Kobe Bryant Is In The MVP Race, Coach!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Super Tuesday produced the primary season results everyone was expecting and every candidate claiming victory, in one form or another.

But there were a few surprises as well, none more shocking than Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown lobbying for his star Kobe Bryant to be included in the MVP conversation when he’s been there all season, at least in the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder here at the hideout.

Brown apparently took umbrage with the talking heads omitting Bryant from their conversation over the weekend, telling the Los Angeles Daily News (among other outlets):

“I think it’s hilarious that he’s not. … Everybody is talking about how he’s 85 years old or whatever they’re saying, and he’s leading the league in scoring.

“He’s efficient. He’s got his team in a good position. I truly believe this team, especially with a guy like that, can be dangerous come playoff time. There’s no doubt in my mind that Kobe Bryant should be mentioned in the MVP talk.

“I’m baffled.”

You’re baffled, coach?

How do you think we feel around here? Bryant’s been in our top five all season — he was No. 4 last week. You clearly haven’t been keeping up with our MVP conversation, because you wouldn’t have gone off on this rant if you had.

We understand that you’ve been busy adjusting to Los Angeles, the Lakers and everything that comes with replacing a living legend like Phil Jackson. But roasting the media for not including Bryant in the MVP talks when he’s been there all along is an almost unforgivable crime against the basketball public.


We’ve known the coach for years, dating back to his days as the video coordinator in Denver in the 1990s. So he gets a pass for not checking out the Kia Race to the MVP Ladder before now. No more excuses.

That said, if you were trying this case in the court of basketball’s public opinion, the hard sell on Bryant really wouldn’t be necessary. He is indeed having a fantastic, MVP-caliber season. Anyone that argues against that is just plain hatin’ on the man.

Bryant’s wicked, masked-man performance in the Lakers’ three-game home stand after he was concussed and had his nose broken in the All-Star Game — 34 points on 54.3 percent shooting in three straight wins — serves as perhaps the finest example of his undeniable will and refusal to succumb the bumps and bruises that would ground so many others.

Bryant continues to lead the league in scoring and has the Lakers in great shape as the trade deadline nears. Even with other, younger stars having spectacular season, as Brown pointed out …

“My TV was on ESPN when I was heading out (to go to the game) and I heard somebody say Kevin Love because he has his team at .500,” Brown said. “Now Kevin Love is a very good basketball player and he’s putting up extraordinary numbers.

“But if you’re going to say Kevin Love is in the top five (MVP candidates), then Kobe Bryant needs to be in the top two.”

We’ll see where Kobe fits this week on our list. We’re not making any promises about the top two or anything. But your rant has been duly noted Coach!


  1. laker fan deep in heat territory says:

    how can lebron truely be called the king if he never sat on the throne and was crowned champion of the nba? kobe has 5 rings, thats one more step to being a legend yet they compare him to a guy not yet proven himself championship material in the 7-8 yrs of play. sure kobe had shaq n got 3 rings n wade had shaq n got 1 ring then lebron got shaq n another mvp? sounds suspect to me, cause kobe got 2 more in what you’d call his golden years being in his 30’s, yet lebron cant even buy a ring in his 20’s…. yea filling up a stat sheet is nice bt whats the proof without the pudding? hall of fame awards will be the only nba award kobe will truely appreciate when its all said and done…… untill then he will stop at nothing less then another ring to pad his stats, not percentages, ppg, stls, ast, and all that bull around it, cause mvp’s dont amount to rings, ask kobe or lebron it really doesnt unless its finals mvp….. by the way who is in the top 5 if not 10 of almost every nba mark kobe bryant, who has a chance of breaking every scoring records in the nba kobe bryant, who will have atleast 6 rings when its said a done kobe bryant, lebron gave all his good year away during his time with the cavs and from 26 – beyond is all down hill from here, cause i do not believe lebron will be putting up kobe number come kobe’s age range, let alone hold up an entire team thru reg, and post season as kobe still does….. you can debate all you want about who is better bt why when mj got 6 rings n compared to kobe who has 5 rings as to not be out done in his own right bt then to have this fart bubble of a thought to enter a ringless lebron in the mix is disrespectful n tasteless when people such as wade, ginobli, rondo got rings to back up numbers even though they are far from kobe they deserve more hype then what lebron has generated for nothing bt flashy dunks brainwashing the general public easily fool by trick shots and fastbreak scoring.

