Blogtable: Trade Deadline & Dwight

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Give me one smart, totally speculative, maybe outside-the-box trade scenario involving Dwight Howard in which everyone wins. Possible?

Steve Aschburner: Get Steve Nash to Orlando. The ingenious point guard – who already has shown us that Canadian calendars count years differently than U.S. editions – could be the guy who convinces Howard to stay in Orlando. He would wring extra creativity out of the Magic offense and, with some success this spring, perhaps lure a helpful free agent to what ought to be a destination market anyway. Phoenix, assuming Magic GM Otis Smith could put together a satisfactory package of picks, cash and/or players, would be doing Nash a “solid” and could move on to its next phase. That would be win (Suns), win (Magic), win (Howard), win (Nash), win (Dallas, if Deron Williams decides to head home this summer) and … oops, lose (Nets). Hey, five out of six ain’t bad.

Fran Blinebury: No way. Outside of fantasy leagues and Twitter, you don’t trade a franchise player, especially a big man, and have both sides come away singing Kumbaya. Wilt, Kareem, Moses, Shaq … the championships follow the star.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Not possible. There is no such thing as outside-the-box in this case. Sometimes, the obvious is the obvious for a reason. If indications are true and the Magic are only interested in players who can deliver wins now, as opposed to prospects and picks, the options have all been considered. It doesn’t matter, though. Orlando isn’t dealing him before March 15.

Shaun Powell: Actually, I’ll give you three. Dwight Howard to OKC for Russell Westbrook and others. Dwight Howard to the Bulls for Luol Deng and Joakim Noah. Dwight Howard to the Knicks for Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler. Those are the three deals where everyone wins. Well, almost. Better hope Dwight loves the rodeo, because there’s nothing else to do in OKC.

John Schuhmann: No, I don’t think it’s possible to come up with an outside-the-box scenario where everyone wins, because Howard’s choices for a long-term destination are so limited and teams not on Howard’s list would be pretty dumb to give up valuable assets for a six-week rental. Andrew Bynum for Howard is a decent deal, but certainly isn’t outside-the-box. And if Howard’s list is really limited to New Jersey, as the tea leaves seem to indicate, the Magic would probably be better off doing a two-team trade that gets them maximum salary relief (by including Hedo Turkoglu or Glen Davis in the deal) than adding more long-term salaries via a third team.

Sekou Smith: Your first mistake is assuming that there is a deal to be made out there where “everyone” wins. I cannot locate what absolutely does not exist. Any deal the Magic try to get done will involve them trading away the NBA’s best big man of the past four seasons, today and the foreseeable future. And they’d do that in exchange for what? A few draft picks and a player or two who are supposed to make Magic fans feel better about seeing Dwight Howard in another uniform? No way. If and when Howard gets traded — and I have a nagging feeling that it’s coming by March 15 — Orlando and the Magic lose instantly. (Unless LeBron James shows up under their trade deadline tree. And we know that’s not happening.) The only way the Magic win is if they find a way to do the impossible and add one of Howard’s All-Star contemporaries (the Nets aren’t about to assist them by giving away Deron Williams) to their roster. I honestly don’t see a “smart” or “outside-the-box” way out of this mess for the Magic.


  1. chuchomatapuerco says:

    I have said since the beggining of the season the best deal available is Howard-westbrook, both team would win with this trade. Tha magics would get a very young All-star player and they wil continue to compete for a championship in the near future. For the other side, this trade would be the best than can happens to the thunders, just think about this: the best offensive player in the league(Durant) with the best defensive player(Howard) as a teammate.
    Westbrook/perkins/1pick—-Howard/nelson. It doesn’t need to be to fancy, this trade could happens and it would be the best than can happens to Durant. I just hope than Howard wants to go to OKC because I will love see the thunders blast the heat for not five no six for seven years in the row. lol

  2. AL says:


  3. bu says:

    Rightly said in the article on Noah & DW here, Noah has more heart & way more energy than DW brings to his team & floor. It’s also fine to be a funny / nice guy but I hv’t seen DW be the one with a clear focus mind & attitude to win a ball game not to mention championship!

    Determination is the most important thing in life. Attitude is cirtical. Determination + attitude + smarts = high chance of success. How much of these 3 do you see in DW? For me, not much in any dept.

    So I think Noah may win a championship before DW does, like the article said.

  4. bu says:

    A wild thought:

    LBJ to Orlando for DW. LBJ style conflicts with Wade & Wade is a better decision maker & finisher & with much much better attitude & work ethic. With DW + Bosh + Wade, & emergence of Norris Cole, Battier’s defense, Haslem & Chalmers role players, that should be a more formiddable group with defense & better fit to win a championship.

    LBJ can join the Magic to rebuild & be the boss there if he likes …. though I wonder if Otis Thorpe will pamper him like what the Cavs did.

  5. Jon White says:

    As a magic fan this is the only trade that makes sense if you get some picks with it!

  6. Y NOT Z says:

    Wadefan iz on to sumthin:

    _Best scenario i can consider ^^
    +Magic wud recieve Zydrunas &/or Pittman.
    Heat can get Droolbaby Davis

    Y NOT?!?

  7. Max says:

    When the team begins in 10th place in the East everyone looks down the bench at the coach. They look and wonder what the hell is he doing. He has all the pieces, now put them together.

    To read more go to

  8. chris says:

    3 team trade

    boston gets- marshon brooks, and 2 lottery picks from nets

    orlando gets- rondo and brook lopez

    nets get- dwight howard

  9. NBAMAGIC says:

    i dont think that the warriors would agree to trading ellis for bynum,
    but what if the magic did a deal with the warriors without aquiring ellis,

    maybe something like :

    so magic still get a good pint guard and a big?

  10. Bagman says:

    Golden State would get their quality big man
    Orlando would get Montel
    and LA would get the prize

    this would work

  11. snake eyes says:

    trade dwight howard and jameer nelson to boston for jermain o’neal crix wilcox, marquis daniels and next year round picks.

  12. The Best trade ever says:

    This is the best trade ever….

    Trade Dwight “Superman” Howard to Kwame “Wonder woman” Brown.. that’s a win-win baby…

  13. Nicholas says:

    What about utah’s Al Jefferson & Derek Favors FOR Howard straight across

    • JSM01 says:

      No chance, do you really think howard would stay in Utah? Kevin O´Connor knows that…

  14. Jackson says:

    DH12 to Lakers for Bynum or to the Bulls for Luol Deng and Joakim Noah will be a good move.

  15. manny says:

    New York Knicks get Dwight Howard
    Orlando Magic gets Tyson Chandler and Steve Nash
    Phoenix Suns gets Carmelo Anthony That would be a fair deal for the three teams. New York can win Games without Carmelo.. Amare is still there so as Jr Smith and Baron Davis not mentioning Lin and Fields. For Phoenix Suns I think Carmelo will fit there…

  16. Raul says:

    I say Howard stays but is not going to resign with them and goes to Jersey

  17. andy d says:

    Listen to this: Triple trade d-will and dh12 go to new york , chandler and humphries go to orlando and amaree and turkoglgou move to new jersey.. possible or not??

  18. alex says:

    heres a win win, the magic trade dwight to toronto for picks and expiring contracts, toronto wins because they get dwight, the magic wins because they get some picks to rebuild and the NBA wins because we get to watch a whiney over paid athlete have to sweat it out across the boarder for a few months. this is whats wrong in the NBA because one player can affect a team so much we get these clowns who don’t understand the term loyalty and decides to jump ship to any team that is pre loaded with talent so they can mooch a ring, i LOVED that last summer we got to watch good ole loyal dirk beat coward lebron in the finals, that was a sign from the basketball gods stop worrying about why you’re team isn’t helping you win and start worrying about what more you can do to help your team win SINCE YOU’RE THE BEST ONE ON IT

  19. Lucas says:

    Dwight Howard and Hedo to LA CLIPPERS for Blake Griffin and Jordan.


