!
    Your team is significantly shallower this year because of the loss of Odom to Dallas.
    Your “Leader” has taken it upon himself to play like he did in the Kwame Brown era, despite being 5-6 years older and riddled with injuries, 30+% usage, are you kidding me!?
    Your centre has no team pride whatsoever
    Your point guard is as old as the game of basketball itself
    Yet you (supporters AND players) have the audacity to blame your coach for your issues
    If your players are so “great” they’d be able to adapt to any coach, any offensive system and any defensive scheme.
    Just accept it, unless the Lakers make a serious attempt to upgrade the roster this team will just be sitting in the bottom half of the playoffs while the Thunder, Mavs and Clips top the west.

  71. kleanup says:

    It is Mike Brown’s fault as well as Jim Buss. They should have hired Rick Adelman or even Brian Shaw. All this talk about needing a point guard is ridiculous. They need HEART and thats it. And I love Kobe but he is too stubborn and needs to utitlize the advantage that he has on his team…SIZE!!!

  72. MOe says:

    The Lakers will be contenders for the Finals mark my words ………………….. and to all the Lebron fans he has played for how many years and deemed the best player right now …. with no rings …. hes not a finisher ……. and he cant win a championship for his team . He’s amazing dont get me wrong but Kobe ultimately is proving that he’s better at 32 and is he is the top scorer right now and how many rings does he have ……… oh ok.

  73. Jolan says:

    The lakes are getting old but there is lots to complain about. Constrant trade talks all year, actually trading lamar, not getting a competent guard (fisher is still ok, but old and he is def losing a step now). and mike browns system revolves around kobe (used to be lebron) being a volume shooter and distributing the ball. Lets see how far kobe can carry his team. I don’t think he will do as good as lebron.

  74. LAKERS4Life says:

    jordanbyfar you definitely don’t know much about BBall and you are for sure a Lakers hater and most of all Kobe hater! You’re comparing Kobe to Lebron “the decision” cowardly left his hometown to join 2 superstars in an attempt to win a ring! How can you even compare that. The bottom line is all these player whine. Do you ever see a player commit a foul and not turn to a ref and argue? It’s their nature to whine just like it’s your to hate. LOL

    • Witness says:

      Yep just like you HATIN. KB ALREADY had a superstar with Shaq when he got there big guy, he didnt HAVE to go JOIN anyone, it was given to him. Sorry bout it.

  75. MattA says:

    As a Boston fan a was very happy when Mike Brown was appointed coach of the Lakers. lol

  76. The Voice In The Distance says:

    The head coach is made the scapegoat once again. It’s not all his fault! The players need to take some of the blame and realise that they aren’t as good as the probably think they are.

  77. FunkyPiston says:

    It is the coach’s fault. Other than Lamar Odom, its the same team of last year with a more potent Bynum. I just don’t get why Kobe all of a sudden is jacking up in excess of 24 shots a game when clearly Bynum is the dominating one. They don’t say “ride the hot hand” in NBA for nothing. Kobe should let the game come to him and be a more efficient scorer than a volume shooter. If he does not get that then the coach should ensure he does. With minor adjustments I think they still are the top dawg in the west. OKC is going to challenge them if and only if James Harden and Ibaka show up. Dallas definitely has taken a couple of steps backward from last year since they are pretty weak at the shooting guard and center.

  78. The Voice In The Distance says:

    The head coach is the scapegoat once again. It’s not all his fault! The players need to take some blame and also realise they aren’t as good as they probably think they are.

  79. Mike Brownn says:

    lol, who remembers when Kobe’s 40 point streak helped the lakers win 4 in a row while miami lost 4 in a row…? Makes no sense, at least the lakers only lost two times in a row…. miami lost 4? yeah, i want a heat fan to answer this

  80. phil says:

    wow, never have agreed more than with “jordanbyfar”.
    the only reason this team has lost the last two games, is the horrible shotselection of your so called clutch player kobe bryant. 1/10 vs the wizards in the 4th quarter..a missed shot leads to a rebound. and it’s mostly a defensive rebound. it’s no surprise the lakers get outreboundet the last game although they have two strong rebounder in the frontcourt..so blame kobe

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Don’t try to reason with Lakers fans. I will take 30 shots from Kobe every night. That way the Lakers will lose faster.

  81. Mike Brown says:

    @Jordanbyfar has the STUPIDEST comments I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Kobe is shooting over 45% This season and 54% With a broken nose & a broken finger, and he still leads in Scoring. LeBron James is no where near Kobe Bryants level, the only way he can win a ring was to join 2 superstars, AND STILL COULDNT GET THE JOB DONE! And Mike Brown told Kobe to not waste any time and just hit a 3 pointer because he wanted one of the Lakers big men to get the board, so Kobe rushed a 3 with 6 seconds left…. Overall Kobe has the most gamewinners in basketball history, and 5 hard-worked rings, while LeBron has NOTHING, not a slam dunk championship, a NBA Championship, less then 3 gamewinners in his 9th or 8th season. Michael Jordan said the only person who can be compared to him is none other then Kobe! So keep hating on Kobe, but just remember that LeBron will, for the rest of his career, depend on his superstar teammates to help him win games.

    • jordanbyfar says:

      I don’t care. Don’t give me that BS. Your Lakers cannot beat anybody right now and Kobe made 9 out of 31 shots?? Really!!!!! Yeah, Kobe is really great!!!!! hahahaha. KObe is not half the basketball player Lebron is. Lebron held Paul Gasol to 11 points on Sunday. Lebron can guard anybdoy; Kobe can’t.

    • Witness says:

      ALl your comments are null and void. Kb is shooting.435 from 2 and .277 from 3, so you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what your taling about.

  82. yham says:

    theres only one thing for sure about the Lakers right now?
    they have some issues for sure, they are not focus enough on the game.too many distractions.
    unless they do something about it they will advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs. then if not
    they will have early vacation…adios los lakers

  83. Trem says:

    Give Bynum 22-25 shots per game and the game will become easier for everybody. Kobe is taking way to many shots when the Lakers advantage is on the inside.

  84. jordan says:

    the lakers will start winning im a fan all the lakers need is a deron williams devyn harris one of those two point guards id prefer devyn harris becuz i believe jazz wont want that much for him and lakers have 1st round picks to trade or just draft a good point guard after this season they’ll be back. getting a dwight howard and deron williams the lakers will win a championship if orlando knows better to trade for bynum insted of getting nothing back im sure lakers will make a trade before 15th so to all you sorry losing teams out there feel bad for the loosing teams all lakers need is homecourt advantage if they stop loosing to sorry teams.

  85. sun tzu says:

    Mike Brown is a politician, he fooled Jim Buss, one has to wonder where the Lakers would be with Brian Shaw. I find it humorous how people rate players and compare. LBJ and Wade to Kobe, saying they are better, but when comparing to M. Jordan only Kobe is compared…what’s up with that? If LBJ and Wade are better than Kobe why no comparisons of them with Mike?..doesn’t figure….I don’t see the fix coming by a late season trade, but I do see a quick change by a change in leadership….the team only meeting has been the best catalyst of the season. A new head might be the answer.

