The Best Power Forward In The Game

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — TNT’s Charles Barkley crowned him weeks ago.

Kevin Love said he doesn’t take the floor with anything else on his mind.

And with performance after performance, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ All-Star makes his case for being the “best power forward in the game.”

His monster performance against Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers last night should serve as the latest piece of evidence in his case for top honors. Love dropped 38 points and 17 boards on the Clippers — and for the record, Love is 3-0 against Griffin and the Clippers this season. Dating back to last season, he’s averaging 21.0 points and 12.9 rebounds in seven (4-3) head-to-head matchups against Griffin, who promises to be one of his rivals for top power forward honors in the years to come.

Love’s not just piling up fantastic numbers on a bad team anymore either. The Timberwolves are winners of two straight games, are 7-3 in their last 10 games, 20-19 overall and knocking on the door for that last playing spot in the Western Conference, they’re just a game and a half behind the Rockets for the eighth spot this morning.

Love became the first player in NBA history to record 35 points, 10 rebounds and hit five three-pointers in consecutive games, per Elias Sports. He’s also treating Timberwolves fans to a front row seat to, as Kent Youngblood of the Star Tribune put it, the “evolution of a higher power” (forward):

In the continuing sage of Love’s ever-expanding game, we’re seeing another step — consistent crunch-time production, putting the team on his shoulders and bulling his way to victories. In a relentlessly physical game against a Clippers team that never quit, Love opened the game with 16 first-quarter points, then ended it with nine in the fourth quarter, including six of the Wolves’ final seven. The last two came on a drive into the lane with 43.4 seconds left that gave the Wolves a 95-90 lead.

…The Wolves were without starting center Nikola Pekovic (sore right foot), but Darko Milicic stepped in with 13 points and good defense on Griffin, who still scored 26. [Luke] Ridnour had 12 points and Williams had 15 off the bench. [Ricky] Rubio had just four and struggled shooting, but his play helped the Wolves break open a tie game with a third-quarter run that gave them a 10-point lead entering the fourth.

The team needed every one of those 10, as well as every point from Love, who didn’t flinch.

“It’s really cool to see him get better and better,” Ridnour said of Love.

Said Rubio: “Unbelievable. I mean, he’s playing amazing.”

Amazing is right!


  1. Kt511 says:

    Did ya guys see Duncan donate ya beloved Kevin Love tonight…… Now that is the best PF to ever play the game…..

  2. Matt Damman says:

    Love is the best power forward, hands down. Too bad Rubio got hurt, otherwise I think the Wolves would have been in the playoffs and could have gotten as high as a seven seed.

  3. ClipsFan says:

    This was a fun game to watch. The Clippers have some great talent, but need to sharpen up on their consistency and cannot afford to be playing catchup by the time playoffs come around.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s not about the numbers, i should say. It’s on the performance itself. Even big stars get to the point of downfalls- bad games, injuries, etc. but give everybody some credit. BG shows he’s a great athlete by throwing down such a relentless dunks that shows great power and is very agile, KL shows the power of dominance inside the paint which from decades we don’t see (except howard, of course) and give also some credits to others like Dirk showing his clutch shooting last season and showing us that great team defense and great team leadership can win championship. Pau also shows ability to shoot the ball under the rim with different styles and even winning rings for 2 season’s. Aldridge who shows great improvement this season. Garnett and Duncan that win also rings. Give everybody a credit, not NOW situation is an issue here, it’s the career.

  5. pmmj19 says:

    Kevin Love
    Blake is just a HIGHLIGHT MASTER he does good dunks
    but kevin love adds the stats

    Dirk???best PF??not at all best big man shooter maybe….
    i would likely agree..Duncan best big man…
    but its LOVE and GRIFFIN time!!!

  6. nea_nelu says:

    If we are talking about best power forward in the league right now, KG, Duncan and Dirk are out of disscusion. They could get the lifetime achievement trophy but not best power forward in the game. (Dirk is not ur usual power forward anyway).
    in my opinion:

    1. Kevin love
    2. Z-bo (injured or not that guy is just pure talent)
    3. Lemarcus Aldrige
    4. Al Jefferson
    5. blake Griffin (he has the pottential to become one of the greatest to play the game and he is the more gifted player on the list but still has many areas of the game that he has to improve )

    Shaq did not only post up and dunk the ball. he had a full array of post hooks and shimmy shots. just watching highlights diosn’t give u an honest opinion.

  7. Chong says:

    Let’s list each players attributes and intangibles

    1. Can’t shoot free throws (terrible form and cross-eyes severely limits this, my opinion LOL)
    2. Flops on defense and plays no defense
    3. Can’t count on him to make final shots
    4. 20-11 guy at best this season
    5. Lost to Timberwolves 3 times this season being outplayed by K-Love or Beasly/Williams
    6. Without a jump shot, one on one moves are useless

    1. 84% Free Throw shooter
    2. Can make jump shots and 3-point champ this year
    3. Will take and make buzzer beaters because of his offensive abilities either outside or inside
    4. 25-14 this season
    5. 3-0 vs Clippers, 2-0 vs Spurs, 3-0 vs Rockets, 2-1 vs Mavericks playing against the best PF’s in the game in those games
    6. Hustles on every play
    7. If teams don’t start double teaming K-Love, he’ll eventually be a 30-15 player in the coming years

  8. Crack says:

    Carlos Boozer #1 pf

  9. jonski22 says:

    Love is the best PF in the NBA right now….also he got less competition…….i.e Aldridge, Griffin, Old Dirk, TD and Pau, the East in don’t know who…..

    imagine if was in the era of KG, Webber, Sheed, young Dirk and younger Pau…Duncan..old Karl Malone…the era where the West was stack by All-Stars..and the Forward position was HOT…

  10. mplsmuskies says:

    Best PF in the game. Would be K.Love as in the game now. Can’t even compare old players or fomer best PF since its a discussion about best PF in today’s game. No defence losing team blah blah, he clearly making a case for the best. If he had stacked team’s like BG has or Dirk had last year MN wouldnt be as bad record. You can’t even say Bosh cause he’s riding backseat 2 rows back (Lebron n Wade), Pau Gasol ain’t look at top form. AL n portland has a slightly better team than T-wolves but nothing near Love’s numbers. Stat hog or not 25 n 14 every night is lovely to have if he the best or not his clearly improving his game in every way with ”IF NOT THE YOUNGEST” with one of the youngest rosters with no practice time in a shortened schedule. No love for Love but it’s just fuel to the fire for years to come.

