Magic Making Moves To Keep Howard?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If Dwight Howard is indeed planning on leaving Orlando for greener pastures, the Orlando Magic don’t plan on making it easy for him to leave.

The Magic, with just a couple of weeks left to make a trade that might convince the free-agent-to-be Howard to stay, are reportedly making the moves necessary to convince the league’s best big man that he can reach all of his goals in a Magic uniform.

Instead of pursuing deals for Howard, ESPN the Magazine’s Chris Broussard is reporting that they are pursuing deals to surround Howard with the sort of talent (Golden State’s Monta Ellis) to compete with the Heat and Bulls for the top spot in the Eastern Conference:

Howard has long mentioned Ellis, who is the seventh leading scorer in the league with a 22.2 points average, as someone he would love to play with.

Golden State is willing to listen to the Magic about a potential trade for its shooting guard, but there is little on Orlando’s roster that appeals to the Warriors, according to sources.

Thus, the sides are not close to having the parameters of a deal in place. Instead, Orlando will begin looking for other clubs to get involved in a three-or four-team deal that would satisfy the Warriors and bring Ellis to Orlando.

Golden State’s greatest desire is to add a quality big man to its roster.

In fact, sources say the Warriors would actually like to trade for Howard, even though he has said he will not sign to play there long-term. In approaching the Magic about a Howard trade earlier this season, the Warriors were willing to send Ellis to Orlando in the trade.

Howard, according to HoopsWorld’s Alex Kennedy, would also love to see Steve Nash in a Magic uniform (and what big man wouldn’t want to see the league’s ageless assist wizard wearing the same uniform?) by the trade deadline:

The 38-year-old point guard is in the final year of his contract and plenty of teams will be placing calls to the Phoenix Suns in the days leading up to March 15.

The Orlando Magic has made offers for Nash in the past and sources close to the situation say that they’ll attempt to acquire the 16-year veteran in the next two weeks. Dwight Howard has asked the front office to pursue Nash and sources close to Howard believe he won’t exercise his early termination option if the team is able to acquire Nash and re-sign him this summer.

The one scenario that we just cannot get out of our minds is the idea of Howard and Deron Williams joining forces somewhere (either Brooklyn or Dallas), with some creative work needing to be done to make it happen sooner than the summer.

The story has been simmering since this time last year. The minute Williams was traded from Utah to New Jersey the speculation heated up. Jeff Caplan of offered up some compelling insight from the Mavericks’ perspective:

There are rumors swirling that both Howard and Williams will land in Big D in what would be the most ballyhooed free-agent double-dip since LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in South Beach. Some suggest Williams is headed home no matter what.

Still, it’s not a slam dunk. If the Nets believe they can’t get Howard in a trade, they could opt to deal Williams or risk holding onto him with the hope of ultimately alluring both to Brooklyn.

On Monday night, two teams meet in Dallas with vastly differing season goals, but bound by the common objective of contending for future championships by pairing an elite point guard with the top center of his generation.

That is if the Lakers don’t get in the way first.

Ah, the Lakers. They’re always lurking somewhere deep in this conversation. They are the one team that could offer the Magic a big man (Andrew Bynum or even Pau Gasol) to instantly help fill the void of Howard’s departure in a trade.

But the Magic aren’t necessary looking to move Howard, at least they haven’t gotten to that point yet. They’re trying to make the moves to keep him.


  1. Philippine NBA says:

    ATL- Okur,Humphries,Farmar,Q Rich 2012 and 2013 2nd Round Pick[Nets)
    ORL- Hinrich,Morrow,Lopez,M Williams 2012 1st Round Pick(Nets)
    NJN- T Mac,Smoove,Howard

    I Think this trade would be benefit the 3 teams. Magic would be a great 3 point shooting team w/ morrow and williams.Nets can compete with Miami and the Hawks could start rebuilding.

  2. pete says:

    1 – People, quit thinking the Lakers and Celtics are gonna make a straight up trade. It won’t happen… ever.
    2 – Brook Lopez doesn’t not earn nearly enough to make a straight up trade for Howard, you have to give up more.
    3 – Deron Williams, if not traded, will go the Mavs.
    4 – If the above happens, and Howard enters F.A aswell, the Mavs won’t have enough cap space to hire both.
    5 – The Celtics will have somewhere around 30M by season’s end due to KG’s and Allen’s expiring contracts.
    6 – Lakers are the best team in making trades and rebuilding, don’t ever doubt them. Look at their trade history.
    7 – Wade will never play for Orlando, and Howard will never play with the Heat.
    8 – Howard will not go to the Clippers. Griffin does not earn enough and they can’t trade DeAndre.
    9 – Howard might end up a Celtic through F.A.
    10 – Nets don’t have a future.
    11 – Spare me the hate and if you’re gonna reply to me use reasonable possibilities and facts, not fan dreams.

  3. Hernan says:

    Keep Howard and take Nash for ORLANDO for good.

  4. No Sense says:

    It makes no sense to me at all. Why would someone who has been playing for a franchise their entire year with a solid team ask for a trade to the Nets to play with his best friend when his best friend has only been playing there for a year and the team itself isnt even as good as the Magic. Wouldnt it make more sense if D Williams was like “Hey trade me to Orlando because I’m not signing an extension here”. The New Jersey fans would be like wtf but honestly D Williams ISNT New Jersey. Dwight Howard IS Orlando. So whats the hold up?

  5. Renato says:

    I believe the teams with most chances of getting Dwight are the Nets and the Lakers.I think it will be very hard to keep him in Orlando,cause to get a great player the Magic would have to give up the only great player on the roster,and that´s Howard.Maybe with a crazy three team deal,but i still think he won´t finish the season in Orlando.

  6. King Dhanram says:

    Listen the best thing is too stay in Orlando…….the off season come to Brooklyn join the Nets, think of this line up C-Dwight Howard, PF- Brook LOpez, SF- Draft Pick, SG- Marshon Brooks, PG- Deron Williams……………That would be a sick Starting 5 the nets more likely will get a good first round pick, unless they traded away in the Deron Williams trade to Utah……Im the biggest nets fan remember when Kendall Gill was their leading scorer……19.8ppg i believe in 1997

  7. BIG 5 says:

    Howard en Nash are going HOME
    Steve Nash To Toronto
    Howard & Turk to Atlanta for Al Horford & Marvin Williams And draft picks

  8. armin halvadzic says:

    There are so manny scenarios that can happen. Almost every day I read something new about Howard. I still don’t know what’s the best destination for him but staying in orlando sure isn’t the one. He needs to go somewhere else and find some new life and energy. If he stays in Orlando and after few years ends up at the same place like now,there is always gonna be a question hunting him. What if ? What if I went to Lakers and play with Kobe,or Deron or Dirk or anyone else for that matter. Dwight Howard is the best center in league allthough I’m not sure where would he rang if he played in the 90’s. Sure not top 3 if you ask me. But again that’s just me. What I was saying is that he’s the best center in basketball today so no matter where he goes ( if he goes ) is gonna change the landscape of NBA. I’m sure if he’s on the right team with right player he could domiinate the finals for several years. He is that strong right now and playing in his prime time. So if I was Dwight I would already be asking for a trade and saying so long Orlando !

  9. Hugh says:

    The only trade that really makes sense is on that puts Howard and Deron Williams together somewhere

  10. J. Ruth says:

    Dwight is just like LeBron–they’re talented LITTLE KIDS in freakish bodies. Dwight needs to stop being a ‘look at me’ Hollywood actor and let a team be built around him. As good as he is, if I’m putting together a team I wouldn’t feel confident that Howard was in it for winning rather than self-interest. Whether Howard is playing games or is genuinely confused is irrelevant: he needs to grow up.

