How Does Lopez Injury Affect Howard?

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Deron Williams scored an NBA season-high 57 points Sunday night in Charlotte, but the bigger story coming out of the Nets’ win was an injury to Brook Lopez, who would be the centerpiece of a trade for Dwight Howard.

The Nets said Monday that Lopez suffered a sprained right ankle and will be out for three weeks. The bad news is that the trade deadline is in just 10 days, and after playing every single game in his first three seasons, Lopez has suffered two injuries with his team’s sights set on Howard.

The good news is that the injury, though it’s the same foot, is unrelated to the broken bone that forced Lopez to miss the first 32 games of the season. No injuries are good, but this one isn’t too bad.

So does it affect the Nets’ ability to acquire Howard before the deadline? Not really.

Whether or not Howard gets traded still comes down to Magic owner Rich DeVos and president Alex Martins. If they decide in the next 10 days that they can convince Howard to stay in Orlando beyond this season, they’re not going to trade for Lopez, healthy or not.

But if the Magic realize that Howard’s time in Orlando is definitely coming to an end, they have no choice but to make a deal, so that they can get what they can (players, picks and cap relief) for their star. And if Howard and agent Dan Fegan make it clear that Howard will be playing in Brooklyn no matter what next season, the Magic have little choice but to make a deal with the Nets.

Even with Lopez hobbled, the Nets can still offer a decent package. In addition to Lopez (there’s no restriction on trading for an injured player), they have rookie MarShon Brooks, a bevy of first-round picks, and enough expiring contracts to absorb the contract of Hedo Turkoglu (owed at least $17.8 million after this season) or Glen Davis ($19.4 million) in a trade. The ability to offer Orlando salary relief is an asset in itself, one that New Jersey has been sure to maintain as it has struggled through a 12-26 season.

If Orlando decides to keep Howard, the Nets will wait, hoping to sign him as a free agent in July, an option that would allow them to keep Lopez and their other assets. But they’d surely jump at the chance to trade for Howard in the next 10 days.

Lopez’s latest injury shouldn’t really affect that scenario, because the possibility of a trade is really about what the Magic believe regarding Howard’s long-term intentions, and not about Lopez’s short-term health.



  1. Nick says:

    If the magic don’t trade dwight that will be one of the stupidest moves in the decade….even more than letting jordan own a team…….only because your NOT getting him back.He is either going to new jersey or dallas at seasons end…SO trade him,get a few draft picks,lopez/humpries, and try to rebuild the team.Magic made dwight and shaq….they can do it again

    • Willy says:

      It’s a good idea of getting Nets’ 1st Rd pick, cause with their actual position in the rankings, Nets 1st pick will have a shot at getting the top 5 guy. Adding to a second part in Magic’s season desastrous, and they’ll get a good chance in draft 12′. The best would be getting Bobcats’ 1st Rd pick though

  2. Kray says:

    The Orlando will trade howard because they will get nothing if howard reach free agency, dwight will just sign in brooklyn nets and the orlando will get nothing in return but a free cap space beacuse of howard leaving them. So they need to trade howard before the deadline so they can get a pieces for rebuilding.

  3. lebron fan heats says:

    my suggestion is that dwight gona stay either orlando or nets unfurtunity because he dont wana b a rebound he wana run the team n be a captain but i dont think hes that great hes iight i think shag got more histories than him hes stll young..n many more yrs to go..if he going to nets best believe they gona have to give up lopez n humpries n mayb some money

  4. Will "Nets Fan" S. says:

    Do the Magic really want another Shaq situation? Look you’re not going to get equal value for Dwight unless you trade Wade & Bosh for him – THAT’S NOT HAPPENING! Mavs have nothing even remotely desirable for trade. Lakers have an aging Kobe & the ONLY person worth trading is Bynum – bad trade for Magic & bad situation for Dwight. BEST scenerio – send him to Nets. I know Lopez/Humphries/ & possibly Marshon Brooks aren’t equal value but you’ll get some 1st rd picks & cap relief to rebuild. Look what happened to the Nuggets when they traded Melo.

  5. Wonderboy says:

    you know what im thinking?. i think that D.Howard will this season because his teams in the playoffs already. and maybe try to do his best to go as far as the team go. but if they get an playoff exit(like last year) then hes more likely to leave and sign with the other club

  6. Kyel Ranjo Ramos says:

    I think he’s best choice is mavs 🙂

  7. big papa says:

    he should just wait n sign with da heats done deal 7 rings

  8. Frank says:

    DHoward would not sign long term to any other team but the Nets, so trade him or not he’ll be Brooklyn bound! And there’s no one can do anything about it. Belive the Hype! Brooklyn12!

  9. UmadOrlando says:

    Why should The Nets trade for him? It’s no secret that he wants to come to Brooklyn. Nobody else is gonna trade for him knowing this. Offer Orlando Okur, Lopez, Farmar, and Houston’s pick. Take it or leave it. We know where Dwights gonna play next season regardless. We’ll
    Keep Brook, MarShon, and sign Dwight to form a championship dynasty

  10. mattman says:

    sorry about posting the same thing bad!

  11. Magic fan says:

    Magic should roll the dice and see what happens..DONT want Lopez!! Would rather build back through the Draft by being really bad for a few years and hope to get the next Durant!! Barely making the playoff’s staying mediocre at 7th or 8th seed..NO INTEREST!!!!!

  12. Dee says:

    this is where a 3RD or 4TH team could get involved people! Dwight is GOING TO BE A NET! watch!

  13. the nets only have 3 players on their squad that could attract a solid trade from another team: deron williams, kris humphries and brooke lopez..deron is obviously out of the question and if lopez is injured, humphries is the only move theyve got left..the magic wont take just a healthy humphries and an injury prone lopez for dhoward, basically meaning that if the nets want howard they are going to need to get other teams involved besides themselves and ORL

  14. everyone knows the the nj nets really have only two, maybe 3 trade pieces in deron williams, brooke lopez, and kris humphries..we all know that deron is not going to get shipped anywhere so that leaves you with lopez and humphries..r the magic going to get rid of howard with a guarantee of only getting a healthy humphries and maybe a healthy lopez eventually? doubtful

  15. prix says:

    Sometimes things happen for a reason..maybe Williams is not meant to be with Dwight but with Kobe instead..just bring back those glory days…L.A have been kick out of his throne in the West and end up in the trash bin…

    • Belizeboy says:

      While most people think Howard on LA would = automatic championships I beg to differ. Barkley said it best about Howard that he is 60% of what he could be. When he becomes a 30-20 guy then he’ll see championships and that’s if he’s on any top team.

  16. chris says:

    So, explain to me again exactly what Orlando would be getting in a deal involving Lopez? It’s pretty convenient for the Nets to say Lopez has a sprained ankle on the same leg on which he had a broken foot less than 10 days ago. Have you forgotten that the Magic had to deal with Grant Hill’s broken foot and the other injuries related to that for seven years (do feel bad for Grant, too, though)? That did not go well for them. So you want them to take that chance again? Re-sign him and where is your cap then — and him possibly injured? Don’t resign him, you say? Then they are getting MarShon Brooks (he wasn’t in the original offer, by the way) and a “bevy” of draft picks that won’t be worth much if Dwight Howard and Deron Williams are playing on the same team. You seem to be trying to sell Orlando on that deal. And, by the way, after next season, the Magic’s cap situation is not as bad as everyone wants to make it out to be. If Orlando loses Howard, are the pieces they would be getting back in that deal really going to help them rebuild? Have you seen New Jersey’s record the past 4 seasons? I don’t see it.

    • Frank says:

      It’s as simply as trade now with whoever they can get or lose him with nothing in return. It’s been out there for months Howard’s demands the scenarios. I don’t get why people still asking these questions. smh…

      • chris says:

        SMH that you don’t get my point, Frank. If this is the deal that the Magic are left with then they ARE getting nothing in return for Howard.

  17. charles says:

    Lopez and Howard shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence. Why would Orlando trade for Lopez when Bynum who is clearly better is there?