    Go Wolves

  11. weh? says:

    Rajon Rondo is the best PF !

  12. Justin says:

    Kevin Love is the best all around big man in the game…he reaaly does it all…no other big man in the game does it all…the mans work ethic is something else! Not to take away from Dirk, howard or griffin…they all got great players around them to help…Love has OK young players but he is the one carrying them to most of there wins! ENOUGH SAID

  13. Nathan says:

    I wasnt a Kevin Love fan at first but now you have to be, he can simply do everything, rebound, pound inside and shoot from anywhere. On another note, when there is talk about Dirk i always here “he doesnt play defense” but i rarely see him get lit up by anybody.

  14. Regan says:

    C’mon! Love is putting up numbers so unique in the HISTORY of the NBA he is clearly the best at his position. There will always be athletic dunkers but Love does it all. (score, FT, 3-pt, rebound, clutch play, etc.) The team has improved dramatically and is winning. Look for similar improvement like OKC.

    For those of you that ridiculously say he is a stat hog, there have ALWAYS been stat hogs and no one has but up numbers like this.

    If you took loyalties out of it Portland, San Antonio, Dallas, Utah, and the LAL, and would all trade their PF straight up for Love. most due to talent, some due to age. The LAC would also possibly consider it but BG’s is young like Love and may develop more.

    • Alex says:

      There is no chance Dallas would trade Nowitzki out for Love… In the clutch come playoffs, there is only one player I’d want with the ball in his hand, and it’s not Love. Age is a non factor. Look at J Kidd, championship ring as starting PG at 37, Dirk’s got plenty of time left.
      People also forget Nowitzki has also won an all star 3 point contest (back in ’08 I think it was), so you can’t say Love has that on him. Not to mention Dirk’s career FT percentage.

  15. epicness says:

    dirk in a while will retire but this 2 guys will still play……… thats why they say in years to come…. read the article first,

  16. Renato says:

    Right now Love is playing at the highest level in his position.But when people say he´s the best,it gets a different meaning.It means he´s the best in skills,in physical game and 3-point shooting in absolute terms.I dont believe that.When you talk about the best in the league,you need to specify the timing.Because if you talk in physical skills,you gotta bring up Garnett´s name,even if he´s declining.Not because of what he´s playing now,but because of what he´s played.If you´re talking about jumpshots and tecnique,Nowitzki is the one.So it´s all very relative.

  17. shaqisabeast says:

    This had to be a joke… Dirk is so much better than Kevin Love. He has won a championship by putting the team completely on his back, and Kevin Love can barely get his team to a winning record. As far as Dirk’s so called lack of defense, it is just the same with Kevin Love. If Kevin Love was actually good as D he would have been guarding Griffin, instead they had to get Milcic to do it. Kevin Love is just a very good player on a bad team

  18. Mike Con says:

    Lebron at Power forward would dominate KL and BG. People forget about Randolph and come play off time expect some of the old guard i.e. KG to dominate again as defense becomes more important.

  19. charles says:

    I don’t think anyone thought Kevin Love would be THIS good coming out of college. More than anything, what is impressive is his sheer desire to get better. Every year he comes back in better shape and more determined to win and grow as a player.

  20. StJohn says:

    Kevin Love is 4th in scoring, behind Kobe – KD – and LeBron.
    Love is 2nd in rebounding, behind Dwight.
    Love leads the league in free throw attempts. (He kills you from the 3 point line, post, jumpshots, and still gets to the line more than anyone.)
    Kevin Love is a BEAST.
    I do gotta give respect to Dirk though. Seems like everybody forgot last years playoffs and finals. He was so Clutch.
    1a. Dirk
    1b. K. Love
    Blake Griffin isn’t even “the man” on the Clippers. Thats Chris Pauls team. Love opens up the lane for his teamates with his shooting ability, where Griffins guy clogs the lane because of his inability to shoot.
    Besides Chris Paul it seems like the Clippers either dunk or shoot 3’s.

  21. GEDZ says:

    Love is great but dirk is the best and one of the best in all time…. Love is hot for now but it will not for that long unless he will be traded to a good team or could have the help of a star player… but if you look to Love style of playing compare to Dirk… its too far bcoz Dirk is so special and unique, players like him comes once in a lifetime….

  22. asasasa says:

    DIRK is still the best PF in the NBA..PERIOD..LOVE=OVERRATED.PERIOD

    • NBAfan says:

      Dirk is Dirk, I’ll give you that…but Love overrated? You may not think he’s the best, but he is definitely NOT overrated…nobody paid attention to him from the start…a chubby white kid playing for Minnesota. He played well, racked up unbelievable stats, had a body make over, and now the wolves are over ,500.

      He can shoot the three well enough to not concede to Dirk, but he grabs way more rebounds than Dirk.

      Overrated…you don’t know the meaning of the word. PERIOD.

