Josh Smith’s Trade Request Revealed

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Long before Dwight Howard‘s training camp trade request went public, his preschool classmate and former AAU teammate Josh Smith beat him to the punch, going to Hawks’ management with his trade request before last February’s trade deadline.

With the new deadline a week away, Smith’s longstanding request, has finally gone public, courtesy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The timing couldn’t be worse for the Hawks, who are playing without All-Stars Joe Johnson (knee) and Al Horford (surgery for a torn pectoral muscle) and being carried on a nightly basis by Smith and a cast of veteran role players.

Smith’s played his entire career in his hometown for the Hawks, his career and the franchise’s on-court fortunes rising simultaneously. Smith’s agents have reiterated that request to Hawks GM Rick Sund since the lockout ended. The conversations have intensified recently, with executives around the league weighing all of their options as the deadline approaches.

Smith made it clear on the first day that players were allowed back at team facilities after the lockout ended that he was bent on competing for a championship at this stage of his career and that if the Hawks didn’t feel like their core group had the ability to do that, it was probably time to break up the core and start making moves.

While Johnson and Horford have battled injuries all season, Horford played just 11 games before going down for the season with that torn pectoral muscle, Smith has been the Hawks’ most consistent force. He’s averaging 17.1 points, 9.8 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 2.0 blocks.

News of his trade request is sure to cause a shakeup for the Hawks, 23-16 but 5-5 in their last 10 games. They are trying to hold on to their playoff position while battling major injury issues. Surely, they don’t need any added distractions.

But if there is a move to be made, it has to be made by next Thursday’s deadline.


  1. Miami Heat Fan 54 says:

    JOSH TO HEAT PEOPLE!!! Heat will hav a ring for players

  2. karo iyash says:

    Sad news…. Smith is the Future of the Hawks… & he defines the name of the ATLANTA HAWKS aka HIGHLIGHT FACTORY…. High flying, hard working, n the best all around player who keeps on improving…. PERIOD

  3. Marcus says:

    Smith & Horford for Dwight Howard!

  4. Ananya Dalal says:

    Celtics will have him!
    Smith for Ray Ray, Johnson and draft pick or 2

  5. JAW154 says:

    I think they should trade Josh Smith for Glen Davis and Hedo Turkoglu of the Orlando Magic and a future round draft pick

    So the magic lineup will be:
    Howard(if he will still be there)/Ryan Anderson
    Josh Smith
    Quentin Richardson

    And the Hawks will have:

  6. Scarface says:

    Josh Smith to MIAMI HEAT for Udonis Haslem & Joel Anthony.

  7. wesley says:

    Pau gasol for josh smith as a laker fan I would hate to see that pau is a more better all around player than smith. smith is just more athletic then pau

  8. Jcity says:


  9. 14dimes says:

    so where does he want to be traded? what team did he request?

    NBA where rumors keep happening.

  10. MrEgor says:

    smith for Mcgee , young and 2 round draft pick

  11. 76backto83 says:

    76ers should trade EB’s expiring contract, first round pick, and Holiday for Josh Smith. Then trade Nocioni and trade exception for O.J. Mayo.

    new starting five

    PG – Turner
    SG – O.J. Mayo
    SF – Iggy
    PF – J Smoove
    C – Hawes or Vuevic

    off bench ….. Lou Williams, Thad Young

    going small…..

    PG – Turner
    SG- O.J. Mayo
    SF – Iggy
    PF – Thad
    C – J Smoove

    or see if ALT will bite on sweet Lou and EB’s expiring, draft picks for J Smoove

    new starting 5

    PG – ET
    SG – Holiday
    SF – Iggy
    PF – J Smoove
    C – Vucevic

    off bench mayo, thad

  12. Jim says:

    trade Josh smith to the Knicks for Fields of the Knicks. Josh Smith will provide an extra Small forward the Knicks Despartely need along with defense. Fields commits too many turnovers and failures to convert numerous fast break plays.

  13. Smith for McGee? I think that will be bad trade

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  14. Hawks fan says:

    Keep smith…trade jj and marvin, and a bench player for melo and chandler

  15. Andrew says:

    Smith for McGee? sounds good to me

  16. mohamed says:


  17. mohamed says:

    yes trade joshsmith for gasol and find a fast PG GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

  18. Josh Smith's twice removed cousin says:

    Read my name ^, Josh Smith doesn’t want to leave the Peach State! He’s the only one in the whole hawks roster that shows love alllllll around GA. This is just a bluff and not one created by Josh.

  19. ZULU says:

    Gasol for Smith, sounds good to a Laker fan. Plus , the Lakers could use the opportunity to get rid of some of that dead weight bench. Yea Gasol -Smith sounds good.


