Williams: Don’t Crown These Bulls Yet!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You can count Hornets coach Monty Williams among those taking a wait-and-see approach before anointing the Derrick Rose-led, Tom Thibodeau-coached Chicago Bulls as anything more than just a good, solid contender.

And this notion, no doubt from some diehards in the Windy City and beyond, that the next great era of Bulls basketball is at hand … well, Williams is not ready to crown them just yet.

He suggested to the Chicago Tribune that everyone needs to step back before making comparisons between these current Bulls and the Michael Jordan-led, Phil Jackson-coached Bulls teams that Williams played against early in his NBA career:

“I don’t think it’s even close to that yet,” he said before his team took the United Center floor Tuesday. “They do a really good job and they are on their way, but I played against (Michael) Jordan and (Scottie) Pippen and (Dennis) Rodman, and that was a different beast. If you didn’t watch yourself, when they called out Jordan’s name, you’d get caught up in it.”

Williams, the former Notre Dame star who played for the Knicks, Spurs, Nuggets, Magic and 76ers from 1994-2003, said: “There’s a little bit of that (aura) with Derrick Rose, but it’s not the same. I think you have to win a title first. It’s a tough place to play anyway, but when you have a title, that separates you.”

Williams believes the Bulls are on their way, thanks to the hiring of coach Tom Thibodeau, who also was offered the Hornets job.

“When they signed Coach Thibs, they knew they’d be a defensive(-minded) team,” he said. “He’ll bench a guy for not playing defense, and I think that’s the identity you have to have to move toward a championship.

“They play a physical style. They foul a lot, and it’s not always called. … They play hard. That’s an identity you want to have.”

If our read-between-the-line skills are still intact after a long All-Star weekend, that would appear to be quite a bit of backhanded praise on the part of Williams.

He’s also spot on about one thing in particular, these Bulls (who face the Spurs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN)  are not close to matching the prowess of the Jordan-led Bulls just yet. And until they win a championship, there’s no need to even entertain the conversation.

The best part? Rose and Thibodeau would be the first people to insist on ending the comparison talk!


  1. Don says:

    A night later, The Bulls beat the Spurs on the road, and the Raptors beat New Orleans (at home). Haha.

  2. andie says:

    Today`s Bulls is nowhere near the Bulls of the 90s! Anyone who will say that D Rose led Bulls is better than Jordan`s must have been living in cave.

  3. jan_279 says:

    You people are really confusing! If Bulls and Thunder aren’t championship contenders, who else are? So it’s all about the Heat again? Don’t you remember what happened last season? Everyone was talking about the Heat and how they will win it all but guess what, the Mavs who went unnoticed during preseason ended up holding the Larry O’Brien trophy! I’m starting to get sick and tired of you bandwagon Heat fans thinking they’re an invincible team! Come on people, there’s serious competition out there!

  4. Renato says:

    Look,i won´t lose much time explaining why this Chicago Bulls team isn´t as good as Jordan´s.It´s kind of obvious: Jordan or Rose?Pippen or Gibson/Boozer?Jackson or Thibodeau?
    It might be a little unfair to compare any current NBA team with those Bulls who won six NBA championships. I don´t see any team nowadays who would be capable to beat those guys in a playoff series,and it will take a little while before we see.

  5. Albert says:

    I agree with Vivek, everybody is forgetting Phil Jackson. Both MJ & Shaq were dominating the league their first 8 years without a title until Phil came along. Maybe LeBron needs Phil! Hehehe. Magic & Bird, during their time would have won it for their teams regardless of the coach. So would Bill Russel.

  6. Albert says:

    Greatest Team, no argument: Boston Celtics that won 8 straight. C’mon, with all due respect to these Celts. 2 Three-Peats is not even half the accomplishment of 8 STRAIGHT! The question is greatest team…not greatest player.

  7. alejandro says:

    You cannot compare Lakers’ 15-1 [Playoffs] to the BULLS’ SEVENTY-TWO and TEN [72-10] REGULAR SEASON. It has a BIG difference, namely Different TEAMS were on the line unlike the PLAYOFFS, same TEAM to beat on 7 Games per ROUND.

  8. BullsFan22 says:

    Not even close. Bulls, if healthy, have a very formidable team that can certainly challenge for multiple titles in the near future, but they really aren’t close in any shape and form to the 1996 team. Also, I can’t believe some would think the competition wasn’t that good in the 90’s??? Seriously?? For starters, the East back in the 90’s was better than the West. You had Miami, NY, Detroit, Charlotte, Indiana, sometimes Boston, Sixers, even the Cavs and Bucks were up there at times. Let’s not just throw out an entire era of NBA basketball out the window like it never happened!!

  9. vivek says:

    everyone talks how kobe is great , shaq is great, jordan is great, easily forgetting Phil jackson . he is the one behind their success .

  10. gridline says:

    it’s about 30 % of the total NBA fans lost when the Big Trio from Bulls back then vanished.

  11. Sculltron says:

    I forgot monty williams was such an expert on winning championships

  12. Kmac says:

    83′ 76ers are probably the best of all time. A few factors kep them from repeating multiple times. Had their tem been intact for a few years after they won that championship they would’ve definitely won more.

