Rondo On The Trading Block … Again!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Welcome back to the swirl and twirl of the trade rumor mill Rajon Rondo. We missed you!

What’s it been, four months?

After seeing his name mentioned prominently in trade speculation at the start of this season, the Celtics’ point guard is making a return trip with the March 15 trade deadline looming and the team needing to do something to shake things up.

Rondo, according to the Boston Globe, is in the crosshairs once more as the Celtics are reportedly, “listening” to offers for the man who has become their best player:

An report said the Celtics have decided to trade Rondo after his attitude and personality have become too burdensome for the organization. An NBA source told the Globe the Celtics aren’t trying to dump Rondo but his name is being mentioned in deals, similar to the way it was when the team made a play for Chris Paul in December.

Rondo collected his 16th career triple-double and third this season in last night’s 102-96 victory over the Bucks. He has endured a difficult season with the trade rumors, an eight-game absence because of a sprained right wrist, and two because of a NBA suspension for throwing the ball at official Sean Wright.

Rondo also was upset at originally being left off the All-Star team and responded with one of his worst games of the season Feb. 10 against the Raptors in Toronto. On Tuesday in Cleveland he missed all six shots from the field and dished out 11 assists but committed five turnovers.

Last night he bounced back with 15 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. Coach Doc Rivers lauded Rondo for his orchestration of the offense and pushing the pace. While he has shown flashes of brilliance, it’s uncertain if the organization feels it can begin the post-Big Three era around Rondo.

He has three years and $36 million left on his contract after this season.

If the Celtics listen long and hard enough, they’ll find a suitor for one of the best point guards in the game. But good luck getting back a player of comparable talent.

Then again, if these reports are true, a comparable talent doesn’t matter as much as someone whose “attitude and personality” is compatible with what the organization is looking for while they rebuild for the future.

One thing is clear, though. If Rondo is moved, it’s time to blow taps on the Big 3 era!


  1. toinks says:

    Rondo and jermaine oneal for derrick williams and rick rubio…………. yeah!

  2. Mike says:

    Lakers should try this: Trade Gasol and picks + a roll player(Barnes or McRoberts) for Rondo. Then ship Bynum and that trade exception they got from the Odom trade for Howard. (they shoudn’t offer more for Howard, let’s see if Orlando risk losing the guy for nothing). Or they could try to get Nash some how (without trading any core player), and try to get Odom back if Dallas buys out his contract. Now someone tell me this isn’t good for everyone.

  3. mariele dhane bael says:

    are they crazy they are trading rondo .,.,.,they dont know what they are doing.,.,.,if they lost rondo they are not only lost therePG they are losting there team coz its really obvious that celtics is now rondo’s team .,.they are losting the best poit guard in the leaague as magic johnson said .,.,.,they will never have a player like rondo again if they lost(rondo).,.,the will miss hte play off w out rondo and they will never evre win,.,.,.,c’mon danny think a million times b4 making a big mistake,.,

  4. Bok says:

    Allen, Pierce & Garnett, when renewing their contracts, should lower their salary. In this way they can attract big time free agents while building the team with Rondo.

  5. ATL SHAWWWTYY says:

    well if the celtics want a pg without an attitude…trade rondo for jeff teague and some draft picks 😀 atl would REALLY LOVE to have rondo ^_^

  6. ballin like um n da league says:

    the big three made rondo

  7. swish says:

    trade rondo and paul peirce



    • GREEN AND WHITE says:


  9. DavisLia Wang says:

    Correction: I meant deal instead of deal with.

  10. DavisLia Wang says:

    Lakers definitely needs to adjust their rosters. Why not deal with Andrew Bynum for the Superman DH and Pau Gasol for Rondo. Look like a pretty good deal is it?

  11. callmeahater says:

    I dont understand why trading Rondo is a bad move….Maybe because I’m not a fan of Celtic
    Anyways, to get to my point, Rondo is highly overrated PG because Rondo’s game is very limited without big time players around him. His game relies heavily on penetrating and dishing out to shooters……mainly because Rondo cant buy a basket from 13ft and out and also is a horrible FT shooter.. Without the presence of Big time scorers(like Ray Allen, Paul Pierce) to take defensive pressure off of Rondo (which btw allows him to get to the basket alot easier) his game is going to be very limited because all the defensive focus will be on him to cut off his penetration instead of guarding the Big3… Sure he is very quick and crafty around the basket and has good court vision,but if you are going to be the best player of a franchise, youre going to need to be able to score from the perimeter. HE is not going to be able to score like he used to without the Big 3 taking defensive pressure off of Rondo. Unless they can bring big time talents like KG, Ray and Pierce to surround Rondo, I think it is better to trade him to make up a better front court.

  12. Sixerfan3 says:

    some of these comments are ridiculously LOL especially from laker and kobe fans….the celts problem is that they are too old simple as that… RONDO is the future of this team and danny ainge just cannot afford to lose him at this stage of his career because of some attitude problem or whatever the case maybe… ainge should build around rondo and surround him with young players including an all-star big man or shooting guard after the big three retire if the celtics have hopes of contending in the Atlantic division against the knicks,sixers, and even the nets if they somehow manage to land d howard and maybe even keep Lopez

  13. ice_pogi says:


    you can keep Rondo… We’re sticking with those 2 average PG in COLE and CHALMERS…. Their skills can be develop in the future and those guys know their role No EGO or something all they have is DRIVE to be one of the best and they help MIAMI in GAMES remember LIN…..I can say theat2 heads are better than one…. But for an allstar PG with attitude problems, it would be hard for him to change…Besides, we got a lot of talents in MIAMI… so why bother with the PG????

  14. RAM- LUV C's says:

    Common let RR stay, forget about this season, look for the future. For two years remaining for the Big3 (KG,PP, RA) let them stay until they retire. I believe lot of fun will be happy.

  15. NBA says:

    Trade rondo for white mamba! Great Deal! boston needs energy right? perfect

  16. burdie says:

    its better if they will trade more rookie than keeping some old players like allen, KG ang PP.

  17. gballaykarmo says:

    hey people this is not the first time rondo name has been in a trade.if u want to trade the guy,trade him and get it over with it.i don,t know why Danny Angie can lean from the past,you trade Perkins and get nothing in the team is doing very bad.he not trying to fix it but make it worst.i with always be a fan as long KG is there.but if he leave i with ask Danny Angie to trade me too.

  18. gballaykarmo says:

    you want rondo go let how perkims when with notthing inreturn

  19. roland says:

    Paul Piece + J Oneal + Bradley = D. Howard that’s the best trade… dany ainge..

  20. Eudz says:

    Trade ROndo for Jeremy LIN?

  21. James Wong says:

    definitely, Rondo is the future of Celtics. but if the problem is attitude, well we can’t blame the Celts management in their decision… if they want to trade, why not trade Rondo to Denver. Rondo & Wilcox for Chris Andersen, Rudy Fernandez, & Ty Lawson. Andersen well be a good back-up center/forward & at the same time, the Celts could have a young guards like Fernandez & Lawson. 😀

  22. Takiyah says:

    I highly doubt this will happen. The way Danny Ainge runs things, he likes to make decisions he feels are best while still keeping Doc Rivers somewhat happy. A Rondo trade WILL NOT make Doc Rivers happy.

  23. NDJC says:


  24. J.T. Moore says:

    I been a boston fans and since the big 3 was form and in addition to that rondo is born and reading this trade article it really feels me bad and soen because i want to see boston once again a champion but there line-up now cannot be a champion line up..If rondo wants to be in boston then we can leave all the decision to his part..but what ever happen i’m loyal to boston…

    Go boston!

  25. NELL says:



  26. Really?? says:

    Sounds like what the Celtics need to do is get new management!! They already made the mistake of trading Perkins and look what happened as a result!! They need to figure out something else other than trading Rondo!!

  27. michael says:

    what about RONDO for Deron williams,and KG and JO for Dwight Howard?or KG to Pau Gasol?

    • Mike says:

      Rondo for D. Will makes some sense for both Nets and Celtics, but might require a few other involvements (maybe Boston add 1 player). Let Boston try to convince Williams to sign next year (which he would), and Boston get an upgrade in the PG position with better attitude.
      But KG and whatherver for HOWARD, c’mon: would you do it if you were Orlando management? Crazy talk.
      KG for Pau? – What would it bring to the Lakers? KG is not KG anymore,
      Plus Boston would require these old Big 3, in order to convince D.Will to sign an extension or resign. Let’s say the Big 3 + D Will take some major paycut so they can try to get Howard. But Howard would look ugly in green lol.
      – A Lakers fan to a Celtics fan.

  28. Craig A says:

    Here we go. I’m a Celtics fan but how about trading Rondo for first round pick (higher the better) and a player with some size, preferably a centre so KG can play as PF. Then grab Austin Rivers in the draft to bring father and son together.

    I also understand that some of the contracts for the likes of PP, KG and Ray were front ended, meaning the Celts have significant cap room next season to buy a big name player or two (Howard anyone?). They did not want to waste this on a shortened season this year.

  29. Anthony says:

    Trade rumor = drama = entertainment.

    Rondo will be a Celtic this year and will be in the final 4 come playoff time.

    For those who think otherwise, well I’m sorry that you’re Bball IQ is not as high as mine.

  30. ajcelticb says:

    we need to trade KG a rookie center for dwight howard

  31. TOM says:

    It’s very discouraging lately watching the celtics just go thru the motions. paul pierce shows these little spurts during games but he is playing very weak. allen doesn’t get ope for the threes anymore and rondo won’t be consistant until the trade talks go away. the only cosistant starter is garnett, he plays with his heart every game. jermaine o’neal is a bum, always has been.

    it’s time to ship pierce and allen and get some life back in this team.

  32. Smartest says:

    What makes sense is for the Celtics to trade Rondo to New Orleans for Kaman and a 1st draft pick. Kamn should help maintain boston until that first round pick comes (sorry for the wait) that way someone will be encouraged in buying the Hornets (benefits the nba) NOLA gets a new star PG Celtics get a real big man to bring energy who always has a good game and both teams could build on from them. Celtics get an oppurtunity to build next year with a talented player and NOLA will look good cause they have Rondo. I’m a BULLS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. BIG 5 says:

    Rondo stays en next year we have the Big 5

    D. Howard

  34. Jethro says:

    if the celtics trade rondo Celtics will be so weak. just think before they do that thing.

  35. Toronto Raptors need good players! says:

    Dwight Howard to New Jersey
    Pau Gasol to Orlando
    Rajon Rondo to Orlando
    Jameer Nelson to Boston
    MarShon Brooks to Boston
    Ryan Anderson to Los Angeles
    Nets 1st round draft pick to Los Angeles (Sign a SF)
    Los Angeles signs Gilbert Arenas

  36. armin halvadzic says:

    I’m still not sure why Boston would trade Rondo. He is their best player right now. They gonna have to start reboulding their roster with some new young talent so why not trade Garnett or Allen for some fresh blood ? I would keep Pearce because he’s bean there forever and absolutely keep Rondo as my main peace for the future. The big three came in with one goal and one goal only. To win it all. And sure they did it,But lets be honest here and not be fools and just accecpt the fact that they cannot repeat it. So why keep them and lose a year or more ?