  2. laker fan deep in heat territory says:

    kobe bryant is the best player in the league now n forever, he is the only one taking big shots on n off the court every game from damn near avg. 30 pts, his team ranked 3 in the west, suffered many injuries n played thru them unlike some 20 sumthin yr olds playing rite nw, the man is in his 30’s playing better then he did in his prime, sure you could be some mindless fool and go wit the hype in picking lebron again for mvp, bt it wud just be a popularity contest then, mind you kobe has been in an active player on a team most hated on, plus 15 yrs of balling hard people would get tired of hearing about you in talks of mvp…. bt how much does mvp really mean kobe has 1 and 5 rings while lebrons 5 mvp’s comes with no ring…. just to and about clutch, clutch is willing to take whats your when the time is ask of you, a clutch player knows he’s the only one who everybody trust to take the shot and will be ready to do so…. now i dont know about yall but that sound like kobe bryant…… kobe or lebron, 5 rings vs 5 mvps, mr been there done that or just getting around to it…. facts are facts kobe may not have won every finals appearance he was in bt ill take 5-8 over lebrons 0-2 any day….. we could sit here and talk numbers bt numbers are just one aspect of the game, rings matter and those who want it work hard for it and who better to deserve such a thing kobe, why? bench not so deep, new coach, trades, age, ranking from beginning of the year to what it is now, winning key games (those games you would likely call playoff/ finals match ups) along side to toughness of schedule, makes kobe #1 in mvp ranking

  3. BOB DAVIS says:

    The NBA is becoming a joke with this MVP award.
    How can any Heat player be in line for it with that team.
    Two MVP players one Finals MVP & three allstars.
    Whos the MVP going to make better on that team?

    We all know the NBA wants it all for LABOOB, So let him have them

    and KOBE will keep getting RINGS



  4. Simon says:

    Being a Kobe fan it’s hard for me to say but I dont think he’ll get MVP. Sure he scores well ( Possibly gets his shot off better than anyone in the league) But I dont think he’s efficient enough anymore. He is battling through injuries left right and centre but theres no excuse for losing 2 two of the bottom 5 teams in the East especially after you’ve beaten the top dog Miami. You look at teams like OKC Chicago etc, they all win the majority of games that they are expected to win.. I would say either Durant or Lebron will get the award as both are the best players on the best teams and putting up some of the best numbers across the board in the league ( not that this is guaranteeing anyone a trophy) However if Minnesota makes the playoffs you cant not give Kevin Love some more props.

  5. joe says:

    there are great talents and great players. Kobe is the nba’s greatest player because his abilities, drive, and championships. LeBron is the greatest talent. He has great dunks, athleticism, and defense. He cannot be the greatest player because even if hew wins a championship, he kind of formed this super team and is kind of cheating. It will be hard for him to become a great player, and not just a great talent, without winning 3 championships on this dream team. There are great talents, and great players.

  6. Bren/AF says:

    I’ve read the comments that has been submitted. The MVP should be given to that person who STAND OUT from all rest of the player, on court and off court. On court records are set, but off court has an impudent disposition. I have a problem with.

  7. jack says:

    the people who do these mvp rankings are always favoring lebron. This past 5 years its been all lebron, but to bad he has never won a ring.

  8. Nils says:

    always those kobe-fanboy vs bron-fanboy talks … Its a game … peoples opinions are diffrent … mutual respect Bron-Kobe… nuff said

  9. lakers says:

    i’ve been a kobe fan all my life and recently have been watching all laker games.. but sadly kobe will not win an MVP again if he plays the way he plays right now.. he is simply too inefficient and more often than not shoots the lakers out of games.. when the lakers lead, he tends to become complacent and shoot longer jumpers.. when the lakers trail, he brings it upon himself to single handedly shoot them back into the game.. that’s not the right way to play.. i hate to say this but players like lebron, rose, and chris paul have that true ability to will their teams back into games, and not kobe right now.. they involve their teammates and truly make them (and themselves) better when the situation calls for it.. i love kobe and for someone with his talent to just go down in history with one MVP is not enough justification to his greatness.. he has very good teammates, he just needs to make the right play more often

  10. kobe#1fan says:

    Kobe’s shooting percentage is low because he gets double all the time, he does’nt have d support like lebron james, so hes is force into taking bad shots 70% of the time!

