Knicks Longing For Days Of Linsanity

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — What happened to all those good vibrations emanating from the New York Knicks a couple of weeks back, when Linsanity was in full effect, Gotham was on fire with hoops fever and the Knicks were a healthy star or two from assaulting the top of the Eastern Conference standings?

How did they go from rocking the basketball world to dropping like a rock in their last eight games — in which they’re just 3-5 — and sinking to the ugly depths of what we’ve seen from them the past three days?

If you watched them Sunday in that overtime loss against Boston, you saw a stumbling Jeremy Lin trying to navigate his space on the floor with Carmelo Anthony and fail miserably for most of the game. Lin made some plays late, but neither he nor Anthony made enough of them to overcome Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and the Celtics.

Then came last night’s debacle in Dallas in the Fan Night matchup on NBA TV, where Anthony’s game flatlined into a 2-for-12 shooting effort and the reigning world champs took the Knicks apart before a late rally made things interesting score-wise.

Anthony admitted to struggling with this new system, the one where Lin serves as the Knicks’ catalyst and he and Amar’e Stoudemire (who along with the Knicks’ reserves sparked that rally in Dallas last night) sit on the receiving end for action that may or may not find them in their respective sweet spots. Howard Beck of The New York Times has the details:

“I think anytime you go from the early part of the season, just having the ball and me just having the ball and being the distributor, and now just running the wings and waiting for the ball to come to me, that’s quite an adjustment for myself.”

It is an adjustment that Anthony and the Knicks (18-20) will have to make soon, before they lose their hold on a playoff spot. They are 0-2 on this trip, with another difficult game ahead Wednesday in San Antonio and a late-season schedule packed with playoff-bound teams. They have 28 games to reestablish an identity and get Anthony back in the fold.

“I think we all are adjusting, we all are sacrificing for the betterment of the team,” said Amar’e Stoudemire, who had a resurgent game with 26 points and 7 rebounds. “That’s what it takes to win a championship. You got to sacrifice in order to get to that point.”

It’s not Lin’s fault and it’s not entirely on Anthony, either. The Knicks are currently experiencing an offensive system error that can only be fixed by its administrator, coach Mike D’Antoni. His hot seat cooled considerably during the height of Linsanity, but it will warm back up if his team continues on its current course.

Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post nailed D’Antoni’s dilemma:

Basketball is a game of cycles and a game of runs.

But that’s where D’Antoni has to adapt and adjust and study how to make all of these parts fit, how to make them functional. It would help if he could have a reasonable facsimile of Anthony at his best, because that version of Melo is the kind of talent you don’t worry about, who can play with anyone else and make them better. The version he got last night — 2-for-12 shooting, little explosion, alternately indifferent and ineffective — only adds to his complications.

The easy part for D’Antoni were those heady first few days of the Jeremy Lin Era, the Knicks decimated by injury and personal tragedy, shrinking the roster and limiting his options. There was the night he famously said of Lin, “I’m gonna ride him like friggin’ Secretariat,” but he could have been talking about his whole eight-man Iron Man rotation.

You can’t live that thin in the NBA, certainly not in the double-quick 66-game version of the schedule this year, but as the Knicks rattled off seven straight wins and clawed their way back to sea level at 15-15, it sure helped add layers to the story. It wasn’t just Lin cobbling together the resolve to keep the season from slipping away night after night. It was everyone.

It’s just that “everyone” was a lot smaller group then.

Now D’Antoni has options. He has talked about an 11-man rotation. He mixes and he matches, and sometimes the results are glorious: an 18-point turnaround late in Sunday’s game at Boston, that remarkable 20-point turnaround last night from 19 down with 19½ minutes left in the game to one up with 4:55 left in the fourth.

And sometimes the results are horrid. The Celtics outscored the Knicks by 27 in one awful stretch Sunday. The Mavs mostly toyed with the Knicks last night for three quarters.

Bottom line, if the Knicks want their issues resolved, it will have to be D’Antoni that works a little magic and not Anthony, Lin or anyone else in uniform.


  1. Juan Carlos says:

    Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Timofey Mozgov, three million, first-round pick in 2014 draft, and two second-round picks in the draft 2012 and 2013 respectively for Denver.
    Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph and three million dollars for Corey Brewer Minnesota.
    Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony, Anthony Carter, Renaldo Balkman and Shelden Williams to New York.
    I miss everything lost!

  2. ZULU says:

    Team work & chemistry is everything for successful teams. Dan’Toni is paid to make it work.

  3. jodv says:

    For the Knicks to be more exciting, Melo is the key. While he was still valuable, trade him for Galinarri.
    back with a third party team like Orlando Anderson. hahaha. Exciting.

  4. DREW says:


  5. Chris says:

    ima tell everyone right now that the problem does not involve offense.or as a matter of fact lets not blame melo, stat, mike d, Lin or anyONE else. it lies with the defense during the droughts of the game. every team has them during games.but the knicks get them and let it effect their d. think about it when was their last scoring game? remember defense wins championships but it also takes a TEAM to win 1. so lets not blame anyONE but the TEAM its self.

  6. Bkgiants says:

    Us Knick fans need to really be honest and see the light. This team doesn’t try hard enough, we are on the road like every other team and the only guys who give a true effort every night are in no particular order Chandler, Shumpert and Lin. Our $20 million per year Super Stars are stealing checks plain and simple. You are what your record says you are and not what we want them to be no matter how bad we may want to say otherwise.

  7. Jayjoe14 says:

    Just relax… They just need to be in the playoffs and at least 7th seed. They should avoid facing the Heat. Bulls are still a tall order but they can pull out a miracle upset against them. For sure if they made it to 5th or 6th seed, they will be to able win that series against the Pacers and the Sixers. They can also defeat the Magic and the Hawks if they sneaked into the upper seed. The Celtics can sneak into the upper seed but more likely end up in the lower seed because of those teams I mentioned earlier. Other than the Celtics, NYK’s other loss are not against the teams which they would likely face in the playoffs. Who knows if the Heat gets eliminated by another team in their bracket and NYK really able to pull off an upset against the Bulls? Then carry the momentum against the tough Spurs or Thunder. Possible early ring?

  8. JY says:

    well frankly melo is just not a team player, from his history so far, he didn’t really play ball as a team member but rather like the individual sport, concerning his skills are in the top of the league, but taking part in this sport requires him to sacrifice a little bit to make the team (but not himself only) better.

    Lin did hold back a bit after melo’s back as the old system for Knicks, which melo kept and did whatever he liked with the ball, were back again as well. It just simply states that that two guys are not good partnering with each other, which in this case, you can just either trade melo for superman or put Lin onto bench again.

    It’s just not right to put them onto the court at the same time

    please at least send this team to the playoff for god sake…

  9. kb says:

    Linsanity is over. OVERRATED!! He gave us what we needed at the time but we got a whole new team now. Baron needs more playing time. We should keep Lin in the starting lineup though. Shumpert needs to be in the starting lineup as well. Fields should be coming off the bench. We need a better defender on the perimeter. Dantoni seems to be making all the wrong coaching decisions. Just need more consistency in the lineup and rotation. The coach seems confused about what hes doing and thats affecting everyone. The whole teams lost confidence and thats a major loss.Well be fine once we get a coach that knows how to handle all the talent we have.

  10. qwerty says:

    trade melo to someone… he so overratef and over paid player..let Lin play what he use to play…trade Melo for Gerald wallace and draft pick

  11. Trade Melo already…

  12. Krespino says:

    The pressure that Carmelo is a highly paid star and he must be used most will kill this team. Observe objectively, totally forgetting about his salary, how much he involves himself in defensive play and team play and then decide if he best suits this team’s playing style. He is slow, he doesn’t explode, he will never mesh into the type of team play the Knicks have displayed before he came back. He is Carmelo Anthony, other players will will be expected to suit his style. And he won’t change. Is it an easy thing for the “rookie” Lin to command the high-earning Carmelo on the court the way Lin would want to? And also, when was the last time Carmelo Anthony has won anything or achieved a remarkable success? He has always been complaining about the roster, bringing up excuses…

  13. Baller says:

    D’antoni has to do more line juggling. Maybe find out who plays better together say Baron and Carmelo on one line and Amare and Lin on another. It will keep guys fresher too. Look at the best plus minus combinations. Lin performed well without Carmelo and Amare because he had to step it up-(same as the other guys- but now they are getting lost with those guys back) and also with them back he doesn’t need to be as good or is afraid to take over.I know that cuz it’s the same in any team sport-all the way down to pickup bball games. Look at Wade, Lebron and Bosh they arent as mentally tough as they used to be because the burden isnt all on them anymore.

  14. RookieofTheCentury says:

    Don’t let Lin and Melo play together they can’t coeist

    Baron Davis, J.R. Smith, Melo, Jared Jeffries and Amare will work then on the other hand

    it has to be

    J. Lin, Shumpert, Novak, Fields then Chandler

    both lineup will work together

    • Nicholas says:

      I quite agree with you… Melo & Lin cannot play together.

      I would tweak your suggestion and switch Amare & Chandler.

      Team #1
      Baron Davis, J.R. Smith, Melo, Jared Jeffries, Chandler

      Team #2
      J. Lin, Shumpert, Novak, Fields, Amare

      D’Antoni would only then have to find the right balance of minutes for both teams or just go with the flow & ride whichever lineup’s getting the points.

    • Hondo17 says:

      yeah, amen to that!

    • Jeff says:

      I agree with the lineups, but the Lin/Shumpter/Novak/Chandler/+1 other should be the starting team, and the put-up-points-but-lose crew of Melo/Stat should come off the bench.

  15. bbb says:

    not to just Melo’s talent or Lin’s talent.

    Lin fits into D’Antoni’s system very well. On other hand, Melo breaks his system.

    Knicks did very well last season without Melo, and started go downhill with Melo’s arrival.

  16. Ivan says:

    jeremy lin is not comfortable playing alongside melo, they just dont compliment each other, I think it would be best if Coach d’anthony talk to both and impose of what he think is best for the team. It is beyond melo and lin the control of team chemistry, it is with the coach on how he is going to make them comfortable with each other.

  17. Alex says:

    Where has the Linsanity gone ???

  18. joitoi says:

    NY does not need Melo (no disrespect). They are better off w/o Melo, the numbers don’t lie. It all boils down to the W’s w/o him, and w/ him playing. Melo is a great player but he is not the kind of player who makes his teamates look good and play better. It’s not just the coach’s system but the players’ CHEMISTRY as well. One ingredient could spell the difference between a poison and a life saving medicine.

  19. Jarvis says:

    Melo to Orlando for Dwight?

  20. knicksbest says:

    coach D’Antony must go now before its too late. the game against Dallas last night proved that he cannot manage his palyers. he substituted a group that came back from a 19 points defecit in the 4th quater for some of his starters in cluding carmelo. any coach who takes a winning group out of the game for the sole purpose that his starters can get in and loose the game must go, therefore D’antony must go and must go now. we need a coach who can keep Carmelo on the bench when he doesnt play well.

  21. bigrog6395 says:

    Lin needs to remain the point guard he has plenty of upside he just needs to play like he was last month, fields needs to be benched NOW while melo needs to adjust to this new system. He’s so used to iso plays and being the only option he’s struggling to be a team player and until he can flow with this new offense he will continue to struggle and so will the knicks

  22. Sam says:

    Get rid of Melo, and try to get Howard to come to New York. Melo is a great player, but he is not the type of player that makes the team and his teamates better. Lin seem like got every body involve before Melo came bace durin those 7 games.

  23. Patstarks3 says:

    If you watched them Sunday in that overtime loss against Boston, you saw a stumbling Jeremy Lin trying to navigate his space on the floor with Carmelo Anthony and fail miserably for most of the game. Lin made some plays late, but neither he nor Anthony made enough of them to overcome Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and the Celtics.

    Then came last night’s debacle in Dallas in the Fan Night matchup on NBA TV, where Anthony’s game flatlined into a 2-for-12 shooting effort and the reigning world champs took the Knicks apart before a late rally made things interesting score-wise

    Another example of a writer who either didn’t watch the games or is just twisting what happened to suit his argument. The Knicks were the better team for much of the Boston game and couldn’t “overcome” a miracle 3 pointer by Pierce. They moved the ball brilliantly–minus turnovers–in the first half and Melo made big plays down the stretch to almost win the game. And they made a spirited comeback last night to go up 1 with less than 5 minutes remaining. That’s not just making “things interesting score-wise.” More nonsense from a sports “journalist.” The Knicks have plenty of problems but let’s try not to be disingenuous about what actually happens on the court.

  24. mikolay bogo says:

    damn the moment melo returned the team starts struggling again. this just prove that melo was really a bad acquisition the guy just simply not a team player. he reminds me of tracy mc grady, full of talent but lacks being a team player.

  25. HBK says:

    Trade Carmerlo and Tyson for Dwight. Both teams will benefit

    • mitzki says:

      finally! amen to that! melo does not know basketball as a team game. melo is better in a three point shoot out or skills challenge.

  26. i love lin but it is very clear that lin is not a pg,he is more a shooting guard,or a 2g/pg but he should not control the ball let baron davis control the ball most of the time,or still go after steve nash and keep lin so he can learn under nash,but lin tooooo many turnovers

  27. Momochita says:

    seriously! you saw how melo played in denver with andrei miller, chauncey billups and even with AI?? those r great PG who knows when and how to give melo the ball, especially chauncey. the problem is the system and the coach! after chauncey was kicked out of the line up nobody knew how to play with melo even the coach.. Replace the system and the coach and then maybe the talented knicks might rise up!

  28. Kevin NG says:

    Lin is struggling because of Melo. The flow of the game is not there anymore. Lin needs to take more shots and be more aggressive like he used to that 8 games winning streak…or else the Knicks will be out of the playoffs real soon…that ball needs to be shared correctly in an effective way.

  29. KobeJacksUpShots says:

    Guarantee you, Davis, as a starter, will know how to keep Melo involved. He also knows how to handle the ball against tough teams…you can’t underestimate his experience. Lin still has some learning to do in that department, but can energize the bench without the pressure of overthinking how to keep Melo and Amare involved.

  30. Mujtaba says:

    The problem can be succinctly described in two words: Carmelo Anthony.

  31. tnt says:

    been following the Knicks since “linsanity”. Recently however been seeing these things in their games especially the ones where they lose:

    – Point Guard: Carmelo handling the ball while Lin stays on the left / perimeter waiting for the ball
    – Drives to the basket: too much hesitation e.g. Amare, Lin
    – Free throws: should be improved considerably
    – Turnovers: should be cut down ti minimum
    – Coaching: I guess this is the big problem for the team. Coach should be more active. Timing of substitution should be reevaluated. Who and when principle should be strongly applied.

    Hope the next time i saw this team plays it would be different.

  32. KobeJacksUpShots says:

    WHY IS EVERYONE DANCING AROUND THE REAL SUBJECT AND THE REAL REASON FOR WHERE THE KNICKS STAND RIGHT NOW??? Listen, Lin landed in the perfect storm…in the right place at the right time. When Lin started playing, EVERYONE had already played almost HALF a season, so he had fresh legs which gave him more speed and energy. Second, at that time, the Knicks faced a host of bottom-dwelling teams, giving them a string of wins. Third, the 2 good teams he beat (LA, Dallas) did not adjust to him because they did not take him seriously at all, so he kinda snuck up on them. NOW, the Knicks are back to reality: Better teams that actually play defense. Teams now have scouting report on Lin and know how easy it is to stop him (force him left, double team him, stop his drive to the basket). Plus, Lin is finally feeling the wear-and-tear of the schedule like everyone else, so not as explosive and energetic. Don’t blame Melo, Amare, Coach, etc. The Knicks are back to earth and bottom of the pack where they belong. Lin is not nearly the great player the NY media and desperate Knick fans made him out to be. Their best bet at this point is to start Davis and have Lin learn the ropes and get his confidence by bringing energy off the bench.

  33. John says:

    GET RID OF MELO! My Gosh he scored 6 points last game and mannnn!!! Knicks just keep loosing.

  34. Tim says:

    how about shipping melo baron and b walker for g wallace, felton, camby and k thomas..

  35. Patrick Ewing Fan says:

    I believe The Knicks need a better coach. D’antonio. Needs to make better decisions.

  36. Devon says:

    Knicks need to stop being the element of surprise by accident D’antony need to start planning the surprise everytime a team figure it out hint hint.

  37. Jacob says:

    The turnover guy is nothing but a “Bubble”.

  38. JZA says:

    knicks r knocked out

  39. BFoulds says:

    The Knicks need a lot of things before they can win a championship. Countless things

  40. Lolz says:

    A team with superstar builds around the superstar. If there is two totally different superstars on the team, there is going to be conflicts in the chemistry of the team. It’s not about whos fault it is, or if linsanity is over or not. if u study the teams that wins championships or are good in sports, individually they could have different levels of talent, but a team that plays like a team is just as good as having a michael jordan or kobe bryant on the team. leaders are not made by force, they are made because they step it up. when someone steps it up, you feel the need to not let that person down. that is the key in team jelling; to have the heart and hold yourself to the standard where you dont want to let your teamates down.

  41. Tee says:

    The problem is not Carmelo. The problem is the Knicks. Lin turns the ball over WAY TOO MUCH. And if you go back and look at that good run that they had, I believe the only good teams that they beat were the Lakers and the Mavs. Now the Lakers are just inconsistent, so I hardly call that an accomplishment. Every team with a good point guard can beat the Lakers. Now they beat the Mavs, but people were putting too much hype on the. That win streak was not against impressive teams to begin with.

  42. SS says:

    To the last sentence in the first comment on here…

    The Knicks may get it together, they may not.
    But either way, they are not on the level of Chicago or Miami. They would get shredded by both of those teams in the playoffs. How do the Knicks plan on stopping Rose? Lebron and Wade? And on top of that, they’d need to score on the other end against two of the very best defenses in the league.

    The Knicks have some great pieces and have the skill to make a run, but in the end they are still inferior to those 2 teams even if all goes right for NY.

    • JQing5 says:

      Well it’s obvious the Knicks is not going to win anything this year or the forseeable future. It’s about figuring out what works and building around it. Obviously Carmelo is nothing working, he’s a shell of his old self. Granted he’s been banged up quite a bit this year, age is only going to further his slide from elite. You don’t see this type of drop off when Lebron went to Miami.

  43. BID says:

    what a great coincedense that linsanity started fading once the ONE dimensional supestar of melo began playing and returned the knicks to play to the same level they were playing before linsanity

  44. I’m tired of all this non-sense let’s all be honest here. In order for the knicks to get back to winning Carmelo Anthony will need to put ALOT more preasure on opposing defenses 1 point , 2 points , 11 points , 6 points won’t get it done in this league also shoot a higher percentage 2 for 12 , 4 for 11 , and 8 for 21 won’t get it done he needs to get back to his regular numbers 25 + points a night and 30+ here and there we all know what he’s capable of and he’s just making the situation wrost when the knicks lose and he had a night like last night against Dallas. And also Amare will need to step up his level of play and get back to getting buckets , blocking shots.. But Lin will have to play his role and stop trying to score so much MELO is the best scorer on that team and Lin sometimes fails to realize it, also he needs to cut down on his turnovers real fast 4 – 6 turn overs a game won’t get the job done.. But to summarize the knicks need to play as a whole AND MIKE D’ANTONI needs to find a way to get CARMELO ANTHONY more involved in the offense if you look at his stats this year you will see career lows in points since his rookie year, and field goal percentage is at his all time LOW and one more point ever since “LINSANITY” started he’s taking less shots a game why is that the man deserves to take his shots his one the best players in the NBA and in my opinion the best PURE SCORER WE HAVE IN THE LEAGUE.

  45. LB says:

    Lots of bench players have had good runs when their numbers have been called. Lin may be a little better than most, but calling a great point guard after less than a dozen games was a product of the NYC media. The guy can play in this league. He might even lead this team somewhere if they get the balance on the floor right. But the Knicks were never going to dominate, week after week. For one thing, Lin has never played these kind of minutes before. Let alone under the white hot spotlight of the national sports press. The Knicks should make the playoffs and may well win a round or two. But I really this lockout- shortened season has “wait until next year” written all over it.

  46. TJ says:

    Trade Melo for another player with hustle like tayshaun prince or a ron artest, im sorry but i had high hopes w/ melo but hes cancer the knicks, and the knick MUST do emergency surgery before its too late. Melo does not fit w/ the Knicks but they are pretty good on 2K12 lol

    • MeloBot says:

      lol yeah, coz the 2k12 version knows how to play team.. now if only we could plug a controller or something when they start playing..

  47. Nygonzo says:

    How do you not put JR Smith, Iman and Novak in when your are down, its not Melo its the coach take Melo out if he is not producing. Put the players in that made it happen when Melo and Stat were out. Damn it doesn’t take a genius to figure do what worked before. Melo and Stat don’t play any defense nor can they hit 3 pointers….Jr. Smith, and Novak can make the 3 pointers and Iman is a killer on defense.

    • Patrick Ewing Fan says:

      I totally agree. If the team comes back from a 15pt deficit, why would you change the hot team to a cold team? With 5mins left in the game. They got back the lead and momentum….So why take them out?

  48. @greenmadoff says:

    Anthony is not and will never be the problem. If the game is being played at a fast pace Lin should have the ball when the game slows down Anthony should get the ball. On every team that Anthony played and i’ve watched him since a rookie they always where in the top 5 in scoring and top 5 in fast break points and he’s played with some pretty good point guards. If anthony keeps getting the ball wit 7-8 in the shot clock is never going to work out!!

  49. Barry Lird says:

    Carmelo will never get a ring. Mark the words of Barry Lird.

  50. DifferentAngle says:

    Call it a hunch, but I feel that Carmelo Anthony is simply not championship material. Everyone wants to win. But it feels to me that HE wants to win more than he wants the TEAM to win. And that’s the real key for being championship material (or not being one)… Call me crazy, but I think it’s that simple. So what do you do if you’re the Knick’s GM? Well – again, simple principle: if you want a championship, you must have only pure championship material on your leading roster…. Was that too blunt?

  51. croweded says:

    The team has got zero rotation and because of it nobody can get really comfortable on the court. Baron Davis was in the 4th quarter way too long and the fact that D’antoni didn’t take him out makes me reaallly question his judgment. I’m not sure if anyone agrees with this but there is not one situation in the game where I’d rather have Fields in than Shumpert, not one.

    And as for Melo? He just needs to start earning that paycheck.

  52. dq22 says:

    The Knicks just need a little more time to get the chemistry together. This is the year of the point guard and the Linsanity stuff is over. They are playing elite points guards and Lin is on the radar now. The other points wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t shut him down. The free ride is over. Carmelo is doing his best to fit. He may not be the best defender but he is great at offense. I am confident that they will get it together but I agree with Sekou, D’Antoni is the one that needs to work some magic.

  53. celticsfan9 says:

    carmelo anthony = ball hog. end of story.

  54. steveninbeastmode says:

    Okay Brudders and Seesters. I’m going to break it down for you like a hot warm sloppy joe in your hands, giving you the big picture. The biggest picture. Here’s it is: Jeremy prayed to God before the Heat’s game back earlier part of the season regarding his career worries and where to go if things don’t work out with the Knicks, a man desperate and seeking the help from the Father. God answered that prayer. Jeremy isn’t booted off the Knicks and now he has his own home to sleep in and not a couch; his career secured (shall we say) in the NBA. Given how spectacular and miraculous Linsanity may have been for the past couple weeks it lasted, it doesn’t mean the miracle will continue. Even if millions and billions of Knicks fan around the world would like it, it doesn’t mean it’s God’s will for the Knicks to win the championship. God’s answer may have just stopped with Jeremy Lin; not the Knicks. Who knows. Given the reality and practicality of the situation, the Knicks are far from the Champions. Very far. So far, that it would take another miracle for them to even get to the Championships. There are a handful of very competitive and experienced teams right now that can hand the Knicks on a silver platter. So, if you really want the Knicks to win, some righteous man better pray hard, I mean really hard, that’s the Father’s will include the Knicks winning the championship.

  55. The Priest says:

    Try winning with Carmelo Anthony and it’s not happenning (proven fact-before the Pre-Lin-led Knicks). But try ballin’ w/ Jeremy Lin and you see results of winning games, the Knicks offense and defense is in sync with team play. Ergo, put CA with the second stringer like B Davis, Smith and the others but keep Lin, T Chandler, Amare, Fields or Shump in the starting 5 and you will see a winning Knicks team. Like it’s a beautiful game. D’Antoni can orchestrate these tangible moving moving forward.

  56. Pop Me says:

    I foresaw “LION LIN” played better than Linsanity. Watch try to call him “LION LIN”. You won’t believe it.

  57. I LIVE IN LA says:

    If the kid can shoot, let him shoot. if the kid can lead, let him make the decisions. The pressure of “is he or isn’t he” is making him second guess himself. When Lin is holding the ball, he needs to start believing that he’s the 1st option. That’s what the few weeks of Linsanity was all about. And for all the Haters, Lin is an NBA player. He’s signed. He’ll be around for at least this season. Quit your moaning and b***hin’. Even if he’s getting his A$$ handed to him every night, he’s constantly in the same sentence as all the the leagues best PGs right now. They’re all taking notice. They’ve all upped their game in the spirit of competition. Stop acting like a bunch of short man Napoleon’s.

  58. SY313 says:

    Why are we shocked? It’s all about the system… Everyone knew from the start that Carmelo’s game wasn’t compatible with Lin’s (& D’Antoni’s) run and gun style of play, which is why everyone was worried that he’d put the brakes on “Linsanity” from the git go. And he has. Not because Carmelo isn’t a good player, but because he’s not good in this particular system.

    On the other hand, the Knicks will need someone who can slow it down if they make the playoffs. So, one way or another D’Antoni is going to eventually have to come up with a half court offense that works.

  59. iwillfilm says:

    As much as I would hate to see Lin come of the bench, it actually makes perfect sense. As Humble as Lin can be, he’s not a great player when he’s humble. He’s a great player when he’s agressive, and he can be great while the team flourishes. This is not the case with Carmelo. But the Melo is undoubtely a superstar, and he needs his control and his touches. I think Lin should come off the bench, and take over.

    Let’s see what happens!

  60. winn says:

    IF I was the coach, would put Lin, Novack ,Shumpert, Stats and Chandler for the starting 5..I put Melo in the 2nd unit until he prove himself worth of being a starter again and play team basketball.

  61. EJ6 says:

    The problem I think is ego mainly, Carmelo’s, He is hurting the team, ppl defer to him. Lin and Amare are deferring to him. Notice how they played when Melo was out. Amare is a cool dude he gels and seems humble no matter who they booting like Lin. He is just trying to win and do it the team way. I’d love to have him and Chandler on my squad. All this came with time they are moremature than before when they came in the league.

    Word to Melo chill son. You’reboy from WB. I know you claiming NY now itsall good son.

  62. winn says:


  63. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    Lin needs time to develop as a player. Lin and Knicks need time to develop into a team. They won a few games when Lin started playing and everyone (especially the media) went crazy. I think every NBA veteran knew the Knicks had not become a team to be reckoned with because they know what it takes to be successful. I don’t think D’Antoni has the know-how to use the talent currently on his roster.

    • gameon says:

      Lin needs to actually learn how to become a true pg which means controlling the tempo of the game.

  64. Mantas says:

    Linsanity is OVER… Go home lady’s and gentleman….

    • all about the benG's says:

      The NBA is all about making money off of who and whats hot. Linsanity gimick caught fire during the winning streak and they cashed in big time. Now they can throw him to the side like a dirty rag because the hype is over. the NBA took advantage of that kid. He needs to learn that fame comes with a huge price.

  65. KC says:

    We might be tempted to blame the troubles on Anthony, but everyone is going to have off nights. Along with probably all Knick fans, I wish Anthony was a little bit more mature. He needs to be willing to do whatever it takes to win, an that includes playing defense and moving well away from the ball. If he doesn’t get enough touches even after fighting for a position in the post, that does not give him license to pout. He needs to play every play like he can’t remember the one before it–that’s what sets apart superstars from streaky players that don’t have rings.

    I hope that Lin and Anthony are able to go back to the gym and work on their game together. If the blame game starts or if Anthony just flat out starts demanding the ball more, the Knicks are go back to being miserably bad. What needs to happen is Lin needs to understand how to get Anthony clicking on offense by delivering the ball to his favorite spots and Anthony needs to learn how to play on a team where every play is not drawn up for him.

    • JQing5 says:

      When you watch the games the body language the Anthony projects is horrid. He’s like out of the play 70% of the time and 95% of all defensive plays. I have a feeling this is going to turn into the Mabury saga all over again.

  66. Barry Lird says:

    Um.. that’s because they played NJ, Utah, Washington, Minnesota, Toronto and Sacramento in that 7 game span.
    He’s as good as Chauncey.. PSYCHE!!!

    • Shut up says:

      @ Barry Lird,

      and you forgot to mention the Lakers and Mavericks?????????

    • Barry Lird says:

      Get real man, even the Bobcats have 5 wins. He’s not all that.

    • NBAfan says:

      How did the NYK become all about Lin? He’s just a no-name guy who made a name for himself…and of course haters like B. Lird here are gonna pop up now that they are losing.

      The problem is Melo and everyone knows it…but just doesn’t want to admit it.

      Lin isn’t making the team worse, that’s for sure. They were losing worse and a lot more before he got playing time…plus all this Linsanity media hype made all the PGs in the league go after him hard every game…

  67. Celticfan3 says:

    knick fans need to chill out…the knicks lose 2 games in a row on the road against good teams like my celtics who are about to take the Atlantic Division lead over the 76ers and the mavs who got their revenge against knicks last night in their homecourt….the only thing this knicks team needs to do is find a way to gel together as a team before playoff time arrives because if they dont solve their current problems quickly with 28 games left and end up facing the bulls or heat, u can expect another early exit for the knicks in the 1st round of playoffs…the GOOD news is that Amare is finally beginning to get into his groove and the bench/second unit for the Knicks(Davis,Smith,NOVAK,Jeffries,SHUMPERT)have been extremely productive for the Knicks thus far on defensive and offensive side of the court….i think the knicks’ current problems lie with the coach and Mike D is goin to have to find a way to effectively use the weapons he has to perfection on both ends of the floor

  68. generaljack says:

    Get rid of Carmelo, let Lin work with players who will play fundamental basketball, and not hog the ball, when Carmelo was out injured Lin was on fire, trade Carmelo out and pick up a reliable guard, and big man who can back up Chandler and Stoudemire. or trade out Stoudemire and Carmelo,in a deal for Dwight Howard. One Could only imagine the damage New York could do in the playoffs if Lin could feed Howard and Chandler in the post all the Time. it Would Be Deja Vu of Duncan and Robinson in San Antonio.

  69. I’m not disliking his playstyle or hating, but in order for the knicks to be competitive, Lin has to stop dropping the candy so often. He has loads of potential, but way to many turnovers/game to be a good Pg in the long haul if he can’t cut em back.

  70. filip says:

    lin needs to come off the bench. during the linsanity, he had his run with novak, jefferies, and shump. the knicks can use lin’s energy off the bench.

  71. clo says:

    Shumpfert is a hater

  72. HD2 says:

    May be Linsanity is just luck? Sure they won seven straight games but the scores were not that much of a lead.

    • gameon says:

      thank you it was luck and most of the teams they played during that lucky strike were below .500 teams or teams with aging pgs. The kid is ok he is not great or what people like to say “the real deal” when he matches up with truly incredible pgs like Rondo or Dwill he fails miserably. Linsanity must end now or it is going to get a lot of hopes up and they will truly be dissappointed in the end.

    • Bulekleks says:

      i agree. look at their opponents after the 7-15 record. win with the lakers is just oure luck.. the rest of their wins.. well, below .500 teams..

  73. Paul says:

    Melo is outta shape, that’s the problem. Amare finally is just now getting back into shape. The lock out screwed up their conditioning.

  74. Sea Pea says:

    Carmelo doesn’t want to play team ball. He wants to win his way. Not going to work. I starting to think he doesn’t know how to play. Talented but doesn’t know how to play. Should have stayed in college longer. His whole view of the game is skewed.

  75. WhatIfhappens says:

    I say the starting line up should be the same, the next rotation should have amare play the center position, baron davis, jr smith, iman shumpert, and steve novak. The third rotation should be Bibby/Lin, Melo, Fields , Chandler, and Jeffries. Melo would score more if he is on the floor as the only scorer and the rest are decent defenders, Amare can play his best and more aggressive at the center spot. And if this doesn’t work..well I’m not a coach and you shouldn’t take my advice.

  76. NotGudNuff says:

    i think we’re done for this season. when Melo out, and Lin rises there’s a glimpse of hope for us, at least reach conf semi. but now, its gone for sure..
    maybe next season we’ll get a better team, or never..this is the Knicks, 1 of the biggest (loser) franchises..

  77. Yash from NY says:

    This team can get it done, time is against us. One of the comments mentioned above makes sense, have Lin come off the bench w/ the 2nd unit I could almost guarantee you will see a resurrection on linsanity, its clear Lin and Melo don’t mesh and forcing it would simply complicate things. Lin won’t mind and chances are Melo might be happier, as sad as it may seem I don’t think Melo agrees w/ Lin calling the shots when he is in the game.

  78. Johnny T says:

    Melo needs to move the ball around, no more jab steps or isolation plays unless its the final possession of the game. Lin needs to be aggressive and not worry about turnovers because when he is free to do anything, that is what the other teams cannot defend. Amare needs to be aggressive around the basket and stop shooting too many jumpers. Cut down Baron and JR’s minutes and give them to Shumpert and Fields because they have better defense.

  79. NBAObsession says:

    Look, the Knicks are a good team, but they aren’t an ELITE team. I know NY fans & Skip Bayless have bought in, but the team isn’t built to contend yet- not w/ that coach. Melo is not as effective a transition offense like this, and he & Amere aren’t as great as players like LBJ, D-Wade, D-Rose, CP3, etc. neither of them don’t play defense well, and w/o an offseason together Melo won’t quite fit in. You never see all 3 of their top players having big games- it’s either Melo, or Stat, and Lin seems like he can run his game w/ either one. But w/ that said, Lin is regressing now too since people have tape on him and aren’t underestimating him every game. So that will calm down too. The Knicks have lots of talent, but let’s not go too far- they’re still not a top 4 team in the east, and are 2 games under .500

  80. twolves says:

    Knicks vs Twolves Nba finals 2015.

  81. khalil says:

    maybe try changing the coach, maybe something will happen……

  82. Mel says:

    Melo and Lin is not compatible. Because Melo wants the ball more often.
    REMOVE Melo Knicks will be rocking. ^_^

    • JQing5 says:

      I think it would be hard for Dantoni to justify to management why their $20 mil star is sitting on the bench for extended amount of time. It’s time to abandon this sinking ship and add D12 to the lineup.

      It was a mistake for them to give up Gallanri and Moskov to Denver for Anthony. Let’s right this ship by getting D12 for Anthony.

  83. WhereWinningHappens says:

    New York is back to what got them to the record of 7-15. Yes, Jeremy Lin needs to be more aggressive in the lineup. He has the ability to split the defense in pick and roll situations, and find an open teammate or finish strong in the paint. But the truth is, it is hasn’t been “natural” for Lin to command plays ever since Carmelo’s return. Sure it’s important that both Lin and Melo adjust to playing with each other, but equally as important, they need time to play without each other too (sorta like how the heat manages wade/lebron…). I certainly don’t see taking them BOTH off at the same time in pressure situations (as they did yesterday against Dallas in the 3rd quarter) because it hurts their confidence, believe it or not.
    If not, I see Lin moving to the second lineup where he flourishes playing with Novak, Jeffries, Fields anchored by Tyson or Amare.

    • CALEB CHIA says:

      Agreed with you ! Lin played well w/o Melo, that shows basket is about Team Work and Chemistry . If they continue to play how they played with Dallas they are going nowhere.

      • mel says:

        i agree wid carmelo and stoudamire wid D12 and knicks will be in the playoffs!carmelo is a one man team and cant play defense like stoudamire who was traded by phoenix suns before..just let lin run the offense and sharing the wealth with his team like what he is doing during couple of weeks!i think they’ll WIN!

  84. Ephraze says:


    I got two words for you…….Carmelo Anthony.

    This why he is NOT a top-10 player….ONCE AGAIN, PEOPLE. HE DOES NOT MAKE HIS TEAM BETTER!!!!!!! You could put him on any legendary team and he would screw up the chemistry. This is the same reason that the Bulls didn’t trade for him last year. Here’s a good option for NYK fans and organication. Package Tyson Chandler and Melo for D12, Ryan Anderson, on whatever stupid contract Orlando wants to dump + cash. Trade Melo while he still has trade value.

    • JQing5 says:

      Finally, someone with some sense. I agree I think Carmelo is the problem, he doesn’t have a team game. Individually he’s definitely a top 10 player in the league; however basketball is a team game. It’s no coincidence Linsainty stopped when Carmelo came back into the line-up.

      As much as I love Chandler I think that trade is definitely a trade that will benefit the Knicks. The Knicks have plenty of pieces to work with. I’m not sure how D12 feels about playing in the Big Apple.

    • Tay says:

      I totally agree….Carmelo is a great player. But he doesn’t know how to run with a team offense at all…. espeically with D’antoni’s small ball/fast break offensive style. He prefers to set up on an iso at the top of the key while everybody else stands and watches and there are usually two options there..either he makes the shot or they have to try and grab an offensive rebound. He offers little to no defense at all, is hardly aggressive (prefers to lay up than dunk), and once again, his offense is solely ISO based…Not only is he not playing well he is also taking away the productivity of the rest of his teammates because they are going to him as the first option to score. The Knicks have plenty of other offensive threats at the 2/3 positions in J.R. and Novack. I say trade Melo and the knicks will be golden.

  85. kiwisepp says:

    I think, the nerdiest backcourt does not work. let Davis and Iman start. Give lin time for learning off the bench. Fields is just not quick enough to match with other SG. He should be a SF.

    • ron says:

      yeah….the knicks should get back to reality….jeremy lin is not the overall answer for this team, if he is the answer to the backcourt help, he should be able to help anthony and stoudemire and other players in their game, but the team is still struggling, he is a average guy that definitely contributes well, but davis should start, it may help anthony and stoudemire in their game…davis and jr smith at the starting five with anthony, stoudemire, and chandler…and let lin do his thing off the bench without melo in the lineup…that i think will work well

  86. Raphael Joseph says:

    What happened to Tony Douglas?

  87. Raphael Joseph says:

    After seeing the last two games the knicks have shown that they can play with the big boys. No training camp after getting 4 new pieces is definitely showing the inconsistency. Continually over coming a deficit in the second half of ball games sometimes shows improper roster moves by the coach. Once a set team is in place this team can look like t c – webb’s kings or steves trailblazers.

  88. JohnZ says:

    On the contrary,I think Lin needs to be a little bit calmer,turn the ball over less,think more,how to distribute the ball.Melo,Amare and the others can handle the scoring.Lin needs to be the distributor,shoot the occasional jumper and he’ll be fine.He needs to think like a PG not like an aggressive scorer.

    Can’t really say anything bout D’Antoni.Either it works out or it doesn’t… far doesn’t look very good.

    • 4Boston says:

      I agree with you…I also think Lin shoots a little too much and often times are forcing a lot of action when its not the time…he needs to distribute better…cut down on those turnovers…too often than not its an interception in the mid court leading to easy baskets…you just can’t give away those in the NBA

  89. charanie26 says:

    The “Linsanity fever” has to come to an end somehow but there’s no one to blame here. Knicks are just having a same old typical NBA slump that any team experienced as well. It just so happen that The had a winning streak going and was snap. Even if the excitement that Lin gave has subside, still the knicks are in good position to get to the playoffs and Lin has become one of the steady point guard in the league so they’re fine no worries knick fans

  90. SMACK JOHNSON says:

    The Knicks just need to commit to 48 minutes of basketball.
    Despite the heroic performances by Pierce and Rondo on Sunday, the Knicks actually HAD that game.
    WE all see it…but the Knicks were doing just fine w/o Melo in the line up. Period.
    Basketball is a team sport and ball stopping isn’t part of the D’Antoni system.
    So, if Melo’s scoring averages are more important than the team getting into the playoffs,
    then the Knicks are going to have to choose Melo over D’Antoni and get a coach in there
    to run an offense FOR Melo.

    • Jon says:

      Tama! 🙂

    • alfred says:

      I agree. We all saw it – the Knicks play better with Lin and without Melo. He have to learn how to play in a team game and stop whining. Did STAT complain from the change of play? No, bcoz he knows how to play team basketball with Nash before. Also with Melo on the lineup, it seems that Lin is not as ease on handling the ball without dishing to Melo too often. He needs to be the Lin that we saw a few weeks ago, or they will not be in the playoffs again.

  91. LinLin says:

    I am a Lin’s fan, but let him come off the bench and be the “Linsanity” with the second unit. He is not compatible with Melo (not many are anyway).

  92. Percman90 says:

    Hands down, if the Knicks are going to make this work Lin is going have to play like how he was playing before Melo and Amare got back into the fold. If Lin is aggressive that opens up the game for him and everyone else but lately he has been trying to hard I think personally. Melo needs to come back into the form he was in the 2010 playoffs when he led the nuggets to the western conference finals, that’s when he was incredible. Amare is slyly back I feel so I’m not really worried about him, Fields is ballin again and I feel Iman Shumphert doesn’t really get enough ratings for what does, he’s a lil hustler. Bottom line is dis, if dis Knicks team with a great bench 3 superstars and a solid outstanding center in Chandler can put it together I’m telling you it wont be Miami or Chicago in the NBA finals facing a west team.

    • EKL says:

      well said 🙂

    • Pete says:

      That’s correct. You take this guy as he is, or you’ll break him down tryin’ to transform him into somebody else in such short time. – Lin should be an unquestionable leader in this team, having an open court and card blanche as earlier this season. You accept him as a finisher, you give him the ball in final seconds, or you’d better take another pointguard. – He’s not ready to be a typical playmaker that creates his teammates as Nash is doing, all the time. Personally, I think he’s not that kind of player. Funny or not, he’s as much pointguard as Rose is. Simply chinese version.

    • LIKing your idea says:

      i think i would like to have shampert in sg fields to SF amare in PF and jarred in C the let lin lead the group amare can play with lin chandler and melo are the questionable one because they’re slow

    • Onin says:

      I agree, Lin kinda hold back a little bit when Melo returns. The first 7 wins, Lin’s mindset that time is to lead the team the reason they win consecutive, when Melo came back from injury he mellowed down because Melo lead the team before him. D’Antoni got to believe with Lin. He needs to give Lin more playing time to give him more experience, even he creates turnovers. They should look up to future seasons. Who knows next season it would be a much better Lin and team. I believe in Lin, we just need to give him more time.

    • chris says:

      First of all, the Knicks only have 1 superstar and that would be Anthony. Your getting way way way ahead of yourself by calling Lin a superstar. Hes nowhere near Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Lebron James, D Rose’s level. Amare is not either, hes an All-Star at best. You little fantasy will not come true. It will be the Heat and Bulls to come out of the east for he next 5 or 6 years, maybe more.

      • Lu says:

        I have to agree with Chris on this one. Lin’s story was great, and he is playing solid games in the NBA, but the guy is not the solution for the Knicks.Melo is a superstar, one of the league’s premium scorers and greatest closers, the guys knows how to play team basketball and he played very well with Billups. Because Chauncey had no problem denying Anthony the ball and waving him off when he knew that they hadn’t scored in a couple possessions and had to go to low-post and get it going. Lin has to learn to study the game and call the plays and take on more of a distributor’s role, and let their scorers do their jobs. The 7-game winning streak of Linsanity was all against terrible teams( including the struggling Lakers), sure the Knicks can be a decent regular season team with that. But for the postseason, they are only gonna get as far as Melo and Amare carry them to.

      • Daren says:

        Billups denying Anthony the ball….well good point!