  86. Mark Cuban says:

    great teams don’t throw tantrums when the going gets tough. They man up and work harder. exibit A: San Antonio Spurs. Now i am NOT a rambling spurs fan trolling the lakers, in fact i’ve always rooted against the spurs. But let’s get real. Even when they got old, they kept losing first and second round series, they stuck with it, never tried to throw pop under the bus because the system was faling or something ludicrous like that. They are REAL winners, not the Lakers. Kobe Bryant is the sole guy on the lakers that truly understands winning. the rest of them just flaunt their championship rings and act as they are unbeatable. Phil Jackson himself has called his Laker teams whiny and uncoachable at times; he even said this about Kobe. They wanna fire Mike Brown, then by all means they should. Bring in any other coach in the universe it won’t help.

  87. Larian says:

    jordanbyfar is a Lakers hater, why is he hating the team? I don’t know, probably his girlfriend cheated him with a Lakers’ fan, he sounded like a retard with all the hahaha, and lol, when there really isn’t anything to laugh about.

    quote: “you better watch out, Lakers fans, here comes MINNESOTA!!!!. How about a first round series vs KD and the Thunders? hahahhaha”

    so far, it looks like Minnesota will be the one having a first round match with Thunders.

  88. kobe24 says:

    jordanbyfar your arguements are so stupid. you’re a lebron fan and then youre trying to hate on kobe for wanting more talent on his team? you say kobe can’t win by himself? i think back in 09 and 10 gasol could be compared to bosh. so technically kobe won with just gasol. lebron has bosh and another player just as good as he is and he can’t win. lebron didn’t win the finals in cleveland either. why? because he was alone. no one player can win the championship by themselves. every team is trying to build two or three start caliber players on their team in order to try and compete for the finals so shut up with your nonsense arguements. definition of a kobe and laker hater right there. just can’t open your eyes and admit that lebron has nothing to show for himself up till now and kobe has what? 5 rings.

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Yeah right. Lebron took Cleveland to the finals in the third year in the league. There is NO WAY Kobe would have taken the Lakers to the finals without Shaq on the team. By the way, Shaq was the MVP in those series.

  89. Truthteller says:

    First, I would like to start off by addressing the Kobe haters. Kobe is clutch, he’s very clutch. He’s also very selfish as well. Being too selfish and taking bad shots doesn’t negate the fact that Kobe is great player. Although Kobe is a great player, his decision making ability isn’t what it should be. His last two shot attempts against the Pistons sums up some of the shots and decisions he’s taking throughout his career. Now as we all know Kobe has lost a step or two. It’s getting increasingly harder for him to get his shot off with a defender draped all over him, and a help defense keying in on him. I’ve watched Kobe deliberately go for his stats. He likes to look good. When the team is rolling and has a good flow to the offense, this dude will start jacking up shots. What for Kobe? It’s not like the team needs it. Like Jordanbyfar mentioned, you have 2 out of the 3 best bigman in the league. There is NO WAY you should be shooting as much as you do! This is coming from a die hard Kobe fan; but enough is enough. Your too selfish, and everyone notices it. Commentators on ESPN, TNT, FOX and even KCAL will hint at it. And when Kobe get the slightest bit of criticism, what does he do, he tries to prove a point a jack up even more shoots-unbelievable! Right now the difference between Kobe and Lebron is this; if Lebron were on the Lakers right now, World peace, Fisher, or Blake would be averaging double figures. Bynum and Gasol would be average close to about 20. There are your offensive woos right there! WAKE UP KOBE!!! Your greed is hurting this team. Start cutting back on your minutes so that you could be fresh to play defense and box out…things like that . Not so that you could just chase the record books.

  90. Alex R. says:

    Here is the bottom line, I’m a hard core Kobe and Lakers fan, and I don’t think he forced any of his shots last night, which is a good thing…but I do think he dribbled a bit too much on key occasions, and that kinda slows the momentum down because the other guys are just waiting around, getting stale. I think Kobe, (maybe because of his age) has settled too much for the jump shot from afar. Here is Kobe’s big time strength: Because he can create any shot he wants, he should position himself, or drive himself to the elbow of the key where he has a higher percentage of making the shot. Jordan used to do that all the time, and I see D. Wade as the only other player in the league to do that.

  91. Alex R. says:

    I have so much I want to say, but don’t know where to start, or how to start…hmmm let’s see…
    I was SO disappointed to witness the Lakers loss to the Wizards last night..how can an elite team, be up by 21 points and lose to a bottom of the league team!!! GARBAGE. The Lakers have big time issues, they are toooo dependant on Kobe and Coach Mike Brown isn’t coaching $h!+. Even though every Kobe’s shot looks like its going in, he has to know when to say when…c’mon, 9 for 31!! WTF? And I’m sure Kobe thinks every shot he takes is going in to, that’s why he shoots them, but we have Steve Blake, and Jason Kapono that can shoot the lights out!! Why, why, why is Metta World Peace shooting threes? WHY? That dude on the sideline named Mike Brown should put his foot down and really start coaching! Derek Fisher should not be in the starting line-up. As a matter of fact, he should now to be third string with Blake being second, and XX (someone young, heck bring back Jordan Farmar) as first string point guard. Just because you give it all you have against another elite team such as Miami, and pull out on top, doesn’t mean drop your guard and start losing to everybody else.

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Finally a Laker fan with some common sense!!!!!! 9 for 31. That is like 23% and some call Kobe a great shooter. Yeah right!!!

  92. Doremon says:

    Interesting article but has some major flaws…..Mike Brown is a defensive genius but when it comes down to offense he’s horrid. The only reason the cavs were successful was because of their defense keeping them close and then the last 3-5 minutes of the game Brown would let LeBron go 1vs5 and dominate. That comeback against the pistons was pretty much LeBron doing his own thing and not Mike’s Brown offensive genius. He still thinks he can get away with that with Kobe Bryant, but Kobe’s is up there in age and is not the same player 5 years ago.

  93. Ramo says:

    @Jordanbyfar…If you call the Laker fans haters, then what do you call yourself? Kobe Hater??? LMAO….

  94. bryant says:

    Always blame Kobe!!! The Lakers are doing great in first quarter/early first half because of good rhythm, but then when kobe started his 1 on 1 game again, he killed the team rhythm!!!

    Kobe playing 1 on 1, makes the opponent feel they are just guarding 1 player & they feel rested, so when the opponents offense/defense time, they have plenty of energy + the homecourt advantage.

    The effectiveness of ball movement against the opponent is, if the lakers are consistently moving the ball, the opponents are always pressured & disoriented offensively & defensively.

    But if the lakers are not moving the ball & in the road, The home team, once they felt relaxed defending 1 on 1 of kobe, they will rally in mid/late quarter, they will make the lakers disoriented with fast pace, aggressiveness etc…

    Damn Kobe!!! It’s dangerous to ball hog in the road & making your teammates feel less involve. He missed a lot of shots, but then when he decided to make his team mates be involved again because he is struggling after ballhogging, it is too late already, the momentum is in the opponents side already and the lakers are disoriented…

  95. Ajax says:

    What is a troll and why do you internet nerds use it so much?

  96. LA-rocks-the-game says:

    @ jordanbyfar: wow dude was the girl kobe “raped” your baby’s mama? the only reason you’re hating so much is because time and time again Kobe and the lakers have beaten your (below average) team, whether it be in the the regular or post season and now that we are slipping a bit you feel this is your time to shine. Kobe is and FOREVER will be one of the top 10 greatest ballers of all time. He IS a scoring machine and you just cant see that. We will get better you can guarantee that. also get off Lebron’s lap he’s cramping up.

    • theking0522 says:

      Of course he is a scoring machine!!!! He made 9 of the 39 shots he took yesterday. Some of them will fall. I just know that he hasn’t been able to take the Lakers to a NBA finals without a good big man around. Lebron took Cleveland to a NBA finals in his third year in the league.

      • hmm says:

        lebron took cleveland to finals.. and then what? you didnt finish your sentence. then he lost 0-4. then he cried to the management to build a team around him which they did. and then he went to seek help from d.wade &bosh (+haslem chalmers jones anthony). all you see on these blogs r double-standard arguments by kobe haters and lbj haters. whatever happened to actual fans

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Thank you theking0522. These lakers fan are like babies!!

  97. DELA CRUZ #36 says:


  98. ollie boombayay says:

    Nothing like watching Lakers players and fans deal with decline. The last time this happened in 2006 and 2007 it was a glorious meltdown to witness. Only a once in a lifetime, back-alley salary dump trade saved the Lakers from becoming a luxury tax lottery team back then. Maybe they can dupe the Magic for Dwight Howard this time.

  99. eduj says:

    hhhhhmmmmmmm….too much ideas
    truth is for lakers haters, its either celtics or heat supporters
    lakers basketball game entertains you compare to your supported teams.. : )

  100. Belizeboy says:

    Great article Sekou!

  101. ldhl89 says:

    I like to blame kobe for everything but the real problem is Mike Brown

    • Sameer says:

      No he is not not. He takes 33 shots and makes 9? really. If Bynum or Gasol had 5 of those shots. They would have won. He is taking way too many shots and Mike Brown is stupid to not control that. The only reason why lakers were so good was because Phil got the best of Kobe by playing him in controlled minutes. If Mike doesn’t do that Lakers are at best a first round tease.

  102. Lakers says:

    I didn’t see the Lakers throwing tantrums in the media. If they call a team meeting, why does the media have to get all obsessed with it? It’s articles like yours which make a mountain out of nothing, and then cry about that happening.

  103. JoeyDislame says:

    Kobe is taking too many shots plain and simple

  104. jordanbyfar says:

    you better watch out, Lakers fans, here comes MINNESOTA!!!!. How about a first round series vs KD and the Thunders? hahahhaha

  105. DANITo says:

    playoff time lakers gona be fine, it happens every year, i dont know if they can win it all. but they can beat oklahoma in the conference final. and if they meet the heat, lakers can win it. but if they meet chicago, they gona have problems. cuz they have people to match bydum and gasol

    • Belizeboy says:

      hahahaha, thanks I needed that laugh.

    • dd def says:

      just like last year yeah?

    • JayhawkFan says:

      HAHA your kidding right? The ONLY reason the lakers beat the heat in LA was because Bosh wasn’t there to guard Gasol… so lebron had to take over that duty. As far as LA being able to beat OKC in the conference finals.. stop dreaming. Westbrook would detroy you just like J.J Barrea did last year… if LA gets to the playoffs they better hope they get the 4 home games first in the series or they’re screwed.

      • JUSTME says:

        Maybe, they needed Bosh, but Kobe taught Wade that he still present as one of the best, Wade only score 2 points against Kobe defense, all other points he made Kobe was in the bench, Kobe Score over Lebron. And if Kobe were healthier he will dunk over all of them, of course they need another superstar to beat him, 3 + 1 X 6 = 24 magic number to beat Kobe. Jaja.

  106. Max says:

    When the team begins in 10th place in the East everyone looks down the bench at the coach. They look and wonder what the hell is he doing. He has all the pieces, now put them together.

    To read more go to http://www.nbathroughmyveins.wordpress.com

  107. Tonydoinwork says:

    The lakers need better production from the bench, we would not be here talking about two game losing streak if the bench didnt give up a 15 point lead on tuesday and a 21 point lead on wednesday. Jim Buss is being cheap, he doesn’t want to spend money to get someone as simple as Mike Beasely or Ramon Sessions because they don’t want to take on the salary?!?!?! Help the team out or we’ll be talking about our first round draft picks this summer.

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      I’ll always agree LA needs a bench, I mean they let go of all their good players over the last few seasons, especially from the guard position and I dunno if anyones noticed but the only players they’ve been adding have been veterans, all veterans and not even good veterans I mean they even considered Gilbert Arenas (If they’re not still considering him) which is another mistake (For another rant) Anyway I don’t think Beasely is worth all the baggage he comes with and Sessions is getting up there in the age bracket L.A. is pretty stuck in the muck right now with their roster, if they can trade Bynum + (picks and something else) and snag Howard and Nelson (Whose also playing under potential) then maybe we might see a change but that in itself is pretty impossible. We can all dream though.

  108. Swagflu says:

    Kobe isn’t top 10 all time??? That has to be the stupidest statement I’ve ever heard. The guy has more compete level and heart than the entire heat team combined. He constantly plays through injuries without ever making any excuses at the sometime is still dominating. I don’t even need to mention the fact that he’s a five time champion. Those of you that want to compare lebron to Kobe, stop wasting your time…LBJ claims he’ll win 8 rings, it’s pretty hard to win 8 when you can’t even win one. Until LBJ is at least a one time champion, don’t compare mr. Non existent 4th quarter to one of the greatest players this game has ever seen.

    • dd def says:

      rings don’t measure talent. kobe would only have two rings were it not for shaq and mike donaghy

      • JoeyBULListic says:

        What about Horry? Fish won gm 5 in 2010. Dont forget Metta saved Kobe gm 7. Didnt he shoot like 7-28 0r something. Kobe is not clutch at all. He is lucky tho.

  109. Mixman84 says:

    The last two road losses to sub-par teams can be traced right back to Mike Brown. He played his bench too long for a very important time in the game. You would think that if you are up by 20 points after half time, that you would play your bench, but make sure if the bench starts to loose that lead..around 8-10 point cushion. You would bring the starters back in to secure the game. Seems like Mike Brown doesn’t have a feel for the teams talent or emotional temperament. Phil Jackson would have never let the Lakers blow that kind of lead on a sub-par team. He would have reinserted a few starters in and won the game.

    • Rob says:

      Heres a fun fact, hes not phil jackson so quit comaring brown to jackson. Its not going to bring jackson back and its not going to solve your problems only create more problems.

  110. Trade? says:

    Lakers need a three point shooter like James Jones or Ray Allen or Paul Pierce one them will work. Getting Deron Williams also works

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Yes, and let’s also get them Chris Paul and Howard….ohhhh, and to make the team more competitive, let’s also put Kevin Love in there. Maybe you will win with that team.

    • Ted says:

      Won’t happen. Their only trading piece is Gasol. Many GM’s don’t want Bynum because of injury risk. Metta World Peace is a train wreck. Fisher is old. The bench is useless.

      • SteveM says:

        When it mattered most Ron was immense against the Heat. He is still one of the best defensive players in the league, and only an idiot would say otherwise.

      • B-Ball Fan says:

        @SteveM (Under) I like RonRon too but I feel like Trevor Ariza just needed time to grow, missin’ him in LA.

      • DirtyWorldPeace says:

        @SteveM Ron / Metta World Peace is the biggest dud in the league! “Best defensive players in the league”?!!? only because he is so dirty! didnt you see the article a couple weeks ago on NBA.com. Artest ranked equal #1 with Reggie Evans with his cheap elbows to the chest and dog-like tactics behind the play. Players like him disgrace the idea of sportmenship

  111. TRUTHbeTold says:

    all the kobe hatting stupid comparisons etc, are just due to you fools inablitly to admit that he is one the Best EVER!.Top 5 ,
    the comments of hate show your fear and snd stupidity…of course he is getting older..after dominating the league for 15 years. but the real problem with the Lakers is the COACH. He does not have these guys playing / strategy / plays..etc. they look lost. he is just riding the Mamba like he rode the Bridesmaid LeBron in cleveland. They need a Leader type coach , or one that has a history of Winning…This is LA people Highest expectations!

    • dd def says:

      no one is saying that kobe isn’t one of the best ever. so slow your roll there turbo. yeah, maybe mike brown isn’t a good fit for LA, maybe they’re too set in their ways to accept him if he is, i don’t know. what i do know is mike brown isn’t the one missing shots. if the most dominate player in the game can’t adapt or make adjustments to make things work, then it’s fare to question him a little bit. i just don’t like hearing all the excuses. that’s a cop out.
      i don’t care what the circumstances are, if you’re getting paid an insane amount of money to win, and have proven capable of doing so, you better being rising above a little bit of adversity, with a stiff upper lip, and strut your puffs. no excuses, no matter what. and that’s not what is happening with the lakers right now.

    • Hate Morons says:

      Are you a retard? Dominating the leage for 15 years? Seriously?
      ’98-’99 Who the F is he? 2000-2004 is all about Shaq. 2005-2007 he’ll shoot the ball for the entire game. 2008-present, is he dominating? You really need to stop posting/talking, moron.

  112. Stefan says:

    LA needs a real point guard to run mike browns system, steve blake is our best point guard right now, and to get a a quality guard will cost us one of our 3 best players. LA has quite the cunundrum

  113. lovebasketball says:

    Last year they got swept 2nd round of playoff. This year 1st round of playoff, that is if they make it hahahahh. lmfao

    • SteveM says:

      Whoever your team is (I’m guessing the Heat based on your sheer ignorance) can only dream of having half the success of the Lakers! Best Franchise in NBA history, more than the Celtics because they have more Championships when the league was actually competitive!! That is all!

      • Chuck says:

        thats about as brilliant as being an yankee fan, its the default NBL team to be a fan of when you know little or nothing about NBL, similar to LA in the NBA…all you need is google

  114. ancientrs says:

    The lakers are not losing because of frather time, they are losing because they are getting essentially nothing from anyone not named kobe bryant, pau gasol or andrew bynum. The other two starting lakers and the bench combined for a grand total of 13 points against the pistons, that was not father time, that was simply a group of role players who aren’t doing squat in their roles. Again, last night the lakers got 30 from bynum, 24 or so from gasol and 22 from kobe, albeit kobe shot horrible, and again they got NOTHING from anyone else. Its not father time thats caught up, its the fact that they get nothing else aside from their top 3. Pay attention a little more.

    • SteveM says:

      Finally someone who just gets it. Well done buddy good piece. I firmly believe that the Laker role players are suffering most from lack of practice. Guys like Blake, Barnes, Ron, Murphy and Fish are all excellent shooters. Whether it is pressure of playing for the purple and gold that is causing these poor performances I don’t know. Hopefully they can get it together by playoff time

  115. Sadee says:

    i kind of do agree, Lakers just can’t blame everything on Mike Brown. but i do feel like offense need some improvements.Kobe taking too many shots and if he makes its all good and if not bye bye to that game. So it’s may be how the offense is set or its just Kobe wanting to take more shots. How ever, Lakers proved that they can play good with the system. So its really hard to point out what’s going wrong with them.

  116. Drew says:

    So you base your whole article about a “claim” that the Laker’s player only meeting was a mutiny? Not saying its not, but , i don’t think its necessarily true. It was originally reported to address the trade issues and how the team needed to forget about it and play basketball. Funny how the story changes once they start losing huh?

  117. mpk1988 says:

    Kudos to “jordanbyfar” for hitting the right points.. I’m tired of all the stupid no brain laker fans…

    To all the Laker fans..
    Kobe = not clutch.. not among the top ten of all time…

    Kobe = Scorer.. volume shooter.. thats all.. Kinda like a 6’6 Monta ellis.. if you gave Monta Shaq, Pau andrew and Kobe’s longevity that is.. He shoots so much that its impossible not to rack up points… pffft..

    • jordanbyfar says:

      That is what I have always said, mpk 1988. If my grandma took 50 shots a game, she too will score 30 points a game like Kobe does. He has probably the two best big men in the league after Howard and he still wants more. He is a whiner; he cannot win by himself.

      • kobe says:

        lebron had to join two superstars..so what is your point

      • dd def says:

        kobe never one a championship by himself either, so what’s YOUR point?

      • big mo eazy says:

        @jordanbyfar even if mj came back into the leauge and shot 50 shots a game he would not score 30 like kobe you can shoot a hundred shots per game and not even half of them are gonna fall yes kobe shoots alot but so did jordan and so does carmelo and lots of other great players , so dont even try to hate kobe is aging has lots of injuries and people doubting him. you know the biggest losers in the world are the ones who just try to point out bad things about people i may not be a lebron fan but i am certainly not a hater hes a terrific player and one who will keep on succeding. Everybody has problems and i think yours is that you spend way too much time on the computer if D.R. james naismith saw these kind of comments that you haters post he probably would have never created the great game of basketball. so jordanbyfar i hope you feel satisfied that you think it feels good to do this.

        P.S. to all you fans of other teams and fans of other players im sorry you have to read this guy’s posts. peace out.

      • iGoHammer says:

        Where do you get “he shoots 50 shots a game” from? i see him average 23.9 shots a game with a .435 FG%. Kevin love takes 18.5 shots a game with .448 FG%. are you going to tell me Kevin love is bad too? If your grandma can make 1 basket from the free throw line ill give you a dollar.

      • bob says:

        Lebron had TWO superstars??? and who were they?? not like the LA starting 5 in which ALL are/were on the all-star . Everyone knows if Kobe was alone in CLE, they would not done half as well as they did, James is a much bigger/powerful player and exerted his will on the game. If James was in LA and Kobe was in CLE, all the LA fans would be on their knees begging for James’ autograph. And yes, Kobe always needed Shaq and ALWAYS needed another star or 2 or 3 in order to get the ring.

      • DonBrasco says:

        Kobe is a whining, malcontented egotist. So is Lebron. For that matter, so are many high-profile superstar athletes we love to watch. Kinda goes with the territory. It shouldn’t suprise anyone that Kobe is crying again. This is what happens when his team isn’t #1. A pattern already exists with Kobe and the Lakers. But he’s half right…there is a major problem in Lakerland…it’s called Kobe Bryant and his elite-ist baggage. Cleveland used to have that same problem…now it calls Miami home. If the Heat don’t win this year watch how quickly ‘Bron starts crying…again.

        Bad attitudes and personal agendas are destroying the game. But this is what happens when you give children tens of millions of dollars and then turn them lose without proper home training and/or supervision. Also, comments like those above are what happens when irresponsible parents let their kids play on the computer unsupervised. By that I mean to say that it is obvious when children comment…responsible adults are not so forgiving of petulent millionaires acting juvenile. So sad!!!

    • Al says:

      How many times did he receieve first team all defense honors? I’m not even a Laker fan and I know Kobe is one of the greatest of all time. Stop the hate

      • JoeyBULListic says:

        Kobe got that last yr when clearly DWade is better on D. He lead all 2gs in blocks n stls

    • SteveM says:

      The blasphamy!!! What is wrong with you comparing KOBE BRYANT (yes, caps necessary) to Monta Ellis??? You obviously know close to nothing. Championships are won more on attitude, desire, will to win and get better as a player than sheer scoring ability.

      Also, Gasol is Kobe’s No. 2 so to say Kobe only won because of Pau is just ridiculous!!

      • TreShiq says:

        Not a Laker fan or a Kobe fan, and yes comparing him to Monta ( who is sick by the way , but not that ILL) is blasphemy…adn I won’t stand for it! ha.

      • theking0522 says:

        Kobe was crying after Shaq left. He couldn’t win another ring until Gasol came to LA. Kobe cannot carry a team by himself. Lebron to Cleveland to the finals by HIMSELF in his third year in the laegue.

      • DonBrasco says:

        Ummmm…If Gasol isn’t in L.A. the Lakers don’t win those last two. That’s not to diminish Bryants acomplishments it’s merely a statement of fact. Bynum was marginally healthy and without Gasol who was their next serviceable big? They didn’t have another nightly double-double player. Gasol dominated the PF position for a solid two years and Bryant DEFINATELY benefitted from his presence there.

  118. Now I’m not making excuses, I’m just saying that they were doomed for drama from the get go…but then again this is the Los Angeles Lakers we are taking about..it wouldn’t be a normal NBA season if they weren’t having a little “baby mama drama” midway through the year Mindofmattman.blogspot.com

    • When the CP3 trade went sour, their available trade pieces went public…everyone and their mom knew who was untouchable, and who was on the trading block..naturally this is going to cause tension, and when you add new coaching and new management to the equation, there was bound to be some bumps down the road..whats worse, is that this all happened before the first game of the season…and now it seems like the tension is at a head, and the players, coaches, and staff are not in the same page..something has got to give..keep you ears open Mindofmattman.blogspot.com

  119. ardit12345 says:

    I think the main problem is that they changed the triangle (a offense that doesn’t need a superstar point guard) to a normal offense that requiers a good point guard without getting a good point guard …so the problem still is at the point
    They need to make a move in the point and get a point guard without lossing their big men (i think with the two 1st drat picks and a one of the bench players) otherwise they won’t make the finals ….

    • BB FAN says:

      Finals? Just be happy with playoffs. lakers should just shut up and play. Every team is going thru the same season. Other teams have played more games on the road without any complaints. Just look at the spurs and bulls schedules. With all that so called talent in la they should be better but honestly, who cares. Its fun to watch them lose like they do.

  120. Gj Junior says:

    As a life long Laker fan, it’s somewhat difficult to watch the team and organization falter. The last two losses were terrible losses and poor basketball by a team that considers itself above average. However, the numbers don’t lie, the offense is terrible and that isn’t from the age of the players. Mike Brown is a coach with no true accolades, he’s coaching numbers are misleading, he coached Lebron James and won plenty of regular season games with no post season success. The team Mike Brown inherited is an older team, that played for arguably the greatest coach in NBA history for majority of the last 10+ years, so to totally change the offense (in a condensed season) will obviously give you the results you’re getting.

    • Galaragabigcat says:

      I totally agree! Mike Brown is unproven and has done nothing in the playoffs. He went to the finals with LeBron one year and we know what happened there. The losses this year have nothing to do with age, it has everything to do with effort and talent. Last night in Washington Bynum said that they had a big lead and he thought they had the game and he backed off and “loafed” through the game. A 21 point lead is nothing in the NBA and people don’t pay to come see NBA player “loaf” through the game. He needs to play hard all game, every game. At age 33 Kobe is carrrying that team and you cannot expect that every night, Bynum and Gasol have to take some of that burdon off of him. The Laker Mgt have to make a trade for a point guard, Fisher is not the answer! The Lakers have Kobe, the foward in Gasol and the center in Bynum, why trade them…the Lakers are in a huge need of a point guard and a young one. Why in the world did they trade Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vuvachic? Then they let Shannon Brown go. Three great, young talents. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!! Then they let Lamar Odom go instead of giving him time to come to his senses and see that what he really wanted was to be a Laker. Laker Mgt needs to WAKE up and stop trading the good players and get us a point guard to go with what we have. The answer was NOT Mike Brown!!

  121. jvv says:

    fire mike brown, they should’ve hired brian shaw in the first place

    • TRUTHbeTold says:


      • jordanbyfar says:

        Lakers fans keep blaming it on the coach. Weren’t you the best team in the league after Sunday’s win againts Miami? hahahaha

    • iGoHammer says:

      Jodanbyfar you’r honestly the biggest troll i have ever seen. I wouldn’t doubt you being a 11 year old kid that acts like he knows something. You talk about Kobe shooting a low percent and missing a 3 point shot. Okay well he must be doing something right to be making the difficult shots that he takes and still be the number one scorer in the league.

      • theking0522 says:

        Every player that takes 50 shots a game will score a lot. Kobe is a poor shooter. He just shoots a lot

      • iGoHammer says:

        He shoots alot because hes the best player on the court.

      • Witness says:

        And just because you shoot alot doesnt MAKE you the best player. You gotta MAKE those shots. And even if you ARE the best player on the court, that doesnt mean you FORCE up prayers while other teammates stand open. Thats happened so much during kbs career its pitiful.

    • mdeus says:

      they should have cloned phil jackson…. and seriously who calls him pjax? thats garbage ;p

  122. jordanbyfar says:

    The lakers are a bunch of crying babies!!! They are not what they were. It was fun to see Lakers fans celebrating a victory againts miami after 4 straight loses to Lebron James. By the way, I don’t hear how Kobe CHOKED during the game againts Detroit. If Lebron had missed a three point shot to tie the game as ugly as Kobe did, everyone will be talking about how Lebron chokes, but……And ohhh by the way, Kobe went 9 from 32 yesterday. That’s about……..23% from the field hahahahha. Kobe 44%. Lebron 55% of the shots made this year. Lakers are going nowhere and I am loving it seeing Kobe missing 3-point after 3-point shot againts Pistons and Wizzards. Isn’t he supposed to be clutch? Kobe chokes!!!

    • Jay says:

      Dammmmn LOL! You formed a big paragraph there troll. Nice! Take it slow and keep improving.

    • Big Swag says:

      Jordanbyfar what are you talking about?!? In the Detroit game, didn’t Kobe make a buzzer beating shot to send the game into overtime? Your argument is foolish. The criticism of Kobe vs Lebron is the fact that Kobe isn’t scared and will take that last shot and Lebron won’t!