    Orlando will continue to sell seats and avoid financial difficutly ($500 million new stadium). Blake Griffin is extremely marketable and Orlando is the right place for a young guy like him.

    Dwight Howard can immediately compete for a championship and can be in the city he really wants to live in, in order to pursue his off-court interests.

    Win-Win for both teams. If you’re the Clippers there are probably only 2 players in the league you would even consider trading Blake Griffin for. Those are Lebron James and Dwight Howard.

    If you are Orlando, there are probably only 2 players in the league you would even consider trading Dwight Howard for. Those are Lebron James and Blake Griffin.



  21. Bok says:


    To Heat – for 2 of the Big 3

    To Celtics – for Rondo + any1 of the big 3

    To Lakers – For Gasol + bench players

    To Bulls – for either Noah, Asik, Deng or Boozer (any 2 or 3 of them will do)

    To Minnesota – for Rubio and Beasley

    Magic should also refrain from signing “overpaid” free agents (Arenas, Lewis, Carter, the list goes on…)

  22. Joe says:

    Love to see him come to Indiana

  23. harrison says:

    Stoudemire and anthony for dwight howard and turkoglu

  24. djbeaubois447 says:

    Best option for Orlando: Mavs trade Haywood, Kidd, and Odom, and draft pick for D12 and some other guy. Both teams get good guys. Once D12 come to Dallas, Deron williams will want to join. or if Nets want trade, Mavs give up JETor Carter plus money and next year pick.

  25. Knicks says:

    Knicks show that they can win without Anthony and Amare, ship both to Orlando for the trade, would that work?

    • dex8513 says:

      If Knicks-Magic trade was about to happen, i think Chandler and Turkuglu would be part of the deal. if Magic were to trade Dwight, other center for him would have to be involved. Melo-Tyson-maybe another player for Dwight-Turkuglu is best scenario, at least for Knicks. i’m not sure what would Magic had to say about that, because obviously Melo is not someone who will add to the team chemistry, his ego is off the charts. and he certainly doesn’t fit the Magic style of play, which is based on lot of movement with and without the ball and SHARING the ball.

      i just wish Knicks would get rid of Melo, this trade or the next one. another flop for them after Eddy Curry’s megabucks contract. and while i’m still hating, sack D’Antoni as soon as some elite coach is available. coaches like Greg Popovich, Doc Rivers or Rick Carlisle could do wonders with Knicks team.

  26. supreme says:

    knick trade Amare +FIELDS +lin for dwight

  27. Jasper Apigo says:

    trade Howard to Lakers.

    Lakers trade Howard and Anderson for Bynum and Gasol plus first round pick.

    Lakers: Howard
    Magic: Bynum
    1st round pick
    Its a win situation for both teams.

  28. howard go to hawks plz..and rondo…wata reunion 4 smith. ..

  29. its better to trade joe and horford to howard..josh and howard are verry good teammate in highschool. .and they no each other and beside im sure the hawks will become the def. team in nba..ALTABLOCKS..thats the medicine

  30. Vincent says:

    I don’t think the Magic will trade Dwight Howard in the trade deadline. They will let his contract expire and the Magic will still try to convince Howard to stay but if they don’t convince him, they look for the best deal as possible.

  31. drew says:

    Nets get Howard

    Magic get Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, and DeShawn Stevenson

  32. Sixcharacters says:

    this is the closest i think for a blockbuster trade:


    MAGIC get –> PIERCE(celt’s would have trouble in the cap if they put ALLEN here) + BYNUM + WORLD PEACE

    CELTICS get –> GASOL + NELSON (1st round from lakers or mavs?)


    • Sixcharacters says:

      or even both picks from LA & MAVS.. this way, it won’t be a rent-a-dwight scenario for the lakers

      celtics would have younger pf/c in gasol (and a reliable pg in nelson, too)..

      also an instant boost for magic w/ bynum & pierce..

      they can work out team chemistry any time soon (maybe offseason)

  33. Dwight to Lakers for Bynum and 2 first round picks. Lakers then trade Gasol for Scola and Lowry. Perfect team.

  34. cappucinno says:


  35. Almond for You says:

    Trade D12 for Haslem, battier, mike miller and Draft pck

  36. downswing21 says:

    D-Williams for Pau Gasol and D-Howard for Bynum and Blake thats what L.A. needs, KOBE and DWIGHT and DERON WILLIAMS?? the HEAT will now be scared…

  37. chan says:

    Hawks get Dwight and Magic get Josh Smith and Kirk Hinrich

  38. Victor says:

    Dwight for Carmelo. Dwight will fit the offensive system they play with Lin much better than Carmelo. Carmelo goes to a team that will make him the focal point of the offense. Dwight gets a big market. Carmelo gets a team that HE can lead.

  39. chan says:

    how about Hawks and Magic
    Hawks trade Magic trade
    Kirk Hinrich Dwight Howard
    Josh Smith

  40. meta peace world says:

    To stop thinking about any other. Can you think of a Kevin Durant – Dwight Howard? Better right that’s a win -win

  41. Sacramento King says:

    dwight to milwaukee for bogut and jackson…and money..harharhar…

  42. Jose says:

    This is I think one of the best trades the Magic can get. And some draft picks.

  43. Sacramento King says:

    Kings get Josh Smith, Hawks get Paul Millsap, Jazz get Marcus Thornton…..all-snubs three way deal…

  44. chad says:

    Nash to LALA Land!!!!! Nash+kobe+bynum=total domination

  45. Why everybody’s comment is against DH going to Miami. One reason every NBA fans are scared. If DH will play in Miami with LBJ they will be the SCARIEST team in NBA to beat.

    • chris says:

      Well, for one thing, every time any reporter or anyone on Twitter has asked Howard about going to Miami, he has said, “No way.” “No way” is not even maybe. And the Magic are not going to trade him to the Heat to watch him win championships down there, in their division, in their state. Those are the reasons everyone says Howard is not going to Miami. They use LOGIC!

  46. rhenjo says:

    haywood + carter or odom = D12 then it’s a good deal!!
    3D in big D!!!

  47. frikoulos gamias says:

    Curry to Orlando plus picks-Howard to Warriors,As it so,we have a big three ready for championship Lee-Monta-Howard

  48. clown says:

    howard goes to phx exchange for robin lopez lol

  49. NEED4SHEED says:

    Orlando gets – Josh Smith and T-Mac
    Atlanta gets – Marshon Brooks, Hedo Turkoglu, DeAndre Liggens
    New Jersey gets – Glen Davis, Jason Richardson, Jerry Stackhouse

  50. Luke says:

    i think that if Dwight wants a ring…he should just go to the Heats…That will make him happy than being in Magic because Magic are too relying on him and i think that, maybe not now but maybe in the future, will pressured him. In Heat, he’ll team up with the best that is LeBron, D Wade and Bosh…and i think the salary over there are quite convincing for him…and his quest for the ring will be much easier…

  51. Conor Kelly says:

    Dwight Howard for Lebron, Wade, Bosh.
    Nelson for Lin.
    Adonial Foyle for Kobe Bryant.
    I think Lakers can accept Foyle as a rare talent and Miami players will like the new Orlando dressing room.
    Seems fair and square

    • Lebron James says:

      What a great idea. I think it seems very fair, especially for the Lakers. Foyle is an inspiration. Let’s do it.

  52. orety says: + few picks for boston

    true fantasy trade but, it’s be good for all these teams imo: la – getting howard, celtics – starting to rebuild, magic – bright future without dwight 🙂

    • chris says:

      It’s always interesting how the winning team in a trade says “bright future” for the other team. The only team with the “bright future” is the team that gets the best player. The rest is total bull. If you think everyone else is buying that….Again, the problem with fans posting their best ideas. They only are looking out for their team.

  53. Boydee says:

    Can’t trade Melo and Chandler for Dwight, Not fare deal – respect to melo in who is a game winner superstar. Dwight is not a game winner superstar, if you can’t shoot free throws your not in with the crew in the likes of Kobe, MJ, Chuck, Reggie Miller, Magic, Bird and Dirks performance last year shows that if you gonna win a championship, you need to be able to shoot free throws at the end – Dwight’s useless in 4th quarter.

  54. Boydee says:

    Dallas have perhaps told Dwight to play it out for as long as he can, with the incentive to lure dwight and williams to Dallas into free agency. Something is being plotted. Why would dallas pull apart 2011 championship team?

  55. zoohouse says:

    Dwight for Lebron straight up. Best deal possible. Heat turn into a better team. Maagic get a top two player in return who is uner contract for a few more years. Bosh and Dwights game mesh well together seeings how one’s strength is the others weekness. Chambers, Wade, Battier, Bosh, and Dwight. Look out 72 wins.

  56. asdasd says:

    no way ill trade haslem for D12…if its outside of wade/lebron/cole/bosh….anything but these 4 ….then ill trade
    but i cant imagine D12 going miami….there is no win win situation here
    plus D12 probably will stay and orlando will find a way to get steve nash or monta or curry if not..then i can see D12
    going bulls …

  57. poirot says:

    DH12, Q. Richardson and James Jones to the Jazz
    Al Jefferson to the Heat
    Mike Miller, D Favors, Haslem, Josh Howard and Ed Curry to Magic

  58. KRC says:

    if i will trade howard to dallas i will only trade Haywood and Beaubois…

  59. Eddie says:

    I swear if he goes to Dallas Ima FLIP!!!!
    Only bc Mark Cuban has been complaining to the league about superstars playing with each other and making it unfair for other teams who don’t have superstars… But yet when a superstar is up for a trade he’ll be the first one in line..
    He would be a nice fit for the Nets Tho.
    But if i was Dwight, i would tlk to my GM and Tell em by next season if you cant get players around me to help me win a Championship than i have no Business here.. Than go on from there…
    Straight Up!


    The Magic need to make this trade Dwight Howard and bad contracts to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol and 3 first round picks it’s better than any other offer on the table and it’s better than getting absolutely nothing back when he signs with another team in the off season.

  61. elmer says:

    just my own opinion, the best 2 teams that might dwight howard to be traded are the clippers for deandre jordan and kenyon martin or indiana pacers for david west, george hill and roy hibbert. Both teams will have a very good and strong team after the trade.

    • elmer says:

      sorry i forgot add chauncy billups. so deandre jordan and kenyon martin for dwight howard. den trade j. nelson..

  62. rapsu says:

    yeah rihgt it so sad if they trade bosh for d12 but still thats a new scary trio

  63. grobson23 says:

    Interested by quite a few D12 to Sixers comments on here. Always thought that was a good option. Lots of good young pieces to trade, and they’d still have plenty left. Could trade lots of combos, but something like Iguodala, Turner, Young and Hawes…? As a Bulls fan, would NOT like the idea of Chicago facing a team of Howard, Williams, Holiday, Meeks, Brand and co.

    My other suggestion is Howard to Chicago for John Lucas III and cash considerations. Best idea ever.

  64. anonymous hamtowner!! says:

    its funny how they want dwight howard as a HEAT…. there is no way he is going there… unless he wants to be paid like only 600k…. Lebron and Wade are not gonna let bosh get traded… The Miami Heat are good team as of now… Dwight wants spot light which he cant get at miami cuz there is other superstars there who are way talented then him!! go to a team where they give u big dough!!

  65. shawn says:

    dwight to chicago for: hamilton, noah and carlos boozer

  66. Richard says:

    How about HOWARD for BOSH, ANTHONY and MIKE MILLER??

    I think this is fair. Bosh is no howard but he is still an ALL-STAR level player orlando can build around.

    And Howard with Lebron and WAde will make the Heat an even scarier team.

  67. Pedro says:

    Lakers fan here.
    I only see two possibilities where Orlando would not loose much:
    1) Howard for Bynum and picks
    2) The Knicks Melo plus Chandler deal
    Anything else and Orlando will be the worst team for years to come.

  68. brent says:

    dwight to LAKERS

  69. ade says:

    Dwight howard and Hedo turkoglu to Celtics for RONDO and RAY ALLEN and O’neal. Since boston is so adamant abour trading him. Boston makes one final run in the playoffs with the new big three and rebuild around howard. Orlando gets a new franchise player in rondo and cap relief after the season when allen and O’neal deals expires

  70. Dee says:

    I wanna see D. Howard @ the Bulls. There can’t be a better addition to a potential championship team if we get him. The only problem is who to trade him for?!!

  71. ToRaps says:

    Guys I’m gonna settle this right here and now

    Dwight for Leandro Barbosa and Aaron Gray.

    Done. Its a fair deal.

  72. Mikeyyyyy says:

    I dont know what everybody is talking about winning championships with D Howard on their team…everybody is forgetting the only reason Lakers won all those championships is the coach and then came the players. None of the teams you guys mention, bulls, heat, anyone else has a chance to win unless their coach does his job. Cant beat the great PHILLLLL and KOBE…

    • Sideliner says:

      oh so, the champion lakers that were smashed by the mavericks last year WEREN’T coached by phil jackson? hmmm wow…….and i thought the comment about lebron going to orlando for howard was unintelligent……

  73. david says:

    dwight goes to the okc thunder for russel westbrook and serge ibaka all good 🙂

  74. shazil888 says:

    Mavs wait it out and get both Dwight Howard and Deron Williams in the offseason… To be honest, As PLAYERS, NOT TEAMS, that is the best scenario to win a championships!

  75. Jonny says:

    Pretty sure I read something someone said here about the Heat trading Bron. Am I on a basketball site, or a site where people are competing to write the most ridiculous comment ? Dude…

  76. Whozdat says:

    If my Bulls was to get Dwight. We would be certified Champs this year. Even if we loose Noah in the process and a few other players. Our team wouldnt falter because your adding a D.P.Y to a defensive minded team, and we would have a low post player with an already explosive D. Rose. Who wanna do something with it?!!!

  77. Duke says:

    Lakers get:
    Howard, DWill

    Magic get:

    Nets get:

  78. chirs says:

    okay here is the best possible trade on the market rite now for orlando, dwight to the lakers for andrew bynum and some change that way the lakers get another young superstar that will address the aging problem with kobe and orlando gets a great young big man they can build around. Bynum wants his own team heres a chance to give them that

    • Ryan says:

      Im not a Lakerz Fan however this is by far the best move for Orlando Bynum for howard and then Orlando try and get Nash.

  79. demetwafu says:

    This trade rumors about dwight moving on to other team instead of having nothing at all after this season is a great opportunity for lots of teams including the Magic…
    DWIGHT HOWARD straight up trade to BLAKE GRIFFIN will do…
    HOWARD to Portland in exchange to ALDRIDGE and WESLEY MATTHEWS or HOWARD and HEDO to ALDRIDGE and CRAWFORD…
    HOWARD and HEDO to Memphis for GASOL and GAY
    HOWARD to the LAKERS???well if they are letting go of BYNUM,.is maybe a deal to talk about…
    DWIGHT in exchange for BYNUM and BARNES may do or
    DWIGHT and HEDO in exchange to BYNUM and ARTEST i mean METTA WORLD PEACE…
    HOWARD and ARENAS to Chicago for NOAH and DENG

    just a few trade possibilities that can be look at..i am n pro but some of this trades is possible…

  80. kj says:

    NBA needs to do what NFL is doing tag a franchise player and build around them. Second Lebron left Cavs at the end of the season before next season. Melo should of left at the end as well but he didnt. Shaq was at the end of his career. They have players that can win but how bad depends on the players…look at the bulls..they have a group of players that can win and if they mess that up u might not get the wins…what im saying howard needs to stay in orlando and push the gm to find players to help him win and he needs to stop crying and show boating and play the game…

  81. Loso says:

    I’m a sixers fan, I been pleasantly surprised this season with the 6ers, they been playing magnificent team ball, buying into coach Collins system & philosophy & our perimeter defense is second 2 none, with Jrue & Iguodala leading the way, all our guards hustle, we still are losing tons of close games due to lack of a closer, or superstar player, plus our biggest void in our starting 5 lineup is @ the 5, a center, spencer hawes has been missing a majority of games due to injury, Dwight would give the sixers the center they need, the star they lack, and a go to player. I say throw the magic a package built around evan turner, number 2 pick, has star potential but lacks decent ability to play off the ball, and in the sixers system he can’t dominate the ball like he’s use to. Number 2 pick ET some draft picks & some other players to match everything up, but the main pieces for the Magic would be evan turner & draft picks. What more could you ask for? A number 2 lottery pick ET potential star & picks to start rebuilding quick for Orlando, & the sixers get the center & star they need. win win for both teams.

  82. D12 SIxers says:

    Here is the deal lou williams and thad young for dwight howard. This equals sixers win the championship. And Dougie Collins gets fired. Real talk.

  83. Rho says:

    In a league sparse with dominating big-men, the only like-for-like comparison is Andrew Bynum and we all know which of the Lakers big men feature heavily in their future plans.

    With that in mind, D12 is theoretically irreplacable.

    Time for the Magic to clear their cap space, either by moving D12 close to the deadline with other heavy back-end contracts around the deadline for an undervalued return, or get ready for the gamble of free agency season.

    • chris says:

      Can you people understand this? Either way, Howard walks or they trade him and contracts just to get money off their books, it works out the same for the Magic. They are screwed, and they are starting over. That’s why if it’s not a good trade for them, there is no reason to make a trade. If they trade him now for expiring deals, they risk the possibility of not even making the playoffs this season. Then they start over next season. If he decides to walk after this season, they still are starting over next season and they have $10 million in cap room — and maybe more, depending upon what other players decide to do with their options. Even if everyone picks up their options, then a bunch more salary can come off their books the next season if the team stinks and that’s what they want to do. So, they can get cap room that way, too. Cap room next season is not going to do them any good anyway if Dwight Howard and Deron Williams are the only good players on the market this summer and neither one ends up in Orlando.

  84. lollololol says:

    im a big heat fan an i dont think howard will do so good no matter how the trade is….they do need the center piece but no…not goin to happen….:p plus cap space trouble….

  85. Sideliner says:

    The funny thing is considering on how both teams can be winners. If Dwight’s traded and doesn’t get a championship, he loses–and if Orlando gets good players in the trade and takes the finals, then Orlando wins. But if Dwight’s traded and wins a championship–Orlando is the losing team. Dwight wants out of Orlando because he doesn’t think he can win a championship there, and Orlando only wants to trade Dwight if they feel they can compete for a championship.
    The only way to win? Readjust their attitudes so they’re content with the long-term. If Dwight goes somewhere else of his choice, he needs to accept it may be a while before he wins a championship. Same to Orlando with signing new players.
    What’s the best trade option? A three way deal: Boozer and Bynum and John Lucas to Orlando, Noah and Jameer Nelson to Lakers, Dwight to Chicago.

  86. Jose says:

    I believe that Howard to the Lakers for Bynum plus someone else is the most suitable trade for the Magic. All this talk about him going to the Heat really doesn’t make any sense. It seems like a lot of people don’t know how trades work in the NBA there is a salary cap…there’s only so much you can do with the amount of salary you can give players. Dwight Howard to the Lakers is a win win for the Magic and Lakers. It really seems to be the only trade that makes any sense right now.

  87. dnman says:

    carmelo for dwight howard

  88. Jupit says:

    GO JAZZ!!

  89. Gent says:

    the possible deal for orlando!!! they can start a great rebuild !!!

  90. jerzy says:

    Why not go to Chicago and play with Rose and Deng?

    D12 with Baby Davis for Boozer and Noah perhaps

    salary cap almost matches for both teams, Orlando gets 2 costly but really valuable players (still it’s imho better than getting nothing in June).

    And Chicago risks team chemistry in some way… I’m a Bulls fan but somehow I don’t see them winning the league this year. But with the best center and PG in the league? and Deng? for me it makes the difference enough to crush Miami in conf finals – risky for Bulls but worth a try

  91. SYDALE says:

    And, I must say… I agree with Celticfan3… Why? Because the Sixers are my team. LOL… But, Dwight doesn’t have us on his “list” of destinations… so the chances are slim to none for that.

  92. Jon John says:

    dwight’s best option would have been to keep quiet and just go where ever he wants in the summer anyway. that way what ever team picks him up dosent have to give up thier best player in return!!

  93. SYDALE says:

    If the Magic want to get back a good Center in return… then, they need to talk to the Pacers…

    Dwight for Roy Hibbert and a 1st Rd Pick… Others will have to be included as money matchers and salary dumps… but that’s the crux of the trade…

  94. Carlos says:


    Dwight Howard/Ryan Anderson/Chris Duhan to the Knicks.

    Tyson Chandler/Stoudemire/Jeremy Lin to the Magic

    Lin-sane Trade

    • Nate says:

      So the Magic becomes the Knicks and the Knicks becomes the Magics?

    • D12 SIxers says:

      Here is the deal lou williams and thaddeus young for dwight. This equals sixers win the championship. And Doug Collins gets fired

  95. Celticfan3 says:

    Dwight Howard should go play for the 76ers; the 76ers would be an instant championship team next year if he plays for them; i dont see my celtics gettin D12 sadly.. they just dont have any players they could trade for him that can satisfy orlando

  96. Everybody Happy!! says:

    Howard + Jameer for Wade + Chris Bosh. Both teams win. Keep it within Florida. END OF DISCUSSION.

  97. Robo says:

    Dwight to Miami and Wade to Orlando, simple as that. WIN WIN!

    • Everybody Happy!! says:

      Howard for Wade alone is not a fair trade, no disrespect to D-wade. the Heat should take it while they can, if they offer both Bosh and Wade, they’ll get Dwight almost automatically. Can you imagine Lebron and Dwight? it doesnt matter what other pieces are around those two, they’ve got to get a title. Magic will get Bosh and Wade for Dwight + J Nelson +Tur.

    • Celticfan3 says:

      WADE to Orlando???LOL The Heat will never trade their franchise player to a division rival for DHoward; Heat is better off trading Lebron to Orlando for Howard if they need a center so badly

      • Everybody Happy!! says:

        The Heat is only keeping Wade bc they dont want to upset the fans, but if they can get dwight and lebron on their team, i dont think that many fans will mind. thats a pretty solid team. just gotta give up chris bosh and wade to get howard and tur and j nelson. Tur and j nelson can help spread the floor while dwight take it inside, and lebron can just do whatever. just like kobe and shaq during their prime time.

  98. sam says:

    dh12 to memphis for gasol, randolph and allen

  99. lollololol says:

    knick is a good trade….

  100. Duane says:

    I can think of one: Magic sending Howard to the San Antonio Spurs

    Spurs give up a good young player in Anderson, Give up a great 3 pointer shooter and veteran, Bonner and give up an old veteran in Jefferson.

    The Magic would have key players to go any direction they want, either youth or veteran. Meanwhile Howard would get a great chance at a Championship with the Spurs.

  101. Fran C says:

    I think, that to deal howard for bosh, wold be the win, win situation that they should be looking for. Howard wil complete de miami heat, with a strong defensive center, and wil make them the true force of the nba, with now, no holes in his game. And give the orlando magic a super star calibre player. orlando shoudent be thinking of geting an icual replecement for howard, for two reasons: 1) its imposible, cose no team is going to trade his franchise player (bulls\rose, thunder\durant, miami\lebron, lakers\kobe) and they are the only ones thar could have te same impact that howard has. 2) they are in no position of barging. becose in the sumer they could loose hin anyway. what is thinking outside the box? for me is this: bosh is a young allstar center, ho is unther achiving for being third ofensive option. he is not a defensive force like howard, but ho is? he has proven that he could be a franchise player, has he was in toronto, whe for me was the second best interior player. he has a multiyears deal, so you dont be afraid of loosing him in free agency. i dont kow how he likes to play in orlando, but i think that tasting the less protagonic role, he be willing to be the top player of a team. the only realy winner in the forge of miami trident was wade. got gain an all star calibre team, with any cost, he still is the miami man, no one hates him. Lebron obiusly lost a lot, bosh too, and both will sure have a ring in his hands by now if they take the bulls path. but finally and most important. when giving up howard, you sholudent be thinking of stand even, you yould be thinking in how you could lose less. making this deal, no only could make them have a fanchise player, cose they could include otrher things in the deal, like players, picks, etc. So for me a half win is much better than a complete lost, the realy good deal come not when you try to get the player ho is performing great rigth now, they come when you get the player that could perform greater in the future under the right circunstances. Like he gasol deal, the team that geats him, would be a great winer for the same reasons. he is a leader, a proven franchise player of small teams, grat iq for the game, every body is looking how hes numbers go down, and that he is old. But they ara no looking for the reason, for that drop. also, he is not that old for a position, were there arent as many good players, for this reason i think bosh is the best choice, cose basketbal is not matematic, like other sports. you put 3 players that make 25 or more point in a team, and at least one is going to drop his numers. howard does not need to be first or second ofensive option to make and inpact, bosh does. thats the reason, this is a win esenario for both teams.

    pd: sorry for my gramar, i´m argentinian and my english is not very good.

    • Rich says:

      You’re fine, grammar is not the biggest problem here. Your NBA knowledge is and fair player movements.

      • Fran C says:

        the trade is not soposed to be fair, this is the reason all the trade especulation are unrealistic. Why the temas than could have howard for nothig will gave up big thing in return? the tems out of the list, wich i supose gave more for howard, could not take the risk of loosing him in free agency. So the most inteligent trade other than the one i proposed is the bynum one, but it has already been rejected, an bynum will hardly keep the numbers that he have, not having a kobe and a gasol to take care in the defensive end. and even so, he wold not have the impact thar bosh could have (look how miami miss him the last games) o even gasol. the magic i suspect have the hope to convince howard, ho is a proven unfaithfull player, in my opinion they should be happy with whatever they could guet, cose they lose howard already. thas way bosh, bynum, gasol, even boozer (another underachiving player for the cicunstances) were exelent pick surranunded by other thing. noone is gona rip apart his team (exept mabe the lakers) for howard, cose the mavs could have him for free, the nets have nathing to guive insted. and i see how you acumulate players in trades, 3 good players dont make an allstar. if the magic are smart, they will trade him for the best player able, and vosh is´t able, but i think that he will be is the trade is ofered. forguet about miami trandig wade, is the tem leader and the only hope of gueting the ring. wade and bosh!!!!!!????? its compleatly rediculous, most looking in te position that is miami rigth now, ad the position that is orlando right now. miami already lost, but they could guet a realy good player out of the disaster, and that is what they should do.

        pd: it would be nice that intead of giving and stament you argue, so if my knowledge i so poor you could iluminate me with yours. cose at least i try to do it, even with my rusty inglish jaja.

  102. Adam says:

    Heat GIve away:
    Joel Anthony :3,600,000$
    Mario Chalmers: 4,000,000$
    Udonis Haslem: 4,060,000$
    Mike Miller: 5,800,000$

    In exchange for:
    Dwight Howard 9,536,000$

    • Maup says:

      D12 to Heat? No way that’s gonna happen.

      I think they should do the D12- Steve Nash trade. It’s really solid.

    • Rich says:

      errr… and who will be left in Heat’s rotation.. never heard NBA has a pro-bono program ! and this goes to all posters who try to equate 1 player’s salary to 3-4 players’ salary.

      • chris says:

        It doesn’t matter who would be left in the Heat rotation. The Magic are not making that trade, and Heat cannot sign Howard straight up. Give it up, and ready the salary cap rules, Heat fans. The Heat are over the cap. Even if they cut everyone but the big 3, they don’t have the cap space to sign Howard straight up.

    • Nate says:

      Geeze another guy doing the Miami salary comparison? Lols….

      Here’s my best scenario for the Howard trade. Howard goes to Chicago for Deng and Noah. Chicago gets a second scorer that they desperately needed last year in the playoffs plus a great defender to add to their already great defense. Howard instantly gets a chance to win a championship and gets what he wanted. Orlando gets Deng and Noah to build upon. Let’s face it, Orlando is not going to get an even value for Howard talents, so this is their best trade for the future.

    • Carlos says:

      Whats the magic gonna do with all that garbage? Def. not a win-win

      • Jon John says:

        not to mention they wont have any money to sign anyone next year

      • Nate says:

        Like I said, there’s no win, win situation for the Magics, and they won’t be able to get an equal talent exchange for Howard. Any player that would equal Howards talent aren’t going anywhere. The best they can do is get the most out of their loses. And If you consider Deng and Noah garbage, then I’m not sure what Basketball world you’re watching. Deng and Noah are hustle players and they both play great defense, you can’t say that about a lot of other nba players. Of course maybe Chicago would probably have to add some cash or draft picks too.

  103. D12ATL says:


  104. Shrey says:

    Trade involving Steve Nash is an instant win-win situation for the Magic because i dont think magic would still be looking for winning championships in future when they can do it now.
    Get steve a championship , maybe one more year left in more shot…
    Because the scenario in which magic benefit the best is keeping him..since no trade can match the value of DH12.

    Maybe if they can get nash n bynum simultaneously…
    nash comes to magic for draft picks…n dey get these draft picks from LAL in return for howard..

    Howard +turk = Bynum + draft picks

    Draft picks + cash = Nash
    Its still a fairly formidable combination.

    • Jon John says:

      they want to get nash to get howard to stay in orlando, not trade howard and get an almost retired pointgaurd and an injurey proned center

  105. popito26 says:

    Well let me be the first actual MAGICfan here. You guys can sit here and cackle about who can sign, what cap space your team has, and thats cool… We got 1 week and 1 day to meet faith… It is what is, I know the outcome will be great #GO MAGIC!

