Point Guards Gone Wild!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — After spending the past 12 hours raving about the historic and jaw-dropping Sunday performances of Rajon Rondo and Deron Williams, we were reminded that they there were not the only superstars on display over the weekend.

A couple of their All-Star counterparts turned in monster efforts Sunday as well. Reigning league MVP Derrick Rose punched the clock with 35 points and some clutch buckets in a tough road win in Philadelphia, while Chris Paul did the same for the Los Angeles Clippers with 28 points, 10 assists and two crucial, late-game plays to preserve the overtime win against Houston for L.A.

While those performances don’t necessarily stack up to what Rondo did in the win over the Knicks (18 points, 17 rebounds and 20 assists) or the 57-point explosion from Williams, the day was highlighted by efforts from stars at the league’s marquee position from noon to midnight. it was point guards gone wild from morning ’til night.

We’ve said it here before and we’ll keep on saying it: we’re in an era that has to be classified as the golden age for point guards. With future Hall of Famers like Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and the always overlooked Tony Parker still on the scene and youngsters like Kyrie Irving and Ricky Rubio joining the party with all of the already established stars, it’s hard to remember a time when there was a greater pool of point guards with this sort of talent in the league at the same time.

That leads us back to our seemingly never-ending debate about which guy you’d want to start your team with. For the sake of today’s argument, we’ll limit the voting to five guys. We’ll go with the four players who lit up the scene Sunday and Thunder All-Star Russell Westbrook, who was a second-team All-NBA pick last season.

A quick video reminder of each of our five candidates:






So if you have to choose one of these guys to start your team tonight, who’s it going to be?


  1. Reign says:

    A yo i would pick Rondo because he does a point guards job every game he ain’t that good of a shooter But get him one and you team will flourish in prosperity then there’s CP3 and Rose they make their teams look Good. J Lin is aight but he isn’t ready for the top ten Point guards yet Lets go for facts not fiction

  2. mike says:

    i agree about westbrook but nash is not top three anymore

  3. Ric Anthony Pacaldo says:

    For a pure pointguard

    1st Paul
    2nd rose
    tie for 3rd nash and deron
    4 rondo
    5 parker

    I don’t like Westbrook because he is a ball hog(although rose does it, he is the only option in their defense unlike westbrook he scores because he want’s to exceed durant on their scoring which results to an NBA high TO per game) and westbrook doesn’t really make his team mates better.

  4. mike says:

    definitely cp3

  5. demian says:

    Have you nothing better?

  6. starfall5 says:

    My vote goes to derrick rose for sure, he make his team a good player as well…

  7. Michael says:

    The question was, Who do you choose to start your team TONIGHT? If you’re building a franchise, there are all sorts of other things to consider, naturally.

    For tonight’s game, I’m going with Rondo. He’s a true point guard, an excellent distributor, defender and rebounder.

    And for those questioning Tony Parker’s athleticism: he may not have hops like Westbrook or Rose, but at 29 he’s still one of the quickest players in the league, and he’s playing good defence this season, too. He’s 7th in apg, 15th in ppg, and most importantly, the Spurs are winning (second in the West). And he’s got a ring and Finals MVP. He deserves a spot in this list.

  8. DROSE says:

    No one carries his team on his back like CP3. He is the best PG in the Game, with Rose a close second.

  9. Grant says:

    Give me a break, a truly elite PG has to get teammates involved and makes them better. Does D-Rose make his teammates better? He is just a fake SG at all. Take a look at Carlos Boozer`s number. He used to be a double double machine with DW, but now he doesn’t get any benefit from Rose. Rose is just an athletic freak and he can accumulate good numbers. CP3 is the one who makes his teammates better. This summer`s Olympic will prove me right when these good PG all come together.

  10. Bootnoxer says:

    What about Jeremy Lin???

  11. NBAfan says:

    I choose CP3 in the poll…ONLY BECAUSE I don’t know who the four other guys will be on the court. Not knowing, only CP3 will do…

    IF I can choose who the four other guys are on the court, I might pick Rajon Rondo cause even though his shot is suspect, he can do a whole lot of things as well…kinda like Scottie Pippen. But you’ll need to surround him with a couple of shooters if not more.

    I like D-Rose, Westbrook, and D-Will, but I don’t necessarily look for scoring from the point position. Tony Parker is also in this category, and yeah, I think he should be included in the poll…I think the writer just wanted to keep the list to 5 and forgot him….

    I think Kyrieeeeeeeeeeee will be special!

  12. BBall Fan says:

    I’d have to take CP3 just because of the fact that he’s the perfect person to upstart a franchise. If you look at what he did for NO and now LAC, this man is a definite attraction and if you put good pieces around him, he can bring a lot of noise. He brings a lot to the table just by name alone. For a franchise coming up, he’d be my guy. D. Rose would be a very close second because he brings a lot of wins by himself, but Chicago has always had a loyal fanbase so the people kept coming to their games regardless. I cannot put a value on appeal for Rose.

  13. ginobi says:

    only tp has rings…

  14. The Voice In The Distance says:

    I’m really enjoying the strength in depth at point guard right now throughout the league. It’s like Sekou says it’s a golden era for the position very much like the golden era for centers in the mid 80s to the late 90s. Rather than argue who is better than who – let’s just enjoy it!

