MVP Ladder: The Two-Man Game

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — And there were two!

Yes, the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder contains 10 names every week. But this week, there are only two that we are focusing on. The top two, the two best players in the game right now and the two most unstoppable forces in the league on this day.

Take your pick between LeBron James and Kevin Durant, twin freaks of and forces of nature, as they continue to trample the competition this season. They had matching performances in the All-Star Game and then did it again last night, when they both dropped 38 in impressive road wins that kept their respective team’s, both atop the standings in their respective conferences, win-streaks alive. The Heat’s streak is nine straight, with all nine wins coming via double digits. The Thunder’s mark is seven straight.

Check out the list to see who sits where in the wake of All-Star Weekend — we lost a little Linsanity as momentum shifted towards Wade County.

And remember, this is a fluid list. You can play your way on or you can play your way off, but nothing is guaranteed.


  1. E.Jones says:

    KD and LeBron has the same amount of help. James has D.Wade and Bosh and Durant has Westbrook and Harden. Both of their bench is okay and could handle their own for a while. The MVP award is going to be a tough battle but one of them is taking it home. Neither of them is ahead by much, their just two great players, with two different styles of play that results in wins for their team.

  2. Carlito says:

    It is LBJ, by a mile.

    It is simple man.

    LBJ is doing more with less. He has played less minutes (compared with KD, Howard, and Bryant) but is producing more. His true shooting percentage is better than any other player mentioned in this forum. His estimated wins added (EWA) is better than everybody else.

    His efficiency is way better than the best Michael Jordan and any other legend can offer. How can you not pick him to win the MVP?

  3. LeBRON is a Monster….!!!! SORRY KD but LBJ is way better………..

  4. mvptALK says:

    One more thing. don’t you notice that he plays less then he ever did. he don’t care till playoffs. he plays just a it in the second Q and 4th Q

  5. mvptALK says:

    You guys are half retarded. Lebron has been player of the month almost each month. Right now Lebron is the best player in the league.

  6. cdubbb24 says:

    I guess KOBE dropping 30 AGAIN in the WIN over LEBRON in his 16th season doesnt account for anything. SEKOU IS A KOBE HATER. QUIT POSTING THIS TRASH

  7. yham says:

    give the MVP to DURANT.
    LEBRON the RING.

  8. Kb2491 says:

    First off both of them have reall good teams. if any one is doing more with less its kobe bryant. Durant has a super squad and so does lebron james. Durant has; Nick Collison Daequan Cook Kevin Durant James Harden Serge Ibaka Reggie Jackson Eric Maynor Nazr Mohammed Kendrick Perkins Thabo Sefolosha
    Russell Westbrook. and west brook is arguably the best point guard in the NBA. and dont even get me started on lebron. kiobe has no one i mean the only person who has been playing good is andrew bynum and this is his first year staying health. no one know if hes gonna keep this up. kobes leading the league is scoring while playing with absolute nobodys. steve blake and i cant even name anyone else thats how bad the rest of the team is. pau was good for those 3 years kobe literally forced him to be good but its over now. kb plays amazing offense and most of the time he has to guard the opposing teams best player. lebron doesnt do that and neither does durant. ok him has Metta World Peace but this isnt 2003 when he was good. the guy shows up every other month. YOU GUYS CAN HATE ON KOBE ALL YOU WANT.because thats all most of u know how to do but u go and look at the game from sunday lakers vs heat and watch the LOCK DOWN DDDDDDD kobe played on d wade and lebron when he guarded him.

  9. jan_279 says:

    LeBron is the MVP. PERIOD.

  10. Team-ball>Star-power says:

    how can Kobe be done when he is the leading scorer in the league, personally i think LBJ should get the MVP as he has far more impact on the game than KD does, i hate the guy but he is the most talented ball player in the NBA right now, KD is second with kobe/parker, behind him take away those guys from there teams and they wouldn’t be anywhere ( die hard BULLS fan)

  11. Carlito says:

    Why do most Kobe and Lakers fan are haters?