  11. AJ says:

    kobe does not deserve mvp this year with lebon and kd playing as good as they are. But he deserves more than 1. He should have 3 to 4. He was robbed many times

  12. Max says:

    When the team begins in 10th place in the East everyone looks down the bench at the coach. They look and wonder what the hell is he doing. He has all the pieces, now put them together.

    To read more go to http://www.nbathroughmyveins.wordpress.com

  13. Family guy says:

    MVP? WTF?

    61-62 Wilt Chamberlain 50 PPG 25.7 RB
    61-62 Oscar Robertson tripe double season MVP? Bill Russel
    86-87 Michael Jordan 37.1 PPG MVP? Magic Johnson
    89-90 Hakeem Olajuwon 24.3 PPG 4.6 BLK 14 RB MVP? Magic Johnson
    05-06 Kobe Bryant 35.4 PPG finished in 4th place in the voting MVP? Steve Nash

    MVP doesn’t mean best player

  14. SAGADASM says:

    Coach just want Kobe to be motivated in chasing the title. Coach Mike just want what Kobe have. That all. By the way this is just my opinion,

  15. armin halvadzic says:

    1.Kobe Bryant
    2.LeBron James
    3.Kevin Durant
    4.Derrick Rose
    5.Kevin Love.

    Kobe deserves the mvp trophy because I feel like he’s bean under some serious pressure. New coach,new system. Losing to the Mavs 4-0 in the playoffs last year sure didn’t give him any more confidence. Pau isn’t playing the way we are used to see him play. Above all of that there are injuries he has to deal with and compete with young guys that were startiing to play basketball when he won his first or second championship. I love Kobe because he is never affraid and has no mercy on basketball court, He is no MJ or Magic or anyone else. He is kobe bryant and that’s more then enough. I just hope he gets his 6th ring.

    • lakermig says:

      i agree that wade and bron can be clutch (however not as much as kobe) but i totally disagree on kobe being behind bron and kd in the race simply cause its MVP(most valuable PLAYER) not MVT(most valuable Team) everyone is taking into consideration the fact that their teams are doin well but why look at their teams and look at the lakers a team that is arguably playing with 2 players (kobe and bynum) and has a whole bunch of changes to get used to ,and still kobe is leading the league in scoring from the get go at age 33 while suffering severe injuries such as a thorn ligament in the wrist (super imp for shooting in case you havent noticed) not to mention his team is mid pack in the west (way more comp than the east) and you cant deny totally thanks to him, theres no wades, no boshes, no westbrooks and certainly no hardens comin of the bench with kobes current team, all that being said i cant see how he still sits 3rd at best 2nd in the MVP race but what do you expect from a league that gave kobe bryant the only guy to be so closely compared to jordan getting only 1 MVP in his amazing 15 year career

      • Basketball studies says:

        kobe shots more then anyone in the league but doesnt have the highest percent i the league. If you took all the shots you would lead the league in scoring too. Pau is averaging a double double so I dont know why ppl keep acting like no one else on the team exists

      • mambafan says:

        @ basketball studies- the reason why Pau isn’t taken into consideration when saying that Kobe has nobody on his team, Pau isn’t playing as well as he can. Yes, he is averaging a double double but that doesn’t mean anything cause he’s averaging like 15 points and 10 rebounds. That clearly does not help the Lakers. If Kobe scores 30 points per game, which he does, and Pau scores 15, they still have 50 points needed from Bynum and the bench. Bynum is doing pretty well lately, but he isn’t a leader yet. The Lakers bench is pretty much useless so Kobe is alone, at least compared to other teams.

  16. My question is:
    Why Kobe is wearing a mask ?

  17. This topic is too bored …put in the spotlight Lin again and you´ll recieve 100 comments on each blog-article.
    What it really annoys me so hard….
    check out in youtube:
    Jeremy Lin is better than Michael Jordan.

    Please MORE RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lebron MVP.

  18. quiintus says:

    Umm maybe he is like me and thinks that only the top 2 have a chance of winning it. That is top 2 all season, which is Durant. Lebron? Yes Brown is paying attention alright, to the right details. No one ever wins it at number 4 or 5. So what he is saying makes sense to me.

  19. Fan Voice says:

    I think fans should be allowed to vote-in. Not exactly like the All-Star voting, a combination of some sort perhaps, but they should be given a voice in the matter.

  20. GUYLAIN says:

    I think Kobe deserves not only to be in the MVP’s discussion, we need to give him some credits for what he has achieved since the beginning of this season. he broke few records, leads his team n the score during this tough moment. he has been amazing so far….honestly kobe should be the number one player in the MVP racing…. honestly whatever KD & LBJ are doing, we have seen it last year KD got Russell n LBJ got Wade, a situation which helps their team to look better but kobe is growing his team big time by himself

    • Belizeboy says:

      Breaking records has nothing to do with being the MVP for the season…It’s this kind of thinking that I hate with Kobe fans. They feel his individual performance should have him in the running for MVP. Not taking into account that the team is not doing any better than they did last season. If they were at least the number two team I would say yes put him in the running because of the changes. People act like he is carrying a horrible team. Andrew Bynum is showing that he is a star center and Pau Gasol is still a top five PF so he is not doing this alone. The role players are pretty weak but wasn’t that the case with Miami last year?

  21. Pedro says:

    Durant, Kobe, Le Bron and Love.
    Rose is still behind them this season.
    CP3 is an amazing player, but i think hes a step behind the top 4.

  22. Jimmy Jones says:

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  23. Belizeboy says:

    Sorry but the MVP should go to Durant and that’s that. I’m a Lebron fan though and think he’s doing MVP worthy work, but it’s still not more than Durant has done. As for Bryant, c’mon on really? His team is still as good as Miami’s and WAY better in some ways, but he’s not leading his team to make the bad players any better. Let’s be real before James came to Miami you did not know who Mario Chalmers, James Jones or Joel Anthony was, and now you do. That is a direct result of them being around James (and Wade). Bryant hasn’t been able to help any of the low name guys get into the spotlight. I mean unless you’re a Laker fan you don’t know who the hell is on that bench. I think he is putting up great numbers for himself, but LA is still losing games they should win (like last night). I really don’t see how you can be a MVP just because you’re putting up big numbers at a 33yrs, especially when you have two of the league’s top rebounders getting you 2nd chance points and creating lots of space for you to shoot. Anyhow just my opinion.

  24. Sidney Deane says:

    Awful. Things Kobe is not in the Top 5 in this season: PER, Win Shares, Offensive or Defensive Win Shares.
    Things Kobe is this season: having the worst True Shooting % of his career, and the lowest FG % since 2004-2005. Has attempted almost 200 more field goals than the next closest player, but only made 20 more than 2nd place. Shooting 27% from behind the arc.
    His “MVP-Caliber” numbers are a result of volume, not quality and efficiency. Guy has shot his team out of more games than he has won them.

    • NBAfan says:

      Anybody can use stats to try and “prove” what you want to believe…

      Here’s more stats…and it’s so simple you don’t even need a fancy calculator, just common sense:

      Lebron has 2 other guys in his team the opposing defense will need to seriously guard, (Wade, Bosh)
      Durant has 1 other guy in his team. (Westbrook)
      Kobe doesn’t really have any (Pau isn’t play like he can and Bynum is not enough of an offensive threat to count).

      Volume is also impressive, especially if the other team knows it’s coming…

      Finally, being 4th in a list dubbed as a two-man race IS NOT being in the discussion Mr. Smith.

      • pleb says:

        Errr some questions. Pau is averaging a double double and Bynum dropped 30 in their last match.

      • ReDirkulous says:

        Another question: When is volume ever impressive? The only volume that is impressive is number of made shots. If you need 35 shots to get 30 points thats not impressive.