  37. Real Celtic says:

    Everyone is dogging KG and Allen, calling them old. Funny how they brought banner 17 in 2008, and people loved them. Say what you want, they may be older and about to retire, but they still bring energy to the Celtics. Rondo want be traded, so don’t get caught up in the hype. As far as some saying, KG is a coward, I say to you, check his record, nobody has punked him. Some of you losers, hear a sports announcer on TV, and you repeat what you hear. I’m a Celtic fan for real. I don’t dog the players because they get old or have anger issues. Will the real Celtic fans stand the hell up!!!!!

  38. jan_279 says:

    The Celtics would be stupid to trade Rondo! It’s Garnett, Allen or Pierce first before Rondo!

  39. djenx says:

    Celtics need to keep the team they have, no trade out there will take them to the finals, just give the a lower draft pick. Try and trade draft pics for Beasley. Let Garnett and Allen, try and resign them for the veteran minimum. Sign Jeff Green. And get in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. Rondo, Allen, Pierce, Garnett, Howard, Beasley and Green is a more than solid core that can get to the finals. The problem with the Celtics, is rebounding and hustle plays.

  40. Alex says:

    Dont trade away rondo cut the big 3 trade 36 year old kg and 37 year old ray allen keep pp get young players keep pp and rondo it will work fire danny at end of season

  41. A-Train says:

    Who qould the C’s get for Rondo anyways? Instead of trading him buiild a new franchise around him. They could get a Josh Smith or Kevin Martin or Monta Ellis for Pierce but if u get Ellis or Martin u’d need to trade Allen for a SF to balance the line up. I love the Celts, but we need to make some changes…soon

  42. CELTICS!! says:

    I Love our current team, We just need a center. If we get an actuall center ( not jermain o’neil) i think we are good to go.

  43. A.J says:

    I could see Rondo being traded to a team that has a top ten draft pick so that the Celtics can draft Rivers in the draft he becomes available.

  44. cliff says:

    Reading the Pau for Rondo, no Pau isn’t enough but Pau + Darius and maybe their 1st round Trade exception would easily be enough. C’s would have to likely part with a garbage contract but still.

  45. NELL says:


  46. JAMES says:

    I dunno, I don’t agree with getting rid of Rondo but if it’s good for the team then I say go ahead but don’t pick up s**t like calderon, parker, nash etc.. let’s get some D-Williams, R-Westbrook etc..
    We won’t win another title for another 3+ years, we just gotta be patient and wait for something to happen.

  47. down_tothe_wire says:

    Rondo to LAKERS!!!!!!!!! Yeaaaaaa best trade to be made ever in this season! Give em Blake, Fisher and World Peace for Rondo. Backup point guard can always be Darius Morris who is holding his own off the bench this season great backup behind Rondo. But Rondo has enough energy to play the whole game multiple times if necessary. Lakers will just start Rondo,Kobe,Barnes,Gasol and Bynum. That trade would give boston even more depth. Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and Fisher can be Bostons Big old 4. Fisher would be a good match b/c of age and exp. but also they would be playing at the same speed and be in sync. Which might win them some games?

  48. Bboyjoker says:

    I think the celtics will never make it to the playoffs if they trade rondo!!! but if he was traded i would like to see him go Miami or knicks!! rondo with melo and amare would be a great team!! but the knicks would loose a player or two!!

  49. JR99 says:

    “If Rondo is moved, it’s time to blow taps on the Big 3 era!” — Are you kidding with this? Taps are being blown as you read this. This is the last season of the Big 3 era, no matter what. Rondo’s got almost nothing do with that.

  50. Charlie says:

    If the Celtics do trade Rondo, they will go for youth. Delusional Lakers fans who think Rondo will be traded for Pau are wrong.

  51. UKballer says:

    Rondo for d-wills, then dwight for lopez and farmar? Big new squad for New Jersey move to Brooklyn, d-wills get more of a chance in Boston and Orlando still with a solid squad and room for a new star =)

    • Mike says:

      I am no Nets fan but this is a good 1. Nets could also get an additional player for D-Will. But I would see someone else go instead of Farmar.

  52. Mark Anthony says:

    We need more young guys on the Celtics with Rondo!

  53. Celts says:

    if only the Celtics can somehow get Dwight Howard..but keep Rondo at the same time. Rondo + Howard = best pick and roll game since stoudamire and nash. but that won’t happen, celtics don’t have anyone to trade except rondo

  54. nnicceltics says:

    come on trade pau for rondo and throw in fisher because think whos our point gaurd keyon dooling

  55. gifted03 says:

    how about Paul Pierce , Ray Allen and Jermaine O’neal for Dwight and Hedo..?? I think this is better just than to trade rondo.. 🙂

  56. Celtics All The Way says:

    Well I think there are some untalented player on the team, like Marquis Daniels, Keyon Dooling and Sasha Pavlovic. And look at Ray Allen. Yes, he is a top player, but he is really having a bad season and this is probably his last season. Rondo is the most valuable player on the team. We saw it when Rondo was injured. We saw that Big 3 is even too old for the playoffs. If Rondo trade will happen, it will be another Perk case.

  57. C-fan says:

    trade rondo for deron williams.. thats a good trade

    • C-fan says:

      If you trade rondo or deron williams that would attract Dwight Howard

    • DS_UK says:

      Trading Rondo for another PG only doesn´t make sense for the Cs. What they need is to get a young PG plus someone to help in the paint. Maybe Kemba Walker+Boris Diaw or Jeff Teague+Al Horford or Darren Collison+Tyler Hansbrough?

  58. SimplyMe says:

    The celtics would be crazy to trade Rondo. I mean he is the floor general out there. Ainge messed up with he traded Perk now he’s trying to trade Rondo…oh boy. Unless they are getting an All-star point guard, why trade away the All-star point guard you have now.

  59. RoBB says:

    Rondo for Lin & Bill Walker

  60. Evidence24 says:

    trade rondo for gasol and the money they got for odom. ill take bynum over dwight if he manages to stay healthy. but ill have no problem if the lakers trade bynum an another bench piece for dwight.

