Trail Blazers Trade Chatter On Fire

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Both Jamal Crawford and Raymond Felton have been here before during their careers. So the roller coaster ride that is the NBA trade deadline rumor mill should be nothing new to the Portland Trail Blazers’ veteran guards.

With the March 15 trade deadline looming and the Trail Blazers stuck in neutral, losers of three in a row and currently on the outside looking at the Western Conference playoff picture, the speculation is that either one or both of them could be moved by the deadline.

The Lakers and Blazers have had exploratory talks about Felton, per Chris Haynes of the

A league source has informed that the Los Angeles Lakers and the Portland Trail Blazers have had “exploratory talks” regarding Trail Blazers’ guard Raymond Felton.

According to the source, talks have been ongoing for weeks and it is likely to involve Lakers’ guard Steve Blake in the deal. has also been told that terms of this potential deal “haven’t got off the ground” but it is one that is being considered by both sides.

This season, Felton is suffering a career-low in points per game (9.7), field goal percentage (.368), three-point percentage (.246), and rebounds (2.1).

Meanwhile, Crawford is apparently on the radar of the Los Angeles Clippers and Minnesota Timberwolves and drawing interest from the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks, according to Sam Amick of

With the Blazers underachieving and the 12-year veteran having struggled to fit in this season, sources say he’s available. Crawford signed a two-year, $10 million deal on Dec. 15, but the second season is a player option and he plans to opt out this summer to retest the free agent market.

Crawford wasn’t a natural fit from the start, as defensive-minded coach Nate McMillan was said to be wary of whether his new player would buy in on both ends. What’s more, McMillan’s use of Crawford as the starting point guard over Raymond Felton rather than playing him at his natural off-guard position is causing Crawford some consternation.

The 2009-10 Sixth Man of the Year — who, for what it’s worth, would prefer to finish the season in Portland — is averaging 14.5 points in just 26.8 minutes per game. But his 40.2 percent shooting is his lowest mark since the 2006-07 campaign. While it’s not known whether the Clippers and Blazers have discussed a deal involving Crawford, a source close to him said they showed significant interest when he was a free agent but lacked the flexibility to get a deal done.

This is a dramatic turnaround from a few weeks ago, when the Blazers were being heralded as potential contenders in the Western Conference and one of the surprise (in a positive way) teams in the league for the way they were playing without Brandon Roy and Greg Oden.

But lingering point guard issues, the same ones that have seemingly always existed in the Nate McMillan era, simply will not go away. And now that the season has settled a bit and reality has taken hold, things don’t look quite as rosy as they did a few months ago.

If the trade deadline comes and goes without either Crawford or Felton getting moved, we’ll be surprised here at the hideout.


  1. Miami0603 says:

    Jamal Crawford should go to Miami. Trade Chalmers for him.

  2. David says:

    It is a mistake to trade Blake away for Felton, they should acquire Felton in exchange for a draft pick. It took the Lakers a full half a season to build chemistry and learn Mike Brown’s system and now they are playing well. I would suggest the Lakers need to start Blake and Felton and Fish coming off the bench; this way the impact of Felton learning the system coming off the bench doesn’t disrupt the flow of the team game.

  3. Boy Pickup says:

    Been a blazers fan since Roy came. A team that shouldve been challenging LA. But they were never really healthy. Now Roy is gone, no point in giving Oden chances, Lamarcus wouldnt be able to carry them to have a ring.

    Time to rebuild… choose between Batum or Wallace, they cant have both… there are still Oden takers (because of the potential), trade him… let go of crawford, he peaked in Atlanta… im ok with felton, but if we can get nash for a run next year, then better… pray that Roy can still play LOL.

  4. Trade? says:

    B-ROY!! #7always and forever
    March 5, 2012 at 9:21 pm
    even if roy did come back he wouldnt be able to play on the blazers cause we used the amnesty clause on him =( he said he wants to come back

    If I can recall correctly the blazers didn’t use amnesty clause on Roy and he retired by himself.

    I hope the lakers do not trade Steve Blake, Instead trade Luke Walton or use Odom’s trade money

  5. mattman says:

    when teams start to lose games because of a lack of offensive and defensive rhythm and fluidity, they look at their personnel and more or less panic..the trailblazers have underachieved this season after starting out on fire..theyve lost 3 out of their last 4, and even dropped one to the Wiz last month..the blazers are obviously have issues figuring out how to get production out of their role players..jamal crawford has had a lackluster season..raymond felton was almost out of the offensive rotation for a few games..wesley matthews is having a down season compared to last year..gerald wallace has had ups and downs..nate mcmillan will have to figure out how to address his production problem..a trade may not be the answer

  6. mattman says:

    well they grabbed a win tonight..thats a step in the right direction..oh wait..they beat the hornets…hmm..back at square 1

  7. trueblazersgreat says:

    please get trade crawford for ricky rubio and kevin love

  8. jonesy says:

    is it because patty mills is coming back!!!!!!!!!!????? bring back patty!!

  9. trueblazersgreat says:

    trade camby and thomas for either andrew bynum or dwight howard. this would give us a younger team.

  10. Joel says:

    oizing, no thanks to Lopez but i would give anything for Nash even for 1 season, why would you give up Wallace? he is good and does more then you think and a heck of a defensive player

    TrueBlazerFan, your right i think Portland is fine people need to relax and stop pointing fingers and be patient, they have done better then the record shows, (7) off. (12) def. efficiency

  11. jeff says:

    And NAMELESS GM LOSER…..the rhino? the senior citizen, the fat sloppy PG, the horrible draft……i know you’re just a temp…but you better go back to trade school and learn pipe cleaning. Ummmm forget Steve Blake…can we have Kevin Prichard back????????????

  12. BLAZZZERS! says:

    Trade both of them to the Spurs for Manu Ginobili !!! He is one of the, if not the best clutch player in this league and he has championship pedigrees to make key plays which probably no any current Blazers player has. The Blazers should be in championship discussion if Manu can come around, at least for a deep Playoff round. He will mold with guys like Wallace on fast break as well as Aldridge’s post plays. He is the last puzzle to make this team a championship-caliber.

  13. jeff says:

    I’d even prefer Rudy again over Felton. What a loser. He is still out of shape from eating potato chips and playing video games while waiting for an end to the lock out. He’s unbelievably sloppy for a point guard. I’ve watched him dribble the ball off his shoe out of bounds more times than i can count. What a disappointment. There is nothing wrong with Crawford! He’s not a defense oriented player and we knew that when we picked him up. We also knew he wasn’t a POINT GUARD so until we get this situation with Felton resolved, the team’s not going anywhere. Also…i second the above mentioned question about Crash. WTH? some nights he looked like he’s strung out on dope instead of playing ball. Other nights he’s all over the place and the only real baller on the floor. WHAT IS UP CRASH????????????? If you explain, maybe the fans will be a little more understanding of what ever the issue is. If you don’t, we are all going to continue to wonder what the &^#@ your problem is?

    • jeff says:

      And BTW…that video clip of Felton feeding LA….well, I remember a different point guard that used to do that 4 times a night against top teams. Not a special play…unless you’re RAY FELTON and then it’s your only highlight of the night.

  14. oizing says:

    How bout this trade:

    Portland gives Wallace/Camby/Felton/2nd round draft

    Phoneix gives Nash/Lopez

    Would the Suns do this? This would free up a roster spot for Patty Mills too!

    • jcd says:

      I like the idea but I dont think it really helps Pheonix. The have wing players and Camby is starting to slow; Felton is having a horrible season. They lose a future hall-of-famer and a younger 7-footer. Unless this trade has some expiring contracts or something like that, I don’t think Pheonix would go for it but we would love it up here in Portland 😉

      • jcd says:

        Okay, having Wallace on your team can’t hurt, so Pheonix would at least have that to look forward to.

  15. TrueBlazerFan says:

    Yes Felton and Crawford are good players but they are also human. So don’t expect that they will play as what the fans expect them to instantly.(even Great players like JAMES,WADE,BOSH cant win championship instantly)
    New York,DEN and CHAR are different teams with different players and coaching staffs,so why compare how Felton performs in those teams? He’s just adjusting to the new system in PORTLAND.
    Remember that there’s a lot of movement this season made by Portland so just give them time to adjust.

  16. Liga says:

    You lose Roy and Oden you start over. The only blue chips are Wallace, Battum and Aldridge. Thats not a championship caliber team. A 5 year plan and playing rookies Nolan Smith and Elliot Williams makes sense.

  17. Joel says:

    Portland should have never moved Blake, he is a solid PG that knows how to run a team… he would be great to get back
    Felton just came into the season unprepared and looks terrible this year, but he looked great before in NY/DEN/Charlotte.
    Personally i love Crawford that would be a mistake to trade him, Portland would be in bad shape without someone in the backcourt that cant get his own shot

  18. Tyler says:

    I don’t understand our office decisions. Crawford is clearly our go-to guy when we’re behind or need some points, aside from LaMarcus. Every season, it’s very disappointing. Crawford at least is showing like he cares from his statements about the team.

  19. Ken says:

    Portland still own the rights for Patty Mills and he is cleared for the NBA, he is a fan favourite give the guy a chance BLAZERS!!!

  20. xD says:

    theyre a talented group but they need a consistent closer or a vet like billups on their team so they dont shoot jump shots all the time and just attack the basket and get fouled. seriously they have wallace a slasher shooting jump shots everytime its stupid perfect coach for this team is George Carl the team that they had before anthony left gets like 20-30 FTA per game now thats utilizing your weapons!!!

    since their coach likes a guard like miller they should get rondo or something =P allen + rondo for crawford and felton
    works out for both team with celts needing youth and portland with experience good luck dealing with rondo’s ego tho

    • steagle says:

      That’s just about the worst trade idea I’ve heard in weeks. Rondo is leading the league in triple doubles, arguably has the best basketball IQ in the league and is young. He makes any average player look great. Felton is not anywhere near that level not even on his best nights. Celts would be losing a superstar to get a guy no one will remember in a few years. I suppose I could see Allen for Crawford, but it wouldn’t mean that much for either team. Both are struggling right now and neither is really a game changer, though I’d give the edge to Allen for his clutch 3 pointers towards the end of games.

      How about Aldridge and Crawford for KG and Allen? 😉

      • Jared says:

        Wy would the blazers give aldridge for kg, aldridge is better and younger then kg. lol but i do like crawford for allen 🙂

  21. junglecruiser says:

    They need Oden, and more than just his fictitious self

    • The Fox says:

      Odens done in Portland. They need to let him go and move on. Blazer Management has been MORE then patient with his injuries and spent hecka too much money for him to sit on the bench. Let him miraculously heal for another team cause we know he wont heal here in P-Town.

  22. Paidonjok says:

    Brandon Roy wants to come back after a full year of rest. Maybe he could be the next Grant Hill and come back strong!!!

  23. Ken says:

    Jamal Crawford missed camp and started slow but he shot 45% in February including 44% from three . Hes 9th amongst shooting guards in ppg and yet is the only SG in the top ten playing less than 30 mpg. There are only 3 SG in the top ten who are shooting above 45% Allen,Wade,Harden . McMillan has known Crawford since he was a HS player in Seattle he had no doubts about Crawford signing with the Blazers and helped campaign to get him there

    If the Twolves or Lob City got Crawford they would be extremely dangerous teams in playoffs

  24. Belizeboy says:

    Well here’s hoping for a miracle comeback from Roy and maybe Oden.

    • B-ROY!! #7always and forever says:

      even if roy did come back he wouldnt be able to play on the blazers cause we used the amnesty clause on him =( he said he wants to come back

  25. Todd says:

    Felton looked so much better as a Knick. He was never a great shooter but he has been terrible this year. To me, Sessions and D. Harris makes the most sense. Sessions seems to be hitting his stride and can both dish and score. Harris’ numbers are thwarted by his usage but his % are decent and he was 20 ppg 7 apg type of guy for the Nets not long ago.

  26. yham says:

    try to change the coaching staff.blazers have all the pieces needed to contend with the western conference team.
    the problem might be in the coaching staff.they always say that this is the right time for them but unless they dont change
    their coaching staff every year will be the same.

  27. Manu says:

    What’s going on with the Blazers? They have too much talent to be a sub-.500 team. McMillan must be partly to blame for Felton’s form – the guy was a borderline All-Star in New York and Denver last year. And why is Wallace so inconsistent? Would a different coach achieve better results with the same roster?

    • steagle says:

      Yes. Jerry Sloan should come out of retirement and take over in Portland. With bigs like Aldridge, Camby and Wallance, I know he could turn them into a more in synch machine. The likelihood of that happening is slim to none, but one can wish!

  28. frank says:

    What a pity! The Blazers have many good players but cant put togheter on the same page. Same situation at the wing, with Batum and Wallace. In my opinion they have to rebuild and find a Monta Ellis-like guard.