    I’m sorry but that’s how I see it. In Philippines, we call that crab mentality. Although I t believe that says a lot about basketball fanatics around the globe. Why can’t you just be happy cheering for your favorites and quit talking about others.

    KD is a great player, but it is very clear to most of the objective fan’s minds that LBJ is better. Even Magic Johnson is saying he should be the MVP had the voting been done now.

    I like Kobe, but I don’t like most of his fans. If they cannot bring up Kobe into the conversation, they’d try putting others (particularly LBJ) down. Childish.

  12. HeatBigThree says:

    LBJ all day

  13. John says:

    OKC Miami finals? I think ultimately I’d pick OKC for the fact that their starting lineup is more well rounded and I think they play better in the clutch. Also that OKC defense is flat out gritty (Collison,Mohammed,)

  14. q says:

    CP3 deserved the award…LAC would not be a contender without him. Transforming a team to contender should not be overlook by stats.

  15. Patrickmarc says:

    Ibaka is the man at OKC . Durant and Westbrooke should go in final with Ibaka. This player has a perfect reading of the action, like the cat.

  16. Carlito says:

    Objectively it should be LBJ, hands down.

    Not to say LBJ is not, but being more important to a team doesn’t have to be the measuring stick.

    Becaus if we do, that make Igoudala the frontrunner. Or Howard. or Parker.

    I don’t think so. Not matter how valuable a player is to a team, if he isn’t playing any better than a lot of other players on other teams he SHOULD NOT WIN the LEAGUE MVP!

    Get LBJ off his Heat uniform and the Heat would be an average team with an oft injured and aging Wade, an inconsistent Bosh, and a barely average bench players.

  17. Paul says:

    WOW!! they are saying lebron is not mvp coz wade is there WOW how about durant? Westbrook, harden.they are complete team oklahoma can win without durant period miami is not a complete team no true center! . if lebron is on oklahoma and durant is on miami heat. Do you think durant can carry what did james do? hell no!!! the defense, rebound that lebron give every single night is far superior of what durant can do! if lebron is on oklahoma no doubt champions and will swept mavs last year.. the sad thing in lebron situation in miami heat is when he struggled his teammates cant help!!. but when durant is struggling many of his team-mate will show up.. Lebron will be always be criticize until he got his first ring and hit the game winning shot for the finals!!

  18. Kris says:

    Glad someone else has noticed, Kobe for MVP.

  19. Kris says:

    Kobe should definatly be in the running for MVP. How people forget him is desgusting. Hes help the Lakers more than any players helped any team this season. Plus Kobe’s led the league in scoring all season. Lakers couldn’t do without him, in addition, he would surely make any top 5 team unstoppable, unlike LBJ and KD. Although, I think if the league doesn’t come correct, KD should easily take MVP over LBJ.

  20. rider says:

    well the season is not over yet other superstars may collide in the mvp case like drose and kobe well think about it the standings in the east the bulls are no.1 and the west the lakers are awakening,,

  21. anthony says:

    The Best player in the league is Kobe Hands Down LETS NOT Go Robbing another MVP Trophy From THE Guy.
    Better then Jordan

    • Michael says:

      anthony you dont watch a lot of basketball Kobe aint even in the discussion he’s barely a top 20 fantasy player do your homework. he jacks up 50 shots a night and steals paases from his teamates.. Kobe couldnt hold lebron James jock let alone his nose bleed when d wade punched that old man in the face in the all star game.. Lebron has athletism size strength and a much better on ball defender shot blocker and rebounder then old man Kobe.. Kobe retire already you lost your step years ago does dude even get to the rack anymore

    • HeatBigThree says:

      You are dreaming Anthony. Kobe’s done.

  22. KD4MVPFilipinoFAn says:

    we can compare this argument with DROSE and KOBE..
    the bulls can Win without DROSE and they win with streaks ! while LAKERS can’t win without KOBE right ?
    bulls have such a great players similar to the heat (BOOzer,Noah,Deng, and watson and lucas) …
    imagine lakers without KOBE IT’S TERRIBLE !!! who can carry load on scoring and who gonna take the last shot when the game on line for the lakers ??? it’s hard to tell who ! so know you know who’s the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER to KD and lebron.. lebron is more like to drose(THEY BOTH HAVE SUCH TALENTS TO WIN) while Kobe is more likely to KD right.(who will CARRY THE LOAD to OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER ? who will take the last shot when the GAME is on the line ? REMEMBER the PLAYOFFS between OKC and MEMPHIS.. remember on HOW RUSELL WESTBROOK can BRING THE THUNDER DOWN .. by taking the last shot on that playoffs and remember KD’s GAME Winning shot against the MAVS etc..

    im not a bulls fan nor lakers and I’m a heat hater but OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER FAN ! KD MVP !

  23. KD4MVPFilipinoFAn says:

    Yes lebron is having a great season in terms of stats but the thing WHAT is the “Most VALUABLE Player” really means ?
    KD lifted the OKC Thunder to the level of Miami’s lifted by lbj and wade and bosh.. yes there is Russell Westbrook and the sensational 6th man for the thunder but the thing is can the Thunder be where there are right now without Durantula ? or we could simplify the question “CAN THE THUNDER GET TO PLAYOFFS even just 8th seed WITHOUT KD ? while the miami heat is A PLAYOFF TEAM LAST several years without lbj right ? WADE can do what Lebron do ! (and I think that wade and bosh + a great role players is better than with lebron.) and KD is the Thunder’s leading scorer while Westbrook is somehow having a much field goals attempts that KD is there other games right ? but no problem with me I’m a die hard KD Fan and also OKC Thunder Fan.. I’m saying that KD is the Most Valuable Player in the NBA and lebron is the STATS man. you see when Lebron and Wade has gone is to injury.. Bosh carry the loads and get the W against the HAWKS .. do it do KD with a team that so special because of their players ACCEPTING ROLES.. who’s gonna score 30+ pts and take the last shot when the game is on the line(CLUTCH PLAYER) ? KD 4 MVP :)) OKC Thunder for the NBA Champions :))

  24. maan says:

    The MVP decision between Lebron and KD will depend on who has the better team record after the season ends.

  25. rolly says:

    i think lebron does it again coz he is a do-it-all player unlike KD he is taller than LBJ but he play outside the paint he completed the stats in every game almost triple-double in a game……

  26. Tyson says:

    Kevin Durant is the absolute, definite RUNNER-UP in the MVP race. Be honest with yourself, do you really think anybody in the NBA is playing at a higher level than Lebron James. From a statistical stand point he is on another planet, by himself. Nobody even comes close. And these numbers don’t show the full potential of playing a full game, because Lebron sits out some or most of the fourth quarters due to heavy leads he provides for his team.

    I get it that stories have to be created to make this years race seem interesting, but in reality there is no contest. Lebron James is THE MVP. Only Cleveland fans, OKC fans, and jealous haters tend to have a different opinion. Sane, logical, unbias people knew the answer when he started tearing the league down piece by piece since the season started.

  27. Nikola says:

    i think cp3 and kobe are the two guys to buttle for mvp.becouse: lebron and durant have teammates who are in the mvp ledder too.kobe and cp3 are the best players on there teams unlike lebron who have wade or durant who have westbrook.yeah cp have blake but he is too young to make changes in the game for entire season and bynam is too injured to be the no2 guy for the lakers

  28. Rich says:

    mvp is durant or rose. take eithher one of those players off of their teams and their respective teams wouldnt be great. taje lebron off of the heat and they still wil beat many teams.

  29. storm says:

    Yeah right Raph… like you can score 30-40 in a game when you’re 33…
    I believe that Lebron is the best player in the league right now…( that’s coming from a Kobe fan)
    but i’m not saying he’s the greatest yet right now (Kobe still has the edge on this one and Duncan)
    Back on the topic… although i want Durant to have it, Lebron is clearly the best right now….

    Please to all haters out there (of all players) Please watch basketball games and try to look at those players strengths
    not only your “IDOLS” okay…

  30. Tim says:

    MVP is most valuable player in the league! So lets say I was starting a new team in the NBA and I could of choose LeBron or Durant and build a team around one or another I guarantee that unless you are a OKC fan 90% of these people commenting on here would take LeBron. So all you haters out here know LeBron is better, he just should of stay in Cleveland… Plus statistically Kevin has nothing on LeBron he owns him… We can end this talk and give the hardware to LeBron now… And the competition is not razor thin Sekou I’m sure you would want LeBron on your team more then Kevin too…

    • westie says:

      I’m not a OKC fan and I’d choose Durant, because at the end of the day what matters is the ring, and I see a bigger chance to get it with Kevin than with Lebron..

  31. Empithri says:

    If you actually think about it, MVP means most VALUABLE player. So think about it. If you take LeBron out of Miami, Wade and Bosh can step it up anytime. They know how to lead a team. But what if you take KD out of OKC. All that’s left is Westbrook and some role players. Westbrook doesn’t know how to lead a team yet. So Durant should rightfully win the award. And oh, the MVP award will be awarded to a player whose team is number one in their conference.

  32. Eric says:

    All Star was a great exhibition of these 2 superb talents. As of now, Durant is still the BEST scorer in the NBA..Lebron has nothing on him but what tilts it in Lebron’s favor are his efficiency numbers which is VERY IMPORTANT when you are a such an integral part of your team’s offense.

    But more importantly, the All Star game has NO DEFENSE…therefore the All Star MVP is not a good barometer for a complete basketballer..Durant winning the MVP shows he is one of the greatest players in the NBA today,offensively but his below average lockdown defense and his high turnovers show he has catching up to do in other parts of his game.

  33. ALONZO15 says:

    Lebron is a terrific player. A complete player. A combination of power and speed. I like him to be the MVP. But what defines GREATNESS (example: Michael Jordan and Larry Bird) is to be able to DELIVER when the game is on the line. and a true MVP must want the ball during crunch time and lives for moments like those. SAD to say lebron is NOT a go-to-guy YET during crunch time. Kevin Durant is a scoring mahine and has shown that He is the MAN for oklahoma down the stretch. He takes the shots that matter most for his team. I like Lebron to be the MVP but to be fair..I think the record of miami and oklahoma will have a say who will get the MVP. And Lebron you have got to take the last second SHOT man. That’s the reason you are paid and for you to be considered a truly GREAT player in basketball history someday: Whether the ball goes in or not, at least you had the COURAGE to take the SHOT.

  34. Sardu says:

    If the Thunder and Heat finish with equal records, who’s to say Lebron and Durant can’t share the MVP award?
    It makes sense really, both leading their respective conferences in individual and overall team play. Plus, with this being a condensed season, we only have a smaller sample of basketball, thus they do not have more games to pull away from one another.

  35. Renato says:

    It will probably be decided considering which team gets the best record,OKC or Miami.And it isn´t absurd to decide by that criteria.Lebron is doing a very good season once again and Durant is firmly walking towards his prime.Both still have a few weaknesses as players and both have excellent teammates.Right now,i´d give a slight edge to James but as i said,what really matters is which team will end up in front.

  36. for stern says:

    Durant is MVP because he has improved as a player. he is more clutch, both has supporting cast, but clearly LBJ has bigger and better players on their team. see the lobs, bi dunks of lebron its because of wade and I think wade should be given credit on that. Durant just needs to win MVP now, he brought his team to the top of west and on the league right now. AT least give durant MVP right now, Lebron has won it already.

  37. steven says:


  38. tony says:

    @jm What has Wade done for Lebron that Lebron hasn’t already done himself? Lebron carried the Cavs to the Finals when he was only a fraction of the player he is today. He backpacked that team for seven seasons. Don’t make idiotic comments when you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about.

  39. Fraka says:

    Wow, I cant believe that someone is actually doubting who is the MVP of this season..
    +32 eff
    Durant is awesome but not even close to Lebron this year.

  40. franzki says:


    If LEBRON doesnt have wade at his side.. LEBRON is nothing….

    HAHAHA Your joke is not even a bit funny dude…just stop living in your lies….

  41. LCSTRIFE says:

    LEBRON IS THE MVP Because hes an all around player who can dominate the game with or without the ball…and playing terific at the both ends of the floor..dont forget he is also a defensive player..and he is a great player because he can play different position…and no doubt hes the no 1….

  42. jm says:

    well,,,, f LEBRON doesnt have WADE at his side..LEBRON is nothing… look what WADE did for LEBRON? is any one of you blind????

  43. khell says:

    first things first, i’m not a lebron hater, yeah he can have the mvp trophy ok but, he said last season that “they can have the mvp trophy but i’ll take the larry o’brien… but then again, lebron should get his 4th quarter first before anything else… 😀


  44. DropDead says:

    Bron choose to be the villain of the NBA so don’t be surprised that he acquired a lot of haters. Also stat sometimes doesn’t reflect the whole deal. From my personal flawed point of view, I enjoy watching KD’s super smooth jumper more than Bron”s nasty dunks and that’s all that matter. The game itself is much more than just stat and that’s why I still root for Kobe event if Bron has a much superior stat. Flashiness is also an important attraction aspect of the NBA

  45. franzki says:

    LBj for MVP he is the best player in the league right now a monster that no one can stop of crushing the opposing team. i want KD to win too but i can’t hide the mere fact that lbj is far superior compared to him, KD is just only a scoring machine not an all around player…LBJ all the way……!!!!!!!

  46. marvz says:

    @ Lakeshow2012 says:
    March 2, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    LOL all I hear is stats stats. does your stats gave you Rings? lol it doesnt matter who the season MVP is because KOBE will have the last laugh in the playoffs 😀 DD

  47. Lebron James is by far the MVP this year, He proves it night in and night out that on both sides of the floor he is dominant. Kevin Durant is a phenomenal scorer but overall I dont think he could go deep into the playoffs without Westbrook penetrating tremendously. Lebron James has proved without big names he could go far and im sick of the durant is only 23 talk, People act like Lebron wasnt doing this when he was 19 so dont act like durant is the only 23 year old to ever perform like this. Its Lebron for MVP

  48. Deolly says:

    Lebron is the king of NBA right now… He is the best and should win the MVP

  49. Lakeshow2012 says:

    LOL all I hear is stats stats. does your stats gave you Rings? lol it doesnt matter who the season MVP is because KOBE will have the last laugh in the playoffs :DDD

    • Belizeboy says:

      Laker fans are dying for attention nowadays.

      • Lol... lakers fans ==' says:

        so true…. lakers fans are always like that….it is exactly what they said last year but got swept by the mavs. im both okc and mia fan… but i think lebron is having a better year.

  50. Terror says:

    Lebron haters are retarded lol. This race is not even close, lebron is the MVP. Lebron has better stats than KD in all categories, even in shooting %. Not only that but lebron has been sitting most of the 4th quarter because they been blowing out the teams with the way he is playing. He is almost averaging a double double, and KD isn’t doing anything else other than scoring.

    Now about teams, they both have the same help, funny how when people are talking about the big 3, ppl make jokes they are just the big 2 and a half, and when they have to bring lebron down’s performance, he is playing with 2 other allstar. Lol. They both have the same amount of help, the thunder without KD would still be a playoff team or a mid seed on the playoffs. Now if you take Lebron off the heat, they will still be a good team, but they wouldn’t be the top seed on the east and they wouldn’t be the best team in the league or better than the bulls. The heat without lebron are no longer championship contender or best team in the league. The idiots in here think MVP means a good player that makes a bad team a good one. It’s also a good player that makes a good team into a championship contender.

  51. habeeb says:

    @ jake, ve been reading comments but once never thought of posting one. ur post today change. u said it all, when lebron retires the league will not be the same. even stern knows a player like jordan will always surface, but we will never see anoda lebron. u may give him d mvp who cares, he will always be my mvp.simple

    • Renato says:

      You´ve got to be kidding me.Lebron is a great player but he´s still very very far from representing a tenth of what Jordan represents to the game.And he´s got some really big problems regarding his mental strenght.Let´s slow down when comparing someone to Jordan…

  52. george w says:

    definetly Lebron James, Statistically he is having an absolutey amazing season, and its showing in the W column, like KD. KD is having a great year, however his scoring is down, Westbrook is playing at a similar level to KD also. I can’t understand how Wade isn’t higher on the list, sure he sat out with injuries, however since he’s been back he has been unstoppable. His first half stats are ridiculous, he’s blowing out the opposition in the first 24 minutes of the game. he deserves to be higher than D Rose, CP3 and Kobe, Bryant has had a great season, however has had some terrible performances of late and his team cant string together consistant games.

  53. Adri says:

    LeBron James is undisputable MVP of this year.He is a real monster.Nobody can stop him

  54. Raph says:

    Lebron is the MVP by far, with Durant and CP3 closing out the Top 3… My question is this, why is Kobe still in the Top 5? He’s a ballhog who has been a blackhole for his team with his selfish play. The Lakers need a real PG to save them from Kobe and distribute the ball properly.

    No way is Kobe a Top 5 candidate at this point, no way.

    • grunt912 says:

      Dude Kobe has to do more for his team to win than either Lerbron-bron or KD. He is not a ball hog, he is just a beast who cannot even rely on his team mates to get the job done more than half of the time…And what Kobe is doing in his 16th season is amazing, also he plays hurt…Unlike baby BRON BRON

    • Rich says:

      All I have to say is who leads the league in scoring? Kobe! He does more for his team than anyone in the league and when his teammates step up (even though rarely) he has modest numbers. The 5 time champ is in no ware a “black hole” or a “ball hog”, without his leadership, which is what sets him apart, the Lakers would be downright horrible. Instead they are gaining ground in their division. Kobe is the MVP!

  55. jake says:

    lol this is funny i like both players but seriously its not even close, lebron is playing at a ridiculous level, nearly averaging a triple double, kd is so far ahead of third place too. and remember that lebron is sitting most of the 4th qtrs in these blowout wins, everyone just hates on him because of a few silly comments, just admire his talents cause when he retires the league wont be the same

  56. Kobe says:

    First in the West is way more impressive then first in the East. Durant may have one all star with Westbrook but Lebron has 2 with DWADE and BOSH! Lebron has better stats but Durant is doing more with less bottom line. Plus Durant is only 23! He hasnt even reached his prime yet! Durant for MVP please.

    • Carlito says:

      The TWO best teams in the league is in the EAST, the Bulls and the Heat.

      What would you say if we switch LBJ and KD. I don’t think Durant would even be in any MVP conversation, because Wade and Bosh would eat him alive and he wouldn’t be able to dominate as much as LBJ is doing right now (even with the two all-stars on his side).

      And LBJ in an OKC uniform is going to wreak havoc with any statistical parameters you can ever imagine, not just by scoring. OKC wouldn’t be flirting with the West top seed, they’d be the top seed in the league.

  57. LBJ says:

    MVP does not mean how valuable a player is to his current playing team or can his team win without him or no.
    MVP is a player who you would pick to start a new team. And if you consider cumulative stats in facet of the game LBL is way ahead than KD.

    • Renato says:

      Actually MVP means exactly what you say it doesn´t.

      • Carlito says:

        Does that make Igoudala the frontrunner? Or Howard? or Parker?

        I don’t think so. Not matter how valuable a player is to a team, if he isn’t playing any better than a lot of other players on other teams he SHOULD NOT WIN the LEAGUE MVP!

  58. Sarge says:

    Lebron for sure. What do you mean KD doesnt have help, Russel Westbrook and James Harden is playing at all star level. Lebron affects the game in so many different ways. Defensively, he is far superior to KD, he will be in the conversation for defensive player of the year. KD is a great scorer and thats as far as it goes. Average defensive player and below average rebounder for a guy 6′ 11″. Lebron doesnt win the MVP it is bcuz of pure hate, nothing else. The stats don’t lie. 28, 8 and 8 shooting 55% is rediculous!!!

    • grunt912 says:

      Lebron will not win MVP because he plays on the most stacked team in the NBA……PERIOD! Not to mention he already has 2 MVP’s and has yet to win a championship

  59. real says:

    again this lebron on n.1 cant understand this sekou true mvp this season is durant right now not lebron..for me kobe is king of nba but okc they have best record and for being realist durant deserv it.every week he have bigest number then lebron and how can he stile be 1?DURANT THE MVP

  60. JG says:

    Is a tight race between them too but Lebron is better overall. At the end of the day, the one with the better team record will win.

    Shout out to all the Lebron haters, you make me laugh, keep it up.

  61. Reckoner says:

    LeBron. He proved it in the run the Heat had when Wade was injured. And, the Heat aren’t just winning, they’re crushing teams. In their recent 9 game, double-digit streak, LeBron has often sat out the majority of the 4th quarter. His stats could be even better.

  62. Belizeboy says:

    Okay to all the haters out there against Lebron, look at the numbers. Putting up those kind of stats on BOTH ends of the floor night after night and even showing that he did it without Wade is the reason he is leading the race for MVP right now. Durant I think is also very deserving and probably should win it this year if OKC finishes off in 1st, but other than those two I don’t see anyone else that deserves it.

  63. kobe says:

    both are having outstanding seasons…Lebron has way more help than KD…LEBRON might be having the best season of anyone (i hate to admit it).. u take Lebron off the Heat and they r still dangerous..not sure i can say same thing about KD and OKC..lets just enjoy the final 30 games and then decide..tough one

  64. JH says:

    Why is Lebron ahead of Kevin Durant???

  65. Dirk says:

    Ok Think about it MVP Most Valuable player Which Miami could do good without lebron and so could OKC without Durant Lets turn to the eat………….Dwight Howard Makes the Magic without him they would have a negative record No DOubt at all Dwight Deserves it or Rose again…

  66. Zack says:

    The MVP is Kevin Durant. Although LeBron is having a great year,he has help Kevin Durant simply doesn’t have. Without Kevin Durant the Thunder would be a mid-to-low seeded playoff team, not the number one seed in the west, and possibly in the league when the time comes.

    • Sameer says:

      Kevin Durant doesn’t have help?? RUSSELL WESTBROOK, sixth man of the year James Harden and quality center Perkins and defensive nightmare Ibaka. Dont just be dropping silly comments. Write something useful!

      • zach says:

        kevin durant and lebron easily are at the top 2 but i belive lebrons more well rounded but durant has more scoring weapons then lebron all in all i want to see them in the finals coming from a heat fan it would be a great series

  67. kratos rage says:

    hands down MVP is Kevin Durant by a million miles. Lebron……whatever

    • Sameer says:

      hands down this is the silliest comment of the blog by a million miles!

    • JG says:

      By a million miles?

      How’s that fantasy league going? or is it NBA Live? 2k?

    • Michael says:

      kratos what are u smokin how is Lebron James who has the highest PER rating in NBA history not the ruaway mvp by far its not even close.. when d wade was hurt lebron led them to an 8-1 record so do you homework and stop hating Lebron by far MVP this year