  13. true nba fan. says:

    Bulls are a great team, aside from the 96 bulls. But Boozer is the main guy keeping the Bulls from even getting close to beating the Heat in the playoffs. Noah is a great center, Rose is gonna do what he does best. Deng will put up good numbers. But Boozer? the obviously key. The same guy who ditched Lebron in 2004, and Deron in 2010. Boozer isn’t that reliable on the offensive end as his defense is.

  14. cersei says:

    What’s great about THESE Bulls, re-re, is that they aren’t ASKING anyone to crown them. No braggarts, no punks, no thugs, just honest basketball players. You can keep your cowardly-king and all of the loud-mouth coches and doubters. These Bulls won’t bat an eye no matter what is said. Nice attempt at news though. Oh, and btw, you lost last night. 😀

  15. Matt says:

    As a Heat fan, I would say all of this hoopla by Monty Williams is BS. The Bulls do so have a shot at winning multiple titles. Everyone knows that this “hater” talk is to amp the Bulls up more, which is exactly what I see happening. Everyone in the league knows Chicago has the best bench in the league and they play top-notch D. I mean, it’s a little early in the season to be picking your favorites. I did not expect my Miami Heat to win the championship in 2006, now did anyone else either? Maybe in 2005? Who cares if this Bulls team is not the 90s Bulls teams, do they have to be? I do think Chicago is going to be Miami’s toughest competition in the playoffs.

  16. JimBo says:

    its redirkulous

  17. JimBo says:

    2011 mavs greatest ever, ask the lakers

  18. ladyjaja says:

    lol. lebron defended rose well in the playoff. i dont know where most of the people get that idea but rose isn’t jordan. even he’s hurt the team manage to win all of its games. Thats how the bulls are good. put d.rose to other team like bobcats and see the difference. I like rose but im tired of reading that like rose is a GOD of basketball. Boozer Deng Rose to Jordan Pippen Rodman? Cmon man.. Before bulls get to finals they will have to battle the Heat,Pacers.

  19. Ekc says:

    If Monty knew anything he would know that nobody who is a Bulls fan and actually understands basketball is making that claim…

  20. Reality says:

    This year’s Bulls currently have the 3rd best record in the nba this year. While the 96 Bulls had the best record of all time. So why is there any comparison? … Slow news today I think ….

  21. drkwtr says:

    how about the 90s bulls did the 72-10 record..

  22. Shak says:

    So just to be clear:
    – 2012 Bulls need a lot of work, to even be in the same conversation as the 96 Bulls.

    – The 96 Bulls ARE the best of all time, AND backed it up the following year, with 69 wins (which ties for 2nd most ever), and another championship
    – FYI for all you 2001 Laker fans, the Bulls of 1991 went 15-2 (3-0 over Ewing’s Knicks, 4-1 over Barkley’s 76ers, 4-0 over defending champ Isaiah’s Pistons, and 4-1 over Magic’s Lakers)
    – 2001 Lakers went 15-1 (3-0 over nobody’s Blazers, 4-0 over nobody’s Kings, 4-0 over Duncan’s Spurs, and 4-1 over Iverson’s 76ers) The only perennial contender of those were the Spurs, while the Bulls beat 4 perennial contenders with their Hall Of Fame players in their primes…just sayin’. Facts are facts!

  23. SOCAL says:

    THE LAKERS 2000,2001,2002> 90’s bulls ,,, KOBE & SHAQ> MJ & PIPPEN as for this season the bulls will never beat the heat in the playoffs, i wish they did, and even if they did and make it to the finals the LAKERS would WIN in 6 given the Lakers pick up a point guard and a shooter to come off the bench, but any west team in the finals will beat the bulls

  24. eli says:

    its stupid to compare the two teams together because they play/played in two different eras, with different players that had different skills then from now. If your going to compare two teams from two different time periods together your gonna hafta compare the teams they played againts with….

  25. sixgun says:

    d-rose needs to learn how to dance first

  26. kenneth says:

    I’ve said this before a billion times and I will say it again.

    The Chicago Bulls ARE NO DIFFERENT from the 60+ win team Cleveland Cavaliers.
    The Bulls go where Rose goes. They are a very good regular season team, but they struggle against the real elite defensive teams come playoff time. That’s what the Cavs were during those years. They depended highly on Lebron but the fact that he made his teammates look good and had a good record during those years masked the fact that they really only had 1 dependable guy.

    If you compare the 2011-2012 Bulls to the 2009-2010 Cavs, they are relatively similar.

    Varejao and Noah provided the same skill set for their respective teams. They provide energy, and hustles on every play. You could play them in PnR situations and you know that they will deliver.

    Deng serves the same purpose for the Bulls the way Mo Williams did for the Cavs. He was the Robin, the Second Guy. They always play great during the regular season, and constantly improves every year, but come playoff time, they both get outplayed by their opposing matchup. Do I need to remind badly Mo played during Lebron’s last 2 years in Cavs? Or how Deng got destroyed by Lebron in the post-season last year?

    Then there’s that supposedly X-Factor off the bench. JJ Hickson for the Cavs, and Taj Gibson for the Bulls. They both play good occasionally, but neither one of them can really play good on a consistent basis.

    The Bulls are great, but they are not quite there yet. They are probably two or three moves away from convince me that they can win a championship. Bull will most likely beat NY in a 7 game series, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Knicks pull an upset.

  27. Jason Manson says:

    miami will win consistently, and lebron will finish with more wins than jordan just because of what a good team they are despite not having a good center

  28. benxoi says:

    what was the point of this comparison again?

