Only A Fool Would Trade Rondo!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You hope Rajon Rondo put the rumors to rest with his stunning triple-double Sunday afternoon in Boston.

You hope anyone contemplating trading away the Celtics’ most dynamic player got a gigantic reminder of the unique set of skills the crafty point guard can unleash on an opponent. It was Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks’ turn to caught up in the Rondo-Zone on this day.

Rondo’s historic triple-double (18 points, 17 rebounds and 20 assists and his fourth of this condensed and abbreviated season) powered the Celtics to the overtime win and once again shined a light on the relentlessness nature of his game, which pales in aesthetics to some of his All-Star counterparts at the position around the league (Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul and Deron Williams make it look easier, particularly on the offensive end). But results are what matter, and Rondo is the only one of the group with a championship ring or even a trip to The Finals on his resume.

When you heard Celtics coach Doc Rivers dismiss the trade rumors Friday night, the cynic in you had the same reaction any NBA fan would with the March 15 trade deadline just around the corner. “Of course, you are not trying to trade him, unless …”

Unless what? In a league where fit is everything, Rondo is a perfect fit in Boston. Only a fool would miss that and contemplate trading him right now, when it is clear that whatever last gap effort the Big 3+1 makes in the playoffs (provided they stay healthy and make the postseason) begins and ends with whatever work Rondo can do.

He capable of doing things that few others, at any position, have been able to do in the history of the league. His performance Sunday marked just the third time in NBA history that a player has recorded at least 20 assists and 17 rebounds in a game. Magic Johnson did it in 1983, with 17 rebounds and 21 assists against the Hawks, and Wilt Chamberlain had 25 rebounds and 21 assists against Detroit in 1968.

Only Johnson, Oscar Robertson and Jason Kidd have ever recorded game with 15 or more points, 15 or more rebounds and 15 or more assists.

That’s pretty good company, fantastic company actually, for a player whose name has gone through two cycles of the trade rumor mill in the past four months.


  1. Smartest says:

    The Celts should try and get D-Howard.

  2. JDOG says:

    If Rondo could go on Ebay and buy a half decent jump shot he would be do much better. He shoots about the same as Dwight Howard from the FT line.

  3. NELL says:


  4. celticsfan9 says:

    there’s no point guard in the league that is on rondo’s level. in fact, he is the best point guard in the league. if you look at other point guards there all “score first past later”. rondo opens up other players games and causes spacing on the floor. derrick rose and russell westbrook take 27-30 shots a night which is almost half of their teams shots that not a point guard job. whether people want to admit it or not rondo is the best point guard

  5. mrkC Sigue says:

    kaman and beasly to the celtics w/o losing any of the big three.

    kaman via buy-out

    bealesy via trade

  6. Robby says:

    trade pirece and allen and get beasley and oj mayo and resign garnett next year

  7. Lucas aka Łukasz says:

    Poland Loves Rondo!

  8. RONphil says:

    sent RONDO to Rip CITY….

  9. celtics99999999 says:

    Celtics pls get Dwight Howard so that you have a good big 3 rajon rondo,Dwight Howard,paul pierce..

  10. KevinCELTSfan says:

    Keep Rondo, he’s the second best pg in my personal opinion behind CP3. The only flaw in Rondo’s game is his outside scoring capabilities and free throws. However he really doesnt need to if the Celtics keep players around him that can score. What i think the celtics should do is trade away some young players and maybe one of the big 3 (not pierce) for a younger talent that can takeover once the truth retires. What they should’ve done is try and sign WIlson Chandler before his March 1st deadline and its unfortunate Jeff Green couldnt play this year :/

  11. Brian says:

    Sekou I am sick of you talking aboiut Elite PGs and leaving Parker out! Oh and he has 3 rings and a finals MVP in case you forgot.

  12. The NJ Celtic Vivek says:

    people made up rumor about rondo. not the celtic management.

  13. Ulvi Atakan says:

    I multiply Danny Ainge with Otis Smith then square them and I compare the result with an average NBA GM. The result is always frustration.

  14. HITMAN says:

    Rondo to Blazers for felton and gerlad wallace i think thats a good trade!

  15. Rene says:

    Dwight and Rondo would be a Championship ring again

  16. Rene says:

    Celtics pls get dwight Howard

  17. BIRD IS DA WORD14 says:

    Ray Ray KG and Jermaine O’Neal for D Howard! Maybe…..

  18. ROSE FOR RONDO says:


  19. celtics8888 says:

    what a player!! rajon rondo!!

  20. charles says:

    Rondo is a great player. He would be great playing with Howard. Can you imagine those two defensive beasts on the same team? Just them and a bunch of shoots. Ray Allen heaven.

  21. Rav says:

    Of the the four HOFers (or future HOFers, in the case of Kidd) listed above as having put up similar stat-lines to Rondo’s of last night, three (Robertson, Chamberlain and Kidd) have been traded, the latter two multiple time. Chamberlain, in fact, was traded after winning the MVP award. Singular, stellar performances have never been, and never should be, reasons to not trade a player.