      • jordanbyfar says:

        how did thr 3 point shot worked for him at the end of OT. How about 23% from the field yestedrday and kept shooting. Kobe is a selfish whiner and lakers fans are haters.

      • koakuma says:

        I wouldn’t say that Kobe is selfish. He just trusts himself more than he trusts anybody else and he has the history to back that up. Who else in the game today has 5 rings? Kobe is a volume shooter, always has been and always will be. He has a hard time being both a facilitator and a scorer at the same time. That doesn’t mean that he is selfish. There are lots of players who struggle with being as good of a facilitator or a scorer.

    • TRUTHbeTold says:

      Rambling Troll …keep moving..go hate on Oprah next..LOL

    • sbfern805 says:

      Okay Fellows,

      A true Lakers fan will speak now… Mike Browns Offense can be extremely lethal to opposing teams, however this Lakers team only has one true player who can create his own shot…KOBE. This is the reason he is shooting so so much, no one else in the Lakers can do this. I personally do not like Kobe shooting this much because 1. he is awful when he gets tired 2. His teammates are stone cold when they get the ball, FINALLY. and 3. Kobe is not the “different animal and the same beast” as he was before. In conclusion i Think Kobe needs to back down during the Regular season and let Bynum and Gasol take all the responsibillity for the Team because i believe this will help them grow as players. Finally, i know Lakers cannot win with this current squad unfortunately but have the main players to compete at an extremely high level if you add some decent role players…and a BENCH!! haha

      About this article, yes the Lakers got swept using the Triangle , but i dont believe it was because of the triangle but player focus was low. Also why wouldnt it work this year, if Dallas has a different team… As far as i know, Lakers could Give Olkahoma a run for their money…

    • LakersWillWin says:

      LeBron has a higher fg% because he takes less jump shots and drives it more. He gets easier buckets due to the fast break dunks driving it to the hoop. Kobe relies on his J, and shoots a pretty decent percentage making insanely difficult shots. While the Lakers are not what they used to be, to criticize a man who is 5th on the all time scoring list RIGHT NOW, while scoring 30 points a game is just insane. To shoot 45% for your career mostly from 10-20 feet is just incredible. Heres a little fact I doubt you know, last season Kobe had the HIGHEST fg% from 10-20 feet. Doubt you knew that. You’re too busy looking for negativity to put down the man who has a work ethic out of space. I’m sorry for your life, you spend time hating instead of appreciating. I don’t hate ANYONE in the NBA, I appreciate all individual talent for what it is. You should too. It’s a lot better :).

      • Witness says:

        Dude your crazy Ive seen you make hate comments on Lebron before in here lol. So whatever. Lebron has a higher fg% because hes a BETTER shooter and a MORE DISCIPLINED shooter. He doesnt just throw up prayers and force shots like KB does. THATS why hes higher fg%. He shoots PLENTY of jumpshots you just dont watch the games, sorry. Lebron also has the highest PER in NBA HISTORY right now, so recognize.

        KB also is shooting one of his lowest percentages of his whole career at .435% and his 3pt is only at .277. KB is NOT an efficient player is what it boils down too. Sorry about it.

        Kb’s 5th on All-Time scoring list due to lengevity. Hes averaged 25ppg throughout his career. Not bad but Lebron averages 28 ppg for his career. Lebron is right behind KB replacing all of his career scoring marks, and continue to do so because he is the better player.

        KB only has 10,000 more points than Lebron yet hes played in the league TWICE as long as he has. KB will have 30,000 points next season when he is well past 34. Barring any major injuries with any significant time missed, Lebron will have 30,000 points right close to his 32nd birthday.

        While I appreciate KBs talent, HE is the one that has been OVERhyped his whole career, not Lebron. Sorry.

      • sbfern805 says:

        Look Lebron got drafted into a no name team…he became the best player and go to guy since day ONE!! Thats how bad Cleaveland was. Kobe on the other hand went to arguably the BEST TEAM in NBA history with already so much talent around him. He was not the first, second, nor third option in the team so his minutes and ball touches were limited. This is why Kobe has averaged so low numbers…However if he was the go to guy like Lebron was for Cleaveland, he would average 30 pts + every season just like in 2005 and 2006. Anyways, Kobe’s shooting average IS low because he doesnt have that power to drive to the rim no more… Its still however very impressive to still shoot 43% when being guarded and knowing everyone who defends him tries their hardest… Lebron is exceptional but this kid needs to mature because most of the hate is not about how he plays ( you cant deny he is that good) but how he acts…and this affects him and his teammates because mentally he is not that strong. Im a Lakers fan and i know i might be a little biased, but i try not to. Kobe has done some incredible ISH when he was at his prime and is not afraid to fail and fail and fail because he knows he’ll get up. Anywho as much as i Hated Jordan for beating the Lakers and Jazz…NO-ONE will ever be as good as he…no KOBE, no LEBRON!!!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        just to point out Durant shoots a lot of jumpshots and he has a 50% Fg average. Kobe is one of the best if not the best of all time (which pains me to say) but until LA rebuilds their roster (not their coach) to get some youth and speed they will continue to be a mid level team, a 4-5 seed in the playoffs and first round or 2nd round exits. Its the exact samething that is happening to the Celtics, people get old.

    • Dennis says:

      Dude you are SLOWER THAN MOLASIS…u call this having a brain with your ignorant foolish talk…..Actually 9 for 32 is not 23% it is slightly above 28%, thats a big difference. and Kobe was playing well untill the fourth quarter, not every body can have a FULL GREAT GAME. Jordan certainly did not. And yea Lebron FG% is 55% because most of the dudes shot attempts are layups or dunks..and I have never even heard of Lebron missing a dunk….Kobe has to work for everything he gets….Lebron gets alot of easy points because he is physically too much for most players to handle….When he gets running no body can get in his way with out getting hurt…KOBE BRYANT IS STILL THE MAN….Mr 81 points him self have u forgot…. and for Kobe not being able to shoot 3 pointers, his record of TWELVE 3’s in a game has not been broken, its only been tied…He still holds the RECORD for the most points scored in Madison Square Garden as well…He broke Jordans record againts the KNICKS YOU FOOL

      • Witness says:

        Funny then Dennis because earlier in KB’s career much like most young players his fg% was mainly from drives and dunks, and he STILL couldn’t manage better than 45 or 46% LOL.

        And stop talkin about single game scoring marks. Wow. Jus tlike Wilts wasn unimpressive due to his competition, KB’s 81 was also unimpressive considering he had a terrible defender in Jalen Rose on him playing against 1 of the worst defenses in the league with the Raptors. Wow, Lebron or MJ or anyone that can shoot if they really REALLY wanted to do that they could. Most players aren’t as selfish as KB. And the Knicks record? Wow. Try a Triple double by Lebron in the Garden. MUCH more impressive than KBs WEAK all around game when he broke the record.

        KB will NEVER be as good as you claim him to be. Sorry

    • Whatwasthenumber says:

      Lakers were outplayed in last years playoffs. Laker fans can enjoy the FACT that the purple & gold made it to the finals for the last 3 years. It’s not outrageous to think that perhaps they were fatigued. Props to Dallas for finally reaching the plateau that the lakers have been living on for the past few years.