  29. Franco says:

    the LAKERS will have another back-to back- to back b4 the bulls win another title

  30. The Heats East says:

    As long as the DWADE and BRON are on the same team, the Heat will own the east. Now the FINALS are a different thing… But the EAST belongs to the east. I just don’t see any team beating them in a 7 game series in the eastern conference. Boozer is a BUM, trade him and get a younger healthier 2 guard and maybe they’ll make something happen. But NOBODY is beating the HEAT in the playoffs out east. I SAID IT!

  31. Yokohama Bulls Fan says:

    And people need to keep in mind that it took Jordan 7 years to get his first ring. So that Jordan led team had a lot of defeats, struggles, and criticism. And the

  32. Marty says:

    there is no team in the nba right now that you can say will win back to back titles and no team will ever compare to the jordan era bulls the way things are going now any team has the chance to win the championship the only way the heat will beat the bulls is if there is a blowout if its a close game the better finishers to me is d.rose or d.wade lebron has proved multiple times that he cant finish a game over to the west the only team to come out would be the thunder and they dont have a true point guard in westbrook so it depends on the bulls and the heat to win the championship

  33. KG says:

    Haha, I absolutely LOVE that even all of us Bulls fans commenting know that it is not comparable to the Jordan-era. Is it just me or is this story just stupid to even post? I’m pretty sure everyone, including us Bulls fans, know exactly how good the 90s Bulls were. Who the hell even brought up the comparison in the interview because I’m from Chicago and I don’t think I’ve heard the comparison more than maybe once in the last 2 years. And whenever someone even mentions this era and Jordan-era in the same sentence, it’s always followed by “but you can’t compare the two.”

    Stupid story by NBA.com just to try to get a Bulls story out there since they’re usually under the radar.

  34. Wow says:

    So according to everyone no one is a contender to the Heat this year hahaha. If the bulls and thunder are only “contenders” but not championship ready, who is? I guess that means the Heat are gonna 6 peat right cause no one can beat them even though the Mavs did it last year with a team that I think was worse than the Bulls are this year. I hope someday everyone realizes that the Heat aren’t some Godsend team that can’t be touched, and of course like everyone else I do agree no team can compare to the 90’s bulls.

  35. the realist says:

    I definitely don’t think this current bulls squad is anywhere near the 96 bulls, but for everyone that thinks the 96 bulls were the best team in history, here’s a little history lesson for ya!


  36. Gigel says:

    Well, the guy is right…Nothin compares to Magic Jordan…

  37. Celtics4LIFE says:


  38. Pro says:


  39. #jdogg says:

    it doesnt matter how good this bulls team is .they will never get past the heat in the east conference finals lebrons in his stage of his carrer where he wants rings and will get 2 maybe 3 in the nxt 4-5years . bulls are a great eastern finals team will never beat heat in a 7 game series , i mean never .

  40. al says:

    they shot themselves when they chose to sign boozer. Couldve picked plenty other good forwards that offseason

  41. check says:

    Bulls are a great team but they still have a long way to go. They still need a consistent scorer and someone to spread the floor. Noah is inconsistent. Boozer’s biceps shrunk since his first games with the bulls uniform. They are great when they make some shots but they get destroyed when the opposing team shuts down the paint for rose. I am yet to see how they solve that problem which was clearly evident in that Heat series. In that series the Heat just made d-rose play 1 on 5 most of the time (something lbj,wade,bosh know so well as they were ‘alpha dogs’) and that simply won’t win u a ring(s).

    Any comparison to a 90s bulls team is absurd, anyone actually comparing these teams should be forced to watch some tape of that team playing, so they would actually know what they are talking about and understand how stupid they sound.

  42. hahaha says:

    if they were to get a hot tub time machine and the 96 bulls played these bulls they would habe to double mj with lets say rip hamilton nd luol deng nd then who guards scottie aswell as the amount of points the old bulls would get from turnovers and rodmans rebounding

  43. BBALL ADDICT says:




  44. Cameron Morton says:

    When the Heat play their best, their best is better then every team in the history of NBA. Better then jordan and bulls or the lakers. Its the truth.

  45. Sarkies says:

    And you know what. If the Bulls do win, everyone will just say, they aren’t going to do it next year. There is just no respect now days from you fake fans.

  46. Kenny says:

    There are only 2 reasons I can say the Bulls won’t win a title this year. The first being because of the lack of another solid offensive player on their roster. They just need one more piece to complete that team. Rose can’t score all by himself in every game there is going to be a time when he doesn’t play well and someone else has to step up. Like I said he can’t do it all alone. The second reason being that they have to face Miami in the conference finals. Think about it, let’s just say the Bulls would have to play the Knicks in the 1st round, Pacers in the 2nd, then Heat in the conference finals. Let’s say they do beat the Heat Rose would be so wiped out that they would just get ripped apart by maybe OKC.

  47. RAUL says:

    JUST CAUSE THE BULLS DONT HAVE BIG NAMES LIKE (howard,lebron,wade,ect.) i think theyre players can still compete with anyone in the leaugue.

    • Sarkies says:

      Yeah! The only have Rose, Deng, and Noah. Those aren’t big names at all. The Bulls have a great team and they are going to win the championship and I can’t wait to throw it in all of your faces.