  106. David says:

    Dwight Howard will not sign long term if it is just him and D-Will on the nets team. They will not beat any of the contenders and will not be a better situation than orlando right now.

  107. Eze says:

    i think comparing shaq or wilt to howard is lacking respect to them, howard dosent care about rings or w`s , hes an irresponsible child in a big body who can laugh in the bench with his team being pummeled, hes the kind to get a ring making the lebron move at 30

  108. Ka$H says:

    Dwight wants to go where he can win. Golden state will not cut it,Steph Curry and Howard cannot go through the west. Since the Lakers were snubbed of CP3. Gasol, Barnes and World Peace could be on their way to Orlando for Dwight howard. Every one happy! Send Nash and Grant Hill to Miami Heat for Chalmers , Haslem and Mike Miller.

  109. charles says:

    Orlando is essentially calling Dwights Bluff. If you want to sign with someone else, go do it. But go take millions of dollars in loss to do it because we’re not trading you.

    • Everybody Happy!! says:

      Orlando does not call Dwight bluffing. they really do want to keep Dwight. They always like big strong center, even though it has not been proven to work out well for them. shaq and wight take them to the finals, but never good enough for the title. Dwight wouldnt be losing millions if he goes to the Lakers because I guarantee he’ll make up for it with new endorsements. He’d be wasting millions if he keeps staying in Orlando, skipping out on all these possible endorsements, especially when LeBrone, Dewayne, Carmello in the East

  110. Everybody Happy!! says:

    Dwight Howard go to the Lakers, Orlando will get Pau Gasol, Steve Blake, and some bench players. Why does Orlando keeps trying to hang on to strong Center player like Shaq and Dwight? Apparently that’s not their team personality. They have had Shaq and Dwight for many years and, yet, haven’t won a title. They need to switch it up!! Pau Gasol is probably a better fit then Bynum. Then get some parameter players to help them win a title for once! I feel sorry for the Magic. Either way they’ll lose Dwight, so why settle with nothing? Get a decent Center to replace him! Go Magic!!

    • chris says:

      Well, for one because Gasol doesn’t want to play center. And because Howard and Bynum BOTH are centers. Neither can play power forward at this points in their careers. The Magic made it to the Finals with both Howard and Shaq. They could have won a championship if Shaq had stayed. That’s on him. In fact, the Magic have been very good teams with both centers. If Howard is patient, he can win in Orlando, too. The Magic have salary cap problems this season and next. But not after that.

      • Andrew says:

        They should work a three way trade with Houston who wanted Gasol..

        Houston gets Gasol
        Lakers get Howard, Turkoglu, Glen Davis
        Orlando get Bynum, Scola, Barnes + draft picks..

        If Orlando don’t have Dwight they will not compete so they should clear contacts, get young talent and picks..

  111. KaroLT says:

    said from the beginning pair Howard With Josh Smith in ATL

  112. D12KNICKS says:

    “Shaun Powell: Actually, I’ll give you three. Dwight Howard to OKC for Russell Westbrook and others. Dwight Howard to the Bulls for Luol Deng and Joakim Noah. Dwight Howard to the Knicks for Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler. Those are the three deals where everyone wins. Well, almost. Better hope Dwight loves the rodeo, because there’s nothing else to do in OKC.”

    that what i always thought, there is no way Otis would trade Dwight for only 1 player. he gonna need to rebuild the team from zero. so he need at least 2 star or 1 star + 1 decent player + draft pick. or maybe the same scenario like Chris Paul and Melo.

    If those 3 teams that Dwight choice not offering any good proporsal, i believe Dwight will ended up with Knicks (if Dolan has the same state of mind like last time,LOL) or any other team. Otis wouln’t risk losing a star and gain nothing from it. cant wait how this turned out..

  113. Family guy says:

    Dwight Howard for Lebron James? hmm…

  114. reagan says:

    If I am the GM of Orlando I’ll trade Dwight before the trade deadline. I rather have money and productive players than lose him this coming summer. Remember what happened in Cleveland? I’ll also send Hedo with him, unloading him would be great.

    There is no possibility of a win-win trade because Dwight is a franchise player but I rather get Bynum or Lopez which could develop and hopefully reach their full potential. Minnesota might also be interested to be involved in a 3 team trade giving out Beasley. Minnesota’s frontcourt is too crowded like Utah’s. Another trade would be Carmelo and Chandler is a good deal and future draft picks.

    It would be crazy if teams that are not included in Dwight preferred destination would gamble for a 6 week rental of his services.

  115. ethan says:

    There is no trade that involves Howard and the Magic winning. they do not want to trade Howard and they do not have the pieces nor draft picks to package together a deal to get a D-Williams, Monte Ellis, or any other all star. Basically the Magic are done at seasons end. Howard leaves and they become the worst team in the NBA.

  116. james says:

    there are a few win-win-win deals- howard to OKC, Lakers, Bulls or Heat.

    in each case, the teams 2nd/ 3rd best player are strong enough to form a foundation for orlando: Westrook + Ibaka or another from OKC, Bynum + other from Lakers, Deng + Noah from Bulls and pretty much any1 of the big 3 from Miami + miller/battier/chalmers… if i was miami i would give up Wade, James plays 2 guard (as well as everywhere else) well enough to negate that (+ theres no need to be clutch if you dominate as much as that team would)

    Win for Magic- foundation all star + 2nd player
    Win for Howard- all championship contenders
    Win foir club- onbious, Howards sheer domination negates any loss

    • james says:

      ps sorry for spelling (Westbrook etc.), typed too fast

      • james says:

        pps, im not saying the above trades are what will or should happen, merely the only real win-win-win deals, deals to/from nets and dallas have obvious losers

  117. Amitpal says:

    As much as i hate the lakers the best scenario is with the lakers. Bynum for Dwight or Bynum and Gasol for Hedo Dwight and Nelson. That’s the best scenario for both team. And new jersey is out of luck.

  118. OKCFTW! says:

    OKC cant trade westbrook, they just gave him an extention, although I want to see Dwight in OKC with KD and Harden… I gotta love wetbrook but for me, if he goes somewhere, he can be a monster! He is the Stephon Marbury in the Garnett-Marbury tandem.. and one last thing, Trading Westbrook will and can ruin the Chemistry of OKC.. so Sam Presti be wise and if you know it’s good for the team, do it.. THUNDER UP!

  119. Let Orlando win now, but Dwight next season says:

    Here’s the deal:
    Trade Dwight and Big Baby Davis for Al Jeff and Paul Milsap.
    Dwight will stay in Salt Lake for the rest of the season, and will give the Utah the chance to make it to the playoffs. (Win for Utah). Favors can play as a starter and rookie Kanter get some experience with Dwight to play as starter next season.
    Orlando would get one of the best centers in the west with Al Jeff (and certainly better than Lopez and whatever else) and also a good PF.(Win Orlando) Then, Orlando could still make a decision, whether to keep Milsap before deadline, since they have Anderson, or trade him for some other good player…someone who can shoot, and attack the rim! Thats what the magic need! And Dwight can land next season wherever he wants (win Dwight), or stay in Salt Lake City (double win Utah)…but even when he leaves, he’ll open up cap space for utah to sign better guards…
    Best deal possible for everyone!

    • chris says:

      Yeah, like Orlando wants to help Utah, which allowed New Jersey to put the Magic in this situation to begin with by trading D-Will there. Before that happened, I never heard a peep about Deron Williams linked to Dwight Howard.

  120. ardit12345 says:

    I think the only way they could possibly win or atleast feel a bit satisfied is by trading Andrew Bynum with Dwight … I know , but still bynum is the next best bigman after howard and that would be better if they could get him in exchange for Dwight and not let him go in summer for nothing ,,,, because i don’t see the magic geting a big superstar this summer

  121. kony 2012 says:

    there is no way he gets traded where it works out well for both teams its just not possible. they do need to look for the best trade for him but cant hold out for it to be like a mega all star for him they just need to get this done before the deadline and end up losing him for nothing in the summer

  122. GregH says:

    The best trade scenario is to send Dwight to Golden State fro Monta Ellis, jason Richardson goes back where he started along with Ryan Anderson and Orlando gets Monta, David Lee and Udoh GS has to give up 1st round picks but he will be the Bay Area Savior for the next 10 yrs n get to play with Steph Curry

    • Amitpal says:

      Dwight doesn’t want to stay in the BAy Area. Dwight only wants a long contract with nets, mavs and maybe lakers. Plus orlando doesn’t win in that scenario, they are going to be stuck with bad salary and stay in the middle pack for years to come. Not good enough for championship but to good to draft a good pick.

    • chris says:

      So then the Magic become the Warriors? You must be a Warriors fan. Don’t see that happening. And even if it did, Howard isn’t staying there. Dream on.

  123. David says:

    This win-win should be between Dwight and his new team. Magics does not deserve to win nor will they if Dwight still wants to leave. With this being said Dwight to Miami Heat is a win-win:

    Win Dwight:
    – play for a contender
    – Stay in Florida so he pays less tax

    Win Heat:
    – Heat is the only contender without a remotely satisfactory centre and Dwight fills that hole

    The Heat can send Orlando some spare parts to match salary because if any team not just the Heat can convince that they can win now, win in the future, and give Dwight a big part in their production, Dwight will try to head to that team anyways either a trade or free agency. Orlando will eventually be left with the choice of geting nothing, or getting spare parts. So in a sense, getting anything back at all is a win for orlando if Dwight leaves.

    • Tegu says:

      Dwight to the HEAT? Do you not understand aalary cap? They wouldn’t even be able to trade for him with the players they have. Keep dreaming. I can tell you’re a bandwagon HEAT fan. Who else do you want them to trade for? Kobe,CP3,Blake,and Deron Williams? Yeah, maybe they could do that, if they didn’t try buying a championship and overpaying 3 players especially the dinosaur Chris Bosh.

      • Tegu says:


      • DJ3 says:

        You are right. David, this is why we HEAT fans get a bad name. Although i still think some Laker fans are pretty crazy too. The only way the HEAT could get D12 by only giving up spare parts is if Mark Cuban or Mitch Kupchack (spelling?) decides to pay our luxury tax. And dont think about saying “well then why dont we give up Chris Bosh”. It won’t happen. Why?

        1. The Magic have better deals. They could trade Dwight to the Nets for expiring contracts and Turk to the Pacers just as a salary dump.
        2. LeBron and Wade probably want to keep Chris Bosh.
        3. Chemistry issues. Dwight clogging the paint. The list goes on.

      • David says:

        do research before you post

        Tell me what is the combined salary of Miller, Chalmers, Haslem, and Joel Anthony times 1.25
        Is it higher than Dwight’s?

        Plus, it seems that Dwight becoming a free agent is more and more of a possibility, so if he gets a sign and trade at the end of this season, he can take less money and play for the heat, don’t jump on for this because it is just a possibility. I still think Dwight will be a Heat when they get their championship this summer.

      • David says:

        Hey DJ3:
        The heat is not breaking up the big three to get Howard, okay, I didn’t suggest that and anyone who does is not very bright.

      • David says:

        No one mentioned Bosh in any trade, or should anyone break up the big three. That doesn’t mean Miami should not get DH12. Please, don’t ever suggest upon breaking up the Big three again, it’s foolish.

        I’m from Toronto by the way, so it is not like I’m a hard core Miami fan, I just think it’s what needs to done.

      • Nate says:

        @ David, you’re hilarious dude. All them guys can match Howard’s salary but how are you going to fill those missing positions and subs when you trade 4 players for 1 and no more $ to sign anybody else? You do know that you need a complete roster to win right, including role players and subs. LOLs….

      • LIKing your idea says:

        no wait he could make sense if dwight to heat with turk for lebron bosh and battie both side kinda win

      • David says:

        How many players do you need to play each night?
        The Heat will have Big 3, Dwight, Norris Cole starting, they will also have shane battie, dexter pitman, eddie curry, james jones, gladness, and terrel harris. That is like 11 guys. You usually don’t see teams play more than 11 in an NBA game.

      • David says:

        Take a look at this trade, it will only decrease Orlando’s win by 6, which is pretty good for loosing your best player. It will increase Miami’s by 16. It is a win win because it increased both team’s combined wins by 10.

      • wow says:

        goofs,..understand,..dwight leaves orlando,..then he leaves florida,..that means he wont even go to miami,..end of discussion on that

      • David says:

        That is only a Plus 4 for the Lakers and 0 wins between the two teams because 4-4=0.
        See this trade:
        Orlando also loose 4 games, and Knicks gets rid of Melo.

    • Unknown says:

      You have to be kidding… LOL!

      You know what would be a Win-Win scenario? Send Lebrick to Orlando for D12…

      Magic gets a franchise player with a long term contract and the Heat would be almost invincible with the D12, Wade and Bosh tandem…

      They could add Ryan Anderson and Udonis Haslem to the mix too…

      • Rocket33 says:

        Yep. This trade works for both teams.

      • lakersfan says:

        How about this trade?

        Dwight to knicks for 3rd round pick, Amare’e, novak, chandler, walker, and jeffries. Magic gets loads of talent, NYK get amazing big man.

    • buckets says:

      wow you are crazy

    • Rick says:

      Good point, but what would you trade to get him?

    • kb24 says:

      lol? you guys have no cap space for Dwight Howard and who will you give up? Chris Bosh? because that will give you another hole and there is no way the Magics will give up Dwight for Bosh

    • Bobby says:

      Lose: Magic.

      They do not want to give up their All-Star center to a division rival and playoff contender. The Heat do not want to break up their big three and that is virtually the only way to get this deal done. Sorry, you lose

      • Joshua says:

        You are right. Way i see it, dwight is not going to an east team. they will most likely look for deals out west, given that they don’t want dwight hurting their changes for the playoffs of even the finals. Dwight should be sent either to the lakers, who can offer bynum, a draft pick, cash, and another player, say like goudelock of one of the small forwards or to the suns for steve nash, cash and on or two other players, preferably young

    • Mikhail says:

      You’re dreaming dude, D12 to Miami? haha
      Salary cap is the main issue. Even if the Heat give up 3-4 players for Howard, he’s salary wouldn’t fit…

      And funny thing is, even if you give the whole roster except for the 3 cry babies, it’s still not enough.

    • dex8513 says:

      i don’t think Dwight to Heat is even remotely possible. Magic can do better deals with other teams than getting spare parts from Heat.

      Shaun Powell made interesting trade suggestions. from Knicks standpoint, landing a Dwight for Carmelo and Tyson makes sense. Carmelo is one of the most overrated and certainly the most overpaid player in the league. he’s a not a good team player. he thrives when tempo is slow and he gets lots of isolations, but no team is going to win a champonchip playing that style of basketball. as soon as the tempo goes higher, the ball is shared and he has to do things in hurry, his shooting % goes rapidly down. he gets blocked like every other time when he drives to the basket. too predictable, no hesitation, change of direction or anything that would made defenders guess.

      as a Knick fan, i think i’m going to have dreams about this trade, but i don’t have high hopes for this trade actually happening. still it would be nice, fingers crossed.

      • David says:

        Why would any team make an offer as large as that?
        Here are two situations:
        1. Dwight wants to play for team X
        2. Dwight does not want to play for team X
        In either of those situations, team X doesn’t need to give up anything more than just spare parts to match salary because:
        1. Dwight will play for team X via free agency or sign and trade so the Magics get essentially nothing back
        2. If it is just a 2 month rent, team X should not gut their team

      • alfred says:

        @David: If it would just be a 2 month rent for Melo and T. Chandler, then so be it! If he goes to NYK and the team does better, it’s not impossible for him to not re-sign during the summer for real chance at the championship. If not, then hey, at the Knicks get rid of Melo – what’s the downside of that?

    • JohnZ says:

      In what universe can the Heat sign D12 via free agency?Or trade for him,while keeping Orlando…..content.I doubt Haslem and Mike Miller can do that…which i think still would be far off from the salary stand of point.

      Orlando needs to take Lopez or Bynum and start thinking about rebuilding,not winning now,cause they aren’t gonna win season philly and indiana are gonna be ahead of them,and if Orlando still wouldn’t be rebuilding,that would be devastating.Need to start now.

      • Everybody Happy!! says:

        Is it even possible to trade Dwight to the Heat? Wasnt this the same reason David Stern blocked the trade of CP3 to the Lakers? too many stars on one team, unless d-wade, and chris bosh goes to Orlando. I think that would be a good trades. The Heat will definitely have a great shot at the title with Lebrone and Dwight. On the other hand, Magic will have to pick up another talent to have their big three and also a shot at the title.

      • alfred says:

        Stern blocked it because he can – the league owned the Hornets.

    • David says:

      Guys, do research before you post.
      Tell me what is the combined salary of Joel Anthony, Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem, and Mike Miller time 1.25.

      • ha says:

        who cares what. the combined salery of those 4 players are. what was the heats problem last year becides running into a better dallas team and dirk going bonkers on everyone in the playoffs last year.

        depth. the heat are meshing well and you want to bring in howard? go back to your video game.
        the one thing howard and miami have in common is the miami heat will never sell it’s building out until playoff time. AND howard will never be a miami heat player. you sir need to stop.

      • Nate says:

        @ David, come on now, you need to stop it with this math question. It was funny the first time but now it sounds like you’re actually serious about it. Looks like you’re the one who needs to do research on salary cap and how a team is built.

      • LIKing your idea says:

        dude role player this is not a video game that you need only stars look at denver they lost melo but they’re still a playoff team and look what piston did to the Lakers back then it’s not just all stats look for roles that’s why when i look at miami i can’t see a big 3 in there it’s just a publisity stunt it’s just lebron and wade and you really want a 3rd player to mention it would be chalmers than bosh they aren’t like celtics who left the defense to KG play making to rondo clutch for pierce and range for allen they’re not stars in the boston now they’re just role players doing their job unlike heat where lebron and wade still want to be stars

      • lj2 says:

        well said, @likinguridea. well said

    • Nate says:

      @ David, I’m talking about role players and actual subs, how many of those players you just named are actually getting quality mins, and able to produce from the bench? Plus injuries, etc. You can’t win a championship with just four starters, and no bench play. Look at almost any good team out there or in the past, they all had a quality bench. Battier is the only real quality player off the bench, Jones is ok too but all he does is shoot 3’s. Don’t know how you’re planning to win a championship with a bench like that.

      • David says:

        I guess your right, but what are other championship caliber centers who wants to leave or are free agents? Just like teams don’t win without a solid bench, they do not win with out a very good big, just think of the last few chanpionships: Shaq, Timmy, Garnett, Chandler. It is not like the Heat has to get Howard, but it is also not like Pat Riley is just going to sit there and see his team go into the playoffs without a solid centre you know, and Howard just happens to be out there willing to be traded.

    • Simon says:

      those two trades are the worst ideas EVER!!!! Magic get garbage players for the best center and one of the best power forwards? those players you want orlando to get have NO TALENT! this trade goes heavily to the heat. orlando might as well let dwight leave as a FA and use the cap space if that was the case. otis smith isn’t that stupid. oh and we would NOT trade anderson in this situation.

      • David says:

        The trade machine actually shows more wins for Orlando if ryan anderson leaves, so if there is a mistake, blame it on ESPN, lol.

    • J.J. says:

      Why would Magic trade Howard for all those garbages? Heat fan keep dreaming noob…

  124. bsj968 says:

    Dallas gets Howard and D-Will

    Orlando gets Marion, Haywood, and Beaubois

    Nets get Jason Terry.

    • Pick says:

      Sorry but that scenario is essentially a Deron Williams for Jason Terry trade, as far as the Nets go. Those two guys are not comparable players and the Nets get nothing else.

    • chris says:

      One-sided posts like this one, the one from the Heat fan, the one about Golden State, and the one that is going to come from Nets fans are the reason they shouldn’t bother allowing fans to post on these sites. They are just wishful babble that make no sense at all.

    • JOhn paul says:

      Howard GOes to chicago and trade gibson,noah and one more

    • Everybody Happy!! says:

      Alright. so here’s the only good trade for both teams. The Heat gets Dwight, Magic gets D-Wade and Chris Bosh. Everybody is happy, except for D-wade and Chris Bosh. If Lebrone can’t win a title with Dwight, then he cannot be compared to Kobe, since Kobe did it with Shaq during the prime time. That will also settle that Lebronve vs. Kobe discussion. Magic will keep Chris Anderson and pick up another talented player, I’m sure they also have a liget chance at the title as well. D-Wade and Chris bosh talents go to waste right now bc the Heat has too much and Lebrone just overshadow them. They’ll have a chance to shine even more in Orlando.

      • wadefan says:

        first of all chris “the birdman” anderson plays for the nuggets.. ryan anderson plays for the magic.. there is no way that the heat would trade dwade.. he’s the captain of the team and has been there since he was drafted.. as stupid as this may sound.. they might be more likely to trade bosh and bron for dwight, turk and maybe get some money.. solves their problem downlow since bosh doesnt do much at the post.. lebron and wade wouldnt be playing the same position anymore and it would allow wade to be more of a leader again and turk (if he started playing like he loves the game again) could at least bandage the 3-4 position that would be open with bosh and bron gone.. and that would definitely be better than anything else the magic could ever get from anywhere else in the league let alone the rest of the planet

    • nba24 says:

      thats a horribe deal!! for both the magic and net!! you must be a mavs fan for that to sound fair lol

      • bsj968 says:

        Of course I am a Mavs fan and it’s not fair. But guess what? D-Will is coming to Dallas in the summer anyway for free. Might as well get something for it. And if D-Will comes you know D12 will follow.

        And the ESPN trade machine shows the Nets at a -4, so that isn’t too bad.

      • Str8chi says:

        Trade Booooooooozer, Noah and Deng to Orlando for D12 (signed) and Turk.

    • swossh2411 says:

      D-Will to Paul Gasol, Bynum for Dwight Howard.. all star for all star.. everybody wins. Dwight D-will and blackMamabe all friends and olympics. Big Three now. but soon 1-2 combo for Dwill – Dwight once Kobe resign.. whats not to like to be in Biggest Market in NBA.. Hollywood..