  11. ace says:

    realistic123….ur the one who’s pathetic.,u can give any numbers u want.,but the truth is.,ur miami heat can’t win a championship.,big 3 big 3 big 3.,hahaha.,is that all you’ve got.,the bigger the big 3 of miami is the bigger they fall.,kobe doesn’t need two allstar teammates.,compliment him with a role player and he will give u a championship.,that’s what u call greatness

  12. Poop Mcnuggets says:

    wouldnt it be weird if dwight was in a lakers uniform or nets (brooklyn) uniform? just sayin

  13. swossh2411 says:

    im huge lakers fan… but i would want to start future while black mamba is around.. trade paul gasol to deron williams – im sure Nets would like to have big man talent of Gasol they can go around him…then trade Bynum to Dwight Howard- lets face it Orlando doesn’t have the leverage if Dwight wants really out…everybody wins D-will, Mamba, Superman.. wow futures look bright for Lakers….go mitch kupchack make it happen…

  14. TheDKReport says:

    Here is the 3 team trade that will be going on: Lakers are getting Dwight Howard, Jernaine O’neal and Rajon Rando. The Boston Celtics will get Pau Gasol, Jameer Nelson, and Quinten Richardson. The Orlando Magic will get Andrew Bynum, Kevin Garnett and Keyon Dooling plus cash.

    This is going to shake everything up in the next few weeks!

  15. SYDALE says:

    What really needs to happen… is that Dwight just opts out and joins the Sixers next year… We’ll amnesty Brnad to free up the money. Then, re-sign Brand with the mid-level exception if he still wants to play for us. And, we’ll fight for a ring with stifling defence.

    It’s all positives in a move like this.
    1. He’d only ADD to an already good team.
    2. Our team is young and getting better
    3. Our core players are under contract for the next couple of years at least
    4. We already play some of the best defense in the league
    5. Philly is a major market
    6. Dwight wouldn’t have to share the spotlight as far as being the star

    As a sidenote… I wonder how many people are gonna come in and hate on my dream? LOL

  16. numb3r69 says:

    What about trading Howard to the Nets for Brooks,Lopez and their first round draft pick? THis way the Magic could be a very young bright future team, also having Ryan Anderson on their roster, and two first round picks this year. With an intelligent coach they could create a good chemistry, like it was done in Denver and Memphis. Not a championship bound team, but better than the Cavs so in the playoffs, and having young stars with nice future.

  17. wei says:

    why lal fans always come out with trade scenarios where they come out with every teams best player and think other teams are going accept a lal player which 0 trade value. this aint NBA 2k12.

  18. Magicfan89 says:

    I think the Magic should trade for Deron Williams or Rondo. Also try to get ellis, Ryan Anderson and Dwight Howard are the only players that are good on the Magic roster, everyone else can get traded off.

  19. CMpunk15 says:

    If Dwight were to stay in Orlando would Deron Williams ever go to Orlando???

  20. Taylor says:

    i keep switching back and forth from the Mavs and Nets

    Nets can offer #1 market in the country, a potential future that seems promising, and a new arenea

    Dallas can offer #4 market, Dirk and 22 million in cap space in 2014, along with one of the best owner in sports and a proven track record

    The fact that no one else canboffer what NY or LA can….makes me want to say NY because Dwight is all about bussines (money). However, I think Deron has the leverage here and I do believe there is a good chance he wants to head home

  21. down_tothe_wire says:

    Nash for Hedo. send him back to the suns. Ellis for davis since they want a big man so badly and add in Nelson. Get nash and ellis with howard and the team will be a great organization in upcoming years. If that does happen no doubt eastern conference finals will be heat? or bulls? VS Orlando Magic!! The howard problem will be settled and he’ll stay in orlando as the starting lineup will dominate but in upcoming years they’ll have to work on getting a better bench. Orlando Magic starting 5 are: Nash at point, Ellis at off guard, move J’Rich to SF, Anderson at PF, aaannndddd Superman Dwight Howard at center!!! The hometown hero

    • King Dhanram says:

      Bro ur dreaming davis and nelson for ellis, 7th leading scorer and davis and nelson doesnt even average 22 points combined……. bad trade for the warriors if they do that

  22. Miami says:

    With a mentally healthy Miami Heat coaching staff, there is noway Orlando can compete with Miami Heat by transferring the best possible players right now. I would like to see Mr. Smith’s reaction if Howard leaves. Remember this “Magic GM Otis Smith says he thought LeBron James was ‘more of a competitor’

  23. eddy says:

    i personally think d will should go to orlando williams is not the franchise player of the nets because he was traded there but howard is the main player for the magic.

    people its all about lebron james his going to take the heat for many championships so lets go heat

  24. businessman says:

    Here’s the trades that gets everybody what they want:

    1) Jameer to Phoenix for Nash, plus whatever draft picks/young players the Magic has that the Suns want: Liggins, Orton, Harper, etc

    2) 3-team deal sending Davis and J-Rich to NOH, Kaman to Golden State and Ellis to the Magic. Again, the Magic give up whatever picks, young players and cash the other two teams need to make it work for them. In this trade I’d also be willing to give up Ryan Anderson to one of those teams if they wouldn’t agree to the trade without him, but the salaries are ok as it stands. Warriors get their big man, New Orleans gets decent talent and rid of Kaman, ORL gets Ellis and (most importantly) probably keeps Howard because they did what he wants.

    I know these trades are a big speculative, but they also sort of work. Beats losing D12 anyway.

  25. burgandy says:

    dwight howard to the lakers ………. thats it point blank , reunited dominant center and shooting guard like shaq and kobe

  26. Ozone says:

    Here is a Trade: Trade Dwight Howard Straight Up for Dwyane Wade. This is why it would work: Orlando would never say know to recieving won of top five players in the NBA (1.Lebron,2.Kobe,3.Wade,4. Durant, 5. Rose) This would satisfy Orlando and Make Miami and instant Championship Team! Miami does not need Lbj and Wade they need a dominant big man! Take a look at all the championships would in the past 5 years each team had dominant defense bigman, a scoring/shooting power forward and a good guard/wingman. Ex: Dallas (Chandler, Dirk, Terry/Kidd) Lakers: (Bynum, Gasol, Kobe) Boston: (Perkins, KG, Pierce/Allen)…… So now put together (Howard, Bosh, & LeBron)

  27. Extremedriver says:

    Just put him in a KNICKS uniform baby! Yes they have Amar’e, but adding Howard would give them all the depth they need! Put him at Center, and watch them win the Finals in convincing fashion! YEAH YEAH! I know! Haterz will tell me to keep on dreamin’, but that still won’t stop me from believing they can win again!

  28. Costa says:

    Nash to Orlando is not about Howard at all.Nash to Orlando is about all those open shots the others will get from Nash.Nash with his penetration closes down the defense and you get more open 3s(Still they need to start banging them at some point).Even big baby will get some nice shots from mid range.Magic are at their best when Nelson is going in and finishing or giving the ball out,but he doesnt do that a lot.Nash does it every night with Phoenix.

    Offtopic I go out and say right here and now Pau Gasol to Celtics for Rajon Rondo.

  29. Samuel says:

    To Bobby: Dwight will probably go wherever Jameer goes becuase Jameer is his favorite team-mate.

  30. Otown basketball fan says:

    How about Orlando’s management growing some cojones and pursue the players like the big teams do. Get rid of some players that are wanted around the league like J.J, Anderson, etc, and make a serious attempt to bring Ellis and Rondo to play with Howard. In that case, even if Howard wants to leave, Orlando will have good talent to hang around.

  31. iwillfilm says:

    At the end of the day, who cares what Dwight’s motivations are, once the trades have been made or not, things will just go back to watching these players play, if your a basketball fan, than watch it for the sport. Personally though, if I had to add my 2 cents, Dwight should stay where he is.

  32. jeng says:

    I SAY that bynum will probably goes to orlando and dwight will play as an elite center in LAL uniform. lakers has its moves bebebebebe boys!

  33. Orlando Fan says:

    If they will get Nash and Monte Ellis, that make the Magic one of the biggest candidate for championship… If i were them, i would rather to deal with Houston to get K.Martin..

  34. matt a. says:


  35. Samuel says:

    Truthfully I say the Magic should get D-WILL and D-12 together and give the nets: Ryan Anderson, Chris Duhon, and maybe Big Baby!!!!!!!!!! GET D-WILL TO ORLANDO!!!!!!!

    • Bobby says:

      Hey Samuel, I Like The Idea but i think instead of Ryan Anderson the Magic should give Jameer Nelson.

      • Will says:

        All D-Will has to do is say trade me to Orlando. Problem solved, Dwight looks like a hero and it’s not like D-Will was the Nets franchise player lets be honest here…..

  36. dewayne says:

    they need to some how get micheal beasley for one of are players and ridour. then as well get nash. beasley can also be a future if someone straightens his ball hogg

  37. Nate says:

    Even if Orlando were able to get Ellis or Nash or even both… that still wouldn’t make them a championship team. It’ll make them an explosive and a very fun team to watch, but with those two additions, what they are lacking will be Defense. Besides Howard, who else on that team is even a real defensive player. They’ll just be like the Suns 5 yrs ago, all Offense but no Defense.

  38. natefilewood says:

    The Magic need a lot. A new PG- Rondo (If they could swing that that would be sweet) as would Nash and Ellis would be handy. Obviously D-Will would be spectacular but Im not holding my breath.
    Having watched Otis Smith over the last few years though, they’ll most likely walk away with Andris Biedrins and somehow find Gilbert Arenas again. Hey, if Turk got another shot at doing absolutely nothing, he may as well get one too…

  39. matt a. says:



    ORLANDO GET BYNUM, ARTEST,WALTON, 3 1ST ROUND 2012 DRAFT PICKS (2 from minnesota, 1 from Lakers)



    • rods says:

      is this really true? wow cant wait to see them play together with kobe. let matt barnes do the dirty work in the small forward. rubio dribbling the ball then to kobe, then two or triple team comes, a lob to open dwight howard a slam!!!!!

  40. matt a. says:



    ORLANDO GET BYNUM, ARTEST,WALTON, 3 1ST ROUND 2012 DRAFT PICKS (2 from minnesota, 1 from Lakers)



  41. aha! is so wrong says:

    Dude you do realize you’re a hater aren’t you? You should really look to what Dwight really wants. It took the Magic alot of years to keep him AND give him a ring. Now doesn’t that bother you if you were in this what you call “big hypocrite clown’s” shoes?

  42. censored says:

    just imagine Nash – Howard, if Nash, Stoudemire and… well who knows almost made the finals beating San Antonio in a rally and losing agains the 2 towers of LA because their lack of height. I will definitely like to see Nash win a ring and i think that with nash orlando could do it. Sorry for my bad english

  43. popito26 says:

    Make it happen OTIS. Our city needs this.. I respect Laker/Celtic History. Been a die hard fan of the NBA since my youth. And when my city of Orlando was blessed in 89, I’ve been loyal ever since. Dwight is the King here and he deserves to get his rings in his own kingdom.. OTIS got alot of redeeming to accomplish. Nash … Ellis …. Im with it! Get er done!

  44. Ian says:

    the magic would not be even close to the level that the bulls and heat are playing at with the addition of steve nash. there is no way to keep dwight, and build a roster that is good enough to win a championship. if orlando wants a shot at winning they need to cut their losses, trade dwight for some key role players and some draft picks, which i believe the lakers have the best shot of offfering. they could trade Bynum, and maybe someone like Matt Barnes or Metta World Peace and a first round pick that they acquired from the lamar odom trade and get D12 in a pretty good trade, that would put the Magic in a position to contend with the east’s finest

    • censored says:

      Disagree i think nash would make them a championship team, just look at him playing with the actual suns roster and then look at his numbers. He is an amazing player that have almost 11 asisst per game in a mediocre team. Actually i think Phoenix would be like the Bobcats if it wasnt for nash

    • sj says:

      lan you are a delusional laker fan trading dwight for bynum and mette world peace and matt barnes will not make them better than now lakes have them and they got a worse record than the lakers, ron is havin an awful season scoring less than 10 pnts a game? and adding a bench warmer matt barnes to the team qill not make us contenders,bynum is ok but defenatly not a star like howard horrible trade!

      • sj says:

        sorry lakes have worst record than the magic.

      • daniel says:

        u serious? ur calling matt barnes a bench warmer? hes the most energetic guy that comes off the bench and plays in front of ron artest somtimes.. in the begining ron artest was going to come off the bench to help the bench… but since the ron artest isnt producing and only good for defense they have him starting and haveing matt barnes come off the bench becuase of his energy and productivity.

  45. jayo0 says:

    the magic should send howard to the nets because the nets have something that they can trade for which is brook lopez. if the nets trade lopez with either another player or a draft pick. there could be a good chance that howard could head to new jersey( brooklyn). cause even thought if the magics try to get another star in orlando. it could possibly result to what happened to the new york knicks last season when they got carmelo.

    • NBEATZ says:

      I would agree, Bundle Kris and Lopez in together, and they get the Scoring from Lopez and the rebounds from Kris, not to mention kris can give you a little over a block per game with around. 20PPG 7RPG 1BPG from Lopez and 11PPG 10RPG 1BPG from Kris, move Anderson to the three spott with 16PPG 6RPG 3APG, Richardson would give you13PPG 5RPG 3APG and hopefully improve his 3 point % with averages around the 45% range, Bring in a liable big for to play the 5 spot off the bench, maybe a player like Nazr Mohammed, a solid big body ready to play 15 minutes a night able to run the floor and play deffence. Get rid of turk via trade for nothing but a 1st or 2 nd round draft pick, bring in some liable player able to play the 2 and 3 spot and trade nelson for spmeone that can lead a team and score when needed, Why not try Mayo in a starting spot. He’s been in the leaque now 3 years can play the 1 or 2 spot and we all now he can score. I think he would be the #1 Scoring option with around 21 PPG. Bring Big baby off the bench and have him continue to do what he does 7PPG 5RPG. Have JJ come off the bench and split minutes with Richardson, he would be there 6th man with averages of 12PPG 2RPG 2APG. Keep Duhon, and give Von more minutes.

  46. Ao1 says:

    Howard to San Francisco 49ers!!!! Trade him with Joe Montana! LOL

  47. jatt says:

    just think for a while Bryant to Gasol and lobs to Howard

  48. aha! says:

    Dwight is a great player, and also Dwight whines too much, these are the 2 things i think might be going on,

    1) He wants in, he wants out. He wants Steve Nash, Monta Ellis, traded to the Nets, Mavs or Lakers. Dwight needs to make up his mind. I know it’s the Magic’s duty to keep their best player (and the team) happy, because players love to win even though some love money even more. But serious Dwight needs to shut up, because right now he looks like a big hypocrite clown.


    2) He knows what he wants and is playing with everyone. He wants out, but he wants to save himself from being seen as a villain, so he plays nice by saying he wants to stay. And thus putting the Magic as a the bad guy, so Dwight can look like a wanna-be superhero.

    A wanna-be superhero or hypocrite clown, i personally think Dwight needs to shut up and keep all this between him and the Magic management.

  49. ADD says:

    @prix Dwight Howard and Kevin Garnett would be a terrible combination, Garnett is already getting old as it is and is more likely to sustain injuries not to mention with KG and Howard in the paint it would be a clogged up mess. Nash to the Magic would be a very interesting trade and would probably make the Magic one of the most entertaining teams in the league. Imagine Nash and Howard on the pick and roll, it would be an incredible duo, Nash is one of the best point guards in NBA history and with Howards dominating presence in the paint they would be a fierce one two punch. Hopefully this will happen because all the Suns fans love Nash and we all want to see Nash get a ring, because let’s face it the two time MVP deserves it. However the Phoenix Suns organization is very unlikely to do this.

  50. Terblanche says:

    I agree! Nash to Magic! Everyones happy!

  51. Erick cruz says:

    I think Dwight howard should not even bother to go to Nets or Dallas during this trade deadline, because honestly who do the Nets or Dallas have? At least when it comes to the big?No one Lakers are the better option for dwight trade. But even if Lakers do trade Howard and Kobe need to get their act straight about the game. You guys are after the same stuff A RING!!!!!!! ahahaa oh Well can’t wait to see how this trade thing works!

    • Bagman says:

      Eric you ask who does the dallas mavericks have?
      could you imagine D Will, Dwight and the big german novinski?
      thats pretty much a shoe in for the western side wrap up.

      it really dont matter who else you put with those guys.

      lets see the magic sneak Ellis over to orlando!!

  52. allaroundballer says:

    Nash? Still magic cannot win a ring with that. I see Magic roster somehow getting weaker, only Ryan Anderson play better than before. Need more to keep Howard

  53. mmja says:

    steve nash to howard is very nice. last shot to nash before he retires. need atleast one ring

  54. prix says:

    take Rondo or D´Will…throw Nelson and J´Rich.. a lot disrespects his attitude last all star but Dwight is the city face of Orlando…Imagine if Lakers got him and Gasol is running the show in would be a cotton candy clown in the house…Orlando fans would vomit in disgrace…put someone great on Dwight´s lap…KG?

    • PurpNyellow says:

      sounds like a delusional celtics fan, Gasol is averaging 16.9 ppg 10.2 reb and 3.2 apg while KG is putting up 14.9 8.0 and 2.6. And KG has an elite pg feeding him and he’s still worse than pau, orl would remain a contender with him but would probably have a weak record like Boston with KG barely at .500 women lie men lie but numbers don’t

      • Realistic123 says:

        Sounds like a delusional Lakers fan, Kobe Bryant will not get another ring. Gasol is pathetic. He plays foward having the size of a center. I’ll give you a number and many more numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 championships for the MIAMI HEAT’S BIG THREE.

      • Harley says:

        realistic is smoking crack heat with the big three will get 1 or 2 unless they make some moves

      • what what says:

        Sounds like a delusional Heats Fan…. Dirk is a 7 footer and he is a forward… what is your point? Lebron is potentially the best in the game right now and he is a choker. Wade says LrBron called him the worst finisher in the game… Bosh is a 7 footer and he is a forward…wrose than Gasol though… Lakers will need more than howard to win a champonship though…

      • Shawn says:

        if the heat plays the way they are playing now they will win this one without any competition as well as the next 5 unless other teams build up. Not even counting the 3 chalmers is playing great miller is playing great cole could be a starter in most of the other teams. #1 in 3 pt percentage last i checked. what is it winning by an average of 16.5 ppg in their last 8 games?

        I hope they figure out a way to give some help to howard and keep him in orlando though. it would be a shame to have that awesome new arena deserted.

      • TONY says:


      • cant stop the STAT! says:

        heat fans you do realize the thunder are step for step with you, have the star power and a more balanced role players and bench to match you

      • jranj says:

        cant stop the stat i couldnt have said it any better……….okc is for real and im a die-hard laker fan but okc is for real!!!!