  61. Ozone says:

    Rondo is Trash! Get a jumpshot, make freethrows, and then you can have your own team. Trade this guy immediately. Its crazy how people turn their back on the big three. When the celtics actually won a championship it was the big three who one it not Rondo. Celtics have not won anything since Rondo Took over!

  62. 314huSTLa56 says:

    trade rondo for jermey lin shumpert and davis Go Knicks!!!

  63. smartest guy ever says:

    how about rondo for oden and brandon roy? yeh.

  64. Richard says:

    The only ones who are not seeing rondo`s talent are the boston celtics!

  65. albert says:

    i wish lakers can get rondo, with him i know we have a chance of doing well in the play-off. throw dwight howard into the mix and the lakers will be a serious contender for the championship again

    • Alex says:

      false. Dwight Howard is the center versin of Le bron. great athlete and talent. but zero clutch. ill take Bynum over him anyday

  66. Swofford says:

    Trade Danny Ainge that is the best move we can make

  67. Kayla says:

    I think that if they trade Rondo they will no longer be in the playoff runnings…Rondo is the best, no one has that much talent
    and can see the floor like he rondo would be a mistake made twice by Danny Ainge..first it was Perkins and now
    he wants to get rid of Rondo..the Celtics need Dwight Howard, but getting rid of rondo to get him is not a very wise decision on their part…Rondo and Dwight Howard could make a great guard, center combination..but u cant do that without Rondo..

    I personally do not think that Danny Ainge will get rid of Rondo he is to valuable of a player..but he got rid of perkins!

  68. The Hammer says:

    The big 3 are too danm old and now they want to trade Rondo? If they get rid of Rondo they will fade away as a contender team, mark my words and remember me “The Hammer” from San Antonio…we know how this willl play off.

  69. The Hammer says:

    Rondo or no Rondo, the Celtics are not coming out of the second round anyways people. They will be lucky to make it to the playoffs as is. Take note Celtic fans you have too much competition this year with Miami, Chicago, NYC and Orlando.

  70. jayo0 says:

    if the celtics are planning to send rondo to another team, here are a few options to trade for: brandon jennings, stephen curry, kyrie irving( if they could find a possible way to do this). if danny ainge decides to keep rondo with the celtics, then theyre going to have to deal with his attitude if the rumors are true. look, Rondo has been one of the shining point guards in the NBA for a long time. but for sure, if the celtics decides out of one of these options. i believe it can either help or terrorize the celtics.

  71. Peter Dog says:


  72. I Bleed Green!!! says:

    Dan Ainge is out of his mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!To trade Rajon is just madness….The Celtics will not win anything this year with trading Rajon#9…Its not about his attitude its about BANNER#18..i’M A huge Celtics fan but if you trade Rondo you will loss alot of fans!!!

  73. Real Grean says:

    @lig puan durumu: dont be so inconsiderate just because u think they are old// Veteran players are needed to guide the younger one lol. Plus, it is not about the same mistake. They are playing good games!!

  74. ADD says:

    Even though I am not a Laker fan in the slightest I do believe Rondo is a perfect fit for the Lakers. LA needs a good point guard desperately, and Rondo is exactly what the failing Lakers need to get back on their feet. At the same time though the Lakers don’t really have any players that Boston would want to acquire in exchange for their young talented point guard.

  75. Csfan123 says:

    they will not trade rondo. they could simply let garnett, allen, wilcox, pavlovic, daniels, and pietrus’ contract expire and then join the dwight howard sweeptakes and still sign both allen and garnett on a minimum veteran’s contract and then try to sign eric gordon(if he wont sign extension in New Orleans) they should trade for michael beasley and let doc train him. if he matures, he could be a melo-ish type of scorer and help rondo

    • NYer says:

      Michael Beasley shows up when he wants to.
      I wouldn’t bother. I do think its about the Howard sweepstakes.

  76. lystie says:

    Trade Rondo and the celtics are dead….

  77. Rondo999 says:

    Well, If the Celtics is trading Rondo! i bet they wont make it to the finals this year! cause they are trading the best player they have! And who would they take for Rondo?!
    Not Rose
    Not Chris Paul
    Not Jone
    Not D WIlliams
    If celtics lose rondo, Its going to be a big loss for them!

  78. jeever says:

    trading rondo would almost certainly be a silly move. If they’re looking to move forward it’d be better to trade KG, PP, RA. (I’m sure there is a market for these guys) at least right now, the longer they wait the more the trade value will diminish.

    i hope it happens only because i love big/weird/gutsy trades haha from any team i just like big shake ups. BOS trading Rondo would certainly be a game changer especially depending on where he ends up!

  79. Russell says:

    Celts should trade Rondo for Gasol,. Bradley start the point, sign Iverson as back up Doc can handle AI. The front line will be awesomwe and open up a lot more 3 point opprtunities for ray ray.

  80. Celticsfan#1 says:

    Trading rondo? WTH R U THINKING DANNY AINGE! First u trade perkins and know ur thinking of trading rondo! Danny Ainge needs to get fired somehow!

    • NYer says:

      Celtics front office are not feeling Rondo as a person.
      We seen the same thing happen with Deron Williams & Utah.
      All in all its probably to clear the cap.
      I would send Paul Peirce packing as well.
      Celtics will not be be able to keep up with Heat 2yrs from now.
      They have to think about rebuilding now.