  21. jimbob says:

    J-Smooove is staying in ATL he’s going nowhere

  22. SaintSparky says:

    Trade JSmooth to the Lakers for Gasol, then move Marvin Williams, Jeff Teague and a first round pick for Rajon Rondo.
    Starting 5: Rondo, JJ, Willie Green, Horford and Gasol. Then move Hinrich for some depth and SF help.

    • A fan divided says:

      Dwight Come home Pleeeeeeeeze. We need another big man. Pergo Green and Hinrich fill out the bench nicely. I might bump Pergo to Teague’s spot. He hasnt shown me much since the playoffs last year. ZA ZA and Radmanovic can go. They are mediocre at best. I was feeling Ivan Johnson, but he has proved inconsistent.

      J Smoove, stop taking those outside shots and drive the ball and perhaps we could win a few more.

      To say Smith is carrying the team is bogus. That bench is a beast. Stackhouse and McGrady have made some huge contributions. Pergo and Green are the closers.

  23. celtics says:

    the celtics could trade kg and oneil 4 jsmoove

  24. Danny says:

    Ellis for Smith.

  25. Jay Grant says:

    P.S. In regards to Josh Smith.

    If he truly wants to be traded to a team that can win the championship as soon as this year & why wouldn’t he?,

    then that narrows down the teams that can get him and is the HAWKS want something that wll please them in return,

    then that narrows the list of teams that have a great chance of getting J Smoove.

    So what team can win it all with the addition of Josh? and make the HAWKS happy in return?

    Can’t wait to see what unveils by next Friday!


  26. radu says:

    it would be a pretty nice trade for tha lakers a J-Smoove and Jeff Teague for Pau , Steve Blake + Darius Morris or Andrew Goudelock 🙂 the lakers would get a pretty good point guard in teague for the future and save their 1st round pick for a solid big man next year 🙂 !

  27. Jay Grant says:

    All interesting opinions. I love this year’s up coming trade deadline situation. I’m excited to see who goes where?
    Right now we have teams that have the highest percentage of potentially winning the championship! and that’s their goal. Right?
    Heat- Bulls- OKC. These 3 teams could win it all with the players they have now. Dallas won last year with theirs. I believe they were a 3rd seed in the West. Spurs had the best record in the league, were the #1 seed & lost in the 1st. round.

    So come playoff time whom will play the kind of B Ball to win this tournament?

    I had the Mavs picked last year after seeing they’re teams make up. They looked great on paper were very hungy , had experience can score , defend, rebound great chemistry, confidence, rested, they know how to take it etc. They just looked scary and low & behold they won!

    This year to me is looking like OKC & HEAT in finals no surprise right? But now the trade deadline is approaching with players available that can seriously shake things up,

    So what team would improve to a championship run level if they added a player (s) like D. Howard, J Smoove, M. Ellis, R. Rondo, etc.?

    And deals work out great when all parties get something. If I cleaned your cars to a mint condition & got nothing in return then you get something & I don’t. All that time washing waxing polishing. Vehicle is looking absolutely stunning!

    But for all that work & time I get nothing? Where is the fair trade in that? Same with anyone else. Would’nt you agree?

    So what NBA team this season has something to trade for that will please the other team they’re trading with?

    Lakers would improve with a a PG/ perhaps Nash? or Rondo? – in exchange for ?
    Knicks would improve with a SG / Ellis? K. Martin (Rockets)? – ” ” “?
    Dallas ” ” – C & a PF & SG / “””””- D. Howard J. Richardson Al Jefferson as PF? – “”””””?


    I like the NJ trade ideas but what player that’s really wanting to be traded to a team where they can win a championship as soon as this year even, would want to go to the Nets even if the Nets got Dirk which they don’t for now? It’s risky isn’t it?

    The Lakers have something (s) to offer to trade for & they have the leagues current leading scorer/ one the best players in the league whom by the way scored 27 in a very close All Star game! Whom has won a championship several times.

    They actually have and All Star to trade for or a last season’s All Star and both have won the title more than once.

    Bynum was the starting Center for the West Team in fact.

    Jerry West was able to get Shaq. It is crazy to think he can get Howard? too? The organization even had Wilt C.

    My guess based on what the what each participating team involved in a Howard trade would get, tells me that the Lakers are most likely to get Dwight & a PG.

    We’ll all find out soon enough who goes where? and who goes where in this NBA season’s playoffs!



  28. kd mvp says:

    “lol! this is just scare tactics. josh isnt going anywhere. mark my words. josh stays with hawks cause he is now our leader. plus he also spoke the other day how much he loves atlanta and how much he loves the hawks. u people buy into anything. lol”

    i swear people said the same thign about lebron.

