A Fresh Start For Suns, Nash?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re raising the question because no one else wants to, because no one else wants to say what needs to be said.

And let’s be real, it’s the two-ton elephant in the room with nearly every other star’s name on the trade rumor radar these days. But is it time for the Phoenix Suns to swallow hard and do what’s right by Steve Nash and trade the All-Star point guard?

We’ve read over and over again about Nash refusing to ask for a trade, refusing to play the game that so many others have late in their careers when it becomes clear that their championship-chasing window is closing and they are stuck in a now-or-never predicament.

Nash is a class act and no one can take that away from the two-time MVP whose play this season belies his 38 years on the planet.

“It’s up to the team,” Nash told The Arizona Republic during last Friday’s media availability session in Orlando for All-Star weekend. “I’m happy where I am. I’m not happy with our record. I feel like I made a commitment to the fans and my teammates. But at the same time, I’d understand if the team wanted to make a move, so I’m completely open. To be honest, I just occupy myself with trying to prepare to play and play as well as I can.”

I don’t know what it looks like from where you are, but from here it seems like a felony crime against basketball for Nash to go another season without sniffing the playoffs, without a chance to at least see what he could do at this stage of his career with a championship in his sights.

His name came up numerous other times during All-Star weekend in Orlando, including  this one instance where I asked the fellas from The Basketball Jones if the homeland was ready for a change of venues for Canada’s favorite son.

Nash’s name will continue to surface in trade talks with the March 15 trade deadline approaching. Some of the chatter will make sense, while some of it will seem totally off base (this Nash back to Dallas for Lamar Odom rumor is a favorite of the day here at the hideout).

But it’s obvious to us that now is the time for the Suns to weigh their options, consider Nash’s wishes and then make a decision about what’s more important, the long-term health of the franchise and doing what’s right for one of the most loyal players the league has ever seen or sitting and watching yet another opportunity for the franchise and Nash to start fresh?


  1. Think About It says:

    Nash To The Miami Heat …. Think About It The Only Two Positions The Heat Are Missing Are A Point Guard And A Center ….. Nash Would Complete Them.. RINGS AFTER RINGS AFTER RINGS … He Is A Distributor So Lebron Wouldnt Have To Run Point All The Time Since Chalmers Cant Run It Right… NASH TO THE HEAT !!!

  2. Patrick Starr says:

    i love steve nash whether he get a ring or not

  3. Wayne Swityk says:

    I dont know if Steve would fit in LA the way Kobe seems to dislike him.

  4. Will says:

    Send Nash to the Lakers! Let him achieve success with the Kobe System! Good luck to you, Steve Nash. Make me proud!

    Kanye West: “But what if you’re really successful?” —Anthony Robbins shaking head in concurrance— Kobe: “You’re welcome!”

    Give it a try Nash…see if we can’t get you a ring?

  5. jc says:

    I would like nash to go to the lakers. A logical trade might be nash for bynum.

  6. Dave says:

    Barkley never played defense, he can not even spell it.Was a great small man ,fat playing forward, would fight for a rebound, but was never good enough to match Bird or Magic, they were the real deal.

  7. Pedro says:

    Nash to LA would be difficult to pull…unless we trade gasol or bynum, wich i dont see hapenning. Our trade bate shoudve been Odom, but that ship has sailed. Hes better off going to a young team, like chicago or okc.

    • Rich says:

      Odom is doing a good job for the Lakers messing up Mavs chances for the playoffs. Odom is serving the Lakers well now.

  8. BasketballGuru says:

    Nash in Grizzlies also make sense

  9. Tsquair says:

    Ok I have been a Suns fan since I can remember and I model my style of playing after Steve Nash, but you people are forgetting the man deserves a ring.
    I know this will probably not work but a three team trade you send Nash and maybe Hill to the Lakers, along with Howard. The Lakers will get a couple of years this these players then when the run is over build the team around Howard.
    I don’t know who they would have to trade to swing the deal but it’s not out of the question that’s for sure.
    If that is such a horrible idea send Nash to a team with a big man to pick and role and a strong shooting guard to kick the ball out to. It’s only an idea and in the end it’s up to the player and the teams no one else.

  10. maro says:

    OKC -Westbrook and Durant top10 turnovers – if they want ring someone with cool head must help them

  11. Steve Nash says:

    I’m staying in Phoenix.

  12. Dave says:

    Nash should not go the lakers. He shares the ball, but Kobe does not. Kobe is the most overrated player in the league. Somebody should point out lakers win/loss when kobe shoots more than 25 shots. The Rondo fans should also look at how he is helping the rest of his team. Individual stats are not team stats, and that is what counts. Look at Nash’s */-. He is usually positive, even though his team stinks.

  13. nevahed says:

    I can say this on behalf of all blazer fans that portland needs to get nash and the only two players you can’t give up are batum and aldridge

  14. John says:

    I love how people talk about “young” like it’s something good.

    That’s why Mavs won easily last year with all players pushing 40. That’s why Jordan won zero titles until he reached twenty-nine years old and ended up with six, even with 2 years of break in between. That’s why two of the oldest quarterbacks in the NFL easily dominated their younger peers and made the Super Bowl. That’s why one of the oldest Goalies in the NHL rode the Bruins to the Cup and why won of the oldest pitchers in the League was the ace that gave the Cardinals the big win. Yes, EVERY championship goes to the vets but all inteligent Einstein-like devotees of the game brag about the “good young teams”. For someone like me at 43 that’s been around the block, I know first hand the urgent importancy of “BUILDING” a good young team. It’s why Kidd, Mashburn and Jackson got so many titles when they had that “Good Young Team” in Dallas and never as Vets. It’s why Grandma and Zo and Curry racked up big titles while they were 21 or 22 on that “amazing young” Charlotte Hornets team but Zo never got the big trophy in his late 30s and Grandma to the finals against the “Dream” another one who was good young teaming big titles in Houston with Ralph but couldn’t get two straight at vet status. You go great great.

  15. franz0 says:

    trade nash to the thunder for regie jackson and cole aldridge.. nash and westbrook together in the court? with durant? championship 4 the thunder.. 4 sure

  16. MJT says:

    Yes yes yes… of course Nash ‘deserves’ a championship. But before you write an article like this, be mindful of the fact that sports AREN’T FAIR. If they were, everyone would hold hands and sing kumbaya… and PHX wouldn’t have to wait over 40 years for a Bball championship while the Dbacks won a “World” championship in 4. The full reasons behind this are beyond the scope of this post. Anyway, if you really want Nash to win a ring this year, then consider whether or not Chicago or Miami would pick him up, otherwise his chances are no better than in years already served here.

  17. Skullz says:

    One thing i love is trade talk it’s the most exciting thing in the NBA (jokes of course)

    No matter what happens there will be trades in the next couple weeks and there will be some surprising ones and ones that include multple trades like the one at the start of the year including CP3 to the Lakers that didn’t involve :(…

    Nash/Hill both deserve a championship and should both be traded to a quality team for there last few years left 2-5 at most (do i dare say 5 lol)

    Howard will hopefully go to the Lakers and so will Nash. Then in a couple years when Cp3’s contract expires he will be skipping town to head to Laker land along with Howard.

    Everyone wins in LA and everyone is happy.

    This is one happy camper (me) signing off …

    Bring on the trades already I love em 🙂

  18. Miquee says:

    Grant Hill deserves it just as much as Nash does.

  19. PHX Son says:

    I hate that people keep adressing this situation if nash says he wants to stay he should stay this writer has no idea what he’s talkin about im from arizona and ive followed the suns all my life and i got to say steve nash is one of the greatest players in arizona History he loves it here and we love him even without a championship.many hall of fame players have gon their entire carrer without winning a championship but i think if you love your fans and the team you represent and play like the way steve does every game thats just as good as winning a championship AZ LOVES YOU STEVE

  20. emmxse12 says:

    nash to the lakers,, he can still help them win 2 rings before he retire!

  21. Eric Adrian2004 says:

    Lakers should bring back TREVOR ARIZA which is a much better player than MWP

  22. Ivan says:

    Nash for Odom?? are you nuts? not for even 3 Odom!!!

  23. Josh says:

    Why does it always come down to trade Nash to a contender or keep him? How about trading to get a young star to play with him in PHX? He wants to stay with the Suns and win with them. I know they are not doing well, but maybe getting a young superstar to play with Nash would be better and make him happier then leaving PHX. I just dont see why nobody talks about that side of it too, it’s always “send Nash to a contender before it’s too late”, why not find a star to go to PHX to play with Nash?

  24. C Nastrom says:

    Nash to the Raptors!!

  25. Mebuto says:

    Comon… Nash is one of the very few standup, respected, role-models in the league… Sun’s have to trade him to a contending team so that he can cement his legacy… not doing so at this moment would probably put a scar on both the Suns, for not trading him when they had the chance to rebuild, and Nash, because he won’t be remembered. He has given the Sun’s franchise so very much… it is time for the franchise to return the favor… Let’s go and make this right! Trade him to the Lakers or Magic!

  26. joey says:

    Stay in Phoenix. its better to be remembered as a gutsy and loyal team leader than being part of a champion team. At the end of the day, you’ll be a hall of famer. And going to Lakers or Heat or any top teams today DOES NOT guarantee you a ring.

  27. Richard says:

    Hey Mr. Smith, I am big suns and Nash fan, and your opinion is fine. But your last paragraph really is pretty bad. I really doubt the Suns just sit their looking at their two options 1. start fresh 2. avoid starting fresh.

    If those were REALLY the only two options, they would have done it by now. It isn’t that clear cut or simple.

  28. juninho says:

    nash deserves a title and can get it with good team, but if he win a NBA champioship i Phoenix going to be awesome

  29. Jordan says:

    Bring Nash to the Lakers

  30. Bok says:

    Why not trade Nash to Lakers for trade exception + their bench to weed out the 2nd unit?

  31. Mo1078 says:

    I’ve been a suns fan my entire life. I think I speak on behalf of every level headed Phoenix suns fan when I say, please, please trade him to a contender. I honestly haven’t tuned in on suns games for a while. I literally refuse watch Nash in a suns uniform now. I don’t care where he goes, whether it be LA, ORL, etc. Just be a champion caliber team.

    Now, I know this doesn’t sound great, but I got an idea. Trade Nash, childress for Jameer and a 1st round pick, This way, Nash has 1-3 years at a championship, Howard will stay for that time period, and phoenix will receive decent things in return

    If any one says Nash doesn’t deserve to win a title, for any reason, please go do me a favor and kill yourself.

  32. SMHaywood says:

    I’m not only saying this as a Maverick fan but as a basketball fan who see’s what team is right for a player like Nash. But, I feel he should go to the Mavs because their run last year proved they never stop fighting to get players a ring who truly deserve it. They got Kidd, Dirk, Terry, Peja, and Marion their rings now we need to go out and get Nash and Vince one. Not to mention the great chemistry between Dirk and Nash.

    It probably won’t happen, but i hope for the best and the best being that Mark Cuban gets Nash, Deron Williams, or Dwight. And if he can pull it off, all 3 would be amazing.

  33. Beehive says:

    I have never got the “veteran deserves a ring” argument. And I doubt Nash does either. But that makes sense, because from everything he offers up to the media, he appears to be a well rounded individual who just so happens to be a great athlete. And in that sense, while I believe he’s a ruthless competitor, I also believe at the end of every season he goes home and lives his life without any basketball related “what-ifs”. Whenever his career is over, he will feel the same, mainly because he’s not a one dimensional human who only identifies himself through a game. In other words, he’s among the smallest of minorities of professional athletes.

  34. GT says:

    I would love to see both Nash and Hill get a shot next year when hopefully they take a veterans minimum and join any of the contenders. I think Miami would be a good fit for Nash as it would steady the ship and take away some of the ball handling duties for both Wade and James although that might not be a good thing given their creativity but it may be beneficial to Bosh using more pick and roll plays to get him involved.
    The Lakers could do with having a decent point guard even though on the defensive end he wouldn’t be any better or worse than what Fisher has been the last few years. I keep trying to think of a contender Nash could go to and be a main piece as the Bulls have Rose, Okc has Westbrook, I don’t consider the Celtics or Magic anywhere near being contenders and Indiana and Phi wouldn’t be a good fit either which sums up the east to be frank when thinking of title hopes.
    The Lakers are an option but not really a main contender by any stretch Dallas have Kidd and it would just be the same as having two of him,San Antonio have Parker who is playing the best he has in a long time and aside from Okc who I already mentioned the choices are limited.
    One role I could see him being a good fit would be backing up Chris Paul as he would be a great steady influence for that squad and it is a shame he or Paul could not be a Pg/Sg tandem like when Billups was healthy

    I hope wherever Nash does either go to or gets traded to allows him to be a good piece like Kidd was as after a great career he deserves to be a leader if he is due to win it all over being a 6th oir 7th man but given the options I think he deserves a ring no matter how he gets it.

    Do the right thing Suns.

    • Marcelana says:

      Lakers with nash and hill sounds good to me just to win the championship this year. For next season they should move lot of pieces and start a hole new team again arraund the best veteran on the league….Kobe Bryant.

  35. mary says:

    exactly…Darko has a ring…so what value is that! Steve Nash is a true pro, let him retire or play whereever HE wants, THAT;S what HE deserves.

  36. kyrliot says:

    If Orlando wouldn’t trade Howard by March 15,then next year, Howard and D-will will join Dirk in Dallas.Nash in Orlando will be a reason for making him,think twice of leaving (but he will).Nash if he is trade will be in Lakers or Orlando ,but Lakers have only Blake and Fisher at guards-no use for Suns but Nelson is……

  37. Marcelana says:

    Big trades needs to succes. For Orlando Would be great make big moves with NY and PHX. Nash, Melo and Candler and good bye to Dwight Coward, Nelson and Ridik

  38. Rutger says:

    imagine this, nash and warrick to the heat for Haslem and Cole.
    Suns go to lottery which is pretty deep next year.
    And should get a very descend rookie to start the rebuild along with Gortat, Haslem, Cole and Dudley.

    Don’t blame me for my english it’s not flawless.

  39. ardave says:

    to finish this… nash go to miami and we crown a new champ.. imagine nash to wade lebron or bosh.. wow… i think lebron and nash will have a championship ring right?

  40. Txema from Catalonia says:

    Steve Nash deserves a Championship. Grant deserves a championship. And my loved Suns deserves a ring, too. Then: if the trades of Grant Hill and Steve are good for them and for the team, make the trade. Go Suns! Thanks and good luck Grant and Steve if you leave Arizona!

  41. Mitch says:

    If this is going to be his last year and last shot at a championship, then I’d send him to the Heat or the Magic. I know the Heat don’t need him, but by how they’re playing, he’d be destined to get a ring with them. If he went to the Magic, he and Howard would be great together and Howard would probably stay in Orlando. The only other teams that would need him and have a shot a ring this year is the Lakers…..but he certainly doesn’t need to stay with the Suns.

  42. Pat says:

    Sending him to Boston makes a lot of sense, actually. Boston has all these expiring contracts, including KG and his monster contract along with Ray Allen, and swapping Nash for Rondo gives them even more salary to shed once the season is over. And since it doesn’t really look like they want to build around Rondo (a la recent espn.com article) because of attitude issues or whatever, and that they’re writing this season off, ship him off for an expiring. I don’t see a negative…Suns basically renew their star PG spot with youth and can build around him, Boston gets to shed old guys/contracts while keeping the play at a high level with Nash, who you can resign for a veteran minimum next season if you want to keep him. win/win.

  43. alex says:

    nash to orlando make sense

    nash and dwight on the pick and roll.

  44. Nash says:

    Nash should go to Orlando or Lakers!

  45. LBJ says:

    if you want steve nash to get a ring, why not trade him to the favorite team to win it all this season..and that’s miami heat..

  46. Jandy says:

    The Lakers can’t offer the Suns a good trade they need to sacrifice one of their big guys to get Nash.It is not practical to get Nash for Gasol/Bynum except the Suns will offer a lot of bigs to replace either of the two. The guards of :Lakers ain’t enough to fill the trade for Nash and the system of Mike Brown is a question for Nash (Defense oriented play). While Orlando can give the Suns some good guards but I don’t think it will be practical ( by the way Suns and Magic are good trading partners so they can pull it anyway) The Heat is not interested in picking up Nash while the Mavs is not a championship team right now.It is hard to see where the great Steve Nash is going but I hope he will retire with decency.

  47. Bykes says:

    Dont think he’l move, although he’l be a better compliment to kobe Gasol n Bynum than Fisher is… His already bad defence skills wont improve much, so i feel he should just stay n retire @ suns. He not winning a ring wont stop him 4m being a future hall of famer. n not being ranked among the top 5 pgs d league has ever seen.

  48. khalil says:

    it would be a proper comedy with nash going to the knicks reuniting with
    stoudemire and d’antoni, sort of will be like phoenix, good old days still
    plays with no defense,

  49. Sieg Delacroix says:

    I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen. Nash will keep saying: “It’s all up to team management”, and management will keep saying: “It’s all up to the player”. Nothing will happen. Nash will retire wearing Phoenix uniform in a year or two (without a ring).

  50. miguel pinoy says:

    if nash want to win a championship he need to be traded on an elite team such as miami or okc..

    nash will be great in heat , just trade him with cole alongside with james jones/mike miller.

    nash deserve to have a ring b4 he retires.

  51. NashtoLAL says:

    I would like to see nash go to LA. Nash, kobe, barnes, gasol, bynum stand a very good chance of winning the championships this year, and the lakers wouldnt have to give up much to get him. trade steve blake, the lakers 1st round pick, and the mavs 1st round pick (the one we got for odom), and almost any other bench player. the suns get two more first round picks to add to their first round pick this year, get a capable PG in blake, and their pick of a bench player (other than goudelock). the lakers dont lose to much as long as nash stays for 2-3 years. and the lakers still have D-fish comming off the bench to run the offense for the second team. as an additional plus for the lakers nash in his 1-2-3 years left might be able to teach goudelock to play the PG position.

    • kenny says:

      I love how laker fans always think what is best for their team but not the other! First of all Steve blake capable rofl! Second phoenix need players good players in exchange for their star not the lakers benchwarmers

  52. William says:

    Trade Baron davis for nash, JLIn can learn alot from nash before he gets retired.

  53. nbafan says:

    the phoenix suns should deal nash in return from some young rising players. Steve nash is my favorite player and i would love nothing more for the guy but to win a ring. he deserves it. hes been loyal to phoenix for years and if the team was smart, they would trade him for someone much younger. start the rebuilding period now. dont waste two more years and then start to rebuild do it now. Nash is one of the most humble men in the nba and he has given this team so much and now it should be time to let him go. nash for mario chalmers and mike miller possibly. send him to a team that has a chance. let him be one of those greats that complete there career with a championship .

  54. Jared says:

    Honestly I think that if the suns decide to trade him he should go to a team that plays good defence. like blazers, lakers, 76ers or even heat.. that way so they still be a good defenciveteam and gain plenty with offence… nash is exactly what lakers need even though i want him to go to the blazers

  55. Julian Horsley says:

    Nash earns 12million at moment so for any trade to work, who would they be getting back of any value?? no-one!
    They have too many role players as it is.

    I suspect they would trade anyone apart from Dudley, Hill, Gortat & Morris.

    Suns should have traded him when Amare left… they would have got high lottery picks both last year and this year with a bad record, and may have got some good young pieces or picks at that time. they’ll get nothing at all now apart from players which will see the Suns arena rapidly empty on Nash’s departure.

    Nash will become free agent in summer, where Suns will gain cap space (and no doubt spend it badly).. they will probably have a half decent pick.

    Nash can then go sign with a contender of his choice on a low salary.

  56. Spencer says:

    Nash has been my favorite player ever since the summer he went to PHX. In a dream scenario he goes to ORL along with Monte Ellis to play with Dwight and company.

  57. sirc says:

    if you want nash to win a championship, might as well trade him to the heat!
    for some reasons i feel that he will end up in miami for some of the role players of the heat like cole, eddy curry, james jones, or even mike miller who isnt playing well since last season

  58. brian yoo says:

    i would hate to see nash not in a suns uniform but for the sake of him winning and for the sake of the suns i have to say we should trade nash. it would be very sad to see nash away from phoenix but it would be a good idea for him to be we dwight howard

  59. Batman says:

    SUN should retain Nash and Hill, Just Get Howard in Orlando!!! I see their dedication in basketball in and out the game.They deserve championship rings not elsewhere but only in SUNS…… Go SUNS….

  60. Julian Horsley says:

    Darko Miličić got a ring as a 2004 reserve playing 1.8 minutes per game.
    A ring doesn’t define greatness!!

  61. Renato says:

    They should have traded Nash a while ago.Now,his market value isn´t as good as it was was,and there´s a possibility the´Suns will only get a bunch of role players for Nash.But,even if these are the terms,teyh should go for it and trade Nash.

  62. Julian Horsley says:

    Really have to say there are some daft ideas on here. The people that think for some reason the Suns would want to give what is still their “Franchise Player” away to get bad players or bad contracts.

    Take the Lakers one…. Suns get MWP who is very poor. Suns don’t need a small forward – we have Hill, Dudley. Suns get Blake, who (a) isn’t that good (b) is contracted I believe for a few more years.
    Also what pick could Lakers give Suns that would make this trade worthwhile.. none.

    They might as well let him become a free agent and use the cap space on players they want.

    Nash would be a perfect fit for a lot of teams, but that’s no reason for the Suns to accept bad players and bad contracts and give him away.

    The only way i can see them trading him is if someone takes a couple of the Suns bad contracts of their hands at the same time… someone takes Nash, Childress, Warwick, Frye… in exchange for some better contracts and that gives summer cap space or picks. To rebuild.

  63. Ramir says:

    Back then, Amare was a toast of the PF position but after leaving the Suns he is nowhere in the radar of the one the best PF right now. Why? Because there is no one in NY that can feed better and efficiently as Steve Nash. The prospect of trading him to Orlando sounds fit and exciting.

  64. JaRoLd says:

    wAiVe GrAnT HiLL aNd JoIn ThE Mr. GrAnT HiLL U DeSeRvE To hAvE a ChAmPiOnShIp RiNg…

  65. erick says:

    Nash? if he wants ring.. go for Miami. Nash for chalmers, haslem, or miller.. Cuz Miami will win this 2012..

  66. riverman says:

    Nash would be a great fit in Portland. The culture, close to his BC roots. 2 year deal and the Blazers contend almost instantly. Guy is a great mentor to Nolan Smith. Blazers want him. I say trade for him. Anybody but Batum, Aldridge Crawford or Elliot Williams. I’m guessing it’ll be Gerald Wallace before the deadline

  67. ST says:

    Nash will be a perfect fit for the Lakers! Steve Blake should be included in the package to the suns… MWPeace, has not been that consistent so trading him to the suns may be a great idea since Matt Barnes is doing great anyway..

  68. fm says:

    Trade Nash for Jru Holiday. win win right?… For the Suns Jru has more to come and a good return for Nash…. exactly they need completing the process of rebuilding.. at least escaping the chance of becoming the next Bobcats this season… Nash is a perfect addition to Philly… not only becoming the go to guy at crunch time but will be the real team brain in any point of the game…. More importantly, the Sixers will be more to be feared in playoff. The Heat starters will hear their message, for Sixers bench is far better than what they had… and Chicago will be more determined to beat them to avoid psychological impact if meet on the playoff…. Im saying this because as lethal as the Sixers are right now will able them to be more feared in the early playoff rounds to battle against. Over all, the Sixers will be glued as a top 5 contender for championship title, and could win it all this year if could represent the eastern conference…

  69. irfan says:

    You guys are crazy if anyone of you think Boston will give out Rondo for Nash, man Nash has 3 more years at top, Rondo will play for long time coming, no way timberwols will give out Rubio or Williasm either, I can see maybe a trade of Nash for some picks or young player.. Blazers should trade felton with a pick for nash, felton is solid player obviously not working for Blazers, both sides could benefit..

  70. Why is it sounding like Danny Ainge will trade Rondo for Nash? I can even see a three team trade jumping into this mix that included either D.Williams OR D.Howard… hmmm

  71. Stewie says:

    Nash in orlando. sounds good it would be like stockton to malone with the deadly pick and roll.

  72. Vikaas says:

    Shame on NBA.com for even bringing up an idea as preposterous as this.



  73. Julian Horsley says:

    I severely doubt the Suns will trade Nash, it just makes no sense now.

    1. Quite simply Nash puts bums on seats… he’s the reason fans go to watch the Suns right now. Without Nash, the arena would be empty.
    2. The only way the Suns would get anything worthwhile e.g. a decent lottery pick, would be by trading him to a non-contender. I don’t see them doing that to him for his loyalty. Also what lottery team would want to lose a high pick to gain an ageing piece.
    3. Phoenix have made their bed, they ultimately would like Nash to retire a Sun. To retire his shirt, he’s going to the Hall Of fame anyway.

    Yes a ring would be nice, but do people view Stockton & Barkley as not great players because they didn’t win a ring?! No…. Plenty of very bad players have rings. Nash not winning a ring to me, doesn’t damage his legacy one bit!

    He’ll become a free agent no doubt, and then he can pick the team he wants to be on for a shot at a Championship.
    Had the Suns wanted value, they would have traded before.

    How about getting Stoudamire back to play with him, he looks out of sorts in NY. Give NY some picks, and a couple of players Frye / Childress / Warwick.

  74. Syed F Akbar says:

    A totally trash opinion – held only for the sake of expressing an opinion.
    A totally trash article – written only for the sake of filling space.
    Is it that hard to understand that, for some at least, winning a championship for the sake of having won a championship (like this article) is meaningless. The honor and pleasure is in EARNING it … otherwise it is the Nobel Peace Prize presented to Obama.

  75. J O E L says:

    If I were the Portland Trailblazers I’d trade Le’marcus Aldrigde and a throw in for Howard. Considering the fact that Aldridge has Dirk Nowitzki potential, he plays defense and has a jump shot. Then somehow get Nash

    At this stage in his career rondo needs to be on a team where he doesn’t have to score, teams like this include Lakers, Hawks, Knicks, Blazers

  76. Alessandro says:

    What about Nash Bryant Odom Bynum and Howard in L.A.?

  77. charles says:

    Nash to Orlando would be nice. Turkolu has a big contract that is ready to expire. hmmmmm. With Howard’s exceptional defense, Nash’s defensive lapses would be covered pretty good. Plus look at what he did for Stoudamire while he was in phoenix. He’d kill it in Orlando. Orlando takes Nash and Childress. suns take Turkolu.

    • uoykcuf says:

      LOL, suns take turk AGAIN? Hell no, even with the expiring contact. we have seen enough.

    • down_tothe_wire says:

      I agree besides the part about childress. Let phoenix keep him they need all the players they can get

  78. Eric Adrian2004 says:

    Know what? I would love to see Steve Nash in a Lakers uniform…deal Kapono,Ebanks and Luke for Nash!and if Dallas will buyout Odom’s contract I think he will be back to the Lakers to be reunited with Kobe where he wants to retire!KOBE,BYNUM,GASOL,ODOM and Nash!what do u think?

    • RDB says:

      Eric Adrian: you say you would love to see Nash in a Lakers uniform, the Lakers deal Kapono, Ebanks and Luke Walton for Nash – I see the Lakers get Steve Nash , but who do the Suns get in return – 3 guys that wouldnt star in the D League?

    • uoykcuf says:

      i think you are crazy. Three scrubs for nash? Dillusion lakers fanboy! Always want to one up miami/Clips!

      • Rich says:

        yeah one dillusion fanboy, lol ! In his next post, it will be Dwight for Metta, Fischer and McRibs !

    • kenny says:

      Odom asked to be traded from LA. In what universe do you see him returning?

      • Rich says:

        I won’t be surprised if Odom goes back to LA if nothing ever materializes for the Lakers trade plans. It may just be a ploy to send him to Dallas to scout and just hurt the Mavs by his questionable playing attitude.

  79. NBAfan says:

    the Lakers need to try and get nash…. proven vet w/ playoff experience

    • Dirk says:

      Agreed Nash Should go To LA Thats the one thing LA Needs A veteran like Nash along with Kobe Pau and Bynum they could make a pretty long playoff run i think

  80. NBAFollower says:

    Nash should win a ring. Period.

  81. Belizeboy says:

    Why can’t all players have this kind of attitude? Play hard for whoever is paying you and devote yourself to the FANS. Still he deserves a ring more than ANYONE in the NBA and I hope that if he is traded it will be to a team that wins it within the next couple years, OKC maybe?

  82. PennyAnd1 says:

    Suns will be stupid to trade Nash for Odom. Suns are having enough problems with guards backing up Nash, now they won’t have any guard at all if Nash leaves. Odom is not enough for Nash. What a dumb trade for Phoenix if it does materialize. I’d trade Nash for Rubio/Derrick WIlliams

    • Cmon says:

      Theres no way Timbs would accept that
      Maybe Nash for Beasley but still no cuz Nash woulldnt be on a championship caliber team

  83. Ryan says:

    as much as i love the steve nash suns and steve’s loyalty, i think that the team should move him and start fresh. they can sign aaron brooks soon when he gets back from china to take over starting pg duties and nash in orlando will certainly keep dwight around for another year at least. howard’s never played the pick n roll with nash and the two of them could make the magic a real contender and a truly devastating combo.

  84. Mark H says:

    I would be down with Nash for Rondo. Nash for Ryan Anderson is a good fit for the Suns too. We have two respectable PGs right now, but not one good PF. Anderson would be a total win for the Suns and he is young. I couldn’t see the Suns trading him to Lakers because we couldn’t get anything worthwhile for him. I wouldn’t want Gasol at this point in his career.

  85. Julius says:

    One of all the time greats. Shame on Shaq for trying to belittle this man and all he has achieved in the game. Shaq spent the twilight of his career doing exactly what Steve Nash is too proud to do.

    Please Phoenix respect the man enough to help him move on.

  86. Suns says:

    If you’ll be trading Nash, please include Grant Hill as well…I would love to see both players get a ring before they retire 🙂

    • Doug says:

      Some people get rings (Magic, Jordan, Kobe, etc.). Some people don’t (Nash, Barkley, T-Mac, etc.) and what separates these greats. One separation is a tremendous gap in how complete these player’s games are. The second group doesn’t play defense at all. Defense wins championships–sometimes with little to no offense (see Celtics 2008 & Pistons 2004).

      So before people get so into talking about how Nash deserves a championship, I want people to remember why he also doesn’t deserve one. Kidd went out last season and played amazing defense and got a championship, which is what it takes, along with a hefty helping of luck.

      • Cmon says:

        The reason that Nash should get a ring far outweighs the reason why he shouldnt

      • Bird33 says:

        well said!

      • ChirzBosh says:

        Are you kidding me? Barkley did not play defence and thats why he never got a ring??

      • kenny says:

        This is one of the stupidest comments i have ever read!

      • Doug your an idiot says:

        Charles barkley is one of the best defensive players of all time and never won a ring. Doug you should kill yourself.

      • jayzeeNoByoncee says:

        People just forget to realize that basketball is a team game. It’s not because Nash can’t play defense that is why he can’t win championships, nor does Barkley did not get championship even though he played top defense. It is called teamwork before anything else. Kobe wont have a ring without Gason or Shaq and people like Fisher, Horry and Odom beside him (even Artest).

        Sekou’s point was that Nash, regardless of all criticisms, is a great athlete, that at this point in his career, deserves to get to a championship caliber team, where he can contribute and somehow get his own.

        Ray Allen never won an MVP, but joined Garnett to steal a championship. If Ray Allen can do it, Nash should be able to find his way. If he goes to Boston, Miami, and even Lakers …he deserves the chance. Orlando needs more than one piece to keep howard, Nash won’t be enough.

      • David says:

        Magic Johnson didn’t play any “D” either. So much for that argument…………

      • Raptors says:

        Doug you should do some research before you start making up stuff.

  87. vaal cortez says:

    regarding the status of steve nash and rondo’s situation. i just think that steve nash has a better career in Boston Celtics than any other team if they will let go rondo… just a thought.,.. ^_^’

    • come on man says:

      Yeah Nash would have a better remaining 2yr than Rondo. When your building a contending franchise you need them young players so you can develop them; vetren leadership is always good, but if you dont have young players, you’ll just have a “retirement home.

      Rondo is a great player! The only players Celtics should trade for is CP3, D-Will or D-Rose.

  88. Jc says:

    Rondo for Nash ?. I would take that . I also would not rule out the Magic trying to get Nash in order to keep Howard in Orlando.

    • Renzo says:

      I was thinking Orlando would try that

    • Jolan says:

      if orlando wants to keep howard, getting nash would really help, they would be a new force if they had nash and i would say have a chance at a championship this year. but would would they give up for him? nelson and richardson? don’t think many teams have anything to trade for with nash. would have to give some first rounds picks

  89. Cord says:

    I would not be shocked if he got moved to Dallas or Boston, they are veteran teams that would appreciate his skills and what he brings to the table. Boston wants to dump Rondo so having an All Star like Nash would enable them to have a great ballhandler and shooter to complement the Big Three. Dallas is not happy with Beaubois development behind Kidd so they probably would like to move him. Nash could come back home and team with Dirk for another run at the ring.

    • LOL says:

      That would be the DUMBEST TRADE ever since Perkins and Of All Time in the history of the NBA. Are you gonna trade your great player(Rondo) who can still play 12 years in the league for a player(Nash) who only has 1 or 2 years left in his career? Even though Nash doesn’t look like he’s 38 when playing ball, but that is a risk for a franchise who asked for Nash. Don’t be stupid, the steps now for the Celtics is to get the best and youngest players in the trade that they can build on for the many years to come even if they’re gonna break their OLD Big-3 and Rondo.

      • LOL says:

        I would want Nash and Grant Hill to go to Lakers or Mavericks or any team that is a Championship contender. They deserve a ring before they retire.

      • jc says:

        actually it would fit right in with how the celtics have managed their team over the past few years- lose the young and keep it a retirement home for the NBA