  81. juan says:

    dont trade rondo or any of the big3 we need more bench players that can score get atleast 2 more good player that can come off the bench

  82. ihatedannyainge says:

    this is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. ainge is talkin bs about building for the future so hes going to trade our best young player? dont pull the trigger on this team, re-sign kg nd ray for small vet contracts in the summer nd use that extra cap space to bring in some more frontcourt quality. bottom line, dont trade rondo because he is our future

  83. Law064 says:

    Would be the worst thing ever if the trade Rondo. He’s a top 5 PG in the league and he’s the Top player on the Celtic’s. The Celtic’s are already in bad shape so far this season (Yeah they won 2 in a row) but they had a 5 game skid just before the Allstar break. With Rondo gone the Boston playoff chances are also gone. He’s my favorite player on Boston along with Ray and KG but Danny Ainge has to be out of his mind if he deals Rondo away.

  84. Oscar Rojas says:

    for all the talk about this young man’s maturity, if he indeed was as immature as one has been dooped into thinking, why has he yet to speak negatively about the oranization that has been apparently shopping him annually??,, I have been a celtic fan for a very very long time,, and I am here to say to the organization,, if Rondo goes, I go,,,

  85. Belizeboy says:

    Damn the Laker fans are after everyone this year lol.

  86. meanyman says:

    the lakers should trade derek fisher and the 2010 championship rings for for him. plus a couple metta world peace jerseys.

  87. clint marshall says:

    if you can all the sudden become a lakers fan then your not much of a celtics fan. Dont trade rondo dont be stupid two years in a row

  88. Akash Rajan says:

    This is the celtics way. They are a tough hard core-team. Rondo fits in perfectly to this Boston team, considering Rondo’s style of play.Rondo fits in perfectly to a great veteran team. So Rondo did something bad, how about KG, the bully of the NBA. for example Rondo for Jose Calderon. It would also be great for Bostons sallary and Raptors spending money on there tight sallary would be worth it. Plus Toronto has to become a better defensive team.

  89. Renato says:

    Trading Rajon Rondo isn´t the best way of building a new team.They should turn to the older guys first, they still have some market value.Maybe trading two of the big three would be enough to build a competitive team again.

  90. Bulls4Life says:

    Rondo is an amazing player like people are saying top 5 PG in the game!
    Rose is very quiet and is humble and super star! The Bulls were so lucky to win the lottery to be able to draft Rose with the 1st pick!
    Rondo is smart but doesn’t hold back when he is mad! He is playing out of his mind and doing things like 11 rebounds that PGs don’t do!
    Boston should look to trade the small 3 as Rondo is the future….who do they expect to get back for him?:
    Chris Paul…NO
    D. Williams…NO

    Lakers will probably have to trade Gasol and Bynum to get Howard so I doubt they would trade Gasol but they do need a PG bad and with the Clippers hot now the Lakers have their reputation and Kobe’s window is shutting fast!

  91. Rondoswife says:

    Ok so, the problem with the Celtics is that last year the idiots traded their ENTIRE bench and got a few rookies and some not as talented people. Then on top of that they traded Perkins…Kendrick freaking Perkins. Yea they might be old but they are a hell of a team and if the top dog would get his head out of his @$$ we wouldn’t be loosing like this.


  92. Jennifer says:

    I would so angry if they trade Rondo, he is the reason, well main reason, why the celtics are staying afloat this season. We need to build around Rondo and get more young players to make the celtics stronger.

    • Baga23 says:

      You realize the Celtics went on that big run winning 8 out of 9 games when Rondo was hurt right? Pierce seems to be much more aggressive when Rondo isnt playing I dont understand why but the Celtics are much better when Pierce is the facilitator.

  93. Bowels says:

    I think the Celtics should trade Rondo for Nash and reinstall Shaq.

    Shaq – Garnett – Pierce – Allen – Fisher

    who needs young players when you can have 5 all stars???

  94. Boy Pickup says:

    I think Boston considers to play the D-Will sweepstakes. They plan to trade Rondo to good pieces (not necessarily a PG). As KG and Ray Ray will be FAs next year, they’ll have the money to lure D-Will in. Just a thought.

    But still, I’ve been rooting for Boston since KG and Ray Ray came in. Not much of a Pierce fan, but I really like Rondo’s improvement since their championship run. The truth is, HE IS the reason why Boston is still considered a good team. Sure, KG brought in the tough mentality, Allen is still the best pure shooter despite his age and Pierce can still create shots/plays. But the key in Boston’s success the last few years is Rondo’s improvement.

    Boston has to start building the team around Doc-Rondo. They just need the right pieces to complement Doc’s system that Rondo perfectly runs. Have a solid shooter that should learn to run through screens (maybe a Morrow, JR Smith, Afflalo type of player), have a scoring SF (perhaps in the mold of Beasley, Thaddeus Young or even Batum), and a PF w/ KGs tenacity (if Jeff Green can have KGs mental toughness, he’ll do). They just have to get the right pieces that would eventually replace the old Big 3. This will be Rondo’s team now, and as long as everyone buys in to Doc’s system and still have that Unbuntu mentality, they’ll be fine.

  95. Elliot (Real Talk) says:

    I dont think moving rondo is a good idea by any means. Ainge you stole this guy in the draft because you believed in him, why are you now doing a 180 on him.
    Yes the big 3 will have to be blown up soon otherwise it will end up as a steve nash situation because those players are loyal celtic. Although it would be nice for them to retire as celtics.
    Personally I would make trades for younger players now…not selling them on (especially your only young core player). Seeing then OJ Mayo is potentially on the market i would trade someone for him (obv not rondo). I think hes being held back in memphis because of past problems, he needs a fresh place to start over. Real Talk.

  96. JM35 says:

    i agree with lig puan durumu. Rondo is such a dynamic player that the celtics cant afford to not build around him. The most trade value comes with Allen and Pierce;however, i would hate to see pierce go. Trading allen and kg is necessary

  97. Celts222 says:

    when Danny made a brilliant move and got us the ring in ’08 that was fine. I think he likes the praises of how brilliant minded he is. So that’s why he thought he can pull it again last year and got burned. Now he’s at it again! Hey Danny just tell us and we’ll give you the praise you want! But please don’t use the team to get it. We dont expect you to do brilliant stuff every year. So people please stop making comments on what will Danny’s brilliant mind do this year! You are pressuring him! LOL

  98. Serg says:

    You need to ensure that players a committed to the teams into days NBA. What if, Rondo decided to just bounce and leave the Celtics in the future the team is left in shambles. As an organization you need to know your pillar is not going to break once their contract is up.

  99. Roy says:

    Danny Ainge is a bloody idiot, first the Perkins + Robinson trade, now he says he doesnt want his youngest and best player? Get this man fired he does not know what he’s doing.

  100. Mark says:

    The problem with the Celtics is not Rondo. It is that they are old and tired. They need to trade the Big Old 3 and surround Rondo with fresh legs.

  101. Sean (IRE) says:

    I am aware that the rondo trade at this moment is speculation but I haven’t had a chance to look into it fully as of yet. Who do you guys think are the major players interested in such a player as Rondo?? and who is most capable of placing his name on their roster before March 15th? #encouragedebate

  102. Reithor says:

    Another trade: Rondo+Allen = Randolph + Conley ^^

    Serious, I still don’t know what happened with Ainge the year he got Allen, Garnett and drafted Rondo, the rest of his movements are questionable at best. The best trade for Celtics would be Ainge for Bird.

    • Alex says:

      Even as a lifetime Laker fan, i completely agree with you. Ainge is subpar, and the Big 3 fell in his lap. I dont think ive liked any move hes made from an objective point of view. And as much as i loved seeing you guys lose Perkins, that was being rediculous for a Celtic gm to allow to happen. cost you guys at least 2 title runs, maybe 3

  103. Francesco says:

    Rondo for Westbrook it’s the only trade that make sense for both teams.

    • Bowels says:

      How does that make sense for OKC?

      • BEAL says:

        third best scorer on the team. second best player,and with ibaka running the floor goodnight west coast. RW WANTS HIS OWN TEAM HAVE FUN IN BOSTON.

      • Blah says:

        @BEAL, OKC is #1 in the league right now, why would they mess with the team at all? If anything, they’ll deal minor players.

      • alo says:

        Because Westbrook is a ball hog and takes more shots than KD in many occasions, and that shouldn’t happen when you have a scoring champ on your team. The Celtics could use someone who can score on the other hand.

  104. talat says:

    The Lakers can try a trade Gasol and Blake for Dondo as they are trying to give away Gasol …

    • gagatyou says:

      They aren’t trying to give away Gasol. If you had the slightest bit of Lakers knowledge, you would know that the only reason they want to trade Gasol is because they are in a bigger need of a point guard. No one else is trade worthy material other tan Kobe and Bynum. Bynum is really good friends with Jim Buss and Jim Buss refuses to trade him. Meta World Peace is failing, Blake and Barnes aren’t good enough to be traded for a top level point guard. Kobe and Mitch Kupchak want to keep Gasol but the only way they can make their team better is by getting a point guard which they won’t get without Gasol leaving.

  105. Ann says:

    Seriously, RR to Lakers? That won’t happen. I guess, some changes will be made soon anyway, but Rondo’s place is in Boston. If they trade Rondo, Celtics will have to forget about the Finals of 2012 and about championship runs at least 3 years forward.
    Draw right conclusions from the wrong decision of the last year, Danny. Come on!

    • Nada says:

      Final and championship run!!!!!!! are you smoking or what?? Celtics are vey lucky to make the playoff this year

    • bunbury says:

      The Celtics with or without Rondo WILL NOT MAKE IT TO THE FINALS. Sad to say it but they are already thinking rebuilding.

  106. tchas says:

    Ainge is gonna make a big mistake. the problem of the Cs is not Rondo. if he wanna trade players, he can trade other players but not Rondo.

  107. Karl says:

    Why would they trade their best player? They need to built team around rondo not to destroy the full franchise. They already made big mistake when they traded Perkins…

  108. Real C's Fan says:

    Please don’t trade Rajon Rondo. He is the reason why the Boston Celtics win their games. Don’t commit the same mistake again Danny Ainge like what you did to Kendrick Perkins. Don’t give away Rondo too.

  109. David says:

    This is ridiculous! Rondo maybe a little moody at times, but he is one of the top 5 elite PG’s in the game. If you trade Rondo we have nothing left. Also, Rondo has a generally small salary for such an outstanding player, they could never be able get even a decent trade. Danny Ainge, you sent Perk away last year, see how that worked? Don’t send Rondo too.

  110. Dizzle23 says:

    If Rondo is traded the C’s with lose at least 2 fans….
    Boston is my team and all but Ray and Paul should be the ones posting triple doubles, not Rondo. Although its very awesome to see him run the show, Rondo should be the facilitator of the team, hence POINT GUARD. I think there are plenty of other players that should get the boot before Rondo. How bout the Purdue drafts? How bout Stiemsma or Pavlovic?

    • robbay2 says:

      Ray Allen and Paul Pierce have 2 years left, and currently they are doing mediocre at best.

      rondo has around 8-10 years left and he hasnt even hit peak prime

      some of these C’s fans are as dumb as danny ainge. I hope he does get traded and you will see what will happen, the mavericks would love to give up delonte west for him, since him and brandon wright/roddy beaubois are honestly and legitimately worth about 1 ray allen (who is also better by your words than rondo). sounds like a deal.

  111. JohnnyDepp666 says:

    trade Rondo for Miami’s Chalmers and Cole. yea

    • chris says:

      eric would never do that! cole is a rising star for the heat and chalmers chips in a lot of help for their wins!

      • fedex says:

        eric would never do that? eric who? spoelstra? he’s got no say in this whatsoever…if hypothetically speaking Pay Riley wanted to trade LBJ for Kwame brown…Eric Spoelstra can’t do nothing about it…get your facts straight…Pat runs the show…

      • celtics says:

        Are you serious? Cole and Chalmers are average point guards at best. Two average point guards for an all star point guard, Riley would most definately accept that.

      • 33 the legend says:

        EVERY GM EVER would dump two average saps for a proven champion/ allstar pg.
        that trade would be the only way lebabys 7 title prediction would ever actually happen.

    • Mike says:

      Even if Cole and Chalmers were above average PGs. You think Boston management would send an All-star PG to boldster the Heat’s All-star Big3, to make it a Big4 and clear path for multiple championships. C’mon man!!! Think before you say something, don’t just be fantasizing. DAVID STERN would block this trade lol.

  112. LAKERS FANS says:

    COMMON DANNY TRADE RONDO FOR GASOL PLS… THIS IS AWESOME BACK COURT KOBE AND RONDO… BATTLE OF BEST POINT GUARDS CLIPS VS LAKERS… CP3 VS RR9… common if ur going to lakers pls used ur number 9 in the lakers uniform and barnes give way to rondo and barnes back to number 22…

    • LIKing your idea says:

      why not rondo & KG for gasol and fisher and blake and bynum for howard wee a super team for lakers haha

    • gameon says:

      Don’t make me vomit, I will truly know that the end is near if I see Rondo in that hideous purple and yellow get-up. Danny better be smart and keep Rondo he is one of the elite pg in the game, dude just had another triple double last night c’mon Danny don’t let me down.

  113. prix says:

    trade Rondo and Boston is over…even if they get Kobe or Lebron or even Durant in return.. Rondo is the main reason for the Celtics championship run and not the big 3..i mean the small 3…check the games and not the stats…

    • Alex says:

      if you think that Kobe would ever ever retire as a Celtic your smoking crack. The Laker franchise would lose alot of its fan base if they threw Kobe to our arch rivals

  114. nc dido says:

    I love the C’s but Rondo and KG out? im out!! i love these dou to be traded to Lakers, then i will become a laker. i dont wish them to be traded though. love celtics

  115. jaye wright says:

    i’d have an attitude too if i had been treated as rondo has… every player has a burdensome attitude when they’re sick of a team and it’s management… add to that it’s open season on him… he’s knocked down more than any guard in the league… usually with no calls…. and the celt players do absolutely nothing to protect him…. rondo’s a sensitive kid… and the young man is simply tired of the politics of the league….

  116. LG-1 says:

    Rondo and Garnett for Pau and Steve Blake. Makes sense? 🙂

    • celtics greece says:

      no it does n t make any sense!!!i believe the best for the celts is to trade danny ainge!!!!!!

    • Agon says:

      have you seen my post? it makes sense better than you do

      • celtics says:

        This doesn’t make sense. Not only do the salaries not match up, Garnett is better than Gasol and Rondo is ten times as good as Blake. The whole point in the Rondo for Gasol trade is for the Celtics to have a solid big man combination (Gasol and Garnett). If they trade Garnett as well as Rondo, they would just be back to square one with a much worse point guard. Also, where would the Celtics defense be without Rondo and Garnett? This trade does definately not make sense.

      • Alex says:

        Garnett is better than Gasol? LOLOLOLOLOOL. maybe in his hayday. Even that is pushing it. Besides if Garnett didnt want to play with Kobe when he was in his prime, what makes you think hell want to get bossed around by Kobe now? too many celtics mixing with Laker blood would be bad business for Buss and Kupchak. no way

    • mark says:

      has there ever been a trade between the celtics and lakers? but yea rondo on the lakers is a good trade, you have to get rid of steve blake and two other guards to make that trade to the celtics

  117. Agon says:

    I might switch to lakers if they get rondo…but better if he’ll go to Miami…trade rondo and garnett to bosh and chalmers….hahahaha

    • LIKing your idea says:

      Rondo KG Wade Lebron on a single team why not throw cousins in then you’ll have the ultimate bad boys team in their they said ROndo hase attidue problem KG has too big of a mouth Wade who try to injure any opponent he face ( rondo in the playoff last year Kobe in allsatr) Lebron the ultimate villain wow i’m afraid of just thinking about it think how many Technical that team would make but still a KG fan in the end so count me in that team’s fan club

      • celtics says:

        Are you dumb? Why would the Celtics trade their two best players for two worse players? ‘why not throw Cousins in’ – WOW! Miami fans really do know nothing about basketball, what are they going to trade for Cousins, Anthony? Dumb comments from dumb fans.

      • Cmon says:

        dude cant even sense sarcasm >.>

      • Agon says:

        hey celtics, what makes you think those 2 are worse? it’s a fair deal…maybe they’re at their worst today but think who have the spotlights on Miami? have you seen a game where lebron and wade sits out and saw their 2 best players without them? bosh perfectly dominates the paint and chalmers had his best game of the season…those 2 will be a vital core for your old and aging celtics…besides they will be your players for long term…add jeff green on your roster for next season and you will have a solid player off the bench…you will have Mini Big 3 for ‘now’ but you will have a bright future ahead…just accept the fact that their on rebuilding process…better than trading rondo for gasol whose at his 30 i think….and for Miami…hate more haters! hahahahah

      • Agon says:

        hey celtics, what makes you think those 2 are worse? it’s a fair deal…maybe they’re at their worst today but think who have the spotlights on Miami? have you seen a game where lebron and wade sits out and saw their 2 best players without them? bosh perfectly dominates the paint and chalmers had his best game of the season…those 2 will be a vital core for your old and aging celtics…besides they will be your players for long term…add jeff green on your roster for next season and you will have a solid player off the bench…you will have Mini Big 3 for ‘now’ but you will have a bright future ahead…just accept the fact that their on rebuilding process…better than trading rondo for gasol whose at his 30 i think….and for Miami…hate more haters! hahahahah

  118. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    IF the reports are true…that it’s about attitude and personality, I can understand this trade better since the nba is a business first and sports entertainment second. An organization has to do what it thinks is best overall. However, Boston needs energy, drive, and the tenacity that won them their championship a few years ago. I would love to see ANY change that would bring that back although that doesn’t mean I want to see Pierce, Allen or Garnett traded. Love the Celtics, no matter what.