  29. Chris M. says:

    Trade Josh Smith to the Cavs, they’re in the playoff hunt already, and adding him would guarantee it. Here ya go.

    ( Player goes to )
    Hawks Trade: Josh Smith(CLE) Kirk Hinrich(LAL)

    Cavs trade: Ramon Sessions(LAL) 1st Round Pick(LAL) Alonzo Gee(ATL)

    Lakers trade: Pau Gasol(ATL)

    Hawks get a top 5 big men in the league and a young forward with potential, Cavs get a great all-around player that can contribute to Kyrie Irving, and the Lakers get two guards that can fill the hole at point for them and a maybe mid round 1st round pick.

  30. milanrajsic says:

    Atlanta trade: Orlando trade:
    Josh Smith Dwight Howard
    Al Horford Hedo Turkoglu
    2012 1st pick

  31. ClipPeRs42 says:

    Josh Smith- Lakers Roster: Luke walton, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol……
    its a good trade… Pau is ok and luke walton and metta world peace both score less than 5 ppg (luke scores 1ppg)
    the cheap players seem to do well on other teams that need help… look at jordan farmar.. he scored the winning three against the clippers….and chris kaman scored 18 points in his last game!!! the unvalued players do better on cheap eams!! corey maggette is doing really good on the bobcats! last game he scored 29 points!! i think j smith for pau, metta, and luke

  32. ClipPeRs42 says:

    Nooooooooo!! they cant get rid of josh smith!!! hes their best player!! now its all up to t-mac!! haha

  33. rg says:

    I’d love to see him teaming up with Rondo in Boston 🙂 I guess it would be a good team to be a part of for Smoove as well. I’m sure C’s have an offer in mind but not sure if they can give what Hawks will be looking for

  34. Richard Denson says:

    If we were to trade Josh Smith (Which I sure hope we dont)I’d trade him for Brook Lopez and a future 2nd round pick. Then I’d go into free agency and potentially sigh either Jeff Green or Andrei Kirilenko to fill the void

    Starting Lineup:

  35. Al says:

    We’ll take him over here in Philly, maybe Iguodala for Josh Smith straight up

  36. The Teacher says:

    Would be great for Smith. Played for Atlanta his whole career, never been an all-star because he’s always been over shadowed by his two team mates, when he is clearly the biggest factor of each Hawks’ win…

    • Alex smith says:

      WOW… i been a hawks fan for a while i never realized that he has never been an all-star.. this guy deserves to be an all start every year.. he plays like one.. last 2 seasons he has been playing better than j johnson..

  37. ray allen #1 fan says:

    man I’d love to see Josh go to boston… jeff green & jermaine oneal, keep my big 3 and rondo…celtics need to get someone sheesh.

  38. QQ10 says:

    I think the trade between LA and Hawks would be great for both. Teague, TMac, JSmoove – Gasol, Barnes, Blake.

  39. NateusPrime says:

    Smith to the Nuggets! Ty Lawson and Smith combo getting rid of Birdman and having Smith start with Nene, Lawson, Afflalo, and Gallo would be a contendor starting line up with Mozgov and Koufous and Faried coming off of the bench bring energy for the Nuggets for the full 48 mins.

  40. Mike Sykes says:

    J O’neal + Garnett for J-Smoove

  41. mo says:

    amare stoudemire for josh smith straight up!!!!! i think that would be a great deal for both teams the hawks would definately be content with amare and the knicks really need to get rid of him and get a pf that plays some D. has anyone seen how bad amare’s D is he is the absolute worse defensive player in the NBA and this is comin from a knicks fan. but he still has good value so trade him for j smoove and both teams would be happy maybe even throw in landry fields or j r smith THE KNICKS NEED TO GET JSMOOVE and get rid of AMARE SERIOUSLY!!!!

    • JQing5 says:

      If the Knicks manage to pull that off, it’ll be the best trade they’ll ever made. I wouldn’t mind if they add JR Smith to the entice Atlanta into doing it.

  42. LOL says:

    I would say trade smith for carlos boozer and some draft picks.
    Or maby even carlos&gibson.. am i pushing it right now?

    • JoeyBULListic says:

      Yes. Smith is a good athlete. But leave my Bulls out of this. Let him goto LA for Pau and mess up the Lakers.

  43. jos.degu says:

    the real truth is management knows that the hawks are a yearly playoff contender, but the fact of the matter is that every team’s goal is not only to be a playoff contender, but a TITLE contender. i think they know that with their current roster that its not going to get them over the top, especially with heat, magic, and bulls in the east. if i were management i would just rebuild the team now. trade the big players, joe johnson, al horford, and josh smith. trade for young up and comer players and save money at the same time.
    these would be the trades i would make:
    1. johnson and smith for brook lopez, anthony morrow, marshon brooks and a few draft picks
    2. horford for monta ellis
    2a. horford for steph curry and biedrins

    with these trades they still contend because they have a young center in lopez and young pgs in either ellis or curry. have an up and coming player in brooks and adequate role players in biedrins and morrow. and not only will they rebuild with draft picks for other holes, but the other teams they trade to will also fill needs

    what do you guys think?..

    • JQing5 says:

      The problem is Joe Johnson’s contract, when he signed it everyone who knows basketball thought Atlanta just bought themselves years of mediocrity. Since the Nets is in a rebuilding stage with a new stadium in BKLYN next year it’ll be very foolish for them to add baggage to their payroll.

  44. S.U.P.1007 says:

    This is what the Hawks ownership should do. I’m a born and bred Hawks fan. Pathetic I know. This is my dream proposal which I know will never happen but makes so much sense. Ship Horford and “Stealing Checks” Joe Johnson and possible draft picks to Orlando for Dwight Howard straight up or bring in a third team, New Jersey maybe. Orlando would not fall off as much given two All Stars in the league and giving up Dwight. Teague, Smoove, and Dwight sounds great to me. Teague is going to be a superstar with the right guidance. Smoove and Dwight in the post, who would score. Makes a whole lot of sense but don’t know if Dwight would be willing to come back to play for his hometown team with his hometown bud. Plus, the Hawks ownership don’t have the cahunas to pull off such a deal. Wishful thinkin. Sigh.

  45. wynne says:

    He is a punk. He will never win a ring with that attitude along with his boy Howard. On a winning team and want a trade. Get the hell out of Atl then.

  46. nashh says:

    i think he should go okc. westbrook durant smith would be perfect

  47. Proud to be Non-Am says:

    Throw everybody in LA! Then shut up making excuses for their FAILURES!

  48. leon miguel says:

    i think josh will go for the 76ers or for the nets… because he can probably help all the key guys of both teams.. like, he will go for the 76ers, he can help Ai more in defense. and for the nets he can help more in offense for dwill..or he can also improve the D of the nets..

  49. Tim says:

    WTF? If the Hawks lose Josh Smith, I will no longer be a Atlanta Hawks fan. Josh Smith is the ONLy reason I bought season tickets. Seriously, the Hawks need to get rid of Joe Johnson for a REAL marquee player. As for those saying Josh Smith isn’t that great…..Tell that to Oklahoma City! Also remind the Heat how they only one by 3 points when Harford and Joe Johnson wasn’t around. Smith is dat cat you want on your team. Atlanta better get their ish together. No one wants to keep playing their heart out without getting a championship. Hell, why do you all think Lebron and Bosh teamed up with Wade?

    • KDS says:

      Because they’re sell outs thats why…. Everyone wants to join a championships team so who’s gonna be the player to make their team great? Bring their team to the playoffs? Everyone is worried about taking the easy way out now.

  50. J.Prada says:

    trade josh smith for carlos boozer its that simple

  51. zacht96 says:

    Joe Johnson and Josh Smith are both two great trading options, you can send both of them to either the same team for a star player and young rookie, or to two diferent teams for two young, decent players. They have plenty of options.

  52. cris says:

    the lakers should keep pau gasol and get josh smith for ron artest,mcroberts,money and draft picks 😀

  53. zacht96 says:

    The heat have no room to sign anyone else big. After this season, I see only three teams really enticing for a big-time player to go to. The Knicks, to team up with Melo and Amare, The Celtics, they will soon have plenty of money as the Big 3 retire, and to team up with one of the best PGs in the league, and to be coached by one of the best coaches in basketball. And the Lakers, to play with Kobe and Bynum. The Knicks, the Celtics, and the Lakers are probably the 3 best options out there, maybe the Bulls or Nets, but don’t count on it.

  54. NBAfan7596 says:

    How about a three-team deal that would convince dwight to stay in Orlando and make Smith happy

    Hawks trade: Hawks get:
    Josh Smith Hedo Turkoglu
    Marvin Williams Glen Davis
    Brook Lopez
    (Few draft picks from Orlando or Nets)

    Nets Trade: Nets get:
    Brook Lopez Jameer Nelson
    Deron Williams Ryan Anderson
    Anthony Morrow Marvin Williams

    Magic trade: Magic get:
    Glen Davis Deron Williams
    Jameer Nelson Josh Smith
    Hedo Turkoglu
    Ryan Anderson

    Financially, that deal would work, but the Nets would probably not do it.
    It would be perfect for Dwight and Josh, but the teams would probably not make that deal.

  55. Shrey says:

    i think danny ainge should start giving a thought to this whole scenario..there are possibilities JSmoove could land up in boston

  56. clutch says:

    how bout Mike brown & pau for josh.

  57. R.B.W. says:

    I would trade Marvin Williams. The Hawks NEED a small forward that can score on a regular basis. That would take some of the pressure off of Joe Johnson and Josh Smith. That is what I believe they are missing.

  58. NG Blaqq says:

    Smith to Nets, Lopez + Kardashian to Hawks. holla if you wit me

  59. ichiro says:

    carmelo for smith straight up…

  60. somebody says:

    psst. no way the lakers would give up pau for an overrated, overpaid guy. Even though the Lakers are just making laughable decisions all season(Odom ‘trade’). Hawks is just becoming worse and worse with its money eating guys (aka J Johnson), they don’t even have the cap room to get any decent players if there’s any in the market. And every ‘big’ player on this team is not performing to the level they’re paid for.

    The only solid player jumped to Bulls.

    I think Smith will land in another non-champion fit team, and probably be one of the best players on a bad team. Again.

  61. niquefreak21 says:

    how can the hawks consider trading their best player.josh fills the stat sheet every night. he bring offense and defense.why would Atlanta want to bring in more aging stars. why don’t they just deal away the aging injured overpaid Joe Johnson and use that money for some help for josh and the rest of the boy. why trade our best player in his prime?

    • JQing5 says:

      Because no one in their right mind would want a Joe Johnson. Joe Johnson is an overpaid version of Trevor Ariza and that’s already insulting Ariza who I think is a better player than Joe Johnson in this junction of their careers.

  62. ant says:

    Trade Joe Johnson!!!! He is letting the Hawks down!!!!!

  63. Chuck says:

    76ers? that would be a good fit.

  64. Fraka says:

    Josh in Celtics. rondo – smith combo just like on Oak hill

  65. milo says:

    i think the lakers will trade pau gasol and shannon brown for josh smith and kirk hinrich

    • Tony says:

      thats when you know people aren’t paying attention. Shannon brown doesn’t even play witht the lakers anymore smart guy.

  66. me says:

    How about a trade with the warriors? ellis for smith and a second round draft pick. that would be a win win situation!

  67. LebronKing says:

    What about Rajon Rondo to La lakers, Pau Gasol To Hawks, and Josh Smith and Kirk Hinrich to Boston Celtics

    • JoeyBULListic says:

      Thats pretty fair. Rondo n Kobe wont work tho. Rondo cant catch n shoot and Mambas gotta have his 30 shots to get 30 pts. It makes LA worse. I like that idea. LAs gonna miss Pau if they ever trade him. Those twin towers make LA a dangerous playoff team. Without them theyre a first round out.

  68. KDS says:

    If i’m Smith i ask for a trade too. He gets no respect from his fans, even though his their highest performing star. He gets booed every time he misses a jumper or turns a ball over, by his own crowd!

  69. mike (AKron,Ohio) says:

    Trade Smith to Cleveland for Draft Picks and possibly other players,……I could Imagine Irving to Smith alley oops already!

  70. cha says:

    man the amount of players being pre madonnas are too DAMN high. play ball thats what you’re paid to ayt ?

  71. Jandy says:

    Trade JSmooves to Knicks for ‘Melo.

  72. COACH THIBS says:

    JOSH we want u in Chicago but u have to shot shooting so many 22ft jumpers

  73. Louie says:

    Ray Allen for Josh Smith….He is going to play with Rondo in Boston…Just you watch..

  74. Randy says:



  75. jase says:

    lol! this is just scare tactics. josh isnt going anywhere. mark my words. josh stays with hawks cause he is now our leader. plus he also spoke the other day how much he loves atlanta and how much he loves the hawks. u people buy into anything. lol

  76. j. lao ang says:

    josh smith for garnett
    josh smith for ray allen

    since both celtics player was expires their contact…..

  77. Lakers says:

    i think it will be good move to trade smith to gasol… and moving harford to power forward position make gasol take the center position and johnson in your guard position would a good offensive play for the hawks, slow phase but surely a strong offensive end for the atlanta…

  78. kaito says:

    he would be a good clipper if they trade him for carron butler and like a 2nd round draft pick or something
    i mean i rather see him do well with the clippers and be a superfriend than stay with the hawks an be a wingman to an over paided robin

  79. CML says:

    In all honesty, I think a trade to the Lakers can be beneficial for both teams. Gasol and Ebanks with a first rounder and second rounder for Josh Smith seems like an acceptable trade. The Lakers need to speed up a bit in their plays because Gasol is not doing well under Mike Brown and Ebanks is a bright prospect not given the right light. Brown had a fast player in Lebron so he knows how to handle fast, athletic forwards like Josh Smith, and the Lakers become more defensive. Atlanta in return gets Gasol who is still a legit PF/C that can answer the Hawks’ woes from the injury to Horford and they can go ahead and give Ebanks consistent minutes off the bench to help the team.

  80. C's says:

    Go to Boston!

  81. taylorn says:

    You guys really think Josh Smith for Pau Gasol is a good trade?!?! That’s insane. Pau is ten times better than him. And you think the Lakers would give Pau AND a pick for him?! C’mon!

    • JQing5 says:

      Yeah, we need Pau to get Howard. It’s Howard or bust for us!!!

      • jhap says:

        you said it dude..why would the Lakers care for pau/smith will b a totally loopsided trade. the lakers is not dumb enough to release one of their great core for a lesser talent.

  82. Dre says:

    This is perfect for the Lakers, Josh Smith, Jeff Teague and TMac For Pau Gasol, Steve Blake and Matt Barnes, Lakers need a point guard like jeff teague even tho he’s not a top point guard he could score and play defense and lets face the facts Tmac is old but he needs a ring and who else better then to team up with to accomplish that #Kobe.

  83. doods says:

    trade hedo for josh smith

  84. KingLaBove says:

    Josh Smith is going to Houston. Josh Smith For Luis Scola, Dragic

  85. Jiro says:

    Josh Smith will benefit with Ricky Rubio, very talented and hard working, maybe they should make a package for Josh Smith offering up Michael Beasley and some guys not named Ricky, Luke, Jj, Derrick, Kevin, and Russian.

    • Jkey says:

      So what position will Smith play? Love has hold on the PF position and I don’t think either would be keen to be playing the 3, or Smith coming off the bench. Smith needs to find a team where he is the starter. The Wolves would be better off with an SG or SF and not Smith.

  86. thunderjack says:

    how about the hornets. smith for kaman and their 1st round pick, smith will have gordon when hes healthy solid youth to build around in new orleans plus horford will be able to move down to pf and the hawks can get a legit draft pick to build with

  87. Big D says:

    …To be honest the only players worth time and consideration are Teague, Horford, ZaZa (nobody else wants him anyway) Pargo, and Ivan and Sometimes Joe Johnson/Marvin he ever gona have a break out season?

  88. Aussi_Rob says:

    Trade J Smith and TMac for Boozer and Asik, then finally the Bulls have a consistent PF. Pick and rolls, with D Rose would clean up the league. Scoring 1 – Rose, 2 – Smith, 3 – Deng, other teams will have to double team leaving one of the three open all the time, we have all seen what Deng can do when left open, +40ppg. TMac would get more minutes, finally having a decent player to fill the SG position which would be split 50/50 in minutes with R Hamilton. Both would get their motivation back because of being in a championship team. The SG pisition would then become a 4th scoring option. A good combination of veterans and young player, meaning going into the playoff the team would be settled.

  89. Ba says:

    i say josh smith for Caron Butler. Just to make lob city even more exciting. Josh Smith to the nets is a good trade. even a trade for players in Dallas. Like Lamar Kardashian and brandon wright. Josh Smith for Tyson Chandler and Iman Shumpert or any other bench player. Amare can’t play well with Chandler. I like Josh Smith skillset offensively and defensively over Chandler. Just get Amare to play the post D he’s capable of. How bout josh smith for Tyreke Evans? Demarcus has to much potential to trade to the hawks for just jsmoove. Tyreke has lots of potential but he’s outta place with the kings having to play SF. Or josh Smith for KG and a first round pick. KG’s contract would come off at the end. I dont know who is in free agency this summer besides Dwight but the cap space could help

    The nets trade is good. The trade to the suns is bad. Nash and Smith is not an amazing 1-2 punch but nash can make it work.

  90. Derrick Rose says:

    It’s better for Josh Smith to join the Chicago Bulls… Smith Rose combo

  91. Harvey says:

    i think what the lakers need right now is a talented point guard. and a quite talented bench players. how bout trade kapono and luke wlaton for Rajon Rondo. or trade Metta for rondo and get back trevor ariza. i think they’ll be good.

    • Gargh says:

      kapono and walton for rondo?

      and i thought i’d seen the worst of laker fans

    • Tony says:

      you have to be kidding me….why not kurt rambis for rondo. what are people thinking when they think trades such as this can happen?

      • Salt says:

        They are thinking that it worked on NBA 2K12, so why not in real life?

        Speaking as an actual intelligent Laker fan, what we need to do is trade some of our bench players for others and get a decent PG. But it’s gonna be hard to dump Walton’s salary on another team.

    • JoeyBULListic says:

      kapono n walton for rondo…..Naw how bout the Black Mamba for the White Mamba aka Brian Scalabrine. Thats just as fair.smh

  92. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    This last idea is good (although i think Lopez and Humphries for Josh Smith and T-Mac is more fair), IF a move HAVE to be made. But I wouldn’t trade Josh Smith for almost anyone in the league, since the Hawks are with terrible injury problems. Josh is an All-Star (everybody but the coaches know this) and would be a huge boast in any team of the NBA. Last year, he would had be a great fit in Phoenix. If Nash was younger, Smith would form with him an amazing 1-2 punch to roll the pick-and-roll and dunk on anyone.

  93. matt says:

    Smith for Amare, Shumpert, and J Lin

    • Richard Denson says:

      Dat s*** would never go down…..

      • JQing5 says:

        No one in the right mind would want to eat Amare’s contract. He basically got Joe Johnson money from the Knicks with his career in the decline.

  94. AJ says:

    this is perfect for the lakers. Get josh smith and kirk hinrick for pau gasol and the trade exception

  95. Roy says:

    I’d want off the hawks too, they’ve had the pieces to be a contender the last few years. With all the positions filled solidly and decent bench players. They just couldnt put it all together. This team should have been in the East finals at least once in the past few years but it didnt turn out soo. Good for Josh speaking up though, he shouldnt waste his time at all. And WTF were they thinking signing Joe Johnson for that long with that kind of salary. The guy even said himself “I dont want to be the main man on this team” Yet he ends up beating Smith for an All Star spot. What the heck is wrong with the NBA….

    • Rocket33 says:

      I agree with you 100% on this. If they were serious about winning they’d have made Johnson leave some money on the table in order to sign other people. Its a shame Smith wants to leave, he’s the best player. Maybe they can get in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes and convince him to stay. Not sure if circumstances will allow it but trading Horford and Johnson for Howard and I guess Turkoglu would be nice. Possibly some other pieces needed. Then you’d have Teague, Smith and Howard leading the Hawks for years to come.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Further to this. I think this year is a good year to try and get multiple first round picks. A lot of good players in the latest mock draft I looked at. I don’t think you need to go all out trying to get Anthony Davis. I’d be looking a bit further down and trying to get Brad Beal and Terrence Jones or Kidd-Gilchrist and Sullinger or some combination like that.

      • JQing5 says:

        I don’t think Howard would be interested in the Hawks. If he was he would’ve mentioned it by now. Right now no one is looking like to be the front runner for Howard’s services. I think he might just remain in Orlando and weigh his options after the season ends.

        I think a lot of team can use someone like Josh Smith. The Bulls should offer Boozer for Smith, wishful thinking but it’s worth a shot 🙂

  96. Blaire says:

    i think lakers can use josh smith..

  97. they could trade al horford some first round picks to get dwight

  98. septasamo72 says:

    how about pau and another bench player, maybe morris from the lakers to the bobcats, a charlotte first rounder and a good player (not familiar with them, maybe henderson) to the hawks, with some more picks to the hawks from the lakers. And finally, j smoove to the lakers.That pick from the horrible bobcats could be worth a lot, maybe a shot at davis for the hawks, who need a legit big man, the bobcats get a great player in pau and some youth from morris.

  99. David says:

    He has no leverage? I mean its not like he will be a free agent or anything Hawks have absolutely no reason to trade him and there is nothing he can do.

  100. SqueezyD says:

    Another one?

    OK, I’m going to find myself a billionaire and start my own team from scratch.
    Superman, JSoove and D Will. Nash can come off the bench. Maybe we’ll interview Pau.

  101. Jae Williams says:

    Its getting to a point where every decent player is demanding a trade to a championship team. Why don’t they all just go the heat or Lakers? I dont blame players for siwanting to change cities, but it gets annoying when they expect to be traded to a championship. Just play ball, make your money and shut up. Become a free agent and make the best move for you an d your family.

  102. Pau 2 atl says:

    Rumor: Lakers looking to swap Pau Gasol & Darius Morris for Kirk Hinrich & Josh Smith

    • miles says:

      pau-goudelock-blake hawks get, smith-hienrich-teauge lakers get. would be nice even if lakers chuck in 1st round’ works in the trade machine

      • Joboo says:

        No chance Hawks give up Teague

      • ATLHAWKSFAN says:

        your ssssssssssttttttttttttuuuuuuuppppppppppiiiiiidddddd hawks would never give up teague for those to scrub point gaurds your dumb they woud only give him up for cp3 ect…. which wont happen

  103. BIGMatta23 says:

    Oh wow… I just came to a realisation, DWILL, DWIGHT and JSMOOVE are teaming up in Brooklyn. Atlanta trades for Lopez, Horford slides over to PF, it could still be a win win for both teams.

    • notachance says:

      I like this idea!! Building a contending team with those 3 superstars in Brooklyn to take on the Heat would be great! And I agree that Horford could greatly benefit from being moved over to the PF position allowing him to stepout to a mid-range jumper (which he can already make) without feeling guilty in having no one under the boards for an offensive rebound. Along with Horford stepping to the high post area, that would leave room for Lopez to continue to develop his inside game and potentially become one of the dominant big men in the league! Overall… great realisation BIGMatta23!

    • Raf says:

      Josh Smith and T-Mac for Lopez and Okur? Would this leave NJ with the cap room for Dwight in Free Agency, though?

    • turk says:

      Are you are all stupid?

  104. josh smith is a top ten forward in the league hands down..I think the hawks weren’t ready to trade him initially because they didn’t want to break up their nucleus of smith, Johnson, and horford…after horford went out with an injury, he hawks finally realized that they need an additional piece or two in order to contend for a title.. they need some better outside shooters and a better 6th man off the bench…they should trade him while they trade waters are loaded with big fish!

    • I love the gasol for jsmoove trade..

      • notachance says:

        with an already ageing roster the Hawks will be much more likely to go after some young talent to inject some energy into their play. I’d say they’ll move Smith to the Nets for Lopez over getting Pau from the Lakers anyday.

      • Victor Monroy says:

        “notachance”- i love how u try to say Brook Lopez is a better move than Pau. Are u serious? The only thing Lopez has over Pau is youth. Pau is STILL a top 5 PF in the league an WILL BE for at least 3 more years. Wait till the trade deadline is here an Gasol is able to focus 100%. I bet he’ll change ur mind.

  105. prix says:

    Smith don´t have enough value even he played better this season..I could trade him for john Wall and I know the Hawks will be better…

  106. steve brown says:

    Supposedly a close family friend says Josh has not asked to be traded and that this is a smokescreen for something else. Hawks don’t maximize draft picks, trades or the development of players. I have no doubt they will screw things up one way or another before the deadline.

  107. kobe says:

    gasol lakers number 1 pick for smith…

    • notachance says:

      no way would the hawks give up Smith, with all the other options out there, for an ageing (and very slow) Gasol and a Lakers first-round pick which would be in the 15-20 pick range! They’d be more likely to go for Diaw and a Bobcats first-round pick

      • Luis says:

        do you really think that he wants to go from the hawks to the bobcats? good luck trying to sign that extension?

      • LOL says:

        Of course the Hawks would never give up on Smith, but the article says Smith himself ask for a trade even way before. Even if the Hawks will give him a raise but if Smith’s decision is to be traded, then Hawks has no choice. So what’s the Hawks gonna do? Point a gun in his head just to sign for an extension?? If the chance is to get Gasol just to cover-up a hole in the power-forward position, then I say grab it!

      • Nils says:

        The Hawks would like that deal with the bobcats … but i don´t think the Bobcats will like it … the next draft is full of potential big man … mostly PF … and a first rounder is at least 4 years them … smith an the other hand wouldn´t stay unless they get other good players next summer …

        so … notachance not a chance …

      • Juked says:

        No way in hell the Bobcats give up a potential #1 overall for J Smoove. Keep dreaming lol

      • JerryBoo says:

        He asked for a trade from last year and its just going public; obviously he was very mature in his request and the Hawks should have not let it get to this point. Poor management, but that was evident with what they pay Joe Johnson. They should trade him or he will walk away for nothing and if that happens, the Hawks would deserve it

    • yd says:

      Come on Gasol is better than smith… lakers can try world peace and barnes for this if they wanna upgrade forward

  108. Celticsrck says:

    Who’s next?

  109. Runner- says:

    Very dissapointing news, he has matured greatly this year both as a player and as a person. Very slim market out there for what our biggest need is, a legit big man. Don’t want Pau however, since I think we need to reinvest in our youth since Smoove is still one of our younger players in an aging roster.

    Would love Brook Lopez, however with him being in his final year I don’t quite see how the Hawk’s ownership will go for that trade.Trade for some draft picks and a decent center prospect and we’ll be good to go.