      There’s no discounting the fact that Lebron is having a great year. I’m sure it helps that he is part of a team that hasn’t had the amount of changes that alot of the other teams have gone through this year. MIA has the same core intact; coaching staff intact; defensive/offensive schemes intact.

      You cant really compare Kobe and Lebron. Kobe has been in the league longer and (although still playing well) past his peak. Lebron is in his peak years. I think it’s funny that Lebron fans compare the 2 at this point, because how brilliant does that make Kobe in the minds of Lebron fans, if they are comparing someone who is peaking to someone whos past.

      Plus, and most importantly, Kobe was an important part of 5 championship teams. Lebron has not been part of a championship team yet. When he gets to 5, then comparisons can be entertained. When it’s all said and done there are those were “great players”, and those who were “champions”.

      • Witness says:

        Right just like KB can NOT be compared to MJ like you would like him to be. Sorry. Lebron is only compared NOW because of people like YOU who still try to claim KB is the best when its OBVIOUS Lebron is head and shoulders above him now. Noone cares about prime for prime heeelllloo Lebron JUST THIS SEASON entered his prime. And you already see wat hes doing with the highest PER in NBA HISTORY. LOL

        KB SCHMOBE

      • Huh says:

        You’re forgetting that KB has had the luxury of playing with Shaq, Big Shot Rob, Gasol, and Bynum during those championship runs. Who has LeBron had in his Finals appearances? Varejo and Mo Williams in Cleveland? LOL. He’s only had 1 full season played with a real superstar next to him and he was close to getting that ring. Setting injuries aside, LeBron will get close to or possibly even more rings than KB when both of their careers are over.

        And if you think that I’m a bandwagon rider for the Heat, you’re a fool because I live and have been behind Dallas ever since Dirk entered the league. I could care less about LBJ, but saying that he needs to get 5 rings before he should be compared to KB is ridiculous when you compare the players that both guys have played with throughout their careers. There was the Shaq + KB era and Gasol + Bynum + KB years, now that LBJ actually has all-star caliber players to play with, he’ll make a run for some rings. OUT.. >_>

    • JoeyBULListic says:

      Anybody wiyh any sense knows if Kobe stoppped chasing Karreem and paased the rock LAL wouldnt be the 2nd best team at Staples. Kobe doesnt make teammates better…Hes had BETTER teammates.If you should 9-31 yes u lost the game for your team. I know Bynum n Pau r sick of bailing Kobe out w off rebs, just to be put in trade rumors year after year. If LA was really comitted to winning theyd trade KOBE and shoot a much higher % as a team.

    • Carl says:

      Kobe only took 23 shots yesterday genius. ALSO, Kobe chokes? You left out the game winner in Toronto and the fact that he bailed the Lakers out in back-to-back overtime games. You also left out every clutch thing he’s done in the last 16 years. Also, get OFF LeBron’s sack. He has YET to prove himself as a clutch scorer, and he did it to himself when he promised 7 rings and that he wouldn’t continue failing in clutch situations. The Lakers are still a contender and you’ll see that when playoff time rolls around. One more thing…Your boyfriend is NO THREAT unless he’s driving in the paint.

  123. Ikjyot Singh Kohli says:

    This non-article blog is quite ridiculous.

    You make several unsubstantiated claims.

    1. “You remember that playoff sweep at the hands of the eventual champion Dallas Mavericks, right?” This has nothing to do with the triangle. If you remember, one of the highlights of that series was PJax slapping Gasol in the chest to “wake him up”. Kobe and Pau were out of sync last year, because they played for their countries the year before, something that Jackson told them not to do, and they were exhausted as a result. The LAKERS LOST LAST YEAR BECAUSE OF FATIGUE, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

    2. ” You lost two straight to bottom feeders and it’s back to throwing Mike Brown from the train. It’s ridiculous.” SMART Basketball people threw Mike Brown under the train right from Cleveland! We recognized his “Basketball expertise” for what it was. He rode Lebron to a 60-game win season, and not much after that. He has no system, no style of play. Everything that Jim Buss promised the Lakers of having a better offence, better defence, has simply not happened. They are WORST than ever before in points allowed and points scored.

    You need to grow up and realize that a successful Basketball team is one that executes a successful strategy. The triangle is arguably the most successful offence in NBA history, not to mention its success in the NCAA under Sam Barry and Tex Winter. Jackson was also a defense-minded coach, and this is evident from the Chicago Bulls era to the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 Lakers teams.

    I don’t know how they allow people like you who make such false claims to write for NBA.com

    • dd def says:

      the bottom line is these players aren’t new to the game. they’re falling short and it can’t be blamed on the coach. they know how to play defense, they shouldn’t need to be reminded everyday what good defense looks like. same with offense. sorry buddy but the golden days of the lakers are over. you can throw a tantrum about it but it doesn’t change the truth. these players are too talented and too well paid for lame excuses like they’re giving. just own it, work on it, and shut up and play ball.

      • david says:

        it does make a difference la had the same team for 3 years n would get swept. 1st year wit phil they win it all. same goes for bulls couldnt get past boston or detriot until phil came. system does matter n coach as well cause if players dont buy it. it wont go well. if they were guna trade fish n a 1st rounder for hill. why not that for b easy who is way better, cheap disrespectful jim buss.

    • BoyUnse says:

      Did Nowitzki and others played for their country that time?
      4 straight loss, sweep in first round playoffs, fatigue… ohhh maybe Dallas have more energy than Lakers.

      What do you think LAKERS should do?

      SMART Basketball is teamwork. 24 shots a game, 30% of the team attempts we’re made by just 1 player, and it’s coach’s fault?

      Grow Up. lol

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Lakers lost in the 2nd round””

      • P&GBleedin' says:

        You forgot to mention 3 straight trips to finals! And Kobe wasn’t able to practice with the team last year, he spent that time trying to rehab and rest his knee. Dallas was a great team last year, Tyson Chandler really helped them over the hump. But the Lakers team they faced was not themselves. Fatigue and being out of sync had a lot to do with that.

      • jaylon says:

        U grow up. Dirk can not even be compared to Kobe. Kobe’s states and records far exceed any player on Dallas’ team. Btw, know your facts before trying to sarcastically give your opinion. It was the second round NOT first.

      • Carl says:

        Well Kobe DID have a bad knee last year AND still played Olympic ball. ALSO, they lost in the SECOND round. They were exhausted and didn’t they go to the Finals THREE years in a row prior to that, winning twice back-to-back? I thought so. You lose.

      • PJax says:

        because the coach calls the play for kobe to score, and i remember during a timeout that he told kobe that we are going to ride on you. hahahahaha! just like in cleveland give the ball to lebron and get the hell out of his way.

      • koakuma says:

        It might not be “fatigue, plan and simple” but there is more to the fatigue factor than the players playing for their respective countries. You have to remember that the Lakers spent the previous 3 seasons going all the way to the NBA finals (and winning two of them). The Mavs on the otherhand only made it out of the first round once (2009) and lost to the Lakers in the Western Conference Semi-finals last year. Over the course of those 3 years, the Lakers have played 61 playoff games to the Maverick’s 21 games. That’s over half an NBA season, plus the additional National team commitments made by players on their respective teams. As for the Lakers’ offensive struggles this season, it seems pretty obvious that the Lakers don’t have the pieces to reflect their game plan. Kobe said it best after one of their best 3 point performances. When they hit consistently from the outside, it opens up the middle and allows their bigs to go to work. Without consistent outside shooting, opposing teams can just fall back and clog it up for Drew and Pau. If they got more consistent outside shooting, it would go a long way to make the offense much, much smoother.

      • Greg says:

        no. you grow up. and get ur facts right

        Lakers played a tough series vs the Hornets which shouldn’t have been. Pau wasn’t playing to his expectations which ruined everything imo. They were tired. Everything about them screamed it. We gave up like 3 big leads in that series. Game 1, had like a 16 point lead and gave it up. Game 2, got to a good start, gave it up. Game 4, got to a good start, gave it up. We played like a lazy team out there because we were tired at the 4th.

        And I hate writers like Sekou who don’t know that much and yet still try to write as if they did. Stop writing and actually learn something. Maybe you have something with Brown, but he’s a bad coach.

    • Joe Texas says:

      They lost in a sweep because THEY PLAYED A BETTER TEAM. It wasn’t fatigue or any other excuse you want to make up, it was because they played a better team.

    • Westendgirl says:

      If the triangle is so great why did they get beatdown and putdown with the same triangle offense that they are pining for.

      Lakers are just ot set in their ways, and until the old guards are gone, this is going to happen.

      • Dennis says:

        untill the old guards are gone, huh? Im sorry lady, but the only old guard is Derrick Fisher, because Kobe is still the best shooting guard in the game….And the only players right now that could be better than Kobe are Keven Durant, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, or Chirs Paul…Lebron James is still not better than Kobe Bryant. Kobe Proved that one week ago, when he lit up Wade and James..and so what Lebron beat him earlier in Miami..The Lakers have one of the worst AWAY records in the NBA… KOBE BRYANT can play at a VERY HIGH LEVEL for the next 4 years…and after that if he still chooses to play he will break Jordans record for most points scored at the oldest age.

      • Steph says:

        ur making all girls look bad on these blogs. first of triangle offence saved lakers for years from not having an all-star PG which is still the case if u havent noticed. second of all if ud ever play ball ud know that theres nothing more powerful than the good use of team’s big men which is exactly what triangle offence did.

    • casey says:

      Playing the triangle offense is akin to playing left-handed in tennis. Teams/players are not used to how things are coming at them and as a result it gives the Triangle offense and left handed tennis players, a huge competitive advantage. Throwing it away because you don’t have Phil and all your players already know this system= bad idea.

      I was happy when the Lakers hired Brown because I’ve always shuddered at the ineptitude of Brown and I knew this would prove it. Have you heard his huddles? “play harder” “You got to make the shot” I mean have you heard them? The coach is supposed to be the brains of the team but he seems more like a cheerleader to me. I thought it was only a matter of time until Bryant got fed up with this ineptitude. It’s going to happen.

      The lakers seemed like the team to beat last year until chemistry issues undid them. Do you forget Bynum’s rant? It wasn’t father time at all. I thought this year would underline brown’s ineptitude but now people think it’s just the lakers? It was obvious this was coming but now that it’s here, people say it’s because the lakers are old? Bynum is playing MUCH better and Kobe is still great. Nothing to do with the coaching or offensive system? What bias Sekou.

      Why do people think Mike Brown is good? Because Lebron says so? I think Lebron just likes cheerleaders for his talents; the cheerleader like Mike Brown.

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        I agree Mike Brown is a poor coach. I saw that in Cleveland and now with the Lakers. Can someone please tell me why people think he’s any good? It’s like there is something politically incorrect about criticizing him. Where did he get that special suit of teflon? Lakers are getting tired but Kobe is great, Bynum is the second best center in NBA, Gasol is still top 10 power forward, and peace can still lock down any opposing player when he is motivated to do so. They are not as old and tired as the Celtics yet.

      • Steph says:

        brown cant coach talent. he couldnt get lbj a title and he cant get lakers one either.

    • TheKing6 says:

      Hang on bro. Don’t blame fatigue for the Laker’s losses. If you actually watched the games, it’s cause the Mavs were on a run for one, and they had much better defence in that series. The tired guys you saw were like that because of aging and Gasol didn’t play as well as he could have. That’s it. Don’t blame it on other things man, other players do the same and don’t lose in a sweep. Also, Brown got the Cavs to The Finals in 2007. Do weak coaches get their teams to The Finals? No. Your point about him being a bad coach is just sad and another excuse. The Lakers need to realize that Jackson and Brown are different. Big deal. Get over it. He’s the coach now and they should at least attempt to buy into what he’s saying. Besides, it’s not like the Lakers haven’t acted like babies before. Remember when Kobe demanded a trade WHEN Jackson was coaching??? Yeah. These are excuses for the Lakers getting older. I stand by Sekou.

      • bob says:

        My goodness, LA at it again. Mike Brown draws up a play and the player cant/dont execute…kill the coach right? Or Kobe decides he doesnt need the play drawn and wings something of his own…fails and they loose…kill the coach right? Sekou is right, even the Lakers, the team that buys stars (and some who tag along hoping for a easy ride to a ring) and HAD the best coach in the NBA have simply lost it, be it due to age or the inability to adapt to a new coach or playing style. I was always under the impression that great players play great (no matter who is drawing up the play).

        Dallas smashed them cause they had more heart/drive/want. They were simply the BETTER team!

    • Da_Beaver says:

      Kobe will not win any more championships with the Lakers. Period. Get over it.

      • jmals says:

        Really? Wow can I see the crystal ball you have in your room? Kobe may not win again or he may, odds are he won’t with this line-up. trades happen, injuries happen and dumb statements from Laker and kobe haters happen.

      • K89 says:

        probably same dude who were peein in his pants during cp3 to LA rumors. it just takes a couple of shuffling and stern not getting involved.

      • Greg says:

        Bet you must be loving Stern after he blocked the cp3 trade. Too many things stacked up against Kobe. Bad coach, bad commisioner.

        Truth is, even as big of a Kobe/Laker fan, he might not with the other super teams getting stacked up. Laker lineup doesn’t have what it takes to combat these teams. We can beat the rest of the league, we just can’t beat the god-tier ones.

    • Amitpal says:

      I don’t remember Kobe playing for team usa. What the hell are u talking about. And no fatigue isn’t the only reason they lost, they were and are old. This articles breaks it down but ur still in denial. There’s a reason Phil left. He knew this team was going nowhere this year. The lakers never played like a team, they always played with talent. That talent couldn’t get them any farther. Had the lakers not lost that round they would have lost to the young Thunders who would have ran circles around them. Had they some how found a way to beat the thunder(KD injury or something) the Heat would have ran circle. The point is the lakers weren’t even the top 3 or 4 team last year. They had very little chance of winning. That was proved in the first round when they lost two games to a team that had nothing but Chris Paul.

    • jaylon says:


    • Shelly says:

      I couldnt have said it better myself. Mike Brown was a joke the day that he was anounced head coach. He didnt deserve the job and I’m not sure how nor why he was chosen for the job. I’m praying that P Jax will come in and help out . The Mavericks winning the championship was a fluke and everybody know it… listen to J Kidd crying about the refs not respecting them. The guy that wrote the article is just someone that like to put BS out there. He is totally clueless!!!