  22. celticspride says:

    He’s the best point guard right now. Jermaine Oneil and Bradly for Dwight howard hehe

  23. Rich says:

    Celtics don’t have to trade any of their Big 4. What they need is a deeper bench. I think they stil have a good 2-3 years of potential championship campaign before they start trading their aging bigs. Also, Celtics is the kind of team that plays their best basketball when it matters – and that is the playoffs !

  24. rajonrondoismyceltics says:

    okay … for one rondo isnt going anywhere so all these trades you people are trying to come up with just stop so sad its mostly lakers fans… and rondo is the best pg in the league idc bout scoring when yo have a pg that can control a game like this and get rebounds like a big can thats just scary not to metion his vision on the court. unrelentless energy i just hope this stops all the jlin stuff shows he cant duel it out with the best pg’s in the league..

  25. DonBrasco says:

    I’m pretty sure Doc expected the Knicks to foul…like we all did. I’m, also, pretty sure Doc would have designed that final play with that possibilty foremost in mind. The play was intended for Pierce one way or the other and he executed. Even if the Knicks do foul, Pierce is gonna realize it and jack a 3. Since you want to play the “What If” game…what if he hits that shot and a foul is called…and he hits the free throw? Knicks down 1 with 4 and change to go. Anyway…

    Rondo: Not going anywhere. Easiest pieces to move at/by the deadline: Allen (would dislike that, btw) and O’neal + some combination of the young-uns. I’d like to see JO and Bradley for Beasely and… Just opinions.

  26. DHOWARD12FAN says:

    i dont know about this but would this be a chance for the magic to pull the trigger and get Rondo in an effort to make Dwight stay?

  27. bu says:

    This just shows Rondo’s will power & he’s willing to do ANYTHING to help the team. His energy levels can be second to none. Obviously, no human can bring this intensity at such high levels on the court night in & out.

    If he improves his ugly jump shot & free throws by another notch with consistency, that’d be really scary.

  28. JLIn17 says:

    I’m a Jlin fan, sad that they were not able to close the game out… hands off to Rondo, you are really one of the best point guards in the league. If Rondo can develop his outside shooting or like be a threat in the 3 point line, then then would elevate him from the rest of the PGs in the NBA.
    JLin needs this kind of defeats. He’ll learn from it. Experience is the best teacher. This was proven right in the game ^_^
    Best of luck to JLin!!!

    • celtic pride says:

      get off the jlin bandwagon its over 4 him. no one even knew of him now eveyone is goin crazy over him. get real losers

  29. Stack says:

    If I had a PG like Rondo who can rebound and get triple doubles on a given night, I’m never trading him. Not many PG in the league today who can do what Rondo does. If I were Boston, I’d start building around Rondo when the Big 3 retires. Rondo is the future of Celtics.

  30. bj says:


  31. Kel says:

    I believe Ainge when he says he hasn’t been shopping Rondo around. Their not going to trade him. I don’t think they ever planned on it. Someone’s just making stuff up and their just rumors.

  32. chris417 says:

    no pls….don’t trade rondo..

  33. king lebron fan says:

    i hate BC(boston celtics) but i love the rondo’s play style and i can say rondo is awesome. and have an offer: mario chalmers + shane battier + mike miller and also joel anthony for “Mr. Incredible” RAJON RONDOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😀

  34. beantown says:

    @ sandiego laker u r just jealous that steve blake and derek fisher both cant combine for what rondo got today 18-17-20 @ cmon now r u serious ron artest and steve blake to the celtics for rondo you done bumped your head. lols…

  35. Knickfan212 says:

    I don’t understand why, with a 3 point lead a team wont foul. The Knicks had that game. All they had to do was give the 2 shot foul and then hit their freethrows.

    • Celticsrck says:

      exactly what i was thinking!why would you let them shoot a 3 when you could just foul them and give them two shots?and this rondo shooting,its pierce,of course hes gonna get it!anyway im happy 4 my team(Celtics) and Rondo!

  36. Cmon Now says:

    Yes; Metta World Peace and Steve Blake to the Celtics for Rondo!

    • haha says:

      Danny Ainge aint that stupid to make that trade….most LALA fans are coming up with stupid as ideas as to how a trade would get done…be realistic…but I guess when you live in los Angeles , any forms of reality is beyond you guys..

  37. chris says:

    rajon rondo. what a guy.

    • SANDIEGO LAKER says:

      Rondo is a slug. Send him to the Lakers.

      • Celts18 says:

        Lmao Rondo hates you and the Lakers. Celtics GM and coach already said Rondo isn’t goin anywhere. And we don’t want your softy Gasol lol Smh Lakers are so jealous their PG is a 37 year old washed up non game changer.. PS you’re one of the stupid fans who’s gknna be hating on Rondo when he comes to Lala land next weekd

      • Belizeboy says: