Shaqtin’ A Fool: Episode 8

Shaq is back from Orlando with some more foolishness to uncover. This week, special call-outs for an OKC superfan, JaVale “Shaqtin’ a Fool MVP” McGee, John Wall, the Sixers’ rookies, and Dwight Howard. Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment!


  1. LeBron King says:

    I did the cookie challenge!!!

  2. Drew says:

    I swear that after Dwight Howard’s clip, i heard somebody opening up a cookie at the end

  3. HaoF1 says:

    Is there anyone to beat Javale in the Fool?

  4. wizards says:

    Javale Mcgee and John wall seem to make this a lot.

  5. Belizeboy says:

    Damn Javale, again?!

    @Tyron, a missed traviling call is hardly worthy of being on here.

  6. Tyron says:

    Shaq, you gotta have Wade’s monster Travel in the next episode and call it out to the reff. who stod right next to him, but didn’t call it..

  7. Julius says:

    Javale McGee. Proof that anyone over 7ft can make it into the NBA.