  25. cono_m says:

    I completely agree with matt. Though my heart is purple and gold, you have to give Love some credit. He’s putting up amazing numbers, but most important he’s playing extremely well, he’s been efficient all trough the season: I think he is a top 5 player right now. Come on, top 5 in scoring, top 2 in rebounds, shoots the 3s.. I know his team is barely above .500 but I don’t like that definition of Most Valuable Player.. I mean, I’m not putting Monta Ellis or Deron Williams into mvp talk, but If Minnesota makes it to the playoffs, Kevin definitely deserves the mvp title.

    • pleb says:

      If you want to talk efficiency LeBron’s efficancy is 33.07 for the season. That is the highest in league history, by a way. Even higher than Wilt’s 1961-62 54ppg season. Surely that alone is M-V-P.

      • Amitpal says:

        Yeah he’s efficient but how could u not when ur playing one on one the entire game. Who is the other team supposed to double off Wade, Bosh, Mario or leave joel or Haslem open under the basketball, He’s effiecent cause the heat have so many good players and shooters it’s almost impossible to double team him. Lebron is a great player and the best overall talent but u can’t tell me that the other players on the heat have nothing to do with Lebron effieciency.

      • LMFAO says:

        this is a joke right ? who count wilt’s EFF you ? and even if you did what about the SPG’s ,BPG’s and other stats that werent counted in the 60’s ? go read before you post moronic comment like this EFF wasnt count when wilt was playing.
        and dont bother comparing anyone in stats to wilt because wilt is the best statistical player of all time he averaged 50.4 PTS PER GAME in that season that’s 5.6 less then james personal record of 56

  26. Amitpal says:

    It seems to me like mike is still upset about the whole lebron and cavs thing and wants Kobe to be better then lebron at everything. In my mind the MVP this year is hard there no clear cut. But I’d give it KD if I had to chose one. No way lebron gets it cuz anyway he doesn’t want to play wade can step up. Kobe and Paul are close but they need better records. Kevin love is no!!!!!!!! His team is barely over .500. Parker is in consideration but the spurs have great roll players and of course D rose. Had he not been injured and had the team not won as many games as they did he could have been clear cut again but they were still good even without him.

    • Basketball studies says:

      Why is everyone acting as if OKC doesnt have westbrook, harden, or one of the best shot blockers in the league in ibaka. KD is far from playing alone in OKC.

      • Amitpal says:

        No KD is not playing alone, but then who is. Is it Lebron who has D Wade and Bosh and one of the best benches in the NBA. Or Rose who has the best defensive team in the nba and one of the deepest teams as well, or Kobe who has the best big man duo in the nba probably ever. Now if u take one of those guys out who takes the biggest hit. I think it’s OKC. If u take out KD who’s going to score points for u. Perkins? Besides Westbrook and sometimes Harden no one else can create there own shot. OKC would be averaging about 70 points without KD and would have a terrible record. but since they have KD they have one of the best records and are leading the west. Which is still more talented then the east.

  27. kobe says:

    kobe does deserve to be in the discussion and so does Chris paul and Love…right now it is a two man race between Lebron and Durant..plain as the nose on your face…

  28. Sea Pea says:

    I think Mike Brown means Kobe should be ranked #1 every week in the pole. The #1 spot in the rankings is “MVP Conversation” to Mike Brown and any other spot is equal to not being considered or talked about.

    I disagree I think Wade is clutch. LeBron chokes sometimes but Wade is clutch.

  29. Here’s a strange fact: Kobes only won 1 mvp award…doesn’t sound right does it, especially considering that his name comes up annually in MVP talks…regardless, the clear frontrunner for me in the mvp race is Kevin love..he’s led his timberwolves team back into the playoff hunt with no other allstars on his team…he’s been more impressive this season thank the mamba hands down Mindofmattman.blogspot.com

  30. james says:

    lebron james is a good player, wade is too. but they are not clutch. they are exciting to watch. but i guess if you have 2 out of the top 5 players on one team and still dont get a ring then your just not kobe.

    • Ok… so, when fans say a guy “isn’t” clutch, what exactly do they mean? That he CAN’T make a game changing play in the final minutes/seconds? Imo, every player in the NBA has the potential to be clutch or make clutch plays, especially the superstars with all that talent & skill. As for Wade & Bron, were they not clutch in the playoffs against the Bulls when they locked the MVP up & hit 3 after 3 after 3 in the 4th for a comeback win? Was Bron not clutch when he scored 10 straight points by himself in the 4th quarter in the playoffs to close out the Celtics? Was Bron not clutch when he hit all the game winners that we all magically seem to forget? (Golden State, Portland, Orlando (in the playoffs), Los Angeles (in Kobe’s face), Washington (06 playoffs), etc. Was he not clutch when he scored 29 of his team’s last 30 in the 4th quarter & overtime against Detroit & led his team to the Finals in ’07? Was Kobe clutch when him & Shaq (one of the most the most dominant forces this league has ever seen) lost to the same team in 6 games back in ’04? You don’t have to answer that one. Look, they’ve only been together a year & a half, yet they’ve gotten to the Finals despite dealing with injuries & are back at it this season, fighting for the #1 seed, despite Wade missing nearly 10 games this season, due to injury. Kobe has been in the Finals & has gotten there with great teams, but he’s suffered defeat, more than once. He’s hit many game winning shots, but he’s missed even more than he’s made, is that considered clutch? or is it just clutch because the fans & media say it’s clutch? Last year, Wade was supposed to be the certified closer, now everyone’s forgotten? Eventhough he had back-to-back game winners earlier this season? They can definitely make plays down the stretch & they’ve proven it on multiple occasions. Kobe should most def. be in the MVP talks, but there’s no way he’s getting the nod over KD & LBJ who have been playing out of their minds & are helping their teams win because of it. I’m kiiiinda leaning towards KD, because he’s hit some tough clutch shots that kept OKC on top in the standings, but then again LeBron had to play without his partner in crime for all those games, yet kept Miami looking like the #1 team by going into “Cleveland Mode” & putting up the best statistical season of his career (which is very hard to do when you’ve got numbers like LeBron). It’s a neck & neck race between those 2 & Kobe’s creepin’ up right behind them.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Very, very good comment. The whole clutch thing kind of bugs me sometimes because for one I’ve seen guys like Bryant miss WAY more big shots than they have made so I don’t get how that makes you clutch. It think it makes you gutsy being the guy who can take the blame if the shot goes bad, in which case I would point out that Bryant has a lot of guts and Lebron is kinda scared to take last minute shots (as of lately). Now as for MVP talks, please drop Kobe back, back, WAY back to maybe 5th or 6th place. Right now it is Durant >> Lebron >> Rose, Parker, CP3 or Kobe, then everyone else.

      • Not a Fanboy says:

        One of the best comments I’ve seen in a long time. Everyone just seems to forget what he had done to pull the Cavaliers tot the Finals and to back-to-back 60 win seasons. He used to be one of the clutchest players in the game. When did that change? When he made the right play against the Jazz? Everyone screws up, but he is the best player in the game right now.

      • Witness says:

        To further this comment also. Its already been proven. I dont know if we are allowed to post links or not but Lebron has a MUCH higher clutch percentage in the playoffs compared to KB. We all know the playoffs are “winning time”. Lebron has a 41% shooting percentage, and KB has a 28%. If that doesnt prove anything, then you are sorely mistaken. You can google
        “Lebron vs Kobe game winning shots” and its the very first hit.

        There is the “hype” surrounding KB that hes so clutch, just because he has ALWAYS been willing to take that shot. Thats OK tio be WILLING to take it, but that does NOT make you “clutch” if you aren’t making the shots, sorry.

        Lebron is MORE clutch than KB, ALL DAY

      • Batuzay says:

        Fan of the league!!

        plain and simple, one of the best comments ive seen in years!!!

    • Coach Dee says:


      Coach Brown is saying, Kobe should be at No. 4 on MVP Race. He should be leading the MVP talks. But that’s how underrated the greatest active player, is it? And that’s how overrated the other guy is, right?

      A player who lifted his team when there is no team, that’s a MVP.
      A player who leads the league in scoring with an injured wrist, surgery on leg, recent concussion and a broken nose at age 33, That’s no.1 in MVP talks.
      But no, Kobe deserves more than No. 4 Mr. Sekou Smith.