  15. J-Rad says:

    considering the actual question is “who to build a team around” i would not have Westbrook in mind. Parker certainly fits this category much better since he is carrying the #2 team in the west and gets other players involved. Westbrook, does neither; Durant is their franchise player HE is the player the team is built around, and without him, westbrook would take far more shots and get less players involved. NOT a PG or a player I would build a team around, but to end in his favor, a hell of a player with crazy athleticism.

    point proven,

  16. stereoview says:

    Obviously, these numbers don’t explain everything but the numbers are created by adding up the good things they do and subtracting the screwups. I doesn’t measure leadership or won loss percentages or other intangibles but it is still a pretty decent measure of who’s who. If you take Lin for example, you can say he had 9 turnovers in a game and that’s bad but it was mitigated by his 5 steals and a boatload of points. The knicks are winning at a rate that would make any team happy. If they could cover the 10-4 clip that they have since Lin started across the season, they would be a playoff contender at the very least. These numbers make Chris Paul’s case look pretty good!

  17. stereoview says:

    Regarding efficiency per 48 minutes (bang for your buck) point guards it goes like this:

    Chris Paul , LAC 30.77
    Steve Nash , PHX 29.48
    Derrick Rose , CHI 29.42
    Stephen Curry , GSW 28.57
    Jeremy Lin , NYK 28.23
    Russell Westbrook , OKC 27.95
    Kyrie Irving , CLE 27.05
    Kyle Lowry , HOU 26.81
    Tony Parker , SAS 26.48
    Deron Williams , NJN 26.27
    James Harden , OKC 26.05
    Rajon Rondo , BOS 25.38
    John Wall , WAS 25.23
    Ty Lawson , DEN 25.15
    Louis Williams , PHI 23.8
    Monta Ellis , GSW 23.61

  18. Patrickmarc says:

    Nash and parker are still able to do the produce the best game in the league,
    but we have now Westbrooke, Rose, Williams, Paul, Rondo, and may be in a year or two the talent of Lin, Rubio and Wall, Irving, lawson,Evens.
    How many of them will be able to pull their body without injuries for years, as John Stockton did before.

    The way Paul and Williams and Parker are playing seems to me more secure than than Rose’ s game and Westbrooke also. Rubio looks fluid, like no damage for his body, but he is not so much experienced, he hasn’t scored yet.
    I guess he will make it one day.
    It’s true there are so many talents in this league now..

  19. Will says:

    Ok so Tony Parker who not only is winning without his best player all season in Manu, but has beat Dwill,CP3 and Nash in the postseason and not only teamwise but man to man check the stats. And although I think CP3 and Dwill are better overall as far as leadership and overall talent he is right there with Rondo(Who cant shoot) and Westbrook(Who cant lead and is a turnover machine)

  20. Lakers#1 says:

    The Lakers need Deron Williams! We will give The Nets Pau Gasol in returm. When Willams comes to Lakers then Dwight Howard will follow! Andrew Bynum and a bench player will go to the Magic in return.

    Bryant, Howard, Williams, World Peace and Barnes – starting lineup!

    • NBA1 says:

      Gasol’s value is no where near Williams’ value for a one-for-one trade. Bynum and a bench player wouldn’t be enough for Orlando to give up Howard. Those offers would be denied in a heart beat. This is my opinion, though, you have a right to yours as well.

  21. mattman says:

    CP3 is the best PG in the league with DRose and Rondo coming close behind at #2 and #3 (not necessarily in that order)..CP3 can not only distribute the ball and throw dimes, but he can take over games with his scoring ability…don’t forget that he led the Hornets to the playoffs several times with only Emek-..oh wait..he didn’t have anyone on his squad..he did it singlehandedly..as far as DRose and Rondo, if you like the “futuristic PG” play of DRose who attacks the basket relentlessly and fearless than DRos is #2..but if you like the “traditional PG” play of Rondo who takes a more systemic and calculated approach to the game, than Rondo is #2..it all depends on what you like best mindofmattman.blogspot

  22. FANNIE says:

    i love D.Rose so much but really..being MVP is useless if u cant bring ur team a title….they’re all great PG but i’d go for Rondo definitely …:-)

  23. nbafan says:

    Where is Jeremy Lin in all of this, he obviously haven proven to be the one of the top best rookie point guard in the NBA league, with a career high 38 points against the Los Angeles Lakers.

  24. Dave Lob says:

    This is a tough list to chose from as they all play different styles. Chris Paul is by far the best conventional point guard of the group with Rondo second in that aspect. D-Will is the best shooter of the group and D-Rose is the best scorer. Westbrook is the most athletic but not as polished a scorer as Rose or D-Will in my opinion as they are better shooters. If I had to chose one of them to run my team it would Paul for his leadership qualities and ability to run an offense while still being capable of being a scorer.

  25. NBAFAN says:

    Well all things considered this is a difficult question to ask. I guest from this list to start a team i might just take Derrick Rose because just because I don´t think he has an ego, he´s coachable and the man can outright ball. But keep your eyes on Kyrie Irving. I love his game and will definitely get better.

  26. KG and BG alldayevry day says:

    I wanna say rondo… his shooting game is a little weak but hes got the best hands in the nba, hes got speed, a ring, the scoring power, and if you give him people that can shoot it doesnt matter that he cant cuz he will get the ball to those who can shoot. Rose is going to get a ring i would bet my life on it but i still would go with rondo cuz if my pg gets injured i would still want the rest of my team to be able to win without him.

  27. dq22 says:

    D Rose has always been my favorite point but what Rondo did was absolutely amazing. He had his hustle on against the Knicks. He was all over the place. His shooting wasn’t that great but his hustle made up for any short coming he might have had. I just want to say in my Chris webber voice, “Rondoooooooooooooo”….Lol.

  28. NBAfan says:

    Russell Westbrook should be a SG. He shoots more than KD.

  29. VenomNGW says:

    In order.

    Derrick Rose – Cool as ice, leads his team and does what needs to be done to win.
    Chris Paul – Great, smart, young, and has the skills
    Deron Williams – Great scorer, a little weak defensively
    Rajon Rondo – Does it all, but loses his cool at times
    Russel Westbrook – Very skilled, but he should never shoot more than Durant.

  30. celticsfan says:

    im not saying rondo is the best on this list
    but 17 rebounds
    hes 6’1
    that is insaneeee

  31. Goldie says:

    CP3 is the most complete point guard. His preferred style of play complements any player I choose to add to my roster. Shot selection, ball control, speed, and great decision making skills are key to winning, therefore I have a better chance of winning with CP3 then any other point guard.

  32. J.p. says:

    It’s very hard to see why people dont understand that derrick rose makes his supporting cast look better. D.Will, Cp3, and any one else you want to name would have never been able to put up the kind of fight against Miami as Derrick Rose did. Derrick Rose is the only point guard in the league who can take over at will. He can hav a bad game and still impact a gae better than anyone in the league. But truthfully, only a person who understand’s the game of basketball could understand the point i’m making. D. Rose, is the best pg by miles!

    • VenomNGW says:

      Agreed, Miami never felt the need to trap any of the others with the big three because they aren’t as big of a threat as Rose. Rose is a game changer, plain and simple.

  33. Jessica says:

    Rondo’s performance yesterday comes as no surprise. Like I’ve been saying, this guy is a star, and the Lakers should do all they can to trade for him.

  34. Raf says:

    Rose is the best but if I had to take one of these guys to start building a team it would be CP3. With CP3, you have a lot of versatility for how you fill out the roster, he makes everyone better and he can take shots or he can not take shots . For Rose, you have to design the team around Rose being the primary scorer and everyone else frequently having to clear out for Rose’ dribble penetration. He has to be surrounded by the right guys.

  35. just a fan says:

    Although every PG listed is very gifted, how many in those top 5 have MVP award? …
    I pick D.Rose 🙂

  36. Alex says:

    I think the only choice is between Paul, Rose or Williams.. Paul and Williams have proven to be great playoff showers and a true PG who can do everything.. Rose is younger and is still developing his point guard mentality…

  37. Sam Robinson says:

    Paul because most driven player I beileve and he is clutch and great leader who wins wherever he goes

  38. kobe says:

    rose paul rondo are all great pgs..just imagine DWill with the talent and supporting cast of those 3..SCARY

    • VenomNGW says:

      DWill did, in Utah. He he had a lot of decent guys including a younger Boozer and AK47. When he left, so did the rest of Utah.

  39. tiny archibald says:

    among the point guards mentioned, only tony parker and rajon rondo got championship rings. TP9 got 3 rings while rondo had 1. when we gauge the barometer of true great point guards, we cannot disregard the fact that he should be a winner first and these 2 cerebral players mentioned already achieved it. both players are good team players and they know their strenghts and weaknesses. TP9 is not as strong as the other point guards but he uses his experience, excellent basketball skills, intelligence, quickness, craftiness, lion heart, etc. to the hilt. among the point guards, he has the highest FG%. rondo uses his great athletism, court vision, decision making skills and he is one of the best rebounding guards in the nba. but he is not a great perimeter player unlike TP9. though these 2 players are not as talented as derrick rose, russell westbrook, deron williams and chris paul, they already achieved what these 4 great point guards are chasing….championship ring. they may be better individual players than TP9 and rondo, but still they have to prove to everyone that they can carry a team to win a title. but based on overall ranking (offensive/defensive skills, talent, coachability, willingness to sacrifice for the team, leadership, heart, etc.) among great point guards of today, derrick rose has the potential to be one of the best point guards of all time. chris paul is a great point guard but he’s not as athletic as russell westbrook or rose. westbrook is a converrted point guard. he is a shooting guard in a point guard’s body. but the guy can really play and can play against anybody. deron williams is a great offensive player but he’s not as coachable as the other point guards mentioned. so, if i’m going to choose who among these point guards i’m going to start with, it’s derrick rose.

  40. Dagger says:

    Rajon Rondo, hands down. He does what a true point guard is supposed to do.