  119. NosTRADEamus says:

    Rondo ending up with Lakers, who aspired for Paul early this season. It might be a viable decision. But then again, World Peace + Rondo’s “burdensome” attitude = sad Kobe… LOL! In addition to that, a Celtic landing to LA is against the unwritten rule of NBA History.. HAHA

    • mgml says:

      What abt the Big Fella? Shaq did the opposite, and heck yeah, i didn’t like it. But he was not the old-shaq to worry too much about him playing with Celtics. Go Lakers and Kobe !

      • celticsfan says:

        Umm look at the numbers Celtics: 17 championships Lakers:16. I’m not saying anything about which team is in a better position right now but for the LA-Boston rivalry you can’t say squat until #2 becomes #1.

      • gag says:

        Shaq said it himself, the only reason he was willing to go to the Celtics was because he desperately wanted to beat Kobe. That obviously didn’t happen, but it was worth a shot. LAKERS ALL THE WAY!

  120. jayson says:

    will not be a good decision fellas!.. Rondo is the foundation right now…but the Big3 (allen, pierce, garnett) not good enough unlike 4 to 8 years ago…but i hope allen, pierce, garnett stay until they retire.

  121. celtics greece says:

    if rondo is moved there arent any pg better than rondo except cp3 he is our best player c mon danny dont trade rondo dont do the same mistake twice!!

  122. lakermig says:

    the laker could really really do with a player like rondo we might even make it deep into the playoffs THIS year if he get our hands on someone like him

    • Jean_Phi says:

      Yes but what would you have to give away to get Rondo? That’s the n°1 rule in a trade, you have to give them something back. I don’t disagree with you but would you send a big man for Rondo? I don’t think Gasol would be enough

      • Mike K says:

        Pau Gasol. They need big. Lakers need PG. Rondo is as good as CP3

      • LOL says:

        Pau Gasol plus 1st round pick would be a best trade for Rondo and Celtics are definitely gonna grab on that. Especially now that Garnet’s game is declining and Lakers is in desperately needed a point guard and Rondo is too good not to grab on. For Lakers, its either Rondo or Deron. For Celtics, its either Gasol plus 1st round pick or a 3 young good players to build on and replace the Big-3 until retirement.

    • Coltyboy says:

      I aint even a laker fan, matter of fact i despise them, but listen to this. Y not send Kobe and Fisher over to Orlando for Howard straight up. Now, we all know Deron Williams is bound to go where ever Howard goes, so you just sign Williams at the begining of next season and that solves your PG problem and makes your team younger and deeper. Fisher is way washed up, and kobe is causing the corporation problems, he’s also growing old and isnt what he used to be. I beleive if any of you want to be relevant again this is the route you gotta take.

      • BBall Fanatic says:

        Kobe has a no trade claus in his contract you dummy lol. If he doesnt want to get traded he can refuse the trade and its within his contractual right.

      • David says:

        LOL the Magics arent that stupid. They are trying to build a team for the next decade, not the next few years.

      • JL says:

        they can’t. kobe’s contract has a “no-trade” clause.

      • Danny says:

        First of all the Magic wouldn’t make that trade you moron, both players haven’t to much time left in them and this season is probably Fishers last anyway Kobe another 2 or 3 max and he retires as a Laker. Also Howard is entering his prime. Think before you type.

      • clippers fan since the start says:

        You are so stupid . go kill yourself. do you even know anything about basketball ? First of all they will not trade kobe for any reason unless he request one . Second of all if they do that trade , what will they do with bynum ? Send him to the bench ? obviously not . your a retard . btw im not a laker fan , but i always have to comment on those stupid comments people put .

  123. Mebuto says:

    This was bound to happen…. especially after the Perkins trade… I think management really screwed up!

    • bunbury says:

      Perkins contract was ending and he wanted (I believe) more than 10M, That’s way too much for a guy that averages 8 points 8 rebounds per game. As far as Rondo, the guy is pretty good but has an attitute problem. If they were winning, they would’ve probably tolerated him longer. But the only thing that was bound to happen is the celtics getting older and eventually lose their status as one of the elite teams.

      • David says:

        i dont really see his attitude problem i mean i guess the ball at the ref was bad sure but what else/? he is a hard player that likes winning and ya know gets upset sometimes for it. doesnt mean other players dont

  124. Come on guys, we need to change the older ones, not the greatest. Look at PP or Allen, the weakests of the big four and anymore they r not big. Let’s change PP34 and Ray then build the team on Rondo. We know he is the future of the team. Do not make the same mistake you did last year with Perkins.

    • LOL says:

      Maybe it will happen but chances are, it definitely won’t happen. We all know and so are all other franchise are not dumb to know that Garnet, Pierce and Allen are already old(I guess a maximum of 2 years left in their career) and has LESS VALUABLE compare to Rondo. Celtics now needs a younger and good players that they can build on for the years to come before the Garnet, Pierce & Allen retires. If they’re gonna trade the Big 3, chances are they would only get Old or One-dimensional player(preferably Defensive style player) in return and Celtics don’t like that. Trading Rondo has the higher chance of getting a good player plus 1st round pick in the draft.

    • Coltyboy says:

      That would be horrible to trade PP or Ray this late in their career. They wanna retire as Celts so let them, they deserve that honor. What you’re offering is definately financially and athletically sound, but this is horrible practice of morals and values.

    • Olmstead says: