Trade Chatter: Rent-A-Dwight?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With all of the changes in to the script, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the details of the Dwight Howard trade saga as we get closer to next week’s trade deadline.

Howard gave the Magic a list of three teams — the Nets, Lakers and Mavericks — on his preferred list, were they to honor his training camp request and trade him this season.

Now comes word, via Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel, that the Magic have a list of “six to eight” teams they are talking to about Howard:

“I’d say everybody in the league has called us. …but this late, it’s six to eight,” [Magic GM Otis] Smith said before the Magic faced the Toronto Raptors on Monday night.

Smith said there was “nothing new to report” about Howard’s situation.

With the trade deadline next [Thursday], Smith wouldn’t get into any specifics about Howard.

“We still have a ways to go. It’s early,” he said. “Usually nothing gets done until the 15th.”

Howard has been talking with Magic CEO Alex Martins, who remains hopeful that the franchise can convince their superstar center to stay.

Howard has an early-termination option in his contract and can become a free agent after the season. He told the Magic he preferred to be dealt to the New Jersey Nets, Dallas Mavericks or Los Angeles Lakers.

The Magic said when Howard presented his trade-request list early in training camp in December that they seek compensation if Howard had made up his mind to leave Orlando.

Smith said he expects some trade activity around the league at the deadline.

This notion that Howard could be traded to a team not on his preferred list means some team is willing to rent Howard’s services. A “Rent-A-Dwight” situation, if you will.

This adds all sorts of intrigue to what could go on between now and next Thursday’s deadline.

Smith did say he’s heard from every team in the league. And what GM worth his seats in a luxury suite wouldn’t at least make that call (presumably to gauge how much of their franchise they’d have to give up to get the best big man in basketball)?

Subtract the prospect of Howard sticking around beyond this season and every team in the league should be calling to at least get an understanding of what it might take to rent Howard’s services for a few months. (We usually don’t advocate short-term rentals of superstars, but we’ll make an exception for Howard.) Playoff teams obviously would have much more incentive, as Howard could push them over the top if he’s wearing their uniform.

It’s a trickier proposition for lottery-bound teams. You don’t need Howard’s arrival messing with your chances at snagging the top prize in the June Draft, which has another potentially superstar big man (Kentucky’s shot-swatting phenom Anthony Davis) atop most draft boards. Howard’s ticket-selling power for a couple of months might not be worth the risk of messing with the chances of getting Davis or any of the other top prospects in the Draft.

For everyone else, though, it should be a free-for-all. Smith’s phone should be ringing off the hook!


  1. Alex says:

    What about trade between Orlando and NYK involing dwight to NYK for Tyson Chandler and Jr Smith to Orlando?

  2. Sixcharacters says:

    this is the closest i think for a blockbuster trade:


    MAGIC get –> PIERCE(celt’s would have trouble in the cap if they put ALLEN here) + BYNUM + WORLD PEACE

    CELTICS get –> GASOL + NELSON (1st round from lakers or mavs?)


    or even both picks from LA & MAVS.. this way, it won’t be a rent-a-dwight scenario for the lakers

    celtics would have younger pf/c in gasol (and a reliable pg in nelson, too)..

    also an instant boost for magic w/ bynum & pierce..

    they can work out team chemistry any time soon (maybe offseason)

    • Sixcharacters says:

      another helluva shot trade:

      NETS get –> GASOL + MWP + NELSON + 1st ROUND frm LAKERS/MAVS

      No cap space problems, hope GM’s read this

  3. renz_garnett says:

    how about going to OKC.. trade perkins and westbrook.. or ibaka perkins and cook.. so dwight and durant can keep on winning
    he can also go to BULLS… trade noah and boozer.. so rose and howard can win it all..
    he can also go to CELTICS.. trade oneal, stiesma, future draft picks.. so big4 and howard can win against everbody else.. hahaha..

  4. Rabee says:

    Dwight better stay i am a huge magic fan get rondo he is our best chance to make dwight stay and also make us a real championship contender like miami rondo wont stay in boston if i were him i would get our of there as soon as possible no one wants to play with a bunch of old guys rondo is way to good for them he better leave and i think going to orlando is rondo’s best option it will be rondo and dwight pick and roll all game.

  5. The Angry Buddhist says:

    Dwight Howard is a legend in his own mind. The current crop of NBA centers is the worst since the 1950s. Howard can’t hit iron in less he’s arms length from the basket. Here are 20 that I would take before Howard without a 2nd thought.
    Wilt, Kareem, Bill Russell, Shaq, Moses Malone, Walton, Hakeem, Willis Reed, Unseld, Bob Lanier, Dave Cowens, Ewing. David Robinson,Alonzo Mourning, Robert Parish, Bob Macadoo, Nate Thurmond, Elvin Hayes,, Arvedis Sabonis, Jack Sikma, Bill Lambeer, Darryl Dawkins etc etc etc

  6. Ken says:

    go to LA… trade bynum… bynum is a good player and maybe, be the best center in the future. but dwight already proved himself as the best center. dont think of the future, think about the present… KOBE + DWIGHT = 2 CHIPS at least… think about it DWIGHT?! peace

  7. Luis says:

    Any possibility of him landing in Boston? O.o

  8. Juked says:

    Just think… if the knicks hadn’t traded for Melo. Linsanity would have never happened….

  9. D Clipper Nation says:

    Dwight will go to clippers and join Blake Griffin & CP3. dont forget Billups will b ready by playoff???

  10. sam says:

    I love Howard.A strong center,always get many rebounds.
    Hope Howard can join Miami Heats,help Lebron get the Final champion.

  11. sam says:

    Hope Howard can join Miami Heats,help Lebron get the Final champion.

  12. king4mvp says:

    im nervous and excited of d12 desision

  13. king4mvp says:

    he can go to heat trade with bosh and cole or anthony!!thats all and u can say heat the 2012 nba champion

  14. David says:

    The names metioned here are too talented: Taj Gibson, Noah, Andrew Bynum…….

    Olando doesn’t deserve any of those names. They have a player who is a free agent after this season and other teams are warned by the Melo trade, so I would like to see more names along the lines of Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, or Joel Anthony.

  15. Jerbaxx says:

    If Orlando wants to keep Dwight, they should listen to him. If he wants a superstar point guard give him 1 some1 like Deron Williams or Steve Nash, then Diwght might stay for a bit longer…

  16. NosTRADEamus says:

    I dreamed Howard wearing NETS’ home jersey.!

  17. BOYDEE says:

    Lakers won’t trade Bynum because hes still developing into a future allstar player (yes he played this year, but not to potential) Dwight is no good in LA because Dwight wants fame, Shaq wanted fame,but shot himself in the foot in the end, fame, fortune and championship with Kobe, so the lakers don’t need another superstar, they need talent to be around Kobe.