    • kobe says:

      compete yes..win a ring no ..playoffs is a whole different kind of game.pace slows and the Bulls dont have enough weapons..we all know what Boozer does in the playoffs and RIP cant stay healthy ..HEAT in 6

  48. wayne says:

    I think the Bulls are a very good team. I also thought they addressed their biggest shortcoming when thney signed Rip Hamilton. We can argue that Hamilton has had an off season, his impact has yet to be fully felt…blah blah blah. Fact is, the Bulls have the best record in the East, perhaps the entire league, and that’s not an easy fact to get around. Will they go all they way? Hard ot say, but as a die hard NBA fan, (from indiana, by the way), I think this years playoffs are going to be very exciting.

  49. Herr says:

    Not even close honestly. The Bulls aren’t even ready to win one championship. They won’t beat the Heat. They can’t. If they could get past the Heat, they could win one, but the Bulls just don’t have what it takes. They’re much like OKC. People put them as a contender, but they aren’t. Great regular season team, but they don’t step it up in the playoffs, they play the same game. Their first series against Indiana didn’t tell the story. Indiana was a weak team, and gave them a big fight, despite it only being 5 games. They needed 7 to beat Atlanta, who is always sorry in the playoffs. And then they get beat badly by the Heat.

    Then look at OKC. They beat Denver, who had no closer (we can see that closers are important when we look at teams like Portland who doesn’t have one). They then needed 7 to beat Memphis, who shouldn’t have even been in the 2nd round. Then they got destroyed by Dallas.

    Monty Williams is right. They aren’t there yet. Are they close? For sure. But they aren’t there yet. They are better than OKC though.

  50. bully7210 says:

    This is coming from one of the Bulls longest fans. I witnessed, in my hometown Chicago, all of the many great things the 90’s Bulls accomplished as a team and individually. I will also not be the first die-hard Bulls fan to tell you that, NOBODY (that knows anything) here is comparing this current Bulls team to that of the Jordan era.

    We are not delusional nor crazy. With that being said, PLEASE, for crying out loud, give these guys a break. Why people like Monty Williams (no idea what winning culture is) feel they need to speak negatively in any manner about this current Bulls team is beyond me. It took Jordan and his Bulls SEVEN years before they became the bulls of the 90’s. Why do you think they call them the best team in the 90’s when Jordan was drafted in 84? Because they were still growing and learning to become what they did in the 90’s. It DOES NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT people! Derrick Rose is NOT Michael Jordan and everyone in Chicago KNOWS that. So nobody expects the same thing to happen after 7 years with D.Rose. What we do expect is for this team to GROW and LEARN at their own pace.

    Williams just makes himself look like an idiot when he compares the Bulls to the 90’s Bulls, just like the idiot Bulls fans who do the same. You’re stating something that people who KNOW basketball, already know. Which all it does, is show how LITTLE you actually know, Mr. Monty Williams!!

    • Basketball studies says:

      You know they askked him the question ad he answered right. I’m sure he just didnt come out the air and say they aren’t the 90’s bulls

    • lmfao says:

      if each team was only allowed one all-star player the bulls would win!! but teams now a days take the easyway out by getting multiple starrs so now that forces the bulls to do more recruiting. which when they do recruit they will win mutiple championships!

  51. derright says:

    oh I see he wasn’t talking about six titles maybe just about five Go BULLS!!! get five titles and make everybody silent

  52. Moe says:

    No one is saying that Rose is trying to be like the Jordan era this is the Rose Era something new
    No one can be like Micheal

  53. bulls4ever says:

    “They play a physical style. They foul a lot, and it’s not always called. … They play hard. That’s an identity you want to have.”

    yeah all this talk and all he wanted was to attack the bulls and to squeeze that in so if the Bulls keep on being robed! who compared what? he did! Bulls have a great basketball but we cant compare the teams because everything is different! Steal this team deserves props, they are not perfect but they play overall a great basketball! what will happened no one knows! but in another way he wanted to slam the bulls team and ask for the Bulls being robed, the Bulls attack a lot the basket and mostly no fouls are called! great example are the playoffs where Shaq last time faced the Bulls everything they whistled was against the Bulls and Shaq was traveling and doing off fouls! Last year the flops of James! that guy doesn’t know what is talking about and yes im a Bulls fan but that doesn’t mean im blind! GO BULLS!

  54. theflowson says:

    Bulls are a very good team, D Rose is a very good player but honestly I don’t see them getting past Miami who are a different beast altogether. They seem to be all business and focus this year, no messing around and what not and it is really showing as they are both among the best offensively and defensively. Bulls may win a championship or two down the road, obviously they aren’t the Bulls of the 90s, and they may never be but still it is way too early to even compare them. Jordan didn’t win a championship right off the bat (it took him several years), so we just have to wait and see what happens.

  55. Justin says:

    Monty Williams should probably worry about his less than stellar squad before he can call out anybody…

  56. monchet says:

    The Jordan/Pippen led Bulls team is the GREATEST team of all time. Rose should wake up now while it’s early and stop dreaming about these Bulls going into the NBA finala. Sometimes I entertain the thought that D-ROSE is SELFISH and don’t want to share the limelight to anyone else. The truth is, these Bulls doesn’t have a consistent offensive game day in and day out. Defense is not enough to win a championship they should have a good offensive game as well. Look at Miami, Thunder, Dallas and the other elite teams. They have the fire power that the Bulls don’t have. So, if he Bulls want a championship now, be AGGRESSIVE in the trade instead of being contented in what you have. IT”S NOT ENOUGH as you guys believe. WAKE UP!!!!

  57. chris says:

    lets get this one thing straight!!! this monty williams is just STRAIGHT!! hating that his weak!!!!! team hornets couldnt come away with the win last night!!! D-ROSE FOR MVP!!!!!!!!

  58. TreShiq says:

    I enjoy the Bulls a lot. I really Like Rose, but I cannot stress how much a pg being your BEST player on every night is limitng. Let us remember the Eastern Conf Finals last year where the “not quite figured it all out Heat” COMPLETELY and utterly shut Rose down..Rose is a strong athletic pg..and they completely stopped him at the perimeter. He couldn’t even imagine getting into the paint. Carlos Boozer needs to have a HUGe series ( along with all the other compliments ) in order for the Bulls to contend( or beat he Heat) And we have GOT to stop with the Comparisons to ANYTHING Jordanesque,.There will NEVER ( do you hear me Kobe?) EVER be another like Jordan there will never be another team quite like the 90s Bulls, the only thing we can compare is “who made a worse pre-retirement decision”…I’m sure Jordan playing for the Wizards…is comprable to Shaq bouncing around like a ‘rent-a-center”….but other than that..let’s exclude Jordan from the comparisons.

  59. No Titles For You says:

    They will win 0, count em’ ZERO titles while the Heat big 3 are intact.

    That team will NEVER get past the Heat in a 7 game series – you don’t
    have to like it, but believe it.

    Their best hope is if Dwade or Bron get injured in the playoffs and even
    then it wouldn’t be a sure thing (for the Bulls to win).

  60. Andy says:

    Monty who?

  61. steve says:

    I’m sorry but they’re not even the number one team in the east.The bulls back then were the team that teams measured up to and now it’s the Miami Heat.Besides there is more teams that are up there now than there was back then.
    Sorry but no, I think not even with a championship on them they still won’t be close.

  62. bucketnekkid says:

    A 6’3″ point guard isn’t that hard to defend!?! That’s one of the top 5 funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life. Tell that to the guys that have to guard him. How many big men in the league are harder to defend than D Rose? Maybe NONE!!! Dwight is the only one that could even be considered.

  63. mr-plow says:

    How did D-Rose NOT get shut down,they lost 4 out of 5 gms (with lebron guarding rose btw)

  64. mr-plow says:

    just a reminder the 08 Celtics only finished 6 wins short of that Bulls team w/72 wins!

  65. bucketnekkid says:

    Lebron is a great defender and I believe the Heat have the best chance to win the title this year, but NO ONE on this planet can shut down D Rose. Lebron didn’t do it last year and he won’t do it this year. He can make him work harder than most but you can’t shut him down.

    • Basketball studies says:

      Its not ab out shutting Rose down. You know the diff between Rose and great point guards. Great point guards make the players around them better. Rose is a scorer until he can make his fellow players better then they wont win a championship. Bulls didnt miss a beat with Rose out hurt. They actually played better as a team.

  66. Josh says:

    Look, I’m a diehard Bulls fan and I already know not to compare ANY team to the 90s Bulls. The Bulls today have given hope back into the franchise and They will make it all the way eventually, whether it’s this season or 4 seasons from now.

  67. Mak Legend says:

    As the ultimate Bulls fan and avid NBA enthusiast, I have to say that there is no team past or present that can compare to the Chicago Bulls Teams of the 90’s, 6 rings that could have easily been 8 if it wasnt for Jordans retirement and comeback.
    The current Bulls chances of winning a title this year hinge on 2 things imo. Number one is the health of the team, Rip Hamilton in particular. Number 2 is the performance of Carlos Boozer in the Playoffs. When you look at the numbers between Pau Gasol and Carlos Boozer they are basically even, but where Boozer loses this comparison is in his “big game” play and defense. I think the Bulls can win this year but Boozer is going to have to prove that he can score those crunch-time buckets in a close, highly charged, physical game in a hostile environment. I believe we can beat Miami if everything goes perfectly (which it never does), but I think a trade for Gasol would be our best shot. Of course that means we would have to give up Cj Watson too because thats what the Lakers really need but I think that Mike James is a solid veteran who can replace Cj. With a healthy Hamilton and a Playoff battle tested Gasol, the Bulls play spoiler to Miami and win a championship this year.

  68. Rich says:

    The thing is nobody is really seriously considering them to be the next ‘jordan’s bulls’, so there’s not even a point starting comparing these 2 different era teams.

  69. Joseph says:

    How about poaching DeAndre Jordan from the Clippers? They’ll have a solid center, plus the fans will get a kick out of hearing “Jordan” being introduced as part of the starting lineup.

  70. kobe says:

    no way Bulls beat the Heat …limited offensive weapons will hurt them in playoff series..thet play outstanding D but lack of offensive fire power to win east

  71. chrisparas says:

    Well it ain’t gonna happen this year because the Chicago Bulls are going to be swept by the Miami Heat! See you in the Eastern Finals series Derrick. LEBRON is waiting for you!

  72. Amitpal says:

    Stop comparing. Even if they win a championship that’s still not enough. You can never have that 90’s bulls team cause there might never be another jordan. What jordan did and was able to do is just unbeleivable. Rose is good but he’s not jordan and mostly becuz of his size, but will never be jordan. Pippen was also a great player and they had some of the best role players to play. Steve Kerr a shooter that can hit clutch shot. Dennis Rodman, we all know what he brought to defense. I just don’t see it no matter how many championship they win. Those 90’s bulls teams was just an amazing team. Even if u hated them u still had to show respect to them.

  73. RUNMAD says:

    As a die hard Bulls fan, I agree with Monty. Though I didn’t appreciate his “they foul a lot” comment. But Bulls in the D Rose era have just a good a chance as anyone to win multiple titles. Let’s see what happens.

  74. saad says:

    the basketball of the 90s is long gone. or if u will the competitive play of the 90s is long gone,

  75. Ivan M says:

    As much as I like the Bulls, I also think that they still need something to reach the championship level. Maybe a player or a better offensive strategy but I feel that something is missing. Anyway the important parts are already there, they have a great coach, a young, competitive and competent leader and also a smart GM that is doing a great job. Maybe it would take a couple of years but I belive that this team it´s only going to get better.

  76. charlesFTW says:

    The bulls have no chance in winning a championship period. hypothetically today is the last day of the regular season the bulls would need to defeat newyork( which is possible) and indiana ( indiana will beat altlanta), those are tough oppenent to have in the posteason espically since they will take more then 4 games to finish a series with those teams. and last but not least to get to the finals they will need to defeat the heat, which both teams bieng defensive minded i can safely say the heat will win the defence and offensive game, and they just dont have the presence(carlos cant play good defence and noah cant score for his life). to defeat them, only chance that the bulls have to win is if thier bench becomes the best in the league which is doubtful.

    • Colin says:

      Their bench IS arguable the best in the league, who has a better bench? CJ Watson would be a starter for over half the league right now, and so would Taj Gibson. Ronnie Brewer has been the starting 2 most of the season, and now he’s back to the bench, he’s very serviceable. Add to this Asik and destroy, Hot Sauce, and our human victory cigar (Scalibrine), very talented bench. Shoot even John Lucas is having a good season, that’s just gravy. We haven’t seen enough of Jimmy Butler yet, I can’t comment on him, but he was the 30th pick in the draft, you aren’t going to land gold at that pick very often.

      • Bird33 says:

        Better bench…hmmm….not sure if better but at least as good….OKC (Harden and co),,,I’m just saying….

    • DieHardUSMC says:

      They have a helluva chance! They will get past anyone leading up to the ECF against the Heat. The Heat will be the favorites, but not heavy favorites. Did anyone think the Mavs had a chance last year? Oh, and the Bulls bench is already the best in the league.

  77. Paul Jones says:

    We are one top player away, but a lot fo teams can say that. But, if Dallas can win it, so can we. I do thnk it’s Miami’s to lose this year, they’ve finally twigged that having your best 2 players taking 400 three’s a season doesn’t make sense when they’re both excellent finishers. Bulls D will always keep them in contention in a series, it’s just that extra scorer/option we need.

  78. joe says:

    teams where the point guard is hands down the best player rarely win championships. I am not a believer in this bulls team by any means.

    • Amitpal says:

      I 100% agree with u. You always need a dominant big man cause they shoot a high percentage and r harder to defend. A 6′ 3 Point guard isn’t that hard to defend. in the playsoff lebron is able to almost shut down Rose with his height and the heats athletisim. In order to beat the heat you have to attack there weak spot which is the post area. If the bulls can get a post player then the bulls have a good chance cause of there defense but until then i don’t see it. I don’t see them beating Miami.

      • sleepmaster says:

        this article isn’t about whether the Bulls can beat the heat or not, it’s comparing today’s bulls to those of the nineties, which we all know isn’t even close. no team will ever be as good as the 95-96 Bulls, period. out of topic: Jordan went to the Finals 6 times and six times came out with a ring, lebron’s already been there twice and both times has come out empty handed… just saying.

      • harry says:

        I disagree with u….The two teams that have the two best big man in the game(lakers and Orlando) have been blown out by the heats big three almost every time they play each other.The key is to force lebron and wade into jumpshots fact.Easy to say,hard to do

      • EEE says:

        Longley, Wennington, Cartwright, Purdue, Scott Williams, none of them were dominant for their respected 90’s bulls teams.

  79. Bryce says:

    Monty….might wanna win a few more games before telling top teams what their limitations are.

  80. pete starkonian says:

    Nor is any other team. The ’90’s Bulls were arguably one of the best teams of all time. When Rip is back up to speed the current Bulls are very capable of winning a champion ship this year, no question.

  81. its me says:

    Monty Williams called it. Bulls fans will disagree, but at the end of the day or after 5 years we will we still not have a championship victory from the bulls. I am also not sure how long coach Thibs stick will last and what the supporting act to the Rose show has to offer.

  82. Jackal says:

    Yeah I agree. but mainly the argument is because they haven’t own titles. I mean, when you’re using Rodman as part of the discussion, they already had 3 titles before he even joined. Of course you can’t annoint a team who hasn’t even won a title yet to be as good as a 3 time champ who was winning 72 games and on their way to 3 more.

    Of course it’s not close. . .but that doesn’t mean they won’t win. I don’t think any team right now is that good (including Miami). Even for haters, the Bulls are still a top 3-5 team in the NBA right now. That’s where you wanna be as a potential champion. You don’t have to be the “favorite” going into a year to take a title. . .just like all the experts had the Lakers and Celtics going back to the Finals last year. I thought there was no way either would even get back there to start the year, and they didn’t. Being favored by most doesn’t mean you really have the best chance to win. As long as you’re in the top 5, you’re in the conversation, and that’s all that matters imo.

    That said, I believe they still need another piece. Rip Hamilton isn’t performing the way they expected.

  83. Hoops_Maniac says:

    Agree with Monty… Having witness Jordan era first hand , this Bulls team is not near that team… It is a great team but not close to that dinasty….

  84. Justin says:

    The Bulls do have the ability to have multiple titles, just not a able to do 3-peats like 90s bulls

  85. Nate says:

    The Bulls are one major trade, one solid scorer away from multiple titles. The combination of that Thibodeau D and Derrick Rose’s Kobe/Jordan-esque will to win make them dangerous. But they do need 1 more piece to put them over the top.

  86. Bulls fan says:

    Why are people comparing the MJ and Pippen’s Bulls team and this Bulls team today? There’s really no point. Just stop comparing, sit back, and watch them play.

  87. fernando says:

    For me what bulls need is a good center,sorry for noah but whit a center like dwight howard,bynum or hibbert the bulls will be better and a solid contender to the play off finals.

    • rocky says:

      really?? you dont say??

      why not get dwyane wade and lebron on the wings while you’re at it? that’ll make them champs for sure!

    • LOL says:

      Are you kiddin’ me?!?? They may not have names like Howard, Bynum or Hibbert in the center position but they have one of the most underrated centers in the NBA for being great in defense: Asik and Noah(and they are tested and proven!!!). If you know your basketball well, you would know that a franchise would be willing to trade or cost a huge amount for a Defensive Center rather than a center who can only scores but cannot defend(Imagine if D.Howard has no defense).

      • Sarkies says:

        I laugh at anyone who thinks Roy Hibbert is a better Center than Noah. He is having his first good season so don’t say that he is better than Noah. Noah is the third best center in the league thank you very much 🙂

      • Juked says:

        Sark, that’s not as outrageous as you might think. Hibbert has taken huge strides in development this year and is far more reliable on offense than Noah. Plus, I’d give Tyson Chandler the nod over Noah for 3rd best: equivalent career stats but Tyson’s ring breaks the tie. You also can’t forget Bropez, and Bogut in that discussion. Simply stated: It’s Dwight >> Bynum >> everybody else (with Cousins having the potential to become dominant, after his 12th birthday in 2015).

    • robbay2 says:

      Yes, it is proven that you need a great center to win (look at the last 5-6 champions, all good defensive centers, perkins/KG, bynum gasol, chandler)

      but if you ask me, if there is a problem inside, then that’s boozer. either noah is slacking a little or boozer is just horrible, I think boozer is horrible then. Noah brings it every game.

      DRose needs to stay healthy and you bulls will be fine…

      • NBEATZ says:

        Are we really talking about the best centers in the leaque????? Put Hibbert, Noah, Bynum, Hell even put Howard up against Shaq, Yoa, Ewing, Robinson, Hakeem, Kareem, Mourning, Robert Parish, Wilt, they would amount to nothing, bring in some of the best Deffensive Centers in the leaque when they played against them like, Mutombo, Mark Eaton, Greg Ostertage, Divac, Ben Wallace, Elmore Smith, Bill Walton, Bill Laimbeer, Bill Russell. These Center now a days are nothing compared to plast centers

  88. David V says:


    • TreShiq says:

      Truth.. A jordan led Bulls team is in fact incomprable…

    • mark says:

      1986 boston celtics, 2001 lakers

      • Shawn says:

        2001 Lakers? Really? That’s a joke right?

      • Sarkies says:

        Mark, You’re an idiot

      • Denzo says:

        Are we taling about a team thats legacy was shooting 20% from the field and beating a Nets team? WOW. Awesome No. 1 team you have there. The Spurs are better than them. And the Spurs are no Chicago Bulls.

      • penny says:

        2000-2001 Lakers, 15-1, playoff record…. best of all time. No one came close to matching that, not even the 1996 Bulls. Kobe and Shaq were averaging over 60ppg.

      • Student of the Game says:

        The Bulls are an awesome team, probably the best. However, the 2001 Lakers were 15-1 in the playoffs. They lost only one game in the ENTIRE playoffs. That tells you something. :))

      • Dylan says:

        It tells you how weak the NBA was at that time. The 01 Lakers didn’t have to beat Clyde Drexler, Charles Barklet, Karl Malone, Stockton. That Jazz team could have competed with those Lakers.

      • Adam says:

        2001 Lakers… good one. Yeah, yeah, 15-1 through playoffs. Against the all-over-the-hill Trailblazers (38 year old Detlef Schrempf, 36yo Sabonis, 35yo Pippen and Will Perdue, 33yo Greg Anthony, 32yo Stacey Augmon…), the no-defense-2-man-team Kings with Webber and Stojakovic, a Spurs team that had Duncan and a way past his prime Robinson and no supporting cast, and finally a 76ers squad that consisted of Iverson and the hope that their defense could carry them.
        There’s zero chance those Lakers would have gone 15-1 in the ’96 playoffs in place of that Bulls team. Who, I would like to add, pretty clearly tanked that 2nd and 3rd game in Seattle to clinch back home in Chicago.

        Thinking of that scenario, I wonder if ’96 Shaq and his Magic could beat ’01 Shaq and his Lakers…

      • Coach Dee says:

        It’s close for the 2001 Lakers. The triangle style of play by Phil on both teams were dominating. Had outside shooters, got the best shooting guards that ever played the game(MJ on Bulls and KB on Lakers). But the advantage the Lakers have is that the core/vortex of the triangle is Shaquille-the most dominant center ever compared to Dennis Rodman..
        On a different era, different rules, had hand checks and no hand checks. same ball.
        It’s really hard to compare, but both teams(72 W Bulls v 16-1 Playoff W Lakers) really was the best teams ever on a single season, except of course the ’92 Dream Team.
        Right now, let’s not argue about both teams. But I would want EA Sports to game simulate those two teams. Can you imagine?

    • Imad Akel says:

      to be fair, i think competition was weaker then than now.

      I mean by population mechanics alone, experts in all industries are now more abundant today. So the same applies to professional basketball players.

      The reason there will never be another jordan is that there are about 5 or 6 jordans in the league today.

      It might look like they are not putting up the same dominant 33 ppg numbers as he did, but guards today defend ALOT better. I mean if you look at some of these old games, a lot of the defense back then would have been unacceptable today.

      Don’t get me wrong. Jordan is still great. He is the best, because he was first. But if jordan from his prime was in the league today, he would be equal to lebron\wade\kobe\durant\rose. And that shouldn’t be considered me belittling Jordan. It’s no easy task to score a consistent 28ppg in a league where coaches and players both have a much greater understanding of the importance of defense, and defensive techniques.

      • mick says:

        Finally someone who understands the concept of evolution. People always say how great Wilt Chamberlain was. And he was the best player in his generation. If anyone thinks he would still put up those numbers in todays game are fooling themselves.
        The same applies to EVERY GREAT PLAYER.
        Does anyone really think that Lebron right now couldnt match jordan in his Prime. Im not saying Jordan wasnt great or even that he wouldnt win in his prime against Lebron, but the level of play and quaility of basketball is much better than it was 20 years ago. Kobe, Durant and Lebron are all as good as Jordan was. MAYBE kobe is the only one with the same killer instict and “need to play” mentality. But skill wise they can all match Jordon.

        Lebron haters can check his stats, also be reminded in took jordan 6 years to win a championship. Lebron is nowhere near as far behind jordan as people think.

      • tom-o says:

        Sorry but i cant agree with a lot of the stuff you wrote.

        Question… who among todays nba superstars can compare to the countless HOF players from the nba golden era the 1980-90’s?

        experts, technology , yes .

        once again 5-6 jordan’s in the league today:) thats hilarious! Physically maybe, but mentally , only kobe can be mentioned in the same sentence as Jordan. an when we speak of kobe we have to remember that he had the luxury of playing with probably the most dominant big man since wilt, shaq, wheras jordan never had that luxury. jordan was obsessed with winning unlike any other player in the history of the game, hence the reason he is considered the GOAT.

        the best example is “king” james. probably the most physically gifted athlete to ever play basketball, has failed to deliver when it counted the most, numerous times, and yet he seems to believe that he is entitled to his greatness, recently he even compared himself to magic johnson.

        back in the day rules were bit different, and many have claimed that had jordan played in today’s scorer-friendly nba, his numbers could only have been better. trust me, i’m old… back in the day defenders would try to tear yer head off and then get called for a regular foul, while in todays nba they hand out flagrant fouls for touch fouls. think about it a little, if you know that you are gonna get knocked on yer butt every time you drive into the lane, it eventually has to take its toll on you both physically and mentally.

        jordan is the GOAT because he was obsessed with winning…plain and simple.

      • Ilco says:

        Actually they did a study on Jordan recently in which if he was in the league now and he was at his prime, he would have avg 45 points a game. Defense’s now are not as good as they use to be, I mean since the year 2005 its drop off even more then ever before. I am a Pistons Fan, so I should hate Jordan but facts are facts. Not sure what games you were watching from back then. I still love the NBA even though it is a watered down league. Also during that study they also asked Tim Grover the strenght and conditioning coach for Kobe, Wade, Leborn…also he took care of Jordan as well, he said that Jordan would be UNSTOPPABLE if he was in the league now and none of those players he said are or ever will be on MJ’s level. Also back then they were allowed to play defense and now its not even close and /or too easy too score. Those players you mentioned are going to be hall of famers but NEVER be on the level of MJ in which they don’t even have MJ’s mental toughness. The closes is maybe Kobe and down the road KD. Half those guys would have been OK players back then and most of the all-stars now would not be all-stars if they played back then when the rules were much better.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      As big a Laker fan as I am…. No team compares to the 96 Bulls… Really…

    • the realist says:

      I definitely don’t think this current bulls squad is anywhere near the 96 bulls, but for everyone that thinks the 96 bulls were the best team in history, here’s a little history lesson for ya!


    • Harley says:

      amen to that scottie,jorden, rodmen best back 3 in history EVER derrick rose yea he is amazing but there is nowon elese who is really consistant at scoring late in games