  41. BOSSCHICAGO says:

    soo u guys forgot about steve nash, interesting

  42. Tia says:

    Derrick Rose because of how he is off the court as well, probably the most humble basketball player off the caught, his personality is just great to see and I would want to build my team around that and on top of that he carries himself great, if it’s a loss he blames himself he don’t go blaming that other team-mate.

    Now for basketball it’ll still be Derrick Rose, every single year he continues to improve.
    I love his speed and how quickly he can get to the rim. I love how much he improved in his 3-pointers this yea. It seems like he want to know how to do everything on the offensive and defensive end. D.Rose is just a different unique basketball player to watch and I just always wonder what’s next for him. I want it to continue to go up!

    His 1st year he wins Rookie of the Year, 2nd Year: an All-Star, third year: MVP of the league.
    I mean why not? why wouldn’t you build your team around him, things for him just always goes up.

    I think all of them are great choices though, the league just has some great point guards right now. Which is always fun to watch.

  43. Spartan4 says:

    Also, Deron Williams is more like a shooting guard if anything. I think he wishes he was 4-5 inches taller or something.. Great player though and a force to be dealt with.

  44. Spartan4 says:

    Rajon Rondo, easily. He’s the most unselfish point guard, let alone, NBA player. So much so, he doesn’t even get a chance to work at his shot in-game. I would say Steve Nash, but I think his days are done. He was one of the best points guards to build a team around but the Phoenix Suns organization failed to do that in time.

    Regarding the future of point guards, Jeremy Lin will be the one to watch out for. When he improves his game and gets stronger, mentally and physically, while easing the NBA pressure off of his Asian-American heritage, he will be the prolific point guard of the NBA.

    New York Knicks could be a big contender for the NBA Championships next year.

    • Ric Anthony Pacaldo says:

      Still steve nash, He’s more dangerous in pick n’ roll than rondo because he can shoot anywhere… even if rondo out rebounds nash, it’s not what point guards do…

  45. Troy says:

    I go rose all day long because he wins and even saying team needs. No one has seen rose on a team
    with another superstar/star ie rondo (3 hall of famers) cp3 now has blake and westbrook w/ durant. Adding efficiency and production. I go rose who is 5th in the league in PER right behind cp3 who i would say is 3rd behind westbrook after taking in account production and efficiency. Also head to heads have to come in to account. The way rose shut down a red hot TP the other day is just prime example of what he does to every pg outside of possibly westbrook on occasion.

  46. NBAFanatic says:

    To be honest questions like this cannot really be answered objectively. With that said, I personally would go with Rose at this point in time based on the last few years and what each player has accomplished with their respective franchises. This question isn’t so much a question of who the best point guard is as much as it is about who the most gifted point guard is in the game today. CP3 is an wonderful talent and so is DWill but I can’t bring myself to pick either one to start my team (let alone my franchise) based on the fact that they’re both in different uniform today and neither one has a ring. DWill, while in Utah played with a better version of Boozer and yet didn’t accomplish what DRose has done with a “meh” version of the same guy. As for Rondo, his stats are nice and while today he is arguably the best Celtic on this current team (I think Paul Pierce might argue differently) we cannot confidently say that Rondo would be the same player without the Big 3 giving him that extra edge and incentive. We must ask why these guys are the way they are. As for Westbrook… I respect his talent but I’m simply not convinced that He can carry a team on his own, at least not to the same level that the other 4 can. I may be wrong but when I look at what drives each of these players and I translate it to how that would affect a franchise in the long run my confidence lies in Rose since history is slightly against both CP3 & DWill (Yes I realize that the Bulls lost in the East finals last year). All 5 of these guys would be great PGs and at least 3 of them are franchise PGs with very little between them in my opinion.

    REMEMBER THE QUESTION IS: “So if you have to choose one of these guys to start your team TONIGHT, who’s it going to be?”… not “Who’s the best Point Guard.” or “Which player is the most talented.”

  47. goozdail says:

    I would say Rose or Chris Paul, with a slight preference for Paul as far as true point guard duties are concerned (playmaking ability). But for a scoring point guard, the answer is obvious: D Rose all the way. The man is out of this world! Depends on what your team needs I guess.

    Do keep in mind Rondo though, for one thing, he is the best defender of them all. Man, what a beast on defense, so tough to beat one-on-one, surely one of the best perimeter defenders in the game. 17 rebounds yesterday.

    I’m french and I do have to say that I love TP for everything he is and has done (sexting excluded). He’s still one of the finest finishers in the league. At 29, he’s stil quick and hard to stop. He might not be as consistent as he once was, but he still carries his team (which, by the way, is aging) to the top of the standings. Oh, and he’s just been doing it for 10 years. He has stuck with Pop, and has made his system work by using his developped basketball IQ and deferring to him. A great coach/player relationship story. And look how it has worked: 3 championships. The man is a future all of famer for sure, as a floor general for a dynastic team, even though he might not have the athleticism, and overall skills of the elite point guards of today. Who just happen to be gifted basketball players. Rose and Paul are above the rest to me.

  48. JmaxwellBBFAN says:

    @ BID if you don’t see how Rose has made his team better, you must have not been watching when the bulls had Kirk at point. The fact that he demands so much attention makes the point. Its like this; if my definder has to back off of me so he can help out his team mate that can’t stop mine then that gives me a chance to be good. The same thing happen to Pippen with jordan, Rondo with the big 3, and Charles Barkley with Kevin Jonson. if it were not for them demanding so much attention those other stars wouldn’t even have had the careers that they’ve had. I think this is where the BULLS is going with Rose running things. Yes Boozer is still the same suspect that he was in cleveland. but with back to bak pg’s like Dwill AND Drose even I’ll be a star lol. and you have to remember that before rose Dang average was about 12 to 17 points and like 6 points when he was crying about his injury, now its about 22-24. so if that not an improvement I don’t know what is. yes Dang may be the same scorer, but like with Kirk, the defense didn’t have to help so every man got to play man up defense.

  49. Paint says:

    1. Drose – Carry and makes good shoot
    2. RR9 – makes everyone in the team play and score
    3. CP3 – carry the ball in the rhythm
    4. TP – Epic pointguard
    5. DWill – Good shooter
    6. RW – the sidekick

    We’re talking about PG’s….
    So we should talk about how one guy carries the ball, go with the flow and makes everyone scores.

  50. Snowhite says:

    I’ll definitely want to have Rajon Rondo…..d one with historic numbers and the one with championship ring!

    • rutherfranc says:

      If ring is the basis among active starting PG’s – Tony P has 3… Rondo 1… Kidd 1.. FISHER ONLY 5…

  51. NBEATZ says:

    Top PG’s in the NBA
    1) Rose
    2) Chris Paul
    3) Rondo
    4) D Williams
    5) Russell Westbrook
    6) Nash
    7) Parker
    8) Kyle Irving
    9) Ty Lawson
    10) Kyle Lowry
    11) John Wall
    12) Ricky Rubio
    13) Tyreke Evans
    14) Brandon Jennings
    15) Mike Conley
    16) Jeremy Lin
    17) Mike Conely
    18) Jose Caldrone
    These Players just prove that playing the point in todays game reins king on the court

  52. Shishinsh says:

    This argument can be settled by looking how they match up HEAD-TO-HEAD. When that happens D-Rose always seems to come out on top. Rondo has quiet games when hes up against Rose. Paul was outplayed by Rose when Bulls played Clippers. So did Tony Parker and D-Will (When Rose was able to play full minutes). Only Westbrook judging from last season head-to-head stats was on par, maybe slightly better. But yeah they played only 2 games. Bulls had better record, Rose better overall numbers for the season. So there he also comes out on top. ROSE FTW

    P.S. These articles on nba.com are rubbish. They only try to incite fruitless debate on comment section, thats not serious journalism. it’s kindergarten level polemics.

  53. BID says:

    no offense to D-rose but I dont see how he makes his teammates better…Deng and boozer are the same type of scorers they’ve been their whole careers after that nobody in the bulls is an offense threat so I dont see how he makes them better

  54. RowJay says:

    If you want a Team Point Guard, Go for CP3. If you want a Super Star point Guard, go for Derrick Rose.

  55. NBAFAN says:

    I think even though he is a rookie. look at where the Cavaliers are now and where they were last year and the team he has. Even Antwan jamison is ballin this year. kyrie irving is no joke and the boy can shoot. ( for 8 in the rookie challenge. I like paul and I am a big Deron Williams fan but i see somethng special in Kyrie Irving. Rose had to work on his jumpshot. Rondo still needs to work work on his jumpshot. Kyrie is only gonna work on how to get more wins.

  56. NBAFAN says:

    Kyrie Irving all day long.

  57. ism says:

    Rose for sure. This poll here being a fantasy situation, basing your choice solely on numbers makes no sense. No one can tell if Rose would be more efficient in a team like LAC or OKC, where he probably didn’t have to carry as much scoring load. And also, no one can tell if CP3 could ever carry the weight Rose has been carrying for the Bulls.
    There is no way to measure who our best point guard is right now, and who would be the best to start a game tonight, but I would take Rose because of his dominance as a scorer and because I believe his attitude and talent can still make him a facilitator as good as CP3. I mean, how can a human being make plays like that and still be that humble? I guess that no matter what kind of team you put around this guy, he will excel.

  58. insane says:

    It’s insane that this is even a debate. as of right now… it’s Chris Paul, the best point guard in the game.

    I understand the argument for DWill. He’s bigger, arguably a better shooter. I question his ability to get it done in the playoffs. He had a great supporting cast in Utah, one of the greatest coaches in NBA and still didn’t make much of an impact. That should say something.

    DRose is also legit consideration. Still not nearly the playmaker Chris Paul is.

    Rondo: great point guard. doesn’t really belong in this list with others until he has a respectable shot. his career ft avg is 0.632. enough said.

    I like Russell Westbrook’s style of play. He is not a point guard.

    Steve Nash is good, but a defensive liability. and that was an understatement.

    Jason Kidd has to be mentioned but he’s too old right now.

    Tony Parker? He’s a great player… but seriously?

    The young guys have a lot of upside, but haven’t proved anything yet. It would even be a great compliment if someone said that their ceiling was Chris Paul now. and Chris Paul is playing with bad knees.

    lt’s Chris Paul’s first year with a decent supporting cast. His ability to make other players better is at least on par, if not better than Rondo/Nash/Kidd without having a noticeable flaw. In 2008, he took the Spurs to 7 games in 2nd round of playoffs with David West, Tyson Chandler, Morris Peterson, and broken Peja (weak bench). If you think that’s a playoff roster with anyone not named Chris Paul, you’re crazier than I thought.

    • Dylan says:

      lol, you put on line about D-Rose because you don’t have a legitimate argument. You just give a flat-out lie, “he’s not nearly the playmaker Paul is.” Gimme a break, D-Rose is going to be a multi-time champion. He’s got “it,” and Paul doesn’t.

  59. NY Vlad says:

    rose over paul because he blocks shots

  60. Ingman says:

    Kobe did it alone2 times in a row , even with old FISH on PG.

  61. Jesse says:

    Golden age for point guards, but forwards and shooting guards are winning the championships.

  62. JmaxwellBBFAN says:

    The question on hand is who would you build a team around. I would have to agree with Sea Pea on this one. For the same reason I don’t like Labron. The proof is in the pudding. Sure this is just speculation, but look at what Rose had to deal with. NO dang, to begin his career (which to me is a waist), gordon, hinrik, Noah, gooden, Asik, just to name a few. other than Dwill ON the Nets. non of the others had to really carry a team by them self. Before rose NO one averaged more than 20 point except Gordon, and he was a overrated bench player at best. Here’s the question look at the group of guards and the ask who else on that team I could build a team around. According to my count Dwill (nets) and Drose are the only 2 guards that fit the bill at being lone stars. The funny thing is, the current success Drose is having can be attributed to the same success that Dwill had in Utah. Drose is just doing a little bit better job.

  63. James says:

    Sorry but why is the reminder for Chris Paul him failing to get a shot off in time to win the game? And Russell Westbrook’s highlight is basically just Kevin Durant making a play. They aren’t very good representations of these premier point guards.

    • Julius says:

      That’s such a tricky question. If you ask me who I would complete a good team with, I would go Rondo or CP3. However starting a team is different, I would have to say Rose simply for his scoring.

  64. Anton says:

    Deron williams the best player!!!Russia

  65. Charles Murray says:

    I hope you noticed that my man Ty Lawson outplayed Parker last night in the Nuggets win at San Antonio. Oh, BTW, the Nuggets were missing three starters and two top reserves… Any votes for 20ppg Ty?

  66. gameon says:

    TY LAWSON there he was mentioned because he should have been especially because of the numbers he put up yesterday against San Antonio and everyone’s beloved Tony Parker.

    • Amitpal says:

      Do watch anybody besides the nuggets. Ty a good of with a good upside but top 5. R u kidding me. The same guy who’s been a role player the last couple years and has never even been mentioned as an all star ur putting him as a top 5 pg. Layoff the the drugs bro. Yeah he had great night so should we crown him the best pg off one night.

  67. Ben says:

    I am really a very big Westbrook fan. He is a fantastic point guard, athletic, fun to watch. But… I’d rather start a team around my second favourite point guard, Chris Paul. Deron wouldn’t be in my list of top 5 – discussing the best five PGs in the league with a friend earlier this season, we both agreed on this. Paul, Westbrook, Rose & Rondo made our lists though, along with Tony Parker. I’d pick Deron 6th only. But man, that was a beautiful game from him.

  68. luke says:

    I would really say you have to get every else first before you decide which pg you want, rondo, williams, or rose, you needs points and a shoooter, take williams, you need some1 who can penetrate, and get points, you take rose, you need some1 that can do everything, you take rondo

    • steagle says:

      Well said. Each of these PGs has a style of play that is suited for a particular situation. By far, D-Will has the big shot and the physical presence, D-Rose has the most unstoppable penetration and bag of tricks, CP3 has the consistency and accuracy, and Rondo – I think – has the best eyes and hands in the game. Along with Nash, and arguably CP3, he’s the best floor general in the league. Westbrook is still young and has some discipline to acquire and more playoff experience before he will be the superstar he’s eventually going to be. Tony Parker, well he is a great player and has rings, but he has a familiar core of players and coaching staff that hasn’t changed much in the last decade, so he’s had tons of time to find his rhythm and do his thing. To me it’s not very dynamic or exciting, but those things don’t always win games, and Tony is great at finding a way to win.

      Irving, Rubio and dare I say John Wall will all be the elite PGs in 6-7 years and we’ll be having this same discussion about them 😉

  69. Sea Pea says:

    Nash is a liability on defense. He can get steals but can lock down. Reminds me of Iverson and Stockton.

    • Ric Anthony Pacaldo says:

      it because of his back problems dummy. That’s why he’s always lying on his back whenever he’s on the bench… He can’t play knock down but he makes it up somehow with hustle… he is not a good defender, but a liability is an insult…

  70. Im not even sure Lin is the best on Knicks! says:

    Rose keeps proving he’s the man.
    I age had nothing to do with it, and I could pick from all active point guards at their rookie age it would be Nash. No doubt at all. He could win a lot of championships with a right team. Glad Kidd got his last year, well deserved.

  71. Sea Pea says:

    Rose can get any bums to the playoffs.