    Dallas is probably told Dwight to play it out for as long as he can so that the Mavs can pick him up in free agency. The Mavs seem a bit shifty in their dealings into breaking up the 2011 championship team??? yeah they get dwight and a championship, but for how many years can they win championships? they must have something up their sleave. The nets have nothing to trade and actually nor do the Bulls – this is where the headaches are for all teams. Last guy I knew that wanted to be traded out was Vinsanity, in whom ended up being traded and traded. Vince is one of the all time great players, that may have learnt from wanting to be traded. I wish vince all the best in winning a championship. Shaq ditched out and went to LA, won some championships, traded to Miami, Won and then was trade bait. For Dwight, he may want to check out what he’s doing to his future career, For one thing Bynum is a future great Centre, he’s still developing and better ALL round player than Dwight. A true great player, can shoot free throws, That’s why Dirk won the 2011 championship. Shaq also won but isn’t truely a great because he’s not a game winner, like Mike, Chuck, Reggie, Kobe .-. Dwight will never be the greatest star because he can’t shoot free throws. He might win championships, maybe, but he’ll never take the winning shot. Maybe once..!!! Is he worth it, the only team that has potential for trade is NY. Chandler and one other. That gives NY the guts it needs to win a championship.

    If the lakers would like to surprise, they need rondo or trade Kobe and rebuild or trade Kobe for Dwight and a small forward and trade Bynum for Monte Ellis . Trade Gasol for Deron Williams and then use exsisting trade from Odom to pick up a Dennis Rodman type who can rebound and defend LeBron James.

    The bulls are great, but maybe they need Ellis from GS to be a contender of the championship and not just a semi finalist, like Indiana, atlanta, knicks, cavs were for many years against MJ. Derrick got shutdown in the finals by the heat, and RIP is R.I.P again. Maybe the bulls need a face lift. Maybe its the coach and not all that the team is doing. So coach Tibs might need some help! But personally I think knicks might have an edge, trade Linsanity for Rondo – Brilliant!!!! NY has made enough money out of the hipe!!! NY is bussiness, SORRY. Rondo will be the glory.

    simply take a look at Dwight’s comments on allstar game, the point guards always have the ball. With the Mavs, Dwight will get the ball. With Kobe, Shaq got the ball, so why wouldn’t Dwight? Dwight suits the bulls defense and maybe offense.

    WHAT THE NBA NEEDS IS SOMEONE TO DEFEAT MIAMI? thats all NBA teams need to think about to build a team to win a championship. Miami has the potential for the next 6 years or more. its up to Dwight to go to the right team for the future of the NBA, otherwise, LeBron gets his championship, the knicks, the bulls, lakers or mavs need to step up.
    SA is to small for Dwights ego.

  18. James says:

    We will give anybody Odom and Marian for Mr. Howard. From the office of the Mavericks, LOL… Come on Cuban, bring him to Dallas.

  19. TrueMagicman says:

    I’m 40 years old I’ve been a Magic fan since I can remember and this message is to Howard and all the media and Magic fans. Dwight Howard is leaving no matter what he says to the media or whatever the media reports. So fans of the Orlando Magic keep your dignity and self respect and stop begging like kids in Toy’s R Us for him to stay he’s not staying and if the Magic franchise doesn’t trade him for something in return then they will be the worst and stupidest franchise in the NBA history and that’s a fact. And the Magic will loose a long time fan as well.

  20. DHOWARD12FAN says:

    is there any possibility that howard will end up in minnesota twolves?

  21. contactmike2012 says:

    “Dwight is going to the NETS, I told you so!”
    enough said.

    (Someone please repost this when it comes true and no I’m not from NJ)

  22. fapprentice says:

    In order to keep Dwight in Orlando they will need a decent PG and a swingman who can help Dwight in scoring .. f they dont get it before trade deadline ends, they will surely end up losing Dwight

  23. deo says:

    i must prefer that he will end up in Chicago with Derrick Rose on his side. A better contender for a ring…

  24. Jacob says:

    We in Cleveland wished LeBron would’ve demanded a trade, that way we would have gotten at least SOMETHING for him. We got a trade exception that we couldn’t use, and we got an insignificant pick. If we didn’t luck sack into Kyrie, we would still be the worst team in the league. Think about what Cleveland could’ve gotten for LeBron had he demanded a trade… Sign…

  25. D says:

    why not go to chicago?…

  26. D.ROSE says:


  27. jonski22 says:

    the problem is Howard indecision to pick just one team he wants to Otis can look into that team and talk who is the best available players and draft pick for that trade…let say if Howard wants to be traded to the Nets..the Magic GM can take what is the best offer from the Lopez, some quality players on who is on rookie/sophomore years and 1st round draft picks…the Magic cannot trade Howard if they will dangle the names like Turk/Nelson and Big Baby…the Magic has no power on this trade coz it’s DHoward decision…teams will take advantage of this situation…

    IMO..i think DHoward will be in Dallas with multiple teams involve…Dallas will not move Dirk and Kidd…maybe they won’t get Deron this season..but imagine a Dwight, Dirk, Carter, Kidd, Marion/Odom…that’s good right..but the bench will suffer..coz for this trade to happen you got to move…Marion/Rodrigue/Terry/Mahinmi/Haywood…they just got Odom i think they cannot trade him yet..and Odom when he think that this team is capable..will play BETTER again…

  28. SomeoneLikeYou says:

    Dwight is leaving and everyone knows that. He won’t say that because he doesn’t want to lose the respect of the Orlando fans………JUST YET. Whether they trade him today or not at all, I guarantee that he will be gone before the start of next season. Now on to where he would fit best. In L.A. Dwight would be the second option to Kobe because Kobe would be the ones taking the shots………..not Dwight. Also, Dwight has already made it clear that he does not want to be the second option. If he lands in Dallas, Dwight would still slightly be the second option but also not as much as in L.A. Dirk would be more willing to give the ball up than Kobe. Dirk knows that he needs some type of help, both offensively and defensively (now that Tyson Chandler is gone). Now on to New Jersey. Obviously the Nets are not as appealing as the Lakers or the Mavs, but I truly think this is where he would fit in the best. They only have one player that is a true scorer, that person being Deron Williams. They have no inside game (occasionally Lopez) but nothing consistant because of injury. I think it would be an equal share between Williams and Dwight if he did land in New Jersey, and also the best fit. This is only my opinion and what I think would work out best. The truth is Dwight will more than likely still thrive wherever he ends up.

  29. wow says:

    Trade Dwight for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. After that let Dwight decide what to do,..Peirce won’t get trade,..he is a celtic for life,..dirk wont get traded,..he is a maverick for life..certain dudes wont get traded because they are a lifer for their team..rondo seems like he is a lifer for celtics so be dumb to trade him..Magic cant keep Dwight because his mind is already made up, how? all this trade talk is still going on so that should already tell folks that his mind is made up otherwise we be talking extension..dwight not going to lakers by trade..nor knicks..knicks not doing no crazy trades for a while,..they lesson is learned,..only 1 reason dwight wont go to chicago isnt even dwights fault,..but its he Adidas obligation,..Adidas dont want both their biggest stars,..dwight and d rose on the same team because of how the moarket to sell sneakers is..again, is a good 70% of how all this stuff will play out..durant will never get traded who ever said the dwight for durant..dwight not going to jersey this year because the nets wont make playoffs but if free agent he will sign after season ends,..not going to heat because once dwight leave orlando,..he leave florida..sorry,..but if dwight whines as folks say,..oh well,..not only is it a business,..but dude went to finals and then they failed to capitalize on that to keep the momentum going….sorry,..I liked the LeBron decision ONLY for one reason,..him doing that on tv like that sad to say,..IS WHAT FOLKS WANTED TO SEE!! they wanted to see this silly drama,..hello??? folks forget we live in the world of wack reality tv? folks thrive on this stuff,..except this time it was ACTUALLY real

  30. dong j says:

    if howard want a ring.. go to bullls, lakers, thunder, heats and mavs… trade to bulls howard to deng, noah and gibson.. trade to lakers howards, davis and rediick to bynum and gasol… trade to thunder ibaka, perkins and harden to howard.. to heats howard to wade or lebron.. and mavs howard for terry, mariom and odom

  31. jacknohara says:

    I don’t get why people are so high on DH12. Look, people must remember that the first reason he’s the “best big man in the NBA” is because there isn’t other quality (average ??) big man avaiable in this league anymore.

    He has 7 seasons under his belt and still can’t hit a baby hook, can’t backdown in the post without fumbling the ball … He’s just a very strong guy in the middle, in a league completly depleted in big man. Chris Dudley would be an All-Star in the NBA of today …

    Howard plays only relying on his physical habilities, he’s an injury away from becoming completely useless. Who is DH12 whitout his jumping and strenght ?? He’s 26 years old, for how long can he be the strongest man on the court ? 3-4 seasons ? People really think that a team can win a ring whit DH12 as it’s best player ?

    People shoud remember that the NBA of today is rulled by guards. Who would trade a great guard for Howard, who isn’t that great at all ??

    To sum it up : I think DH12 value isn’t as high as some people believe it is, and that’s why nobody is willing to give too much for him, and this is what is stalling the negotiations. Magic think they have gold, but they actualy only have silver (maybe bronze).

    • SomeoneLikeYou says:

      What is Derrick Rose without his athleticism? The answer is nothing. You can’t use that point to argue Dwight Howard not being very good. As far as not being able to back someone down, this is just simply not true. He does it all the time, and any player in the NBA is an injury away from ruining there career. There are plenty of quality centers in the NBA. First off, you have Marc Gasol, Al Jefferson, Andrew Bynum (he was in the all-star game for a reason). Dwight is a great defensive player, a pretty good offensive player, and I think you are just flat out underrating him to the fullest.

      • jacknohara says:

        Maybe I went to hard on DH12, but you’ve got to agree with me that he isn’t so superior when compared to the other centers you just mentioned. And all of them are just average players in a broader basketball concept.

        My point it that DH12 isn’t worth half of a team. The Lakers would look to different with him in the middle instead of Bynum ? The major diference between those two is that Bynum is injury prone . For the rest, they’re pretty much the same, with Bynum more polished in the ofensive post and DH12 way stronger in the boards.

        As for athleticism, I personally just hate what the likes of Lebron, Rose, Howard and other are doing to the game. I’d prefer to watch players who have talent with the orange, not guys who just overpower for the score. To see guys overpowering for the score, we watch football, right ?

        What i’m saying is that athleticism is just a part of the game, not the whole game. Think of Kobe. His athleticism was / still is amazing, but that’s not what made him great. MJ could jump and dunk a lot, but that didn’t made him great either. There’s way more about them and that was way outside of the weight room.

  32. You want more stars heat fans, seriously says:

    lol all the Heat fans in here, saying he should go to miami, hay, you have three superstars, you are making a run for a title dominating almost every team and you are saying they need to trade bosh and get howard, your big three signed up together because they were good friends and wade convince them to join.

    And what will the magic end up with, bosh and chalmers or something like that, they are not giving up lebron nor wade, magic will have no inside presemce and it will be a team of all jump shooters that = no offensive rebounds that will not be good for a only shoot 3 team like the magic when they cant make a shot, so not gonna happen.

    I think that the magic don’t care what howard thinks and they only wanna have the best deal they can in exchange of howard, i think the ones with better chance of getting howard are the lakers and the bulls because lakers can give the second best center in return and maybe one or two more guys, and the bulls have a lot of talent that they can give back to the magic like noah, corver, hamilton, deng, watson or taj gibson, and it will be a great fit for the bulls that play defense first with the most defensive guy on the nba.

    • David says:

      I agree that Miami should not trade any one of the big three, it makes no sense from a basketball sense, chemistry sense, or marketing sense. But that does not meant that they are not getting Howard.

      Miami fans does not have to worry that Dwight will be playing in Miami either this year or the next, thought Dwight will get one more ring if he joins the heat this year.

      There is reason why Miami did pursue any center in this off season, and didn’t even make an attempt at Nene, Dalemert, or Chandler. They already know that they are getting Howard. As for the three teams named by Howard, they are just a diversion so Miami can actually play baksetball this season.

      So guys, don’t be fooled by all the trade rumours.

  33. Niko says:

    Please Howard come to Spurs?You would do great with Thiago and Leonard plus Parker and Manu

  34. VGB says:

    Dwight Howard should go on the Sacramento Kings LOL

  35. nfs021 says:

    I would love to see dwight howard in a blazers uniform, especially with lamarcus and gereald wallace…but sadly that’ll never happens cuz he knows that he’d probably blow out his knee within 5 mins of his first game and be screwed for the rest of his career. I’m a blazers fan and even I know this franchise will never keep a center healthy. Portland…the GRAVEYARD for centers. Everyone says it’s the curse of bowie, but is say it’s all bill waltons fault.

  36. WhatIfhappens says:

    I would trade Howard and Turkoglu to any team in the West so that the Magic could receive good pieces and bring more talent to the East. From their Dwight could decide whether to commit to that team or just leave to follow wherever Deron Williams ends up, either with the Nets, Mavericks and even possibly the Lakers. Imagine a team with Deron Williams, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard. It would be a guaranteed Heat and Lakers Final

  37. OKC says:

    It continually baffles me that OKC isn’t mentioned as a team (THE team, in my mind) Dwight could go to and create a dynasty with.

  38. ChenZhen says:


  39. nbafan says:


  40. nbafan says:

    oh because hes a wimp its ok its ok that he saying he wants to be traded now because hes to scared to be rediculed like james melo
    your sad PEOPLE

  41. smartest guy ever says:

    dwight to the portland trailblazers for brandon roy and greg oden, good deal yeh?

  42. D12KNICKS says:

    there’s no way Otis would trade D12 just for Lopez or Bynum, the reason he keep stalling is b/c the teams that D12 choice is just doesnt really have good bargaining chip. im pretty sure if Dolan offered Stat + Chandler for D12 + Draft pick, Otis will accepted, and D12 will happy about it b/c he’s gonna play in NY. and finally Knicks win the championship this time!

  43. ZACK says:

    comon…. stop being ignorant readers and typers. Im ashamed of almost every single comment I read on this board, as a Human being.
    Grow up.

  44. Rex says:

    Boston will perhaps rent DH services for the year since no more BIG three after this year…

  45. Barea # 1 says:

    I can only imagine howard in the knicks,heat,nets or mavericks uniform…

  46. Alec says:

    I would like to see trade Cris Bosh and Cole for Dwight. Miami needs big strong center and Orlando would get young playmaker in Cole who can be really good under right coach plus star forward in Bosh. Go HEAT GO!!!!

  47. Bulls2012CHAMPS says:

    Ive been reading all these comments on Dwight going to Lakers…Tell me one thing why would dwight go to the Lakers when Kobe has ONLY about 2-4 years in the league left in on a Elite level..Thats sooooo stupid..Dwight should eitheNoahr stay in orlando or go to Dallas (Dirk and Dwight thatll be sick then maybe sign Nash or Dwill), but i dont see how even dallas can get him in a trade unless they wait till the off season.. If any team has the chance and package on landing Howard is the Bulls (Not saying I want him) the Bulls have BY FAR the best package they can give Dwight…

    NOAH, TAJ or Asik, and CJ or Korver and the 1st round pick in 2016..for dwight will be a good deal..NO DENG TO ORLANDO DENG IS GOING TO RETIRE AS A BULL….Bulls could be a serously contender for Howard since Rip may be out the whole year

    • David says:

      The Bulls is powerless against the heat in a playoff series. The only place Dwight can go without getting his hopes crushed again and again and again by th Heat is Miami.

  48. LOL says:

    its amazing how many haters there are on this blog

  49. The Truth says:

    Dwight. If you wanna be the best, I suggest you go to LA and play with THE BEST (Kobe Bryant)!!! After he leaves the league, Be sure you will be the BEST!!!!!

  50. Paul Jones says:

    The Nets is too long a proposition for him if he seeks a ‘chip. Dallas would eb abetter bet, but then only if they’re gonna pick up Deron, and there’s no guarantee. I wondered if he might come to Chicago, his D impreses anyone, but would he disrupt our excellent chemistry? Who could we send their way? Booz, Asik and a pick? Too risky for Chicago. I hope he goes to Boston, if they could a package together; Rondo and Dwight would be a very succesful combo. The Nets won’t be competitive for a while. There’s a bit of uncertainty around Dallas, and Kobe allegedly but the skids on him going to LA.


    Why are any other teams going after Dwight Howard he said Brooklyn is n the house.

  52. Paul says:

    Mr. Howard, please go to LA Lakers. Team up with The Black Mamba. Kick the Heat’s azzz. 🙂 (by the way love Wade) Love U.
    Kobe is still the best, for his generation (the closest so far to MJ). I’m his die-hard fan and will be yours, too, if…
    Steve Nash isn’t a bad idea, but if you must, wait for D-Will next year 🙂 = ring for sure
    MJ the best ever.

  53. amir says:

    he want trade becuse he want to win a champion ? if yes way he want to go to the nets ??????????????/
    he will never win champion there

  54. CY says:

    haha imagine.. i know this sounds impossible but what if the Miami Heat decided to rent Howard for the playoffs this year..

    i can’t imagine how awesome is that.. Florida is jsut pumped haha

  55. mz-jazz-greece says:

    IMO, Orlando can keep Howard and instead of looking for a team to trade him, they should look to trade all the other bunch of role players to get another star next to him. Only Ryan Anderson should be out of the list, rest of them are good baits.

  56. Sam Robinson says:

    dwight is the heats poison

  57. oneLOVEbasketball says:

    its not a necessary to move Dwight.. but if he moves, i’ll suggest several teams to go..
    NETS: lopez should be given up..D.Williams and Dwight would be a great duo of the league.
    LAKERS: by giving up Bynum and World Peace and a reserve player, lakers could still be a championship team with pau,kobe and dwight. in addition, lakers could add steve nash on their lineup..
    BULLS: one possibility is giving up noah, deng and a reserve.. but ill tell you what, dwight, rose and boozer would be a great match up for all the championship teams…

    Cant wait to see all the movements.. 🙂 PEACE OUT!

  58. BuLLzISH says:

    Even though they aren’t looking for a big the bulls could get in this conversation and offer Joakim, taj and a draft pick for howard and justin harper

  59. O.G Bird says:

    If I was the Orlando G.M I wouldn’t allow Dwight to tell me what Team’s he would like to play for. I would have dealt him off after the Allstar break to any Team that offers me the Best Deal…….

  60. O.G Bird says:

    The Miami Heat should Trade Chris Bosh for Dwight Howard & I bet he signs a contract next season with the Heat wearing a Miami Championship Ring…….

  61. Mumson says:

    Personaly I would love to see D12 in Orlando but… Trade Nelson!!! O my god, he is no good. I mean he is a good player but the fit is bad Van Gundy is relies on him like on no other PG that played on this team in last 3-4 years. Rafer Alston and agent 0 were better fit for Dwight. When Nelson came back when they got to the finals and played againts the Lakers, ALston went on the bench and Nelson played big minutes…They should get Derone in Orlando and the players that they have have to be contistent

    • Jimmyc says:

      Agreed NELSON is no good for the magic,If Magic fans want Dwight to stay,snatch Monta Ellis or Deron Williams 50 50% chance to win a title.Deron Williams should be traded to Orlando or Monta Ellis they both have good stats but D willaims best fit Howard.Magic have like 3 point guards jameer nelson,chris duhon,ish smith and you cant forget about gilbert arenas so i suggest we trade 2 or 1.

  62. Otis Smith says:

    We’re going to trade Dwight to Chicago for Joakim Noah and Kyle Korver.

  63. sri says:

    It’s his life why are we making decisions for him and deciding if he should stay or not or what he is doing is right or wrong?
    Lebron doing it with a show “The Decision” was lame. Carmelo wasn’t at fault, NY just gave too much away. Carmelo left but he did get Denver players like wilson chandler, gallinari, felton etc. Even if Howard doesn’t sign and has already indicated he’s going to leave he should not be faulted. If Orlando let him go without anything in return then it’s their fault not Howard’s.

  64. JDish says:

    Oh and don’t trade him to the Knicks. New York is still trying to figure stuff out, it don’t need a big media-frenzy trade to make things more complicated than they already are.

  65. JDish says:

    Alright already, JUST trade him to Dallas and give the Mavs a much needed upgrade to defend their title. That would be a great outcome to see Dallas be able to contend once more for a NBA Chip. I wouldn’t mind seeing Dwight Howard in Texas wearing blue.

    DON’T trade him to LA, that is just a trap to get Dwight Howard to follow in Shaq’s footsteps,…what ever. Besides that is Kobe’s territory. Kobe just plain dominates the game plan, nough said.

    And please Don’t trade him to the Nets. THat’s just a team going no where. A one-man-making-noise team that all.

  66. Sean Cammack says:


  67. Randall says:

    DWIGHT WILL END UP IN L.A WITH THE MAMBA AND DWILL WILL FOLLOW. Miami big 3 against L.A. big three exciting to watch must see t.v!!! Im just saying thats his best bet to win a ring with the best closer in the game today and to me who still is the best player Kobe.

  68. D-Rose 4 President says:

    he should go 2 da bulls! here’s the trade:
    Bulls give: Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah, CJ Watson, and da 2012 1st round draft pick
    Magic give: Dwight Howard
    D-Rose and D12 would be beast! they would have the best chance out of any team to beat the heat. GO BULLS!!!

  69. JoeyDislame says:

    lol@ joey D saying Lakers got lucky, they won vs MIA because kobe had 18 first quarter points, they always start slow vs miami, not this time, go watch film kid. He consitently cut off wades drive, had him pinned in the corner…Wade looks fatigued..James had 25 pts on 25 shots. give some defense some credit bum

  70. Cherub says:

    I think if NBA wasn’t all about money the best option would be if Dwight go to Chicago ! That would be so so so ool and I bet he would look really hot in red. But if Dwight go to Lakres than sorry hun, one fan less! And I think Celtics aren’t an option as he would look horrible in green.

  71. naicram says:

    KOBE is still The best even without this big men or this DWIGHT.. Try to recall when KOBE defeated dwights Magic in 08-09 Finals..

  72. LA Title says:

    For real if Dwight goes to LA than its a title.Why? becasue the hype will take over and Kobe will be beast to win with Howard.

  73. yham says:

    what do you think? they have too many players to be traded.good role players that can
    compliment to a team in rebuilding process.

  74. David says:

    Pat Riely will snatch Dwight. The Heat is getting bullied every game inside, does anyone think that Pat is just gonna not fixed that?

  75. Lakers#1 says:

    I don’t understand the hate for Dwight Howards decisions? He is doing all the right things to his Orlando. He wants a new environment, like everybody who wants to change jobs. He is telling Orlando he is going to leave so that Orlando can get something really good in return for him. He could have said maybe I’ll stay (like LBJ) and then leave and Orlando get nothing for him. I think Dwight Howard is treating Orlando very good!

    Bye the way he should go to the Lakers if he wants to win championships!

    • D-Rose 4 President says:

      if he wants to win, he should go to the heat(unlikely) or the bulls. those teams are better than the lakers.

  76. Celtics All The Way says:

    Is there any possibility about Dwight to Boston?

  77. bunbury says:

    The lakers will not win it with its current roster…..but if they wait for next year. They can sign howard (via free agency) then trade bynum for D.Williams in the offseason. but we all know players want their money, so howard would rather sign with Orlando for maximum dollars then be traded.

  78. RENT DWIGHT says:

    Here’s the deal:
    Trade Dwight and Big Baby for Al Jeff and Paul Milsap.
    Dwight will stay in Salt Lake for the rest of the season, and will give the Utah the chance to make it to the playoffs. Favors can play as a starter and Kanter get some experience with Dwight to play as starter next season.
    Orlando would get one of the best centers with Al Jeff (and certainly better than Lopez and whatever else) and also a good PF. Then, Orlando could still make a decision, whether to keep Milsap before deadline, since they have Anderson, or trade him for some other good player…someone who can shoot, and attack the rim! Thats what the magic need!

    • celticslad says:

      why would the Jazz is consider renting dwight for their two most productive players.
      and run for the title with whom..? hayward, harris, favours and bell?
      you have to be kidding me mang. please at least watch the nba and then write..,

  79. KindaLikeTheHeatles says:

    You know, there’s not a statue of him outside the Staples Center, like in the United Center, but there’s still a big shadow to live up to in La-La Land; and I think Dwight isn’t going to live up to expectations there, because the comparisons to O’ Neal are never going to end if he moves to L. A.
    I’m not a Lakers fan, but I believe that Howard will be limited to the DPY, as in Orlando.

    Best move? New Jersey, if he goes there, they’ll automatically become the 2nd best team in the East and with a legitimate shot at a deep, deep run.
    Tough I’m a Heat fan I really hope he stays in the East Coast, ’cause that way the next couple of years will be fun in the Atlantic coast.

  80. Matrixx says:

    Why are Orlando & Cav fans sweating what Lebron did and what dwight is about to do.Last I checked this is a business. If you wanna keep someone you bring in talent to try to win. Those 2 teams failed so dont expect a discount from these ballers. They wanna win so they will go somewhere that gives them a true chance to compete for a title. Cant hate on that. It hasnt worked out for James but it will soon. Cav fans are bitter and I can understand why. The one thing James did was dog Cleveland on Natnl TV. Dwight is letting them know what he wants in order to stay..Orlando is interested in Jersey sales and ticket sales man. They are not serious to keep him. They are doing a Shaq again…The trend will continue..

  81. Xavier says:

    The decision was also one of the fastest and most efficient fund raising events ever on tv for the boys and girls club in the history of the Non profit Org. in that area; The Decision was a great Idea: imagine the inconsistencies of the Heat right now at times…. did you really think he was going to stay in Clev; with a bunch of 70ovr rated players… seriously? be real, We got people watching Bad Girls Club and stupid as reality shows…. But when reality hit for the nba and clev. you get scrutinized

  82. Justin says:

    Why is everyone counting out the nets. No team is even close to trading with the Magic for SUPERMAN. Dwight wants to be a net and that was the first team that he asked permission to sign with. Its most likley he wont be traded so the Nets have the best shot of getting him. The cost for BIG D to get him is too much. Releasing mostly all their players except for dirk for those three would be difficult.

    The Nets next year, if he sign dwight will have morrow and marshon brooks who if you havent seen play will be a future all star, Then we have a top 10 and most likely a top 5 pick plus a 16 to 20 pick from Houston. Wouldn’t it be scary if you see D will, brooks, morrow, DWIGHT and possibly someone like anthony davis, harrison barnes, thomas robinson etc on one team. Plus the attraction of NYC for free agents. Thats WAY better than anyone else is thinking of and WAY more likely than orlando and dallas

  83. Sucre says:

    Maybe send Dwight to the Heat and get Chris Bosh. Better a half superstar with a long contract than a superstar leaving in summer.

  84. PinopWR8 says:

    I agree with guys who say that Dwight should land in LAL , even some guys say that Kobe “wont share the ball” but think about it , if they develop their chemistry it will be fine , and without Dwight LAL will be something until Kobe in the house , but moral is that after Kobe retire LAL will not be competitive team as it is nowadays , and LAC will be only Los Angeles team which will reach playoffs.

  85. Jeff4461 says:

    Another possibility is Dwight goes to Dallas & Dirk comes To Orlando. Ottis has some tricks up his sleeves so these will be interesting over the next week. One thing is for sure the Nets are garbage so I don’t see him getting traded there as the Nets have nothing to give up.

  86. Jeff4461 says:

    Kevin Durant could land in Orlando while Westbrook & Dwight team up. I’ve been hearing that over the last 24 hours is possible.

    • Mark says:

      That would be great (for the magic) 🙂

      • ReDirkulous says:

        OKC would never trade the besr scorer in the NBA for Dwight Howard – this is never happening.

    • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

      HAHA!!! Lmfao!!! Thats never happening, I think Westbrook and Durant are fine in OKC… They already have a big-man Kendrick Perkins who is a decent defensive center. OKC is the #1 seed in the West right now, they dont need to make any moves… their fine!!!

  87. Toussaint223 says:

    Honestly, i wouldn’t be surprised if Dwight ends up on the Knicks. They have the pieces to make the trade happen by giving up Tyson Chandler, Baron Davis or Iman Shumpert, Steve Novak or JR Smith, and maybe a draft pick for Howard. Yes they’ll be gutting their bench but the possibility of having a big man who can score as well could help them out a lot… that is, if he stays.

    • O.G Bird says:

      That sounds Great but the Knicks are still burnt out from that Carmelo Trade.. If they had waited till the end of the season & signed Carmelo They would have been the Beast in the East & Denver would have been @ the bottom. The Knicks are afraid to make mid-season Trade.

  88. Draper 4645 says:

    You are all Orlando Magic haters. I still beleive in Magic.
    Take Steve Nash, capture the prize of the season and give DeVos even one ring and let Dwight decide after.
    Reward the old man at least in what he gave away with something every owner desire then after that just do your best and God will supply the rest.

    • Matrixx says:

      LMFAO..U in denial, Orlando was to dumb to build off a finals appearance..He carried the Magic to the finals..Wheres the appreciation for Dwight doing that..Dont tell me Hedo was the answer.

    • shhh says:

      what can you do if Dwight does not belive in magic?

  89. Jaime says:

    Dwight should stay in Orlando up to the end of the season and look for another team if next season he still wants to be moved. Suggestion: LA Lakers.

    • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

      Ah Lakers wont even have enough to sign him in free agent. They have to end up letting go half of their roster besides Kobe or maybe Pau. Cmon man!!! The only way to get him is trading him… Orlando wont get anything in return if he hits the free agent market. Its common sense, he has to be traded or they end like what happen in Cleveland when LeBron left the Cavs!!!

  90. Dune says:

    The Magic have to trade Dwight if they can’t sign him to an extension. You simply must get something rather then getting nothing if he leaves via free agency. This really does call into question why teams didn’t get a tag like in the NFL for their super star players. Even if they are allowed to go where they want at least make it that the team getting the super star has to give up a first round pick or two.

    Now in my opinion Howard should want to go to the knicks. For the same reason Lebron should have chosen the Knicks. You can be a super star and play for the nets, orlando, or most of the other teams in the league or you can choose to try to become a real legend. Join the Knicks and bring them a title and yes you will go down as a legend. You will own NY which is more then just $$$ in advertising. You can’t do this on the Celtics or Lakers because they have both had so many great players who have won championships. But the Knicks have really only had Willis Reed as their true legend.

    So I ask Howard do you want to be a Legend? or do you want to be just another star playing on a team that either doesn’t matter (Nets) or a team where your a star in a long line of stars (Miami, Celtics, Lakers, Dallas).

    Lebron simply could not handle the pressure of New York. What it meant to put New York City on his shoulders and carry them. But I believe Howard could.

    But only if the Knicks get him and keep Melo. So if I’m howard I join the Knicks in the summer. Join Amare, Melo, Lin, and Baron Davis and you certainly make the Knicks a real team that can beat the Heat and any other team in the league.

    But this is a pipe dream. He goes to the Nets….who cares. He goes to the Lakers and makes them and the heat battle for years but he’s always in Kobe’s, Magic’s shadow.

    You make the money in NY just like anywhere else but you will make more in endorsement deals. Choose to be a Legend.

    • dd def says:

      that’s the biggest load of nonsense i’ve heard in a long time. on so many levels.

  91. Lakeeeeeeeeeeeers says:

    God these upcoming fa superstars just cant make up their minds.
    Today this and this tomorrow this and that.
    I mean seriously Orlando should just chill up more and try to take the deals they have
    currently with Dallas, Lakers, and Nets before dwight leaves because he will without a doubt.
    This trade is just becoming all hilarious and pathetic.
    Dwight and Orlando will look worse as time goes by compared to
    cp3 getting done with the deal much fast and efficiently.

  92. PJ says:

    At the end of the day Dwight is a humble superstar who can dominate the post at will. He’s the one playing, practicing, sweating, working out etc, so if he wants to do it else where thats his choice. He’s not saying o pair me up with a superstar so we can have a big three, but send me to a team in contention cause we’re not getting it done in Orlando. If Smith was smart he would trade him for something rather than letting him walk at the end of the season for nothing!!!

  93. Malaking Tite says:

    I think the magic should really trade Dwight before the deadline, because if they don’t trade him, he will most probably enter the free agency and sign to another team, and if that happens, they won’t get something in return. But if they do trade him, the Magic can get some players (maybe great players) or maybe some draft picks that would help them rebuild the loss of dwight. They will need to rebuild cause the guy probably wont be signing with orlando anymore, and now is a great time to rebuild because i think this year’s draft will be great

  94. JoeyD says:

    Bottom Line: If Dwight is interested in “Linning” (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) and improving on his game, then The Lakers is where he needs to be. Just imagine what Kareem and the rest of the coaching staff can do for his game and once Kobe leaves (after next season), he’ll be ready to take over the franchise and the winning will continue. He will lure plenty of high caliber teams to the “City of Angels” and Orlando will arguably have the 2nd best Center in the league with a very favorable/friendly contract. If they play their cards right, they might even get Pau Gasol and the “blowiing up” of the underacheiving team will be complete. L.A. got lucky against Miami last Sunday. LA has not consistently beaten the top contenders in the league and their road record is atrocious. For anyone to fall into the “turn it on in the playoffs” mantra, just remember what happened last season in the playoffs which is the sole reason for the early attempt to rid themselves of Pau, Lamar and the “dangling” of Bynum.

    • shhh says:

      not sure if possible but i like the Dirk, Dwight & Deron @ Dallas.

    • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

      Ah Kobe leaves (after next season), what are u crazy? Kobe has 2 or 3 years left of him, hes not going to retire yet. It would be nice if Dwight joins Kobe and Pau but its a long shot. Its a 30% chance it might happen!!!

  95. DH says:

    Why does everyone always want to come to the big, well-known teams….makes them look bad if you ask me. Teams like the Pacers who are starting to improve would never get a look from Dwight Howard. Its a shame.

  96. FACT says:

    Celtics are pushing for one more run, so they end up going Phoenix Sun’s route who didn’t even bother to trade Steve Nash.
    Dwight Howard’s scenario is like the Lebron James’ decision once again, since the Orlando Magic Organization is confident they could keep him there next season. An hour long decision before he joins Deron Williams who also bolted to Dallas Mavericks and play with Dirk Nowitzki to form the new Big Three.
    Egos of some star players (Baron Davis, Carmelo Anthony) in New York Knicks seems bothering Jeremy Lin, I expect the Dallas Mavericks game to be a game to decide everything who is the real leader of the team and enough of the star players ego.

  97. dwight should go to the los lakers if he trying to win a title, you guys got kobe to be a monster, but hes welling to do anything to win another ring including doing with any great super star like dwight.

  98. BronxBred182 says:

    Vesus, you took the words right out my mouth!! Really “KingJamesBallin”? C’mon dude, get it together.

    At least Howard had the decency to let Orlando know his desire to move on and give them the opportunity to receive compensation for his departure, unlike Lebron who wanted everyone to tune in to ” THE DECISION “…

    • LIKing your idea says:

      why do heat fans think james and bosh did the same with other where it’s clearly what they did is a underhanded trick celticks paid 7 players for kg and melo didn’t ask a trade he just don’t want to sign an extension only to reach knicks where he complained about their lack of defense and hhoward wnt to be traded to teams he think can win unlike James and bosh just went gay for wade

  99. BreakAir says:

    I hope bulls wont take howard because they have a good team right now. they don’t need howard for their team. howard might be in Nets, Bobcats, or Wizards cus they don’t have enough D

    • emmjay71 says:

      JoKim is a very good player but he’s no Dwight Howard and that all CHII -Town is right now, a good team. Howard will make that team in elite team with Rose. No Doubt

  100. ROSS says:

    LBJ, did not request a trade he played out his contract. people might feel as if he quit on the team, thats your on thoughts but if i am not mistaken he did not once ask to be traded…and i agree with
    “His behavior is a prime example of why we had a lockout to begin with” player doing this is in my eyes going to really hurt the nba in the long run,. thats just how i feel about it

  101. David Dequesada says:

    Will dwight howard possably be traded to the Boston Celtics?

    • LIKing your idea says:

      even if i want it to happen i doubt that to happen

    • Beejay says:

      I hope so…figers crossed..I would still keep Rondo though to pair up with Dwight…Can someone say Alley OOp

    • emmjay71 says:

      Wow! Bean head is not even on the list of possible teams he wants to play for. Why are we talking about Boston anyway they are so irrelevant.

      His number 1 choice is NJ, why, cause of the size of the Market, he still won’t win a title there, at all.
      His number 2 choice, Dallas, another decent size market and a place he can win with Dirk and D Will
      His number 3 choice is LAL, The biggest market of them all and he can wiin at least two tiltes, maybe three before KB24 retires.

  102. ATLienC4 says:

    Come Home Dwight…. ATL nedds u…

  103. John says:

    Send him to Minnesota! They’d tear up the west!!!!

    • LIKing your idea says:

      total agree with howard with wolves he’ll cover the pack leader’s weakness thats defense and with Dwight with love controling inside who can get rebound and more 3 pointer for love

    • Bowels says:

      Why? They already have an all star playing a similar role on that team, the Wolves need a shooting guard.

    • Jordan says:

      If T-wolves got dwight and ray allen, they would never loose

  104. dewayne says:

    they are going to trade dwight to the celtics.. garnett draft picks and maybe rondo.. garnett contract ends this year.. that free up cap space for orlando(which we having had since lewis was sign year back) and celtics can try to keep dwight there with paul pierce as a saling point. or its paul n garnet, draft picks for dwight. and rando is the saling point for howard to stay there. either way orlando would get a star (young or old) and clear 20 something million for the future with garnetts contract.

    • sj says:

      they are not going to trade prime howard for no old and washed up garnett and pierce sorry boston fan!

      • Anonymousme says:

        LOL he ain’t neva going to Boston, they’re NEVER gonna trade Rondo ro are you deaf? Ainge said it himself n it ian’t happening with Pierce garnett or Allen. IMO he’s staying in Orlando just watch.

    • emmjay71 says:

      Oh Snap, lol, what an Azz Clown. ha ha ha

    • celticslad says:

      dude u gotta learn some engrish

      • dewayne says:

        i’m an orlando fan n the trades make sense. an learn english because of typing… not all of us have the luxury of taking are time and rereading before we post. if the only thing u are loking for is mis tipe wrds then her yaaa goal.

      • dewayne says:

        an your comments about ainge not trading him.. u 12 – 13 years old cause you must not know how the real world works; if u did u wouldn’t believe everything u hear. i’m not going to go into detail cz i dont have time to teach.. but think outside the box; not in.


    Otis is a fool if he lets Dwight “Melo Out” of Orlando. Obviously Dwight has no intention of staying and his holding off on the piece of paper in front of him, have left the team uncertain. What is he trying to do anyways? Increase the suspense? Does he attention? Just leave already. I’d like him to stay, but its not fair what he is doing leaving Orlando with no idea of where he is going or what they should do with a week in a half.

    Even if Dwight stays in Orlando, this team will not reach the finals. You can’t tell me this current Orlando team is going to compete against the Bulls or Heat, in the playoffs. Van Gundy is like the 4th best coach in the east, but what can he do with Dwight’s uncertainty. You know the Celtics are going to make the second round no matter how they are doing now. That leaves Orlando with 4/5 seed, meaning they have to play some wild team.

    They can’t build around Dwight because he won’t make a decision and they can’t let him be a free agent either, all the while he makes his post game interviews like everything is great. If a city has been good to you, be good to the city. Leave on a high note or make the commitment to stay and help the team to a championship. His behavior is a prime example of why we had a lockout to begin with.

    • Vesus says:

      It’s hilarious that someone with the name “KingJamesBallin” is complaining about how Dwight Howard won’t commit to his current team and is flirting with every city in America despite being under contract. “His behavior is a prime example of why we had a lockout to begin with” oh, the irony.

      • TTKIN says:

        Straight up. Everyone forgets Lebron did this with Cleveland before Anthony did it to Denver. Howard is at least letting Orlando know the chances of him staying are slim. U know the reason all of Cleveland hates Lebron? It’s not cuz he left, it’s cuz everyone in Cleveland thought he was willing to stick around. They all thought they had a good chance of keeping him, and if anyone was going to steal him, it was going to be NY. So ya, I agree, the irony is hilarious.

      • sbfern805 says:

        HAHAHAHA!!! so true i almost pissed my pants!!! Its funny how people just comment without knowing anything… O well as much as i think Dwight should go to LA… that will not happen :(. Main reason is, he is an elite player but Lakers have a huge advantage when they play with Gasol and Bynum…so unless this trade is not a One for One, Lakers should not make a deal. And as we all Know, Bynum is not as good as Howard so a one for one wont happen. I think Howard is will be best off staying in Orlando and waiting for D. Williams to come join him… this way he remains faithful to his fans, and has a good shot of adding role players to make a solid team. But then again, this is all up to Orlando’s GM…my opinion…and i hope you guys dont bash it!! lol

    • Imad Akel says:

      Disagree on several points

      For one thing, call me crazy (CRAZY) but I think Orlando can keep Howard and make a run at the finals (even if it’s a slim chance).

      Also, I’m a Lebron fan too and I agree with the others that Lebron did way worse with his “Decision” than what Anthony or Howard are doing now. But, for the record, I’m not sure Lebron could have hinted sooner of his departure, or that it would have made a difference in Cleveland’s ultimate fate.

      Third, call me crazy again (CRAZY AGAIN) but i think Howard SHOULD stay in Orlando because I don’t think that team is that bad. Melo to the Knicks is proof that leaving is not always the best answer. Superstars by your side is not always the best answer. This was especially the case with Melo coz his price was TOO high. Knicks traded a team for one player and if whatever team acquires Howard has to do the same (or release key players to free up cap space), I’m not sure how he’s not better off staying with the Magic.

      And Van Gundy is the second best coach in the East. I wanna say he’s the best, but damn Tom Thibodaeu has had epic 2 seasons with the bulls…

      • NBA Fan says:

        I agree with u.. . . it was a dumb move by NY to trade all their players for one. . .no matter how good a player is u still need a team. . .they could of gotten Melo in the summer if he really wanted to be there. . .I swear some of us fans should be running teams. . . .NY moved off straight emotion.

      • Ok your crazy says:

        First there is no chance that Orlando is going to even come close to the NBA finals witht the team that they have right now.They were stupid to trade for Arenas last year and use him in anyway.

        As for Lebron leaving Cleveland I’m must agree that it was bad for the city, but I do think the orginzation had it coming. People in the orginization new that D.West and his mom were hooking up, so I think when Lebron found out thats when he decided to leave. I really think that he would of stayed if that didn’t happen, so don’t blame Lebron for the situation. Blame the team for not getting D.West some ladies that were his own age.

        Third Dwight should leave Orlando and not becasue the team is better than most, but because I think he did his team mates dirty. As a player I would be pissed that the “franchise guy” is saying that he needs better talent around him or he is going to walk. If you really are thne franchise player that you think you are, ypu should be able to win with the players you have on the floor. Look at D.Rose and K.D., D.Rose says he doesn’t want his team mates to be traded because he KNOWS that the team wins and fails because of the franchise player and the leadership that he has on the team and the say thing goes for K.D. They don’t want any trades and were are their teams right now? Now I did say that Orlando can’t win the NBA finals with the team that they have right now, but that is becasue they don’t have the chemistry and the chemistry was ruined by Howard because he got to big headed and stopped wanting to be coached. He thinks he knows what is best for the team, but rember he is a player not a coach or a player evaluator, so he should shut up and do his job.

        Last Stan is not the second best coach, he is the third best coach behing Tom T. and Mike D.So, yeah your crazy.

    • KC says:

      Are we watching the same Dwight during post game interviews? Dwight’s only mistake this season has been to criticize his own team to the media. He should have kept his little motivational speech private, but to be honest he wasn’t wrong because his team looked lost for a few games, letting games they should have won get away from them. Beyond that, he hasn’t done anything inappropriate. He’s made his desire to be traded crystal clear… just because Orlando’s CEO is hopeful that he’ll stay doesn’t mean there’s any uncertainty on Dwight’s part.

      Why does being “good to the city” mean he has to stay past his contract obligations? He plays hard every single night that I can tell–isn’t that being good to Orlando? Why is he obligated to stay if management continues to make bad moves in trying to put talent around him?

      • david says:

        to any the guy a few comments before. the lock out was for money and no other reason. players will come n go for different reasons. its always about money and no fans shouldnt run a team, the knicks gave up felton who got traded and is not playing well in portland, danillo has been hurt n is not playing right now and wilson chandler is over seas. mosgov is 2nd string center. what did the knicks get top 10 player regardless of what haters think. raised ticket prices by nearly 50% and the garden still sold out along with a lot of jerseys sold. who has a better chance at a title the knicks or nuggets. thats why they did it. now the knicks need time 2 gel maybe next season they will be ready. baron davis, j-lin, jr smith, steve novak, fields, shumpert, jj, josh, bill tyson,amare and melo. all bring different things to the game. just wish they had a better coach.

      • dd def says:

        well said. people seem to forget the epic failures on the part of orlando staff regarding trades and what not. they had a good looking team and made like ten trades in a week untill it was d12 flying solo and got mad that they weren’t winning games anymore. he’s put up with a lot in that city and their efforts to “surround him with talent”

        why is it all of a sudden a crime for a player to want to try their luck somewhere else after a handful of years’ loyalty?

      • dd def says:

        my comment was meant to response to KC btw

    • Anonymousme says:

      @TTKIN you must not have a brain. Those obsessed crazy bandwagon hoppers as I like to call em are mad BECAUSE he left and you just watch, the same thing gonna happen when Dwight leaves. This same bandwagon hoppers r gonna be callin him names n such. They’re mad cos their opinion doesn’t matter to someone who puts their sweat n tears into something and does all the work while the obsessed lazy bandwagon hoppers run their mouth and act a fool when they can’t do quarter of what he does. That’s y their really mad, cos they begged n pleaded n he still left which was a great decision by Lebron cos in the end Lebron had to do what’s best for HIM.

    • Jordan says:

      Do you realize Denver got a lot of good pieces for melo where as clevland got nothing for lebron

      • emmjay71 says:

        To piggyback off of Jordan’s comment, “Do you realize Denver got a lot of good pieces for melo where as clevland got nothing for lebron”

        Exactly, and Denver is still the better team and if the Knicks didn’t get lucky with Jeremy Lin they would still be 10 games below 500.

        i’m just saying

  106. prix says:

    Dwight could end up in Dallas…Cuban will pay more just to defend there crown..He knows Dallas is going nowhere with this current team..Dwight don´t want to be in L.A for he know he will just end up picking balls from Kobe misses.. Nets is quite to far also for they don´t have enough talent to compete…the bench is too weak…

    • JoeyD says:

      “…don´t want to be in L.A for he know he will just end up picking balls from Kobe misses.” Right now, that will be in Dwight’s favor. Lets face it: he’s not known for his footwork. His strength is rebounding – and yes, he’ll have plenty of opportunities for offensive rebounds/easy put backs – and defense. At his current skill level, he will be a perfect in L.A. and within a short time, Kareem will help him realize his full potential. The Lakers are the “Land Of The Big Man.” Kobe will retire after his contract expires and then it will officially become Dwight’s team but Dwight will be remembered as the guy who helped Kobe win another championship because it’s been proven: It’s very difficullt for Kobe to win w/o a superior BIG.

      • Skylar says:

        JoeyD, I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

      • BRYAN says:


      • Dillon says:

        Hahaha BRYAN…you contradicted yourself without even starting a new sentence. Shaq still did help Kobe. A lot. As did Pau in their recent back-to-back title runs.

      • James says:

        What team has won it all without a big man? None. Every team needs that big man.

      • Danny says:

        i dont know james…maybe CHICAGO BULLS IN 1991-1993. rodman didnt join till the three championships starting at 1996…….i still agree they need a big man. pau isnt the player he was when he joined the lakers, and i would rather pick dwight over bynum in a heeart beat….bynums got skill but not all around skill like dwight…and plus if kobe handled the split points beetween him and shaq, then he will do even better with dwight cuz he knows hes not the player he used to be so he will be careful what shots hes taking….i know he takes a lot of shots but name an all around peremiter shooter on the lakers u can count on other than kobe….d-fish? not excactly. pau gasol? yea right…and with bynum destroying the paint kobe has to be taking the shots no one else can

      • Brainwave says:

        Danny…..The CHICAGO BULLS CHAMPIONSHIP Teams of ’91-’93 didn’t get there until Pippin developed into the defensive player and 2nd of the big 3 – Jordan, Pippin and Horace Grant, with Bill Cartwright in the middle. He (Pippin) was also the focal in Phil Jackson’s triangle offense….

        As far as the Dwight Howard situation….there just might be the possibility of Dwight going to Dallas along with D. Williams following him….The Nets are a bust…As much as I’m happy that Jason Kidd got his ring…I think it’s time for him to give it up. He doesn’t have a jump shot anymore it’s more like a set shot. They already traded Tyson Chandler and J.J. Barea, who besides Jason Terry were instrumental in helping Dallas win the Championship…The Heat have jelled rather well and if there is to be a third battle between Dallas and the Heat…They’ll need both of them
        (D. Howard & D. Williams)…

  107. R Bell says:

    Is there any chance – AT ALL – of Dwight ending up in Houston??

    • Sarkies says:

      Not likely. He made it clear wherehe wanted to sign a long contract with. Unless he gets dealt to one of those teams, others wont be willing to trade so much for him.

      • David says:

        Don’t take those “big three” at getting Dwight too seriously. I mean if a deal sent him to Miami, or OKC without them giving up their core group, is Dwight really gonna just leave and sign with Broklyn Nets next season? I would say not likely at all.

      • david says:

        okc n miami would have 2 trade at least 1 of there 3 top players cuz there would be no cap room to do the deal. think before you write.

      • dan says:

        that makes no sense.. if you look at what you just said youd realize that. how could the heat get howard without giving up one of their core three? there has to be a big name involved in the trade (Lopez) along with a flurry of other names such as Marshon Brooks (promising rookie) and possible draft picks. Also the Nets have some incentive for Dwight.. A little someone named DERON WILLIAMS. Brooklyn makes the most sense.. for all parties.

      • David says:

        No team will give up their core players to sign a free agent or free agent soon to be. Teams are not stupid, they saw what happened to Melo last year and no team will gut their team for Dwight. I am sure Miami can find 3 or 4 players who’s salary can make a trade viable. Magics will be at a bonus if they got back what Clevland and Toronto got in 2010.