  23. bryan says:


  24. jan_279 says:

    Just ’cause Dirk has the ring doesn’t mean he’s the best power forward in the game. Seriously, we’re talkin’ ’bout the 2011-2012 regular season, not the 2011 Playoffs! If there’s anyone who epitomizes the power forward position right now, it’s Kevin Love! Dirk is more like an oversized shooting guard. As for Griffin, you can’t just say he’s better than Love ’cause his team is doing better than Love’s…if the Clips have the same lineup as last season, they would also struggle for a playoff spot! Griffin ain’t even his team’s MVP, it’s CP3! I tell you, if the T-Wolves have a lineup as good as the Clippers’ with Love at the 4 position, they’re easily a top 3 team in the West!

  25. Roberto Perez says:

    Idk a lot about basketball but i’ll say this. BTW I am a MIAMI resident.
    Love is great, BG is also great, but hats down to DIRK. He is the guy you want to have the ball when you need a three pointer, when you need a fadeaway shot, when you need a FT, and when you need two points in the paint with a bonus FT foul. Evidence? Go back to last year play offs. There is somethig that Love and BG can’t put on their numbers; Experience. That for me is what really makes a difference. Being able to perform when the pressure is on. In last year’s playoffs and finals there was more than enough evidence to say the Dirk is the best NBA PF.

  26. Chris G says:

    I have to give it to Kevin Love. Once he gets more national attention next season, or this season if the T-Wolves makes the playoffs, I think he’ll start to get the respect he deserves. This guy, for all his other stats, has made more free throws than anyone else in the league this season. That’s impressive expecially concidering he missed three games. He’s versitile offensively and a monster on the boards. Yes, he’s not a great defender, but he’s improving there as well, he’s a lighter quicker player than last season. Best Power Forward in the league,

  27. whoever says griffin is better than love is on drugs…he’s not even better than dirk, pau or even bosh…

  28. Liam says:

    Love and Griffen dont play defence
    cant believe all of you forget about defence

  29. Lance says:

    Blake Griffin is not all thatg. All he does is dunk. He can not shot free throw ify on three point range he may get a 12 feeter every now and than. His biggest punt A$$ move was last night playing T-Wolfies, that has beat Clippers THREE times this year when he drug Luke Ridnour to the floor cause he got blocked on his out of control dunking.

  30. raptors says:

    love is the best power forward in the game… the only reason blake is even mentioned is because he can dunk over people .and somebody said the clippers are winning so blake is better , the only reason the clippers are winning is because of CP3

  31. Angelo says:

    if we’re talking about stats, especially this season, it has to be love… cause even dirk could never do that with such consistency as Love does… but if we’re talking about career accomplishments between Dirk, Love, Blake, i would say Dirk all the way… With the game on the line, Dirk over any PF(Duncan, KG included)… Blake is one-dimensional, for now…

  32. carlos says:

    Dirk has had a slow start, Love has been pretty consistent all season and seems to be getting better as where Dirk is not doing much better than last year, i believe that in a clutch situation i’d give the ball to Dirk or Duncan but Kevin Love is the future and is ahead in almost every aspect of Griffin who reminds me of a watered down version of Shawn Kemp.

  33. kobe says:

    griffin is a freak of a athlete…so explosive..but he doesnt have a jumpshot yet(which he will) has problems on the free throw line and isnt very good at defending the post…they r all good power lets enjoy is my top 5 today ..
    then u decide gasol griffin lamarcus duncan bosh

  34. KOMANDIRA says:

    All Blake could do is jump and dunk…. yes, for now! And still he is performing better than Dirk this season…. Love is the best right now, no doubt. But this would change in one or two years time! Before you start to disagree, check Dirk’s or Love’s stats for rookie and second year!

  35. Bill B says:

    Before we elevate Kevin to “Best NBA Power Forward” we should consider the consistency of his work ethic and his commitment off-court. Has this guy every done any work in the weight room? How do Kevin and Dirk expect to be the best in the West when neither spends any time working on strength? This is a strength position! Look at Dwight, Derek, Kobe, LeBron, Dwayne and others in the league – at least they work to improve their game!

    • StJohn says:

      Are you serious? Kevin Love is a BEAST!!!
      K. Love is 4th in scoring. (Behind Kobe, KD, and LeBron)
      K. Love is 2nd in rebounds. (Behind Dwight)
      Not only does he shoot 3’s, jumpshots, post up, pick and roll, and rebound. He also leads the league in free throw attempts.
      Love dominates in every aspect of the game.
      In my opinion, he is the second toughest (behind Kobe) player in the league.
      Yes the Power Forward is a strength position, Kevin Love defines STRENGTH.

  36. Bo Deezy says:

    Ok lets get one thing straight. You cant even begin to mention K.Love or B.G for a few more years or at least untill they add some decorations to their resume. Dirk is an NBA champion with a finals mvp not to mention a league mvp to go wit it. Its easy to knock down shots when u got a Ricky Rubio getting you wide open looks. Same with Blake gettin perfect ally-hoops from argueably the best point guard in the league. Dirk on the other hand pretty much carries his team. The Thunder game proved that with Jason Terry showing us why he shouldnt have the ball when the games on the line unless its a wide open look created by Dirks ability to break down a defense. Yeah K.Loves numbers are beautiful accept for the 20-19 record. Ask me again after he can actuually win a playoff series. Until than show a lil respect for the reigning finals M.V.P.

  37. Joe says:

    Can anybody spell LaMarcus right?

  38. Ryan B says:

    Kevin Love puts up scoring and rebounding numbers. That much is true. But his overall impact on the game is hugely overstated. I’m not saying that he makes no difference, but people tend to look at a final box score and base their entire perception around that. To me, Kevin Love is very similar to a David Lee with better shooting range. A very nice talent to be sure, but I think people are just going way overboard their praise of him. I’ve heard people call him the best power forward in the world and even the best power forward of all time. Come on now. To even be in the conversation he’ll have to start playing defense once in awhile.