    • Jordan says:

      Cuz hes in the east

      • Will says:

        Great point! Oh wait, it’s not because the Bulls are 10-2 against the West so far this season (with wins @ LAL, LAC, SA, and MIN) and were 23-7 against the West last season. Doesn’t matter what conference the Bulls are in. Rose, and the rest of the Bulls when Rose is around, is elite and the choice for this question.

    • DBully,,, says:

      My man!!! Rose the top pg hands down… he killed deron williams, he destroyed rondo, tony p yall jus saw what he did to the spurs, he outduel cp3 and got a win, westbrook next… im not lying check the match-ups out from the previous games… the other guys are good but they next messing wit the MVP..

  72. Roy says:

    Guys Tony Parker isnt on that list because he isnt as dominant as these players. Sure he carries the Spurs at times and is a great Point Guard but he isnt in the Top 5, get over it.

  73. jayo0 says:

    chris paul is really doing great with the clippers right now and i believe that he can get them to the playoffs easily.derrain williams is being that main block for the nets right and as a point guard he can lead a team, if the nets can get dwight howard with them, then that can really change their team history. derrick rose is a really tough player to face because he has so much talent and alot in his arsenal. rajon rondo had a really great night with his historic triple-double of 18,20,17 and i really wouldn’t trade rondo for no reasons at all.russell westbrook is doing great being kevin durants right hand man. there are many unmentioned point guards that are really shining under the lights right now.

  74. Sea Pea says:

    I’m leary of point guards that operate in a system like Parker/Popovich and Nash/D’antoni, Lin/D’antoini. I’m also leary of point guards that play with franchise players like Rondo and Chris Paul do. I need to see Rondo play on a mediocre team first. Paul’s record in New Orleans is good but nothing spectacular. Williams can’t get his team to win in Jersey. I’m going with Rose because he has been winnng since he got into the league, he makes his teamates better and most importantly he can hit the game winner. Game winners are more important than triple doubles and franchise records to me.

    • meloman says:

      Pauls record in NO is nothing spectacular? maybe u need to check 2008 when kobe barely edged him for mvp

  75. jan_279 says:

    @ancientrs D-Will is a great point guard but no flaws? Don’t forget that he’s leading the league in turnovers!

  76. Team-ball>Star-power says:

    tough choice, my heart says D-Rose but my head says CP3

  77. xStephenx says:

    Parker is only 29. I wouldn’t say he is old just yet… Dwayne Wade is 30, and I’ve never heard anyone be like, “the years are really starting to catch up to Wade.” Parker just doesn’t have that likeability. And its not because he’s foreign, are people forgetting the Rubio is foreign, pretty sure people aren’t hating on him.

  78. magic says:

    some notable omissions:

    john wall
    jose calderon
    kyle lowry
    mike conley
    stephen curry
    ty lawson

    i will build my team around these pgs, all with huge upside (except calderon)

  79. Steven says:

    Tony Parkers biggest problem is he plays for the Spurs and not much they do makes headlines outside of Texas. That said, I think he’s (just) a tier below guys like Rondo the others listed above. I think Ty Lawson proved it last night.

  80. ancientrs says:

    Derron williams is the player I would start a team with. He has no flaws in his game. He can post up, he can shoot, hes solid at the line, hes as quick as anyone in the open floor and makes good decisions. Rondo is crafty around the basket but any team with a solid interior defense can expose his non-existent perimeter shot and even if he does get to the basket teams can just foul him because he can’t shoot free throws. Chris paul can’t post up because hes simply to small and most of his scoring comes from jump shots or the fast break. Russel westbrook doesn’t always make the right decisions and alot of the time jacks up ill-advised shots. Derrick rose is probably the closest to derron williams but he shoots really inefficiently alot, just look at last years playoffs, he couldn’t shoot a ball into the ocean from a boat.

    • datruth21blo says:

      Preach!!! Couldn’t have put it any better!!!

      • Chillwill says:

        That is the only way to put it. You took the words right out of my mouth. I dont know how you can saw the little guards. They need to much help on defense. Deron Williams shoot better than Rondo, to big for Chris Paul, better playmaker than Westbrook and post-up better than Derrick Rose. As for all you Tony Parker fans all I can do is laugh. All these guys are better than him except for maybe Westbrook as a true point guard, he just really out of control. Harden plays the point for there team better than Westbrook.

      • Tim says:

        And yet D-Will simply can’t defend CP3 while CP3 can keep Williams’ impact to a moderate level. Nothing against D-Will, but stop holding Paul’s size against him. He has proven repeatedly that he can overcome every obstacle created by his diminutive stature. Plus, look at the difference in what they can do with comparable supporting casts. Paul took NO way further than Williams is taking NJ. And Paul is doing way more in LA than Williams did in Utah.

      • el jimagua says:

        Dwill has the hand against CP3, but I will take CP3 to start a franchise better, just the way he involves players.

      • Delajeezy says:

        Dude Chris Paul has yet to do anything with L.A. Sure he’s having a good season with them so far but D.Will had plenty of good seasons with the Jazz as well. Also Paul had a better support players around him than Williams does in NJ (half the team is injured as well)

    • jake says:

      why would you need a point guard to post up? the point guard is supposed to run your team, not score. Basketball is a team sport and as has been proved one man teams can’t win. Lebron couldn’t do it, Kobe couldn’t do it etc.

      • Artin says:

        What do you mean kobe couldn’t do it?!?!??!?!??!? He has 5 rings and 2 “alone”.

      • steagle says:

        You need to be able to post up if you have an offensive advantage over a defensive mismatch. Sure the PG is the smallest guy on the floor usually, but say D-Will is playing point against Tony Robinson instead of Russel Westbrook, he’s gotta be able to exploit that size advantage. Plus a lot of defenses aren’t used to a play involving a PG post move and if they collapse then they leave a big open for an easy layup. It’s definitely not the easiest situation in the world for a defense that is trained to stop the bigs inside and guard the smalls on the perimeter. Rondo (and D-Will) are excellent at causing havoc in the defense by their post play.

      • KG and BG alldayevry day says:

        @ artin well kobe couldnt do it alone was his point. kobe needed shaq and gasol to get his rings. mad respect for kobe tho hes a legend. but legends needed help getting to where they are.

      • Amitpal says:

        @Artin haha 2 alone. I’m guessing the best 7 foot two man duo had nothing to do with those rings. The game Ron Artest had in Game 7 had nothing to do with it. The game winner Ron hit against the Suns had nothing to do with it. What about Fisher hitting Clutch three’s. What about Lamar Odom a top 10 power forward coming off the bench had nothing to do with it. The lakers were by far the most talented team in the NBA the last four years and they only have 2 rings to show for it. They had great bench, great coach.

      • Clayton Gray34 says:

        if i remember right Tim, the Jazz went to the playoffs for 20 consecutive years, 5 of those years were with D-Will, he didnt have that great of a supportingg cast until reasent years in utah either. chris paul has a great group in La… he may be a big contributer, but i think the clippers couls survive without chris paul running the show. Deron has only been in NJ for a year, when the team and him grow some chemistry (and a better supporting cast) the team will go far.

      • Imad Akel says:

        @Artin lol even MJ didn’t do it alone.

        Nobody can do it alone. Point taken jake.

        BUT it does help to have a point guard who scores.

        Allen Iverson back in the day would get to the finals and he was a scoring point guard. They just needed better defense, but an offense that scores through their point guard can thrive…

  81. LinLin says:

    I will go for Linsanity. Then you can sell millions of jerseys in Asia.

  82. Alex R. says:

    Good point Marc. We can’t forget about Tony Parker. Not enough credit is given to him, he is the most underrated point guard in the league. The guy is simply amazing, he is the one who has truly carried the Spurs to all championships in the last decade, he is the one that the “King” and the entire Cavalier regiment could not stop and therefore got swept in the Finals several years ago. Where’s the credit?

  83. RhoNin says:

    I’d take TP9 over Westbrook, but he’s too old to build a franchise around.

  84. landim says:

    once again foreign players are forget..
    tony parker ???? damn
    this thing agaisnt non american players have to stop –‘

    • Frank says:

      I can recall a German player winning the MVP and a Canadian winning it twice recently.

    • Amitpal says:

      No little complainters like u need to stop. Parker is not a top five PG. If i had to build a team I would rather have Stephen Curry, John Wall, Ty Lawson, young steve nash, young kidd, Kyrie ,Over a old and young Tony Parker any day. It’s nothing against Parker but those guys are better then parker. Parker is playing for a team with great role players and is playing well, but top five. He’s in the top 10 right now but not top five.

  85. marc says:

    we can just forget ol Tony Parker right? point guard carrying team load and winning.

    • Amitpal says:

      Tony Parker is good but he’s not in the top 5 point guards. He doesn’t have the athletic ability, strength and leadership as some of the other guys. he’s good with the spurs cause they have the best role players in NBA with the best coach in Pop. Still much respect for Tony. MVP candidate but not top 5.

      • Frank says:

        How can he be an MVP candidate and not be in the top 5?

      • Amitpal says:

        @Frank MVP means Most Valuable Player not top 5 player at his position. MVP has nothing to do with how great u rank. He has a team with great shooters and good role players and they r winning games so he’s a mvp candidate cause without him they wouldn’t be as good as they are. But if i change Parker for Russel or Rose or Cp3, etc, they will also be mvp candidate. As a matter of fact they will have a higher chance then parker does cause they are better.

    • Tim says:

      Parker is more on the Kyle Lowry/Steve Nash level. Very good and carrying his team impressively above reasonable expectations. But at least a tier below these other guys–except maybe Rondo (who could be way better if he brought his A game every night).

    • Imad Akel says:

      I agree with you (parker is under rated), but this poll is ridiculous (not to mention the results are ridiculous).

      Derrick Rose CLEARLY trumps ALL OF THE ABOVE. I mean come on, hands down he’s the best… It should be 90+% Derrick Rose…

      But if you want to ask about second best, then there’s a lot of room for debate…

      • cp3allday says:

        are you stupid cp3 is much better when it comes down to the last 5 min so who would you pick a person who cn win you the game when its the last 5min or a person who thinks he could do it but miss ll the time

      • k-love says:

        d-rose is great, but my pg goes to cp3