    In my opinion, the biggest difference between this year’s TWolves and the TWolves of the previous few years when their record was just as bad if not worse than it was than the year before they drafted Love, is the arrival of guys like Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams.

  39. Mike says:

    Dirk is the best right now…SMH Seku, SMH!

  40. carlos says:

    the article isn´t about which team is better. the article is about the best PF.
    and the best PF right now is Love, but dirk has the best career, he is a legend. Love is following the same path. griffin is only athletic, i was hyped about him last season, but i came to my senses this season. a guy that is airballing from free throws doesn´t earn my respect as a b-ball player.

  41. Arthur says:

    Damn how are you guys going to tell me that a man who just led his team to the finals and won against the heat is worse than kevin love. I love kevin love but he’s never played a playoff game in his life. When it counts Dirk is the best player regardless of position…I won’t even mention blake griffin, he got shut down by channing frye….REALLY?

  42. Danny says:

    Is this even a question? Dirk has led his team to 11 straight 50 win seasons, multiple deep runs in the playoffs, and a championship, and was MVP. Dirk is unguardable and clutch. Love may be a better rebounder and defender, but a 7 footer than can make shots from any part of the court and make clutch shots was previously unheard of until Dirk. Dirk revolutionized the game. The only reason Love is being discussed as a great PF is because his stats are inflated. Sure, you will score 25 ppg when the rest of your team is a joke. Love does not have the killer instinct that Dirk has, and will never win a ring if he is the “star” in Minnesota. He will need to be the number 2 player on a championship team.

    On another note, Griffin shouldn’t even be considered in this discussion. He is a complete non factor when he is more than 13 feet away from the hoop and is an abysmal free throw shooter. Here is how I would rank them: Dirk, Love, Aldridge…huge drop off…Stoudemire, Griffin

  43. BBALL ADDICT says:




  44. Roy says:

    Kevin Love is going crazy!! This guys got such great fundamentals, probly the best rebounder along with Howard, and can shoot the three better then most guards! What more can I say?? K LOVE BEST OVERALL PF IN THE GAME RIGHT NOW YEAAAAAA

  45. Dante says:

    sensational plays doesn’t make you the best.
    Offense sells tickets but Defense wins rings.

    I’d still take Pau and Dirk , KG and Tim Duncan… They’re already proven.

    • Lunds007 says:

      Go back to with statements like that…

      • Kevin love is the best PF in the game..he’s put up crazy numbers since the allstar break, including a 39 pt and 17 rebound performance against griffin, arguably the second best PF in the league…those numbers aren’t “good” numbers, those are DOMINANT numbers…since he’s added a perimeter game to his repertoire he has set himself apart from other players at his position

      • xfactor says:

        Wow i am so sick of people saying all these negative things about love. Oohh he’s a stat hog, oh he can’t play defense, or he plays for a bad team, or he would be the second or third best player on a good team, etc. Lets get one thing straight. People saying to campare the BG and KL’s rookie seasons have no argument. Obviously Blake had a better rookie season because he actually STARTED and got more MINUTES! Love on the other hand came off the bench because of the log jam at PF and almost averaged a double double every game. I can tell you one thing though, and that is Love has gotten better each and every single year. And the truth is BG is in his third season really. Love is not that far ahead of him. Everyone was saying that love was a stat hog, that he isn’t a true star and that the season he had last year would be the best he would ever have. Look at what he’s doing now… 25 pts, 14 rebs/game. Not only that, the wolves have improved greatly. He’s not the tallest and not that athletic so he’s not going to give you 2+ blocks per night. His overall defense is solid though. He does what he can and he does try to defend. IMO his defense is probably going to get better as he gets more experience.Its mind boggling how love gets no love from people. He made some clutch shots last night that won them the game. And to the guy that said Love doesn’t do the stuff outside the court like hitting the gym…. You are an idiot. I guess love losing 40 something pounds isn’t hitting the gym…

    • shakenbake says:

      Really you will take the aged Garnett, Duncan and Pau NOW rather than Love?? hahaha! Laughable! I would take them in their prime but now they are aged and near retirement you gotta be crazy taking them over Love.

  46. Sasha says:

    Kevin Love – Better scorer, Better Free throw scorer, better rebounder ( 20-20 game is easy for him), scores 3pts very well ( for a 6′ 10″ guy)

    Blake Griffin- No Jump Shot, Misses free throws, 3pts shots–lets not even go there, ( DUNKS and Athletic yes )

    Conclusion : K-Love much better player !

  47. sharetherock says:

    Kahn will lose his job for locking down Love for 3 years instead of 5, when it turns out that Rubio (good as he is) is a worse-shooting poor-man’s-Rondo and less worthy of the 5 years. The pointlessness of this move will land it on the list of worst personnel decisions of all time. Kahn must pray that Derrick Williams becomes a better player than Love – unlikely.

    As good a shooter as Love is, Dirk has far more finesse and offensive versatility. But Dirk does not get the monstrous number of second chance points that Love gets under the rim. I’d take Love.

  48. ardit12345 says:

    People forget about Pau Gasol ,Lemarcus Aldridge,Bosh and Dirk
    Pau plays better defense than Love and BlAke and is way more skilled inside … he also has a good mid range jumper
    He is the best of both worlds thats why i think he is the best though he is a little bit old

  49. bunbury says:

    I havent been a Kevin Love fan, mainly due to the wolves being so bad all these years and not watching any of their games. but believe me NOW I am watching. I think he is right there with Nowitzki. But Nowitzki is the champion and deserves the # 1 spot at this time. Griffin is not yet there, the guy scores mainly on fast break points and dunks.

  50. bostongeorge says:

    Hey people 🙂

    to all the NewClippersFans: Without that CP3 trade, the clips would be the same struggling team, they had been for years. Just imagine Love and CP3, then minnesota would have been a contender too, not to mention K.Martin and the other players they got now….and FIRST OF ALL go earn some credit in the PLAYOFFS… then we can talk again

    btw. Griffin dont has the shootingabilities Love, Nowitzki or Pierce have 🙂

    So lets have some more fun in the 2nd half of the season and watch how the Clippers dont get a Ring this year…

  51. Ajmal Sataar says:

    WOOOOOOOW Did Dirk’s playoff run last year not solidify him as the best PF in the league?! Love is the PF of the future not but of today! C’mon now..

    • Nate says:

      Dirk is still the better clutch and offensive PF, but Love is the better all around PF. If Dirk was getting 14 rebounds per game then no question Dirk is better then Love. I would still rather have Dirk with the ball in the last seconds, but Love is more complete than Dirk, there for the better PF. Better offense only doesn’t equal better player.

      • Peter says:

        More complete because of his stats? Who else rebounds on the Wolves? That’s not Dirks job. The Wolves need KL to rebound.

      • Nate says:

        Dirk has never been a really great rebounder for a 7ft PF. If you put Love on the Mavs team right now, I can bet you he’ll still be averging 10+ rebounds per game. It’s how each player approaches the game, Love positions and goes after each rebound, as with Dirk, he’s never been an aggressive rebounder. If you put Dirk on the Twolves right now, you think he’ll be getting 14rpg? I don’t think so. I hate how people always use the excuse that Love is only getting his numbers because of the mediocre team he’s on.

        I can tell you right now, that even though Dirk was clutch during the finals, the Mavs wouldn’t even have won the title without Chandler’s Defense, JJ B and Terry’s big shot plays. People give Dirk a lot more credit then he deserves because he hit the clutch shots, but through out the whole series, it was these three other players who actually carried the team to give Dirk those chances. I’m not hating on Dirk, I think he’s clutch and a great player offensively, but he’s too one dimensional.

      • Nate says:

        So what i’m saying is that Dirk is still the best Offensive PF in the league right now, but best PF overall is KL.

  52. dq22 says:

    K. Love made a believer out of me.

  53. Poom says:

    BG won the all star dunk contest tournament.. granted Love won the 3-point contest this year but since they’re both power forwards:
    BG > Love

  54. blake is killin dirk & blake, and maybe amare.

  55. Rafael Molina says:

    5. PAU GASOL

  56. Hoops Fan says:

    People who think Blake is better than Love need to actually watch both of them play instead of just catching SportsCenter clips. Blake has fantastic dunks but he also misses his share of dunks and lobs – funny, those don’t get the same airplay – and those often wind up as empty possessions.

    Blake went 0 for 4 in free throws in the final couple minutes of the game against the TWolves. And that’s not even that unusual for him. Oh, and that was a game the Clips lost by 1 point. Go 1 for 4 in those and at least they force OT. The guy is not clutch at all.

    Watch both guys play a few actual, full games and it’s pretty obvious at this point in their careers Love is far better then Griffin.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Blake’s biggest downfall is his free throws. He is still a beast in the post and this is his 2nd (offical) season. This is Love’s fourth (I think). Plus Griffin has improved his shot since last year so he’s improving just as much as Love is. Also while you’re comparing, look at Love’s first season compared to Griffin’s. I’m not gonna say who’s better because they are two different type of PFs, but for my team I’m going with Griffin because of his dominance and athleticism.

  57. theTRUTH says:

    Kevin Love..i got to admit.. not that much of a good defender.. but no doubt a very tough rebounder…making 14 or more rebounds a game.. even thou he is just 6’10 is something to cheer for..unlike Blake.. Kevin Love can shoot 3 pointers and can master the box out.Dirk, is not really a power forward..since he only makes like 7 rebounds a game..and focuses more on shooting.KG can rebound and score.. but Love is still a better rebounder no doubt.And Tim,also a great rebounder and shooter.. but Kevin Love.. can shoot threes with ease and end the game with like 14 or 20 rebounds. And that what makes him one of the most dominant

  58. Scott says:

    I like how people are arguing that Blake is the best PF in the game when I can currently name 4 PF better than him
    1. Kevin Love
    2. Dirk Nowitzki
    3. LeMarcus Aldridge
    4. Pau Gasol (believe it)
    5. Blake Griffin

  59. kobe says:

    dirk love that order

  60. ShadJC says:

    Blake Griffin is very limited in terms of his overall game. He can jump high and is a good player, but he’s no where near the all-around go-to player that K-love is right now! And K-Love is still getting significantly better each year. It’s actually kind of ridiculous to compare the two, K-Love is on a completely different elite level. Dirk, on the other hand is a good direct comparison. He has the strong overall game and leadership qualities skills K-Love has. However, this year there’s nobody close to K-Love at the PF position. He is clear dominance in the paint, outside the arch, and everywhere in between!

  61. Mailman says:

    Love surely is in the mix for best PF in the game, especially when you consider his rebounding. But Griffin? No way… Spectacular player, for sure, but he isn’t even the first option on his own team!
    And, as others already mentioned, you have to give Dirk some respect!

  62. Belizeboy says:

    Love is not the best power forward in the league. Two years ago when the Lakers were winning Pau Gasol was the so called best, then they lose last year and he becomes labeled too soft. Then Dirk’s name is added to the list of “the best” after the Mavs won, when years ago they were saying he’s top 20 maybe dispite the fact that he was doing the exact same thing he’s always done. Funny how a championship changes that. All I can say is that Love is having a great season. If or when he carries a team in the playoffs then let’s talk about him being the best, but for now he’s just having really good games. Oh yeah had the Clippers won last night this wouldn’t even be a conversation.

    • Nate says:

      If the Clippers won last night then this wouldn’t even be a conversation? Winning has nothing to do with the comparison. Winning is a team effort. Even if the Clippers won last night, who still out played the other player? That’s right, Love out played Griffin… As of now, Love is hands down a better PF then Blake, the only category Blake would win over Love is athleticism, which I guess for some people means he’s the better PF. Maybe a couple years from now if Blake improves on defense, and his offensive weapons then this conversation might be different. As of Today, no question KL is the better PF.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Yes I’m sure that if the Wolves lost last night we would have still seen this article, get real man. The article was posted because 1. Love had a monster game and 2. because they beat the Clippers 3 straight times. I mean c’mon it says clearly “Love is 3-0 against Griffin”, and you’re telling me that them winning has nothing to do with the comparison?

        I’m not here trying to debate Blake being better than Love. Like I said it’s two different styles and my preference is Blakes, but just because Love is a better shooter it does not make him better than Griffin.

    • Theror says:

      This is I think the only comment that makes any sense…

    • Nate says:

      Take a look at the title, it specifically says “Best Power Forward in the Game”, it didn’t say “Twolves 3-0 against Clippers”. Please give me a legit reason why you think Blake is Better than Love right now as a PF. Highlights and Dunks? You think that makes him a better PF? Cause those are the only things that he’s able to do better than Love. No doubt BG is an amazing athlete, but being able to Wow you with a high flying dunk doesn’t make him better than KL. So you say that KL can only shoot better than BG, what about boxing out, positioning, rebounds, double doubles, free throws, clutch shots? KL can post and shoot long range, at the same time he’s grabbing more rebounds too. And don’t even give me that he’s only doing that cause he’s on a bad team excuse, if that’s the case, you would have tons of guys like Love on all those bad teams, like the bobcats, hornets, etc…

      • Belizeboy says:

        Nate you obviously don’t read and understand what I’m saying. Again, I’m not here to say which of the two is better. Some guys would rather have a PF that can shoot from anywhere on the court, while others would prefer one who is VERY dominant in the post, but since you are really just trying to pull out why I feel Griffin is better then I’d look at ability. Blake is physically superior to Love and while he does not have Loves shooting ability, he is showing improvement with his mid-range jumper. Keeping in mind this is his 2nd year and this is Love’s 4th you can compare stats for their 2nd years and see who is better. If Griffin’s performance declines over the years and Love continues to do well then label him better, but as of right now Griffin (in his 2nd year) is having a MUCH BETTER season than Love did.

      • Nate says:

        This post is about who’s the best PF RIGHT NOW, not in 2 yrs, not who had the best 2nd yr, not who has the most potential. You’re kidding yourself here. Give it up man. You have nothing to go by, maybe you’re just a big Clippers fan. If you think that BG is a better PF than KL right now then you clearly know nothing about basketball, and what are you talking about prefer shooter or post up? This isn’t about who’s a better post PF or who’s a better shooting PF, it’s who’s a better PF period.

  63. Rico says:

    A question though, Will Kevin Love edge KG as the greatest Twolves ever?

  64. Rymeezy says:

    Kevin Love, without hesitation. Look at the numbers, look at the head-to-head match ups between the two. Blake can sit under the hoop all game with the occasional jumper from the elbow. Love gets it done from everywhere, including the free throw line where Griffin is ABSOLUTE garbage from. Dirk is good, but has much to prove if he thinks he can defend his title let alone play better then Love this year. Love does not play for a bad team anymore. As of now, they would be 7th seed in the east, and fighting for the 7th in a tough, well balanced Western conference. Overall Love>Griffin. He is only 1 year older then Griffin, due to his injury, is still considered a sophomore. Kevin Love is still getting better with his game, there is no ceiling for him right now, even though he may not be able to jump as high as Big baby Blake Griffin.

    • Celtics says:

      Dirk Wont be able to defend his title because His team is not doing $hit this season at all!!! Its been all DIrk THis season and they have a winning record what does that show?

    • dirk45 says:

      Dirk has led a tema to a title. No matter that there are other very important players, they are at every champion but the Mavs are even more Dirks team than the Bulls were MJs team. KLove has maybe the best game but for me he needs to prove to be able to lead a team deep into the playoffs.
      Question to all: If this year’s Love would have played in last year’s Mavs in the POs instead of Dirk, would the Mavs be champs right now? I have serious doubts.

  65. Patrickmarc says:

    Love is the best for the moment. And I don’t agree with people who said that Love is boring to watch.
    He is just a fantastic player.
    I suppose one day peolpe will get bored with dunks, because now there are so many player able to do it.
    I am looking Griffin play without those spectacular dunk. He si good of course, but in a national team no hesitation : Love first.

  66. Rebelegg says:

    I’m from Minnesota and I def. would root for Love. But Griffin is just in his sophomore year as a pro. He is just athletic at this stage of his career but he will improved as years to come. Dirk, on the other hand, deserve some mention here cuz bottom line he is the MVP of the defending champ.
    But I would not agree with one argues a player’s greatness just base on the team current record. Sure Clippers and Mavs have better record and Wolves is still struggling for that last spot of playoff. But come on now, Clippers has CP3, Billups, both of whom arguably to be best PG now or at one time. Mavs has great supporting cast, who have proven themselves by outlasting the Heat last year. And Love even offered to buy the tickets for the fans to some of those unpopular games. It has been several times this season that tickets sellout for T-wolves, which yet to happen since idk, back to KG’s era.
    Love is great, not only he has great performance on every night.

  67. willie says:

    naah… k-love is a very good PF, but compared to BG, dirk, and maybe even chris bosh, he is just a stats-hog, if there was a word… all he does is put up big numbers, while his team loses… the other 3 i mentioned however are on winning teams. they change the game and as shaq said, make their teammates look better…. maybe in a few more years, k-love will be the best. but definitely not above those3 at least for this season

    • shakenbake says:

      ahh BG has cp3-former allstar, mo williams- former allstar, butler- former allstar.
      DIRK has the jet-former allstar, matrix-former allstar, vince carter – former allstar, jason kidd- allstar mvp halloffamer.
      Love- bunch of rookies

    • Cactusball says:

      Stat-hog? Not only is that incorrect, it’s also very ignorant. Would you call Oscar Robinson a stat-hog because he averaged a triple-double for his career? The man is playing his tail off and his team is steadily improving, mostly because of his effort. If he had one more star quality player this team would contend. This season, no one can deny that he has been the best Power Forward, not the all-time best. Griffin’s skills are very one -dimensional, dunks and post work. Love has the post game, the mid-range game, three-points one of the best in the league. That cannot be said for Duncan, Griffin or Bosh. So the real debate is Nowitzki vs. Love, and THIS season it’s Love. Dirk’s team may end up further when it’s all said and done, but Love’s individual play is outstanding.

      • Celtics says:

        O my god Dirks ability to perform in clutch situations Gives him the advantage over love Im Sorry But I doubt As good as love is I doubt he cant do as well as Dirk can in the playoffs

      • neverfrisco says:

        Who is Oscar Robinson? Must you show your lack of knowledge so succinctly? The man’s name is Oscar ROBERTSON, and he didn’t average a triple double for his entire career- that’s just plain ridiculous. The Big O averaged a triple double in 1961-62, and also cumulatively over a five year period, 1960-65. But no one averages a triple double over an entire career.
        As for the best PF in the league, I’d choose Love first.

    • Bowels says:

      You make no sense whatsoever. Just a “stat-hog” lol, this isn’t a videogame.

      It’s definitely between Love/Dirk/Bosh.

  68. shakenbake says:

    And hey the best PF is still Dirk. Right now Dirk is not putting any pressure on him because its just the pre season but come playoffs he will be the most dangerous player again on the court hands down. Still Miami will win the Championship haha!

  69. shakenbake says:

    Love all the way. Has range inside presence and better defender than Griffin. Griffin relies on athleticism while Love relies on sheer determination and court intelligence has range too! when both gets aged Griffin cant do anything without his athleticism, while Love can still be effective cause he can shoot threes. Look at Dirk, he now relies generally on his range and smarts if both Griffin and Love gets at Dirks or Duncan’s age who will still be effective? Griffin is good but Love is better

  70. Rav says:


    Please don’t compare Griffin and Love to KG and Duncan. Griffin and Love are very poor defenders; the other two are among the greatest defenders to grace the NBA.

    I feel there are a couple of other contenders for top PF. Stoudemire is having a bad season, but last year he was great. Aldridge is putting up great numbers on a slow-paced Blazers team – he’s losing recognition because the team has been poor of late. Dirk and Pau can’t be ignored, and KG and Duncan still have the some of best defensive impact of any player (let alone PFs). Chris Bosh’s stats are deflated by playing with 2 superstars, and people have forgotten about Zach Randolph because he has been injured.

    Outside of PG, PF might be the deepest position in the league. Interestingly, all of the players mentioned here (bar Duncan and Garnett, who are the ‘old guard’ and will soon retire), are distinctly below-average defenders. Also, it’s the position with the most International + White American players among the top 10.

    • Law064 says:

      Rav I was stating the odvious. BG and Love are the 2 rising stars at the PF position. KG and Duncan were the best in their prime and were the 2 that got compared as the best. No way am I saing BG or Love is equal to those 2 in their prime. You are correct KG and Timmy are still playing well for their age. Prime KG was just a monster #21

  71. Juanma says:

    yeah i do also think KL is currently the best power forward in the NBA but I don’t really think Griffin is the second one or Love’s rival for that title. Griffin Blake is being given too much publicity,he’s almost over-rated. I mean, yeah he’s among the best power forwards in the NBA but what about other amazing and more consolidated big men like Dirk, Pau Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge, Al Jefferson, Amar’e… they are better shooters than Blake and nobody talks about them. Ok they might not win a slum dunk contest but Griffin is not, in my opinion, better than them

    • Jarred says:

      This season, Kevin Love is the most dominant PF in the league,I think Al Jefferson is a center more than a PF, but thankyou for bringing LA into this conversation I would even say that he’s a better PF than Blake if he had CP helping him. Although Pau might hav been relevant the last few seasons this year he doesn’t even deserve a mention the way he’s been playing, & in the case of dirk, he’s a freak of nature & his fadeaway is the most undefendable shot in the league for the last decade but I want my PF to be pulling in the rebounds as well as scoring the fact that KL is 4th in scoring & 2nd in rebounding just proves my point. KL rules & will take us back to the western conference championships. GO WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!

  72. RMJ7 says:

    Definitely, Love currently is the best PF.

  73. Law064 says:

    Love is a more solid player than Griffin. But if you put best PF in the game you have to mention Dirk. Love vs Griffin of course it’s Love. Griffin is just more athletic but outside of that Love is the more complete PF. Dirk still wears the crown as best PF in the game now. KG and Duncan in their prime is what were seeing again 2 great PF’s with a different style of play.

  74. prix says:

    Love could get 20-20 every night but I would still go for Blake..not that Love is boring to watch but Blake team is a contender in the West and the Wolves is struggling to make the playoffs..if you want to be some games..

    • John Erickson says:

      They have, 3-0 against the Clippers, 2-0 against the Mavs.

      If they had anything resembling a SG they would be much better. With Wes Johnson on the floor they are playing 5 on 4 most games.

      If they can get a wing at the deadline, they will take another big step.

    • LanceN34 says:

      Are you kidding me? All Griffin can do is dunk, cant shoot jumpers, cant shoot 3’s, cant shoot free throws. Love can do EVERYTHING…oh wait except maybe do a 360 alley oop dunk. I’ll take Love every day.

      • Belizeboy says:

        All Shaq could do was post up and dunk. He ended up with four rings. It’s called dominance and it goes a lot further being able to work the post than it does shooting threes.

      • Imad Akel says:

        I need to remind you people of how hard Griffin owned all expectations last year.

        And I also need to remind you that Griffin is sharing his offence with Chris Paul, and that the Clippers are still better in standing than the Wolves (which means the Clippers ARE better than the wolves, even if they lost all 3 games to the wolves)

        And i hope Blake learns to play some D soon to continue down the prodigal path he was on last year.

      • Belizeboy says:

        @ Imad, I agree with you about Griffin on D. He is very lazy outside of the paint. Love was launching threes in his face and he still didn’t take the effort to close out on him.

      • Jamal says:

        I cant believe you are trying to compare Shaq, a center to a power forward. Second of all shaq would of abused griffen on both sides of the court.. Not to mention Shaq was better at what blake griffens claim to fame is… Id let blake shoot anything out of arms reach all day, and hack him under the hoop. Cant shoot free throws, and just plain can shoot.

      • fan says:


        I heard that the Lakers had normal guys named Kobe, Fisher, and Horry. Oh! They also had an OK coack with Phil Jackson who only won 6 championships with the Bulls. Guess Shaq was just that dominant!

        Stop bringing the conversation to champinoships. Horry or Kerr wasn’t the best player playing their position in the league but they won more championships than Malone, Barkley or Reggie Miller who are some of the best players to play at their positions. If we’re talking about a specific position, focus the topic on the players playing their positions and not about winning records or championships.

      • SuperJun says:

        @Imad u said it yourself, he’s sharing it with CP3, one of the best point guards in the league. That is probably why their team is doing better, We’re talking best PF here, stick to subject, you know people are desperate when they use team record in their argument.

    • Hate Morons says:

      They are winning games.

    • RUM says:

      Yes, the clippers is a cntender, because they have chris paul, not because Blake Griffin only. But minny is rigth there for a playoff spot just with Kevin Love. He’s actually winning games, with the help of rubio, rindnour, etc. But he’s the focus on the ofensive end, and blake has Paul, Mo Williams, Caron Butler, Two former all stars and one All NBA Team!!!!!!

      • Jones17 says:

        Love is putting up big numbers but they aren’t that different than last year. The reason T’Wolves doing so well close to playoffs are the additions of Rubio and Derrick Williams and also the improved defensive play of Wes Johnson and better all round play by Pekovic. Don’t make out Love is a transcendent superstar when he’s not.

    • Peter says:

      If the clippers didn’t have chris paul on the team the clippers would be in the same spot as the timberwolves if not worse. Blake griffen isn’t the reason the clippers are doing so well it is paul.

    • david says:

      clips havent been so great since billups went down and if love had a defender like jordan a small foward like butler and a pg like cp3, they would have a better record than the clips

    • Mike says:

      By your logic Jrue Holiday , Jeremy Lin, Darren Collison, Brandon Jennings, Kyrie Irving, Mario Chalmers, Jameer Nelson, Jeff Teague, Ty Lawson, Rickie Rubio, Ray Felton, Devin Harris, Derek Fisher, Mike Conley, Jason Kidd, and Kyle Lowry are ALL BETTER than Deron Williams.

      Anyone that thinks anybody is a better power forward thant Kevin Love is clueless or racist. Love isn’t just the best PowerForward , he is the best Big Man period.

      • SuperJun says:

        I agree with everything except the last line. Dwight Howard will probably have something to say about that.

    • mplsmuskies says:

      It’s best PF in the game nothing bout team’s nor record’s but by playing wise at the power foward position.
      Love this year with his team of Ricky Rubio, D.Williams n busted draft picks other teams never wanted.
      Dirk this year without his stacked team last year been shaking and not so dominate.
      Blake Griffin this year who’s been great but need to be a 2 or 3 option for Clippers to be great. Lets be honest everybody knows thats Chris Paul’s team now.

      Kevin Love may not be the best but his have the a strong season and looking at the best at his position.

  75. bsj968 says:

    One bad knee for part of the season during brutal back-to-back-to-backs and Dirk isn’t even mentioned as the best power forward? Ask yourself – with the game on the line who do you want to have the ball – Love, Griffin or Dirk?

  76. Taylor h says:

    Give dirk some respect… He’s better than griffin

    • Tenzin says:

      Hello.. Dirk doesn’t rebound the basketball nor does he play DEFENSE

      • Celtics says:

        Bro Dirk Is the best Dirk Defines the word Clutch And he showed that throughout the playoffs last year AND against the most dominant team in the NBA The Heat Dirks best PF

      • Witness says:

        PLEAAAASE. The Mavs won because they got insancely and abnormally hot from 3 at what 67%. Yea that happens ALL the time. Dirk was NOT the sole reason for the chip sorry.

      • Tony says:

        Abnormally hot from 3? Would you complain if the Heat got that “hot” from 3? No. And it’s the fault of the defense for letting the other team get that confidence.

      • mpls says:

        dirk had J.J who is now on Love’s team. J.J was a key reason why dallas beat the heat if ya dont believe me just watch every one of the finals games.

    • kiefynugs says:

      yeah it will be very cool to see how griffin and love (if he makes it) will perform in the playoffs. While we all know that nowitzki is an epic closer.

      At the beginning of the season I’d predicted that the entire NW conference would make playoffs but now I’m seeing that is impossible. It’s just 5 great teams though and it’s not really fair to have such a stacked division.

      Denver is the only sure bet right now other than the obvious

    • Renato says:

      Dirk is obviously the best player,the most skilled player.But right now,Love is playing the best basketball,no doubt about that.

    • aybar hedu says:

      ya right dirk doesn’t have hops like blake